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Zion's landmark. online resource (Wilson, N.C.) 1867-current, September 01, 1869, Image 3

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t I ZION’S LANDMARKS. 147 God or that is worshipped, so that he as God sitteth in the tem ple oFGod, showing himself that he is God.’’ How much ])hiin- er conld the Holy ' Ghost have revealed this man of sin to St. IHul and to the chnrch in this age of th.e woi-ld ! and how conld any man or s'et of men answer to the man cf sin any clearer than those men who assembled in convention in that exalted tem- [de of pride ? Did they not ex alt themselves above ' all that is called God? That is, God the Father is called God. Hence they exalt themselves above Him iinit they are more fit to propose means tlnin lie is. Jesus Christ is called Gud the Son. Hence they exalt themselves above Him in that wlnat He has failed to dtO they intend to accomplish, ty adding the traditions of men in the room of tjre commands of '.jv)d. The Holy Ghost is ex- |nt'ssly called God. iThnce t .ey jiave exalted themselves above Him by denouncing the Scrip tures of Kterual Truth as fall of errors, and undertaking to dic tate for the Holv Ghost, but die- Tate for themselves and forge the names of “Father,Son and Holy (rliost” to their cornipt produc- tirjiis. Hence they set in the ti-mple of God, showing to the world that they are God, “And fer this cause God shall send T.hem sti'ong delusion, that thev 'hould believe a lie.” The lie that tliey are to believe is their entire st'stem c>f doctrine and tdie fm-ged alrerations in the Sci'iptures. Ina>mucii as they have made lies tlieir refuge ami fcii'ged the signatmc of Father, Son ami Holy Ghost tliereto, God will send themstror.g dclu- Gun ; tliat is, as they have done this not to damn themselves, but to make money, damn others, mid disgrace God, and exjmeted to escape being damned by not believing their own lies, but here (tod takes the wise in their own craftiness and sends them strong delusion, and being deluded they are compelled to believe the very lies they have made to damn others. Hence they are damned for making lies, and others are damned for believing them. Twelfth verse—“That they all might be damned who believe not the truth, but had pleasure 'county, who is Moderator of tho Ab- hotfc’s Creek Association. The in- IVehave just returned from visit ing the Abbott’s Creek Union Asso ciation, -which was held with the church at Tom’s Creek Meetino!' house, Davidson county, JST. C. This church is under the pastoral care of in unrighteousness;” thatis, that all the lie-makers and lie-lovers who believe not the truth of God, as revealed in the Old and ATw Testament, but had pleasure in iinrigiiU ousne'S. This embi’aces all the false systems of religion. Hut the apostle-draws a line of distinction between such as have come after the workings of Satan, with all manner of deceivable- tiess of unrighteousness in them that perish; Ijecause they re ceived not the love of the truth that they might be saved : that is. the love of the tiuth in the j letter, so as to have a dignified respect for the Scriptures, This would have saved them frornAhe troductory discourse was delivered by Elder A. Wright. The Association then convened in the house, and transacted the business for Saturday. Tho ministering brethren present were Elders Wm. Burns of High Point, H. M. Clark, S. C. Little, J. Ilelmes; licensed ministers, C. Black burn and Vfrn, F, Trogdon. There ■were in attendance a respectable con gregation of ladies and gentlemen in the true sense of the word. They were not, as is too often the case, in attendance to make a display of their person and dress, but they were there to worship the God of heaven. We could but admire the profound silence and unbroken attention paid while the brethren were preaching ; so pro found was the attention paid that sin of adding to or taking n^iFy^^ri’cely a whisper was uttered, or an individual moved, except to draw nearer the stage. The congregaticn was respectably large, notwithstand ing the Missionaries were holding a meeting near on one side and the Methodists cn the other. The people manifested a great desire to hear the truth, and we think the seed sown fell in good and honest hearts. We never saw the truth mere heartily re ceived. The brethren -who preached were greatly blessed to deliver the gospel untarnished; it appeared to be truly “the power of God unto sal- n ? g the Scriptures, wliicb is treason, foi-gery and blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. (See Rev, 22: 18-19.) But Paul says (loth verse,) “But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethi’en b'eloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salva- ; tion through sanctification of the 1 ^ |s])irit and belief-of the trutln” ing into tears as they hid us adieu. Oh ! when shall we all meet again to enjoy the blessings of our blesse. God in the outpouring of His Spirit We shall not all meet until we meet at the bar of the Judge of quick and dead. Then we hope to meet all the redeemed children from every nation, kindred, tongue and people under heaven, to be saved in the Lord witli an everlasting salvation, world with out end. Amen. The Abbott’s Creek Associatio'a is sparingly supplied with ministers, Elder Phillip Snider is the principal traveling preacher in that Associa tion, Elder A. BTight in the eastern part of the district. Brother Wright is very old and feeble, hence we think the ministering brethren should con sider their destitution, and travel, more in their bounds, and less Avhere there is and has been so much preaci;- ing. The people in and out of the church seem hungry to hear the word preached—there is little sleeping in that country while preaching is going on. Their spiritual health seems trood. so that tliey do not despise tl,o. ° /' ■ III I • ■ — I - Tims, Brother Hitclicock, Ave have in lia.ste given our views in O vation.” There Avas no sclfisliness snort upon those mysterious texts.; manifest among the brethren, nor Avouhl I'eipiii’e considerable .Gainity among tlio prcacher-s, to in- i Tf : 1 0 time to do justice to the subject. We feel thouo'h that what Ave duce them to display any Avorldly Avisdom of tlieirs, but each appeared have written lia.s been under the Go he content to deliver the me.ssage ; that tho ord had given liim in de- guidance of the spirit of truth, i f • r. i 1 1 1 ^ : monstration and with power. This having olteii stumiilcd at the- , . , A , . ^ , , was done with all meekness and low- same bcMiitures and could not: ^ ^ ^ , , Imess ot heart, and Ave believe that lecoiicile them. Hence liat U e j Lord aauis truly in the place. The have Avritten is as new to us as saints rejoiced in the truths of the it Avdil be to our i-eaders, having folloAved the light that broke forth upon our mind at the head of this article. If it should edify any of the dear saints, to this end it was wiltten. So may mercy, grace and tiuth be with thee and all the saints. Amen. El). gospel ; the mourners Avere encour aged ; sinner,s brought to tremble, and false systems fell before tho truth, as Dagon before the ark of Is rael’s God. Thus Avo enjoyed ihc presence and poAver of God for three days, and then took our leave of one- another in tears of joy, mingled avith 1 grief, many requesting the servants of God to pray for them, and burst- day Gf small thing’s. There arcy. several churches that are not supplied with regular preaching, and some people that never heard a .Baptist preach. Elder ,B. Snider travels ex tensively, but cannot fill the demand in such large territory. Brother Sn.i- der wishes the ministering brethren to visit his bounds and preach among them. We a-.-ain suggest that tho ministers branch out into those desti tute places and feed the hungry sheep awhile, until the full in otLie-' places get hungry. You Avill find G much easier to preach to a hung-rj fiock than to a full. The Bear Cree.d Association is also de.stitute of preachers. Elder N. iL Clark is tl:; iloderator of that Association. E - (lef Rushing is yet preaching iii llo.*,',-’ bounds, but is very old. But in iLe midst of their destitution avo can join them in tlianks to God, for bestoAving upon them anotlier gift in the rnii.> istry, Eider S. B. Little, Avho lu.s been preaching some tAvelvo inontL.-i, and if Ave are cap.'iLle of Judging u gift, the Lord has done great things for Brother Little, Avhereof Ave ave giad. Brother Clark is an able min ister in tlie Boar Creek As.sociation. In vicAV of tho scarcity of mini.sters in the Bear Creek Association, avo expect if tlie Lord Avill to attend tliat Association the fourth Saturday, Sun day and Monday in September, an.i try to preach on the Avay there ami

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