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Zion's landmark. online resource (Wilson, N.C.) 1867-current, October 01, 1875, Image 7

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tfii 'B»0r a September, 1875. Brothp-r Gold :- me to apologize to you and the miders of the Zioxs’ Land- MAUiM, and especially to Elder W. M. Mitchell, for forwarding a note of private interest which appears in your paper of the 1st iust, written to me by Elder Mitchell under date of June 3rd. I did not iiitcnd forwarding tliat ]>art ox the letter, but tlirough inls- iake enclosed it wdth the other. Ee.spectfuliy J. E. W. liSNOEilSOX. n’s L oiima P. D. GOLD, Editor. I> ITBMSroax SSMI-Jt0:STIILY -( at )- OP,TH JHa^OLINA. yyiLSON, jl T wo Boll a r s Per M n n u m OCTOBER 1st. I—rn f-Ttit T~rKiTinin~iiitT-ri >—■uniiiiiiiiii it i I 0 i' i. a I . I Ilemove not the anci.erit land 1 mark, v*liicli lliy fatiiers have pet.” Brotiicr John C. Miller, of La., reqne.sts my view of Luke IG : 9. “And Isay unto you. make to your.-elvps friends of the mammon of unrighteousness, that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everliisting iiabilations.” The cliildren of this world are wiser in their gonci’aiion than th& 'cld’dron of liLdit. An instance of the steward who was accused to his master of wasting Ills goods i.s an illnstratioif. Tlie steward, on hearing t],iat he would lose his situatio;^,,calle^l the debtors of his master and compromised with them for less tiuin what tliey ovvcil, giving receipts which tvere good against his master, because he was not yet (lismi.sscd from his service. Tl'.is comiuct pleased the debtors, because they made money by it, and mxnner with what is entrusted to him of this world’s goods so as to evince to mankind that he does not love money, but loves better objects. That is the Christian should make that wise use of his possessions (for lie Is a mere steward with them) using them for the tempox-al good of himself and others, in a way of hon esty -and generosity, that will secure the esteem, confidence and friendship of others ; so tliat If he slionl d fail in Ids earthly possessions, and need an earthly home, he would find one with other people that would endure as long as he needs it on earth, and in that sense be everlasting. This home his neighbors, who had notimi his wise conduct when he was entrusteil with ric^ies, would o}xen to him, being impressed with his Hse of goods, and they would entrust theirs to him, «fec., This takes from the ‘mammon of un righteousness, or oompounds with the debtors by cl.aiming less from (liem than oppres.Jon or greed would de mand, but it is not defrauding. But there is also another manner vldch this might be illustrated. in ’ Yv’hen a man embraces the gospel he foi'-sakes all—riches, love of the world and the god of this world. When he thus makes a wise use of the things of this world, by using them as not abusing them, lie makes to himself friends by the projrer use, of In's goods. These friends are the memliers of the Church of Clirist who kaow and feel hy the good frnit Tex-ar-. til'll he lias renounced the worship of the world, and they receive him into Church fellowship which is an ever lasting habitation. They also entrust of the love of money. Behold it in the oppressions of the poor—the corruptions in olSce— tiie greed of beggars for money under p.reten.'e of religion, and the many false doctrines and burdensome sys tems imposed on tiie people to obtain It. The happy inillenniiun maybe near in the estimation of those who are reaping such gains, but we see no such day. The Scriptures do not enjoin on one or any number of men to seek for and obtain tiie mon®y of other people, bat direct us to make a wise use of our own They do not teach tliat with filthy lucre heaven may be obtained ; but if we make a wise use of the mammon of Txnrighteonsness, or a n-c of what wm have, it is evidence that we already have eternal life—that we have Christ who is eternal life. We must forsake all to follow him; and when w'e do this we shall find iioustS'i, lands, liusbands, wives, &c., with persecnitions in this THE KEIIUKEE ASSOCIA TION. States. world, ami in the world to come life evorixisting. ATTENTION. Please noticsi the corntnunicixtiou of Elder W. M. Mitchell, m tlie last issue of Landmarks, (Sep. 15,1875) on Immortality. It does seem so well to ('xpi'tss the view thal tists Imll on that Tliisi.s one of the largest Associa tions of the Primitive Baptist order, and ])erhaps the ohlost in the United Its last session has just closed, be ing the 110th annual meeting. It met in Edgecomhe Co., N. C., at Wil liams’ M. IT. There xvere perhaps 5000 people prx'sont. Good order prevailed, and cxccHent accommoda tion was in every way afforded. Elder C. B. Hassell is its Modera tor. Yearsago its liistcry v/as published, emliracing a period of perhaps, GO or 70 years. It was decided at this .ses sion to coniiiinc its publication nj) to the present time. An excellent com mittee for that |iiirpose, con.sistiiig of Elders G. B. Hassell, and Clayton Moore, and brethren JosA'ph Biggs, As.a Biggs, ami ¥fm. iniigpen, the majority ofthem Baptists from the days of the. divi.sion, were appointed to collect material with a view to the nubliciuion of this liistorv. 1. ^ Aiithough tliisiSiction of N. C. is (ailed liy some the dark corr.c-r of luRtlicndoin and a fit place for semling missionaries to, yet we thinle in a rigid comparison between thtao believ ers in tlie docTrine of grace, mid iho^ believei’s in other il; irtrue riches to him when they see his lionest and wise capacity in the inanatrement ot the mammon of un- bleu of Itonest report. it iiidiiced tlicm to give the steward a home after he lost liis situation. This illustration c.xpounded gives the meaning desired by brother Mil ler. lie steward was using the })ro[)erry of another, so the Christian wdiilc dealing Jii the goods or riches of the mammon (god) of unrighteous ness is dealing in the things of another, for lie is dealing with the riches of iulqnltv. ^loney, or this world’s goods, is the common instrument of iniquity. VvT see no instance of onr Savior’s using it. The fish furnished him and Peter a piece for paying taxes. It is no part of tlie kingdom of Ch.rist, and has nothing todowitli it. His servants it in their deal ings in this world. It is the riclies of iniquity—and wdien the Christian is dealing, as he must wdiile in the flesh, wdth it he is using the glory of the god of this world. Can he dofrand the god of this world ? He may defraud otlicr hu man beings, but that is not the-point hci-e. This is always wrong. AVi'.at is here (aught is that he slionld act in that generous and wise and who are full of the Holy Ghost and M'isdom, ivill i)C chosen for the trusts of the Girarch, such as the of fice of deacon, and other helps ami governments. We cannot contend, as many do, that the riches of this world, or the mammon of unrighteousness, can buy a seat in heaven, or have xinything to do at all in obtaining it. Nor do we recognize this text as having any ref erence to iicaven, but to the wise use a disciple of Christ sliould make of the things of earth, and the rest and abode he finds v.duleinthe flesh, upon his so acting. But few', it seems fo me, realize the snare the love of riches is. Ilovr f. niptv.''> thnso tlirniio’ll IVitli rn nappy to state that Elder 1). AY. Patman and sister R. Anna Piiil- lips liave barievf their controveisy in ■s V, eiit fo rgi en ess. Vfe all remember that we see tlu'ouo'h a glass darkly, and learn tr> bear and forbear with each other as bictiiren. Lot the bretliren wunte freely, as they feel impressions, for the Lan d- MaEKh, ami write for edification, and not for strife. 01 no [jc The Toisnot Utuon met with the docs it pierce through many sorrows ivho love money How it drow'iis men’s souls in des truction and perdition who are swal- loived up in this sin? Paul exhorts Timothy to flee such things. Brethren, we should take heed to onrseivekin this thing, and so live and use tlie things of the world as not abusing them, nor abusing ourselves either. AVhen a Church member Giuu'ch at Mewborn’s, on Batiirday before theotli Sniiday in iiUg. 1875. Elder AVTn. Woodard preached the Introductory sermon, from 1st Cor. 2: 9, 10, and James I ; 27 : followed hy Elder John AVilliams, John 5: 11. The Union was then organized by ap[)ointing Elder B. P. Pitt, Moderator, and brother Isaac C. Moore Clerk. There ivas a good representation of Churches. It w'as agreed that the next Union wilt ing (fTTT.tcrtain strangerB^^iay^ their debk^^, rcf>'ai'd their word, make sacri- flees for the tiuJh, or tha,t love the truth more. A.s to intelligenco of a worldly sort, they have enougli of that for it not to make fools of tiiem and turn them toboa.sting of.their superiority over their fellow creatures, and they have enough of the true wis dom to know' that the wisdom of thi.s w’orhl is fbo! with God. It has long been p.redicted that they would die out soon, yet w'e see that many are dving to the world, and living unto God tlmt are still being added unto them. There Inis been a very consid.erablo revival iii tlie Churches of this sec tion of N. C., for two or three years or more. AAT h.ave great reason to than'c God and take courage. Th.ey that wait on the Lord shall renew their stremglh. be held with tlie Church Chape!, AYaync / Co., N. C., about CiiANGEOF ADDRESS.—Eldcr Ab ner Ilern’.s is changed t) Kelly’s Station, Christian Co., Ky. iove.s his money more than he loves truth, or his fellow' man, and i.s en deavoring to defraud others in his dealings, or disrcgard.s hl.s ivonl, or plans and si rives to make hard bar gains, or o'ppre.s.s(^s the p/oor, or with- | holds hi.s goods from a brother in I need, he is covetous and unfit to be a I Baptist, I J'his dav artests the fact of the evil | five miles AVest of Goldsboro’ to com mence on Satni’day before the 5t!i Sunday in Oct. 1875 and chat Elder A. J. Moore jireach the Introductory sermon and Elder B. P. Pitt be his alternate. Elder B. P. Pitt and \A^m. Wood ard preached an Sunday. Brethren visiting this l.knion xit its next session by railroad w'ill be met at Goldsboro N. C. on Fridav. AIaiiuied.—By Elder Clay'ton Ivloorcq at tlie bride’s residence, Mar tin Go., N. C., Sep 22nd 1875, Elder D. AY. ToPEixa and Miss Ioi.A Smitiiwick. Si.ster R. Anna Phillips’book is now ready for .sale. Ik ice 75 cL. Postage prepaid by ns. ViAuid order.-. iiifranits. The Skewarkey Union moots witli the Church at Conoho, Alartin Co., N. C.,on Friday hofore the 5th Snn- d:iy in October f.‘^75. fdr.DKil Jamc.s AYoodard expects to ! gji preach, the I/ord willing, at j Lick Fork, Caswcil County N. 0., on Wed i r.csdav betbro otit h'nnfbiy in Oet. aud on i Tliur.Jb'.v at tb.e Arbor.

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