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Watauga Democrat. (Boone, Watauga County, N.C.) 1888-current, July 06, 1961, Page 2, Image 2

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T. E. PICKARD, JR. . . . Chamber of Commerce Speaker Motor Club Official Is Chamber Speaker The regular monthly member ship meeitng of the Boone Cham ber of Commerce will be held at the Daniel Boone Hotel Tuesday, July 11, at twelve noon, with T. E. Pickard, Jr., executive vice pres ident and general manager of Car olina Motor dub, Charlotte, speak in. It was announced by Herman W. Wilcox. Mr. Wilcox (aid, In making the announcement, "The speaker Is so outstanding that we know others who are not members of the Cham ber would like to hear him. If you would call the Chamber office and make reservstions, we will be happy for you to attend." Mr. Pickard has been associated with the Carolina Motor Club since IMS, except for a three year leave of absence in 1*37, 1938, and 1M9. He Is also president of the Citizens Safety Association of Charlotte and Mecklenburg, Inc., and vice presi dent of the Travel Council of North Carolina, Inc. He ia chairman of the Travel Survey committee, Travel Council at North Carolina; chairman North Carolina Highway Uaer* Confer Wm. B. Swift Dies Thursday William Butler Swift, 74, passed away luddenly at 1J:30 a. m. Thursday at hli home in Telford, Tenn. Mr. Swift wai a former reiident of Watauga and Avery counties. Survivors include the widow, Mrs. Ada Warren Swift, three daughter*, Mrs. Francis MrDaniel of Waterfleld, West Virginia, Miss Emogene Greene of Drexel, and Mrs. Kate Sweety of Hickory; four sons, Willis Swift of Kings port, Tenn., and Jim, Ray, and Clay Swift, all of Telford; two sisters, Mr*. Kate Reese and Mrs. Millie Wilson, both of Reese, and a brother, Clarence Swift of Sugar Grove. Funeral services were held at 2:30 p. m , Saturday, at Mt. Glietd Baptist Church at Beech Creek with Rev. John Miller and Rev. Clyde Cornett officiating. The burial was in the church cemetery. EXPERT REPAIRS RADIO - TV Dealeri for WELB1LT RANGES SYLVAN 1A TV Complete Line Motorola Auto Radio* Approved Motorola Radio TV Service Station Approved (or Financing through the Blue Ridge Electric Membership Corporation AM 4-3805 ? GARLAND RADIO & TV SERVICE till ft UNO ST. BOONE. N. C. ence; and chairman o f the Area Relation! committee, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. He ia a member of: the Charlotte Executivea Club, Charlotte Society of Association Executives, Carolina Society of Association Executives, Board of Advisors ? Blue Rtdje Parkway Association, All laelusive Travel Committee of the American Automobile Aaaociation, National Touring Bureau? Americas Auto mobile Aaaociation, Solicitation Commission? City of Charlotte, Governor's Advisory Comrnlttee on Acquisition of the USS Battleship North Carolina as a War Memorial, Board of Directors ? Carolines Car rousel, and Board of Directors ? Southeastern Conference of AAA Motor Clubs. Mr. Wilcox said a report on the progress of "Horn in the West" will also be given. ? ? ?? ?? Sauford Sets 1 WeekOnAging Spceial consideration will be liven to the haeltk, happiness t nd welfare of Kortfc Carolina's aider population during the Special Week oa Agin*. My Our State Is proud of Ha :tmm Mum MMM ettiaene fl? rem ?f age and older, and It It with .'rest pleasure that we honor them dur ing this, their ipeeial week of re cognition. * "1 Eaeh year brings a siseable In crease In the number and propor tion of this segment of our impu tation. Many factors enter into .his change. With this Increase ? and I nust say welcome increase? in our old er population segment, come the great responsibility and moral ob ligation to hud the niirii of thif group. Our attention must turn not only to their physical and eco nomie needs, but also to their various other needs. In cooperating frith the Gover nor's Coordinating Committee oe Aging, North Carolinians should work toward a better understand ing of the problems of o?r aging We must Join forces at local, state snd national levels to moot the challenge of this age group and to work thoughtfully toward the most beneficial results. It is my pleaaure, therefore, to designats the week of July 10-23. 1M1, as l period for particular emphasis on and attention to the Interests, problems, and desires ef our older citiseas. I urge all my follow citizens to observe this week In every appro priate way. I hope that Individuals and organisations will show sin cere concern in expanding the op portunities for the aging to parti cipate in community affairs and to become better acquainted with the exlstng facilities which are available to them. Let each of us express our per sonal appreciation for the many contributions of our older citizens to our way of living and to the important resources of North Csrollns. DEMOCRAT AOS PAY Itadar (Continued trans page owe) other ?leetrleal device when such put im4 is clearly marked 'Spent late lalnwmt' at or attr inter section* with printer) State or Fadaral Hiibvaya between which the device is used." Acting Superintendent Stricklin re porta that all District Rangers htVf recently received extensive training in ail phase* of radar use and are well qualified to use the device. Visitors me warned that the maximum apeed limit on Die Parfc ><?*> is 48 miles per hour, curves tod grades having been denned for reduced speed. Rangers patrol the Parkway intensively to cut iqmn on the increasing accident rate. It i* believed that tha u? of radar will result In slower and safer speeds on tha Parkway Lamb Pool (Continued from page one) number : e ported. This is the first pool in three year* at tha Boone Livestock Mar ket and other pools will be sche duled if farmers want to sell in pools. Lambs will be graded by Mr. H. D. Queasenborry, Livestock Marketing Specialiat, N. C. Dept. of Agriculture, and aold to one of the packing companies. Checks will be. mailed within a few days. *nvatch Repairing Don't lose another minute! We restore your watch to peak efficiency quickly, eco nomically. Why not see us today? WALKER'S JEWELRY Opposite Postofflee Boone, N. C. Health and Beauty I With lummcr on us, you will , hear a lot about cutting !ujuid< and ult in your <lin U you want to lose wright The reduction of ult in your diet, except under a doctor*! care, is foolish and dangerous ? very muck so during the summer. He strict ion o f liquids ia of no uae whatever. If you cut down on li quid* ia ? few days you will lose pounds rapidly. However, your weight will go right back up a* som as your thirst causes you to return to your normal intake of i water. Water ia essential to life. You ca|i go without food for weeks, but you die of thirst .within a few jlays. Our bodies are seventy per cent water. If you do not drink enough li quid, your body will extract and retain the water you must hava from the "solid" food* you eat. This will interfere with elimina tion and other important body processes. Remember cutting down on li quid! causes a certain loss of wa ter?not fat. In fact many doeton ad viae an increased amount at li quids during ? reducing diet. JAVmr RESOLUTION Senator JaviU (R.-N. V.) has offered a resolution to put the Senate on record a* backing a firm policy for continued support of West Berlin. He said it would help erase "any ambiguity in United States policy" that may have been aised by the suggestion of Senate Demo cratic Leader Mansfield (Mont.) and an international protected "free city" of both East and West Berlin. SPECTACULAR NEW HOUSE PAINT The Greatest Advance in House Paint in 50 Years! FOR WOOD OR MASONRY FOR CLAPBOARD. STUCCO. CEMENT. BRICK. SHAKES OR SHINGLES. Sherwin-Williams A-IOO* LATEX HOUSE PAINT ? Lasts years longer ? 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All 447 IS Insurance for Your Every Need Divld *. gpainhour Watauga County, N. C. ? Estimated Bridget For T4je Year Which WiU End June 30, 1962 Valuation and Rate Tax Rate ESTIMATED REVENUE j Ad valorem Polls Dog" Total Estimated Tax Levy Less 5% for Insolvents Net Tax Revenue ? State Intangibles Tax Tax Penalties Cost on Tax Sales Court Costs Schedule B Licenses Marriage Licenses Interest Miscellaneous State Aid ? Veterans Service Officer State Aid ? Welfare Administration .... Fines and Forfeitures State and Federal Grants ? O.A.A. State and Federal Grants ? A.D.C. State and Federal Grants ? A.P.T.D. ... State and Federal Grants ? Equilization ... State and Federal Grants? -Hospitalization State Aid to Library Estimated Expense in Excess of Revenue Total Estimated Revenue ESTIMATED EXPENSES t Tax Releases and Tax Collector's Commission .. General Fund Expenses _ Health and Welfare Expenses State Literary Note Retirements .,1....... State Literary Note Interest - School Expenses - Old Age Assistance Aid to Dependent Children Aid to Permanently and Totally Disabled Hospitalization Total Estimated Expenses Valuation $26,000,000.00 General Fund * .41 $106,600.00 1,550.00 $108,150.00 5,407.00 $102,743.00 3,280.00 2,500.00 500.00 5,000.00 1,000.00 400.00 1,500.00 800.00 1,000.00 4,000.00 (1,645.00) $121,078.00 $ 4,510.00 116,568.00 $121,07&00 Health and Welfare Fund $ .08 $20,800.00 $20,800.00 1,040.00 $19,760.00 640.00 4,024.00 $24,424.00 $ 880.00 23,544.00 $24,424.00 Debt Service Fund 9 .02 $ 5,200.00 $ 5,200.00 260.00 $ 4,940.00 160.00 (1,425.00) ? 3,675.00 ? 220.00 2,600.00 855.00 $ 3,675.00 School Fund $ .29 $75,400.00 4,650.00 2,400.00 $82,450.00 4,123.00 $78,327.00 2,320.00 15,000.00 $95,647.00 $ 3,190.00 92,457.00 $95,647.00 Social Security Fund $ .14 $ 36,400.00 $ 36,400.00 1,820.00 $ 34,580.00 1,120.00 130,248.00 158,400.00 55,242.00 7,000.00 7,042.50 6,247.50 ?399,880.00 ? 1,540.00 149,040.00 176,640.00 63,360.00 9,300.00 ?399,880.00 Welfare Admin istration Fund $ .06 $15, 600.00 $15,600.00 780.00 $14,820.00 480.00 12,000.00 485.00 $27,785.00 i 660.00 27,125.00 $27,785.00 Total $ 1.00 $260,000.00 6,200.00 2,400.00 $268,600.00 13,430.00 $255,170.00 8,000.00 2,500.00 500.00 5,000.00 1,000.00 400.00 1,500.00 800.00 1,000.00 12,000.00 15,000.00 130,248.00 158,400.00 55,242.00 7,000.00 7,042.50 4,000.00 7,686.50 $672,489.00 $ 11,000.00 116,568.00 50,669.00 2,600.00 855.00 92,457.00 149,040.00 176,640.00 63,360.00 9,300.00 $672,489.00 The above is a copy of the proposed budget for the financial operations of Watauga County for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1961, and ending June 30, 1962. The tax rate has been increased .05c on $100.00 valuation over laat year. This ,05c to be placed In a fund to be used for payment for the 1962 revaluation of real property. Persons <lesiring further information concerning this budget may obtain same by contacting the office of County Accountant, Courthouse in Boone. J* D, WBXEBARGER, County Accountant % ^ 'iff* ?'> V. ' . -i

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