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The Chowan herald. online resource (Edenton, Chowan County N.C.) 1934-current, October 29, 1942, Image 1

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In these columns will ka fomni « fab presentation of locol ana county mem of general interest . Volume IX.—Number 44. Splendid Group Os Chowan Mon Readily Sign Ip For Enlistment In Homo Guard 49 Volunteer Services Since Meeting Held Friday Night MUCH INTEREST Captain Griffin Calls An other Meeting In Arm ory Friday Night Early this week enough volunteers had signed up to insure the organi zation of a Home Guard Unit in Chowan County, and Captain "Lloyd E. Griffin, who has been com missioned captain of the unit, has \ called a meeting Friday night when the men will officially enlist and an organization will be effected. Captain Griffin has notified State headquar ters that everything is in readiness to form the company and has re quested blanks and other material necessary for the dnit to begin to function. He feels certain that this material will arrive in time for the meeting Friday night, which will be held at the Armory promptly at 7:30 o’clock. This hour was chosen due to the masquerade ball scheduled to begin in the Armory at 9 o’clock. The meeting will not last long and will not interfere with the dance. Every man who has submitted his name as a member of the unit will be notified by Mr. Griffin as to the time and place of the meeting, and it is expected that every one will be! on hand. Forty-nine have submitted their names as candidates, and in thus do-' ing subscribed to the following: “We, the undersigned citizens of Chowan County, believing it is neces i sary, during the period of emer gency now confronting the nation, to have the protection of a Home Guard Company in our county, feel that it is our patriotic duty to assist m every way we can in the protection of our community against invasion and sabotage, to submit our fiames as candidates for the Home Guard unit of Chowan County.” Those who make up the list of names follow: Lloyd E. Griffin, Leroy Haskett, William Adams, C. C. Cates, Herbert Baker, J. E. Wood, Marvin Wilson, John N. Bunch, Maynard Perry. J. Kodney Byrum, Ralph Parrish, M. U Flynn, Raymond Mansfield, Emmett (Continued on Page Five) Masquerade Ball In Armory Friday Night Affair Is Sponsored By * American Legion Auxiliary What is expected to be one of the most outstanding social affairs of the season will take place Friday night when a masquerade ball will be held in the Eden ton Armory, spon sored by the American Legion Auxil iary'. The dance will start at 9 o’clock, and continue until 1 o’clock. Advance sale of tickets began on Monday of this week and from pres t;.£nt indications a large crowd is ex pected to enjoy the affair. It will v he required, too, according to those in charge, that every person entering the Armory be masked. Music for the ball will be furnished by “Dillard” Dixon and his orchestra, g group of local youngsters who are making quite a name for themselves. Vote Tuesday~[ Though there is no opposition in Chowan for county offices in the general election next Tues day, Lloyd E. Griffin, chairman of the County Democratic Exe cutive Committee, is urging vot ers to go to the polls sad cast their ballot. There is opposition . tor S*** offices, and for that V.%n*M ovary Democrat Is re quested to carry out his or her duty to vote. “Though a war is bsing wag ed, says Mr. Griffin, “sur Gov ernment must still carry on and £«t lea. parties .Mhrdd the men to perform responsible duties. It to, therefore, the pa tristic, duty of every dtiaen ts •*wd«s the privilege of voting fwr the personsbest qualified for th. offices of trust.*’ I THE CHOWAN HERALD A HOME NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE INTERESTS OF CHOWAN COUNTY | Far Away | GARLAND M. BYRIM Having recently been promoted to Ensign. Mr. By rum. son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Byrum, is now stationed at Tutuila in the Sa moa Islands. He is a meteorolo gist in the Southwest Pacific, having entered the service on June 6, 1941. Wilson Succeeds Graham As Judge Recorder’s Court Appointed By Commis sioners At Meeting Called Saturday Marvin Wilson, at a special meet-' ing of the Chowan County Commis sioners Saturday afternoon, was sworn into office as Judge of Chowan, Recorder’s Court to fulfill the un expired term of Judge John W. Gra- j ham, who last week reported at the Naval Operating Base at Norfolk.! The oath was administered by Clerk of Court E. W. Spires. Mr. Wilson was elected to office in the May primary election which was contested by C. T. Griffin, and will begin the term for which he was elected on December 1, when he will > again take the oath of office. Judge Wilson presided over a session of Recorder's Court Monday morning when several minor cases were disposed of. Chowan Infantile Paralysis Chapter Will Meet Friday “T Chairman McCourt An nounces Election of I Officers All members ami non-members are! hereby urged by the Rev. Father F. J. McCourt, chairman, to be present at an important meeting of the Chowan County Chapter of the Na tional Foundation for Infantile Par alysis at the Municipal Building on Friday evening, October SO, at 8:00 o’clock, as election of officers will be resumed, further preparations made for the President’s Birthday Ball and other important business transacted. November 7 Final Dale «Pay Christmas Savings At Bank Os Edenton Though Christmas Savings Clubs are usually paid promptly, there are always a few which lag and some which are not paid up. For the in formation of those who are members of the Bank of Edenton’s Christmas Club, the deadline for making pay ments in the 1948 club will he No vember T. Alter that date no more in Dm various denomina tions will he accepted. Bank officials, therefore, urge all who are in arrears witl\ their pay ments to catch up before the dead line, Edenton, Chowan County, North Carolina, Thursday, October 29,1942. Rationing Board Target Os Unjust Wave OfCriticism Some Enraged When Supplementary Gas Is Reduced THANKLESS JOB NoW Necessary to Sub mit Tire Numbers to Get Gasoline “Pity the members of the 975 ra tioning boards of the Southeast,” be gan a recent Associated Press story in the daily papers, “they toil some times far into the night and on holi days without compensation of any kind—and their only reward often is harsh words from those they try to help.” The above is especially true of the Chowan War Price and Ration Board, a group of loyal and patriotic men who but for their patriotism would a thousand times rather not serve on the Board. It has been and still is a thankless job, but especially has some unpleasantness developed during the week when it was necessary for some of those applying for supplementary gasoline to be cut back from a “C” to a “B” ration book. Members of the Chowan Board ad mit that they have made some mis takes in a scheme which at times has been very difficult to solve, but after all, they do not make the rules and must be governed by the regulations sent by higher authorities, irrespec tive of how those coming under their jurisdiction feel about the fairness of them. Albert Byrum, chairman of the Board, is especially anxious for those who apply for gasoline to know that it is now necessary to furnish the serial number of tires in order to se cure gasoline ration books. This is a new order and applies as well to ! those who already have their books, jin which case these serial numbers are required to be taken or mailed to the local ration Board office. The order applies to all applicants for gas, irrespective of the kind of book granted. Chas. H. Jenkins Motor Co. Now In New Quarters Concern Purchases and Moves to Kramer Gar age Building Charles H. Jenkins Motor Com pany, late last week, moved into their new quarters in the Kramer' Garage j building on Water Street, which has l been purchased by the concern. The adjoining Warren building was also purchased, which will also be added to the garage, being used principally as a greasing department. The Kramer building has been remodelled,! making it up-to-date in every respect! for carrying on of the concern’s | business. The Chas. H. Jenkins Motor Com pany was formed in 1983, since which time it has occupied the former Hobbs & Ward Building on South Broad Street, which was recently purchased by the W. D. Holmes ■ Wholesale Grocery. The latter con- j | eem has already placed some of its I merchandise in the new quarters and will move all of its stock and fixtures as soon as possible. REV. W. C. BENSON ROUNDS OUT FOUR runs AT EDENTON CHURCH SUNMT Congregation Hopeful That Pastor Will Be Re turned; Civilian Defense Council Also Requests His Return Next Sunday will round out a four-year pastorship of the Rev. W. C. Benson at the Edenton Methodist Church, the annual conference of the deueaaiaation being scheduled to he held in Wilaen the following week. In nuaoaariag the dose of the church peer, Mr. Benson last Sunday pleaded far large congre gations at next Sunday’s services, when he plane to review hie four years’ work with the local church, which will no doubt in clude saaae of the accempliah anhtHaao which failed to nutter isKifeh 130 Truck Owners Agree To <srap From E very Campaign To Collect Needed Material ORGANIZATION PERFECTED FRIOAY FOR ! SERVICE MEN’S RECREATION COMMITTEE - ■ .. V* Committees Announced j By Chairman W. C. Benson binford - PRESENT J. A. Moore Elected Vice Chairman By Central Committee ■ i. At a meeting held in the Court j House Monday night organization of j the Service Men’s Recreation Com-; mittee was effected, when various committees were appointed and per- j tinent suggestions presented as to j the procedure to follow. These sug-; gestions were made by P. N. Binford, of Norfolk, Va., field recreation re presentative of the Federal Security Agency. Mr. Binford outlined the work that should be done in connection with the program and at the conclusion of his remarks answered a number of I questions asked by those present. He said assistance will be given the local project if needed, either through! USO channels or direct grant from; the Government. He also stated that! Ire thought the Edenton project j would be a good testing ground un-1 der the grant plan of the Govern ment and that he had so advised cer tain Government officials: (Continued on Page Five) Binford Speaker At Lions Meeting Club Will Furnish Lunch To Inductees Leaving: Tomorrow T. X. Binford, field recreation re presentative of the Federal Security , Agency, was the principal speaker at < [the Lions Club meeting on Monday | night, when he spoke upon the nn j portance of Edenton providing suit ! able entertainment and recreation for | service men, especially since the town I will shortly be more or less heail j quarters for contingents of Marines | • j stationed at the local air station.' “Recreation for service men is de | finitely necessary,” said Mr. Bin ford, “in order to bolster the morale ; of boys away from relatives and the 1 I surroundings of home.” The speaker stressed the import ance of all organizations joining in an effort to arrange proper facilities, which, he said, should be sort of a ’ club room, having comforts such as ! shower baths, toilet facilities, places !to read, write and play games. He expressed the belief that Edenton will do its duty and said that in Ins travels he found that North Carolina has been the most hospitable to ser vice men of. all the states he has visited. The club voted to help the PTA , | by paying for meals of two indigent ■ j children at the school lunch room j during the school year. It was also voted to furnish lunches for the boys , leaving for Fort Bragg tomorrow 1 (Friday). Though it is customary for Methodist preachers to remain not over four years on one. charge, it is generally understood that the local congregation would welcome Mr. Benson’s return, which coupled with a recent reso lution passed by the Chowan County Civilian Defense Council, asking for his return, strengthens the belief that he will be return ed for another year. Under his administration the church has showq considerable progress and a friendly and cooperative feel ing has prevailed between the paster,, church officials and ■—burn of the congregation. | New Judge j MARVIN WILSON Due to John W. Graham, judge of ('hotoran County's Recorder Court, reporting last week to the Naval Operating Base at Nor folk, Marvin Wilson was appoint ed to fulfill Judge Graham's un expired term by the Chowan County Commissioners in special session Saturday afternoon. Mr. Wilson was elected to the posi tion in the May primary and will begin his own term on Decem ber Ist. Arch Rivals Meet On Gridiron Friday In Elizabeth City James Butler, Former Ace, Now on Yellow Jackets’ Team Two ancient Albemarle rivals'will' lock horns in Elizabeth City Friday afternoon when Coaeh Roy Watson's High School Aces will play the Eli zabeth City Yellow Jackekts. and us in most of the games played on the gridiron the Edenton team will again be decidedly the under dog. It will be Captain George Alma Byrum’s fourth game against Eliza beth City, and he has not yet tasted victory over the Klizabeth City outfit. In fact Edenton has won only threej games out of 17 games played since 1926. Eleven victories have gone to! the Yellow Jackets. Edenton has only five letter men and only four of them played in the Peanut Festival game last year. Os the 1941 line only Hoskins Bass re mains. The other line men will be playing for the first time again- 1 the Aces’ arch foe. Sammy Ross! has won a starting berth at center. (Continued on Page Six> Foster L Sawyer j Reported Missing When Wasp Sank Married Former Eden ton Girl; Member Lo cal Masonic Lodge With the daily newspapers on Tuesday announcing the sinking of the aircraft carrier Wasp, which was reported destroyed by the Japanese on September 15, friends in Edenton learned that Mrs. Foster Sawyer, early this week, had received a tele gram that her husband, one of the Wasp’s crew, was reported missing. Mrs. Sawyer is the former Miss Eleanor Sawyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sawyer, resi dents of Edenton, and now living at Hilton Village, Va. The reported uussing man was one of the newest members of Unanimity Lodge, No. 7, A. F. ft A. M., and had many warn friends in Edenton. a This newspaper k etram <■ fi < Tiiii!tr <l si rwSa goad ramka. $1.50 Per Year. ! Chairman Holland Re ports 140,000 Pounds Already on Hies JUST STARTED i All-out Drive For Two Weeks Will Climax Campaign Though Chowan County’s drive for scrap has thus far been confined principally to school children search ing for the much-needed metal neces sary to continue and even . bolster production of war materials, R. C, Holland, Chowan County’s Salvage chairman, reported Tuesday that ac cording to a very conservative esti mate about 140,000 pounds of scrap had been collected, all of which is deposited at the various schools ex cept a large pile at the official sal vage depot on town property at the corner of Broad and Water Streets, which w:*s contributed by the Charles H. Jenkins Motor Company last week when they moved to their new quar ters on Water Street. Mr. Holland is very optimistic that Chowan County will make a favorable showing as compared with other North Carolina counties when the Chowan drive is completed. He is still unable to set the date for the final two weeks all-out drive as a climax to the campaign. This date will be announced when, in his opin ion, it will be most opportune to en list the aid of the majority of rural people who are and have been for some time concerned with the har vesting of cotton and peanuts. Mr. Holland is convinced that there are thousands and thousands of pounds of scrap metal scattered throughout the county and feels that under his scheme the greater portion of this will be gathered in this hour of need. This week Chairman Holland se cured the signatures of truck owners from one end of the county to the other who have agreed to haul at least one load of scrap metal for the Salvage Committee if called upon to do so. These trucks range from one-half ton to six-ton capacity and will he capable of moving an enor mous amount of material. The truck (Continued on Page Two) Fuel Oil Consumers Must Register Prior To November Ist Necessary Forms Dis tributed Today By Oil Dealers Chowan County’s War Price and Ration Board was notified Wednes day that forms for registration of fuel oil and kerosene for heating pur poses, including heating of water, will lie distributed by local oil deal ers today (Thursday i. These forms must be filled out by the consumer and returned to the Ration Board be i fore November J. The remaining portion of the fuel i ration program, which has to do with the use of oil for lighting, cooking I and other purposes, has been delayed • until after November 1. Blackout —— Though not scheduled by the Civilian Defense Council, Eden ton. as well as all of Chowan and several surrounding counties, ex perienced a total blackout Mon day night when electric current vanished at the midnight hoar and remained off until about 10 o’clock Tuesday morning. As the result, every kind of industry was paralyzed and many prob lems developed in homes where electricity is used for refrigera tion and cooking. Places of business, such as grocery stores and eating establishments were also greatly handicapped, being forced to wait on customers by use of tallow candles or kerosene 1 lights. A defective atwitcb at the Win fall station was the cause of the trouble, which was net discovered until a check-up had been made of maay miWm of line, where it I was expected the trouble wan cmhsAs

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