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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, April 16, 1936, Image 1

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Attractive MURPHY I The Leading W> Vol. ILL.-No. 37. delegatestobe present at tva funds meeting May field, Back From Washington, Says "Officials Are With Us" A representation from Murphy will be present when an appropriations committee in Washington meets to discuss the finances connected with the Fowler's Bend dam sometime within the next two weeks, C. D. Mayfield, local councilman, said Tuesday upon his return from there. Mr. Mayfield was sent to Washington with Col. Edmund B. Norvell to "look into" the Hiawassee dam situation last week. Mr. Norvell will probably remain in the Capitol City until the appropriations committee acts, Mr. Mayfield said. The delegation from here met with Senators Bob Reynolds and Josiah W. Bailey for a conference. Congressman Zebulon Weaver was not present as be was in Asheville at the time. However upon Mr. Weavers return to Washington today he will meet with the two senators to outline their procedure when the appropriations committee meets. It is planned now to have a repres ciitauvc ai me njeeungs ana as JH1\ Norvell is already in Washington he will probably remain there and be the one to attend the meetings. Mr. Mayfield reported that "all the officials were highly in favor" of Cherokee County's interest in the Hiawassee dam and would lend their assistance whereever possible. Mr. Mayfield said he learned that the TV A had includad-an item in their recommendation asking foe an appropriation for the Fowler's Bend dam. He said the TV A asked that it be started in the summer of 1937 and finished in 1940. The TVA is asking for $15,200,030 to build the dam on the Hiawassee river and recommended among other things the erection of a dam at Fontana on the Little Tennessee river in Swain county. REORGANIZED BALL TEAM DIRECTORS HAVE FIRST MEET The ooard of directors of the reorganized Murphy Baseball club sat in their first session at the town clerk's office Tuesday night. The new board was named by a meeting of interested fans at the Murphy cafe last Thursday night. Grady Crawford was made chair. man nP u. 1 a- o oi??a ?wa tuc uuoiU) ?i. \j. v/iiriouopner, secretary, and Winslow Mclver, treasurer. Carl Town son was elected the new manager. Abe Hembree is also acting on the board. Nothing definite was decided at the meeting. Plans were laid for means of financing the team, acquiring players, attending the gate, distributing season tickets, and displaying one of the finest teams in the towns history. No date was set for the first game. Marble WiU Meet Hazelwood Saturday The Columbia Marble Company's baseball te&m, fresh from an 11 to 6 victory over Hazelwood in the first came of the year last Saturday, will meet the Same team on the Marble diamond . Saturday . afternoon, Coggins, manager of the team announced Monday. Marble proved at the .game last Saturday that they ha^e an nnusual'y good team that prtunlsea to fare the support of their fans in Cherokee mighty well this season. Mr. Coggins his completely ouifitted his boys in now royal blue uniform and promisea a game just as brilliant as the suits are Saturday. He wants everyone to come out and see wl at the Marble team has. Mrs. B. W. Whitfield and Mrs. T. A- Case were visitors in Andrews Sunday. )t. tfffl eekly Newsjsmpvr m Fester* North C Murp NOWS THE TIME i TO GET BUSY ON TOMATO PLANTS It's tomato planting time and Manager E. R. Thompson, of the local cannery is worried. It seems ho's been driving around the county, and he says that not half enough plant beds have been set out. "Plant fou/J beds now", says Thompson, "and you'u L'r; fine luscious crop." He adds that seed will be issued to all contractors at the cannery office, in Murphy. SCHOOL CLOSES HERE ON MAY 1; 58 TO GRADUATE Date of Important Events Leading to Graduation Announced Fifty-nine seniors will be graduated from the Murphy high school dur. ing the exercises Thursday night, April 30, H. Bueck, superintendent of the schools of the Murphy unit, announced this week. Although the dates have been set for the various event? leading up to graduation, no definite programs could be announced at a date this early. Class exercises were held on Feb. 13 this year instead of the regular date customarily observed closer to graduation.. May 1 will thus find the second adjournment of school in this vicinity under the eight-months school elan. Several weeks were lost this year due to extremely bad weather and roads but the time was made up in the class rooms. The remaining schedule is as follows: April 16, Piano recital. Moselle Moore. April 23-24, High school Senior examinations. April 24. High school recital. April 26, Baccalaureate sermon. April 27, Grammar Grade recital. April 28, Grammar grade operetta. April 29, Senior play. April 30, Graduation exercises. The list of graduating seniors is as follows: Benjamin Arthur Akin, Ellen Cooper Axley, Frank Arrant, Howard Bailey, Margaret A. Boyd, Edith B Breedlove,, Phoebe J. Caldwell, I ouise Nelson Christopher, Katherine Irene Coleman, Robert Leroy Neil 11 P?II ^vu?, iioic vjuiiincii, v>ctilf rvum Davis, Ruth DeWeese, Muriel M. Lahn, Hayes Lcatherwoo<l. Mildred A. Lovingood, William Henry Luckett, Nancy Lunsford, Evelyn E. Martin, Ruth E. Martin, Rebecca B. Mauney, Lucille McDonald, M. Moselle Moore, Willie Evelyn Morrow, Elizabeth A. Parker, William H. Payne, Bessie Dockery, Ora Dock, ery, Willa Belle Evans, Elizabeth C. Franklin, Dora E. Graham, Blanche M. Grant, Hazel M. Hampton. William- Hampton, Nellie V. Hancock, J. 0. Hensley, Anne Hili, Ray Hyatt, Emogene Johnson, Lewis Jones Kathryn Hill Keener, Violet Jo Phillips, Edward W. Pipes, Ervin Pipes, Grady Ramsey, Gladys W. Roberts, Mervin Rowland, Kathleen Sales, Arrie Lou Stalcup, Katreen Standridge, Arch Taylor, Winifred Townson, Sarah Anna Wells, Alice West, George Tate Williamson, Kate Witt, Blanche jYoung, Annie Ruth Watkins. o Mrs. Glen Walker of Hayesville, was a visitor in town Saturday. Wants Old Clothing For Tornado Victims I Park W. Fisher, instructor at the John C. Campbell Folk School at Brasstown, is appealing to all local citizens this week to leave their discarded clothing with either E. C. Moore or Dale Lee at Candler's Department store so it can he carried to Gainesville, Ga., and given storm victims Saturday. Mr. Fisher said he had already sent one load of old clothing to needy families in the tornado stricken area. ftttftr arolma, Covering Lorjre and J >hy? N. C. Thurs., April ASKS FOR OLD CLOTHING T 0 HELP VICTIMS Lions Club Hears Plea From Fisher at Meeting Tuesday Night F?rlc w. F isiici, vf the JohT? C Campbell Folk school teaching staff Tuesday r>ight asked members of th? 'Jons club to help him in gatherinj old and discarded clothing in the vi cinity of Murphy in order that it ma be tidcen to the disrupted Gainesville Ga.. Saturday. Mr. Fisher said he had already taV en one load of clothing to the need in the tornado-stricken village an said that any additional wearing aj parel either left with Dale Lee a Candler's Department store or wit Ed Moore will be delivered the stori victims. | die said he had arranged for tow policemen to help in the drive. Pointing out the necessity of som kind of clfllhing for the victim swept clean of their homes and pc ssessions, he declared there ver many who could give clothing the would no longer need for this worth purpose. Also, he said, he was taking 2 gallons of milk from the Brasstow creamery to Gainesville. adc nemoree reported that he ha collected $22 on behalf of the clu from local citizens and placed it wit relief authorities. At this meeting the club decide to hold its annual elections at thei next regular meeting Tuesday, Apr: 28. The club expressed its regrets a the recent accident which befell C.\N Bailey former Murphy publisher, noi of Waynesville, causing him to los sight of one eye. Reports were read from variou Lion officials complimenting the clu on its extremely successful effort in reorganizing the Blairr.ville, Ga club and President H. Bneck compli niented Lion W. M. Fain in pushinj the move. Also the club was complimented ii other letters for h:.ving provided ; girl in a state institution with glasse and in their successful promotion o the recent annual Cherokee Count; dinner. CONFIRMATION OF MOODY HELD LIKELY FRIDAY Confirmation To Be Pass ed As Mere Matter of Senate Routine Confirmation of Howard Moody Cherokee County's youngest practis ing attorney, as Murphy's new Posl naster is expected by the Senate, i: Washington, tomorrow. Friday from time immemorial ha been known as "confirmation day" i: he routine of Senate procedure, an< Mr. Moody's nomination has bee jefore the senior deliberative bod; tince Moaday. It will come up lilong with scores of others tomor ow, and, there being no known op position, probably will be confirmei without discussion. The prospective new Postmaste will succeed Mrs. Thelma Dickey whose term has expired. Mr. Mood; has stated that he plans to take ove the office as soon as he is notifie< that his appointment has been finall; settled. Probably, threfore, he wil issume his new duties on Saturday. Meanwhile, secure in the know edge that his ultimate confirmatioi s merely a matter of routine, he ha ;one fishing. Mrs. Dickey, the retiring Postmas ter, first took office following th Jeath of her husband, the late Bas . omb Dickey, and although a Re jublican, was reappointed by Democratic Congress?-a rare tribut :o her efficiency. She quits office with the best wishes of all Murphy. Concerning his own assumption o the office, Mr. Moody said: "I haven' any plan?except to give service, an< plenty of it." t #>rtti Potentially Rich Terri to*~r in This 523ft 16,1936. $1 j County Politics As 2 Major Part > Meetings In Ch< t DR. J. N. HILL AND DAL GIVE DATES AND CONVENTION' j By Sara < rirst, smoke uf oncoming bltt!? _? crats and Republicans in the fall election ? ty chairmen announced the dates and pi i. Already there is much talk in the V what office, and there can be seen grc *- the various county offices. The dates and place for precinct m tions as announced by Dallas M. Reese, > ? county, and Dr. J. N. Hill, chairman of follows: '* Republicans . n The general Republican party con. n yention will be held at the court i o] house at 10 o'clock Monday morning, ?h? n May 4. b< This meeting will follow meetings le 0 in all the precincts of the county on m ls Saturday, May 4, when delegates to )_ the convention will be elected. tl e Clyde H. Jarrett, Republican nom- 9 y inee for the U. S. Congress from this c< y district, will be the chief speaker of e: the county convention. a v Candidates for the offices of rep11 resentative, sheriff, register of deeds and three county commissioners will n ' be named, and "other business that jw may come before the convention" ^ be transacted. 'r ; REDCROSSHERE j , UUNA1 Lb AdUU 1 : : $200 TO RELIEF [ ^ Cherokee County Chap- ] s ter Quota for Floods, j [' Tornadoes Set at $300 ri. ^ tw Murphy has given nearly $200 of n their quota toward recent flood and a tornado relief, W. M. Fain, chairman ,sf( s of the Cherokee County chapter of f the Amercan Red Cross, announced cr y Tuesday. He said that $100 had already been forwarded to national headquarters. The Murphy Lions club and the Methodist Sunday School class sent fc $22 a piece to station WSB in At- e, lanta for relief. T W. W. Hyde, treasurer of the loJ cal Red Cross chapter, has collect- g, ed about $40 in subscriptions from rt the people of Murphy and Mr. Lon Raper, of Oak Park, has contributed hj one dollar. cf The Cherokee county chapter was p3 asked to raise $100 when great floods vj made many homeless in the Kastern nl cities. | p] Then when the tornadoes struck c< " Gainesville and Cordelc, Ga., and " Tupelo, Miss., the local chapter was nn asked to subscribe an additional el $200. 3( s Mr. Fain says that many people n have the wrong conception of Red 0j i Cross relief. He says that all the do- ;r n nations are pooled together and are j;; y distributed as the Red Cross sees 0] i, best. 01 The chairman was particularly - pleased with the response coming in w i from the rural areas of the county. "We have approximately $115 to v< r (Continued on back page this sec.) th J Olmsted Will Handle p 5 Scout News Next Week "c p; 1 Victor Olmsted, newspaper man vc supreme, who has worked for years ti< everywhere from the falley rack ' fc n to the head of large city desks, y< S will pinch hit for the local editor el in preparing the news for the next in issue of the Scout. ai B The local reporter is vacation- to ing for a week or so for the first G time since he came to Murphy two 3 years ago and feels fortunate in Pi e having Mr. Olmsted carry on his 2 work in the meantime. Anyone off the regular beat of f of the reporter who has news to Di t offer the Scout next week is asked Hi d to get in touch with Mr. Olmsted jTi at the Scout office. iqti i III it^r TODAY t .50 YEAR?5c COPY iVarming Up' ies Announce srokee County EAS M. REESE PLACES FOR 5, PRECINCT MEETS C?rr for ??nntv offices between Demois was seen this week as both paraces of primary meetings, air about who is going to run for >ups discussing their candidate for eetings and general county convenlead of the Republicans in Cherokee the Democratic committee, are as Democrats The Democrats will sound off the nening gun Saturday when they )ld a huge "rally" at the court >use in Murphy. At this meeting sections for county offices will be ade. Precinct meetings will be held loughout the county Saturday, May , at 2 p. m. to select the precinct ommittees, and on May 16th a genral countv ronvpntinn will Ko t the court house to select officers dv the party. No definite program has been announced by Dr. Hill for the rally. It ill be a general get-together affair Pursuant to a recent amendment i the Democratic by-laws it will fcc ecessary to elect a committee of ve Democrats in each of the preincts, of which one must be a mfoian, and they in turn will elect the hair man and vice-chairman of the recinct, of which one office must e filled by a woman. :OOPER SEEKING OFFICE AS DEM. REPRESENTATIVE First public announcement for of?e in Cherokee county was made is week by Col. Harry P. Cooper, urphy attorney-at-iaw, who will ek to represent Cherokee county in e General assembly on the Demo* atic ticket. The formal announcement as made Mr. Cooper is as* follows: ANNOUNCEMENT I hereby announce my candidacy >r Cherokee County in the next Gen. al Assembly on the Democratic icket. More than fifty years ago my rand father, Captain J. W. Cooper, , presented this district in the North arolina Senate, at which time held passed the bill that granted the larter to the Southern Railway cominy to extend their lines from AsheUe to Murphy and appropriated ore than a million dollars to the roject, thereby bringing Cherokee ranty its largest tax payer and fuire development; Forty years ago ly own father, R. L. Cooper, repressed this county in the General At mbly as Representative. Since I am the third generation my family to live here and engage i the practice of law, I, too, would ke to go down to Raleigh at least re time and represent my county in lr Legislature. I feel my friends and foes alike ill agree that I have in every way en intensely interested in the deilopment of Cherokee county and ie welfare of its citizenship regardss of party affiliation and have ven freely of my time, energy and eans to help promote our best infest*. "herefore 1 would appreciate year ite and support in the coming elecoii for the office qf Representative >r Cherokee county, and promise >u that I will endeavor with all my Krgy and mind to work for the best terests of all of Oierokee county id its citizens if you send me down Raleigh at the next session of the cneral Assembly. Yours very truly, lid HARRY P. COOPER MAKES HONOR ROLL Cullowhee, April 16th. Mr. Merle avis of Grandview made Alpha uiior Roll at Western Carolina lachers College for the winter I. . J

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