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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, February 12, 1942, Image 2

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The potato rieer can be used to wring out hot cloths and save many burned fingers. ? ? ? Applesauce and cranberries make a delicious combination to ?erve with roast pork. ? ? ? In planning meals, bacon should be considered as fat rather than } meat, because it contains very | little protein. ? ? ? Stainless steel utensils have to oe heated slowly over a low flame j or the foods being cooked in them will scorch. Three^Piece S venter St-t for You to Knit Pattern No. Z944T A WARM-AS-TOAST outfit is x * this simple knitted threesome viiiriiaistiiig ui sWcail'l', cup and mittens. The 3 to 5 year old who boasts this will be the envy of the neighborhood, his mother the envy of her friends. ? ? ? Detailed directions for kniiting the three-piece set and explanations of knit ting stitches are given on 7.9-147. 15 cents. Crochet directions for a Jack Tar bib in red. white and blue are also on the pat tern sheet. Send your order tor AUNT MARTHA Bo* 166-W Kansas City, Mo. Enclose 15 cents for each pattern desired. Pattern No Name Address GAS ON STOMACH May eicltt the Heart action At the first sitpi of dlstrea* amnrt men and women depend on ISeli-nna Tablets to set Kan free. No laxa tive t?Qt made of tho fastest-a<*tinK medicines known for symptomatic relief of gastric hyprraeidity. If the FIRST TKIAL doesn't prove Bell-ans letter, return bottle to os and receive DOUBLE Money ilack. Sc. Elevation and Merit There is merit without eleva tion, but there is no elevation with out some merit. ? La Rochefou cauld. Why We Boast Boasting is but an art our fears to blind. ? Homer. 'Forget It, Lady* A farm woman continued to find rrcam skimmed off the milk she left in the spring house. Finally she put the crocks on a table and covered them with plates. She heard a plate fall, hurried to the scene and saw four young skunks on their hind legs lapping cream. She lef* NEW IDEAS aDVERTISEMENTS are your guide . to modern living. They bring you tod?y'? NEWS about tne food you eat and the clothe* you wear. And tne place to find out about these new things is right in this newspaper. Washington. D. C. WARY GRAVY-TRA1NKK You can write it down that Secre- , tary of Agriculture Claude W;<?kard is going to be very chary about us- | ing that gravy-train veto power the farm lobby voted him in the price control bill. He knows that the White House is still sputtering over his unauthorized I endorsement of this lobby scheme j at a crucial moment in the senate fight over the legislation. Also, that ! if he attempts to exercise the power he is liable to be slapped down even harder than when hp fronted for the . lobby. it. , . Actually, under cover, Wickard j has promised in effect to be a good | boy. It didn't leak out at the time, but during the secret deliberations of the | joint senate-house conference com mittee on the bill, he wrote the corn- j mittee a letter repudiating his pre vious endorsement and saying he didn't want the veto power over farm prices. Wickard wrote this letter under White House pressure. He knew he was in bad and he tried to square ! himself. i Q HH But for the administration, the backdown was too late. The dam age had been done, for the amend- ; ment was in the bill and the lobby s pals on the joint committee were in ; a powerful position to stand pat. In this final hitter fight, two Ala uoina DuiiiuvidUi tilitt ci i?ilClllgan Republican were responsible for the retention of the gravy-train provi sion. They were Son. John H. Bank head and Rep. Henry B. Steagall of Alabama, and Rep. Jesse P. Wolcott of Michigan. As the amendment originated in the senate, under the rules, it was necessary for the house conferees fn nrnnos? deletion. chair man of the house group, publicly makes a great show of being a red hot Administrationite. But behind closed doors of the committee room he adamantly refused to heed Roose velt's pleas for elimination of the lobby amendment. Eu^kcu u> n'uicoii, who fought the vital war bill from the start, and with Bankhead running interference in the senate group, Steagall forced the retention of the provision. Note: The administration's fight was made by Sen. Prentiss Brown, Michigan Democrat, and Sen. John Danaher, Connecticut Republican. Another Row. Wickard's fronting for the faim lobby in the price control bill isn't the only row he's had on this score with inner administration leaders. The papers are full of stories about a big crop expansion program this year to meet the food needs of U. S. war allies. Frequent press re leases issue from the busy publicity stall of the agriculture department about grandiose plans. The real inside is that Wickard didn't get busy on these plans until he was practically ordered to do so by Vice President Henry Wallace as head of the Economic Warfare board. Wallace sent Wickard two sharp letters demanding prompt action to expand crop production and only then did Wickard bestir himself. Certain farm elements are against crop expansion, on the ground that scarcity makes for better prices. Working through politically minded Triple A officials, who have a lot of influence with Wickard, the anti-ex panders kept him cn the fence until Wallace jarred him off. Note: Secretly, the AAA politicos also had a lot to do with Wickard's endorsement of the gravy-train amendment in the price bill. The AAAers are jealous of Price Admin istrator Leon Henderson's authority, want to elbow their way into the war set-up as big shots. * * * F.D.R. AXES LEWIS The inside reason why John L. Lewis was not named a member of the three-man C.I.O. peace commit tee was because President Roose velt personally blocked it. When he and C.I.O. President Phil Murray discussed the counter plan that scuttled Lewis' blitz scheme, Roosevelt advised that the new A.F.L. and C.I.O. peace committees be limited to three members each. That would avoid turning the joint committee into a "mass meeting," he explained, and also make it eas ier to keep hostile Lewis out of the picture. "If you have too large a commit tee, Phil," the President added with a smile, "you may appoint Lewis.'' "I guess you're right, Mr. Presi dent," laughed Murray. Note: Lewis intimates say he would not have accepted appoint ment to the committee if it had been offered hir.i. I People Live in Cones In Cappadocia, Turkish prov ince, where St. Peter made con ' verts in the latter years of his ! ministry, the people still live as ! their forefathers did, 2,000 years ago? in vast conical dwellings composed of volcanic rock. The huge cones, some of skyscraper height, are rough and untouched outside, but their interiors arc shaped into comfortable dwell ings, snug in winter and cool in summer. They have no doors, the entrances being closed by flat, cir cular stones. Sometimes a single cone houses an entire community, and the walls are carved with frescoes. NON-SKID. NON-SUP BOTTLE -IOc iiipuiio MUKULI N t tdnYg Beyond in Evil He who imitates what is evil nlways goes beyond the example that is set; on the contrary, he who imitates what is good always falls short. ? Gicciardini. BUNIONS Get I hiii quick relief. Lift* ? ?boo pr cm ure. soothes. ^ cushions the sensitive^-' ?pot. Co?t? but a trifle. ^ Friendly Books lie who Zo'vclii a uuuk wiu never want a faithful friend, a whole some counsellor, a cheerful com panion, or an effectual comfort er. ? Isaac Barrow. Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulslon relieves promptly be cause It goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel rm laden phlegm, and aid nature soothe and heal raw, tender, In flamed bronchial mucous mem iutuies. Texi your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion with the un derstanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds, Bronchitis Cooler Trees In forests, the exterior tempera ture of the trees is always lower than the temperature of the air, day and night, summer and win ter. Pull the Trigger on Lazy Bowels, with Ease for Stomach, tod When constipation brings on acid in digestion, stomach upset, bloating, dizzy spells, gas, coated t.ongue, sour taste and bad breath, your stomach is probably "crying the blues" because your bowel9 don't move. It calls for Laxative-Senna to pull the trigger on those lazy bowels, combined with Syrup Pepsin for perfect ease to your stomach in taking. For years, many Doctors have given pepsin prepa rations in their prescriptions to make medicine more agreeable to a touchy stom ach. So be sure your laxative contains Syrup Pepsin. Insist on Dr. Caldwell's I Laxative Senna combined with Syrup Pep j sin. See how wonderfully the Laxative Senna wakes up lazy nerves and muscles i in your intestines to bring welcome relief i from constipation And the good old Syrup Pepsin makes this laxative so com fortable and easy on your stomach. Even finicky children love the taste of this pleasant family laxative. Buy Dr. Cald well's Laxative Senna at your druggist today. Try one laxative combined with Syrup Pepsin for case to your stomach, too. Way of Ease It is much easier to be critical than to be correct. ? Benjamin Disraeli. mODERMZE Whether you're planning ? party ?f 'remodeling ? room yon should follow the advertisement ... to learn what's new . . . and cheaper . . . and better. And the place to find out about new things it right here if* thit newspaper. Its columns are filled with important messages which you should read regularly. IMPROVED UNIFORM INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY I chool Lesson By HAROLD L. LUNDQU1S1. D. O. Of The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. Released bv Western Newspaper Union.) Lesson for February 15 Lesson subjects and Scripture texts m tected and copy righted by International Council of Religious Education; used by permission. THE HEALING MINISTRY OE JESUS LESSON TEXT ? 2:1*12. GOLDEN TEXT ? J edits . . . was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed Ihelr sick ? Matthew 14:14. Man is more than a body. He is ? aenhD ,b0dir: souI- and sDirit. I!., i, ^ worId where he is so ture and .hUCh Tth Physica> na Bo mnrh h # J* ?' his body are f? ,much before him, he is prone f.? '?rget that 'here is within a spir itual nature which is his real self. God is interested in both the physical and spiritual side of m?? ChrtsM* B?)W * D?Ub,e Need to usTnrst'w!thhS:imUla,ing St?ry face8 1. An Impossible Situation. In i^llv and"iCted a"d helPles? Phys ically and far more deeply afflict ed spiritually, this man had no one his?sou? A63' ,hi,S body ond restore his soul. Apart from the power of God in Jes?s Christ his situation t^.%!?0 eSS' and thus he may well typify every one of us except for the grace of Christ. r"' "'eriiiore, ms circumstances Zrl*?ci! as <? it impossible SL-T V? get t0 Jesus. who was faur Jll ^ Cily" Evcn whpn his four friends came to his help and w?<f #v!m t0 house where Jesus was. they could not enter because of the crowds. So a journey begun in sn?fr WnS .evident,y ,0 c'ose in de spair.^ But wait, these men had ?. An undeniable Faith. "Where there s a will there's a way." Where there is faith the obstacles may be wnrTTted Havin* begun good work they persevered in it "ad .these men been bound by convention or custom they would never have put their ?ri??"* at T Int? Tu ?y d[d try t0 make a proper entry through the door, but it was closed Way t0 JeSUS is often 1 Closed, by some custom, a vain philosophy or a religious ceremony. Let US like these believing men open the roof if necessary to bring our^ needs and our needy friends to Although mention is mude only of tha?PK ? man' il is Probable that both he and they knew that his need was for a double cure, for he was yet in his sins. thei^ey br?Ught him to Jesus- where ? " . Eaith Receives a Rouble Re ward From Christ (vv. 5-12). , Immediately Jesus "saw their doe* r .5)* just as He a|ways does. Goo is on the lookout for faith and is quick to reward it. The two Messing here br?Ught a doub>V ? V ,Spjrit"al Cleansing. The man's physical affliction thus proved to be himgfreaJ8St blessin8. f?r it brought him to Jesus, who cleansed him of all unrighteousness. If he had not iSled. he might never have met the Lord. Suffering, then mav be a means of grace. That is'more than a pious platitude, for it has P??Ved repeatedly in the exist ence of men and women. Certain scribes "sitting there" (they were not doing a thine to 1 thit I668" t0 reason in their hearts canU f ^as b'asPheming be Their r , can f?rgive sin theology was faultless and their reasoning was logical, but the OnW&id ftlieiJar8ur"ent was wrong. Only God can forgive sin, but Jesus !? .God'. R?mething which they jn their wisdom did not realize or ac" We (especially young people in school) should be careful that the fu*nt ?moothness of some unbeliev ing philosopher's logic does not lead mith8 and away from God's ?>,N.0tt a'S0 the so,emni7ing thousht fbat Jesus knew what they were thinking in their hearts 2. Physical Healing. Forcivin,, bodSv T, h,urder than h*?>mg Ihf body, but these enemies of Jesus lived so much in the realm ofthf physical that He had to give fh^ a demonstration of His almight? power which they could see. Tt wl, a gracious thing for Him to do Tnd> perhaps necessary in those earlv tw? e and ministry Today with all the light of hi* tory upon the work of God, we need to beware that we do not sit In the seat of the scornful and demand lieveyS' 51g" be,ore we wi" b? Blaine Minded Not Abuse. Just So He Wasn't Ignored James G. Blaine, the famous American statesman, at one time was being bitterly attacked by a lending New York ni wspaper. His friends were fearful that this ad verse publicity would harm his career, and pleaded with him to come to some understanding with the paper. One old friend of his, who was on good terms with the editor, was certain that he could exert some influence and offered to in tercede with the editor. "Don't bother," said the shrewd Blaine, "I don't mind being abused, so long as I am not for gotten." Curtailing tampra The federal laws that prohibit the photographic reproduction ot currency,, bonds and sim ilar government papers go a step further to protect certificates of naturalization. Fven the making of a typewritten copy of such a document, whether for a legiti mate purpose or for fraud, sub jects the offender to a severe pen alty. Bake Whole Camel Ibn Saud, king of Saudi Arabia, sometimes gives a great banquet in ".lis palace in Riyadh at which a large number of camels are served whole, having been cooked in giant vessels that hold an en tire carcass. TONIGHT SAY 'GOOD NIGHT" to colds' miseries. Slip away from achey musclcs, Eniffles, into sleep. Hero's dou ble help that acts almost, instantly. Rub with Penetro. 25c. DCLICTDft Use as directed. I CREa I llU Point of Contrition To err is human; but contrition felt for the crime distinguishes the virtuous from the wicked. ? Alfleri. UJomi Gets fl Person Do you sit and think, or lay awake II nights, worrying? Maybe you 1# aren't eating foods which would keep you well and strong. An undernourished person ia apt to ? worry instead of work. Vitamin 0 Bl and Iron in VINOL encourages appetite. Your druggist haa Awaiting Discovery There are whole worlds of fact waiting to be discovered by infer ence. ? Woodrow Wilson. FEMALE PAIN Women who suffer pain of Irregu lar periods with cranky nervousness ? due to monthly functional dis turbances ? should find Lydla B. Plnkham's Compound Tablet? (with added Iron) simply marvelous to re lieve such distress. They're made es pecially for women. Taken regularly? Lydla Plnkham's Tablets help build up resistance against such annoying symptoms. They also help build up red blood and thus aid in promoting more strength. Follow label directions. Lydla Plnkham's Compound Tablets l are WORTH TRYING T Relieves MONTHLY' Industry's Reward God gives all things to indus try. ? Benjamin Franklin. ACHING-STIFF SORE MUSCLES For PROMPT relief? mb on Mn? terole! Massage with this wonderful counter-irritant" actually bring* fresh warm blood to aching muscles tohelp break up painful local con Restion. Beffey than a mustard piaster! Made In 3 strengths. MERCHANDISE Must Be GOOD to be Consistently Advertised BUY ADVERTISED GOODS

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