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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, July 14, 1955, Page 3, Image 3

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AN ORDINANCE AUTHORIZING , THE ISSUANCE OF S1M.0M OK < BONDS OF THE TOWN OF MUR PHY FOB THE RECONSTRUC TION, ENLARGEMENT AND EXTENSION OF THE WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM OF THE TOWN OF MURPHY BE IT ORDAINED by the Board of Commissioners of the Town of Murphy as follows : Section 1. The Board of Com missioners of the Town of Murphy, has ascertained and hereby deter mines that it is necessary that said Town reconstruct, enlarge and extend the water supply sys tem maintained by the Town to provide a supply of water for the Town and Its Inhabitants, and ac quire the land or rights in land, furnishings, equipment, machinery or apparatus constituting a part of said improvements or properties at the time of such reconstruction, enlargement and extension, and that it will be necessary to expend for said purpose not less than $190,060. Section 2. Said Board of Com missioners has also ascertained and hereby determines that the j purpose hereinbefore described is ( a necessary expense of said Town within the meaning of Section 7 of Article VII of the Constitution of North Carolina, and is a purpose for which said Town may raise or appropriate money, and is not a c urrent expense of said Town. Section 3. In order to raise the money required for such purpose, bonds of the Town are hereby au thorized and shall be issued pur suant to The Municipal Finance Act. 1921, of North Carolina. The maximum aggregate amount of bonds authorized by this ordinance shall be One Hundred and Ninety Thousand Dollars ($190,000). Section 4. A tax sufficient to pay the principal of and interest on said bonds shall be annually levied and collected. Section 5. A statement of the debt of said Town has been filed with the Town Clerk and Treasurer of said Town, as required by said Act, and is open to public inspec tion. Section 6. This ordinance "Shall take effect when approved by the voters of said Town at an election to be called and held as provided in said Act ****** The foregoing bond ordinance was passed on the 5th day of July, 1955 and was first published on the 14th day of July, 1955. Any action or proceeding ques tioning the validity of said ordin ance must be commenced within thirty days after its first publica tion. S/ Charles E. Johnson | Town Clerk and Treasurer of the I Town of Murphy, North Carolina. 1 52-2tc I N. O. FORESTS The NoMi Car&lna National For eats are comprised of the Croatan National Forest on the coast, the Uwharrle Purchase Unit in the Piedmont and the Pisgah and Nan tahala National Forests in the mountains. NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPLY TO THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMMISSION . FOB APPROVAL OF BONDS .. NOTICE U hereby given of Inten tion of the undersigned to file ap plication with the Local Govern ment Commission, Raleigh, North Carolina, for its approval of the is suance of the following proposed bonds of the Town of Murphy, which bonds shall be subject to ap proval of the voters of said Town at an election : $190,000 of bonds for the purpose of reconstructing, enlarging and extending the water supply syB tem maintained by the Town to | provide a supply of water for the town and its inhabitants and the : acquisition of the land or rights . in land, furnishings, equipment | or apparatus constituting a part of such improvements at the I time of said reconstruction, en- ? largement and extension. This notice was published on the 14 day of July. 1955. Any citizen or taxpayer objecting to the issuance of all or any of said bonds may file with the Local Government Commission a verified statement setting forth his objection as pro vided in Section 159-7.1 of the Gen eral Statutes of North Carolina, in which event he shall also file a copy of such statement with the undersigned, at any time .within ten days from and after such first publication. A copy of this notice must be attached to the statement so filed. Objections set forth in said statement shall be for considera tion by said Commission in its de termination of whether or not it may hold a public hearing as pro vided by law on the matter of is J. R. Marr, 74 Dies After Dlness I James Robert Marr, T4, a retired 'chef, died at 10 a. m. Thursday, July T, in a Murphy hospital after a brief illness. Funeral services were held in Ivle's Funeral Chapal at Hayes ville at Hayesville at 2 p. m. Fri day. ) The Rev. L. Adams officiated 'and burial was in Alta Vista Cem etery, Gainesville, Ga. Marr was a native of Clay Coun ty, the son of the late Joe and Mary Killian Marr. He attended school in Clay County mnd served as a cook at Young Harris College, Young Har ris, Ga., for 10 years. He also served as a cooking in- , structor at Fort Bragg, N. C. for a number of years. In later years he had lived in Tennessee and Georgia. He is survived by one son, Wil liam C. Marr of Oak Ridge, Tenn. ; three daughters, Mrs. James L. Glenn of Knoxville, and Mrs. James E. Collins and Mrs. 'i'ed Ruff of Jacwsonville, Fla. ; six I suance of said bonds. BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF THE TOWN OF MURPHY, NORTH CAROLINA. By Charles E. Johnson 52-2tc Town Clerk and Treasurer <4 CA*fiPlT Qj CARE TO SAMBA? 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In Samba no meld may have more than two wild cards while In Canasta a meld may contain up to three wild cards. Also, In Samba you regularly draw two cards from the .stock but discard only one. Another feature peculiar to Samba is that a player must always hold at least two matching cards to take the discard pile. In- Canasta. you'U remember, all that Is required to take the unfrozen discard pack Is a combination of one matching card and one wild card. But the biggest differences between the two games is that Samba uses three decks of cards against Canas ta's two. allows tor higher scoring, and Is generally a more exciting game due to its wider melding opportuni ties. Two players at Samba find that It does not tend to be so one-sided as two-hand Canasta and six players have discovered that the three packs gives everyone mora turns. 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The water bond issue, which you will vote upon later this summer, in the amount of $190,000.00 can be repaid at the rate of $23,000.00 per year. This amount can and will be raised under the present tax structure and no increase in the tax rate will be nec essary. In the Bond Ordinance, printed elsewhere on this page of the papa*, you will note Section 4 provides that a tax sufficient to pay off the bond issue may be assessed and levied. This provision is necessary because without it the people who buy our bonds would have no way to rely upcn our credit and our ability to pay. The law requires that this Section 4 be included in the bond ordinance. However, we assure you that no fax increase is now or will in the future be necessary for the re-payment of these bonds. We have labored hard and long before making the decision to ask you to support a new water system. We have had technical surveys carried out by the State Board of Health regarding our water, and they advise us that the present water we are drinking and allowing our children to drink is sub-standard in purity; that until we have a complete new water purification plant there is danger of disease. It is our hope that you will help us with this improvement of our Town. The Bond election date will be set in the near future, and we ask each of you to vote for the new water system and the bond issue necessary to it. \> v \ \\.\ Sincerely yours LL MASON, MAYOR % ? ? i? ? < ; ? % ? / \ Cloe Moore W. A. Singleton HELBishop George Dyer , ' John Jordan R.M. White ^ J| MEMBERS TOWN COUNCIL

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