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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, December 12, 1957, Image 1

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THURSDAY ul FRIDAY Fair SATURDAY ui SUNDAY Normal Tempera turn ?| ft ?t?r rulrt 11 Shaping Days Til Christinas ? DEDICATED TO PROMOTING CHEROKEE COUNTY yOLUMX ?? NURIR? M MURPHY, N. C., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1M7 TWELVE PAGES THIS WEEK """ Hiawassee River Bridge To Get Attention JUST TOLERABLE By GENE PARKEB HWday House was a big success the past week-end but behind all the beauty and glitter of the decor ations were many hours of hard work. All members of the Murphy Garden Club are to be commented but serving beyond "the call of duty" and deserving special men tion is Mrs. B. W. Whitflekl. Three hours in t h a t downpour of rain Saturday Mrs. Whitfield perched atop a 10-foot ladder to put the Santa C 1 a u s decora tions on the roof of the Holiday House. When it was all over, she felt better than just tolerable. "Never felt better," said the versa tile Mrs. Whitfield. ? ? ? ? True, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush but the type of bird in hand has a lot to do with it Take that recent hunting trip of Francis Bourne- Jr. and Don Phil lips. The pair had had very littlt luck on their outing until this huge fowl soars up from nearby under brush. Mr. Bourne fired, then looked- His prize? A chicken. * ? ? ? Dr. W. R. Gossett had an unpop ular moment at a recent meeting of the Quarterback Club- The dis cussion got around to picking a guest speaker for the annual foot ball banquet- Dr- Gossett Jokingly suggested: "We could ask the Canton Coach". (Canton defeated Murphy in the WNC playoff). ? ? ? ? If you want a licking good fruit cake for the holidays, a cake far better than just tolerable, then try this concoction volunteered by Mrs. Mary Bowman- Here is what you'll need: Two pounds seeded raisins, one pound of currants, one pound of citron, half-pound of lem on peel, half-pound of orange peel, one pound of pitted dates, one pound of candied cherries one pound of pineapple (candied), half pound of nuts, three or four cups of flour, one and one-half teaspoon ot cinnamon, one teaspoon of mace, one teaspoon of nutmeg, one tea spoon allspice, three-quarter tea spoon salt, three-quarter pound butter or crisco, one cup sugar, nine or ten eggs, juice of one lem on, juice one orange, half-cup wine or grapejuice- Got that? Now all you have to do is cream the but ter and sugar, add the eggs, stir in the fruit ?nd flour mixture with juices. Mix thoroughly, place in well-greased pan lined with wax paper and bake at 275 degrees for four hours- That's an Old English Fruit Cake. ' ? ? ? * Two weeks in a row "Just Tol erable" got the old" squeeze play" and the mail pours in- All those i wonderful letters just because the j column was missing for two weeks. Thanks so much. Both let ters were appreciated, especially the one from Mama. liOcal Garden Club To Sponsor Decorating Contest The Cherokee Rose Garden Club is sponsoring Christmas lighting! and decorating of homes in Mur phy dty limits Mrs. Cloe Moore and her com mittee are in charge of the con test and announce the following rules: Three divisions will be judg ed and cash prises will be given as follows: For the Prettiest Lawn ?$15 00; Prettiest Window? $10-00 and Prettiest Door? * 00. Hie judging will be by three disinter eafcd persons Friday sight De City Commissioners Ask Parents Help To Curb Vandalism Here Murphy Board of Commission ers Monday night called for the co-operation of parents to curb vandalism here A number of vandalism cases were cited at the December ses sion of Commissioners at City Hall- Broken window panes, de struction of Christmas decorations and shooting of city street lights were the major complaints Commissioners appealed to par ents to talk with their children to put a stop to such activities before police are forced to make a rigid crackdown. Three youngsters were caught Friday night breaking street lights and received a dressing down from Assistant Police Chief Fred Johnson. Commissioners said they know these youngsters are "not out laws" but their mischievous tricks are costing the taxpayers money. Parents are urged by CommLi sioners to talk with their children, learn where they are at night and what they are doing. Commissioners said police are aware of the few "pulling these stunts" but want to give parents an opportunity to take corrective steps before arrests are made Officials prefer that parents make the corrections instead of resort ing to police action Considerable damage has been caused recently by young boys shooting and throwing rocks -it lights. This is done from the back of pick-up trucks, one official said. Christmas decorations anjl lights on the town square have also come in for their share of damage at the hands of these youngsters, Commissioners said. A number of window panes in public buildings have been knocked out BETTY WEAVER SEMI - FINALIST IN SCHOLARSHIP COMPETITION MISS BETTY WEAVER Murphy PTA To Meet Wednesday Night In order not to conflict with the Civitan's Ladies night the Murphy PTA meeting will not be held Dec. 16, as scheduled. The meeting date has been changed to Wednesday night Dec- 18. A Christmas tree lighting and carol service will be featured at 7 in front of the graded school. All members are urged to be present N. C. Patrolmen To Wear Metal Name Plate If you have roadside business with one of North Carolina's high way patrolmen in the future, you need no longer wonder exactly who he is ? For he'll be clearly identified, his name appearing on a small metal plate attached to his uniform jacket. Patrol headquarters announced the new plan this week as a public relations move to put dKver-troop er encounters on equal footing. "After all," says patrol execu tive officer Major D. T. Lambert, "the officer knows exactly to whom he is speaking. Therefore, with the new name plates, the mo torists will be similarly informed '1 Major Lambert said that the en tire force? 581 men? would be is sued the silver-plate tabs, engraved with the trooper's surname They are to be worn over the left breaat pocket of the uniform Jacket in winter and on the shirt in warm woe Our. Betty Weaver, Murphy High School senior, has been named semi-finalist in the National Merit Scholarship competition, Principal Walter R- Puett has announced. Miss Weaver Is listed among 7, 500 high scorers on the Scholarship Qualifying Test, a nationwide col lege aptitude examination given in 14,000 high schools on October 22nd- | She outscored 300,000 fellow sen iors, and thus moved a step closer to the $4 million in Merit Scholar ships to be awarded in the 1958 pro. gram. Betty is a daughter of Mr and Mrs- Robert V- Weaver. Merit Scholarships are sponsor ed by over sixty business and in dustrial firms, as well as by pro fessional societies, foundations, and even individuals- The Sears-Roe buck Foundation is the largest sponsor, with 100 awards worth $500,000 being granted annually. The sponsor's list includes such nationally known names as Inter national Business Machines, Nat ional Distillers and Chemical Cor poration, F. W. Woolworth Co., Pittsburgh Plate Glass, McGraw Hill, B. F. Goodrich, Time Incorp orated, Gulf Oil, and many others Semi-finalists now face a rig orous, three-hour College Board examination, to be given In testing centers throughout the country Jan- 11- Students whose high scores substantiate their earlier test performance will become fin alists in the competition. At least 7,000 semifinalists are expected to survive this second hurdle, says John M. Stalnaker, president of the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, which 1 concludes the annual competition "The finalists' group will be made up of some of the most able youngsters that America has ever produced- We expect to have over 800 scholarships available for (Continued on back page) POSTELL MOST OUTSTANDIN G ? Halfback Terry Postell, Andrews Wildcats' most outstanding player of the year is shown at right receiving a wrist watch from Coach Frank Maennle. John Ellis, representative of the Andrews notary Club watches the presentation made recently during chapel exercises at Andrews High. The Rotary Club sponsored a contest in which football fans selected the most outstanding player. The 17 Jewel Bulova Clipper was secured by the club through Dorsey Jewelers at cost. Garden Club's Holiday House Here Acclaims Success and Popularity RECENT KILL . . . This 230 pound nine point buck was killed recently by Adam Sntton of Mur phy at Island Ford on Harshaw road. Sutton using a 250-3000 Sav age said it took itaree shots to kill the deer. With Sutton at the time were Charles Laney and Buddy McGill both of Murphy. JTomotla Maun Held For Superior Court Andy Martin, 33, of the Tomotla section Monday was tried in Re corder's Court and bound over to Superior Court under $7,000 Bond Martin is charged with assault with intent to commit rape and assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. He is alleged to have assaulted a 52-year-old woman at her rural home Thanksgiving Day. MORE TOYS NEEDED BY KIWANIANS TO HELP UNDERPRIVILEGED HERE More ? many more? toys are needed by the Murphy Klwanis Club to insure a happy Christmas for many underprivileged chil dren of this area. Kiwanians have volunteered to repair and paint any old toys that are given to help children who otherwise would spend a bleak Cliristmas. Mow Is a good chance to get rid of that broken down wagon, bike, tricycle and at the same time help out in a needy cause. Clean out the closet, clean out the basement. Box all the old toys and drop them off at Joe Fowler's Sinclair Station or Davis' Esso Sei v locator . It will be a time consuming task for Klwaalans and they win spend many hours In retting the playthings ta good condition tor distribution. They win need all the time possible for the job so get your toys ta early. Help make some child's Christmas merrier by taking part ta , Ifcto drive. Holiday House by courtesy of Murphy Garden Club was acclaim ed a success by standards of ar tistery and popularity Sunday af ternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs- Edward Brumby. The lovely home all ablaze with Christmas beauty was thronged with visitors from near and far, visitors from Georgia Tennesste, i and the neighboring towns within our state Atop Mooreland Heights across the roof of the Christmas Tree House Santa drove his reindeer to reach the pie plate Christmas tree on the side lawn? his way lighted by candles across die front and bells jingling at the garlaned entrances. The entrance hall done in the Japanese manner featured a gold Japanese tree. The living room, beautiful in it's restrained elegance carried out in gold, silver, and jeweled tones, the mantle especially lovely w'th the Madonna scene with small floral trees on each side. On glass enclosed brcezeway de cor of chartreuse green, gold, and white was both stunning and eye appealing. Here the Christmas tree was snow sprayed white pine, hung (Con tinned on back page) State Highway Department To Consider Improvement The State Highway Department has agreed to consider the widen ing of Hiawassee Bridge here. C- W. Lee, assistant director of the State Highway Dept., has in formed Mayor L. L. Mason that the request for widening the bridge on Highway 64 will be "analyzed by our Planning and Programing Dept. in the de velopment of an overall state highway plan'.. Town Commissioners last month reported two hazardous con ditions here and sought assistance First Baptist Recognize Murphy Players The football players and coaches of Murphy High were recognized at the evening service Sunday night at the First Baptist Church here. During the service the Rev. Mor ris asked each player to stand and introduce himself. He also recog nized the cheerleaders, the faculty and coaches McConnell and Isley. After the service the young peo ple were invited to the recreation hall for a reception. Entertainment was a skit "Star ring" five members of the football team. Carolyn Bates immortalized John Morris, Gloria Bowman por-i trayed Jim Hendrix, Judy Davis played the part of Don Amos, Burt Birchfiled was enacted by Neta Kimbrough, and Annette White was a hilarous Coach McConnel. Linda English did a monologue about a baby playing with the radio dial during a football game and the cheerleaders did a yell. Sandwiches, punch, and cookies were served by the Woman's Mis sionary Union. e Lynn Gault To Speak At Fireside Chat Lynn Gault of Brasstown, potter, professii nal dramatist and ac complished reader will appear at the Fireside Chat at the John C Campbell Folk School Sunday af ternoon at 4:30 He will read the "Story of the Three Wise Men". The Fireside Chat :a a free hour for people interested in wid ening their understanding of liter ature, people, civilization, govern ment, inter-uaiional relations and human relations in the United States. Like all activities at tlie Folk School, this too is an experience in free and informal education NERD MORE TOTS ? ct the ftr*t batch of to LTkey of the State Highway Department to correct the situations. In addi tion to citing the hazardous situa tion caused by narrow Hiawasset Bridge, Commissioners requested consideration be given to the con struction of sidewalks from Mur phy to the new school building Mr. Lee in a letter to the mayor stated that it is not the present policy of the department to con struct sidewalks in such an area. However, Mr. Lee went on to say that the department attempts to maintain (road) shouldera at a width sufficient to provide walk ing space for school children and other pedestrians. Work was being carried out this week to widen shoulders along the highway from the high school into the city. The State Highway Department requested various towns and com munities to make known needed improvements for their respective areas. Mayor Mason, in submitting the requests for Murphy, pointed out that the highway is much wider than Hiwassee Bridge. He also said two vehicles, especially trucks and buses, have difficult in passing without using a portion of the sidewalk on the bridge. The mayor said the sidewalk is used by many school children and the hazard is increased when non residents who are not acquainted with the width of the bridge pass [over it in opposite directions. Shuford Takes Part In Veterans' Hearing Congressman George A- Shuford (D-12th Dist.) last week joined a sub-committee of the house of Veterans' Affairs committee for hearings in Evansville Shuford is a ranking member of the veterans' affairs committee and chairman of the subcommittee on housing. The hearing of the committee in Evansville concerned pension pro posals pending before the commit tee. There are 106 bills involving various pension proposals now pending before the veterans' af fairs committee. Shuford said the chairman of the committee had called the meeting in Evansville in order to assure several members of Congress and representatives of veter<Vs groups a full opportunity to discuss their pension proposals with the commit tee. Lions Club To Honor Football Team ANDREWS? The Andrews Lions' Club will honor the Andrews Wild cats football team with the an nual banquet Thursday evening (tonight) in the Marble cafetorium Carl Abernathy of Copper Htll, district representative 01 New York Life Insurance Company, will be the guest speaker. Mrs. Doyle Bnreb Discharged From Atlanta Hospital Mrs. Doyle Burch was to return home Wednesday from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta where she has been a patient since Nov. 26 Mrs- Burch was hospitalized for a broken hip which the received in a fall at her home here Four Players Get Honorable Mention

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