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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, October 15, 1959, Image 7

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t LEGAL NOTICES K 0 t I C I . north Carolina , CHBB&ltKI.pflJjr** <( The yndftrfigasd, having quail fled m AtoHlWtnitof ?i the ei **?te otJTArt M. M jjtfieid decea* , ed. late qt Cherokee :Coua'y, this la to ?NMy all j pernios faving ' claim* acainat said eatate to gre ? lent litem jty the undersigned in or befort fl>e 27th day of August. 1960. fcr this. polit e will be pleaded in bar ? of tiiefcr recovery All persons In , debied -io raid eatcte will please make jmmedtaie payment to the 'undersigned. his the ^-Uh day of August, 1959. LEONARD WEST Administrator " Box S42 , #-6te Murphy, S. C. I NOTICE OF SERVICE OF PROCESS BY WJRLICAJC10N STATE OF NORTH CXSOLtNA ( HEROKFF COITNTY ?'*] i IN Tlljl SUPERIOR COl-RT , PAUL D. PARKKB, Plaintiff, 1 , "vf JILL T.-^RK^R, - Defendant ? TO: JILL T. PARKER: ' . > \ ? Take Nkfflfe: _> _ ! A pleading <ieekinp relief agfilnst ' you has been tiled In the above . entitled action. The nature of the relief being 1 ' sought is as follows: An absolute divorce from the bonds of matrimony <Jjt tjie grounds of two years separation, and cus tody of the minor child, PAMELA DAWN PARKER. ' ? * ; You are required to make de fense to such pleading not later than October 17th. 1959, and upon your failure to do so the party seeking service against you will ap ply to 'the court for the relief sought. This the 18 aaty of August. 1959 ' S/ JAMES C. HOWSE Clerk Superior Court, * ' ' ? Cherokee County, NOTICE OF SALE OF ? REAL ESTATE NORTH CAROLINA CHEROKEE COUNTY CHEROKEE COtTNTYi ' A Muilici oal Corporation. ? ; Plafhfiff, -ys- 5 i . . | VIROlfe ROBERTS HELTON ind husband, GRADY HE^ON; LEW- . IS ROBERTS and \vltf; EDNA ; ROBERTS: OSCAR RftgERT^ and wire, 'BULLA ROBERTS: ALBERT ROBERTS and Wife. JM*ST Rt)B-"*: ERTS; and LOTTIE ROBERTS-: MONTGOMERY, unmarried. Defendants. By Virtue of authority vested in me by a Judgment of the Cherokee County Superior Court dated the 2nd. day of October. 1959,' fn 'the above entitled action, i will , on Monday the 2nd day of November, 1958. at twelve o'clock, uoon. at the ' Courthouse door in Murpfcy. North Carolina, offer for sale to the tltgb bidder far casil the following'' dc- ! scribed lands in Hot House Town ship, Cherokee County,' North Car olina: A certain tract or parrel of land i in Cherokee County, Stato of North ' Carolina, adjoining the . laods of Lum Montgomery, Cal Bnice, Whitfield Brown and. others, .and bounded at follows, vim y i On the 'waters of persimmon ? Creek, BEGINNING on a Maple corner of Tract No. and runs West ? 134 peles to a Locu?t; thence North 44" tt polaa to a Chaataut 0*k: then North Tt Watt M pate* to a black gum; thence S. E. 110 rolea to a Hickory bush on aa old corner; theoee NorTfe IS East 14 piles to On BEGINNING of the last survey, con-atnins 145 acres, more or less. Being the same land described la Book 97, at page 442, reference to and ccnveyed by Deed, dated Janu ary *4. 1929. from J. L. Parton, to J. J. Roberts and wife, Augusta Roberts, and registered in the Of fice of the Register of Denis of Cherokee Coun y. N. C.. in Dead which Deed is hereby made for greater certainty of description. SAVING AND EXCEPTING, HOWEVER, that part thereof which was heretofore conveyed by Deed, dated August 31, 1946, from A. J. Roberts and wife. Augusta Roberts to Virgie Hel'on. and regis tered in the Office of the Register rf D?eds cf Cherokee County, North Caro'inn. in Deed Book 169 h( page EM and bounded as follows, viz: A certain tract or parcel of land in Cherokee County. State of N'orth Carolina, adjoining the lands ?f Minnie Bruce. Harold Payne and i hers. ar.J Rounrtfcd as follows: BEGINNING on a dogwood on the line of Minnie Bruce and runs West eight poles to" a pine; thence Nrrtheast to a maple in the main branch: then Northeast six poles with the main branch to a rock on the spring branch; thence North with the spring branch 11 poles to a rock corner; thence North with an old road 62 poles to the North saaj line of the same tract; thence Sast 27 poles to a rock corner Ihence South ft! poles to the begin ning corner, containing' 10 . acres, more or less. With a road excepted. Reserving and excepting from the operation of this Deed the road ed land, which road has been used ruhning through the above rescrib by the said A. J. Roberts and wife, Augusta Roberts, and under those under whom they claim for many years. .This the 2nd. day of Octtober. 1359 L. L. MASON. JR This the 2nd. day of October, 1959. 1 . AUCTION SALE TENNESSEE VALLEY AUTHORITY OCTOBER 2#, 1#5? At 11 A. M. COURTHOUSE MURPHY. NORTH CAROLINA The Tennessee Valley Authority will offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash, at the time and place stated, pur suant <o the terms to be announced and set fortii in the Notice of Sale, copies of which have been posted at the Courthouse and Post Office in Murpliv, Ni?rth Carolina, a tract, of land, containing 40 acres, de signated XFBR-53, located partial ly within the corporate limits of the Town of Murphy. in Murphy Township of Cherokee. County. State of North Carolina, on the west shores of Hiwassee Lake op posite the mouth of the Valley Riv er Arm of the lake1. The minimum acceptable price Is $6,750. Also, a tract of land, containing 10.2 acres, designated XFBDR12-, located in the Eighth Civil District of Chero kee C aunty. State of Northh Caro lina. on the southwest side of the Hiwassee Ham Access Road, ap proximately 1-Li miles southwest of Hiwassee Dam. The minimum ac ceptable price is $1,150. Additional information may be obtained from Val L. Stanton, Ne gotiator, Land Branch, Division al Property ud Suppljr. TV A. M Lup'oa Building. Chattanooga Tea ncm'e telephone AMherst 5-J651. | extension JS1 11-3U NOTICE NORTH CAROLINA CHEROKEE COUNTY , The undersigned, having qualified as Administrator of the estate of Parrie Vaughn, deceased, late of Cherokee County, this la ?? notify ill persons having claims against said estate to present them to the undersigned on or before the 8th lay of October. 1S60, or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their eeovery. All persons indebted to said estate will please make imme I aate payment to the undersigned This the 2nd. day of October. 1 1959. HAYES DOCKERY Administrator | ll-6tc Murphy, N. C. NOTICE S'ORTH CAROLINA CHEROKEE COUNTY J The undersigned, having quali | ied as Administra:or of the estate A Birton El wood Mason, deceased, late of Cherokee County, this is to j notify all persons having claims gainst said estate to present them o the undersigned on or before the 15th day of October. I960, or j this notice will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All persons in ebted to said estate will pleasi make Immediate payment to tti undersigned This the 3rd day of October, 1959. ODIS MASON Administrator U-Stc Murphy, N. C. Rt. 4 INVITATION TO BID FOB SAW TIMBER AND CONSTBUCTION OF FIRE ACCESS BOADS Sealed bids will be received at Murphy. North Carolina, until 2:00 p.m. EST on the 9th day of Novem ber, 1939, at wfiich time and place the office of the Town Clerk of they will be publicly opened and read for the purchase, . cutting and removal of all . designated sawtim ber trees upon the timber sale area of approximately 600 acres lying within the watershed of the (Town nf Murphy located on the headwat ers of Marble Creek in Cherokee County, North Carolina, and for the construction of fire control access roads entering apd across the tim ber sale aiea. The timber sale area, with the approximate loca tions of the fire control access road sketched thereon, has been deline de on the official timber sale map on file in the office of the Town Clerk. The sawtimber trees to be cut and removed liave been designated with a spot of yellow paint on the trunk and another below stump height. The designated trees are estimated to contain 1,008.061 board fe*i based on a 100% cruise by competent professional forest ers. The Town of Murphhy does not in any manner guarantee the ac curacy of these estimates, and bid ders must satisfy themselves as to the actual amount and kinds of merchantable timber designated for cutting and must make their bids in sole reliance upon their own estimate and judgment. A detailed breakdown of these estimates are : on file at the office of the Town ! Clerk and may be examined upon 1 request. The fire control access road as sketched on the timber 'sale map must be constructed in ? > ?=.. ... ? : . - . . .. ? ? _ . , SPECIAL COFFEE 'Most everywhere, folks are noticing that there is a little extra flavor ... an extra flick of flavor in JFG Coffee. JFG starts with a special blend of select coffee beans. And since it's roasted practically next door,jjt comes to you fresh as fresh can be. So try JFG ? tho coffea with that extra flick of flavor, tta tntiraty. laid Mad wlB to ac tually located oc tto ground feMUy : *?y tto buyer and aellqr with only minor deviations being permitted from he location ibown on tW map. Additional spur roada tor removal of tto timber may be coaatructed at locaUooa approved by tto Town at Murphy. Said designated ta 'timber trees will be sold where la and aa Is on a lump sum basis. Bidders .will be required to use the prescribed - bid form, copies o I which may be ob tained from the Town Clerk. The Town of MuTfthy reserves the right to de>ay awarding - the con tract to the successful bidder for a period of ten days following the 9th day of November, 1959. The successful bidder will be re quired to execute a written timber sale contract within twenty days after being notified of the accep tance of his bid. The sale contract is on file in the office of the Town , Clerk where it may be examined ' by prospective bidders. All terms and conditions relating to the man- 1 ner in vriiich the designated trees must be paid for, cut and removed, and the specifications for construc tion of the fire control access road are included in the sale contract, and bidders are urged to become familiar with these terms and con ditions before submitting bids. iKach bid must be accompanied by a bid deposit in the form of a postal money order, certified check or cashiers check in the amount of $2,000.00 male payable to the order of the Town of Murphy. All such deposits will be returned to the bidders after notification of the award of the contract, except the deposit of tt)e bidder to whom the contract shall have been awarded. which deposit will be retained by 'be Town of Murphy and applied toward the first, stumpage pay ment as provided for In the sale contract If the sale contract Is no* signed by the successful bidder within twenty days after being noti fied of the acceptance of his bid, Mien, in view of the difficulty of es timating tlie damages sustained thereby, fifty percent of his bid de posit will be retained by the Town of Murphy as liquidated damages. " The bidder to whom the sale contract is awarded will be requir ed to furnish a performance bon-l in the sum of $5,000.00 in such form as will be acceptable to the Town of Murphy, such bond to be held by the Town of Murphy until all terms and conditions of the sale contract have been fullly com plied withh. It is the purpose of the Town of : Murphy not to award the sale con tract to any bidder who does pot furnish satisfactory evidence that he ability and experience in this ' class of work and that he has suffi cient capital and plant to success fully complete the work within the <pecified time named in the sale contract. The Town of Murphy re serves the right to waive any de fect or informality in any bid or to reject any and all bids or to ac cept any bid should it be deemed to be in the be9t interest of the Town of Murphy to do so. This the 1st day of October, 1959. TOWN OF MURPHY By: L. L. Mason, Jr. Mayor Approved as to form MeKeever & Edwards Attorneys Town of Murphy, ll-4tc Soil Conservation NEWS By JOHN SMITH | Charlie Cornell, who lives in (he Bell view Section near the Georgia line, was liming a field which he plans to seed to pasture when ' I visited his farm last ? wcek.v'This farm, which was bought about a year ago. hade been idle for sever al years and was badly grown up in bushs and briars. Charlie has sivnt some long and hard hours of labor cleaning the place up and still has a long way to go before he ivill be finished with the job. The job. The fact that he harvested more than a thousand dollars worth r?f sweet pepper from one field this summer is ample proof that his labor has not been in vain. As I went into tlv Cor del I farm, I was amazed at the amount of dip land there is along the Nottei.v River in thatt area. The same is rue along ihe Valley River, Peach tree Crt. k, Martins Creek and all cf the other major streams in the ? ounty. One reason why land is idle on the Nottely River in the vicinity of the Cordell farm is the fact lha: 'here is no public road into that area. Tlv road which does go to the farm is poor in good weather and impassible in bad weather. It is a wonder if the farmers there ever get a crop planted, cultiva:t ed. and harvested. Tar Heel Farmers Realize Net Farm Income ? * RALEIGH. N. C. -North Carat ina farmers realized ? net iacoou ft $590.5 millioji (raoi Jtpqiog ir. 1953 ^-cording to tbe Stat*^?iefx ? Crop Repp-ting Service ?u ; , Th^ amount MS7 by <123.6 million a|tf placed Noirth <'i roim'a ' 6iS -am^nf iHe W^tes la" leaiiyed net facm'mooniW.'. vt, . ? ? ' ? '-1V Realised ne- Is the iQcume ;f?rni iterators. have to spend after pay tig their production ex|.ta?s. Average realnted net ineff-ne p^r 'arm ir. \orth Carolina aroew? el to $2,138 in 196$; eompareed with 1.718 in the preceding year. North f"in":na operators fitnkfd , lot h among the states in raft|t,-<xl | ?e' income per taftn. * ^ ? Charlie plan* to v^ed all, of thr land in this farm to grass es rap-. !dly as he can get it into shape for seeding. In this way be will run much less risk of loaiag a crop be cause ol weather . conditions. .lite land on the CordeU farm and sever at other farms in (fee samr? vicinity Is exveilem land, flat and easily ten ded. hut due to the 'poor road into the area It is not a good risk to try to row-crop the land. Moet of p woujd. however. ma?* excellent | grazing land, especially for summ- j er and fall use. 4f. covered, with grass, there would be very Httie danger of washing' in the winter lime, even though R .night not be practical to keep aatUe on the land all winter. r?:m apc.ators '.a V^-th CaroilM i'ft uo Invvit'itr'M of tt pa a?d livestock la 1MI by (14S million When realized net Income U Mi iua'ed to allow for the cfcaAfe to inventories, ttt? total net farm Inc ome of North Carolina operator* was tfil3.9 million. It was MS3.3 million in 195? |j Ca*h-receip ? from sales of fc?rm ?cdmn?od>tjes yielded Nortto Carolina 7*rmers SJ 010 7 ipiJUoh In I'M. ?"^m^wed wijlr t8*7 3 million !? ' Government " pavmeati to partners totaled $T7S million, tit. I ?nillipn more ?han in the pre ? ?d'M vear The gross farm income of North Carolina rar.ner* anuuntei ??? tl KV6. million In IW a ??ln of S16B9 million from 19S7. Gro?? iccome includes c*sh receiots and i?overment payment* plus allowan ces or the value of food and ffel oroduced ard cowirr.M on 'he farm and the rental value of the f*rm dwelline. The vMue of orod usts produord and consumed on North Carolina farms totaled $139 9 ntfllion in 1958. whlrh exceeded all other s'a'es in the Nation. Product Ion expea*v* of Nortfi ?Carolina firm operator* rose from KOI.F million in 1957 to *M7 0 mill ion in l*-8. Production expenses are sub'ractcd (rom eras* income to obtain realized net income. To All Gum Ch?wers It. i* with pride that we distribute CLARK'S TFABFRRY GUM Try some and you will know why! IHCKEY . CHAIN CO. ANNOUNCING FOR I960 SIX STUNNING STYLES FROM THE J ^ ff J\BYSTUDEBA KER 1 1 1 1"1 AT Tr I TT Masteful new styling: new fashion Iresh JUJLjxVw/ JL A JL (J Xj colors, new appointments, new luxury. T>T) A \ T Owners report fewer service jobs, lower JL JL I V J I*. 1. J charges, reduced insurance costs. I'll il I I VI" "II |"I " ' ' ill I I i ilii 'mil II i i T /~Y\ T | / A 1 lT Tj^ Owners write "more carefree driving with 1 # \ r f f\ 1*1 1 j r a 'I'he Lark" tlian with any other car. J5P5U F\"D TT717 A TIT IT- PowrtW Vf (proven today', mow eco JL/ lVL V * jr\ III j F.f aoraicaJ) or Ml Jtp. Super Economy Six. 1 1 utt ? MHBiMHiHiitkivvwwwi TURNABLE So easy to handle. conicrs solidly. 1 ire 1cm driving cross country, nimble in traffic. PARKABLE WORLD'S FIRST AND ONLY FULL LINE OF NEW DIMENSION CARS Choose the model best suited to meet your own -particular motoring need*. ..(ram the widest range of styles among all newer cars! For 1960, nothing's been spared to build into The Lark the best in luxury, good taste, dependability and value It's the true quality car of its size? proven by 7M million miles or ownii uk. Ask the man who owns it, see the man who sells it, drive it yourself and discover? dke host break for yoor car dollar in 1960 You'll love that Lark! a ' . 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