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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, July 14, 1960, Page 2, Image 2

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THE CHEBOKEE SCOUT Etfabliihed July. Ml Publiihed every Thundny at Murphy. Cherokee Counly, N. C , JERUE BABB. Publuber PHYLLIS B. BABB Erftar SUBSCRIPTION RATES In Cherokee County One Y nr. ?.?; Six Month*. II 50. Outaide Cherokee County: One Yonr, *S80; Six MaMha. *175. Second Oan Postage I Murphy. N. C. 117 Hickory St. | Highway Project Began As Dream 'Editor's note: The Scout will publish a series of guest editorials written by leading citizens from Western North Car ? olina and Eastern Tennessee The theme of the editorials will be The Real Meaning of Wagon Train." The first is written by Senator W. Frank Forsyth, executive vice president of the Citizens Bank & Trust Co.. Murphy, N. C. I The Real Meaning Of Wagon Tram By W. FRANK FORSYTH In the Fall and Winter months of 1957. a small group tf civic minded people from Tellico Plains, Tennessee were working andi planning a scenic route from their community to Murphy. To pro mote such a project they conceived the idea of the "Wagon Train." This long range highway building project which started as a dream has now reached proportions that are really fantastic. The advertising value to Southwestern North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee is now valued in the hundreds of thousands ?f dollars. This unspoiled scenic wonderland is open, fresh, anxious to be developed, and will, when completed, be unsurpassed in scenic ? beauty any where in the United States. This great spectacular '"The Wagon Train" is more or less , taken for granted by many of our citizens, as is the fast growing ' tourist industry. Most of these things have come to us without ? organized effort on our part. Now is the time to take stock, to 1 examine ourselves in order to make this area a better place to ; live and a more prosperous section in which to rear our children We are now short on industry and short on many, many tther ? things in which most sections take pride. We are not short on tli ? mate, high mountains, deep valleys, clear water streams, and per > haps the most picturesque section in the United States. We are just two days travel from every metropolitan area in Eastern 2 America. Folks who have already seen the Smokies are now look > ing for other places to go and personally, I do not believe the ' Smokies have wilderness area or scenery comparable to this West . ern North Carolina - Eastern Tennessee area. ? We now have a grand opportunity, working together, to pro mote and enlarge a project that has meant much to us and could ? be worth much more in the years to come. May I say, in all lin > cerety, that it will take work on the part of everyone and it will ? take some money: but work and cooperation is the mainstay ?f J this "Wagon Train" project. ; The real success of the "Wagon Train" is the participants. These people who have a rich heritage in this mountain region and who still possess that hardy pioneer spirit. Our genuine ap ? preciation is extended to each and everyone of the people who were I . in the "Wagon Train." '. Roads are built with gasoline tax money, so roads built in ' ? Western North Carolina to make accessible tourists from the West, j ? Middle West and East, would in reality be an investment for North ! Ca-olina. A large expenditure, yes; but the money would come back to North Carolina in the form of gasoline purchased the ' taxes from which would pay the bill in the years to come. Roads. 1 of course, would bring a tremendous influx of tourist travel to this . area. A prosperous section helps a growing and progressive state. < The time is now for the folks of Southwestern North Carolina < and Eastern Tennessee ? working together for better living. 1 ( - - ? I Your Chamber Of Commerce Needs Your Help & Support The support of everyone in Murphy is needed by your Chamber of Commerce. Some of the important accomplishments of the group that effect the whole community are the location of industry and new businesses in this area. An example of this has been the lo cation of Margaret Studios and Rimco Mfg. Co. To continue this work the Chamber of Commerce must have your support. With the help of Dick Mauney down in Raleigh, the Chamber of Commerce has been highly successful in locating reputable In dustries in this area. The trend toward industrialization of Far Western North Carolina has just started. To keep the ball rolling, the whole hearted support of your Chamber of Commerce is needed. This business of locating an industry in our home town is as competitive a business as can be found nowadays. When the Industrial committee, gets a lead please don't think that Murphy is the only community that has a chance. Not only is the competition keen among cities, counties and areas of a state but states maintain groups such as the Conservation and Develop ment Department of North Carolina. To get into this business of industry hunting, it takes backing. And we don't just mean financial backing. The housewife, the waitress, the clerk can help. How? Its easy. The other day a group of officials of a prospective new industry for Murphy were looking the town over. Getting the feel ?f things down here. They walked the streets of Murphy. Did they lee happy, friendly people? Let's hope so. Did they see well kept lawns and clean streets that indicate a strong sense of community pride? Let's hope so. Did they hear on the street corner rumbling if iis content? Let's hope not. Let's hope they saw a community that has community spirit and pride. One that is progressive in its thinking. One that wants to grow. I The report from Mr. Townson's committee indicated (hat Is exactly what was seen and the folks who saw it liked what they saw. It will pay off in the long run. Congratulations Drivers We were lucky of course. But a hardy Congratu lations Is In order to all the folks of this area In the fine record Cherokee County compiled over the Fourth of July week-end. While the rest of the country com plied staggering new records for accidents and deaths on the highways over the Fourth of July week-end, Cherokee County reported no deaths from highway accidents or from water sports. Outside of two automobile accidents reported no other accidents involving Injury or death were re ported. Two persons were Injured Sunday, July 3 in a three car collision near Topton. Another automobile accident occurred on the Joe Brown Highway Monday, July 4. No one was Injured in this accident. The North Carolina Highway Patrol did an out standing job In handling the traffic In and around Murphy during the Wagon Train. 8gt Sandlln out of the District Highway office In Sylva had nine patrol men stationed In this county to handle the traffic. By routing through traffic around Murphy by way of Marble-Peachtree-Murphy, tourists were able to main tain schedules and avoid that old stigma of the high ways ? being delayed and speeding up to make up for lost time. During a conversation with Patrolman R. H. Ens ley of Murphy, he said, "I want to extend my con gratulations to all for making July 4, 1060 a safe and happy occasion." Wagon Train - More Than A Fourth Of July Celebration Kidd Brewer's Raleigh Roundup INTO FALL . . . Now we have jassed the longest days of the iummer, most offices here are jnderstaffed. and 60 days from now we will be well into another football season. For many a politico, it has been. is. and will be a long and hazardous summer. Despite the fact that most State juarters here are fully air conditioned, there is just a whole ot of sweating going on these lays. It isn't all because of .he weather. He who lives by the sword' nust die by the sword . . . and io amount of machine cooling ?an completely eliminate that nlitical disease known hereabout is the Quadrennial Sweat. This time 12 years ago ? that vould be 1948 ? that sweat :ame on around here iK. Scott >ad just been nominated gover ior' and lasted for months. Some >f the victims never recovered. Seriously, if you think there sn't a lot of suffering ? the leep. dark mental type of suffering ? going on around mow Raliegh. then you just don't (now Raliegh Only Dr. Sanford :arries the cure. STARTING EARLY . . . Speak ng of football, signs point to the argest crowds ever this fall at the Big Four games. This is partly due to the balanced strength of the four teams. Also, each school is going after the trig attendance ? starting early with various promotions. Duke is offering family plans at greatly reduced rates. Write Duke Athletic Office early if interested. One of the first games of the season will be between Clemson and Wake Forest at Winston Salem. The score last year was 33-31. Coach Frank Howard of Clemson has said he could fill every seat at Bowman Gray Stadium with Clemson College alumni clamoring to see this one. AD of which is to say you should begin making definite plans now ? including purchase of tickets ? for the eames you plan to see this autumn. POPULAR . . . Know the most popular speaker in North Caro lina? You are right, Terry Sanford. Even folks who voted ? yea. worked ? against him now want to clasp him to their bosoms. It comes to us on good authority that Governor Sanford has received enough speaking in vitations to run him through hog killing time and smack dab into Christmas if he were able U accept all of voem. So . . . don 'tf rush . . . Terry Sanford is voung. he has a lo! of speaking to do for the pari in September and October, and it looks as if he Is going U be around for a good long while. DTD YOU KNOW ... Now that the shooting Is over, the captains and the Ungs have departed <to California', let'i indulge in a bit of midnimmei musing on some facts that ma> surprise you as they did us al our house: Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River. Chicago is the same distance north as Rome, Italy. Four countries in the world ? Brazil. Soviet Union, Canada, China ? are larger than the United States. London. Eng land, is farther north than any point in the United States. New York City has a larger population than all of Australia. Japan has 80 million people, but is smaller in area than California. Tampa, Fla., is west of the entire con tinent of South America. Ninety five per cent of the people of the world live north of the equator. Moscow is closer to New York than is Buenos Aries, Argen tina. FATHER'S DAY ... A friend of ours here received a $50 check from his son in the service in Dallas. Texas, as a Father's Day present. He was deeply pleased ? not that he needed the money so much, but that his son had at least come of age and recognized the value of money around the old home. Three days later he got a wire from his son asking him to rush him $50.00 by wire to make the check good, be had overspent. My friend wired the money. All told, the Father's Day pre sent cost him about $4.00 "Looking back on it now", he told me yesterday. "I'd much pre ferred my boy had just written me a letter." NOTES . . . This is written on Sunday, July 10. and we don't know definitely whom the Demo crats will nominate in California. As of this date, it looks definitely like Kennedy. Our prediction is that anybody nominated will de feat the Republican nominee in November . . . 1 We don't know whether it's their blond full head of hair or their just . washed - look of solid honesty ? but Terry Sanford and John F. Kennedy could pass for members of the same family ? not brothers, but perhaps first cousins. Not that we agreed with him, but our opinion is that Sanford did the right thing in coming out flat - footedly for Ken nedy in p re-convention conversat ion. He followed his conscience ? and neither he nor N. Carolina will regret it ? in time to come. . A passing thought: not since J. M. Broughton succeeded Clyde R. Hoey as Governor in 1941 has been much deeper love between outgoing and incoming administ rations here: the Gregg Cherry leaders cared not much for the Broughton boys in 1955 . . .and Keer Scott went in with a show of his own in 1949. William B. Umstead forces had defeated the Scott administration's Hubert Olive . ..Luther Hodges steered clear of Umstead's inner guard . . and Sanford's tub stands on its own bottom. Letter To The Editor Purpose Of Wagon Train , To Promote Modern Highway Dear Editor: The Wagon Train Executive Committee wishes to take this op portunity to express its appreciation for the splendid publicity re ceived from the CHEROKEE SCOUT, the local radio stations, WCVP and WKRK covering the Wagon Train. We also wish to convey a great big THANK YOU to the many committees who labored many hours in making the July fourth celebration the tremendous success it was. Too, our appreciation goes to the following who worked on the bridge on the route, and constructed the platform at the fairgrounds without remuneration. Ronnie Killian, Harry Killian, Ben Killian, Maynard Killian. Lewis Mulkey, W. S. Dickey. Abe Gentry. Hal Gentry. Cecil Gentry, Dickey Davis, Jim Hughes. Paul Ledford, Red Schuyl er. Charles Johnson, Bob Penland. Will Rogers. Billy Odell, Don Carter. Holland McSwain and Kenneth Davis. The committee would also like to thank P. J. Henn for the we the sound system used at the fairgrounds. We must also state that we are deeply grateful to the Executive Committee from TeHico Plains composed of Charlie Hall, Sam Williams, James Hooper. Harold Rice and Ray Frye. They really did an amazing amount of planning and work for the Wagon Train trek acroas the mountains, and they are (Wfinitely masters at plan ning such an event. We sincerely appreciate all the hoars the people mentioned above gave toward the celebration. As everybody knows, the pur pose of the occasion is to promote a modern highway from Tetlico Plains, Tennessee, to Murphy, which will pass through some of the most beautiful mountain land In the Nantahala and Cherokee Nat ional Forests. We feel that a step forward toward securing that road has been made possible through the untiring efforts of ill these people. Sincerely yours, WAGON TRAIN EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE By LOREN DAVIS Chairman Two Will Attend Farm Home Week Meeting In Raleigh By THELMA WHEELER Hmk Dcmonstrattai Ageat Cherokee County Mrs. B. M. Gibbs of the Valley town home demonstration club and Miss, Tbelma M. Whee ler, home economics agent, will spend this week at State College, Raleigh, attending the 52nd An nnual meeting of Farm Home Week. Mrs, Gibbs will represent Cher okee County as their voting dele gaie naving geen previously instructed by the home de m o n s t ration council. Some of the highlights of the program will be classes conduct ed in the follow liig aicao. "Frame yourP i c t u r e s ? Frame them Right", Miss Pau line Gordon, specialist in housing and house furnishings. N. C. State College. Tour of John Harris' garden, John H. Harris, extension horti culturist, State College. "The Art of the Potter ", Mrs. Slater E. Newman. Raleigh. "The Nervous Woman", Dr. Hugh A. Matthews, Midway Med ical Center, Canton, N. C. "The Hope of Research in Can cer and what we can do about it' , Dr. H. Max Schiebel, Watts Hospital, Durham, N. C. "The Wonder World of Moden Fabrics", William R. Martin, Jr. head of applied chemical re search, School of Textile*, N. C State College. "Understanding among Family Members", Dr Albert Edwands, pastor, Firs Presbyterian Church, Raleigh "A World of Good Eating" Nancy Carter, director of bon* economics, Colonial Stores, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia. And so ? the agenda goes 01 and on! Tbere are tours and teai arranged and group singing con ducted by Dr. Arnold E. Hoffman State Supervisor of Music Educa tion. Department of public in July Jury List Announced By Clerk Of Court Following is tlx Hat 4 pan drawn t* ten* on the Jury U the om week criminal Cent, July *? Murphy. N. C, Kirt Udd, bie N. C? Dillard Griffith. ' I. Murphy, N. C. Gaorgt W. toa Root* 1. Murphy, N. C.f , & Palmar, Marble, N C.. B ). m W. N. C.. Frank N. C. id), J. E. i Andrew*, N. C.. J. H Route S. Murphy, N. C.. I all Payne, Route 1, N. C. Alao J?ta R L Craig, Route 4. Latitia, N, C., Kenneth Deris, Murphy, JB C., L. A. McChire, Route 4, Mar; phy, N. C.. Fred W. Kilpotrick Route f, Murphy, N. C.. Gane wj TrammeU, Andrews, N. C. Gra. dy Garrett, Andrewa, N. C.| George Washington Ruskina. Marble, N. C? Garland Hogair Andrews, N. C., Lawrence Deri* Marble, N. C. ? Alao Otis Mcdaan. Topton, If* C., S. L. Hatchatt, Route 1. Mur phy. N. C., Tommy Wright. Rout/ 4. Murphy, N. C.. W. A. Boyd1 Route 1, Murphy, N. C.. J. Mh Donley, Route 1, Marble, N. C? Lloyd Jamas Gregory, Andrews N. C.. Charlie C Morris. Boutil 1, Murphy. N. C., J. R. KlW ensmith, Andrews N. C.. Roberf Arthur Wilson, Marbia. N. C.r W. H. Montgomery, Route # Murphy, N. C. Fred McDonald. Route J, Murphy, N. C. Weslef Keenum, Route 4, Murphy, N. el and Kay Jump, Route J, Murphv? N. C. f sirucuon, Kajeign ana recreaua under the direction of tfa* N. C Recreation Commission. COUNTY GRAFTS WORKSHOP JULY ?. Lender* of their reapectiv home demanj (ration dub throughout Cherokee County ? tended the county workshop o Friday. July S at Murphy Powe Board Building. Although "Flower Arrangi ment" is not classified as a era] this was scheduled in order t i get this information to du ' members weU in advance of th county fair in September. Mrs. A. B. Chandler, Sr., < the Valleytown Home Demons tri tion Club graciously shared he talents for flower arrangemei > with dub members. ? She pitched her demonstrate - at the level of one who has ha ? little or no instruction in thi 5 art Her simple flower arrangf 1 ments and visual aids made tfv ? demonstration appear so simpl , Bed and interesting that ther 3 was no hesitancy in each or , trying her hand at one or moi arrangements. t At the conclusion of the wort I shop all arrangements wer - studied and evaluated. Mr*. Chandler also discuss* -arrangements lui table ft1 - churches. Infant Cherokee County Rescue Squad Proves Wortl The newly formed Cherokee County Rescue Squad proved It worth and reason for being Monday night, July 11, In the recover of the drowned man in Appalachia Lake. Our local squad and the Cleveland, Tenn., Rescue Squad war called into action late Monday night. Hie Cherokee County Squa located the body of the drowned man early Tuesday morning. This group of volunteers calling themselves the Cherokee Cc unty Rescue Squad has for the second time la as many weak proved the need for such an organization. The appeal for funds to support this group week before hi fell way short of the bare minimum needed to operate. Groups i this type exist for the public good and need the pubbc'i nippocl Answer the appeal next time and support the Cherokee Count Rescue Squad. _ r clnst frMZK <Wr*199? IS c?.ft tally laaraiftri ittrti ii ft 492 lbs. Novor btfor* hat Waitini Auto - (or anyono olao, for that mottor) boon oblo to moxo you this outstanding froozor off or . Through a apoolal purohaao from tho . world's largost manufaeturor of ohoat froozora, wo oon now offor you a bio. fully guarantaod 16 ou. ft. ohoat froozor , that atoroa up to 492 lbs. of frozon food . . . aalo prlood at only 9190.881 Western Aalo MURPHY, N.C.

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