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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, July 21, 1960, Image 1

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The Cherokee Scout Dedicated To Promoting Cherokee County VOLUME 69 ? NUMBER 51 MURPHY, N. C., THURSDAY, JULV 21, 1960 8 PAGES THIS WEEK PUBLISHED WEEKLY Murphy Calendar THURSDAY, JULY tl ?:? P. M. Circle No. 1 of the First Meth ?dist Church will have their an no*! picnic at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Howard. FRIDAY, JULY 8 I P. M. Alcoholic 'Anonymous will, meet at the Regal Hotel. SUNDAY, JULY U 8 P. M. Union service o ( First Metho dist Church and Presbyterian Church will be held at First Methodist Church. MONDAY, JULY M ?:? P. M. Hie Rotary Club will meet at the Family Restaurant. TUESDAY, JULY M 1:3# P. M. The Lottie Moon and the Mae Perry Circles of First Baptist Church will meet with Mrs. L. W. Hendrix. 6:3# P. M. The Lions Club will meet in' the recreation room of First Methodist Church. *:M P. M. The Cherokee Rose Garden Club will meet at the home of Mrs. William Tuttle. WEDNESDAY. JULY *7 6:45 P. M. The RA's of the First Baptis1 Church will meet at the Church. 7:2# P. M. Mid-Week services at Presby terian Church. 7:3# P. M. Prayer Service at First Metho dist Church. Mid-week service at First Methodist Church. ?:M P. M. Choir Practice at first Baptist Church. Choir practice at Presbyterian Church. 1:30 P.M. Choir practice at First Met ho-1 dist Church. Grange Group Receive Sixth Degree At a recent District Grange | meeting in Asheville, four mem bers pf the Ranger Grange re- { aeived the sixth degree. Those . receiving the- state degree were Emory Shields, Mrs. Helen Gib- < son, lib's. Pauline Anderson, and , Emory Anderson. f Mrs. Gibson has been appoint- , ed as special representative for the Grange Insurance sen-ices ( for Cherokee County. In her ca- t pacity as special representative, f she will work with each of the _ Granges in the county. AUNT HET ? A"* ?%? I S Maybe I wasn't a smart parent, but I didn't spoil life for my -younguns by givin' 'em everything before they even haa the fun of wishin' for it. On Two Weeks Training Cruise At work in the administration office of Naval Air Reserve Squadron 673 is James R. Sprung, (seated), chief yeoman, of 108 Bayless Street, Murphy. Work ing with Chief Sprung is James A. Ivey, chief aviation machinist mate, Eost Point, Ga. The squadron is un dergoing two weeks of intensive annual flight and ground training at Naval Air Station, Mdyport, Flo. VA 673 is based at NAS Atlanta, Marietta, Ga., and trains there one week-end out of each month. (U.S. , Navy Photo) Episcopalians To Hear Dr. KoeppMer Sunday Hie Rev. Herbert Koepp-Baker, Rector of the Incarnation Episco >al Church, Highlands, North Car olina. will be the guest speaker Protection From Disease Is Available By W. S. CANN District Health Director No disease has ever been done iway with 'eradicated) because t became treatable. We can protect ourselves igainst many diseases by the >roper means. I. By preventable vaccines shorts' these diseases are pre ventable when the vaccines are iiven properly .and boost ered IT"??1" :ough. 3? Smallpox. 4? Lockjaw, i? Polio, A? Influenza. 7? Yellow ever, 8? Cholera. 9? Rabies, 10 -Typhiod and Paratyphoid. II. By distniction of vectors? ,e. mosquitoes, ticks, lice, flies, inimals. etc. 1? Malaria, 2? Yellow fever. 3 -Dengue. 4 ? Rock Mountain ; potted fever, 5?' Typhus. 6? Tu aremia 'rabbi i 7? Psittacosis Parrot family, 8? Encephalitis, nf action. III. By proper sanitation and lygiene. by frequent inspection ind testing of milk, water and nod, f 1 ? BaciHary dysentarv. 2 ? "ood poisoning. 3 ? Brucellosis Bangs disease, undelent fever. 'tc.>, 4? Amebiasis, 5? Intestinal >arasites. A? Enterobiasis. 'Pin vorm', 7? Trichinosis, 8? Diarr lea." As you can see. we have not mentioned Tuberculosis, the ve lereal diseases or many others. Hie problem of these disease* rill remain with us until a mir icle happens, that is, until even' :ase in the world is arw itays cored over a ct , rabl jeriod of time. this coming Sunday at the Mes siah Episcopal Church. Dr. Koepp Baker is widely known for his work in hospitals: and since last January has been Dean of the Franklin Deanery of the Episcopal | Church in Western North Caro lina. His many friends, and those] who know of him, will be glad1 of this opportunity to see andi hear him at 11 a.m., this com ing Sunday, at the Messiah Epis copal Church. The Rev Alex Hanson, pastor i of the Messiah Episcopal Church, j Murphy, will be guest speaker at the Incarnation Episcopal Church at Highlands, N.C.. Sunday morning, July 24, at 11 a.m. Clay County Native Joins Bank Staff William J. Carter, an Assist ant Examiner of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation working out of the Charlotte of fice. has accepted a position with Citizens Bank & Trust Company as Assistant Vice President. Auditor and Branch Supervisor. Mr. Carter is a native of Clay County? his family moved from Clay County to Indiana when he was eight years old. He re ceived his formal education at Tipton. Indiana. High School: Brevard College. Brevard. North Carolina: and Southern Methodist University. Dallas. Texas He is a veteran of the Second World War. Mr. Carter's wife is the former Mary Gambill of Ashe ville and they have one child.: i daughter four years old. Mr. Carter has moved his fam ily to Andrews and assumed his ?iuties with Citizens Bank & Trust Company Julv 11. New Swimming Program Planned For Murphy Pool John Jordan, Recreation Di rector, announces that a new awimming program will be set op at the Murphy Pool beginning July 19 and raining through An oat 5. , Nina atyWi of awimming, water laafety and diving will ba taught during theaa two weeks of train ing. "rae hours will be from 10:00 Jti 11:10 A.M. each day Mondky I through Friday. The director states Oat tWa laaa is open to all boys and the previous classes. *2 00 for regis tration fee and admission to the pool each day. The registration day is set at July 25 at 10:00 A.M. Mr. Jordan said this course will be very Important at a great many things will be taught leading up to the big water meet nut summer. As soon as this course is com ? Junior. Lib Saving course has bMn set up. A boy or girl must be 14 year* old to register for tMs class. The registration will 10:00 to 11:30 A.M. Mr. Jordan also announces that during the next two weeks he would like to have registra tions for a big tennis tourna ment planned to start August 1 and running through August If. He states that this is the first year the department has attempt ed this and should turn out to ba a lot of fun for all.. TM? tournament la open to all, men and women, boys and girls, singles or daublea. Keeo in mind that some nice trophies and prises will ha given away during this contest. Contact Laura Bailey at (he swimming pool or tennis FJ; M Debris From Blast * bamages Veneer Plant Roof Of Plant * . * .] Ripped By Rocks The Timber Products Co., Veneer Division, plant was damaged early Monday morning, July 18, when debris was thrown into the air by a blast touched off by the Murphy Crushed Stone and Marble Co. A two loot hole was ripped id in the roof of the Timber Pro ducts building by a piece of mar ble weighing an estimated SO pounds. Eighteen other holes were counted in the roof. One pallet of finished veneer was also dam aged. A second blast rocked the area late Tuesday afternoon, scatter ing debris over the Timber Pro ducts property again. The people on the premises were given two minutes warning, said Hans Beer kens of Timber Products. The Murphy Crushed Stone and Marble Co. property adjoins the Timber Products Veneer Plant. Both are located two miles east of Murphy along the Southern Railroad tracks. The marble company is con ducting blading operations in the area. Mr. Beerkens described the blasting as "very dangerous as far as employees in his plant are concerned. Although the blast ling occurred at 7 a.m. Monday ! morning, a 100 pound per square inch boiler located in the plant is fired up at all times. Mr. Beerkens said, "If the boiler goes, the whole neighborhood goes." The second blast threw up no rocks the size of the ones that ripped the holes in the roof on Monday. However, a car was re ported dented by the flying de bris.. Mr. Beerkens reported to the Scout "that rocks were scattered al] over the place. I was present with my bookkeeper, her hus band. the foreman of the plant and three workmen. When 1 heard the blast. I threw myself flat on the ground along side one; of the buildings. I was scared to! death." Mark Boring, superintendent uf the crushed stone and marble operation was not available for comment before press time. Chest X-Ray Survey To Be Held In Area Next Month August ' will be Chest X-ray | month in Cherokee. Graham, andi Clay counties. Three X-ray units) will be stationed throughout tbei counties during the month. The chest X-ray survey is sponsored] by the Cherokee. Graham, and Clay District Health Department, in cooperation with the State Board of Health and the local Tuberculosis Association. X-rays are FREE. The X-ray units will begin operation Monday, August 1. The units will operate Tuesday through Saturday of each week except the first week when the program starts on Monday. No one is too old to have TB. Many of today's tuberculosis pa tients are older people, well past middle age. Tuberculosis strikes both rich and poor, it is found most often among people living in crowded homes or working in very close contact with others who may have the disease and not know it. You can have it and not feel sick, because early TB may have no symptoms. Remeber, too, this is the time the disease can be most easily cured, so it is im portant to find it in this early stage. Chest X-ray is a very good way to find TB early. Mrs. Edgar Wood of Andrews is heading the planning unit group for the three county area. In Cherokee County, Mrs Wood will be assisted by County Health Department staff, and Mrs. Paul Nave, Mrs. Thelma M. Wheeler, Mrs. E. J. Watts, Mrs. Jewell Garrett, volunteer workers. Annie Ruby Blount and Mrs. Sadie Johnson will assist. In Graham County. Miss Helen Ghormely, public Health nurse, will head the chest X-ray drive. She will be assisted by Mrs. John Broyhill. Mrs. Florence Thompson, pub lic Health Nurse, in Clay County, will, lead the drive in HayesviUe. Her assistant will be Mrs. Marie Johnson. A far reaching promotional campaign has been planned with announcements made at < civic clubs, church services, circle Folk School Cancels Friday Night Program The regular Friday night pro gram at the John C. Campbell Folk School at Braistown will oat bo held this weak because of the Craftmen'i Fair in Asho ville, July ll-S. The weekly Friday night pro grams will continue the following Friday night. July ? Everyone it wckoma and invited to at meetings, in church (bulletins. Boy and Girl Scouts will canvass house to house to get people out I to get their free chest X-ray. Reminders will be placed in groc ery bags. Plus all this, poster* will be displayed at all public places. The newspapers and radio stations have been called on and they have all helped to publicize this drive. X-ray unit No. 1 will be station ed at the Berkshire Mill in An drews for two days starting Moo day, August 1 and 2. X-ray unit No 2 will be parked on the Main Street of Andrews from Monday, August 1, to Wednes day, August 10. X-ray unit No. 1 will move to Marble on Wednesday, August 3, for a stay through Saturday, Au gust 6. Unit No. 1 will then move on to Robbinsville, starting Tuesday, August 9, where it will be sta tioned for the remainder of the campaign. Unit No 2, after a ten day stay in Andrews, will be at Wolfe Creek for two days, Thursday and Friday August 11 and 12. On Saturday, August 13, unit No. 2 will be at the peachtree! Prison Camp. On Tuesday, August 16. unit No. 2 will go to Hayesvilie for the duration of the chest X-ray campaign. Unit No. 3 will he stationed on Valley River Avenue in Mur phy starting Monday. August 1, through Saturday, August 27. A diest X-ray is a picture of your chest. You need an up-to date one. You should have yours if your are 15 years old or older; if you are under 15 and have lived with or have been in close con tact with a case of tuberculosis if you haven't had a chest X-ray. in the past year; and if you've never had a chest X-ray. FAST ACTION FROM WANT For Fast Action Use the Want Ads Dial VE 7-2222 TWO-FOOT HOLE RIPPED IN ROOF ROCK DAMAGES PALLET OF VENEER T roop 402 Holds Court Of Honor The following boys who are new, members of Boy Scout Troop 402 received their Tenderfoot Badges at a Court of Honor held last week.: David Ramsey, Johnny Rogers, Bill Chene, Bobby Rogers. John Bruce and Phillip Wilcox. First class awards were re ceived by Tripp Bourne. Gary ; Bryson. Russell Caldwell and Ger ald Tread. Some of these boys who received their First Class awards were under 12 years old. The boys who received their Merit Badges were Robert Bruce, Russell Caldwell. Luke Baylus. Bobby Potter, Gary Bryson and Dewey Johnson. Several of the parents and mem bers ot the Scout Committee were present when the awards were made. The boys who are attending Boy ieout Camp at Camp Daniel Boom this week are Bill Harper. Robert Bruce. Gary Bryson. Steve >awford, R u s s e 1 Caldwell. Freddy Davis, Robert Dockery. James Hilton. Dewey Johnson. Robert Lindsey. Gerald Tread, David Ramsey. Robert Smith, John Bruce, John Cook and Tom my Adams. Mr. Robert Bruce is with the boys the first half of the week and Mont Rogers. Scout Master, or Mr. Don Ramsey will be there the last half of the week. Farmers Co-op Names New Manager Mr. Olen Clontz was appointed manager of the Farmers Federa tion store at Murphy, upon the resignation of Donald Ramsey. ' Mr. Clontz was transferred from the store at Havesville where he has been manager for the past four years. Mr. Clontz was employed by the Farmers Federation in 1950 and worked at Murphy as as sistant manager until November. 1956. at which time he was trans ferred to H&yesville as manager. Mr. Clontz is married and has two children and resides in Cher okee County. Mr. Clontz is succeeded at Hay esville store by Mr. Floyd Mar shall. Elementary School Wins Prize Mr John Jprdan. Principal of the Murphy Elementary School, announces that he received a letter this week from Montag Brothers in Atlanta, advising that the Murphy Elementary School has won one of the fourth extra school prizes in the Blue Horse Prize contest that closed May IS. These school prizes were awarded to the 120 schools whose pupils entered the 120 largest totals of Blue Horse Trade Marks and included the name of their school in the entry. This is a cash prize of $25.00. Mr. Jordan says, and will be used to a great advantage around the school. Murphy Council Votes $500 For Rescue Squad The newly established Cherokee County Rescue Squad Is getting the financial thanks from a var-l iety of sources Most recent contributor to the Fund to aid the unit is the town of Murphy. Town Council recently j approved a $500 appropriation for the squad. In addition. Councilmen went M record that the unit deserves their rapport, both financially and otherwise The Rescue Squad was formed last month. Early this month the unit was called into action after i Cleveland, Ohio, man drowned Contributions to the Squad may be made to Jim Ed Hughes of Hughes Supply Company. Town Council's action was taken at a recent meeting. The of ficials also awarded a contract to C. W Witt of Murphy Route 1 for construction of -sidewalks from Depflt Street to the bridge below Brumby Tortile Mill and is front of the new post office. Most of the wort, will be com-, pleted by this weeiwnd. Council men received bids for cutting a street into th* new Sun set Cemetery addition The coo trad was awarded to Harold Weils abandon plans to open a lower street around the cemetery and to cut this area into Vote. Council voted to extend a water line from Thomas Street up Har din Street to serve the Bee Palmar Apartment House. Council apprwad giving $100 to Murphy Chamber o ( Commerce The officials discussed the Ira policy and of the department an swering calls ?Jt*Kie o( the city j Bffltts. Tewn attorneys Informed Council they -did not think ' city

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