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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, August 04, 1960, Page 8, Image 8

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Officers And Committees Appointed By Civitans Office* Communities Mi Scout The CMtaa Club met at u* Regal Hotel Monday, August 1. ?n d the following officers and <s??nitteee were appointed: President. John Jordan; First Vie* President, Ralph Rhodes; Vice President, OowidsoD; President Elect. Ken neth Davis, Secretary, Jerry Hat efcett; Treasurer. Hugh Abies; and Stagnant of Arms, Jim Sprung. Board of Directors: Ted Ibomas, Felix Palmer, Rae Moore, Walter Puett, Caster, Law son. and Don Ramsey. Program Committee: S. S. Wil liams, Coordinator: Jim Sprung, First Monday, First Six Months; Sam Davidson, Second Monday, First Six Months; W. R. Gossett, First Monday. Second Six Months; and Felix Palmer. Third Monday, Second Six Months. Fellowship: Bunch Nugent, chairman, Ralph Rhodes, A. J. Head rick, L. L. Mason and How ard Martin. Boy Scout Committee: John' Jordan. Chairman. C. W. Barrett, j Steve Crawford. W. R. Gossett, and A. L. Gillespie. Fruit Cake Sale: Rae Moore. Program Committee: Howard: Martin. Chairman, A. G. Quinn, W. T. Brown. C. L. Alverson, Samj Harding, Ulard Walker, Don Ramsey. Rae Moore, and Ben) Palmer. Membership: Kenneth Davis,; Andrews, N. C. I Wed. 3-Thu. 4 'The Toll Story' I ANTHONY PERKINS JANE FONDA ? Frl. 5 '3 Murderesses' ?IN COLOR ALAIN DELON Sat. 6 3 116 FEATURES 'Heller in Nik Tights' ? IN COLOB ? SOPHIA LOREN ANTHONY QUINN Also 'How Rocket, W? TimeT THE THREE STOOGES Also 'The Greei eyed Blotde' Sun. 7-Mon. 8 'Bobette goes fo War1 ?IN COLOR? BIRGITTE BARDOT JACQUES CHARRIER Tue. 9 71m OM Mai aidtktW ? IN COLOR ? SPENCER TRACY ? Wed. 10-Thu. 11 DOUBLE FEATURE 'A Svm?r Place' ? IN COLO R ? RICHARD EG AN DOROTHY McGUIRE SANDRA DEE ARTHUR KENNEDY TROY DONAHUE Also 'Uatamd Ywrth' MAMIE VAN DOR EN LORI NELSON Chairman, Sam Davidson. Hugi Britain, and Charles Coleman Publicity: C he ft ? r Lawsoe, Chairman. C. W Barrett M. P. Wells, and Pad Ridenhour. Awards and Scholarship: Wal ter Puett. Chairman. Ralph Rhodes, P. J. Henn. John Donley and J. N. Hill. Sports Committee Don Phillips. Chairman. Natt Kinney. Ray Joseph, Walter Coleman, Winston Craig. Civitan Booth: Ben Palmer, Hugh Brittain. A. J Headrick. A. G. Quinn, Bunch Nugent, and Hugh Abies. Presbyterian Evening Circle Holds Meeting Tbe Evening Circle of the Pres byterian Church met at the home of Mrs. R. H. Foard, Monday. August 1 at 7:30 p.m. with Mrs. J. Franklin Smith as ct>-ho?ies>. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Evelyn Sneed. Mrs. J. Franklin Smith had charge of business. The minutes j were read and approved, after which the meeting was turned! over to Mrs. Sneed who gave the program on "Christ The Unifying Center of the Churches Gospel." During the social hour the host esses assisted by Miss Hattie Palmer served refreshments, af ter which a going away shower was given to Mrs. Craven who is leaving Murphy to make her home in Mississippi Those attending were: Mrs. I Ann Phillips, Mrs. Evelyn Sneed. ! Mrs. Kiffen Craven. Mrs. C. H.j Townson, Mrs. W. A. Tuttle and Miss Hattie Palmer. N. C. Thu. A Ir Persoa PovlAidersoa 1 The World's Strongest Man Frl. 5 'Qros of u 1 nOTTOfS ? I X COLO B ? AN TON DIFF FING ERIKAREMBERG YVONNE MONLAUR Sat. 6 DOUBLE FEATURE 'Sevea Cities of Gold' ? IX COLOR? RICHARD EG AN MICHAEL RENNIE Also *3 Com# To Kill!' C AMERON MITCHELL STEVE BROCXE Sat. Late Show Too Soon to Love' Sun. 7-Mon. 8 Tue. 9 'Please Dei't Eat the Daisies' ?IN COLOR. DORIS DAY DAVID NIVEN Wad. lO-Thu. 11 'Bociiso Tboy'ro Yoiig' DICK CLARK MICHAEL CALLEN TUESDAY WELD , ATTEND ROCK HOUND CONVENTION Dr. and Mrs. George Size ore pictured with the ? fossil collection they will exhibit this year ot the 10th | Annual Convention of the Eastern Federation Mineral ; Society. Mrs. Size is holding a dinosaur tooth. Murphy Family Exhibits Collection At Rock Show Dr. and Mrs. George Sue and family left Wednesday to attend a rockhound's paradise. This is the 10th annual convention of the Eastern Federation Mineral Soc iety. They will attend the whole convention as delegate and officer and enjoy the field tripe for three days. Many other interested people will go to spend the day to see the fabulous gems sent by the Smithsonian Institute and to get a good look at the curious and beautiful things attractively dis played. There will be ruckhounds from all over the United States and possessions who spend their vacation each year in the com pany of others who &are their enthusiasm for the nations fastest growing hobby. The folk danc ing festival is being beid at the same time. Other rockhounds in this area who have outstanding mineral col lections are Howard Martin of Murphy, Herman Estes of Brass town and Arthur Palmer of Mar aie. Mis Bessie Laney has a good x> Section of N". C. nines she found. The above mentioned all belong to the Tri - State Rockhounders. The club is one of two who owns its club house. The other clubj owns its buikhng but does not own its property as does ours. The Eastern Federation is com PUBLIC i RECORDS | W. T. Montgomery to Harvey an.l Ruo; Stiles, property in Cherokee County. John and Margie Hoicomb to Steve Thurman HLgdon, property in Andrews. Ella McCcmbs to Charles H. and Jacqueline Foster Bracket!, property in Marble. Samuel E. Jenkins to James A. j and Marv Lou Hughes, property in Murphy Township. R. B. and Lela Cole to James and Bertha Cornish, property in Shoal Creek. James and Bertha Cornish to Ernest and W. X. Wilcox, prop erty in Shoal Creek Township. Frank C. and Azalea B. Car ringer to Roy and Leila B. McCulloch. property in County. | A. L. and Peggy C. Derreberry I to Salo P. and (Caroline Charlotte Horowitz, property in County. Joe and Frankie Clayton Her man to Gene Clayton, property in Murphy Township. Gene and Clara Clayton to Joe and Frankie Clayton Herman, property in Murphy Township. Joe and Frances Clayton to Gene Clayton, property in Mur | phy Township. Bass and Mamie Burrell and others to Frank Burrell. property in Murphy Township. | S. T. and Annabelle Cook to i Charles E. and Mona Cook, prop ! erty in Murphy Township. John and Doris Carringer U) W. L). Townson. property in Mur phy Township. Ernest and Ethel Young te Charles E. and Mona Cook, prop | erty in Murphy. I Frank and Mary E. Coffey U | Wilbur D. and Alma L. Fair property in Valleytown Township Valleytown Home Demonstration Club Meets ? ANDREWS ? Tile Valleyiowi Home Demonstration Club me Wednesday, July 27 at 2 p.m. a the Carnegie Library picni ground for their annual picnic Hostesses were Mrs. Betty Wooi and Betty Sue Best. Mrs. E. U. Burch. president presided over business session All present volunteered their set vices for help in X-Ray Mobil Unit, beginning in Andrews Aug ust through Aug. 10. Club members were asked t participate in flower exhibits to the Fair. August 12 was the date an nounoed for work shop to be be! in Murphy at the Power Boar building. Thii meeting will begi at 9 a.m. Miss Leila Hayes wi) teach stenciling. Game* and contests were m joyed by those preaent. The Augart meeting will b j?M*the home of Mrs. OM Richardson pused of 67 clubs from Canada to Canal Zone, east of Mississippi River. Over 5.000 members be long. With five other federations compose American Federation. The Sizes also belong to tbe Southern Appalachian Mineral Society, the sponsor of tbe con vention for the second time by popular demand. Dr. Size has been Vke-Pres. of Eastern Fed i eration and now is serving a two year tern as treasurer. Mrs. Sizei has been a delegate to business! meeting for 3 years. This year the Sizes are showing fossils.1 thumbnails, copper minerals, sing le and twin crystals, cabochons, and hand crafted silver jewelry.; Tommy Size, age 9, will also; exhibit a collection of thumbnail specimens. ASC News By L. L. KISSELBl'RG CAN YOC HOLD VOIR GRAIN FOR BETTER PRICES* This is to remind fanners thai there is still time to construct storage of your corn and soy beans. With your modern day harvest-' ing equipment it is almost essen- 1 tial to have convenient storage in order to have an efficient oper ation and keep our equipment in continuous operation. Tins can be done by building storage on the farm. By having farm storage you will be in a better position to market your grains late in the marketing season and take ad vantage o f any increased prices. Prices are usually at their low est at time of harvest. If you need money at time of harvest, you can obtain price support loan on your grain and still retain title to your grain for future market ing. Modern conditioning equipment makes it possible to store your grains even with excess moisture. The cost of conditioning equip ment varies according to what your requirements are, but with in a few years it could more than pay for itself. Loans may be obtained at tliei ASC office in the courthouse for : the construction of storage bins and for the purchase of drying equipment, if you need financing [for this project. The interest on I these loans is 4 per cent per an |num and in the case of storage I loans, are payable in four annual ! payments plus interest. Cherokee County farmers so far have never taken advantage of the loan program offered by the government through ASC. 1 believe that when some of our ! farmers take advantage of this ? service and see how profitable it J is to them we will see more farmers taking this services. To sum it up? it simply means a! saving to the farmers. , You can see some storage bins on the E. A. Woods Farm near Andrews, it looks like these bins , ; will last a life time. Free Methodist To Hold i| Missionary Rally 1 A missionary rally will be held at the Free Methodist Church, August 9. I960, at 7:30 p.m. Rev. Edward E. Hayes, Port Au a; Prince, Haiti, will be the conduc tor. Rev. Hayes, a veteran educa tor, holds a masters degree from Penn. State University. He founded the Haitian Inland Mis | sion in 1949. Mrs. Hayes has translated the New Testament into Creole, tfae native language. For a true picture of the cur rent situation just off our door step, you are cordially invited to attend this rally. JOHN Court in 1400, had never before held a judicial office Good Printers . . , ? LITTIIIHKADS ? STATIMKNTS ill The Cherokee Scout | 'I II ILJ I . Marble News Mrs J. V. Hill aod Mis* Joyce King Ml?rtnri The Tnutt Camp last week wtth Ike G. A. girls from Marbk Church. The Maitole Springs Prayer Brand met with Mrs. J. V. Hall for prayer service last Monday evening. Sgt. Wendell Rich and family from U, ipent last I ne k with his paraiu here. Mr. I and Mrs. H. B Rich Mr. and Ha Sheridan and sons at Cleveland, TeoaeMee. vuowd relatives here laat week-end Mr. Lee Hughe* had aa his guests ewer the week-end, some o I his children and thqir families. The Marble Springs R. A. Boys attended camp at Troett Memorial tfeu veefc. Itejr were: B?ir Kilfwtrick, John Cook and E?kt) Ml. S-Sgi. Floyd Rich and (amOy left Monday enroute to then* new sL?U? In Newfoundland after a visit with hii parents here. Mr. and Mrs. H. B Rich Mr. and Mr*. Verier Palmer were guests Sunday of My. and Mrs. Worth Palmr Mr. E. L. Beaton ludBiaht mer at KsonapolU, were re cent (Beats of relatives tee. Hie original home of the presi dent if the University el South Carolina wi built in 1M7 at the head at what is today known a* the old campus "horseshoe." The building was torn down in 190t to make way for McKissick Library "SUPER-RIGHT' QUALITY HEAVY GRAIN FED BEEF STOCK YOUR FREEZER SALE We vi cm t, wrap to rag wUr market paper aa* l?M yemr freewr bed parckim free ei eitra ekarft. ? % : - , . 1 25 to 30 Pound Average 10- Inch Cut WHOLE BEEF RIB - 59c 320 to 370 Pound Average WHOLE SIDE OF BEEF - 47c ^ A * a A tiPA a 25 lo 30 Pound Average WHOLE SHORT LOIN ? 85c Hi to 180 Pound Average Whole BEEF HINDQUARTER ? 57c W "U w LO. ATtKAUC TRIMMED FULL LOIN - 79 20 TO 25 POUND AVERAGE WHOLE SIRLOIN BUTT 79 85 TO 100 POUND AVERAGE WHOLE BEEF ROUND ?59' 80 TO 100 POUND AVERAGE ? WHOM BEEF ARM CHUCK -39? 165 TO 190 POUND AVERAGE ? WHOLI BEEF FOREQUARTER -37' ' Special! Marcal Strang FREEZER WRAP 2 5 B? 89c A&P CLING PEACH HALVES ???? 25c A&P VAC-PAC-SPANISH PEANUTS 23c PREPARED SPACHETTI 4 %?? 49c OUR OWN TEA BAG SALE <S" 64P3S5,49c Tide pf* 34c ft. 81c 8? $1.35 Blue Cheer & 34c 81c Dash 39c Spic & Span p6 29c p& 89c Comet Cleanser 2R^*r31c 2 GcC. 47c Vel Powder L*rgr 5Ar Package Jit Vel Liquid ?&39c "cSSlc run ur ? kit oub canninc soman YOU'LL SAVE! ?YOUR CHOICE SALE!? Manril ? 3 Flavors ? Half Gallon Carton ICE MILK J aw* Porker Lory 8-Inch ? Each APPLE PIES BUY BOTH -YOU'LL SAVE! 1 GRAPES ST" - 25? Neetorines " 1 9C California Sweet Seedless White 2 33? PALMOLIVE TOILET SOAP "uriOc 2 as 29c CASHMERE BOUQUET TOULKT Hag 4 A. MAP Bar | (JQ 2 29c Joy Liquid "jg- 39c 67c| Oxydol M. 35c 8M

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