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Cherokee scout. volume (Murphy, N.C.) 188?-1961, May 11, 1961, Page 8, Image 8

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Bank Resources Highest Ever Par first aim, *l? south - Carallaa la baiaf servad by ? bank wltb i ?Purees of man 'J+a am soman dollars. Mmwch at Clttxeos Bank k Truat Company. a? Is ihown by publishad atawn _?? appearing la dks paper, htva paaaed the tan million 4 nark According m Percy B. Fara bw. PrasbtaM at ClOzanaBan* k Trust Company, this Is the first dim ? bank Id *is araa has mr hadraa ourcaaasgraa I as Ha mlllloa dollars. Farabas stand that lha iacraaaa am would caabia iba bank w bat?r sarva ta araa. I DAVIS JEWELERS announces... Wonderful savings on Basic Sets Savings up to $3200 on tight 5-pc ploc* settings depending on poMirn selection Wonderful way to acquire precious family silver. All the basic pieces at once to serve 8 people graciously ...all at wonderful savings over single plOce setting or open stock purchases. Wonderful savings also available on Basic Sets to serve 4 or 12 people. Choice of many lovely patterns to enrich your living forever. BUDGET TERMS AU patterns ^ mod* in U S A INTERNATIONAL STERLING . . . loveliest, by design ' *- - '?Pi^W|FE "J* - Cherokee County Tops Dimes Coal Cowry CtaOrwu at TW Ni over ? recent meeuag a t the ol the nwtl March o< Dimes, gave i raport oe the campaign recendy Wd i a dug that this cowry went over In goal 7<M* year by $174.00. He broke the report down as follows: Communities $334.14 Schools $539.01 Merchants Drive . . . 14*6.00 Mothers March .... $466.11 Cola Collecdons .... $71.28 Indus trail Mailers . . $155.00 Cratch Sales $30.00 Miscellaneous $81.76 This was a total of $2174.00 raised In Cherokee Comty, Including Andrews and all rural arees. Mr. Joseph fur ther stated that one-fordi of this gross or $539.40 went to national research and one half or $804.10 went to State Headquarters. This leaves Cherokee Cotnty a balance of $?1401. This amount plus $127.75 bslance in the bank leaves a grand total for the chapter of $941.86. Reverend Roy Trexler, from Andrews, gave a good report of the Andrews campaign, stating that the people really came through this year. Mr. Jordan expressed his appreciation to these two men who handled the campaign and also to all the other fine wor kers who did a magnlflclent job this year. John Dickinson. State Re presentative of The National Foundation expressed his gratitude to Cherokee County workers for s good Job this year. He also stressed the fsct that we must not slow up now that there Is so much to do In Its efforts to the complete conquest of polio myelitis, and in move forward toward Its new goal - the pre vention and relief of hunan suffering from the impair ments and Indignities and other crippling diseases. Elections of officers were held and the following officers were elected for the year 1961-1962: Chairman. Rav. Ray Trexlar. from Andrew*; V lea -Chairman, John Jordan, Murphy; Secretary, Gertrude Howae, Murphy; Treasurer. Hay Joeaph, Murphy. Execu tive Commitase; Mrs. Harry Moara, Mra. John Gill, Mrs. Frank Fergueon, Mra. L. L. Mason. John Jordan reported that this county iu fortunate enough not to have had any polio cases this past year, but polio is still a threat. The (act that a more easily administered and potent oral vaccina has been developed by Dr. Albert SaHn with March of Dimes Finds should not prevent anyone from get ting his Salk shots at once, Mr. Jordan said. Due to the Intricate and dme-cona timing manufactur ing proceaaaa Involved the oral live-virus vaccine Is not expected to be available for use until after the 1961 polio season. "And by then." he continued, "more than thous ands of Americans may^have been added to polio's list of killed or crippled." On the other hand, Salk vaccine Is available in ample quantities to assure maximum protection for everyone during the forthcoming polio season this summer and fall, Mr. Jordan said, adding: "It takes a period of many months to get a full sertea of Salk shots. The dme ? start Is Immed iately. Filed it Cmty Curthisi Irene Curtis Holland to Ruth Curtis Head, property In Valley town Township. Fred, and Lells Carroll to Elmer and Joe Taylor, property In Murphy Township. Wm. H. and Nancy L. J. Roper m Grace and Elizabeth Baker, preperty In Valleytown Township. Robert R. and Yvonne F. Raxter, J ohnny Raxter to Harold Long, property In Valleytown Township. Colvard's Diary Reflects The Times (Editor's note; This Is taken from the diary of M. Colvtrd, written In the ISoo's.) 1879 - L. 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May 4. 1877 - The first killing frost was on the 23 of October. 1879 - We turned out the cattle and sheep out of the medow. April 12. 1878 - Little Dun had a calf June about the 10. (Lit tle Dun had calves at four other places In the book). The red helffer 1 think will have a calf the first of April 1880. It may be a mistake about red helffer. 1879 - We got d<jwn our hay. September 8. 1879 - We got done holllng com November 12 - 47 loads. 1879 - The first day of July Patron begun to stack his wheat. 1879 - We stacked down wheat July 10. Three or four of our cows will have calvs about the 1st of May 1880. Bart Johnson was killed the 22 of October 1877. 1881 - We begun to plant corn April 21. 1878 - J, Weathermons wife had a child Deer. 1st. 1879 - We begun to make surip for ourselves 4 of Novr. Jack Miller took of his bed s tides Apl. 7, 1877. On April 17th, 1876, the price of one bushel of corn was 73#. On May 6, 1876 the price of 1 lb. bacon was I*. 1882 - The neighbors rim off a bore Oct. 22. I cut the wool of the sheep with my knife. May 12 1876. 1877 - George Hays went up the river after a load of corn with hla wagon July 4. The Mg snow was all of the IS of Jany. 1877. To cure the eatch. Take 2 spoon full of sulphur Take 2 spoon full of tar Take I spoon full of lard and 1 teaspoon full of Calo mel and ml* them together and rub well. It will cure any camp or other eatch. Sept 10. 1964. To make Ink Bxtract of Logwood and Pruasats of Pot Ash and also Blcronate. Put them In warm water In about equal propor tions. W. Davidson and G. W. Hayes had a flte August 21. 1878. 1879 - Steward cum here to look for cotton rock (talc) April 2. 1879. 1879 - It rained a hard rane. 1879 - Klncade, Mike and Wlnslow went a hog hunting November 29. 1880 - We had a harrlcon April 25. 1881 - A/tar a long dry spell It commenced raining September IS. Parker waa stabed ?bout the first of Sept 1882. 1882 - We had a snow Novr. 21. 1879 . Wlnslow started K> Oalnsvlll December 16. Natl Davidson la 15 years ?id (April 14. 1888) 1868 - Kllby Peyton got 19 here from Duck town. Term, on Sunday Nov. 15 with a large beam or plank of a water yheel. The sows will have pigs the 8th of Jan. 1886. Speck will have a calf May the 10. 1879. H. H. Davidson took dinner here July 5, 1877. 1879 - Wlnelow boiled L. Wood* potatoee ? Murphy II. , -L 1 . SUNDAY IS A HOLIDAY AND A HOLY DAY STORM of LIFE <4 : m TMe CHURCH FOR ALL . . . ALL FOR THE CHURCH Tke CKorcH it *e grealetl factor oo earlh foe iHe buildiag of ckoracter ud good citiieothip. ll m ? Mmtteati of apirilual value*. Witkout a ttroog Otorck, ?either democracy toi civiluatioa CM mnrivc. Tkere arc four to? d ruaou wky every penes ilwald alteod tenicei regularly a ad lapfml ike Qnidu TVey ?re: (I) Foe Km owo take. (2) For kit ckildrta'i sake. (3) Foe 4m take of kit community and oatioa. (4) Foe die take of dtc Churck ilaelf, wkick aecda Kit Moral aid material tupport. Plao to go to ckurck regularly aad read yoor Bible daily. Day Sunday Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Chapter 25 M 46 14 4 10 21 "If only I could get out from under, get away from it all, find some island of peace . . Like everybody else, we want to escape our problems and pres sures. We are seeking calm away from the storm of life. But we can't escape from life. We can't run away ?rom the storm but we can find calm in the storm. When a hurricane sweeps across the countryside, its circling winds lashing out in destruction, there is always in the center, an area of quiet. In the eye of the storm there is calm. Faith is not an escape, a run ning away into religion. It is finding the presence and ade quacy of God to face life tri umphantly. It is finding an inner center of peace while the winds blow outside. The Church points the way to peace. It helps us to find the inner experience of faith. "J have found my island . . . an island of peace in my heart. I have found calm . . . the calm of God in the storm of life . . Copyright 1M1, KeUter Adv. Service, Straaburg, Va. These Religious Messeges Are Published Under The Auspices Of The Mlnlsterlel Association and Sponsored by the Following Business Firms I Community Motors VE 7-2001 Murphy, N. C. Murphy Phillips 66 Station VE 7-2226 Trudy's Ladles fc Children's Apparel Murphy, N. C? VE 7-2541 E. C. Moore Dodge Murphy, N. C. VE 7-2316 Duke's Lodge Murphy, N. C. Imperial Laundry A. Claanari VE 7-221' Murphy, N. C. Columbia Marble Co. Marti*, N. C. Family Restaurant For "FIM Family Food*' - Hy-Rocket Service Stetlon U.S. Hwy. 19 - East Expert Watch Repair E. C. Moore Jewelers Jewelry Gifts Murphy, N.C. Rogers Electric Service Electrical Contractor Residential k Commercial Wiring Murphy. N. C. VE 7-2425 Hitchcock Corp Murphy, N. C. People's Cafe "A Good Placa To Bit" Murphy, N.C. Wilson Tractor Company Daalari For McCulloch Chain Saws VB 7-3119 Murphy. N.C. "Security Faada" Wayne's Feed Stora Murphy, N. C. Owenby Mfg. Co. Aadrawa, N. C. , Murphy Florist Flowers For Every Occasion Murphy, N. C. -VE 7-2213 Davis (tsso) Servlcentsrj "On The Square" Murphy, N, C. VE 7-3128 Candler's Ladies Apparel & Accessories VE 7-2241 Murphy. N.C. Specialists In Professional Service Mauney Drug Co. VE 7-2192 Murphy. N.C, Davis Jewelers Murphy, N. C. Western Auto W, A. Singleton Murphy, N.C, I "The Beat For Lett" ISossamon Furniture Co.* VE 7-3115 Murphy, N. C. =3 .1 Ingram A. Qudey ( Gulf Serviet

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