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The Wilmington gazette. volume (Wilmington, N.C.) 1799-1815, June 02, 1807, Page 1, Image 1

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: Published every' Tuesday by Allmantj Hall, at Three Dollars a YearpayaUe, In advance, riot paidwitlun aYear.' - f' " w " m " fWf"nrT T " y" t ' TfcX OTTOM All ffOfttf "A A1T HCSStA . h is tothe Reteous : observation of the treaties and, conventions, be '; tween powers, thathuman ocie ; ties aremueDtea tor, tne tranqmu- ti this5 Holy observation, scatter trou- - ble and ( disorder throucrhout the II: j universe. - Everv eauitable Sate-" : wwt5 ccwwuhv i v, pf: fifths tint flftriri on snrn a tnta. w I surc until he has examined it wkh - : itiStepsobservedinsuchases But . r . -it-" i ! . r,r-i " . ! -the Court of Russia ever preterit H.. iiuuiK lu uikuuiiuiiaiw. ouu vuwvs y.P 3"'ur"1ii-,:wl I , vwmjic,,vwwimi,. vi , ftfM avidity,, theVtreachcryi ;with , ; ivmtu u iiuiuisca uic.uwi w no- i ions, finally its hostile intentions H v tovvaras tne uuoman oiaies, arftiit.wniinns. r i Pnrt havn: n'otorio -r iwAjrsyimauHwiaivuwMwiivMjr., ii , aanaescenuon wmcu uic ouoiime 3 i one xuspiayea towaras it on e vc - Tir: occasion, and. answered this v Anrcrpntinn nnlir hv i1rnrtnttr!i j . j"?."". : j p'"'-. , ' ta sris full of sourness and malice. A mongstother cxamplesthe Court oi Russia which, in conformity to the treaty, of, 11 88 (of the He tht ; Cnmea, employed every ima ghiable artifice, - to attack the inde pendence ; of that country, , and sp read disorder c throughout it ; -anil at length, even iri the midst . of (peace. " caused V numerous ar' my to march thither and took : fori - 4 " cib le possession ol that extensive province. It is - known to every , Tiaiion, wat "oeorgia was, at an uon, . tir. Vcs" under the suzcrcinte of the v ' i ' Ottoman empircThe Court of ; ly by numerous wiles, - into the ci- in ana rxmucai anairs oi mar "country, ended at length by taking possession of it without any right. ' - JThe Consuls placed by Rus s ia in ihe Turkish towns,' turned ; ttside from their duty the. civil of. liccr ntraped in the service of ------ -Q o . - - the Forte, in the places where ahey resided ; seduced the subjects of the empire, and having taken ad vantage .of the liberty of naviga tion, which was only granted them for commercial purposes, embarked these subjects on board their ships, and sent them into the countries under the . Russian dominion, y Independent of these facts, ' the said Consuls delivered out protections to - the Ottoman subjects, and those trading under, 1 the flag's of. their vessels . in the ; Archipelago, in the very states of .the Ottoman Empire, and' thus. audaciouslyf inabase and unwpr , thy manner, ' rendered themsel vcY 'masters of several -Ottoman ves sels and subjects. 1 . . u Hopes were, however, enter tained, dut when ' the tics ' of , friendship should be drawn, do , ecr by a treaty of alliance between " the Sublime Porte and Russia, the . liner would desist from her pro? cceiling. . So far, however, from it, she onlyrnade this new treaty serve as an casicrlmeans "to er-! else her.ipad; intentions i andSin; the treacherous ie ofiexciting a generaVoVerthw domcstc troubtes; in ) theS very : States bhe the - subjects of. Servia, and -Sy, furnishing q(Lli'rie'8r' ; " Knssia asked lor oermission t..L .iT.a:.- ru o,u limn TrtA tfiiift'nf wrrtivt fii luiifuiuL. . . luauu ., iiu : ul..uloiiuli transmit her the necessarv firmanv Which she hat scarce! rpceivd: wnPTi tn rj a nnmorniia rut- rnasus, wita aruiiery ,ana vwar- lite stores; Dy tms means -tney breed the ,of Aaafeafa and dv tortilvinjr nerselt aiterwardsi e - ave.a new nrbof of her had in as ;She was iustified in ,noinc:. Dy written remonstrances, repeatedly transmitted to the llus- sian' Minister' at' Constantinople, that this proceeding should be de sis'ted from,' the latter always gave most evasive answers, and never offered proper sausfaction. - The Conduct of the Court , of -Russia, particularly after the ' above-men tioned ftUutnTx,-hastjccn50cTjn trary to the, spirit which dictated it, that it is by that alone, render "cd nult and void. - It was aerced upon between both Empiresthat Embiresrthat Russia snouia nave no otner pre eminence over the SeDtinsuiar Re- public, which acknowledged Hhe suzerainty of the Sublime Porte, than that of guarantee, whenever circumstances should make it ne cessary to place troops, there, the ?two allies vere to do so conjoindy, andtlft' constitution of tlic - said Republic was to be acknowledg ed and carried info' e xecution with the consent of both parties., The court of Russia, notwithstanding onvention, tjlaccd in these . this convention idands as many troops as it tolea- sed. sent there a constitutiorrdrawn" uo at Petersburg and ordered it . , .. . .v. . to be earned into execution by those in its service, as in a capa- city which wholly belonged to it. Besides which, it made these 1st ands a refuge for the Ottoman subjects ot liomelia, secretly or openly seduced, by granting pro tection to all thpse wfio repaired thither.' ; ,Not content with this, :t set on toot every intrigue against the individuals in those, countries, ' engaged in . the service . of the rorte,, and more particularly a- gainst II E, Ali Paca, Governor of Janina. ; ' ' .".Tlic Sublime Porte had pro posed in the present' var of: Eu. rope, to observe the strictest neu trality towards the belligerent par ties the court of Russia, on the .contrary, respecting no law. of neutrality and in thc formal inten 'tion of troubling that of the Porte, took advantage of .1 the passage which had been granted it for a few men of war only, to get ! ammunition, ' became inar" sup- great Jiumber; bf .troops conveyed to the Seven Islands) secretly en1 listed Albanian? joined; them to,' die7?oneTient)jem " If dare d openly to y jotate the rights bna"tionsf by, Ibmipiitb'anm urrection at Mdinegra by the' cliannel of .mandatories ciuisung wogps oi tnc inierior,-e-by.comimrlin? !!rnanv' other acta 'contrsfytopeace, likeimin iKjii uwuiuuica proiccuons in tne Pfuyipj,.,aiiagnia ano ,'jyfpi-, da'via," ."appropriated to itself num berless sibjects; iinder;ffereht tides ' I; jreated those two ) pro-! yinces nearly likeits own pbsses-: sions 5 W Consuls took part there, in the;direction of aSairs ( it per secuted with continual complaints and by all kinds of yexations; the yaiv6des (Prmcesj appointed by the) Porte'f Who did not follow its .will : ffiihi Other hand, t openly prdtcied tHosf who sliowed alfec tioii and inclination for itself ; so that the appointment of a Vaivode in these two provinces von the part of the Porte, became an ob ject of derision. - :h " V ? " H Although each of these rriev ances riiight have Jbeenajust mo tive for a declaration of war, :still the Sublime, Vote showed an tin- alterabte'pauence, not because she inougnt. nerseu xeeDie ana impo tent, but because the preferred tnendly means solely through hu mane views and to avoid the ef- fusion of blood, The ' following is a striking proof of it .iTlie nuDiime rorte lately deposed tne two Vaiyodes of Moldatia and 1 f w i" . i Walachia, fiom the exigency of tne case. 'ine uussian govern ment 'dissatisfied at not having ! oeen apprised oi tne . iranor v ai- vode bf Walathia, whose perfidy has 1een sufficiently proved upon r several occasions, became hurtful''; to theJSublimc Porte; if she had i apprised .Russia of this measure, he news bf it would have come to thc knowledge 0f the said -Vai- vodes, . which' would have occa i Moned much more embarrassment. It was lor this reason that Russia ':. j- r... m -r.:- wwnoi miormca oi u untu aiier aeposiupn.. , , v ; , I Some time afteri the Russian I Minister atCoastanunoplc deman. 1 .ded, in flie name of his Sovereign, II that.the.said. Vaivode should pe reinstated without delay, decla ring tfut in case of refusal, he had orders to depart with his whole le gationr as he had notified to all his tradesmen andotliers. He fur ther added, that .his goverhracnt did not thereby seek a pretext to realize thchosuie intentions which might, be imputed to it but Uiat .the, reinstatement of the said Vaj- v63einvas his only aim;', that if. the Porte, would consent to it, all dlffcrcrexVoiifd be settled be tvveeh' the two powers ; that he naa express oracrs 10 imorm ins i court without delay, of the result 1 oitnisnegociauon,. incouDiune Porte conceived by this official dc- I 'ciaration, diat the Court of Rus- sia fought n .pretext decidedly to declare wargairist her: and that by foraings showed that its aim was to Imbuti ' ; to thSubh1Port inienuons, wnicu n nounsnea pi its breast TheSublimeypbrte'cOnir ; sernied, abhbu ; to uieVeinsmtement ' the7 skid i-'zji Jaiyodes, Jeavelthe RiaiiJ'. -;.ThV Pbrte;thouffhC iti ;fine-' ': ' tlwuhe " , ' : jastlush atTixdnbuxt' WoVe) , , other powers, and would renounce "1 T4rQM ii$ project of niaking" wk 'against Uicwuomau liiuirc; uyuo means, two months an'd anliaif after this period,' vithout ' there.' peing any newpretextbf misutideTstahdlngi f ana irampung upon tn? ignis ot s nations at the very' moment whert k every tlimg ahnohheed peace and 4'; ;v friendship.; Russian , troops' ad- t ; i vanced unawares upon the Tur- . . ' kish territoiy, "whilst the; 'neigh uil boring inhabitants, as also the go. . -i : ; yernment of 'Bender ; ;ahd Choc- zim, thought : themselves in full ; safety, unde r the guarantee of the treaties of friendship. Thc'Rus- ; vsian generals taking advantage 'of. this -state of confidence anapeacei and making use of every kind of 1 ; anuloe,-;; seized upon these two . fortresses against the laws of jjal ; tlont, ncrallyrespected by all powers.'-: ' h. i"J-".' The Sublime Porte was not; " apprized of it till after the event -Jvj it , demanded explanations upon 7 -, this head of the Russian Minister ; the latter made reiterated protes - . . ., ution4, that he had wntun. the : " issue of the affair of the reinstate ' ment of the Vaiyodes to this court, ' . as also the Russian .functionaries r upon the Dniester,' by virtue of ' tne commission.-. wnicn naaoecn r delegated tohua for this purpose,; H. , and that the present march of the ; ' -Russian troops' was' not a conse-" - quence of the s'ame affair.- That- as for himself, ;he knew of no mo. ; , live of ruptureand that his court had communicated to him no in- -.. formation upon this subject. . ' . M lhebubhme rorte, learning s , in so unexpected a - manner the " news of die hostilities committed by the Russians the occupation of her fortresses, and the invasion of her States,- ought direcdy to ; have sent away the 'Russian Min-' ' i ister from thc Capital. Although it was to return violence for 'vio- 'k -lence, the Sublime Porte, ever guided by the love of humanity, desired, however, to remove the misfortunes of war ; she asked ne w explanations of the Russian Minister ; she fixed to him a terra for the entire elucidation of. this affair, in hopes that the court of Russia would proceed, in time of peace as in time of war, in a man- - ner becoming a power; and that at least not to have to blush before other courts,, it would respect po-'. lukaland civil laws. "Near a month had elapsed since, the lirst hostilities ot .the Russians, and the Russian Minis- tcr gave the Porte no answer, ex. J cepung his rgtcstbg to have rc y 'I VI ' '1 v, 1 J

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