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North Carolina Newspapers

The North-Carolina magazine ; or, Universal intelligencer. volume (Newbern, N.C.) 1764-1768, August 03, 1764, Page 1, Image 1

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.jf... Vol; I 65i 9 - The NO R TH CA R 0 IN A ' A G ;-i-f. . l a OR, U N.I V E R S A L I N TTL L I G E.N G ;l From F R I D AY J u l.y 27, to F R I D A Y August 3; t 764 An A C T for .grahtjng certain Duties in the ces of defending, protecting, and fecuring the Britiflv Colonics and Plantations in Ammca : per- Joyal Subjefts the Commons of GreatBritpin, pctua!, an Afl pafied in the Sixth Year of in Parliament aflcmbled, being defirousto: the Reign of his late Majefty King George make fome Provifion, in this prefent Seffioft .... :thc Second, (intituled, An Ailfor the better, of Parliament, towards raiting tke faid Reve-ficuring- and-encouraging the Trade of His riue in America, have refolved to give and - Majejlys Sugar Colonies in America); for grant" unto your Majefty, the feverai Rates ' . applying the Produce of. fuch Duties, and of and Duties herein after .mentioned ; and do the Duties to anfe by Virtue of the faid A6t, moft humbly befeech your Majefty, that it -n - 1 f ? -.- J I r a1 "towards defraying the Experi(sfo mzybt (:m ing, protecting, and fecuring, the faid Co- Moji Excellent Maje fly T by -and:vjiih the Ai loonies, and Plantations for explaining, a A6t made in the 1 wenty-fifth Yearof the pmU and Commons w this prefent rarltament Reign of King Charles the Second, (inti- affembled, and by the Authority of the famelhzt -tuledy- Greenland and Eajlland Trades and for the. 1764, there (hall be raifed levied, colie&ed letter jecuring the Plantation. Trade) and and paid, unto his Majefty, his Heirs and foe altering and: difallowing feverai Draw- Succeflors, for. and upon all white or clayed backs on Exports from this Kingdom, and Sugars of the Produce or Manufa&ure of any r. more- etfeftually--preventing-the-clandeftine -Colony or PlantationHaAmcrica7notundcr--- Conveyance of Goods to and from the fald the Dominion of his Majcltv, Tiifc -Hciis and Colonies and Plantations, and improving Succeflbrs f for and upon Indigo andrCTff7e arid fecuring . theTxade between "the. fame of foreign Prbd.ucc6r.Manuj5uje!;; for ;ind nnd Great Britain. - upon all Wints ( except French VVjnc) ; for and upon all wrought Silks, Benrls ami Stuffs V. - i'.t i J'. .a, .. . .;gf0gJ'.H E R E AS ; it is expedient mixed with Silk or Herba,. of the Manure- ; j l' S t 0 that new Pfovifionsnd Regu- lure of Perha, China, or l4.a(r ir:a;a, and all rW I lations (hould be eltablifhed forC illico painted dycdprintcd'or.iVvi'd there ; improving the Revenue of this and for'and upon all foreign Linen Cloth call- -w" : 'TllfKingdom, and for extending - ed Cambrickand French Lawns, -'hK h (hall -l anu lecunng tne iNavigation oenmportea or nrougrn -into any . voiony -or rv "and Commerce between Great-Britain and - Plantation in Amtrica, whichnow is, or here- your Majefty ?s Dominions in America which after may be, under the Dominion of his tVIa- nytnereace, nave neen 10 nappuy enlarged : ; jeuy, pis neirs ana oucccsiurc, ine icverii And whereas?it is :juft and heceiTjryj that a Rates and Duties, following ; That is to fay, Revenue" be raffed .;fin-y6urMajefty V ftid":Do- '"FofeveryH . -fluhioflsMn America for defraying the fcxpen- auch oreigri " yhttc or flayed : ougrs, Une 1 i . ' "i' HI "si . it , ' - . .- f 1 I,' Pound- 1; . i '1 ' - ,. ill i ' I . -x - IS , 1 : r 5. ; 1 . I ; VT ( it I 1 -

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