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North Carolina Newspapers

The North-Carolina magazine ; or, Universal intelligencer. volume (Newbern, N.C.) 1764-1768, September 21, 1764, Page 1, Image 1

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U N I V E R S A L r-N-"t-E From F R I DAY September 14, to E R I DAY September 21, 1764. .J&irafi rfrom the- Re?nonflrances of thfParlia- fubjeib a criminal obedienccv whenr bya dire; ( mtnt df Touloufe, about the violent PrGceedwgs tRe&(myo(ing upon their lave of juftice againjl x ibt Parliament if GrtnobU 7 their wilj runs counter to the intereft of their ; authori ty recommendei U the con -00' HE principle of monarchy is , fidcrgthn of all BfitiJh magijlratfs .. : f r . .-I - 11 1. -pi ,tnoie tnat are amencaoic to rerjaties9 marcn 24... j ne nooie oen 4:?JiVJ ju'ce l when zeal for the ftatc of the Prcfident o the Parliament of 'W"s looked nupon as a crime to- loufe, i3 at prefent the (uhjefli-allcoi VerfaiteS) March 24..': The noble behaviour Tou- iH-converfa- wardsitbe-Sovereign,- principle of monarchy is ftill mote corrupted, ; with" the remonftrarice agalnft i! Due dc Fit? when favour n fct in contraft yith honours James, being purpofcly a(ked by fome of thpfc . and-mehimay beAtjh.efame.time covered with favourite infeds that always buz, about the feat" infamy and dignities ; wnen louis linguiany orKoyaity, line oiu not jook upon n as pre -pufilIanimous,-ar-:Vaia,pf-the-grand fumptuous to difpute theorders oFtherKingir derive .from fervility, and thinjc that every replied, tlc My Lord, the queftion is both ig'Qy owe .to the prince, cancels all that jiofant and impertinent j' for l am bound by no .tJi'.QVVc Jo their country, 1 law to obey any command vvhich is repugnant "f hefe Site, are the maxim? that forae to the intcrcft of my: cauntry j -my Ipve and ..people re endeavouring to get into vogue, veneration for his Majcfty are founded ;upont " -and whicli have already taken root in; i ny hearts. Mad men, who think to fervc the and as thaf velfare; is infeparably cpn"nelcd' Monarch, by.fubverting the Monarchy,. .who with :histow Konour$:,rl; can never; flic w-;-a ' .boaftof finding the (hort and. eafyvroad to ax- - greater ioOance. of dty an,d ,affedtion, than in bitrary powder without thinjeing , it leads to de; . camplaining of any minifter vvbo aS$ diametri- ; Itruction . What dyKe mall ltop tnis torrent,; .caujoppp4itcjojnejaiy-pr.tnepuojicK. . re .from ady ,Tp ovet ilovv every , "thing, if force is . Bow bumbling to human pride, or rather to 3m henceforth to be looked lipon as thcfole" Popijh principles ! That thofe very men who law of the lhte r If honpur, .fidelity, liberty ?57 ?y '".ff wr7 rAj- are but barrepaiames, .made to yield to the ca- -Jhould Jn anetbefjn them fo hor .' prices of a localdcfpot ; Jf a ty$fa?$ fw "Itallawslmay ' with j'nipunit v, be violated, by .: r, t A Letter fern Paris March 6, . svn audacious iubjeequallyilty, wHether , .XhealFriiraf the virtuous "and unfortunate" he pretends to have orders deftrudive of thefe , PrQteftant John Calas, who was broken upon .Lliws or ha$. frullnted ..your : Majefty of .the iths .4yheel at Touloufe, about two years ago, v : moft glorious prerogat of the fuicide of one of his fons, confifts in not beingfabje ac.cufcd of having put t0 AA . .AAjAtAjA; ill i . J -Km I j 4mm ' i SI! . 'i a fl:'' ;ig :;.5M - '' V ' ; 'I it j '-r!- A ;l II j, ,1 Kit: A u mi it- 1 '"

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