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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, July 23, 1938, Image 7

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■■ ■ ■ ■ * ■■■ " m»j» w ™ ■ —— — “ -w " "• -w* — — — ~ ^~~ z:,-.:!: 1—^— TOPNOTCHERS RADIO RAVES BY HAROLD JOVEIN (For ANP) /lUfna^ Dynamus/' Cha^mpioTv ' Zt^Atzi^Ats. ^%ampco?u CUT 6ie /Gets ZcoL^mbert ^^a*tipu»LorMje Xi^toeights i/ccLtitle ikfUto • * T ^/asxf/» A>tcJW7L as ix- ZSyazrv cii, ic^t(^s J^6p£wnkj. e^jyy ’ Henry Seeks Third Title LOS ANGELES, July 23rd, (ANP)—Determined to add tfie belt of Lou Ambers lightweight champion, to his collection and become the first in history to hold three world titles at the aame time, Henry Armstrong booked passage on an eastbound train Thursday higKt. weight champ^n, Henry” meets AmJbers of Her kimer, N. Y. for the crown Aug. 10. He seemed well rested since shipping Barney Ross «nd . will train at Pompton Lakes, N. J. . "I hope to have three titles when I come back home,” I I think I can beat Ambers, but .YOUR MUTUAL AND NBC FRIENDS, The Charioteers hail| from Texas, Ohio and Ken tucky, and present the novel novel spectakle of four singers with. the range of a sextet. The youngest Charioteer, Bill Wil liams, possesses a remarkable voice capable of singing bari tone, tenor and soprano. Thie quartet’s versatility, their ex tensive repertoire of numbers, iiom spirituals to tha lassies and rhythm numbers have already won them a large following from coast-to«coast. Charioteers were brought to New York by Jean Goldkette, erstwhile bandleader , who heard them sin g i ri g over a local Ohio station. William is 22 years old and is a graduate of Wilberfoce university with** B. S. degree in chemistry. Ebrn in Waco, Texas, he is a cham pion chess and checker ^ player and is also a second lieutenant in the officers Reserve Corps. George D. Luberd 28 year old Charioteer, hails from Zanes- ' J ville, Ohio ancjl. is also a graduate of Wilberforce university, with I a degree in business adminstra- tion. Another Ohioan from Cambridge, is treasurer of the group. Howard Daniel of Louis ville, Kentucky is the fourth I member of the qartet, and is a ‘Homicide gmduate of - Northwestern uni versity in Chiacgo, with a de gree of Bachelor of Music. He also holds a masters’ degrree from Whittenburg college, where he itook graduate work in music and psychology. NBIC M B S Sunday Saturday 10m. Blue Tuesday 8 a. m.; Saturday, 7:15 p. m. 1:16' (Heated Harmony) DUDLEY, JIMMY- W T M J Monday, Wednesday; Friday 2:3D f./tfi. (Spiriter^ saxaphone soloist ^ith the Rhythm Ras cals’ Jam Crew, from Milwaukee Wis) GOLDEN STATE QUARTET- NBC iBBue Friday 9 p. m. HOWARD BOB, W&AF Thurs 11 p. m. , '6^ HENDERSON, FLETCHER* Thursday 11 p. m. HENDERSON, HORACE, CttS, Midwest and West nework, Sunday I a. m.; Thursday and Frilay. INKSPOTS, NBC Bluey Thurs day^ 11 p. m. TWO WOMEN HAVE SOLO LICTeNSES, ONE A PRIVATE PILOT’S LICENSE Junior Tennis Tourney Here Next Week tO’ FKMT SATIWDAY Already feather and welter- he may be hard to get to. Jacobs Convineed Louis Won’t Fight Unlii’39 • 'CHICA'GG, July 22nd (ANP) j test in Chicago or New York’* —Mike Jacobs seems to have for September, but we believe (This is the second ina series of interesting life lites about WASHINGTON, July _21sit, (ANP)—TSwwi colored women have so]o or amateur flying li- censese and one has a private pilot’s l|icense, it was revealed here last week. They are the only Nesfro women license i as aviators in the nation. Miss Dorothy Darby of I on- tiac,. Michigan, and Miss Lola Jones of Chicago are those v/ith solo or amateur licenses. They require 10 hours of flying and d.0 not permit the holders t» take up 'passengers. Before the meling, Miss Darby flew !- withjL special greetings to the Brown Bomber from Detroit. The first and only colored aviatrix witti a private pilot’s Players from every section of the country are expected to take part in the open champion ship matches of the Junior tennis tournament to be held in Durham July 27-29. The tourna ment is being sponsored by the Algonquin Tennis Club and Mrs. B. A. J. Whitted, General chairman, has snnouncedi that play will begin at l;Olp p. m. .Wednesday, July 27^ with th«t schedule to be announced by referee. The date set for the closing of tl»e tourney is Friday, July 29, but if weather or other uncontrollable conditions maike It impossible to complete all the matches In the three days play | will be continued and every effort will be made to close the j tournament on the ne«t day. Many outstanding players are expected- to visit the tourna-* ment and if time will permit there will be exhibition match es. y The entertainment committee has outlined an appropriate en tertainment program including a dancing party at the Gymna sium of North Carolina College Friday evening, July 29th. Gaiento-Lewls Battle In New York Wed radio’s popular vocal duets, * license is Miss Willa Brown of trios and quartets. The Brown Chicago, who received her li- Sisters have already been cgver- cense in Jui^. At least 36 air ed and you’llbe reading about hours are necessary to receive such Star Lites as the Vaga- rating, and the applicant bonds. Ink Spots, southern. Pass an exacting three hour finally become convinced that John Roxborough and Julian Black meant it. June 30 when they said Joe Louis would not defend his heavyweight title any more this year. Last week Joe make a hurri ed trip by jtlane to New York and talked to Jacobs, then flew back here next day. Louis is understood to have said that he was ready and willing to fight anybody anytime, but Mike would have to see his managers. I Thursday Julian taUeed> f by tttlephone to the boxing promo ter and reiterated his statement that they didn’t csre to have Louis fight again during 1938. Roxborgugh ^id, “He has de fended the championship three times this year, and we A^el he deserves a reet Mike wants to .arrange a Max Baer Louis con- THREE CATS WIN_ FIRST PRIZE IN ALL-COLOR'eD AMATEUR'HOUR DURHAM, (By W. A. Tuck) —Tfce all colored amateur hour held at the Riolto Theater Tues day night, July 19, sponsored fey the Nehi Bottling Company- ^was a success in every sense of tlie word. „ The talent present ed on this program was warmly, Continaed on pHt* eiEb't such a match would be a bigger attractjon in San Francisco next April. Jacobs seemed satisfied with this plan. Thursday night in the interna- tNnal amateur bouts between the champions of IrelamKanlt' a team representing the Catholic Youth Organisation of Chicago, Louis appeared as ia guest re feree in one bout and drew a mighty ovation from the crowd. The two white boxers, when he entered the ring, stared at him with mouths open ^ in awesome wonder. -1. The champion left Friday for Flint Michigan, 'to referee a Harmony Four; Deep River Eoys, Mills Brothers, etc) Con sult complete radio schedule of above mentioned below. This listing is in effect for the week of July 24 to 3ft only All time shown is Eastern Day light Saving Time. Subtract 1 hour for EST and Central Day light Time; 2 hours for Central Standard; 3 hours for MST and 4 hour for PST; ORCHESTRAS, (VOCALISTS And INSTRUMENTAL SOLOISTS BROWN iSlSTER, M B Sf' Sunday, IsW p. m. CHARIOTEEiRS, NBC Red— technical test, as well as de monstrate the ability to perform such aerial feats as tailspins, loops, etc. Miss ’Et'own had close to 100 air hours and received a grade of 96, , ,.t .h e highest mark in the class qf 15 taking this test. CALVIN’S DIGEST (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4) The kjpfS:- Since the New York Athletic commission has cracked down on "two ton” Tony Galento he has begun tiaining for his ccm- ing bout with John Henry Lewis, king of the light heavyweights, on the 26th. mountain is in training h e limits himself to_ three cigars and three beers a daj^ The fans who watch Galento have almost nothing to say in the way of comment because they fully realize that although ha has a good left hook (and thafs all the man whom he is too meet is far from being the w(Srst fighter in the world., Lewis IS a fast fighter who' can hit sharply and accurately with hia left and he will be much too smart to wait for Tony to wind up that left. he will come, out of the ring .a badly beaten victim of Lewis' cruel punishing blows, bloody and winded-. Through his joyous approach to Battle the walking beer barrel has won the good While the man- wishes of the fans who watch him go through what he whimsi cally calls “training.” TIGER NELSON. yOunt lifht. fighter of Darham who pilod up a great record her*. NeiaoB ft*t both speed aod pow er behind ki« pnnclies. He is now in Atlantic CUy where ke will ■ieet Bobby a white lad of New 3ertj Satur day nigbt at the Card** Pier according to an announcement .made this week by his manager, £. Soloffs and US'* trainer. Mack iNdUon. Uncle Dave Program To 6e Aireil MISSISSIPPI WORRIED OVER ST'oR^ FARLEY WANTS NEGROES TO VOTE ALABAMA GETTING SET TOR DIAMOND JUBILEE Special to the Carolina Time* series of amateur contests that night and Saturday went to I'oronto* where he has been scheduled to appear at the Detroit-Toronto police field and track meet. Battle's Grill -417 CAST fETTIOREW ST; DURHAM, N. C. Sv -1MNING and FREE DANCING CURB, AND delivery SERVICE PRIVATE «OOTHS-^.WE ALSO CATER TO • PHtVATE PARTIES WE NEVER CLOSE EVERYTHING AT BOTTOM PRICES.,.WE CAN ACCOMODATE FROM 4 TO S HUNDRED PEOPLE, SYLVESTER BATTLE, PROP, BIR>JINGIJAM, July 21,— Alabamais getting set the big - pimond Julfilee’ celeibration here September 22 and 23 urder the slogan: Alabama-A Good Place 1^0 Live, which is lieing sponsored by the Birmingham Weekly Review, 416 17th street N. Robert Durr, editor and publisher. In stating the pur pose of the celebration, Mr. Durr said; We want to bring re- pcesentativea from every city, paper consludes b^. say-1 their expenditures entitled them country in the state Here is an'important and to in the way of employment, ifiirmingham. We want to significant movement , almost | and they have'gone about gett^ down together, state our Ing it quietly and ^-without vio- . prnblcms, ch^k the lence. If they continue to ob- progress wCj jhave fttlde, che|k serve this restraint^ they will resources, seek th causes Almost everyone of his fans is hoping that Tony will win al though it is almost certain that movement wriaih”^, j^spread and almost certain bring results. So far, the movement has been distin> guished by its fairness and intelligence. TTie Negroes have asked only for what they' think Of much interest to li«t*n«n within .reach at Rartia Station WDNC is nfwr. of th« return t* the Microphones^ "f that statioa of the program, “Uncle D*ve and the Swan»-*“r;i" a, local pre sentation wi itten ahd direetcd by Afrrfley Whitted, and fe»tar- ing the Son».i of the. G'^ldewtooe Quartet, i'nterspirptl with the friendly voir^ of, ‘‘I'ncle Dave,” (Ndrfley W^tttV^i who dwpen- ses. Rpadinec*’he «ong| in-« troductiona, all t' the accom- ' paniment of the Electric Organ, the console of which is presided over by the able Robert Stratton (white). The pr"gram left the air following its performance of July 3nl in order to make wt0 for a new Coast to C*'ast Com mercial, and its return on m new. time schedule is being lool(> ed forward to with much inter> est by its rapidly growing and)- encp.' When the program takes t» the air o^ Tuesdayn night July 26, from SiOd -to 8:15 at th* Organ will be John Gattis who will hold forth until tht retura of the pr'igrams regular ac companist Rpb’t Stratton, who will by the time this goes to press, he is taking a well earned vacation. Gattis, however is n» voice at the game, having bees the regular Goldentooe accom panist previous to his entering Morris Br'^wn College, Atlanta, Four years ago. Thus remaining, at its full strength the g^roap worried were the politi- wturns to the air, and its larg* cians that Phil Stone, attorney foHowing on Tuesday night July and prominent Democrat,^, called 8 to8:15 p:'in. Farley, in New York by long ' distance telephone. Afterward, Stone, said7 "Jim told^ me he never wrote such a fool letter and ^^ave me the authority to d^ny it.” Farley’s statement has caused the bosses of the Mississippi white primary to sit back com fortable in their seats. and remedies for ^ whatever may dny us a richer and fuller life in every deserving instance. ' " O-XFORD, Miss., July I6th,— (AltfP) This state’s Democratic lea^enr who have kept |the ’ Ne gro disfranchised for many years, worried la& week over a n|>ort that tihairman Jim Fartejr the National De mocratic £xecutive committee had written t« Jt party official in Mississippi asking liim to use his influence in bringing the Ne groes into the party ia this state. I So WANTIED! LINOTYPE OpAaTOR PRINTER ^ f - MUST BE SOBER WIRE OR WRITE L. E. Austin THE CAR^OLINA TIMES « Durham. N. C. will undoubltedly make ' tremendous strides for economic justice be tween the races. AatHlNtiS COM TbTVeCWtP- f £UOW >tH)srr oomkw \MAIT Pti Honses For Rent ANNUAL anniversary DAN C E i OXFORD,' NORTH CAROLINA lWEDiIiESDAY, JULY 27th 1938 9130 UNTIL : ! MUaiC- BY « - » IMMIE 6UIIN , A N D HIS DIXIE SERENADERS JOHNSON’S WAREHOUSE ADMISSION xxzxx 7S'Cents J, E. G R E GO R Y> PROMOTER REtURNEBr"BY pbpOLAR REQUEST THREE ROOM HOUSE. 312 ENTERPRISE ST. $3.50 EIGHT ROOM ^OUSE ' \ ^1107 Morokoad At*. $6.50 PER WEEK THREE ROOMS 1417 SOUTH ST. $?,25 , THREE ROOM APT. 211 UMSTEAD $3.50 FOUR ROOMS 610 (COLFAX ST. $4.00 FOUR ROOMS JUST BEY^D CITY LIMITS ON Erwin Road $3.00 Weekly BROKERS AND AGENTS Diiiibar Realty & Ins, Co. 81$, FayetteTUIe St. Pkono F-8921 C. J. Ingram, Mgr. Regal Theatre I PHONE J-0441 SPECrAL TUESDAY—^WEDNESDAY—THURS. PERSONAL LOANS ARRANGED AT Time Applied For $5'To $S0 l5vE & CO: BROKERS 202 Depositors National Bank PkoBO L-1931 I TMfflCIS TJ006H 0M4KAAS J YOU Nra MMORUIKR WcuibO^ DURHAM. N. C. Westtni 2-6unMan From Hailem ADMISSION 10 AND 20 CENTS. Station* Tliat Handle Kelly Spriagfiold Tiroa HAWK SERVICE PiAo Stroet BILTMORE SERVICE Pettigrew Stroot HARVEY SERVICE Fayetteville ft Gleu Sta. A 1 R--C O N D ARMORY M DURHAM. NORTH CAROLINA SATURDAY. AUGUST «TH WH.1TS SPECTATORS 65c 1 ADVANCE TICKETS 83 CEMTS^lKm^^Mt^ DOOItS CMRli 7t30 P, M. CX«»S

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