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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, July 26, 1941, Image 2

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THE ckirOLti'A TIME8 Ilf S. FEIUW PinUSHBD WBEIU.Y BY niB OAKOUNA TIMES PUBI.ISHING CO. >T St. DURHAM, N. CJ raoNEs N-Titi f J*mi V as Mcond claM astor at tfae Fort Oflce at Diirb»nj, N, «nd*r tte Act of March 8rd 1879. C. L. E. AUSnN.PUBUi^ER PWIJJAM A. TtBQC, Manafinc Editmr S. &. WILUAIKON, NewB Editor CHARLOTTE OFFICE 429 1-Z EAST SECOND STREET j|UBSCRIFT10N RATES; $a.0O—Y«w, $1.16—« Montfc*, nie Platform of . i THE CARO LINA’ TIMES indud^ E«Ml Bilwies for Neffro Teaekers. NetT9 pofcceiaeii. Negro jntymen. Equal c4i|atk»al opportunities. Hislier i^ces for domestic Borrante. Full partlfcipatioa off Negroes in all branches of the Na^nal defense. Abolishment of the double-standard wage scale Greater ^rtlcii»tion of N^roes in politicai affairs. Better housine for Negroes. Negro r^jrwentation in city, county, state ana na- tiMUil rovemoients. |[seDr0ia ^ickens Cwne Home To Roost ^ Down in Gieorgia where there is little or no camouflage %jout the hatred for the Negro, chickens have begun to come e to roost. Georgia white people started out hating ana irsecutiog all Negroes, next th^r started hating and perse- ng poor whites of the “Tobacco Ro^’ type* ^ Last week the hatred and persecution emanating from the lijfhest citizen of the state, the governor, entered the sacred s of the University of Georgia and found a resting place on shoulders of its president and dean. Georgia's Governor Eu gene Talmadge ousted both the president and dean because hey are alleged to have i>ermitted interracial gatherj^pgs at university. Thtts Georgia “chickens hiywi eoMe Jbwe to but this time they have not perched on shouiders humble Georgia Negroes, but the highest type Bf Svhite citi- ihip the stote has to offer. Three Georgia dailies, The Atlanta Constitution, The At- Journal and The Macon N?ws have gone to the rescue of 9ie ousted university officials and the state of ^jeorgia by print- several editorials condemning Taknadge. Now the governor ns the three , newspapers with all the hell and damnattion his office if they don't retract. The Georgia affair ought to be a lesson to other southern where race hatred abounds. It proves conclusively that it gets loose there is no vrtiy to confine it to race or indi- Georgia chickens have ^ come -home to roost* It Couldn’t Happen In Durham Last week the Observer, i»werful and influential newspa- of Charlotte, published a picture of two newly appointed policemen of that city. Thus the Queen city has again red that it is not only the largest city in population of th Carol |ia, but that it has enough real big city sentiment -4m the first in the state to aiipoint Negroes to its police « Such could not happen in Durham. In the first place Dur- still a small country town controlled by a group of small- country men. In the second place Durham has no }us Negro leaders who are willing to take a stand for al advanceloent that is going to incur the ill-will of opposite group. Whenever such a combination is found in r#0uthem city you may expect to find the Negro masi^ lack- in many spmmon advantages that are found in cities where are willing to “suffer the slings and arrows of out- >us fortune” to obtain them. f We have said in these columns before, and we reiterate , that the leadership of an oppressed i>eople cannot main- friendship with the oppre^ors without becoming puppets* ► leaders of Durham, for the most imrt are mere i^uppets higher order, and can only tal^ a stand when that stand not interfere with that taken by thdr white overlords, ^fte denial of an industrial high school tot Durham Ne- The denial of an industrial high school to Durham Ne- the erection of incomplete school buildings for Negroes, /^Sblure of the school board to provide adequate funds for equipment, libraries, athletics* bands and the refusal board to provide even one gymnasium for Negro schools, nine or ten are provided for white schools, are some iBTOstEBes the ¥legro masses are suffering in Durham M^gro leaders ai« too afraid of losing their personal mth the opposite group* BUS STATION VAGARY ttir ilcnry day jPavia Whenetwr it Is poHible for us to do so, we Negroes should advertise our reaenttnent of the many unnecessarily embarraa-' sing situations vm a»e constantly subject^ -to, but we should always be mreful to do it in a mnncr indicative of majority en-i doraemCDt and intelligent forethought. i We cannot help but know that the lawfs which govern and incidentally restrict our privileges are symbols;of an undying; tradition and an unspeakable misrepresentation qf the word honor, and we should know by now that we will be governed by unjust and undemocratic legislation just as long as such tra dition and such a misrepresentation of honor continue to govern the san^r judgment of law makers. The pitiless travesty of justice and equity which we are com- Ijelled to recognise as law makes it disgustingly plain that for the two races living here together there shall be separate schools, separate diversion facilities, separatte temples for wor- , ^hipping the same God, separate living conditions, separate' assemblage at inter-racial conventions, and separate but equal accomodations for travelers with rigid emph^is on the separ*, ate and redundant flexibility for the equal. Since no amount of solicitation or entreaty from us will ever be able *o change what tradition h^ so firmly established, it makes the presumption of any of us who Msigns "himself to such a futile endeavor seem like an act of adolescent folly. It should make no difference to us where our entrance to the new bus station is placed as long as it bas to be a separate entrance, and our resentment should be directed against the fact that we ar-e still considered debased, unintelligent, uncul tured, and dishonest enough to have separate entrances any where. Those of us who elect; to make sOch requests are those who will probably never have any occasion to use a bus or railway station themselves, and they apparently do not give a single thought to the damage they might do to those of us who will have to use such places. If we are sincere in our feeble efforts to change existing conditions let us make an honest and intelligent use of the one effective weapon at oUr disposal-4he ballot. Let us discour age by force, if n«:essary, the practice of some of us of selling our vote to the highest bidder at election time. Let us organ ize, develop, and maintain among ourselvas « forceful com- mittee which includes representation from all of our many so- shoufd^te foS^"*“’ Nothing at all seems to be as impressive as the disolav of ^wer and strength, but these potent factors will remain just beyond our grasp just as long as we refuse tV rwoS Se 1 rue value of unity and cooperation among ourselves If by the *r.ce oj w. can ever ac,uire WtS fa. battle for securrty will be as good as won. HEY. LOOK BEHIND YOU! li r-.-.'p.-ww.-rw ' THURHDAY, JULY 24Ui, 1941 I News Hi-Spots | • ‘ -• Days of shortages and higher prices are at hand, Henderson • reports. British bar cbmpetition with our goods in foreign markets. • La Guardia says Hitler is plot ting a peace drive in America. Knox denies pack with British • for joint naval action. Our output of war goods is said to exceed that of 1917. Number of airports in the na- • tioh is liut at 2,277. Strikes on defense projects cost 2,458,150 man-days. ” Troops in Iceland are by the citizens. feded policecaen «annoi ha^»ea in Durham ^>ecause there jandew in THiHifi who arc willing to make an ior Hegro PbliceajMii. It would ke a fine thing !Bi ftirbain Kegit lea^eri would have sense enough ^ tw fuctiire and support from behind the scenes llMllip a» wiOiog to ps^ tbe^rice of leadership. It would tiung if tiKy would x^ltce that Negroes are tired loMiMn Ihe river for tke persosal advaaccmenl are ajuootu to 4o somi^iiig to t>ei '(ketaes* of t)en6» rf oUwr peiwiw.oblii^tOd to the oppres-r**® machine; yet af- to stop,4;}ie damoa- onfy ix> ti»:k r*nd : ^ fa fiSMt we padt» — _ ir-1b0l' aai admper for cover idien the' ♦hon^ giving way liere and there, ^iirtoc Upg to •cnt it put. “ 'there is aotWng to jwove that our If a rose by another nauie smells just as sweet, it is even so wfih a mess, which is just as "messyby any other scientific name. Wheu all is said and done, the situation in which we find ourselves amounts to a mess or superwesKB. International mora- ality collapsed at Munich and esiiedieoscy becrfta® tile motivat- tiug pritfciple thereafter. Today the voice of right is hushed or muifled,. and only the Voice of m^ht can be heard in the coun cil of the naitions. We call it social chaos and economic uncer tainty; we call i cultural lag and biological maladejustment; we call it conflict of cultures and the evolution of ideologies. But it in fine, amount to a gredt big super mess. Civiization like a ruauway horse is rushing mankind on to some inevitable doom. We have built great laboratories, mighty uniersities and temples of wor ship have toped our landed peaks but like the house built upon the sandsj we are threatened with destruction. It seems to matter not that we have tawed the streaking lightnings, and muttled the gruiiibling thunders, the fact remaius, we are face to face with circumstauces that are fcver- whelming. Oiir uiightiest minds are bafl^^ and our confusion is becoming more confounded. Like the weary discipks on windswept Galilee, we have “toiled all nite and caught nothing. The liussia that Geruiany spurn ed was later accei>ted as Ally and comrade; Germany has turned that ^me Russia today Avith the fury of an avenging angel. The Russia that Et^land and the United States have maligned and disparaged is not their faithful ally in the serious cause of steni- ttiing the tide of Hitlex'ism. As many lies have been told on the Russians as have been told on the hapfisss Negro race, and yet todayy, Russia is fighting on the side of those pho have maligned her. All kinds of lies have been told on Russia. Our military ex perts have disparai^ her armies and yet these same armies are making one of the most valient Wnds. Our social philosophers ■flaid the Russians would fall a- |«re under the first impact of ^hile Europe commits suicide, we her ien America arre quarrei ling ourselves to death. We are wasting one of onr greatest op jmrtunities to save civilization; siuabbling among oareelves Koosevelt our man of Seaitiuy ia handcuff^ ««iigress that is looking as iituci to the ballot box in 1941 as to the battle front in Fratonal And Y(»th (kxprate h ffetMO-WWe Boycott Of NoxMm G^s New ,York, N. Y. — The Na tion-wide boycott against the Noxzenia company, of t Baltimore, received real impetus ^this week, when the International Workers 1941. If Hitler wins there'wili 'Order, announced that its' more' ter three werics the Russian arm ies are rally«»g*gl4>jo«sly. '*A1- . TWHfiamy or Britain’s couM 4o 4ett- iflie«u*oro and other citim in North Of the guinea pig nations on mora CfVU^nc^ of honest which Hitler has tested his blitz- liilSO polK^sen kriegt he is meetiag a sterner test Epsja tkw eiseifhere. no ballot box in 1944. We talk about bottle track in this defense effort, but congress is a super- bottle-neck by itself. The great est argument for a dictatorship here in this countrj- is the atti tudes and tactics of oAr presenit congress. Thp tjuestion that begins to well up in the minds of thought ful men is, does a country with a Congress such as our really de serve a democracy? Would not the iron heel of Hitlerism bring us to our senses! So long as we refuse to learn the easy way, suit us iK’tter? Democracy has bred a bunch of money grabbers' that are obsessed with a doUar- mania that is about to prove our 'nation hangs in'the balance. Politicians are likewise gambl ing on the outcome of bloody events. Some wee(ks ago we re leased an article ciptiond “Fum bling and Grumb|ing” as it ap plied to the Negro race; tut it could in truth be applied to the USA which is fumbling one of the finest oi>i)oi-tunities that ever presented itself to a nation; Poli tical prefereiwe and the “dollar- almighty” are plainly too large a part of the motivation of our so- called democracy. In faet, this is one of the weaknesses of the de mocratic ideology. The only hope is that the door of this world of overwelming con fusion, this world of glamoi*oas ihy|jocri«Jetrt this world of faJ^- faced hatreds, this world of pros trated ideals and this world of auper mess, stands the Christ of the ages si>eakiug, scarcely heard amid the tlin of battle saying “Behold I stand at the door an knock!’’ This is but the beginn ing of super-messes unless maii'- kind makes room for Jesus with brotherhood ideals of life. OUR SUPER-MESS! / It is amusing to notice how many activities are now con nected with vital defense proj ects*—last year they had nothing to do'with defense. • • • • Many brave French soldiers, of an earlier day, have probably turned over in their graves as Petain and Darlan became asso ciates of l^tler.; than two hundred thousand mem bers would be asked to refuse to purchase Noxzema, Ice Glo. Nox- zema Shaving Cream, and Nox Ivy, products manufactured by the Maryland Chemical firm. The annouoncement was made by Moran Weston, Secretary of the National Conimissiou for Ne gro Work of the Fraternal Insur ance Company, nvhose branches extend throughout the country, and hwlude representativea of every racial group in conducting boj'cott. ^ Several weeks ago the Naxzema Company’s credit managaev, G. T. j^ian sent out to scores of the firm’s customers, a collection let ter that ridiculed and insulted the Negro people. Following a confer enee with Congress offlcialls, Vice Presient George Lloyd Bunting dt»clared that his company would refuse to make a public retrac tion and would contiinue the ser- services of the credit manager. Bunting also refused a third de mand, when he made it clear that would not employ Negro' women (the majority of the compnny’s employees are wo men) because “I don’t thin/: the races have advanced sufficiently to work side by side.” Inagura- tion of the boycott followed. The Dooklyn New York Youth Federation sent the following letter Ho the company, whose •offices are located at 32nd Street and Falls Cliff Road, Baltimore, Maryland. “Our organization, represent ing thousands of youth of this city, has received notice of your slanderous letter addressed to contacts of your company, ridi^ ouliug the Negro people witli the phrase “N—r in the Woodpile.” .“We'^are canvassing our mem bership calling for them to boy cott your jwodiicts. All the the pharmacists in Brooklyn will receive our information on your practice and will be' urged to take these products off their counters. We will continue this boycott un til you meet the just demands of the National Negro Conogress for a public retraction of this sland erous attack and indicate your willingesR to end permanently a discriminatory policy by em ploying Negroes iri yonr plant.” Letters from Pharmacists in several states, advising the Con gress that they ate cancelling or ders for Noxzema products, in dicate that the boycott is beginn ing to have real effect Congress officials said. . jm,vaa....«.dr# //• IfiMt (WIN IS standard SiiOVA WATCH TIM€. jvtv aril... .7.10 J»I.V «....».»•» JVLY 91 AUOUSri . AUGUSTS .7.W .7.3 .7.12 UEQ^t ye^AHMAE ! EOtiWniMTOF TWE ItOTW^MCTlfc. fSOH Of «fn) JT^ tHreRPRETEPi POWERFUL,OR MICHTV— awitoob OF THE PERSON BOBM THB iwuae OFASOtWeHLV CHARACrSR,MmKtSHmi S«^EIMV DtSPUV AeiUTY TO C0WM*TO^ oem uoetwiHeouoH rmumxicfKmor Momns/mviiMimumofTHimoHt Ksrre ratsrN •QUKKfA MCKAOeOfKAZOKtU^fSf M.H. iaS2 THE HEART TtW H4S TRUIY LOVEO NEVER FORGETS."-THOMAS MOORE Navy Takes Over ChiiKse Junk; Gets Air Conditioning Washington, D. C. (Special)— The Navy will get a bonus when if takes over Mrs. Anue Arch bold’s Chinese Junk for $1 (one dollar) soon. Whe« the crew takes over, it will find (luarters arc far more luxurious than the most modern battleship. Furnishings, fo? i»- tance, include a Carrier Room Air Conditioner designed by Dr. Willis H. Carrier, founde^ of the air conditioning industry, for use IHK'ially in high tropical tempera tures. Mrs. Archbold had the Junk air conditioned in 19;M for a cruise in South Sea waters. The Navy , will re-christen the Junk the L'SS Cheng Ho and use it as at station ship at Pearl Harbor. The Cheng Ho in of lo4 tons, 99-1-2 feet long. It was named foy Admiral Cheng Ho, who sail ed to Persia in the fifteentn cen tury with 1'50 junks and, accord ing to tradition, carried hack the first giraffe ever seen in China. Above the water line the'craft is a copy of fifteenth century junks. Below the «vater lino are twin screws driven by 110-horse power Diesel engines, as well as air conditioning. > • » • I Way of the Poet | # # TRUTH Truth is the trial of itself, And rieeds no other touch; And purer than the purest gold, Refine it ne'er so much. It is the life and light of love, ■ The sun that ever shineth, And spirit of that special grace That faith and love defineth. It is the warrant o| the word, That yields a scent so sweet, As gives a power to faith to tread All falsehood under feet. I —Ben Johnson, THE SEA There is no word to say beside The Ageless «ea; Silently one must receive ^Pelagic mystery; ' k ■ Beauty has there an unhreathed name, With power to press Its mark indelibly upon r, The heart joi > loneiiness,j 0PM gives priority to ship yards in building of new ships. Victory for Russia il favored in Gallup survey. • Europe must raise its food, says Nazis at Paris gathering. Navy expected to deal with sea raiders as "pirates." • Navy commissions Quonset Point air station, built in year. • Army testing gunsifeht cost ing $5; current modfl is $688. Motor company payrolls in creased $125,000,000 a year. • Vichy, uneasy on U. S. aims,^ bolsters Dakar’s defenses. ' Donovan is named CJoordinato|f^ of Defense Data. • ' • Result of home 'aluminum drive is set at 2,000 planes. • Jackson takes oath as asso ciate justice, filling Supreme Court. • Sale of ofofod din vivdrivBK Sale of food in vitamin bas kets proposed at nutrition par- ley.- Missicffiary seal., urged on you^th tflf cfeiSiSfet ’ totalitarii^ 1;urged “Army Air Forces” succeed corps, get semi-independence. •- •- ABOUT INITIATIVE The human race is divided in to two classes—those who go ahead and do something, and those who sit and inquire, “Why wasn’t it done the other way?" —Oliver Wendell Holmes. The uses of mediocrity are for everyday life; but the use of genius, amidst a thousand mis takes which mediocrity never commits, is to suggest and per petuate ideas which raise the standard of the mediocre to a noble level.—Edward Bulwer, The world wants leaders, thinkers, doers, men of power and action,/ men who can step out from toh crowd and lead insted ^f follow. — Holmes. To be driven by external mo tives from the path which our own heart approves, to - give way to anything but convic tions, to suffer the opinions of others to rule our choice or ov erpower our^ resolves, is to sub mit tamely to the lowest and most ignominiouSi and to resign the right of directing our own lives.—Samuel Johnson. I FUNNY ENUK Suicide? Doctor: "I want to change the death certificate I gave you yesterday. ’’ Coroner: “What’s wrong?” Doctor: “I signed my name in the space marked, 'cause of death.''' Not Quite “I understand your wife is a finished singer,” said one friend finished singer,” said one friend to another.- And by that deep and secret sign Teach a new way Of listening. Beside the sea - There is no word to say, « • « * If the Russians fight success fully for another month or so, we will move |;hem up into a higher classification.:

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