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North Carolina Newspapers

The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, August 02, 1941, Image 6

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^ TV fU THE CAROLINA TIMES r’s Business JHy ^ ficGee □ fist Bo(i Ktwa ItflBS ■r. r)4litor: rw'k ip holpinp in ^verj' rUh the dcfcnx* work, she t« thr rtvl crsisR thf bund-- to hritton. we hiive only 2 icals in our niidisl, they h«v«> donp annT *hb«*r tnr^c the jtitliv^nian kcrps one skiDt on thorn, they love to about the bir di'!t*n.-p strik- they enjoy sj>eo*heii l»y lind- and wheeler, they call their- SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, 193T *#lre« jpe lationisis whieh UiCHtis. •0 they MV—anieriea first, last and only: other eonntries ran go to hitler for what they rare. mr. niooro wants to concentrate all of our raddiojils, but mr. slim chance e.tiilnincd to him that to do -o would (d»*nt the denio'racy) he bclievfd that three thirls of oiir -'frike*. are caused by coin- iinuiisl' (*mpioyed by Ijoth the “new order” and the lirm they are workinp 40 hours a week for at l.'iOiti per hour, they don’t rare verry much abont hif.'her wedjjo^: what they wnijt is to stop work every few dayg ro’s enj;- Ir.nd can be whipj>ed by hit!i*r in toto. MAN TROUBLE'Tmlghf baiH>en-?V rOU I fak« no cJianc*tl If your hair if dulif ffadod, fprinkiod with groy, God*fro/t Lorieus* will mak« "him^ admire it^again. Almost instantly jonr hair will take oo new color*ii will sparide with dancing highlights! Coloring wont tub on or wash out. Permits curling, marcels, permanent wares. Known and used for 4^ years. Satisfaction guaran* teed or your money back. Ask for Laneuse (LARRY*USE); Look for die red box. l( your dealer doesn’t have it, send $1.23 direct to i:: ••MffMiri eaoifor mf. eo. «wo ouw sa,«. **Man ttoable** olten results from • wife’s neglect erf lier personal appearance. Don’t let that happen to you! Re member, you won your man by making yourselfattractife to him. Hold him by Oaymr sttractiTe. If &ded« discoi* ored, gray-streaked hair mib 'your appMrance, use Godefroy’s Larieuse Hair our barl»er almost cut a fellows throte the other day when he was aharinff him and he said be hop ed musNV-lena would win the war. . .lie was not on it-layan, hut he explained tlint he has al ways admired rome and the med- fler-ternnrnn ocean, he claims that he is a picture painter and hi- hns oppied n large number f it- liiyiin siumets. he has nllso }>;iint- d veiinice a low times und hns used smith’s mill pond for his inoddel. the barber says when it- liiy reports that she has sunk, sny fill thousand tons of brittish shipping, you deduct r)7,(M)0 and divide the remainder by 2, and then add .'5,000 tons ant^ fleduct H.fXM) tons: this leaves lesn Ihnn nothinp; sunk. mr. edditor, we have had !-onie r.-iin down here, but not enoup;h to hcl]) much, is it ‘too late to “«ome cotton stamps on our cotton nkerape that ha.s!i’t come up yet? mr. and mrs. holsum nuMier say that they can use Rome sheets and pillow cases on their (j^amuaw’s bed and they need some for their AvilHe nllso. rite or foam. Various and Snndry Items Froiji Fat Eock a partition has bt-nn presented to the town counsell askinfj the I ritty farthers to change the name of lindberpfh avenue to hull boulevard, someboddy had al- readdy painted out the name lind- IhtkIi, so noboddy diddent know what street they were on nohow, inr. art square has a automobeel that he has benn calling a "free wheeler.” he has chanaged that to “free roller." he doesn’t Avantr wheeler.” he has changed that anything that reminds him of sen changed the name of her billie goat from “tobey” to “dopey.” mr. holsum moore owns a german polees dog that he called fritz: he now call it “ tater.” he do not like the irish, but thi.s is a bad dog and wont pay no atten tion to noboddy—that makes him irish. henn beating evpryboldy in our midst, and an flat rock has benn tnUing the wore card, we thought best to hire him. the citizen* have promised to make up a purse with •ome money in it after he playg'i 3 or 4 games and wins all of them, he is a grndtiate of a tech acholl, nnd knows all of the trick plays, he do not stick to the notra dame l»lan. he has made up some j)asses nnd punts thnt surjuiss theirs, so he says. srtnieboddy broke into dr. hub- liert green's drug stoar last week nnd stole ir)0.f worth of pills (actual valiH' .').$) and about 75$ worth of pattent niedison (actual value 1.75$) he makes it up his- self. the poleesman got the mis creant’s finger prints olT of his ice cream church; they et rbout 125 ice cream combs and o-er a gallon of ice cream extry. if it was his reggular cream that they ct, they will be ketched because it will make them sick he puts too much cream puffs and starch and marsh mellows. rev. will waite is thinking of taking a post gradurate coarse at summer acholl in the mount ings. the only thing that will keep him from doing so is—he has no wherewith at present he thinks mebby that if he will preech faster and a little bit belter that his congregation mought cither pay all they prom ise or at least over haff of it. he has to live verry sparing:^ mr. slim chance sr. has not yet paid annything on his 1936 subscrip tion. * . 1 Taxes, Living Costs Must Not Take All Of People’s Income Baltmore, Md. — (Special) Ta.TCfi must not rise to the Point where in comltination with rising living costs they take all the in come of the people, Kmui'ctt F. Connely of Detroit, president of the Investment Bankers Associa- tioa of America, warned in a speech today before the Rotary Club of Baltimore at the liord Baltimore Hotel. If t^e people are prevented from saving anything it would mean there would t« no capital to nuiintain the country’s industrial plant, let alone expand it, he said. That, in turn, would mean that the government would supply it and “under such con ditions the government would hold a first mortgnge on an in creasingly large number of enter prises.” Fully acknowledging the need for heavy expenditures tor na tional defense, he neverthless urged that non defense expendi tures of government he “pared to the iMrne.” “The tajJpnyer,” he said, “must be th protected Irom of the official Auto-Suggestions skinny fish of cedar lane will coatch the flat rock football team next year, his cedar lane team has who calls him names. mr. slim chance, the third, is vissiting again in flat rock from the army fort, he has gained G lbs. and looks 2 inches talkr. he certainly knocked all of the dames cold when he martched into the church last Sunday with his p.»etty uniform on. he is coppwral. he had sevveral meddles pinned on him but he did not say how or he got them, he has done no f ffht- ing yet except ever now and then he has one with another soldier WAR DECLARED! Ted the Tire Is all that stands between you and the road. He’s h pretty tough felow but in ■ pite of his strength and durability, he Has to have good care. He doesn't like to !et you down suddenly and warns against driv. at speeds where fatal acci dents may result from his sud> fan deflation. Ted can honestly tay that it’s not his fault when an accident occurs as the result of his misuse. If he receives the proper care and is watched, no iriver can blame him for an Mcident. Sometimes he may pick •p a nail or sliver of glass and 9te only protection against such an occurrence is to drive at Q>eeds where the car will not be 9ut of control. Ted. quoting Agures gathered by The Travelers luurnnce Coinpauy, says that last year there were 1^700 fatal and noo-fatal accidents caused by punetajces or blowouts. proflgacy spendthrift. ” Unless people are allowed to retain some savings the private possession of liquid wealth will cease, he declared, in contsndijig that the safeguarding of s.ivings is the fiirst step in a “positive” campaign to preserve the Ameri can economic system in the face of war and war preparations. “Capitalism will survive this war if there is a will among the American people thnt it .should survive, but that will must ex- prress itself now,” hp said. “Re cognizing that war, no matter how just the cause, requires was teful production for destructive purposes, which is the absolute antithesis of cnptaliam, special agencies have to be created and unusual economic techniques d« veloped. If it is assumed that teciiniques are to be contin ue] after emergency is over, then the approach to the whole prO- problem is different. Under those circumstances two battles are be ing fought simultaneously, one against the potential enemy and one against the American peoplei In other words, we would be making war and revolution sim- multaneously. Every emergency measure would become aih net of revolution designed to curb and thwart and enslave the American people in the ex((.rcise of their political and economic rights. ‘During the Inst war it wns necessary for the government of the Ignited States to estnblish which, had they been permanently rotained, would hnve placed U}M>n us shackles from which we might not haven nble to free oursji'lves. But thnt did not hnpi>en be cause those who desiujned Ihe war truct»ires and tliose who nl- ininisten‘d thc'm recognized their danger to the American people. When the war wa.s over they were abandoned. There was no oues- tion after the war as to whether onpitalism couhl survive in the I'nited States.” Bangs The Bangs disease testing pro gram in Transylvania C«mnt,v re vealed only fw'ven cows wita the disease, and these have been dis- |H)sed of, reports Rlwin Shore, farm agent. Vor your card (U«. Cut along dotted liw—. Betty Barclay’s Jelly Shelf ON THE RENT COLLECTOR • I S Join the Anny of Mutual Building and Loan Home Owners and Fight for the Protection of Your Family. Real Patriotism Springs from the Breasts of Those Proud Americans who have invested in American Soil. Be A Real Patriot by Becommg A Home Owner. SERIES NOW OPEN WE PAY 4% ON PAID-UP SHARES Mutual Building: & L can Association F. L. McCOY, Chairman of Board Paying the BiO! Thoughtful citizens are worried these days about getting sufficient arms for defense—and also about the size of tiie bill! The nation was shown recently by the W.C.T.U. what it could buy if it would translate wasted money into guns and bread, instead of using it to buy hangovers. Placing the nation’s daily liquor bUl at $9,000,000. Mrs. Ida B. Wise Smith, president of NaUonal W.C. T.U., said: “In return neither the nation nor the drinker gets any thing of value. Let’s see what the nation could do with that mon ey if it could be applied to refu gee relief or to paying now — in stead of in the fu- “Waited MoaeyT’* ture—for defense. Each day’s drink bill is equiva lent to the cost of doing one of the following, Mrs. Smith estimated; Feed one milirbn Chinese refugee children for nine months; or feed 600,000 English children for six months. Feed most of Europe’s famine- threatened peoples. Pay for 22 heavy bombers at |400,> 000 each. Almost pay for 2 destroyers. Pay for 3 submarines. Build one-third of a new encamp ment equal to Camp Blanding, a C. SPAULDING, President 114 West Parrish St tl^ Fajretteville St. R, L. McDougald, ^ec’y- ■ Treas. Phone J-3921 Phone F-5921 Fla. Modernize 1,129 of our 75 mm. guns at $8,000 each. Train complete ly some 600 mili tary pilots at $15.- 000 each. Manufacture 180,000 Garand ri fles* at $50 eath. Almost pay for SOOP KITC“ “Or, Refng^cs* 11,781 half-ton military trucks. Figuring it another way, Mrs. lith found liquor's cost each nine days equivalent to the cost of build ing a battleship like the newly com missioned North Carolina. Also computed was the estimated total that grain used by American manufacturers of distilled and far* mented liquors would provide more than 10,000,000 loaves of bread • day for underfed populations at home or in the shattered countrie» of Europe. Who Benefits From Lite Insurance Have you ever asked yourself the question — “Who benefits most frMn life insurance?” Consider the fol lowing points carefully, then decide this question for yourself; i What investment offers the advantaires of protec tion, plus financial security should sickness or any accident create a financial crisis? What investment will guarantee the education of your children and keep the home intact—whether you live or die? What investment will provide old ag^e security and safeguard the mortgage on your home against loss? t What investment will . protect your loved ones, ' should illness or death cut short your plans? To all these questions the answer is— YOUR LIFE INSURANCE Can you afford to be without a North Carolina Mutual policy? See your nearest agfent and have him explain how he can bringr financial security to your home. NORTH CAROUNA MUTUAL RIPE PLUM RELISH 3H cups prepared frnit 6H cups sugar % cup Tinegar H bottle fruit pectin To prepare fruit, pit (do not peel) about S pounds fully ripe plums. Grind or chop fine; add % to 1 teaspoon each cinna mon, oloves, and all-spice, or any desired combination of spices. Measure sugar, prepared fruit, and vinegar into large kettle. Mix well. Bring to a full rolling boll over hottest Are. Stir constantly before and while boiling. Boll hard 1 minute. Remove from fire and stir in bottled fruit pectin. Skim; pour quickly. Paraffin hot relish at once. Makes about 10 glasses (6 iOuid ounces each). I I HAPPY ARE THEY WHO OWN THEIR OWN HOME BUILT BY UNION INSURANCE REALTY COMPANY ... Have you been putting off building a new home because you think it takes a lot of cash? Then don’t delay another day. Today’s financing plans make it easy and convenient to own your own home on monthly terms just like rent. Happy are they who own their own home . . . especially when the home is built the modern way. Consult with us tomorrow. I Union. Insurance & Realty Co. | = Real Estate, Rentals and Insurance ^ ~ 809 Fayetteville Street, Durham, North Carolina = C.C.SMUUMNd.rr««Mand • DUMIAM.NORTH CADOtjNA Durham District ^ Office 809 Fayetteville Street W. L. COOK, Manager Charlotte District Office 404 E. First Street A. E. SPEARS, Manager

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