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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, June 19, 1943, Image 7

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V .Y, JUNR 19th,.Mi8 BUY WAR TODAY I THE CAROLINA TIMES BUY WAR BtmWI To Present Super-Song-Fest At And Clouds Of Joy At June^German Affuir STAGE SCREEN RADIO ENTERTAINMENT WORLD B Eddie Durham And Orch Take King Kolax Engagement Around The Town WITH UN HOLLOWAY WILMiNGfTON., N. |0. — The true caption of thiF column should be AROUND THE TOWN (S). Ue scribe has just com pleted fc blitnkriefiT tour of tHp eastern portion of the old north state and will herein repot the conditions I saw them. Kin ston and Wilmingrton are suffering’ sKshtly from soldier- trouble because these towns are the only one of any size with in close proximito t Camp Davis, members of your race. N. C. Holly Ridge is just^ the outskirts of the reservation aivl Jacksonville is existing in a nvw rosperity l)€cau3e of the Marine liaSe which is ciose-by. On a fly- jr thru Goldsboix), without tuup to pause, the situation in u j'Jance shows thf infiltration of khaki into this settlement also. Kocky Mouut is busy^ preparin;,- for the June German on Monday June 2h There pe many one- horse n the stems to east, but none of them show any special signs of progress as yet. There are some mighty fine joints on the highways to the coastal regional of this well- planned state and they show siii'ns of- doing a lot of business. Wee even have a Polish buFg in N. C. (Warsaw to be exact). I THE DURHAM MinisLiiul Alliance has taken upon itself the job of applying sufficient pressure to'"the people of Dur ham to raise an amount which will be equal to the costs of far ther prosecuting the Case of Doris Lyons and Officer Gat‘.*s of the Durham Police depart ment, This is a notable step • n the part of the ministers of the city who want to see justice dune in the case. The case has been appealed to the Superior eoui't and added expenses have made it necessary to secure additioial funs to counteract them. Do your part to help the minister’s fight for Justice. When askea to donate to this cause, give all you can. You will be helping your self and your family. ^Tbu will insure Justice in the future foi AT THE INK SPOTS - L.ic^jy Millinder Hop, o^ne of the S.iots and the Baton-swinging Millin- der were absent. Runiors‘^ it that Lucky and the jbent Spot had a cutting scrape prior to the dance and one of them got hurt uj) pretty badly. This statement is only what wa.s rumored by those who should be in the know and its authe i- ticity cannot vouched for yours truly as yet, but in the very near future an expose ot exactly what kept these cats out of the lineup will follow in this column. Routing schedules have caus ed King Kolax to drfrp his local engagement. In the place the Kk>ax J^vue, Lin Ht^oway will present to the dancing pub lic of Durham, Eddw Durham and his All-Negro, AH-girl’s band. Eddie is well known in the music circles and his crew Is considered the best all-girl crew in America. The date for this dance is on July 1st. Don^f miss it. NEW YORK'S PMNO DARLING GOES HOLLYWOOD LIN HOLLOWAY’S Victory Revue will open at the W'onder Bar on Sunday, "tfune 20. Talent in this lineup include such favor- ties as Black an Tan, ace comedy and dance team, a host of fair ladies, Brodie J^pcomb’s muaio, The Tunetwisters, Wilfte' and his_ singing guitar and a host of others. Don’t forsrfit the open ing date. Sunday June* 20 at thi Wonder Bar, Durham’s leadmg Nite Club. '' Hazel Scott, darling of New York’s Cafe Society iiid pianist A'l from Trinidad, the land of the iCalypso singers, has been signea to play a special i«\umber in the new Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer pro duction, "I Dood It,” starring Red Skelton and .Eleanor Powell. I Miss Scott, who won fame in New York’s cafe circles, is well known for her many piano record ings. Recognized as a talented exponent of the classics, the artist devised a clever method of pre senting such selections for boogie woogie de votees. First she presents the classical version of her number and then. v«xy gradually gets hot, but hot. Briwmd P. 0. WmT.Dcp^rtiMnt BoN«o •( PibHe Mttetiom MACDJLL FIfetD, FLOWtoA—Chief Wamm 0««er Robert B. Treaville of Bay Ci^, Tataa, kader of the 486th Army Aif Foree Band. H« if the father of Lieutenant Robert B. Treaville, Jr., a recent grad- uat« of Witst Point, now atationed at Tuakearet Flyiiw FieU. OCCO-NEE-CHEE . Self-Rising Flour lalatthtGwigoutolBairtitf initwwiygMMoitfy CSouds Of Joy, To Pbfy In Durham . B l^s an aftermath of the Jiitii German engagement in Rxky Mount, Andy Kirk and hi.s Clcyuds of Joy, featuring Juuc Richmond on the vocals will conle-over to Durham to appaiit power to scoop ther naint in the City Armory on Wednes day, June 23. Kirk is one of the most popular baud leaders iii thi f!eld today and showed groups by winning the post >s jfficial-musician of 'the famous June German. ■ SINGING JUBILEE AT ARMORY In Loyal Support i •f evr WrtiniC mcn.«* plcdbtJ ouracKv* 10 remim) emjr AiMncMi» W more Siampi & Bond* 'Aw* MAKE EVERY PAYDAY nitiojrjH Eddie Durham’s All-Girl Orchestra To Appear At City Armory July 1st -V'. sV ELLA FITZGERALD and Her Fjnhoue Orchestra From very reliable resoures rumor have been circulated th;t' Ella Fitzi'erald, acclaiiuod by many as being the ATI*Auienvan “Queen of Song” is seriously contemplating going back the baton swinging bnsinoos once more, F]Ila retired 1 fi’Cm leading {he orchestra Thic!| wits' • willed’ to her by the late ChicR Webb to join the Pour i^Kets Tmisrcfll aggregation. When final information is reie.ised concerning Ella’s return to the baton, you may trnthfull^^ say,^ “I told you so.**^ I ' " CAND CeUTES HTTEBNATIONAL SWEET- HEAfi|S or RHYl'HM June ]8 June lU .June 20 ■lune 21 June 22 Macon, Qn. .. Waycross, Oa. .. Brunswick, Gn. Jacksonville, Fla. . .. Orlando,' Fl:i- June 23 liai'tow. Fin. June 24 . . West Palm Beac'i, Florida. June 25 Fort Lauderdale, Florida ' “ SNOOKUM RUSSELL AND OBCHESTBA June 18 Meadow Acres Ballroom, Topeka, Kansu.-. June lf>-20 .... Siloam Springs, Arkansas c ( GENE POPE AND HIS orchestra •June 18-25. Stein's Buffet Bar, Indianapolis, Ind^ Andy Kirk To Hay The June German. ROCKV mount, — Man*um Warehouse in Boeky Mount, on the night of Monday,' June 21 will be changed into a Jiterbuj’s ParaHIsV wTieir AfiSy “ Kltk atiit his famous ‘Twelve Clouds of Joy’ arrive to furnish the hiusi-t for the Twenty-sixth “Original June German” As in previous 3'ears, this widely known eele- bration will be an all aight sess ion of joviality. Kirk, who is ii» charge of the musical chores is one of the greatest band leaders in the country. Featured with the Kirk crev will be June Richmond, rotujl wrangler of rhythm. The entire CAROLINA COTTON PICKERS ORCHESTRA June 18-2.') Scott’s Theilri Kesturant, Kansas City Ho. CHRISTINE CHATMAN AND HER 0RCH13STRA June 18-19-20 Dallas Texas June 2l SherniHii, Texi.s June 22 Fort Sill, Okl.". June 24 Oklahoma City. Okla. June 2o Gutherie, OKI?. June 27 Wichita, Kan.^as June 28 Muskogee, Okln. CONNEY COMTELL ANI> HIS f ^ROHBSTRA June 18-2.") ... King’s Ballroon, Lincoln, Mo. The Selah Jubilee Singor.i, noted spiritual aingers of statii'ii WPTF will be tTie leaturcd at traction in a Night of 011- fashioged ' Jubilee to be atag*^^ ei| at the Durham ttty Arn$p'-y (^u Friday, June 18. Included in t*he line-up ot the leatures of this-program will be over ill^tl!on guests quartettes. A prize v,-il) .be given to the mother of the ioalist sons in the service. IT TAKES BOTH War Bonds and Taxes r$whimw§r Routing diffiralties have eaus- ed King Kolax’s aehedi^ led to appmir is th« Durham City Armory on Jnly 2nd w cancel the engafement. la the' place of the Kolax ReTO«, Lm Holloway of the CAROLIW TIMEa staff hrn arquired the aervif€8 of Eddie Darbam an*i his All-girt orchestra. E«Wie Durham was formerly feat.ireJ with Count Basie’s band in tne tmnibonist chair.■ was con nected with the original Inten.a- tional Sweethearts of Rhythm and-Tenuis^ witlt until he * had rolkspted enough fertiinrne talent to appear nnJer his baton. Durham haa bee'\’ collaborating on some cuii;- posed by the ‘Count’ and >9 well Ttnown in musical circle The aggrefration under th»* ,baton of 'Eddie Durham is now the greatest aU-N^ro, AH-girl'a band in the Country, and the Durham engagement scheduled for Jnly 1 promises to be one the greatest attractions to ever appear in the Darhan Armory. management of the affair is in the hands of Mack Riggsby, weU known North Carolina promotin; eiecntive. fat previoao y«*r*,— the June German has bc‘.‘n a ‘must’ on the entrrtaianieKt schedules of people from a!’ portions of the south, tix ordor to keep ali%-e the spirit of the June German, Mr. Riggsby de^ dares that he will eontiaae ta present the affair a» he has been doing, so that after th9 war, the June German will st'll be looked forward to as otys night of all out fan and enler- tainment. , DINE AT THE WEE WEE GRILL Home Cooked Food And all kinds of Beer, Soft Drinks and Smokes. SOLDIERS WELCOME WEE WEE GRILL Pettigrew St. R. H. Clay, Prop.. 3 I The South Greatest Social B^r - Wine ^ Chaoi^^- I 707 Fayetteville :SU I JUDGE F. K. WATIONSk I

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