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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, August 12, 1967, Page 2B, Image 8

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2B —THE CAROLINA TIMES SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1967 It's Body Shaped New Tub Made For People gMM ' ifpaj a tnl -VM.: : , .v & -if# i ' J&H From the hand made bathtub of the western frontier (1) where men took baths once a month whether they needed them or not, 'til today, tubs were made for one purpose, to hold a lot of water. True, the first manufactured tubs were larger, like the "boat-with-feet" models of the 1800's (2). And later ones, like the„side-wall types that came in during the '2o's (3), offered "modern" design, but they were still made primarily just to hold \fetel. bathtub manufacturers such as Crane Co. are going well beyond the |btleept and considering the people using them, their safety in use and how they harmonize with the decor of the rest of the room. The Empress (4), for instance, is the first "body-shaped" tub. It's tapered to al low extra hip and elbow room, and has a contoured backrest and bottom. Built in innovations include a sturdy grab bar, an integral, easy-to-clean soap dish and a wide ledge for toilet articles. An"optional slip-resistant bottom helps prevent in juries, while the tub's sculptured lines match modern design motifs. EXPO '67 Promises Fair Weather For Cruises by New Ship-Hotels [ .. . * • *** ** ** Expo '67-bound is the S.S. BRASH,. This fall the ship-hotel will make three trips to Montreal. SS» ■"*" ••• . . ly.ifC' The newesi'liUitirV liners flying the U.S. flag are setupg out to prove English poet Isaac Haw kins Browne was wrong. S.S. ARGENTINA and S.S. BRASH, are sailing from New York to Montreal, site of Expo 67. to dispute Browne's famous lyric. "A fafr where thousands meet but none can stay." Voyageurs aboard the twin sister ships will not have to chase all over the • crowd thronged city in search of a room. They can stay aboard their elegant ship-hotels. Browne did not have Expo '67 in mind when he wrote his much-quoted ode, but Moore-McCormack officials were very much Expo-minded when they recently announced four cruises from New York to Montreal. Every available state room was gobbled up overnight. Happily, three more Expo cruises have been scheduled. Bowing to the tense situation in the Middle East, the BRA GORDON'S GIN *165 JRJ $/ ? 30 04/SQT.OJ ZRFPINT T |GORDONS J a D IGUED m LOMDOMDKYUJ CIH m DISTILitO t lOTILCO 111 1M( It S» •» ■ ¥ TMI OISIIUOS COSMIU LIMITED ■ J •' ti»(i.» i. • mumto, iu u ' , KVTUI tf»IT3 IMITIUM HtOH SUM. 90 FtOOf COMOTB MY Gil CO. LTD . UMt... ... 4. SIL'S owners canceled the cruise she was to have made to the Mediterranean this autumn, enabling her to sail for Expo on September 13. September 25 and October 5. The sleek liner will spend one day cruising up the mag nificent fjord-like Saguenay River. Leisurely stops will be made at picturesque Gaspe and Quebec City. Passengers will have three whole days in Mon treal to sample its fair-wares. In all, the round-trip voyage will lake 11 days. No one visiting Expo will be so thoroughly pampered as BRASIL'S passengers. Every stateroom aboard the ship boasts first class accommoda tions windows or portholes, private bath, draft-free air con ditioning. A promenade deck makes a loug, unbcolpuy the ship for continuous strolling. Onboard are fashionable cafes, facilities for deck sports, swim ming pools and a night club, theater, gym and beauty salon. Clearly, poet Isaac Browne did not anticipate fair-going ship hotels. W The Brasil's nine decks offer such luxurious facilities as this professional theater. Wedding In Malaysia a. m• - IBMR > U Malaysia * colortul traditional wedding ceremonies of it* three main tflmponfirt wmimroWw CWnese **Wl IndiaxiV WID be featured in an Ideal Home Exhibition to be in Kuala Lumpur in connection with the targe-scale 10th anniversary celebration of Malaysia's independence on August 31 this year. Photo shows tableau, a permanent exhibit at the National Museum, depicting the "Bersanding" (sitting in state of the bridal couple) ceremony at a Malay wedding. The Exhibition featuring dif ferent types of home interiors will be presented by the Young Women's Christian Association in conjunction with Interna tional Tourist Year. To be held at the National Stadium Negara from July 8-14, it will also include cooking THE ****** COLOR CORNER BY MARTHA BRANDT It's a lot of fun to look at a rainbow, but il you'rtf in the middle of one it's u bit hard to sort out the colors. There are at least 4.1HK1 dyes or combi nations of dyes coming out of colors being manufactured to day, according to a leading source: the Textile Dye Institute. One put of gold at the end ol this rainbow is information. Consumers can now count on some help from the industry Wlllcti. creates the colors in the iirst place For starters, here arc basic questions to keep in the back o! your mind while you're holding those exciting new colors in Iront ol your eyes Wliere Is the Purchase To Be I setl? 11 you're buying dra peries. for instance, either ready-made or by the yard, con sider the windows they will frame or cover. If they are ex cised to a lot of sunlight, make sure the labric is colorlast to light i ask the salesperson, if then- is no lag from the inanu tacturer. If you can't get an answer from the store, take time to write to the manu facturer). If You're Buying Clothes, Think About What You Want. Arc they washable or tieanable clothes or both. Sometimes cottons (particularly those blended with other libers) can be either washed or dry cleaned Women's dresses and men's suits as well can be cared fur a' home il they are l.thWi-d washable." \mi Should Also Check Labels lor Anv Information. If they are nut informative, write to tne matiulacturer or a repu table organization" who will help you find out Obviously, if you're buying anything with color you want to have the color last as long as the gar ment So make sure that you buy the best quality you can afford The good manufacturer is interested in his good name, and he can best protect it with good quality products such as the best dyestuffs for colored fabrics. let BY 808 BBEWSTKB Ontd—r Editor, _ WHATS A FISHING MOTOR One popular misconception about outboard motors used for fishing is that they are small, temperamental and coated with fish scales. CJhce, this might have been a valid observation. Today, however, the outboard is found in such a wide number of fish ing situations that size is no criterion, and neither is the tendency to be temperamental. So. what IS a fishing motor? According to the fishing folks at Mercury outboards, this label can be hung on any powerplant shoving a rig through any waters for fishing from placid ponds to the briny deep. "> HorsepowerTequirements are determined by the type of fish ing in which an angler engages most often and the style craft used. On small lakes or streams where johnboats, canoes and 12-foot skiffs are adequate, the 3.9-hp engine is seen most frequently. The 6- and 9.8-hp motors out number other power classes. They fit the country-wide aver age of fishing situations where power needs are matched to lightweight craft and reason ably protected waters. On large impoundments where distances to good fishing spots are considerable, 20- and 35-hp motors are common. These units will push a boat along at a fast clip, one of the reasons they are favored by professional fishing guides. Another favorite of many guides is the 50-hp outboard that can drive a large, heavily laden skiff with ease. It's also a good choice on small family runabouts which serve in dual roles for both water skiing and fishing. demonstrations on Malaysian recipes and party fare. Demonstrations will also be given of the Malaysian crea tive arts such as batik paint in*, fabric design, weaving, brush painting, beaten metal work, prints, pottery, ceramics and flower arranging. What's New At HEW By Melville H. Hosch Regional Director A Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Region V - (States Include Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana) Many fabrics burn. They not only ignite, but sometimes they burn so rapidly that escape is almost impossible. The American public is only dimly aware of the destructive ness and frequency ol such fires. Of the estimated 1,000,000 people burned in the home each year, clothing fires are involved in about 150,000 cases. Thousands more are burned in fires in volving bedding, drapes, up holstery and other household fabrics. At the University of Michi- WIN S xooo.oo Winn - Dixie New Exciting FAMILY SHOW ffISSE WRAL-TV (h. 5 Each Saturday 7:30 P.M. niftftlTi Get Free Race Ticket On Each Visit to Winn-Dixie - Watch Th e Show to See if You have No Purchase Required A S2 - $5 - $lO - $25 - SSO - SIOO 'slooo We Do Ask Adults Only Play Winner —Claim Your Winnings by Wednesday Following the Telecast. SAVE 26c ASTOR ROASTER FRESH FLAVOR Coffee Prices Good Thru Sat., Aug. 12 Only . ■grasdic iterar.v ariJ oa»hsc:.o m ~tVAW SlkedPeodies 4SS , 1 00 THRIFTY MAID Tomato—Vegetable ■ A I Chicken Noodle—Mushroom 101/ 2 OZ. |f| V jIMJI* .. Chicken and Rice CAN | DEEP SOUTH FRESH SALAD § Dressing SAVE 14c A I 1 p Quart Jar LOUPES gan, 1,500 severe burn cases have been analyzed since 1964. Of these cases, about 40 per cent involved clothing. The death toll alone is esti mated at 2,000 to 3,000 annually. Every year 100,000 persons are hospitalized for burns, occu- pying two million hospital bed days. Another 3.6 million visits are made to physicians' offices for treatment. Many Victims Helpless Perhaps one of. the most tragic aspects of these frabric burns is that many of the vic tims are those who are least able to help themselves the aged, the disabled, the poor and our very young children. Many of those injuries could have been prevented If people had been adequately warned and protected if more ade quate flammabllity standards had been in effect. The Department of Health, Education, and Welfare and the Department of Commerce are working together in an effort to determine the involvement of textiles in burn deaths and injuries. The Public Health Service has been conducting extensive Held Investigations on burn cases. The purpose Is to docu ment the physical agents and human factors In bum cases Involving clothing and fabrics. When available, samples of the clothing being worn at the time of Ignition, or duplicate Items, are obtained and sub mitted to the Bureau of Stand ards for flammabllity tests. Re sults of these tests are added to the Public Health Service analysis of methods of pre vention, hospital costs, medical treatment and rehabilitation. The Public Health Service has also contracted with the University of Michigan Hospi tal to set up a National Burn Information Center. This unit Is collecting case management data on serious burns, their treatment, their costs as meas ured in hospitalisation.

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