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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, January 20, 1973, Image 1

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1 i 4 MY BV CHECK to trie safe easy way to agr B xonr eanceiiM cheek to proof that jw have paid your MO. Yon open a regular or special account tag on your needs with A Full Service Bank Checking - Savlfige - Leant Mechanics & Farmers Bank CHARLOTTE RAL06M Wednesday Highlights 1:30 a.m. SUNRISE SE MESTER A discussion of 20th-century art in public places. WTVD 7 a m. - TODAY SHOW -Bill Veeck discusses how to run a race track. WRDU a.m. - MERV GRIFFIN Merv welcomes guests Charlton Heston and An thony Quinn. WTVD, WFMY 9:30 a.m. - MIKE DOUG LAS Mike welcomes guests Agnes Morehead, Ed die Arnold and Swedish ac tress Gunilla K n u t s o n . WRAL a.m. - DINAH SHORE Guest Barbara McNair discusses beauty tips for black women, then sines "Autumn Leaves." WRDU 4:30 p.m. MOVIE Tony Curtis plays a middle-weight boxer in "The Square Ring." (U55) WRDU p.m. - LEONARDO: TO KNOW HOW TO SEE - Sir John Gielgud discusses the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci. He shows Leonar do's models for flying ma chines, his sculpture, his architectural drawings and his paintings, (including the "Last Supper" and the "Momt Lisa"). WUNC 8:30 p.m. - MOVIE - In "Trouble Comes to Town," Lloyd Bridges plays a South ern sheriff who brings home a Northern black child. WRAL 9 p.m. EYE TO EYE A study of art forgery, fo cused on the work of Ebnyr de Hory, painter of lots) fakes and the subject of Clif ford Irving' book "Faked." WUNC 9:39 p.m. THE MILD BUNCH This experi mental film by Seth Hill makes fun of the traditional Western. WUNC 10 p.m. JULIE ANDREWS - Julie wel comes guest Keith Mitchell (Emmy winner for his por trayal of Henry VIII). To gether they sing "Mack the Knife" and other songs. WRAL 11:30 p.m.-MOVIE James Gardner stars in "Darby's Rangers" (1968). the story of the attack on Anzio in World War H. WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. - JOHNNY CARSON Guests are Tony Curtis, Joey Heatherton and Zubln Mehta. WRDU 11:39 p.m. - JACK PAAR TONIGHT Guests are Robert Morky and Loretta Lynn. WRAL WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, WTVD, CHANNEL It DURHAM Kmerea : Merv wSR 10:00 Joker WW : Prleo It StjSf 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Lava of Uv 12:00 Hoort M:30 S:J Leve 3:30 Saerat Worm 4:00 Doom Boom 5:00 WIM WOt 0:00 J-Wl 1:00 Sonny Char fisri 11:30 I WRDU-TV, CHANNEL It, DURHAM 3:00 ToOey 0:00 NOW 100 ROV. 0:30 Not Woman Oaht : Pima 10:30 coiitoiitiawoa ii:M Sol of Century 11:30 Hollywood Souerei n-MtMkWMf, Wk. 1143 NBC NOW 1:00 TOUT cut 1:82JS 1:10 Dody 1:00 Anotlw VorM 3:30 Dot. Poy. W. 4:00 Another World 4:30 Movl 4:00 I 4:30 NSC mm L'SSSSSSS? ttniri? 10:00 Starch , . 11:00 Nowo 11:30 Tonttlt :00 7: t:00 0:00 0:30 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:23 WFMY-TV, CHANNEL I, GREENSBORO 12:30 Scare) Per Tfeas :00 Nowo 1:00 Today' Woman 4:30 CBS 1:30 A Www Turao 7; 2:00 Sowing UoM 7:: 2:30 Ids Of WsjW 3:00 Lova " 3:30 Soerot Storm 4:00 Family Affair 4:30 Gomer PylO 1:00 Bo) Valloy Copt. Kangoro Old Robot Urn Artffln Prlco I Right eomon Lova of Lift IIMuuh. OLaHauBO) 11 WnOjfV rTBJoirf 99 0:00 Sonny a Char 0:00 Medical Contar 10:00 Cannon 11:00 New $ 11:30 MOVle ' WRAL-TV. CHANNEL I, RALEIGH 4:00 DoybrOO 4:55 Commentary 7:00 New 7:30 LldtvlllO t:oo Una Psm 0:30 Belt Elliot 0:30 Mike Deuglto 11:00 Ponwoid 11:30 Bewitched 12:00 Noon Nowo 1:00 ah (vThRoreji 4:23 Comment ry 1:30 Mote 0 Deel 0:3 ABC New 2:00 Ntwiywta earn 2:30 Dating Game 3:00 Gen Hospital 1:30 Tell Truth 4:00 Parry Ma ion 5:00 Troth Or 7:00 I 0:00 Paul Mm 0:30141 10:00 Ml Andr 11:30 Jeek Paw 11:00 1 WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4. CHAPEL HILL 0:40 Ready Set 0:00 Cultures 0:30 Physical Set. 10:00 Sesame St. 11:00 Math 11:30 Moot Art 12:00 Film . 12:30 Electric Co. 1:06 WOfM Of Scfta 1:30 Phvs. StL 2:00 Film 2:30 Culture 3:00 Film 3:30 Conversation 4;0Q MIWBniiQfB 4:30 Sesame St. OiSt 7:301 S:00 Leonardo 0:00 Eve to Ry :30 MHffl I 10:00 SM ' . . : . . ,- .i - ' - . vi gajsjjejfj5Jajsjs UUVISION kceivebs RENTALS ROUAWAV BIDS PARTY RENTALS HOSPITAL EQUIPMENT $ANDfN6 MACHINB POWB TOOLS CARPBlTHt TOOLS SIWBlAUCfRS LOABtoO TOOLS nmnanvBunmt WATER PUMPS SIGHT PLANTS CHAM HOSTS POST HOtf AUGUR SPAdHtATHRS LAWN MOWERS HABY SQUIPMENT AMD BIOS INVALID NEEDS GARDEN AND YARD TOOLS RUGSHAMPOOReSMACHRCS row BARS CARWCARRiRS MM DING TABLES & CHARTS AK COMPRESSORS IANS LADDERS ELECTRrC HEDGE TRIMMERS 41 TRACTORS MANY HEMS TOO NUMEROUS TO UST Tkil 286-4414 TRUCKS TtUfRS H mmtcmo 1 MACItStaft ATA DURHAM'S FIRST COMPUTE RENTAl CO. 2334 GUESS ROAD DURHAM, N.C. 4f PAJMT Thursday Highlights THURSDAY, JANUARY 11 WTVD, CHANNEL 1L DURHAM 9 am. MERV GRIFFIN Merv welcomes guests Barbara Eden, Ted Kmght and Jackie Vernon. WTVD, WFMV 1 39 a m. - HIKE DOUG LAS - Mike welcomes Eddie Arnold, Carol Lyiuey, eotnediaa Jerry Cktwer and atoryteUer Leo Boston. WRAL H jn. - DINAH SHORE - Dinah ofcewees sex edu eaUoa isr children with psy ettoiogist Lea Silk. WRDU 4.39 p.m. - MOVIE - In a film based on the tek Wm series "Onae and mm." trouble comes to tnt Nelsons in the forms of s gri her suitor ana WRDU Tnm - CALL Of HE west - Ic "Tin Lirsat advertisements he barred from television?" WUNC 9 p m. - MOVIE - Burt Lancaster, Deborah Kerr and Gene Hackntan star in ! The Gypsy Moths," a drama about the lives of three sky divers. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. CHINA Mi chelangelo Antonioni, di rector of "L'Avventora." "Bed Desert," "BlooMJp" and "Zabriskie Point," filmed this portrait of China. Antonioni narrates the film, which he says "doesn't explain China, but observes it." WRAL 9 tun. - AN AMERICAN FAMILY - The first in II in this rjocumenwry California family. erssTs M 0:30 Semester 7:00 CBS oo cam. Kengeti Griffin 11:00 Si It. Tana ai U 12:00 Where the Hoort ofcere WIM rice it ngnt 1:30 WarH Turns 4'M Denial Beane slooywJli ilSctTN ivEEu llloyH mmwW WRDU-TV. CHANNEL tt, DURHAM oo Today Onto .aa nam at Lnaa ..M Nun tlum -1 loin Concentration 1.2 rI 11:00 Sale of Century ' " iZ,Z MOIiywOOO -,. 4'fjft AfMttttnT Wh. What. Wk. 43S Movl 4tes9 NftC NfVs) rm cs f wot 7:Ji Jlftt. WMojVb) 0:0 Pfta WHOM WW 'rojeSsjROJ 11:30 Tnfjjf SMOf WFMY-TV, CHANNEL I. I:l 0:00 0)oool Merntn S:SS CPt. Keneereo Of OM ftabal :3 Merv orimn jsse 11:00 OarrMt 3: Secret Storm 1:30 World Turn 3:00 GukHne LIOM 1 ot toast 10:30 Price t 3:00 Love is 4fOJ PmiRV Afflr 4:30 Turkey War.' editor nerRfn wreeiey cnwjMs Isr law as4 order . thm. - jacW cou- trTEAU - CsenAssy thMhss the effect of pollution on the Coral Sea m ' MO MilUon Years I BSh. ADVOCATES familv rraHKnf their dally lives. WUNC 11:19 p m MOVIE -Polio, and health officer track a niurderer and a disease carrier in "Killer by Night." starring Robert Wagner. Greg Morris, Theodore Bike!, Mercedes McCambridge and Pedro Anojssdaru it. wrvv. 11:30 Love of Ut M.aati nsBMsaa Liurl WIMW.CHAMWLI, 7:30 Make Wish I' 00 I 11:3 I 11:30 Sotlt .Sennd 11 3: 1:1 4:00 porty Meson 3:00 Truth Or 0:30 WUNC-TV. CHANNEL 1 StlsOlna GREENSBORO 4:00 New 11 m Moot tlllO 553? Pee Friday Highlights FRIDAY, JANUARY 11 WTVD, CHANNEL d. e): a.m. SUNRISE SE MESTER A discussion of the ftitare of art In the h WTVD ' A 9W?lew of the 1973 General WlUl featuring hsterv key leaders and WUNC eVtt Seen. Saynaatar 1:00 CBS HOW 003 MervOrlffln 110 Joker WIM 10:30 Price IS BWM 'uftwffilW kj 2 .gjs asjflh 3:2 LOVO 3:3t Secret storm 4:0 Don 11 Boer 4:001 r JO IsMlyw. 0:00 Mlaaton ilia Asoot 1 Mfc - TODAY SHOW A discussion of the Olympics, the NCAA, and ports In general on the last day on the show for Joe Garsgiola. WRDU t a.m. - MERV GRIFFIN - Guests are Mort SahL June Lockhart and Marcia Wallace. WTVD. WFMY 9:99 a.m. MIKE DOUG LAS - Mike welcomes Rita Moreno, Eddie Arnold and Vance Packard. WRAL 4:99 p.m. - MOVIE -Edward G. Robinson plays bootlegger who is unhappy when Prohibition ends in "A Slight Case of Murder" .(1988). WRDU 7:30 p.m. NORTH CAROLINA PEOPLE - To night's guest is Daphne Athas, Chapel Hill novelist and teacher. WUNC 8:90 p.m. GENERAL t pm MOVIE Richard Lester ("A Hard Day's Night") directs George C. Scott. Julie Chris tie and Richard C In "Petalia," the story of a iriarried woman's love for a divorced doctor in modern San Francisco. WTVD, WFMY s - 10 p.m. - BANYON la the last snow of the series. Banyon searches an old hotel for an alimony-dodger. WRDU 11:89 p.m.-MOVnC "The Great Bank Robbery" is a comic satire about the Old West, starring Zero MosteL Kim Novak, CUnt Walker, Claude Akins sod Aklra Tamiroff. WTVD, WFMY 11:39 p.m. - JACK PAAR TONIGHT - Allen Font to Jack's guest WRAL WRDU-TV. CHANNEL 88, DURHAM .... .. . . V:J0 Not WMVMn O 10:00 Olneh 10:30 zmemtwim 11:00 tela 11:MHaM 13:30 Who, sea Btac Newt met. sen. ItSSYser CMM 1:30 1 on e M0k t&trE2Zmm 4:30Mvto 4:00 NSW n . )Lr MkC WdBRrst" 7:00 Kathv Hill 7:30 KIMar ( OOSantord S 3 tin Little Poos 0:00 Circle Of FOB 10:00 1 WFMY-TV, CHANNEL t, GREENSBORO 8? 1:00 :00 :30 M:M 11:00 11:30 13:00 ltd! Devatlono Coat, rosnoro OM Rebel Love Life Where Heart 12:10 Search T'rew 1:00 Today's Woman 1:30 Al'WOrM Tom 2:00 Oonfins UBM 1:30 idea of Might 3:0 LOVO 3:30 Secret Stoma 4:0 PwnMy Affair :ast S: w Boj Vsnev tlScVtMen 7:00 Andy Orlftltt. 7:30 Maude t oo Mission I 11:00 I 11:30 wovie 1:30 Late Movl WRAL-TV, CHANNEL 8, RALEIGH 4:00 1 0:33 I 7:00 News 0:30 Sett lllett s30 tAHcA Ootili "1:00 11:30 13:0 News 12:30 SeHt ! i:oo aii My CNMren 1:30 Make a Deal gjagu 1. 1 n r tl n .ai a4i TmTC. 4:00 Perry Mason 3:00 Truth, ConseQ ': aSTnUiLs 310 Sits Br 0:30 Pertri :!:. OCUS 10:00 Love, Aon. Styl IliSSIOObJ 11:39 Jart Peer WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4 CHAPEL HILL 9:30 Ptiyt Sclinct 10:00 Sasama St. 11:00 Cranny 11:1 Imoeoo 12:30 Blectrlc Co. 1:00 RlPPles lllS J 1:30 Phvs. Science 2:00 Math 1:30 Meet Art 1:00 Sign Off 4:00 Mliteregero 4:30 tesome St. i:M Electric Co. r it itntMfnsaoionononoisBSBSssisBSBSBSBBionoisBi 7:30 NX. S:0t Wash. 3:30 Oen. Assembly 10:00 Slon OH I SB 0B SB OBI RfAD ABOUT YOURSflf C4CH mi IN THE CAROUHk JIMS. ITS YOUR PAPER. i: H l .-Ji f. m ts . 1. ! I Saturday Highlights 4 SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 ..J 4 7:89 a.m. - MOVIE Jimmy Brown and Francine York star In the horror movie "Space WRAL 1 P ft I f 1 12 noon NBC CHIL DREN'S THEATER In an animated special with songs by C C. Ryder, a young boy dreams of a trip through the human tody. He discovers that el colors of. skin are just "wrappln'.'' WRDU 1 p.m. - MOVIE - Kirk Douglas atari as the last of the cowboys in (he modern Went to "Lonely Are the Brivo).'' His independent spirit toads him immediately into trouble with the tow. WRDU I'M p.m. A C C BASKETBALL Clemson plays Duke. WTVD, WFMY 8 p.m. NHL HOCKEY New York plays St Louis at St Louis. WRDU 5:90 p.m. THIS IS YOUR LIFE The surprise guest to Don Rickles, with visits by hi friends Milton Berts. Danny Thomas and Kirk Douglas. WFMY 7 p.m. HEE HAW - Guests are Tennessee Erato , Ford and Charlie McCoy, who was elected Instrumen talist of the year by the ' Country Music Association. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. - MOVIE - A world premiere of the film "Incident on a Dark Street'' ' WRDU 19 p.m. MARLENE DIETRICH: I WISH YOU LOVE - Marten Dietrich appears for the first time on television and present a version of her onowBUB show. WTVD, WFMY 11 p.m. MOVIE: THE WEB Robert Hutton Starts to the horror film "Man without a Body." WRDU 11:80 p.m. MOVLE Albert Finney directs him self, Lisa Mlnelli and otters in "Charlie Bubbles." the story of a bored young man in modern England. WTVD 11:80 p.m.. MOVIE Burl Ives and James Farentlno star to "The Sound of Anger." the story of two teen-agers who are suspected of murder. WFMY 11:85 p.m. - MOVIE-Guy Stockwell and Susan Oliver star to "Monitors." WRAL WTVD, CHANNEL 1L DURHAM 4 i i SMMQstab Sp ssl Rwwi 1:00 Bugs 0:30Sbrlna f:oe Chan : Joate1 11:00 Pllnfstono If :M AfCMft 13: J0 Pot Albert 1:00 Bucky Water. 1:15 Norm Sloan 1:30 ACC OVkOll 4:00 Goir ClaaaMj S:00 Del Reeve i30 Nsi$hvIllo 4:00 4:10 CBS 7:00 HO NSW t:o aii k PemRy $'V of PrtCTWlf'K 10:00 M. Otetrleh 11:0 New 11.30 Movl WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 88, DURHAM 0:00 Houndcots 0:30 Roman Holiday 0:00 Jetsons t-.M Perk Pwitbor 10:10 Under dag VttossT BeMfctaVil urea So La 11:30 i aim 1:00 Movie 9:00 Hocktv 1:30 Wrestling WFMY-TV, CHANNEL 8. 7t 0:00 I latnino i Chan 1:30! iliS PUntst 13:00 Archie 13:30 Pot Albert 1:10 Ipofti Rosport 1:lSBeky Water 4:00 Roller tMtSV 3:o Am. ut 5:30 Your LMo 4:30 NBC New ol5 n ritse w Met IMrfV 0:00 All in Pemfty 0:0 MaW T. it CBS New 10:00 11:00 Neva 11US i WRAL-TV, CHANNEL I, RALEIGH 7:0 Cartoon Poo. 7:30 Movie 0:00 Osmond 0:30 Supertt 10:31 Brady Kids 1 -0ft svWrtiiS0M Hi sue linn I 11:3 Ten ihs TV a-awi 111 Flying Nun 3:30 BowrtlM S.-00 Wrestling ji00 mtoNf Mllm 4:30 Wagoner 2:0ILmmM W lo'oo The Men IS tie Law to Thln 10:00 Sesame It. 11:0 Culture 11:3 Film 13:00 Image 0 Mutual Sovings Announces New High Yields. DAILY INTEREST CQMjPj Effective Jan, 1, J 973 PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS 5 S 5.13 $5,000 MINIMUM DEPOSIT 1 eS MRsWill TwTfMT 534s5.92 SS,000 MINIMUM BfiPOSIT C LtsVsBOOOSs Tsavw$0fJ J 5vis5.39. S 1 0,000 mmmmm iposft Jois Kej7efc 6 6.18 tn otsswH smtt remain seen 89 ayi to eons. Mutual Savings & Loan Association 1 12 West Parrish Street Durham, N. C. ?.tvWLl peat o Luiiv, Library tturiwm, M, C 27706 WORDS OF WISDOM It is hard consistently to practice what you believe in but it's worth the effort. Wm. B. Given. Jr. Shun idleness. It is a rust that attaches it self to the,-most brilliant metals. Voltaire Cite GOOD READING IN THIS ISSUE WRITERS FORUM m .vjJP DAILY LIVING By PREGNANCY PLANNING Wf SCOUT CORNER E. L DURHAM SOCIAL NOTES By Mt. Syminer Daye FROM BLACK Bv FROM THE PEN OF DONALD LOVE VOLUME 53 No. 3 DURHAM, N. C. SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 1973 Mutual Savings Aid Loan Association Assets Are Reported At Record High Of $13.2 Million Durham families continued to save their money at a ret -ii J-breaking rate during 1972. John S. Stewart. Presi dent of Mutual Savings and Loan Association, reported nt tin' association's Annual Shareholders Meeting. Mr. Stewart said that 1972 was the greatest growth year that the association had ex perienced since its founding in 1921. He also reported that 1972 saw the ' savings and loan business nationally enjoy its greatest year. "Total assets of the savings and loan business will in crease an estimated $38.7 bil lion during the current year," he said. "This is an 19 per cent increase over the $206 billion figure of the start of the year. Savings and loan assets should pass the $25(1 billion mark early in 1973." Stewart said a continued good savings flow is expected at least during 1973. and he said that there would lx an ample supply of mortgage lending funds available. He declared that based mi the present supply-and-de-mand factors, mortgage rates would show little change for the first quarter of 1973. But he said that the out look for the remainder of 1973 was more uncertain, with rates subject to such influ ences ps the pace of inflation and the rale of the current economic upturn. MpH flBHK "JjJpSpoJBBj HMWHMHpllp$aBW- Ur3j& sjwfiBnj Kjjjjeii-v BBBB'.lftafi sp HV3&39K:-mBBBj aa2BBBBBB'SBBj aBVeesan HbkBBBB::':.wJbU1 Ha-iJK . 3SH UBnUBi BFVUaVaB bkkbi BFi8F' : 'BBiKsisSfi yspRaj BPs IHBaH lm : OJj' 'aaSSOB a9lav MEMBERS OF THE HOUSE Washington: The Democrats had twelve women in the H of Kepresentatives when 93rd Congress, convened January 3. Sitting in the speaker's office are six of the women. From left are: Hep. Lartha W. Griffiths. Mich.; Rep. Shirley Chisholm. New York: Rep. Elizabeth Uultx man'Xew Yrk Hep. Bar- bara Jordan, Texas; Hep. Yvonne Brathwaite Burke. California and Rep. Bella Abzug, New Yrk. Holtzman. Jordarj and Burke are all new. . , UOf Prexy Speaks a Consumer Conference In Washington 1. Edward Stewart. Prcsi dent of L'DI. served as a pan elist for the Neighborhood Consumer Information Cen ter's Annual Conerence hold in Washington during the week of January 8 through 12. Mr. Stewart served as a panelist on 'grocery transac tions'' and presented a paper that emphasized problems en countertd bv Black operated supermarket. Other members of the pan el included John Bell, Vice President a n l Divisional Manager of Safeway Stores. Inc.. Joseph Danzansky. Presi dent of Giant Food. Charles Jones. Manager of Big V. Su permarket. I)r Russell Par ker. Assistant Director, Bu reau of 'Economic. Federal Trade Commission, and Ron ald D Peterson. Vice Presi dent of Jewel Food Stores. In this paper. Stewart stat ed that . . "Because of the uniqueness of the UDI Super market as opposed to most other supermarkets, it would be best to give background information in order that ev eryone mi'-'hl better under stand certain facts. "United Durham, Incorpo rated fUD) was incorporated in September of 1968. UDI, a Community Development Cor poration, grew out of a buy ing club for low-income com munity residents and UDI's evolution was aided by the joint efforts of other Commu nity organizations designed to respond to the needs of low income people. The evolutionary process led the organization from its initial focus, providing low cost consumer services, to a realization of the need to con trol the sources of; supply the Community Development Corporation, thus, incorporat ed to operate a supermarket. The other operational venture at this time is the Modular Housing Factory. UDI stockholders adminis ter a program of training for new stockholders appointed to the Board in parliamentary procedures, planning methods and certain basic elements of corporate structure and ope rations. Our business ven tures arc supervised by work i n g committees o f hoard members. The ventures them selves are consistent with the local management skill devel opment strategy through the policies which place a oriority upon the hiring and draining of local residents. UDI is controlled by low income people of Durham and its board is compised of (24) members. Sixteen (16) per sons are from the low-income areas representing Class A Stockholders and eight (8) non-poor members represent ing Class B Stockholders. Over 2,000 shareholders rep resent over $50,000 of stock purchased by local citizens during the formation of UDI. The stock drive was spear headed by AsaT. Spaulding, Sr., former president of N. C. Mutual Life Insurance Co Tourism Booms In Puerto Rico SAN JUAN - The bud get for Puerto Rico's De velopment Company (TDC) was almost doubled this year, going from $2.8 bil lion the year before to $5.2 million now. At the same time, says TDC, visitors to the island during fiscal year 1VI increased 10.3 per cent lipP wf .. A; Wm. naaH Boo' Philadelphia TEACHERS i after he and other rhildren STRIKE An elementary were sent home by the school student waves good-hy I school's principnl when not to a tcaeher who is on the enough teacher show up as picket line outside his school the 18,000 members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers struck the city's school system. As of December 31, 1972, savings deposits at Mutual Savings and Loan Association amounted to $9,802,854 repre senting an increase from the $8.1o2,941 figure at the be ginning of the year. Mort gage loans in the association's portfolio totalled $1,699,594. Total assets of the institu tion reached a record figure of $13,194,647. Thrifty sav ings account holders received interest payments on their deposits of $473,460, a new lii.'i for the association. Dur ing 1972 S137.584 were added to the reserves, bringing total reserves to $996,670. "We look forward to an other nood year in 1973," Stewart reported. "Hopefully, there will be an early settle ment of the Vietnam War and also further progress made in the fight against inflation. Termination of the war would aid the effort against infla tion, and improve prospects Continued on page 8A NAACP Elects Twenty Seven To Board of Directors at Meet NEW YORK -- Election of 27 members of the Board of Directors of the National As sociation for the Advancement of Colored People was annou need at the Association annual meeting and the Board meeting here, Jan 8. The total incluede seven youth members - one from each of the Association's seven re gions - for one-year terms; Mai Goode, the American Broad casting Company's veteran Uni ted Nations correspondent, to complete the unexpired term of the tute Samuel A. Williams; seven regional candidates and six elected at large. An addi tional six were nominated and elected by the Board. Except for Mr. Goode all adult mem bers were elected for full three year terms. Newly elected members in this group of 27 include, in addition to Mr. Goode, Rich ard A. Meyer, president of the Anheuser Busch, Inc., St. Louis, and Ira Haupt, II, a New York City stockbroker and officer of the New York NAACP State Conference. Also, three youth members - Nathaniel Colley, Jr., Sacramento, Calif. Bernard Thomas, Detroit, and Larry Fields, Chillicothe, Missouri. At the Board meeting follow ing the annual meeting the na tional officers of the Associa tion were all re-elected: Khrie Kaplan, president; Bishop Ste phen G. Spottswood, chairman of the Board; Dr. Buell G.Gal lagher, vice chairman; Jesse H. Continued on page 8A Chancellor Thorpe Reelected To Southern Assn. Commission mCEc 2m CENT :ijjp:-:-: : gjj I IHMEttXOEIS AT ANNUM MCCT ttBH . SBfl aW I RBnH OmCRRS AMD STAFF Dr. Marion D. Thorpe, Chan cellor of Elizabeth City State University, has been re-elected to serve on the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Asso ciation of Colleges and Schools. Serving with the commission since 1969, Dr. Thorpe has held membership on the Committee of Colleges and universities in the Association and the Com mittee on Re-accreditation. According to the letter from Dr. Gordon W. Sweet, Execu tive Secretary of the Commis sion, "It will be gratifying to have you continue in the work of the Commission as it de velops programs for higher edu cation in the South." Chancellor Thorpe, who also holds membership on the Exe cutive Committee of the North Carolina Association of Colleges and Universities; the Educa tion Commission of the States;, the Committee on Public Af fairs of the American Associa tion of State Colleges and Uni versities; and other higher edu cational organizations, will be notified of committee appoint ments for 1973, by the Chair man of the Commission. DR. THROPE Gospel Singer, Clara Ward Succumbs to 2nd Heart Attack Left to right. F. V. Allison ; Jr., Mrs. Peggy Morgan. Miss phine Strayhorne. Miss Ann Valarie Jarman, Mrs. Jose- Anderson. Miss Margaret Uam- mie, Mrs. Carrie Vcreen. and John S. Stewart Howard University to Contest NCAA Action; keeping Trophy LOS ANGELES - Gospel singer Clara Ward, who sang her first solo at the age of 5 and grew up singing in churches with her mother and sister, died Tuesday after suffering two strokes within the past five weeks. She was 48. Miss Ward, leader of the Clara Ward Singers, had been in a coma at UCLA Medical Cen ter since suffering the most re cent stroke at her suburban Baldwin Hills home last week. During her career, Miss Ward performed twice before Presi dent Lyndon Johnson, played Carnegie Hall with Mahalia Jackson, directed the music for a Broadway play and was nomi nated for a Grammy Award. Miss Ward and her sister, Willa, joined their mother, Gertrude, when they were still children to form the Ward Singers trio and for many years sang at Sunday services in all-black churches. The group took on two new members after Willa was mar ried and made its first appear- Continued on page 8A HL. am H mil ' am? i MdaAmm sibbbbbbbbbbbbisbbbbJ' w! i ;? ; 5 ' ' 'aHtBHsSt.' CLARA WARD WASHINGTON, D.C. Ho ward University will not sur render its 1971 Intercollegiate Soccer Chanipionship trophy until the matter is finally re solved, Dr. James E. Cheek, President of the University, de clared last week. The National Collegiate Ath letic Association notified the University on Januray 10 that it had been placed on proba tion for a year for having vio lated NCAA principles govern ing the eligibility of student athletes. The telegram from Earl M. Ramer, NCAA president, said the Howard soccer team has been prohibited from playing in the national collegiate soc cer championship or any other post-season soccer competition for a year beginning January 9. The team will play its regularly scheduled games during the sea son, beginning in September. At a news conference in Chi cago announcing its sanction, the NCAA added that Howard will be stripped of its 1971 national soccer title. The tele gram to the University did not mention loss of the 1971 title. Howard's soccer team won the 1971 national title by de feating St. Louis University, 3 - 2, in the finals at Miami, Flo rida, to climax a 1971 season Twos Too Cool In The Park LANSING, Mich. - The number of persons using Michigan's state parka in the first nine month of 19 72 was off 12 per cent from a year ago, partially be came of a cool summer. Almost 111 million per son visited the parks, com . Prd with more than 20 J million In the eorreoponatnu period of 1971. The most popular state park was nt Holland, along Lake Michigan. of 15 victories, no defeats, and no ties. The Soccer Bisons won 14 games and lost 1 during the 1972 season before losing 2 -1 to St. Louis in the semi-finals at Miami. Dr. Cheek said the University will appeal the NCAA's action and "will take all appropriate legal steps toward securing an equitable determination of the NCAA rules and regulations con cerning the eligibility of athletes." Nat l Business League to Hold First of Two Mini Conventions WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The first of two Mini Conventions scheduled by the National Busi ness League designed for re structuring and re- organizing the nation's oldest Black busi ness and trade association will be held in Washington, D.C. January 26-28, 1973, according to NBL President, Berkeley G. Burrell. Some 200 persons have re gistered their intentions of at tending the workshop sessions and participating as members of about eight task forces. Many of these persons have al so returned pre-registration forms. The sessions of the convention have been designed to continue the activities of the task forces, leading to an other phase of the re-organization involved in the New Thrust Program of the NBL. Two strategy sessions held immediately following NBL's Annual National Convention last October structured the task forces to work on specific areas of the re-organization as a mi nority multi-trade association. Those areas are financial plan ning and fund raising; advocacy planning; education; research and development; technical as sistance planning; communica tions; organization, staffing and current year activities; member ship and dues. Registration will begin at 2 p.m. at the Washington Hilton Hotel on Friday, January 26. Meetings scheduled for Friday include the following: The Task Force Chairman at 4 p.m., the NBL Board of Directors at 6 pm., and the NBL Regional Vice Presidents at 8 p.m. Dr. King Cheek Is Elected to Md. Academy BALTIMORE, MD. - Dr. King V. Cheek, president of Morgan State College, has been elected to the Board of Trustees of the Maryland Academy of Sciences for a three-year term. His appointment was an nounced here by J. Cookman Boyd, Jr., chairman of the board of the Maryland Academy of Sciences. Sister Kathleen Feeley, SSND, president of the College of Notre Dune (Md.) was also elected to toe Academy Board. Dr. Cheek, who is In Us second year si the helm of the Northeast Baltimore (Md.) fasti tutton said, "It Is an honor to be elected to serve on the Maryland Academy of Sugpt board. I am looking fcernwi to the opportunity to mm Mr. Boyd and the Acs Its many fine educations! Mki scientific programs. Is drug ' WTMY -LJi.:.-...;faL..'at..1..'.'... -...a .

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