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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, April 14, 1973, Image 1

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OJMfV '4 8B THE CAROLINA TIMES Sat., April 7, 1973 W 0 7Mu& RIGSBEE TIRE SAIES "TIRE CARE TIPS Dsn' mad Wp turns when driving. , .they can rvM 900H A .ingle right-angle turn at 13 M.P.H, can Knjpe of as much tire tread a 10 miles of straight-ahead driving at normal speed. I i - I I l To increase your tire life, rotate lire verv 10.000 miles or sooner. This will equalize tiro woar and increase milo- .... I ur him - m J mi i i I For the best advice on how to get the most out of your tiros, consult Rigtboo Tiro Salos ono of the dealers wha know tiros bolt. Ho can give you tips on tiro caro as woll as help you choose the right Horculos tiro or law cost quality retreads for your car. Ust Rigsbee Tire Sales Convenient Budget Plan or Your Favorite Bank Charge Card. Stewart Rigsbee J. D. Brothers RIGSBEE TIRE SALES Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8 to 6; Friday 8 to 8 I 108 Lakewood Ave. Phono 688-1 838 e 2720 Hillsborough Road Phono 286-4444 loop iqeiJiiiiigoooi. READ AB0U1 YOURSElf fAffl WUK IN THt CAROLINA TIMS. IT'S YOUR PAPER. Thursday Highlights THURSDAY, APRIL 8, 1973 WTVD, CHANNEL a DURHAM 6 .30 a.m. - SUNRISE SE MESTER Prof. Morris I. Stein discusses the future of petsfwality theory and creativity. WTVD 9:30 a.m. - MIKE DOUG LAS Lily Tomlin, singer Hurricane Smith, comic Stan Kann and author Jimmy Breslin are guests. WRAL 4:30 p.m. - MOVIE -Joel McRea and Brenda Marshall pfay the endan gered husband and wife espionage team in "Espionage Agent." WRDU p.m. - ADVOCATES -I Ike question under dis- mission is "Should Congress establish an independent consumer protection : eiiecy?" wunc g I p.m. - JACQUES COUSTEAU Hie one-ami 4 one-half ton walrus is ob f served through the Bering Strait, between Siberia and Alaska, to th North polar cap. WRAL pm. MOVIE n Tony Curtis and Claudia Cartunale star in "Don't Make Waves." a beach party farce for adults. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. AN AMERICAN "FAMILY Dr. Margaret Mead, the famed anthropolo gist, discusses the accuracy of the documentary series on the Loud family. WUNC 9 p.m. - KING FU -Caine is forced into slave gangs at a silver mine and teaches control of fear, with David Carradine and Keye Luke. WRAL 10 p.m. - DEAN MARTIN Peter Sellers and singer Phyllis McGuire are on the bill. WRDU 11:80 p.m. - MOVIE -Eleanor Parker plays a woman with a triple per sonality in "Lizzie," with Richard Boone and Joan Blondell. WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. JACK PAAR Africa is the subject of the discussion with Jock and Betty L e s lie-Mel vi lie, authors of "Elephants Have Right of Way." WRAL 4:30 7:00 1:00 V:0O t: 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 7:00 :00 t:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 12:55 Senwitor CBS New Capt. Kengtrae M Hales Navy Stcrtt Storm PrSPltRrUl OemMt Love or Lire 12:25 Ntwibeat 1-00 i -10 World 2:00 OuMIng 2:30 Edge of 3:00 Love li Turn Light 30 Edge of Night 00 Love la 3:30 Secret Storm 4:oo That oin 4:30 Mary Griffin 4:00 4:30 CSS NWI 7:02 Oraintt 7:X Parent 1:00 Waltona 00 Movl. 11:00 Newt 11:30 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 18, DURHAM Today New Zoo Not, Worn. Only Dinah Shore Concentration Sale of Century Hollywood Jeopardy wh, What, Wh. NBC Newt 1:00 Watch Child 1:30 3 on e Match 2:00 Day of Live 2:30 Doctors 2:00 Bey City 3:30 Peyton Place 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie 4:00 New 4:30 NSC New 7:00 The Protector 7:30 Jena. Winter 0:00 Pllp WUMI 0:00 IroMMe 10:00 Dean Marti 11:00 New 11:30 Tonlsht Show WFMY TV. CHANNEL 2, GREENSBORO 4:00 Good Mornlne 1:00 Capt. Kangaroo 0:00 Old Rebel :30 Merv Griffin 10:30 010,000 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love Of Life 12:00 Youth A Rest lest 12:25 Newa 12:30 Search 1:00 Today' Women 1:30 World Turn 2:00 Guiding Light 2:30 Edge of NhjM 3:00 New price i:oo Big Valley 4:00 New 4:30 CBS NM 7:00 Andy Griffith 7:30 Dragnet I Walton 0:00' S:30 Hollywood'e Talking :00 Movie 4:00 Secret Storm 4:30 Gomer Pyto 11:00 Ni MtSlO WRAL-TV, CHANNEL I, RALEIGH 1:00 Daybreak 4:51 Commentary 7:00 New 7:30 Make With 1:00 Uncle Raul 1:30 CMMi-LaUnn 9:30 Mike Douglas 11:00 Password 11:30 Bewitched 12:00 New 12:10 Spilt Second l:oo My Children 1:10 Make Deal 2:00 Newtywed 3:30 Dating 1:00 General HO. 1:10 Tell the Truth 4:00 Truth or 4:30 Perry Meton 5:30 Andy Griffith 4:00 Nw 4:25 I 0:10 ABC News 7:oo Bonania t.oo Jecquoe Ciuotoso :oo Kun PO 10:00 Street 11:00 Ntw 11:10 Jack Peer WTJNC-TV, CHANNEL 1 CHAPEL HHX t:M Effective SwpervW t:?5 Ripples ,Tr 30 Learn To Think 10:00 Sesame St. Ill" HumanTtln 11:00 image 12:10 Electric Co. lioo Film 1:30 Granny -V''-1:50 Math 2:10 Culture 1:10 Ready Set 0 1:10 Learn to Think 4:00 MltftroflBr 4i30 SffeMfftC? Sf fcJO Electric Co, 7:00 B 7: 0:00 PAY BY CHECK Is the safe easy vmy t my U it our eanceitea cnec is proof tint you have paid your MIL Tost Often a Millar nr medal account ta$ Oft. your needs with mlnuntanri balance A Full Service Bank Cheeking - Savings - Loans Mechanics & Farmers Bonk mrham. jmm 9:00 : 10:30 t lu an, A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE CAROLINA TIMES WILL KEEP YOU OF THE NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. INFORMED STOP IN OR Oil 682-2913 01 688-4587 TODAY Friday Highlights FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 1973 " WTVD, CHANNEL 11. DURHAM 1:30 am - SUNRISE SE MESTER Science in Baghdad forms part of the astrology lesson. WTVD 30 a.m. - MIKE DOUG LAS Guests include Tiny Tim and Miss VickJ, com-poser-sinjter Paul Williarns, actress Judith Lowry and author Charles Degen. WRAL 4:3 p m. - MOVIE -The Big Money" with Ian Carmichael is the story of a family of crack lutoptifters with the exception of son Wfflle, who is stuck with sticky fingers. WRDU 8 M p.m. - TARHEEL FOCUS - A study is done of Tammy Lynn, a profoundly I chile WRAL - MOVIE - The Star." a Jules Verne tale of Jewel hunting In Africa, fas George Segal. Ursula Andres, and Orson Welles in the cast WTVD, 10 p.m. - BOBBY DARIN Singer David Bromber, Phyllis Dilter and Leslia Uxgams Join the host WRDU a 11:30 p.m. - MOVIE -Pioneer Australia is the theme of "Adam's Woman," with John Mills. Beau Bridges and Jane Merrow. WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. - JACK PAAR A continuation of the dis cussion on Africa, this time with safari leader Miles Burton as guest. WRAL 1 a.m. - MIDNIGHT SPECIAL The rock group Bee Gees is host to tentatively-scheduled guests such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Johnny Nash, linger composer Jim Weatherly and country artist Davis. WRDU 4:J0 Sufi. Semnter 7:00 CBS No 1:00 Kangaroo 0:00 McHale Kavy t:30 Secret Storm 10:00 Joker Wild 10:10 Price I ftlgM 11:00 Gamut 11:30 Love of Ltff 12:00 Where Heart 12:2 12:20 toj 1:20 A World Turns 1:00 Owtorng UflM 1:11 Cdga of Nlsht 1:00 Love 1:10 Secret Storm 4:00 That Olrl 4:10 Mrv Griffin :oo Newebeot 4 CBS New, 7:00 Dragnet 7:20 Hollywood Square 1:00 Mission impowlble 0:00 Movie 11:00 Newt 11:30 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 38, DURHAM 7:00 Ted t.oo New Zoo Kev. 0:10 Not Woman Only 10:00 Dinah 10:10 coRtemreno 11:00 Sole of Cent, ii: WmSm 11:00 Jaaeerdv 11:20 Who. Whet, Wh. I2:M NBC New 1:1 Your Child 1:30 3 on a Match 1:00 Den Our Uve 1:10 The Doctor 1:00 Biv City 2:21 Rot. Per. Pi, 4:00 Semerttt 4:10 Movie 4:00 News tilt NSC New 7:00 TBA 7:30 Klldare 1:00 Senford & Son 0:30 Little Paopl 0:00 Circle of Pear 10:00 Bobby Darin 11:00 New 11:10 TenhjM 1:00 Mldnlta Special WFMY-TV, CHANNEL 3. GREENSBORO 4:00 7:55 1:00 0:00 f:N 10:30 11:00 11:00 11:15 12:10 Good Morning Devotion Capt. Kangaroo Old Rebel Merv Griffin si 0.000 Pyramid Gambit Young a Rett! Search T'row i:oo Today' Woman 1:10 A World Turn 1:00 Guiding UgM 1:30 Edge of Night 3:00 New Price 3:30 Hollywd'tTelklng 4:00 Stcret Storm 4:20 Gamer eyt 5:oo Big vaflev 4:0 4:10 CBS NOW 7:00 Andy Griffith 7:30 Buck Owant liOOMIulon Imooitlblo v:00 Movl 11:00 Newt 11:30 Movie 1:10 Late Movie WRAL-TV, CHANNEL I, RALEIGH 1:45 a m - MOVIE - An ..Mips gtrl (Ostta Kay) lives on uninhabited terrain in "bland of the Blue Dolphins " WFMY 4:00 4:55 7:00 7:20 : 11:00 11:20 00 Deybreek Viewpoint Newt Builwlnkle uncle Put Bert Einoit MM Douglat 12:30 Split I 1:10 All My CM Id re 1:N MaKa g Deal 1:10 Dating Gam S:00 Sen. Hospital 2:10 Tell the Truth 4:00 Truth or 4: Perry Moem 1:10 Andy Orlfftth 4:00 New. 4:25 VltWOOlnt :M ABC New 7:00 Bonama f M Odd Couple 10:00 Love, Am. Ityt 11:00 NOW 11:10 Jock Paer WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4. CHAPEL HILL 0:01 Humenrtla M Phy. Sd. 10 00 lnomt St. 11:00 Granny 11:10 Imoso i sign orr 11:40 12:20 1:00 Rip let 1:15 Math 1:20 Phy. Sd. 2:00 Math 2:2 Sign Off 4:tt Mltttrogort 4:21 latam St. : Electric Co. 440 evening B6ft 4:10 Zoom 7:01 You the Doot 7:10 N.C. 1:01 Wgth. 0:10 NX. 1:10 sm Oft Saturday Highlights 7 a.m. SUNRISE THE ATER Richard Carlson and Barbara Rush star in "It Came From Outer Space." WRAL 1 p.m. CBS NEWS SPE CIAL Reporter Christopher Glenn covers the subject of taxes what, they are, what kinds there are, why they exist, who pays them and where the tax money goes. WTVD, WFMY 1:30 p.m. - ABA BAS KETBALL This is the playoff game of the Ameri can Basketball Association. Competing are Virginia Squires and Kentucky Colonels. WTVD, WFMY 3 p.m. DOUBLE FEA TURE Alan Ladd and Shelley Winters perform in "Saskatchewan"; Audio Murphy and Gia Scala star in "Rwe a Crooked Trail." WRAL 4:30 p.m. - MASTERS GOLF Coverage is given to the closing rounds of the 27th annual Masters Tourna ment, with a select field of international professional and amateur golfers. WTVD, WFMY 7 p.m. HEE HAW Tommy Overstreet and Susan Raye are guests WTVD, WFMY 8 p.m. ALL IN THE FAMILY The Bunkers are visited by the wife of one of Archie's Air Force buddies, and everybody gets a sur prise. WTVD, WFMY 8:30 p.m. BRIDGET LOVES BERNIE - Bridget and her parents become Jewish for the weekend when Sophie's devout Jewish sister pays a visit WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. BOB NEWHART Having vowed never to go to bed mad, Bob and Emily carry on an all-night argu ment. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. MOVIE In "Mayerling" starring Omar Sharif, Catherine Deneuve, Ava Gardner and James Mason, Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria falls in love with 17-year-old Maria Vetsera and scandalizes the entire court of Vienna by openly ignoring his wife. WRDU 10 p.m. - CAROL BUR NETT Vincent Price and Ray Charles are guests. WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. - MOVIE -"Lad, A Dog," with Peter Breck and Carroll O'Connor, is shown. The film is based on Albert Payson Terhune's novel of a collie who brings health and happiness to a crippled girl. WFMY SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1973 WTVD, CHANNEL 11, DURHAM 4:20 Sunrli 7:00 Now S:00 Bug Bunny 1:20 Sabrln :H Chan : Scooby 00 10:30 Puuvcat 11:00 Fllnttron 11:45 Norm Sloan 12:00 Archie 11:20 Pit Albert 1:00 TMO Special 1:10 ASA B'ball 1:20 CBS Golf 4:29 Masters Golf 4:00 Slock Unlimited 4:10 CSS Newt 7:00 He Haw 1:00 All In Family 1:30 Kaloldotcoo 1:30 Bridget LOVt r:ep wary ryier r:3o boo Newnart 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:10 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 38, DURHAM 1:00 Houndctl 1:20 Roman Holiday 7:00 Jtttont 1:10 Pink Pmther 10:00 Underdo 10:20 Berkleys 11:00 Stalab 11:30 Ruoeround 12:00 Eighty Daya 11:20 Giant 1:00 Movl 1:00 TBA S:M NHL Hockey 1:20 Wrestling 4:20 NSC Now 7:10 Untamed 7:10 Stand up 1:00 Emereency 0:00 Movl 11:00 Lot Movl WFMY-TV. CHANNEL 3. GREENSBORO 7:20 'IS 0:00 0:20 10:20 11:00 11 : Harlem Globetrotter 11:10 Pot Albert Bug Bunny 1:00 CSS News Sabrln 1 :M ABA S'bell Chan 1:30 Roller Derby Scooby Doe 4:30 Matters OoH Putavceft 5:00 Outdoors Fllntttonei 5:11 Parent Gem Archie 4:00 News : CSS Now :00 HO HW 1:10 Bridget Lovtt Bern 7:00 Mary Tyler Moor 0:11 Sob Nowhirt 10:00 Corel Burnett 11:10 Movie WRAL-TV, CHANNEL I, RALEIGH 7:00 Sunrise 1:45 scouting New 0:00 Osmonds : Super start 10:10 Brady Kid. 11:00 Bewitched 11:20 KM Pewor 12:1 11:20 Frolics 1:00 MetskMt 1:11 Am. Bandtttnd 1:00 Frontier Feature 4:00 Sport World 4:2 Arthur Smith 7:00 L. Welk 1:10 Here We Go Again 8:30 Touch of Grace 0:00 Julie Andrew 10:00 The Men 11:lf Wrestling 11:2 Movie feafj lyings Announces New High Yields. DAILY INTEREST-COMPOUNDED DAILY Effective Jan. 1,1973 PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS Co V WA SiHylettreit sW u Sflodie TMal 5.13 $5,000 MINIMUM DEPOSIT (ia Month form) 534s5.92 $5,000 MINIMUM DEPOfIT (A Month Torus) 514.5H5.39 i $ 1 0,000 MINIMUM DIPOfT (aSSC.nthT.rm) 6 iEri 6. 1 8 o 'Newecceunttmtisl remain teen 20 den to tent. Mutual Savings & Loan Association Durham. N.C. 112 West Parrish Street Sk i I i WORDS OF m SIX M Most of the money a businessman calls profit is merely money that has not been wasted. -A.V. Burdinq If we achieve by hard work the things we labor for, the enjoyment we receive is ten fold. . '-Anonymous GOOD READING IN TI PREGNANCY PLANNING By & DURHAM SOCIAL NOTES By Mrs. FROM BLACK By FROM THE PEN OF DONALD LOVE WRITERS FORUM By George B DAILY LIVING By VOLUME 53 No. 15 DURHAM, N. C, SATURDAY, APRIL 14, 1973 TUSCAR0RAS AND BLA Happy Moments: Home After 5 Yean MARCH ON CAPITOL CKS M&FB B Annual HI ji-.'-v- F1 Kv M ,: PPlt HHsfflaaWMsWHH At the Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Mechanics and Farmers Bank, President J. H. Wheeler reported that total resources of the bank as of December 31, 1072 were $37,694,158.24 compared With $34,161,473.91 at the end of 1971 a gain of 10.34 per cent' occasioned by increased earn ings, new capital funds, and increases in both demand and time deposits. The total deposit structure of the bank as of the end of 1972 was 8.53 per cent more than at the end of 1971. Net earnings (after taxes) for 1972 were $296,381.80 compared with $216,691.56 in 1971. The above figure repre sents earnings of $2.41 per share on the average num ber of shares outstanding during the year compared, with $1.88 in 1971. In ank Holds Meeting Of Stockholders Capital Funds Show Increase Over Past Year and fees on loans ($880,976. 43) pn.vldcrt 41.44 per cent m mil operating income, and acome received from federal funds sold and the securities portfolio was $1,016,02.62 (47.7S) Service charges 1,466.77 and Trust it earnings were Credit life insur ance commissions accounted for the remainder of total operating income in the amount of $2,126,228.42 re ceived during 1972. Mr. Wheeler stated that the management of the bank is especially proud of the ex tent to which the bank has been able, in 1972, to In crease the capital accounts of the bank. Total capital funds as of December 31, 1972 were $2,704,004.71 compared with $1,804,443.42 at the end of 1971 an increase of $900,-561-29. He said, "During the year, we were able to sell 18,163 shares of common stock at $10.00 per share. Our origi nal goal was to sell 20,000 shares and our Board of Di rectors has authorized the management of the hank to use every means possible to sell the remaining 1,837 shares.'' "We were atlao aide to sell ( See STOCKHOLDERS 9A PHOENIXVILLB, Pa.: ARMY SGT. DONALD J. RANDER of Baltimore, Md. pats his wife, Andrea's hair for the first time in over five ye ars. Sgt. Render a former POW return to the United States to Valley Forge General (Army) Hospital here 330 to greet his wife and children. He was captured in 268. (UPI) Local Woman Among Panelists At Bennett Mafeof Symposium Four young black women in the medical field partici pated in a three-day Centennial Symposium held recently at Bennett College. They partici pated in a panel discussion entitled "Black Women in Medicine" which was held in Henry Pfeiffer Science Build ing. They addressed them selves to problems and pro spects which women who plan medical and health careers can expect. Two of the specialists com pleted their undergraduate work at Bennett. Dr. Lyvonne Mackel Washington is a den tist for the Marion County Health and Hospital Corpora tion in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Inez Jones White is a psychiatrist in private practice in Washington, D.C. Also participating were Miss Margaret Page, assistant co ordinator, Health Professions De velopment of the Associa tion for the North Carolina Regional Medical Program in Durham and Mrs. Patricia Glil Turner, program director, National Urban League Allied Health of the Professions Curriculum Development Pro gram, Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Washington stated that there is a dire need for dentists - NEWS BRIEFS- NIXON APPROVES SCHOOL LUNCH AID BILL SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. - President Nixon has approved a school lunch grant program which requires the federal government to give cash to schools if the supply of surplus food runs short. He signed the measure into law without comment from the Western White House. NBNS MARYLAND OKAYS ANTI-BUSING MEASURE ANNAPOLIS, Md. -The Maryland House of Delegates has passed a resolution seeking to end busing of public school children In order to achieve racial balance. Passed 86-45, the bill is given little chance of passage in the Senate. Earlier this year, the Senate killed another anti-busing bill after a group in this country due to the population increase and grow ing awareness of the impor tance of the service. "You must not be crippled by the behavior society dele gates to all women," she ad vised the students. She said there is one dentist per every 2,000 people in the nation; 1 black per every 12,000 black people, and about 1 female dentist to every 100 persons. Of the 11,600 dentists in the coun try, only 200 are black women. Dr. Washington feels that in most instances, women make better dentists because "women have an inherent gentleness with the patient," ( See SYMPOSIUM 9A) Seek Meeting With Indian Affairs Official RALEIGH - Some 200 Robeson County Indians and black college students marched on North Carolina's Capitol Monday to back up Indian de mands for immediate help from the state in winning federal recognition of their claim to be Tuscaroras. The march, led by black Golden Frinks, came within moments after the Negro-In dian coalition rejected Gov. Jim Holshouser's offer to meet with ' their representatives Tuesday afternoon. Frinks, state field secretary for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and spokesma n for the group call ing themselves Tuscaroras, ac cused Holshouser of attempt ing to create a division among Robeson County's 30,000 In dians. He also criticized Holshouser's attempt to delay' the meeting. "The governor must talk to the people when the people come to him," Frinks said. Howard Brooks of Pem broke, chief of the 80 to 100 (See MARCH 9A) were $17? Departmer : . i : - - - - ' Bssssss w29lWaLJl WtaV f' -ShHm' Jl tClrWtMssi " aftu tsfl i mSS sShT' A. fE wPJsssW. 4tH SM wfo sbwSsIBMI sHl.. Wfamm ..: B- --:Pff aB mm iriffiTr mw&mmmmm&B&F mm m mm m Wkmkmthtt,-, m ' ' mWl jAwkm mw mmM m- I ltT ! nil W (STOCKHOLDERS MEET - KENNEDY AND WHEELER INSERT) NAACP Legal Defense Fund Claims School Plan A Failure N. C. Central Univ. Law School Annual Law Day Observed The 16th Annual observance of Law Day USA at North Carolina Central University Law School will be highlighted by an address by prominent defense lawyer, Howard Moore of Atlanta, Georgia. The theme for the activities this year is: "Does Justice Have Color? Law: Is It a Skin Game? Activities for the year have been coordinated by Ethel Richardosn, Chairwoman of the Law Day Committee, John ( See LAW SCHOOL 9A) Attorneys Say Many Schools in System Still Racially Identifiable of black senators filibustered for weeks. The resolution, following the example of a number of other Southern States, asks that Congress convene a federal constitutional convention so that an amendment to the constitution can be written prohibiting assignment of school pupils to schools on the basis of race. NBNS ALL BLACK NATION, REPARATIONS SOUGHT BY NATIONALIST LEADER JACKSON, Miss. - Black nationalist Imari Obadele said he will begin a new effort to create an all-black nation and seek reparations from the United States for offenses against the nation's black citizens. Obadele, who Is president of the Republic of New Africa, ( See BRIEFS 9A) -i ' "' POMPEY JOINS RANKS S.F. Pompey, center, executive secretary, Durham Branch, NAACP, receives Life Member-, ship certificate from Kivie Kaplan, president of the national NAACP. Rev. B. A. Mack, pastor, Morehead Ave. Baptist, and a staunch sup porter, looks on. Attorneys for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund have told a federal court that a court ordered attendance plan based on geographical zoning has failed to desegregate the Dur ham city school system. In a brief filed Monday with the U.S.. Middle District Court in Greensboro, the defense fund attorneys argued that "desegregation of the Durham city school as a minimum step requires pairing and clusters of schools and transportation." They also told the c ourt that desegregation of the sty school system cannot be ac complished without consider ing the surrounding county school system. "The Durham city school unit in essence simply encom passed the black residents of the city," the attorneys said. The defense fund lawyers were responding to motions for dismissal filed earlier by . the six parties to desegregation litigation initiated by the de fense fund last summer. The six parties are: the city and county school boards, the Durham City Council, the Dur ham County Board of Com missioners, the State Board of Education, and A. Craig Phillips, the state superinten dent of public instruction. The defense fund attorneys included in, their brief a list of 11 city schools and their racial compositions. The attorneys said the list ( See FAILURE 9A) Black Students Walkout Out At Northern High On April 3, approximately 25 black brothers and sisters requested a conference with the administration of Northern High School concerning the un fair treatment of the Blacks and the unjust policies that were made that affected the entire student body. A sit-in demonstration was performed because the adminis tration had refused the blacks certain rights. More and more students gathered in the school lobby concerned about what they were trying to accomplish. This drew approximately 75 other black brothers and sisters. Blsck assistant principal, Bobby Johnson came and ques tioned the students cone erning their reasons for the sit-in. ( See NORTHERN 9A) Angela Dim to Speak m Ra Memorial Auditorium Mo The Raleigh Chapter of the North Carolina Politics I Priso ners Committee will sponsor a statewide rally featuring Angela Davis as speaks, Monday evening, April 16, at the Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh at 8:00 p.m. The rally is open to the public with free admission The world renowned Miss Davis, a former UCLA Pro fessor of Philosophy, recently acquitted from charges of conspiracy, murder, and kid naping, was found innocent by an all white jury. The verdict was greeted with joyful ex hilaration in this country and overseas. To Angela Davis, freedom meant that she would again resume her struggle against oppression. To quote her on the day of her acquittal: "This is not only the happiest day of my life," she said, "but I am sure that all of the people who struggled for me across this country and around the world an aware that it k a symbol that we an going reran fffmf priionaii to free all political and the oppressed.' This brilliant young scholar, who helped prepare sad plead her own defense, is an author, philosopher, Csvsdidste fot tin doctoral degree and an proponent of the of struggle necesnry teffpiv dom. She is tin cow of an ideology thai justice for of millions who quality sad nMWWri

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