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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, April 21, 1973, Image 1

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l -tttfiotilcfii Dept.' . .'''. .-.-r ' I SB THE CAROLINA TIMES Sal., April 14. 1973 lllllll tllvUd Ok TCiuli RIGSBEE TIRE SALES "TIRE CARE TIPS' GOOD READING IN THIS Don I moll sharp turns when driving ... they can rwtfl ftwd lire. A single righf-ongU turn al 13 M.P.H. can scrape t,ff much lira tread 10 miles of stroight-ohead driving al normal speed . wsj PREGNANCY PLANNING By G. DURHAM SOCIAL NOTES By lbs. J9mm Isrj FROM BLACK By FROM THE PEN OF DONALD LOVE WRITERS FORUM Wf Gctnrgw B. To educate the intelligence is to enlarge the horizon of its desires and wants. James Russell Lowell DAILY LIVING By , 1 k The man who always has an ax to erind asm i 4S - W i rnmmmm a aswtrsjfjst. asassvask. stja mmm vrjtjr evtA'aW'tj ibi eTeaaaV eztjeK4gam -v--aaBjw mm mmm m .mwm mmmmmmwm btbv smmmimv mV I I I To increase your tire Irfa, rotate lirt vary 10,000 miles or sooner. This will equolii. tiro woar and increase mile- For tho best advko on how to got tho most out of your tiro, consult Rigsboo Tiro Salts ono of tho dealers who know tiros host. Ho can givt you tips on tiro caro as woll as holp you chooso tho right Hercules tiro or low cost quality rotroads for your car. Use Rigsbee Tire Sales Convenient Budget Plan or Your Favorite Bank Charge Card. Stewart Rigsbee J. D. Brothers RIGSBEE TIRE SAIES Hours: Monday thru Thursday 8 to 6; Friday 8 to 8 108 Lake wood Ave. Phono 6881 838 Thursday Highlights 2720 Hillsborough Road Phono 286-4444 THURSDAY, APRIL 12 WTVD, CHANNEL U. DURHAM 6:30 a.m. - SUNRISE SE MESTER The Rorschach test involved in psychiatric interpretations is discussed. WTVD 4:30 p.m. - MERV GRIF FIN Rosemary Clooney, Jackie Vernon, Jack Sheldon and Charles Nelson Reilly are guests. WTVD 4:30 p.m. - MOVIE -Lizabeth Scott and Dennis O'Keefe star in "The Com pany She Keeps," a tale of the rehabilitation of women prisoners. WRDU 7:30 p.m. - JONATHAN WINTERS WORLD - Soupy Sales joins Jonathan Winters in spools of talent agencies. WRDU 8 p.m. - NATIONAL GE OGRAPHIC - This special centers on the legend of the West WTVD. WFMY 8 p.m. - MOVIE - Tony Richardson directs "Ham let," the first drama in the Humanities Film Forum, with Nicol Williamson and Anthony Hopkins. WUNC 8 p.m. - FLIP WILSON -Frank Gorshin, the versatile impressionist, helps Flip out in a spoof of "The God father." The Temptations are musical guests. WRDU 9 p.m. MOVIE Dean Martin and Stella Stevens star in "How to Save a Mar riage And Ruin Your Life." WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. - MOVIE -Missions flown by jet pilots in the Korean War form the action of "Men of the Fight ing Lady," with Van Johnson and Walter Pridgeon. WTVD, WFMY 4:30 7:00 S:00 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 Semester CBS News Capt. Kangaroo McHales Navy Secret Storm Joke's Wild $10,000 Pyramid GamDtt Love of Life Young and Restless 12:15 Newsbeat s:M News 12:30 Search 4:30 CBS News 1:00 Peggy Mann 7:0 Dragnet -1i2JwSr.,d T","!! 7: Parent Gsme 2:00 Guiding Light . ,.. 2:30 Edge of Night J-10"- 3:00 Right price Movie 3:30 Hollywood's Talking News 4:00 Tht Girt U: Movie 4:30 Merv Griffin WRDU-TV. CHANNEL 88, DURHAM 7:00 :00 :30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 12:30 12:55 Today New Zoo Not. Worn. Only Dinah Shore Concentration Sale of Century Hollywood Jeopardy Wh, Whit. Wh. NBC News 1:00 Witch Child 1:30 J on e March 2:00 Days of Uvea 2:30 Doctors 3:00 Bay City 3:30 Peyton Place 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie cot Newt :30 NBC News 7:tt The Protectors 7:30 Jem. Winters 8:00 Flip WlllOn :00 Ironside 10:00 Dean Mirths 11:00 Newt 11:30 Tonight Show WFMY-TV, CHANNEL t, GREENSBORO :00 Good Morning t:00 Capt. Kangaroo 0:00 Old Rebel :30 Merv Griffin 10:30 $10,000 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love of Life 12:00 Young I. Restless 12:25 News 12:30 Search 1 :00 today's Woman 1:30 World Turns 2:00 Guiding Light 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 New Price 3:30 Hollywood's Talking :00 Movie 4:00 Secret Storm 11:01 News 4:30 Gomer Pvt. 11:30 Movie 5:09 Big Vtllty 4:00 NWS 4:30 CBS News 7:00 Andy Griffith 7:30 Dragnet 1:00 Natl Geographic WRAL-TV, CHANNEL S, RALEIGH 4:00 4:55 7:00 7:30 1:00 1:30 0:30 11:00 11:30 12:00 Daybreak Commentary Make Wish Uncle Paul Elllott-LaLinne Mike Douglas Password Bewitched ' News 12:30 Spilt Second 1:00 My Children 1:30 Mike Deal 2:00 Newlywed 2:30 Dating 3:00 General Hot. 3:30 Tell the Truth 4:00 Truth or 4:30 Perry Mason 5:30 Andy Griffith 4:0D Newt 4:25 Commentary 4:30 ABC Newt 7:00 Bonania 8:00 Mod Squad :00 Kunt Fv 10:00 Streets 11:00 News 11:30 Entertainment Wert WUNC-TV. CHANNEL 4, CHAPEL HELL 1:30 Effective Supervlslc :15 Ripples 9:30 Learn To Think 10:00 Sesame St. 11:00 Cultures 11:30 Film 12:00 images 12:30 Electric Co. 1:00 Film 1:30 Granny 1:50 Math 2:30 Cultures 3:00 Film 3:20 Ready, Set, Film 4:00 Mlsterogers 4:30 Sesame St, 5:30 Electric Co. 4:00 Evening Edit 4:30 TBA 7:to Joyce Chan Cook 7:30 TBA 1:00 Humanities Film :00 Am. Family 10:00 World Press 10:30 30 Minuter -' mmmmttt moiiiiii mo ABOUT TOURSELF EACH WEEK IH THE CAR0UMA TIMES. IT'S YOUR PAPER. MMtt rsHMHMMM siM feimm bBB'BBJ mmff- PAY BY CHECK It to the safe easy way to pay all KB. Tour rwncelted cheek to proof vtmMm that you have paid your bin. Too eta Often e regular or special account, in OB your oeerje with mntiamn A Full Service Bank Checking - Savings - Loins Mechanics & Farmers Bonk durham mmm A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE CAROLINA TIMES WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED OF THE NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. STOP HI OR CAU 682-2913 01 688-6587 TODAY Saturday Highlights w.m it letesMMiiii" mi Friday Highlights FRIDAY, APRIL 13 WTVD, CHANNEL 11. DURHAM 7 a.m. - SUNRISE THE ATRE Joanna Moore and Nancy Walters star in "Monster on Campus." WRAL 1 p.m. - CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL - Two boys and one girl are strand ed at sea in a stolen boat be side an old wartime mine in "Dangerpoint," filmed on location on he rugged Isle of Man. WTVD, WFMY 2 p tn - ABA BASKET BALL Playoff game in the American basketball Association is televised. WTVD, WFMY 2 p.m. - MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL - The game is between the Oak land Athletics and the Minnesota Twins. WRDU 7 p.m. - HEE HAW -Jed Strunk and Jamey Ryan are guests. WTVD, WFMY ' 8 p.m. ALL IN THE FAMILY Archie faces troubles from the Internal Revenue Service about his unreported income from driving a cab on Sundays. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. - MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW - Lou checks into a hospital and puts Mary in charge of the newsroom. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. - MOVIE - In "A Thousand Clowns," a man begins a new life style by quitting bis job, only to find the child welfare bureau highly suspicious of the way he is raising his nephew. The movie stars Jason Ro bards, Barbara Harris and Barry Gordon. WRDU 10 p.m. carol Bur nett Ray Charlesand Vincent Price are guests. WFMY 11 p.m. CREATURE FEATURE Gene Evans stars in "Giant Behemoth." 12:35 a.m. - MOVIE -Jeff Chandler and Jeanne Crain perform in "Tattered Dress." WRAL SATURDAY, APRIL 14 WTVD, CHANNEL 11. DURHAM 4:30 7:00 1:00 1:30 0:00 :30 10:30 11:00 11:45 Sunrise Now Bugs Bunny Ssbrlna Chin Scooby Oto Pussycats Fllntsfone Norm Sloan 12:00 Archie 13:30 Fat Albert 1:00 Children's Film 2:00 ABA B'ball 4:00 CBS Golf 5:30 Nashville Music 4:00 Black Unlimited 4:30 CBS News 7:00 Hot Haw 1:00 All In Family 1:30 Kaleidoscope t:30 Bridget Love terns 9:00 Mary Tyler Moon :jo Bob Newhtrt 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:30 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 28, DURHAM 1:00 Houndcits 1:30 Roman Holiday :00 Jetsons 9:30 Pink Panther 10:00 Underdog 10:30 Berkleys 11:00 Sealab 11:30 Runtround 4:10 NBC Newt 12:00 Eighty Days 7:00 Untamed 12:10 Giant 7: Stand Ud i oo Movie 8:00 Emergency 2:00 Mil. League Baseb 9:00 Movie 5:00 NHL Hockey 11:00 Lite Movie 5:30 Wrestling WFMY-TV. CHANNEL 2, GREENSBORO 7:30 Harlem Globetrotter 12:30 Fat Albert 1:00 Bugs Bunny 1:00 Children's Film 0:30 Soaring 2:00 ABA B'ball 0:00 Chin 4:00 Roller Derby (: Scooby Doe 5:00 Outdoors 10:30 Pussycats 5:30 Parent Game 11:00 Fllntstonet 4:00 News 11:30 Archie 4:30 CM NtWt '.oo ho Haw 1:30 Bridget Loves Bern 0:00 Miry Tyler Moore 9:30 Bob Newhart 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:30 Movie WRAL-TV. CHANNEL 8, RALEIGH 7:00 Sunrise 0:45 Scouting News 9:00 Osmonds 0:30 Superstars 10:30 Brady Kkjs 11:00 Bewitched 11:30 Kid Power 12:00 Phintom 12:30 Frolics 1:00 Am. Bindstsnd 2:00 college B'ball 4:00 Dinah Shore 3:00 Sports World 4:30 Arthur Smith 7:00 L. Welk 1:00 Here We Oe Agiln 30 Touch of Greet 0:00 Julia Andrews 10:00 The Men 11:35 Wrestling 12:10 Movie 8:80 ant SUNRISE SE MESTER Comets are dis- WTVD 9:30 p.m. - MIKE DOUG LAS In a varied episode, actor Robert Stack, astro naut Edgar Mitchell, comic Pat Cooper and author Isaac Asimov participate. WRAL 4:30 p.m. MOVIE Pedro Armendariz, Errol Flvnn and Rossana Rory search Havana, Cuba, for in "The Big Boodle." II 8:30 p.m. - ZOOM Two cteeups are done: one of a young boy on a cattle ranch in New Mexico and another of a recipe for an ice cream WUNC 9 bjii. - MOVIE - In The Man Who Died Twice" With Stuart Whitman, a recluse artist returns to find forgeries of his paintings. WTVD, WFMY 18 p.m. - BOBBY DARIN Arte Jobnton, singer Freda Payne and the rock Bread are guests. whSu : pjn. - WHAT ABOUT TOMORROW? -Decoding the basic laws of nature is the subject exam ined by this special. WRAL 11:30 p.m - MOVIE -James Stewart plays a White Sox pitcher who returns to baseball after a leg amputation in "The Stratton Story." WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. - IN CONCERT - Hard and soft rock combine in a program featuring the Bee Gees, Focus and J. GeHs Band. WRAL 1 a m. - MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Tentatively scheduled Bill Cosby as host and guests Ray Charles, Steely Dan, Waylon Jen nings, Billy Preston and Taj Mahal and Fanny. WRDU 1:30 a.m. - MOVIE -Five Union soldiers search for stolen money in Texas in "Incident at Phantom Hill" with Robert Fuller and Jocebn Lane. WFMY 4:30 Sun. Semester 7:00 CBS News 0:00 Kangaroo 9:00 McHales Navy 9:30 Secret Storm 10:00 Jokers Wild 10:30 $10,000 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love of Lh 12:00 Young and Restless 11:25 Newsbset 12: JO Search 1:M Peggy Hum t:J0 As Work) Turns 3:00 Guiding l ight 2:30 Edge of Nloht 3:00 Right Price 3:30 Hollywood's Talking 4:00 That Girl 4:30 Merv Griffin 4:00 NswstJSet fracas Newt 7:00 Dragnet 2:30 Hollywood Squares 1:00 Mission Impossible 9:00 Movie 11:00 News 11:30 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 28, DURHAM 7:00 Today 9:00 New Zoo Rev. 9:30 Not Women Only 10:00 Dinah 10:30 concentration 11:00 Sale of Cent. U:3t Hollywood sworn 13:00 Jeopardy 12:30 Who. What, Wh 12:55 NBC News 1:00 Your Child 1:30 3 en a Match 2:00 Days Our Lives lilt The Doctors 1:00 Bay City 3:30 Jttt. Fay. Ft 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie 4:00 News 4:10 NBC Newt 7:00 Gentle Ban 7:30 Klktere 0:00 Sanford a Son 8:30 Llttli People 0:00 Circle of Fear 10:00 Bobby Darin 11:00 News 11:10 Tonight 1:00 MkMte Special WFMY-TV, CHANNEL 2. GREENSBORO 4:00 Good Morning 7:55 Devotions 1:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Old Rebel Merv Griffin 10:30 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 12:00 Young t Restless 12:25 News 12:30 Search T'row Night 1:00 Today's Women i:30 as world Tui 2:00 ousting Lie. 2:30 Edge of Nh 3:00 New Price 1:30 Holtywd's Talking 4:00 Secret Storm 4:10 Gomer Pyle S:00 Big Valley tilt I 4:30 CBS New 7:00 AflOV Griffith 7:30 Buck Owens t:00 Mission Impossible 0:00 Movie 11:00 News 11:10 Movie 1:10 Late Movie WRAL-TV. CHANNEL 8, RALEIGH 4:00 4:55 7:00 7:30 1:00 1:10 0:10 11:00 11:30 12:00 Daybreak Viewpoint News Bullwlnkle Uncle Paul Befte Elliott Mike Douglas Password Bewitched 12:30 Split Second 1:00 All My Children 1:30 MaK.e a Deal 2:00 Newlyweda 2:10 Dating Game 1:00 Gen. Hospital 1:10 Tell the Truth 4:00 Truth or 4:10 Parry Mason 5:30 Andy Griffith 4:00 News 4:25 Viewpoint 4:20 ABC Newt 7:00 Bonanza 0:00 Brady Bunch 0:30 Patridge Fam. ;,vKlli 9:30 Odd Couple 10:00 Uve, Am. style 11:00 News v.--' 11:10 Entertainment Wort WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4, CHAPEL HILL r 9-30 PhVS. SCI. 10:00 Sesame St. 11:00 Granny 11:20 Imeees 11:40 Sign Off 12:10 electric co. 1:00 RiPPles 1:15 Math .1:10 Phys. Sd. 2:00 Moth 1:30 Sly; Off 4:00 Mlsterogers 4:30 Sesame St. 5:M Electric ce 4:t0 Evening ttitt, 4:30 Zoom 7:00 You the Deaf 7:30 N.C. People 1:00 Wash. Week a:30 N.c. weak f:30 Sing Off Mutual Savings Announces New High Yields. DAILY I NTEREST COMPOUNDED DAILY Effective Jan. 1,1973 PASSBOOK ACCOUNTS 5 sis 5.1 $ $5,000 MINIMUM DEPOSIT f 1 2 MeTiffh Tbwii) 5 5.92 ' Hn otcumH must r.nwin ooew It toys to eem. $5,000 MINIMUM DIPOSIT H(OBj4h YOjynt) (elL4 itirtsh Vo)tYwiw) 6 Bz 6.18 Mutual Savings & Loan Association 112 West Parrish Street , Oorham.N.C. s 1 1 1 I I I I 1 i. i i i 3 I S I It VOLUME 58 No. 16 DURHAM, N. C, SATURDAY, APRIL tt 1970 U. S. NAVY COMPLETES THE KITTY HAWK TRIALS 4 Experimental Housing Project Approved iBjssBBSBBBBjtM J3Am 1as7 . e BBMr '"' 'fBBMffiBf irlfflelsP !PirMlliliiffsmM BsnsrJ SPaMfT k'-BI BW ' B Bat' "': ' .o'isvmI BwhBI BT i He r s?aWsBTe99ssfl SBKlfl-A: Uml BSil mlwW 8fJSt. wMBBMBMl ffitsl::f' !'-ji, . ::-:BBBal bBBTH bBBBBS&&:;:' :sBBB. - "BBB ?x I r jtlw fW wF m m i'mmm m .:'liilr MmlMiimmLMmWrM mm W&Mw&8i!K :lP- BJ K:: : BBBBBbBBBBBBibBB7 jmBf bBbTvvMM1 Am mm MmWiMM Wmf-m mWtm3mmW ' - - BBBH::BhbBBBBBS - Jmm. AWM BBw; itBBS BBBSpkBB bW ' " w$m&Bm mm emw mm mmwlMmmWfflm mffik&mm mm mm mW Mm rBBBku : BBBBHSii bbf : : bQk;:: sjp ". frr va M Am BlP'i Bf'Sp Bswsti.iBOfc.-m mtm Mm mmmm-- m m fe-B' BBat' wIb1 : B jBbI '-:' ' MH t''i ' mK'b''AK 'muc-&:.--i. mfw1' BjbbI ;'- Bilt4i.l-fl BBBBBBBBBBsS m)il Bl BtW mmm ami J BBBJ'!!? 1 .HJ m$i mWa WM ' - i&Sm Mm r Bishof in ,. , T I NAMED TO POST WITH GUARD - Lewis A. Jones, 44, has been appointed Special As sistant for Equal Opportunity, Office of the Chief of the Na tional Guard Bureau at the Pentagon. Jones, an educator and a major in the New Jersey Air National Guard will guide national level efforts to help the states improve minority representation in both the Ar my and Air National Guard. Honored For Combined Total of 60 Years committee memberships, in stitutional rep resentatives, commissioner services and Jordan Named SCOUTING - A special fea ture of the 11:00 a.m. Serv ices at Mount Zion Baptist Church on Palm Sunday, April 15, was the presenta tion of Service Pins to Mrs. Rosabelle Gilchrist (left), Spencer A. Wynne and Mrs. Leora Pippen for having giv en a combined total of 60 years or more to scouting ac tivities. Throughout the years, such activities to scouting have in volved den leader services, other specialized duties. Presenting the service pins were Mrs. Dorothy Prince, daughter of Mrs. Gilchrist; Miss Diane Johnson Johnson, daughter of Spencer Wynne and Michael Pippen, son of Mrs. Pippen. E. L. Kearney is associate district executive; Dr. W. H. Fuller serves as pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Dr. Inhn I arlrint Named to Head Confe rence for Social Science Dr. John R. Larkins, As sociate Direc tor, N.C. Proba tion Commission, has been elected president of the North Carolina Conference for Social Service at its annual meeting. He is the first black to be elected to this position in the 61-year history of the organi zation. Among the past presi dents are the late Drs. Frank P. Graham, Howard W. Odum, Clarence Poe, D. Hiden Ram sey, and former Governor T. W. Bickett. In recent years, Drs. Ellen Winston, Ale xander Heard, C. Horace Hamilton, Mrs. L. Richardson Preyer, Dr. Raymond Stone, Blaine M. See LARKINS 8A National Sickle Cell Conference To Be Held In Durham May 3-6 The officers and directors of the National Sickle Cell Disease Research Foundation, Incorporated have announced their fourth (4th) Annual Spring Conference. This year's conference will be held in Durham, North Carolina, from May 3-6. The North Carolina Beauticians Annual Trade Show will host the conference. Mrs. Esther Wiley, president COX BBBfHBBBBBBBVBBBi H Li i of the trade show, will serve as general chairwoman of the conference. Sites for the ac tivities of the conference will be spread out over Durham: Holiday Inn, National Guard Armory, Duke Hospital, and Hillside High School. "Awareness and Education" Is the theme of this 4th Annual Research Conference. High lights will include Youth Day, workshops, panel discussions, seminars, demonstrations, and sickle cell disease testing throughout the conference. The presentation of the "L. W. Diggs, M.D. Meritorius Award" will take place at a Friday Luncheon; there will be a banquet and dance that Friday evening; an all Greek letter organization luncheon See SICKLE 8A NAACP Atf'ys Seek to Appeal Convictions SAN DIEGO, Ca. - ;A naval court-martial disposed of the last two Kitty Hawk cases on April 10 by acquitting one seaman on all charges and convicting the other mostly on charges arising during his pre-trial confinement in the brig. Acquitted was Vernel Robinson, who had been charged with three counts of assault and rioting. But Noel Smith was less fortunate. The Navy could sustain only one charge of assault arising from several hours of rioting aboard the super carrier on October 12 and 13 as the ship returned to the Vietnam coast. A charge of riot was dismissed, but Mr, Smith was convicted on mm See NAVY 8A an Of COCU BISHOP F. D. JORDAN MEMPHIS - Bishop Frederick D. Jordan of the African Methodist Episcopal Church today was elected the first black chairman in the 11-year history of the Con sultation on Church Union. Bishop Jordan, of Holly wood, Calif., succeeds the Rev. George G. Beazley Jr. of Indianapolis, of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The election came at the -ioK! f a five-day plenary See JORDAN 8A Social Services To Administer Rent Subsidy An experimental housing allowance program or more widely known rent subsidy plan has been approved for Durham. Under the admini strative guidance of the De partment of Social Services, the program will aid 500 families to move into standard housing by p-roviding them with housing allowance. Durham county was se lected as one of the 12 com munities to carry on the ex perimental program over a two-year period. HUD select ed the Social Services Depart ment in Durham to administer the rent subsidy plan in Durham. Any family that would be forced to spend more than 25 percent of its et income ttf live in standard See HOUSING 8A Churdi Women Unted f o Celebrate! World Fellowship Day on Hay 4 Protestant, Roman Catho lic, and Orthodox women from over 2,000 local units of Church Women United will come together in their local communities on the first Friday in May. Sine e the first May Fellowship Day Ob servances in 1938, it has been traditional for church women across the country to use this date to emphasize the creative and healing relations that are possible among people in every community. This year's theme, "As Hand Touches Hand," will focus on the spirit of church women as they reach out as volunteers in the community, conducting and participating in education, health, and social service pro grams. The assembly in Durham will be held at Temple Baptist Church, 807 West Chapel Hill Street, Registration will be held at 9:30 a.m. and devo tions by the host pastor, Dr. Robert W. Bailey, will follow at ten o'clock. Mrs. Laura Dotson, president of the North Carolina unit of Church Women United, will be key note speaker. Local women who will share their ex periences in volunteer activity in the Durham community are Mrs. Asa Spaulding, president of Women-in-Action for the Prevention of Violence and Its Causes, Miss Helen Kaiser of the Coordinating Council of Senior Citizens, and Mrs. Rose West of the Literacy Program. Highlighting the meeting will be the universal service of ce lebration, "What Is In Our Hand." The official organization of the Durham unit of Church Women United will take place and officers will be elected. A fellowship luncheon will conclude the celebration. All women are invited to share in this historic occasion. Luncheon reserva tions may be made by con tacting Mrs. Herman Lucas, 2002 Otis Street, Durham 27707, phone 688-1212. This May Fellowship Day will salute the volunteers who have initiated and taken part in health care programs, in education for children and adults, in services to the aging, and to the imprisoned. Volun teers are working as monitors of legislation, as advocates for self-help programs, and as educators in the areas of con sumerism, ecology, peace building, international trade, and human rights. In addition, for the past eight years, Church See WOMEN 8A r mmmmW''' mmmj&frv-. BS mmWW'- atsBBBBBKBBBBBBBBBBB gBBBBKiBjatssta iggtBBBBBBBBBsBBBBiBfl BBBfl 1 JBpP mm m fgBBY ' 4m &mmm mm ' WL X sBBBBBw ' mm w bbI tp ,. J bbbI BBBB8P ' MRS, YOUNG NAACP to Feature Youth Sunday rch April 22 at Cox Memorial Chu The Rev. N. P. Brodie, youth advisor, Durham Chap ter, NAACP, in charge of the monthly meeting, announced Monday, that Mrs. Tommie Young, NCCU, would be the speaker at the meeting of the organization, which will be held at Cox Memorial Freewill Baptist Church, Riddle Road, 4:00 p.m., Sunday, April 22. The Rev. Brodie said that the meeting would feature the work of the youth, as it relates to the NAACP. Youths from the churches, schools and col leges have been invited to at tend. Mrs. Young, 1st vice presi dent of the Durham Branch, who worked in the organiza tion, as a youth in Nashville, Tenn., is expected to talk about how the youths can become a viable part of the Durham Branch. The Rev. D. H. Bell, pastor of the host church, will be in charge of devotions. Music wit be rendered by one of the choirs of the church. Rev. Brodie is also expected North Carolina Mutual Announces Promotions, Changes to outline, plans on how two youth can win a trip to the na tional convention, which will be held in Indianapolis, Ind., July 1-6. Mrs. Young earned her M.A. Degree at Peabody College and is a candidate for her Ph.D at Duke University. Mrs. Young is Professor of English and Education, Library Educator NCCU, Durham. She is listed with Who's Who Among stude nts in Ameri can Colleges and Universities, Who's Who in American Educa tion, and Library Service, and Republican Committeewoman, Campaign chairman for the Na tional Association of Colored People and Community organizer. JOYaL The Board of Directors and Preside nt W. J. Kennedy, III, of North Ca rolina Mutual Life Insurance Company recently announced several promotions and changes within the com pany's home office personnel. Promoted were: George W. Cox, Jr., from Assistant Vice President to Vice President; Charles Blackmon, CDP, from Manager, Programming Divi sion, to Assistant Vice Presi dent; E. J. Clemons, CLU, from Training Assistant to Assistant CLEMONS Agency Director, F. A. Ram seur, from Field Training Su pervisor to Assistant to the Agency Director; Robert Mc Millan, from Supervisor of Maintenance to Building Super intendent; and Clatha L. Wil liams, from Stenographer-Typist to Supervisor, Stenogra phic Pool. In addition, L. Z. Craft, H. R. Davis, CLU, R. E. Hackett, and E. J. Halfacre CLU, former Assistant Agency Directors, were named Agency Directors for each of the Com- 8bW aBBBBja v y tBBBsjt ''-'SBsb bsssv5 asW ffi 'si&fft 1L !j8w3alBKS 'gBLBaBx S&siilaaKHi!' !MM jlBBlM Ci1 BjEr Bl HPiiii pany's four rations George Wayne Cox, Jr., joined North Carolina Mutual in 1948 as a Supervisor of Field Clerk Services. In 1964, after serving in many subse quent positions, he became Assistant Vice President. Mr. Cox holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from Morehouse College in Atlanta and a master's degree in the same field from New York University. He has also com pleted specialized training in the fields of data processing, computer programming, and life office management. Edward J. Clemons, CLU, became an agent for North Carolina Mutual in 1955 on the Atlanta District. In 1969, he was transferred to the com pany's home office as a Train ing Assistant. A graduate of Clark College in Atlanta, Mr. Cle mons has also successfully completed courses offered by the Life Underwriters' Train ing Council, the Life Office 8 m ,, ,v,..,mmm .uwmmmmmm . mm wiiiiiui'i"r,iiww Management Association, and the American College of Life Underwriters which conferred the "CLU" (Chartered Life Underwriters) designation upon him in 1969. Charles Blackmon, CDP, has been woiking for North Caro lina Mutual in the field of computer programming for 11 years, more recently as manager of MCM's Programming Divi sion. Prior to his employment with the company, he worked in computer operations and programming with the United States Air Force. In 1963, Mr. Blackmon was awarde d the "CDP" (Certified Data Proce s sor) designation by the Data Management Association. F. A. Ramseur joined North Carolina Mutual as an agent named staff manager on MCM's Greensboro District, serving successfully in the same capa cities in Atlanta, Macon, and Newark before managing first the Macon Distric t and then See MUTUAL 8A 111 rk3 mmm mw He. M ! t aSBBfiP iilutH BBMT BBti I mmm BLACKMON DAVIS I McMillan HALFACRE C1AFT HACKETT

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