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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, April 28, 1973, Section B, Image 11

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I MATTO CAROLINA TIMES StL, April 28. 1I7S "REFLECTIONS" plONNCCU r of Carl T. Rowan (Negro) syndicated columnist and a forma American Ambassa dor to Finland. When I wu amnttirl in his IHl In A February 4, 1873 Issue of the Sunday Star my admiration One is so often damned for speaking Truth, but Carl T. Rowan seems to be un touched by the controversial figure he presents. I quote excerpts from the above men tioned column: is nme to nop swallow ing this malarky that styling your hair in 30 nappy plaits, with enough head sUn show ing cane-bottom granny's rocker, is the epitome of "pride in racial heritage." Anybody who didn't find enough "black pride" with a "bush" is supposed to finally discover his or her identity in a "corn row." This is to put it as decently as I csn pure nonsense . . No Greek, no Roman, no Jew, no Aztec ever designed enough hair to cloak failure to the extent taut it could pass for "pride." I submit this as being worth researching. -.1 e e SALVATION i When life is grey And my temper has cooled This is the time I must love. When I feel the book of lone liness Tugging at my flesh I could' cut it out. I know, 1 know I could. But my knife has slipped To the bottom of the sea, And I can't swim that far. Fletcher J. Allen October, 1968 e INFATUATION Infatuation Gratification Rejection Realization Love? A cyclic formation Of the heart -it Needs and desires that be come p-' Food for the soul and an KEtsPCT CLEAN Paint Washes Out Dear Virginia White: My daughter comes home from school with poster paint on her clothes whenever there's a school art class. It's sup posed to wash out, but it doesn't Any secrets for get ting out these stains? Artist's Mother Dear Mother: Fresh poster paint stains can be washed out with cool water or, if you can. nersuade your daughter to rinae out the tusai Is t a i n a when they occur. By the time she gctx home, thfi stains hsvs set and require more effort. First, rinse the stain with cool water. Then rub powdered detergent, such as non-phosphate Miracle White, into the stain. Let the garment stand for five minutes and then launder as usual. Before you treat any stain like this, always test for color fastness on a hem or scam. Dear Virginia White: My youngest boy left a wad of chewinir gum on the table cloth at dinner last night. It's almost new and I hate to see it ruined, hut I can't get the gum out ... . Stuck Dear Stuek: Rub an ice cube on the chew inn gum to harden it; then scrape off as much as you can with a blunt knife. Rub the spot with dry -leaning fluid to remove the rest of the spot. Finally, rinse out in coot water ami launder with yuur favorite detergent or mine, Miracle White Non-l'hosphatc Deter gent For a fret atoin removal chart, write for SSi, Virginia Wli ite, iliraelt White Coin ;awy, imkt ll'et or .Street, Chieagu, UliuoiH efifi.ij. TOoootiOfiiioi ii ii n ii ii ii luoutlflfjam MMHH Tit.. . u . - -. - - . b wnmoutors are mem- a bars of the Creative a.,.,. ., 9 Class of North Carolina Cen- 1 tral llnkm.u.. " . v..;, unoer tne tu- m telege of Miss Mary Bohannon. f wnose uuents she considers worth developing. The students I ange from the freshman level 1 through! the eraduate I oval ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Having qualified as admin istrator of the Estate of fasaes E. Garner, deceased. Ifh Conwy, this J Wmsagalnst the estate of said deceased to exhibit hem to the undersigned at 807 Macklin Street, Durham North Carolina zTTOl oTor ot bar, 1973 or this notice will be pleaded in bar of their re All persons indebted to rtrstor 0f the of James B. April 21, 27; May 5, 12, 1973 WEEKLY LEGISLATIVE REPORT BY JOHN EDWARDS' This week's report covers those bills introduced in the General Assembly from April 12 through April 18. The first letter and num bers in the paragraph give the number of the bill and indicates whether it was in troduced in the House (H) or Senate (S), followed by description of the bill. S-737: County Election Boards Secretary: Provides for a uniform procedure in the hiring and firing of the executive secretary of county boards of elections. H-t 133 Legislative Com mittee On Medical Manpow ers Establishes a committee to make an investigation and recommendations about the Eruption of the mind. -Carolyn E. Green ' SPRING SYMPHONY I sit in audience of nature As she conducts her inaugu ral theme. The metronomic swaying of reeds, Stalks, and blades of green set the tempo. Birds are flutering their gay pastorial melody. Trees lend their branches as harp strings to the wind. Butterflies soloing in runs, an allegro in harmony with The hop hoppy hop synco pation by grasshoppers. Flowers bloom in crescendo, cltoarinf A hnrst of melodic beauty. Lightning illuminating sig nals of Distant rumbling thunders proclaiming The coronation of spring. X Hltorrif W. Barrier THE PROFESSORS Wasting away In the jungle Of the mind.,' Succumbing to Mental lust v Born losers. Linda McGloin ORDER I tend To disregard The commandments, Those august And Inviolate rules; A general tendency Threatening m . v sryauuiue Into A trait of character. Toby Jones medical manpower needs of the state. fl i 138 Medical Records as Evidence: Provides that hospital records concerning treatment may be received in court, as evidence under cer tain circumstances. H-1146 Additional City Government Option: Provides that city may be divided into electroal districts, with coun cil members apportioned to districts on equal representa tion basis. Some or all coun cilman may be elected by district. If some councilmen elected at large, they must reside in various wards. This is similar to existing law ex cept that it provides that if at-large councilmen, they must reside in various wards also. H-1149 General Assembly Pay, Expenses: Increases an- MRS. PETEN AND CHILDREN IN REUNION By M. FULTON The happiness which can nual salary of members of General Assembly from $2, 400 to $5,000, increases the monthly expense sllowance from $50 to $150, and in creases daily expense allow ance from $25 to $35 per day. S 735 Licensing Board of Teachers: Establishes a licen sing board to establish quail fications for licensing teach ers (now, State Board of Edu cation controls certification). S-742 Funds for Family Planning Service: Appropri ates $1 million to the Family Planning Section of the State Board of Health to provide family planning and contra ceptive services. S-754 -Call Convention on Schools and Race Calls for the U. S. Congress to call for a convention to amend the U. S. Constitution to pro vide that "no student shall be assigned to nor compelled to attend any particular pub lic school on account of race, religion, color, or national origin." S-755 Funds for State Youth Council: Appropriates $32,900 to the Department of Administration for expenses and salary of executive sec retary of State Youth Coun cil H-1159 Elect Soil Conser vation Supervisors: Provides for the election of soil con servation district supervisors in nonpartisan elections to be held at some tune as reg ular elections for county of fleers. Travei-on JL MOTORCYCLE COMPANY , L turaatit HONDAS IN STOCK FULL SERVICE FINANCING INSURANCE . Monday-Friday 9 :00-7 :30 Saturday 9:00-5:00 Sunday 1:00-4:00 CHAPEL HILL 929-2364 CEADriJ IIA UAftr .cHi.n nu muKC "SHAG KING" mr m1 :BSaSHBnsjXro '.. ,.6 ?Si bctHko: Mrs. Housewife, this is your lucky day'. This Shag King has now become part of the fabulous "Kirby Z 2 x 7" "0W rdte' vacuum ond ""I" you E TP u i? U" 0Dra,iflin- Your deep and extra deep shag should never again be a concern to you. Call ui for a no 0bl.9at.0n, proof of the pudding demonstration. CAIL 286-2231 forahome dennstraticn. KIRBY CO. of Durham 11 17 Broad St. Tel. 286-223 f ' r py SLy BeB - . . 1 'sawajsejajjaajaaajBSFwjB IsllhaTWSiBMM I -. m pjs- nsjBJBBjgeaBBBi Une ot the nicest things vvu .tui uu rur a gooa rnend is intrndnrp him in nnU , 111111 ivy m iuu iv. I good friend. Charter. . . made just right to give it the kind of smoothness a Doumon drinker really appreciates. CHARTER The smoothest Kentucky Bourbon you'll ever know. IIMMWI BOURBON WHISKY 86 PROOF C 010 CHMTEK OIST. CO.. LOUISVILLE, tt. not be bought for any price was flowing like water at the Pet on house the Easter week-end. Mrs. Geneva Peten of 2300 Chautauqua Street was the center of love and affection as the majority of her chil dren and grandchildren were at home again. Some of those missing got in on the action by telephone. rjSJwHE The youngest daughter, Mrs. Barbara Ruth Peten Jackson and sons Charles, Jr. and Courtney got their share of attention as they had been away longer making their home in Los Angeles, Cal. The other family members included: Mrs. Mildred Hayes of Durham; Mrs. Delia Far mer of Newark, N. J,: Mrs. Juanita Peten of New Jersey; John Peten of New York; Mrs. Martha Davis of Dur ham; Lachita Brown of Brooklyn, N. Y.; Geneva Ja cobs of California; Mrs. Gwendolyn Peten Corprew of New Jersey; Ronald Jacobs, Mrs. Mercedes McAllister, Mrs. Pat King all of Durham and a host of grand and great grand children and friends. The world's flrtftpea- nuta originated in South America. They were first cultivated in Peru, according to Mrs. Rubv Uzzie, extension con sumer marketing econ omist, North Carolina State University. Prices Start At... an SB im-y DESIGNED FOR AND TUNED TO AMERICAN CARS! ABBaa""" If you keep your em in rtttonably good inapt. tirts properly inriattd and wheels balanced, ruw. ii ....! wra will mp w-vuiy. I he reason it they're to ortciialv built that uneven wear It virtually impossible. So there's no need to rotate them. Size 185-13 (itatiitr for Maw Unu 7.007 .25T.J57.50-I J 185-13,070.13. C71-13) THE STRENGTH AND PROTECTION OF STEEL PLUS A QUIET COMFORTABLE RIDE AND HIGH PERFORMANCE HANDLING. GUARANTEED 40,000 MILES I ft-II.. Par PaSDHBBHHBBBBH- - IV BeWITH fUBCHASEOP llRELLI CINTUR4TOS Fully insulated to keep food and beverages hot or cold. Rally red and whits with removable rigid inner liner and wrap-around handle. Great for rallys, the beach, oamas. picnics, etc. "PwHti Ci"luf.iii) CNPj ti'ir. .B-r iin.u.HiiL.n) hi kw an atMjwMl tn-vaj hki r 40.011) iik.-. titXjtvnuml uiibi i C-aJ' fxltnl U Purtk oniaanl, mSmI he SewwH til hlmmhi, --,i DHbsajv njl ff:,;- r.'il iKKliipl'i.tiv LuH'o' .nlnmit.ciil. fimd ir--WIlOlllflHlv;,-. luttll 1;iijl.ij((i-i)Pirc!t.Dl- t'il bviltoIi'Ml lUI'll',: r l Twuamua bsimai m AtiNaici "W- rtrntt wAr: hMtil on fn.vnn tim m ih (WiiUtrnmCwIWW'WitlunciMiliMmtjIUl tttul'iM Au,k.., MttNtnkt)M'.iil ktluiy . j - tij mjHihwi gikarjni. CUlj bmm M thwtut in tH tail at rMi d - 4k) -wit tMLmcutl Tte-y " SardbiitJ.iin H w iiHiWarwBril Mel it) jhunmuiii ut wili di'hrteMi iMKkk, Iw.aWaii wmiLa i'lit Pirtiit i ' i.ttFf ;n v., km jic Jiti (htauuuj jmta tfcrlncu mi Mtrsmha snl u hWSt Ihtal lu'.iTd.. C.(Ml,t tSJ M lMl IM Itilll ikSHII fcsivi'inrnj NOW IN STOCK-40 fizti for Amriam Cml 10 DAY FREE TRIAL NO OBLIGATION TO BUY CHARGE IT! MS, A CHARGE HAN MASTER CHARGE BANKAMERICARD MONTGOMERY i AND ALDRIDGE L13 CORNER MORGAN & RONEY OPPOSITE CAROLINA THEATER CALL 682-0441 h IWEI.LinimMllrts5LMllW m u We're here to save Villi III III J mmmWJ If Your DISCOUNT AITTO ' PARTS STORE Generators Fan Bits tfg much cheaper and easier than you think to make your own repairs on your car with Brakes Batteries Carburetors Starters Ignitions 4l..t.l v-iuicnes Mufflers Water Pumps Fuel Pumps sra jfw sC-BM-h.lMA IX .K.KI .K Filters Piston Rings Exhaust Pipes Tachometers Hi Rise Intakes Alternators Shifters, etc. WATCH FOR FANTASTIC SAVINGS IN UPCOMING SPECIALS Join the Apple Core & Save 2820 Roxboro Rd. ' in Bragtown 477.ot4 Mon.-Sat. an am - M0 pm 1105 W. Chapel HiH St. seconds from the campus. Open Mon Sat. 8 am 8 pm 4897484 SKTK S PAGES THE 1973 MODELS tt C. 8ATOBDAY, APRIL 28. 1973 .aBtVeaaBVtk i ' : NT ,. JHflsT If aaHBBm WINNER "i THE I Jm aw 0 v " AUTOMOBILES 47 DURHAM'S HEW CAR DIALERS N aahtv JaaSjvv Bam w BT BaBaWBaap sa ALEXANDER FORD JOHNSON MOTORS .WEEKS ALLEN MOTORS .ELKINS CHRYSLER- PLYMOUTH ILDERT0N DODGE YATES MOTORS MORGAN MOTORS TRIANGLE VOLKSWAGEN JL Jmmtm MbmhiK tl .PORSCHEAUDI .O'tKUNT MOTORS I B 8 '''"' .UZZLE CADILLAC OLDS. .HARRIS C0NNERS .CARPENTERS CHEVROLET .1

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