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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, August 25, 1973, Section B, Page 8B, Image 20

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buke mtiv, Library Durharo, K C fiee CAROLINA TIMES August 25, 1973 IFE mmmmn m mm LOCAL BUSINESSMA DID INCOME TAX TAKE A WORDS OF WUDOK 1 41 Although your TlKM r all paid, b ' m left! IATE BULLETIN CkCa The buck ef granite which en rvithwav of the weak becomes a Head football coach. Tommy Reaes, 48, collapsed and died Wednesday, on the campus of Fayetteville Stale University. Reaves was a native of Tarboro. Funeral arrangements were incomplete at press time. in the pathway of the strong. Don't fret, come to ee w end r range a speedy, low cost, confiden tial loan which b just one of cur No rock so hard but that a little wave admission in a thousand years AIM, --.sara; : iwmim J-.-MM, ::Jfr- '?'SlliaF'. jSrjlr' SeBaslIC IJ'eM flftttW4rfeMlaWal CaTHaVojaattteMd OMBplV0 itR lOeWU kK N M Dhtav-la Aatal TAeel i m.4 Well workout repayment terms to fit your income Enjoy Full Service Bonkfng Checking A Savings Accounts Auto loans Mortgage loans Home Improvement loans Bank-by-Mail Safe Deposit Mechanics & Farmers Bank DURHAM CHULOTH; RALEI6H Thursday Highlights THURSDAY, AUGUST 23 WTVD. CHANNEL 1 J, DUKIAM : a.m. - SUMMER SEMESTER National parks art the tubject of ft lesson in practical English for Spanish - Americans. WTVD T a.m TODAY - Jerry Voorhis, a former California representative, discusses bis new book about President Nixon. WRDU 8:30 a.m. MIKE DOUG-LAS-Mimes Robert Shields and Lorena.Yarnell entertain Mike along with George Montgomery. Pat Cooper and Dana Valery. WKAb . a.m.- MEKV GRIFFIN A salute to Noel . Coward is carried out by Eva Gabor, actor Daniel Massey and the cast of "Oh, Coward!" WFMY 10 am - DINAH SHORE Ray Charles sings and with Dinah. S p.m. - PLAYHOUSE NEW YORK BIOGRAPHY -The post-impressionist paint er Vincent van Gogh is por trayed. WUNC 9 p.m. - MOVIE - Rod Steiger stars in "The Sergeant," a study of homosexuality in the peacetime Army. John Phillip Law and Ludmilla Mikael also star. WTVD , p.m, GOOD VIBRATIONS FROM CENTRAL PARK - The Woodstock-fame group Sly and the Family Stone heads - the list of performers in a & summer concert in New York. The Temptations, the Eagles with their rock and country combination, John a nd soul singer take 4:30 Semester 7:00 CBS News I:M Cart. Kangaro t:0O Piggy Minn :30 Secret Storm 10:00 Joker'! WIM 10:10 10,000 Pyramid '1:00 Gambit 11.-M lm at Lift 12:00 Young and RMltM 4:30 Merv 12:3 Search 1:00 Divorce Court 1:30 At World Turn 2:09 Guiding LUrt Sh30 Edn Of NUM 3:00 Price It RlgM 3:30 Match Game 4:00 That Girl taw, Ji MM 7:10 Parent 1:00 Walton :0O Movie 11:00 New. 11:30 Mevls I WRDU-TV, CHANNEL M. DURIAM 7:01 Today t:N New ZOO 0:30 Romper Room 10:00 Dlnaht Place 10:30 Baffle 11:30 Wizard of Odds 1130 Hollywood Square! 1t:00 Jeopardy : 12.30 Who What Where W:0 Not Woman Only 1:30 Three an Match 1:00 Daw of Uvaa J:30 Doctors 3:00 Another World '3:30 Peyton Piece Rehir 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie 4:00 Newt tStSJJ WSC KkWfS 7:0ft The rratoctori fim Jmw WwtJM S.00 Helen Roooy t:00 Irenikjt 10:00 Dean Marti 11:00 Newt nag WFMY -TV, CHANNEL S, :00 GoM Mornlna S:00Capt. Kangaroo 0:00 Old Rebel 9:30 Merv Griffin 10:30 10.000 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love of Life 12:30 Young and Restless Sebastian Melissa Manchester part in the concert taped Aug; I and 1 WRAL in 11:30 Search 1:00 Todav'a 1:10 At world Turn 2:00 Guiding Light 2:30 Edoe of Night 3:00 Now Price 3:10 Match Game 4:30 Owner Pyt 1:00 Daniel Boon 4:00 Newt ' 4:10 CBS New 7:00 Andy Griff I 7:10 Dragnet :oo waltani 11:3 Movto WRAMf, CHANNEL S, 4 p.m. STAR TREK The crew finds a private paradise occupied by a man of extraordinary and a- r educated but unfeel- imaOeeL WRAL 4:10 p.m MOVIE -Heroism and cowardice JorldWarll heat in "Attack." with Jack ffriOMJ. "Eddie Albert and lm Marvin. WRDU nm MUSIC COUNTRY - Lynn Anderson. Jerry Reed, Donna Fargo and Ray Stevens pro- -duce some country sounds. 4 WRDU 11:30 p.m. - MOVIE - , Anna Magnani does an Oscar-winning performance in the film adaptation of Tennessee Williams' pity bout Italians in Louisiana, fjjjr Rose Tattoo.' Burt Lancaster and Maria Pavan lea star. WTVD, WFMY :oo Daybreak t:SS Commentary 7:00 Now 7:30 Make With 0:00 Uncle Paul 11:00 Newt 11:00 Password 11:30 Brady Bunch 12:30 Split Second 1:00 All My Children, 1:30 Left Mike Deal 2:30 Girl In Life 3:00 Gen. Hospital 1:30 Life To Live 4:00 Star Trek 4:30 AhCNews 7:30 Tad Trutti 0:00 Mod Swttd K 11:30 Jack Paar WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4. CHAPEL RILL 10:00 Sesame St. 11:00 Mr. Roger 11:30 Electric Co. 12:00 Sigh Off 4:00 Mltterogart 4:30 Satama SI. ' 4:00 Evening Edition 6:30 Children Grow? 7:00 Jye chaa caafe 0:00 Playhouta :30 Jau Set 10:00 Am. Family n ma lign on A SUBSCRIPTION TO THE CAROLINA TIMES WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED OF THE NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Hit J U W.SC(l ' rue STOP IN OR CALL 62-2913 OR 68-6587 TODAY "rr ' lf""-' J Friday Highlights raL.4r W W- K FRIDAY, AUGUST 24 : am. SUMMER SEMESTER - The impact progress of blacks in this country is examined 7 a.m. TODAY Jim my Breslin discusses his book about a New York City policeman. WRDU 9 30 a m - MERV GRIF FIN The beat welcome George Jesse). Ross Martin and Chare. WFMY 10 a m. DINAH SHORE Cicely Tyson, star of "Sound jr." demonstrates hair style tor black women WRDU 4pm- STAR TREK -lift and Spock battle four ruthless killers on planet of molten lava. WRAL FIN - Earlier WTVD k re els am. - MOVIE Hepburn and BMP Play the roles in "Mary of a historical taed en Mary a oppression by beth of England during the rivalry for the throne. WRDU p.m. PRO fOOTRALL The Los Angeles Rams Square off against the Miami Dolphins in an ex hibition game. WRDU 9 p.m. - MOVIE - A youth gone astray chooses boat work as an alternative to jail in "Chubasco." with Christopher Jones in his movie debut, Richard Egaa and Susan Strasberg, WTVD, WFMY -V ' ! .-?. ; , . 1130 p m - MOVIE -David McCallum fends of an Mwiaiii mi and- a husband hunting woman in "Three Rites of the Ap grlva Koscina and Tammy Grimes. WTVD, WFMY 1 am - MIDNIGHT 'IAL Country t ,,. ri-mm of a show with Marty Robbins, Loretta Lynn. Tammy Wynr-tte and George Jones, Tanya Tucker, Conway Twitty, toe , i Ha ?,. Don Gibson and f. ....... ' WTVD, CHANNEL U. DURHAM 4:30 Sun. 7:00 CBS NM I 00 Kangaroo 0:00 Peggy Mann :30 Secret Storm 10:00 Joker. WIM 10:10 tlOMO Pyramid 11:00 Gemblt 11:30 Love Of Life 11:00 Vouna and RetfleM n m Mtnttitai 11:30 Search 1:00 Divorce Court . V v:f,i, ....... I loht 1:10 Edna if Night 1:00 Right Price 3:30 Match Oama 4:00 That Girl 4:10 Merv OrtHkt 6 00 Newrtaat 4:30 CBS News 7:00 Oreanet 7:30 Hollywood WM wvi 1 WRDU-TV. CHANNEL 28. DURHAM 1 09 t 9:00 New Zoo Rav. 3n Romper Room 10:00 Dineh 10:30 Betn 11:00 Wizard of Oddl 11:30 Hllyd SauidM 12:00 Jeoetrdv 11:10 Who, What, Wh. litis NBC Newe 1:00 Nat Women Only 1:11 1 an a Match 1:10 Davt Our Llvet 1:30 The Doctore 3:00 Bey City 1:10 Rat. Rav. PL 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie e:u0 Newt 4:30 NBC New :0 Lessle .1 Rattan 11:00 News II 30 Tenltht 1:00 MWnn special WFMY -TV, CHANNEL I. GREENSBORO 4:0 7:B 0:00 9:00 9 30 10:30 11:00 11:00 11:U 0:00 Goaa Mornlna Devotions Capt Kimjaro Old Ratal Merv Grittin pyramid Gemblt Love of LH vaunt a Rest let U: 30 Search T'row 1:10 Taday't Woman 1:30 Edge of Night l Haw Prlca 1:10 Match Bam 4:40 secret Storm 4:30 Gomer vl 1:00 Daniel 4:00 New 7:M AMOri?lltt, 7:M Am. Lite Stylo t:00 40 Mlnules 0:00 Movie 11:00 News 11:11 Movie 1:30 LM Movie WRAL-TV, CHANNEL s. RALEIGH 9 4:55 Viewpoint 7:10 News , ,i .,ii:i. 1:01 Unci Paul 0:30 Mike Douglas 10:00 Bette Elliott II 00 Password 11:30 Brady Bunch U:00 Nw 11:10 Split 1:00 All My '1 Navvlyweda 1:30 Girl I Life BtSf Owtnt 4:00 Nawi S: AK thpt 1000 Love Awit St II: 11: WUNC-TV. CHANNEL 4. CHAPEL BIX iiiMtt t: Pllm 10 M taume . i Mlslaiiaiaia 4: teMmesT 1:30 Electric Co 4:00 evening E6R. 4:30 Zoom 7:00 Caatkf Ciun I H SI C. v,J0 AvvrWftt iimainmBtTJBSfJB' - - . msmxm ih vam ...hb m : tvm m-e : war Bam agar m f B Been'HoaaVtljraWeaO.fW-Tit 9 If MS W. CHAPEL HUX STREET SSlSSZS&i-J M - ClT . .'.'ij?, :.-:T-., ...' r ,2 V ,' . . ; s- rr-!-T'. , ...17-- -r .7:"" iSJ-r1 rP':A. ' 1 B IHfJjH1 JU . aMtTWTTTv. i Wwrr-WTW -5' ' T raPTLt" -S-.V , & ' . ...... 1 V liiiiewninin 1 11 11 1 1 1.1 V -UL ' SUNRISE THEATRE -, Craig Stevens and Alex Talton star in the horror movie, "Deadly Man. hb." wral i 1 P - CHILDREN'S FILM FESnVA ( century father tried 1o keep Boon from i the Italian rapa." WTVD, WFMY I t p.m.CAR AND TRACK -HighlighU of the CaroUna MO. f NASCAR 1 Stock csr race at CaroUna Motor Speedway in Highlights DAL PLAY CHAMPION SHIPS T- Unique double header format'tea major golf tournaments from MacGregor Downs Country :ibinCarx WTVD. WFMY . 7 p.m. - HBB Wppal .ijjai and George Undsay perioral. WTVD. WFMY JATURDAY. AUGUST 25 V WFMY S:ao p.m. - SATURDAY MATINEE - Steve Reeves and Renato Baldini star in "The WWte Wi?ricr," a story of a Caucasian hero who leads his tribes in a valiant battle to resist the tyranny of the czar in the llth century. WFMY -: 2:30 o.m. - MOVIE - Audio Murphy and Virginia star in "No Name on l Bullet" WRAL T p.m.-NFL PRSSBaSON GAME The Washington Red skins square off awtnat the BaUimora Celts. WnR. 11:10 p.m. - MOVIB mm Jade Lord stars in 'Dooma day Flight." WFMY r 11:80 p.m. MOVIE A publisher . and Us wife separate bat later fa back together in "Itery. MWF. with rbbie Reytvolds, Barry Nelson and Michael Rennie. WFMY ' ; uitow-btaliiitoT national ompetltlen WTVD nuuia Gray tie Bi 9 p.m. UA PROFES SIONAL MATCH AND ME 11-sa :irL MOVDB Rock Hudson and Lauren BacaQ star in "Written WRAL ROME t FLORENCE 9 day 7 nighte Raleigh Nov. 13 & Dec 4, 1973 belndes: . " - v e Round trip air transportation iH-alal ah RniMl e First class hotel accommodations e Sightseeing . a Gratuities ' U. S. Departure Tax e Plus extras ' 'if&i ptr person, MMB 0OUDW 06jHHpSBgw''''' Met tadendad: Itallaa departure tat -am tsaMawL ti'mmmi -. n;"SRitIffi-" - in-'m llsnlai ' ' 1 Safe PrafiF KB BeJj Mkkf WTMY-TV. CHANNEL t, GHFFNtfAOHO . .fi-..'-' ,. 'iri-'J.' ..'.'it. ::;, .(:,.',:. v .. i:: . , : .jft; c -. ' ALOHA HAWAII FR0M:$QQO 1 Blf Veteran's Day Weekend October 18-22, 1973 5 days - 4 nisrhts e Bound trip air ttenaporttttoB via Eastern AJriiaea or any otbat IATA ar ATC carrier. .;"-. ''fil'." a Round trip transfers . -r. a Deluxe accommodttonf at mm, ta Beach Hotel. a Breakfast dinner-daily e All taxes k services f ' . ' oniy$339 hauls doubk ooeupancy . '-fhrtlO'i. tax , strskii txuiifOCCWANcr One Week From Raleigh aeparnng LypvrySundqy:.;v; Two wielil f,0n $470 10 to I IWvka per penon. Savit double occupancy. Indudet Air for. 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Located at 20312 East Chapel Hill Street, Atty Thompson is a familiar figure walking with his cane to support himself as he wends his way to the Durham County Courthouse to look after legal (See ATTY. Page 8A) nil4s. nventuon Calif. Durham Woman Dies In Accident :: .kl Mrs. E. Gilliard A M. E. Zion Meet Set For Chapel Hill Dr. J. A. Brown, presiding elder, Durham District, AME Zion Church, announced this week that the 48th annual session of the District Conference & Missionary Mass Meeting, will convene at O'Bryant Church, Sept. 5-7. The theme is "A New Age and a New Disciple". It will open with devotions at 6 p.m., Sept. 5, and Rev. L.P. Perry will preach the opening sermon. He will be accompanied by choirs and members of Mt. Olive Church, Durham. The serving of the Holy Sacrement of the Lord's Supper will be the highlight of the first session. A welcome service, presided over by the pastor, Rev. V.B. Pitchord, featuring many phases of the Chapel Hill community, will be held. M by ministera and laymen will be held every morning for 15 minutes. The business will get underway at 9:30. Noon day sermons will be delivered by Revs. E. C. Dowdy and S. P. Cook. A conference choir, under the direction of Rev. Walter Phillips, with Mrs. L.P.Perry in (See ZION Page 8A) Dead Bodies of Matthew Atwater And Wife, Found By Daughter LaaV B 'mWmSwB 1 w" 8fe- "TaAEl Abernathy lo Continue As Head Of So. Leadership Conference INDIANAPOLIS -(NBNS)-- With what has been described in some reports as "evangelistic fervor", several hundred delegates gathered in St. John's Baptist Church for the annual meeting of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, shouted approval when Rev. Abernathy announced in his speech before the body that he intended to continue as SCLC president. "I feel now that I have not only a mandate from Martin, a mandate from God, but a mandate from Black America," Abernathy said. "Let me assure you that I accept this challenge and this responsibility," he continued. Abernathy had submitted his resignation on July 9, but a twelve hour, closed door meeting with SCLC's Board of Directors resulted in a decision by the board to reject his Durham Among Leaders In Rising: Industrial Figures According to figures recently released by the Division of Commerce and Industry of the State Department of Natural and Economic Resources, Durham County did an outstanding job from January 1969 through December 1972 in providing high annual wages to employees in new and expanding industries. During the test period, the average annual wage for an employee in a new or (See LEADERS Page 8A) MR. & MRS. ATWATER Matthew 'Atwater, 59, and his wife, Julia, about 50, of 915 JeroiTie ,mmmt0 t-itteMh owM Monday morning in their bedroom. Their bodies were old dauehter. Jerome Road is 1UUI1U t-l J liv4 J -- ci located in the Emorywood Development, a suburban area that is predominantly black middle class. Durham Country Sheriff Marvin Davis reported that the young daughter awakened around 2:00 a.m. thinking something was wrong. She is reported not to have heard anything. Davis said the girl went to her parents bedroom and found them lying sprawled together near the bathroom door. Running next door to the home of W.F Leathers, she awakened him and told him that her mother and daddy were bleeding and looked as if they were dead Davis reported that Leathers accomoanied the girl to her resignation. Abernathy had blamed SCLC's financial difficulties, his obligation to his church, and lack of support from the Black middle class, as reasons for his resignation. The board, however, had decided to appoint a full time executive director and a committee to develop new funding sources. These will help SCLC solve some of it's problems Abernathy said. "Taking into account the reasons cited by the president as the basis for his resignation, we are convinced that his concerns are mainly symptoms of the frustrating nature of our times and that all of us in the nation must share the guilt for our nation's neglects and (See ABERNATHY Page 8A) home and "he was so shocked at what he found it took him sometime (about 15 minutes) to compose himself and telephone the sheriffs department around 2:14 a.m. The slaying of the couple remains a mystery according to Durham County Sheriff Marvin L. Davis. Davis said sheriff s department detectives have been working around the clock since the discovery of the bodies of Matthew G. Atwater and his wife, Julia, about 2 a.m. Monday morning. The sheriff said investigators still have not determined the motives for the double slaying, though they have not discounted the possibility of robbery as a motive. Many other motive possibilities are being investigated, including the possibility that the slaying might have some link with organized crime IX is reported that while Atwlter waa mown to carry large sums of money on him, a large amount of money was found in the house, including over $600 that was on a dresser in the room where the Atwaters' bodies were found. Investigators have confirmed reports that some baseball lottery tickets had been f ound after the couple were slain. Atwater operated Atwater's Grocery at 1912 S. Alston Avenue and was a forklift operator for the Colonial Stores Warehouse in Raleigh. Mrs. Atwater was an employee of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance (See ATWATER Page 8A) Victim Of Tues. Auto Mishap Mrs. Evelyn Jones Gilliard, 50, of 1005 Willowdale Drive, was fatally injured on Tuesday morning after the car she was driving collided head on with a gfgyX':' WWWWW aOrJfcai 4ViaaaaV PRICE: 4wWKN'IK BnflM mBr ejaakJiH LW&k. LjLH jH WW Bpt par .iBF.W wmMWMKijOmmmmmm' wMm "JmrnmF mwF m mm W BBw mmmwnm mm mmmm mmm mm"m P9v 21 mmW MM I K mmW Wmt MISS BLACK TEENAGE WORLD - BIRMINGHAM, Ak: Rosalette Petty, 16, of Kailua, Hawaii, was crowned the first Miss Black Teenage World here 817 night. Miss Black Teenage Pageant Title is Won By Hawaiin Girl More Than 20,000 Delegates to Represent Nation's Largest Meet The 93rd annual meeting of the National Baptist Convention, U.S.A., Inc., will be held in the Los Angeles Convention Center, September 4th through 9th. More than 20,000 delegates representing the six and one half million membership of the n a t ion's largest Negro organization, are expected to attend. This membership represents 28 percent of the total Negro population. The program of the six day event has been structured by its leadership to cover economic, political and (See BAPTIST Page 4A) MRS. GILLIARD second car on Highway 731 at U.S.X&f01r, Durham Public Safety Officer Frank L. Urban reported that she died from injuries received when her car collided with one driven by Alwyn Louis Featherstone. Urban reported that the Gilliard car "just crossed the center line for an unknown reason" as it was traveling west on Highway 751 and smashed into the Featherstone car, which was traveling east. Featherstone, 51, of 3734 Cambridge Ave., was treated for minor injuries and then released. Mrs. Dorothy F. Williams, 41, of 2909 Kanewood Ave., and a passenger in the Gilliard car was hospitalized at Duke Medical Center. Hee condition is reported as fair. Urban, whose investigation is incomplete at this time, said that the only reason he had found for the Gilliard's car crossing over the center line was that she had just passed a milk truck and was unable to pull back into the westbound lane because there were two cars in front of the truck. One witness to the accident told the officer he had seen the (See GILLIARD Page 8A) DANVILLE, Va. -Rosalette Petty, 15 year old teenager representing the State . of Hawaii walked away with the Title of Miss Black Teenage World in the Birmingham City Auditorium. Miss Petty, from Kalhla, Hawaii performed a medley of Polynesian dances for her talent presentation, she edged out Miss Pamela Bcfiley Of St, Louis, Missouri, who was named 1st Runner Ufh Miss Petty was sponsored by Amfac, Inc. of Honolulu, Hawaii The winner received a $2,400 renewable Scholarship to Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia, a Lady Princess Diamond Ring, presented by Epps Jewerly Co. of Birmingham, An Instamatic Camera, presented by Mr. Charles Wilson of Eastman Kodak Company, a Pen and Pencil Set by the A.T. Cross Pen Company and a Tape Recorder by Panasonic. In addition to these prizes Miss Petty received the Winners Trophy and the Miss Black car m m Jmm jf Mm m wm m - 9mh m LF -m ' Bfiilki mm kyfl lusSfl Dr. George Shipman, Livingstone Head, Appointed To lop Post THE REV. RALPH D. ABERNATHY (r), president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, listens to some advice from Dick Gregory during the SCLC's 16th annual convention in Indianapolis. SALISBURY - Dr. F. George Shipman, president of Livingstone College, Salisbury, was appointed to a top-level post in State Government by Gov. James E. Holshouser Jr. The well-known educator was sworn in recently as a member of the Council on State Goals and Policy. Members of the council meet monthly, and they are charged with determining both long and short range goals for the state. Gov. Holshouser serves as chairman, and he will also name Lt. Gov. Jim Hunt as vice chairman at the next meeting. Another Salisburian, Phil Kirk, now administrative assistance to Gov. Holshouser, is a current member of the council. He was appointed by former Gov. Bob Scott and has one year remaining to serve. . . . ...'saataHBaaa ' ; tBiiEi m hb- DR. SHIPMAN Dr. Shipman, who became president of Livingstone College in January, 1969, joins the list of others well known in Salisbury and Rowan County who have been selected for top state posts by Gov. Holshouser. The list of appointments include Dr. L.C. Holshouser as chairman of the State ABC system: Jake F. Alexander as a member of the State Board of Transportation, formerly the State Highway Commission; Wiley Ruth as administrator of the State ABC system; Mrs. Elizabeth Koontz, a graduate of Livingstone College, as assistant secretary of the Department of Human Relations, Hoya Miller Jr. as, head of the safety division of the State Board of Transportation; and Jerry Blackwelder of Kannapolis as director of public information for the Department of Human Resources. Dr. Shipman, a native of Clarkton and graduate of Livingstone College with an AB degree in 1939, has been active in civic life since coming to (See SHIPMAN Page 8A) Teenage World Certificate of Merit. Miss Petty was also selected Miss Talent by the Judges. Judges for the Pageant were, Mayor Algenon Cooper of Pritchard, Alabama; Mrs. Ruth Owens, Democratic National Committee wo man for the State of Alabama; John Lucas, Uri$prBtty of Maryland Basketball and Tennis Star, Miss Bonnie Logan. Touring Professional Tennis Player, Atty. George Bumpass; Dr. Clyde Williams, President of Miles College; Ms. Sara Smith, Community Relations Director WBRC TV Channel 42, Birmingham, Alabama. Miss Pamela Bosely 17 year old teenager from St Louis, Mo., wowed the audience with her impressions of Merv Griffin; Micheal Jackson, Mae West and Jimmy Cagney, was selected 1st Runner-Up. Miss Pamela Harvey of LaPtata. Md. was selected 2nd Runner-Up winning a Scholarship to Tennessee State University as did the Fust Runner-Up. NCCU Greets More Than 1,000 taa m mm jm freshmen and New Mudents More than 1,000 freshmen and new students arrived Sunday, August 26, on the campus of North Carolina Central University to begin a week of orientation activities. They'll register at the end of the week and start classes on September 4. Mrs. Maria B. Creed, admissions officer at the university, said Thursday that 1,408 new students have been admitted to the school. "Last year, 69 per cent of those we admitted actually enrolled," Mrs. Creed said. Mutiple admissions- students who have been accepted by two or more schools-- usually comprise the bulk of those who don't enroll For those who do arrive, dormitories will open at 9 a.m. Lunch will be available at the W.G. Pearson Cafeteria a 1 p.m. and a social hour wilt be provided for the new students by the Durham Hotel in the hotel at 3 p.m. An information booth will be manned at the university's Fine Arts building from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Orientation activities began Monday morning at 7:30, with a health information session a B.N. Duke Auditorium. Students will be given physical (See FRESHMEN Page 8A) Health Law Center Established North Carolina Central University will begin operation of a new center for Health Law in its school of law this semester. Ernest E. Ratiiff, a Duke University Law School graduate who is associate professor of law at NCCU, will direct the center. He describes it as "one of only a handful of its kind in the United States." Ratiiff, who lives in Apex and taught last year as assistant professor ef health administration and public law a UN -Chapel Hill, said the center "will focus its energy and attention on the many problems and paradoxes tha have accompanied the rapid progress of medical technology in recent years. The center's director said, "Medicine is a rapidly changing field, where theories -and facts utwmt uuMBH.u .tmiaauy overnight. Law, on the other hand, moves slowly in Ms change and rehes heavily on past decisions and Thus, the correlation of two highly differing is difficult." According to lUtttft, the center will range in Is activities from keeping lav a breast of medical advances to eflSla remedy the jnartBqmaj of health care nailliosa ef Americans receive. 11:00 Mister Rogers 11:10 Electric Co 1J 0O Shtn HBR 07 e

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