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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, September 29, 1973, Image 1

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SB THE CAROLINA TIMES 8t, Sept. 22, 1973 I c I e I I 0 e I i ROME & R -ENGf ? IAUIOH is oc 4, ma Round trip oir 1 ronsporlolion (Ro leigh Pint don hotel occommodofiom jiy nisffwing U.S. Dtporfurt Tox Plusoxtros COST: s472 pinm, itilr irnrlfr wftrtprmf y fttfRAN'S DAY WEEKEND c!.lM2,lt73 S dhys4 ntgliH Round trip oir transportation via Eastern Airlines or any other IATA orATCcorritr Round Trip Transfers Dtluxe accommodations at Sonesta Beach Hotel Breakfast and dinner daily Alt taxes and services ONLY 339 per perse, basis double occupant y ALOHA H, II FROM: 80 $439 Sept. JW Pius 10A taxfttwrvktl : :'' ' PER PERSON, BASIS ..'. DOUWE OCCUPANCY One Week From Raleigh departing Every Sunday Two weeks ttorting from 1510.80x10 tax & terviet per parten. Bom double occupancy'. Includes Air Fort, Hotel, Transfers, Tax and athw extras. Du.-ham-Wt Cist Owed Hid St,-4t?-547l Chapel KM -12J W. Franklin St.-MMIM Rolettti-4S0 Creettmoer Read 7I7-4W1 RasaarchTrfanolaParklMParliDrfvafsaaNtaapan; Thursday Highlights THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 1973 WTVD. CHANNEL 11, DURHAM 6:30 a.m. SUMMER SE MESTER The procedure for becoming an American citizen is explained. WTVD 7 mm. - TODAY - Humorist Sam Levenson discusses his latest book, "In One Era and Out the Other." WRDU 1:30 a.m. - MIKE DOUGLAS Princess . Grace of Monaco talks about her interest in the Catholic Office of Drug Education. WRAL 9:30 a.m. MERV GRIFFIN Watergate, spiraling food prices and the energy crisis are topics of today's guest, Sen. Henry Jackson, D Wash. WFMY 10 am. DINAH SHORE Tennis pro Bobby RiggS talks about his future match with Bfilie Jean King. WRDU 4:30 - MERV GRIFFIN Earlier show is repeated, WTVD 4:30 p.m. MOVIE -Two linemen and a female ex-convict are the stars of "Manpower," with Edward G. Robinson, George Raft and Marlene Dietrich, wrdu .7 p.m.. JOYCE CHEN Noodles are prepared. WUNC 7:30 p.m. WACKY WORLD OF JONATHAN WINTERS Burt Reynolds, pop group Dawn and the Golddiggers are the guests. WRDU 8 p.m. BILLIE JEAN KING VERSUS BOBBY RIGGS - A $100,000 winner-take-all prize and the status of women's liberation is at stake in a tennis match advertised as a battle of the sexes. Five-time Wimbledon champion Billie Jean King faces 56-year Old Bobby Riggs in the Houston Astrodome. WRAL , 8 p.m. FLIP WILSON Comedians Buddy Jackett, Richard Pry or and . Ruth Buzzi join Flip for laughs. WRDU 9 p.m Movns Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway star in "Bonnie and Clyde," a story of Depression-era bank robbers. WTVD, WFMY 10 p.m. - NBC FOLLIES Sammy Davis Jr., Mickey Rooney, Connie Stevens, Johnny Brown, Michael London and Charles Nelson Reilly star in this variety program. WRDU . .IL80 p.m. - JOHNNY CARSON - Singer Harry Chapin is guest WRDU 6:30 Semester 7:00 CBS News 8:00 Cept. Kangaroo :00 Peggy Mann :30 Sacra) Storm 10:00 Joker's Wild 10:30 $10,000 Pyramid 11:00 eambit 11:10 Love of Lite 11:00 Young and Rest leas 12:10 Search 1:00 Divorce Court l:M As World Turns 1:00 Guiding Ugrt 1:30 Edge of Night 1:00 Price it Right 3:10 Match Game 4:00 Bewitched 4:30 Mar Griffin :00 News 4:30 CBS New 7:00 Mod Squad. 8:00 Walton f iOO Movie 12:00 Newt ' 12:30 Movie WRDU-TV. CHANNEL 88, DURHAM 7:0 Today. 9:00 New Zoo 0:30 Romper Room 11:00 Dtnaht Mace 10:10 Baffle 1130 Hollywood SquafSj 11:00 Jeopardy :12:M Who What Where 1:00 Or. Joyce Brothers 1:30 Three on Match 1:00 Days of Llvet 1:30 Doctors 1:00 Another World 1:30 Peyton Place 4:00 Somerset 4:30 Movie 6:30 Trlanele New 7:00 NBC Newt 7:30 Jonathan Winter 1:00 Rowan 8. Martin ironstoe Rotur 10:00 NBC Folllet 11:00 New 11:30 Tonight Shaw WFMY-TV. CHANNEL 8. GREENSBORO 4:00 Good Morning t:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Old Rebel 9:30 Merv Griffin 10:30 $10400 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love of Ufa 11:30 Young and Restless 11:10 Seerch 1:00 Today's 1:30 As World Turns tip) Guiding Light 1:30 Edge of Night 3:00 New Price 3:30 Match Geme 4:30 Gomer Pvle 5:00 Andy Griffith 5:30 Dragnet 6:00 NOW 6:30 CBS New 7:00 Beat Clock 7:30 Ozzle's Girls 1:00 Walton 9:00 Movie 11:00 Newt 11:30 Movt WRAL-ff CHANNEL S, RALEIGH 4:00 Daybreek 1:5$ Commentary 7:00 New 7:10 Meke Wish 1:00 Uncle Paul 8:30 Mike OoualM 10:00 Prayer, Elliot 10:10 Batt Elliot 11 '.00 Password 11:30 Brady Bunch 11:00 New 11:30 Split Second 1:00 All My Children 1:30 Left Meke Deel 1:00 Newtywad Game 1:10 Girl In Life 1:00 Gen. Hospital 1:30 Life To Live 4:00 Tell the Truth 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:30 7:00 8:00 M.on 11:00 11:30 11:30 Tnrth fir Gomer Pvle. Andy Grimm ABC New D..HI. Biuy Jean King iirter Dick C evert Jack Peer WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4. CHAPEL HILL S:4S Meat Art Vlo PhvsSri 10:00 Sesame St. 11:00 Cultures 11:10. on eerm 11:30 EleSrlcCo. 1:00 Hum. I -.30 Granny 1:50 Sign Off 1:00 Film 3:30 Manufacturing 4:0a Mlstereger 4:30 Sesame St. 5:30 Electric Co. 6:00 Evening Edition 5:30 Reading - . 7:00 Joyce Chan Cook 7:30 Thing Grow 1:00 Playhouse 9:30 Jen Set 10:00 Am. Family 11:00 Sign Off A SUBSCRIPTION TO ! THE CAROLINA TIMES WILL KEEP YOU i INFORMED OF THE NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY 0t IN OB ail 082-2913 01 618-6587 TODAY I Friday Highlights FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1973 CHANNEL U, DURHAM 30 am SUMMER SE MESTER The future of is the topic. WTVD The attack on Pearl Harbor is re-enacted in the semi documentary movie, "Tora, Tora, Tora!" with -Martin Balsam, Jason Roberts and Son Yamamuta. WTVD, WFMY 10 p.m. DEAN MARTIN Playboy magazine pub lisher Hugh Hefner is among those scheduled. WRDU 6:30 Sun. Semester 7:M CBS News :00 Kangaroo 9:00 Peggy Mann 9:30 Secret Storm 10:00 Joker Wild io:30 $10,000 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit' 11:30 Love Of Life 11:00 Young and Restless 12:30 Search 1:10 Divorce Court 1:30 A World Turn 2:00 Guiding Light 2:30 Edge of Night i.oo Right Price 1:10 Match Game 4:00 Bewitched 4:30 Merv Griffin :0ONewbt 6:30 CBS Newe 7:00 Mod Squad 1:00 Caluccl't Dept. 8:30 Movie 11:30 Newe 12:00 Movie WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 88, DURHAM 9:30 10:80 10:10 1140 11:30 11:00 11:30 Today. New zoo Rev. Ro Dlr Ra Wizard af Odd Hllyd squodet jeoparoy 12:5 NBC Newe 1:00 Dr. Joyce Brothers 1:30 1 on a Match 2:00 Day Our Live 2:30 The Doctor 1:00 Bay City : 3:30 Ret. Pay. pi. 4:00 Somerset 4:30Movte 4:30 Triangle New 7:00 NBC Newt 7:30 Get Smart 8:00SamordftSon 8:30 Girl With Something 11:00 Newt 11:30 Tonight 1:00 Wdnlte Special WFMY-TV, CHANNEL 8. GREENSBORO Afro-American 7 a.m. - TODAY - The controversial plan of re nlarint? the 50 states with "administxative regions" is S. the topic Of Prof. Stanley Brunn of Mkhigan State University. WRDU ?:30 p.m - MKE DOUG- L&-EriStalaOdRob- , ert Baa are scheduled. 11:30 p.m. JOHNNY WRAL CARSON - Comedian David - . ot(J lAiifi.eMfjti JaU Mkwmm.7T?,mmi 'rrm gum. wtwu FIN The program salutes vat leievison oomeay mi auuin sou iesuuts use pro- unimr 11:25 Newt wmjm nofers. "ees...,, mMftNmm$jf&. ment complete in "For Sin- :-.atfe-JTB- t&O&Xi as Lee star in "Pursuit of the Wood. WTVD, WFMY t WtimL Crat " a .lo af (U 8 00 Uncle Paul WMMS. -. ."Poi..1 r ' S: M Dwalae . British Navy's attack on a ,. . . ;o:oo Prey.;, f niot World War H. WRDU SPECIAL - Wilson Pickett, cjurus Mayneia, vanned t - win Bvwn Heat, Spooky Tooth, Brian ChMeritoc b on thV oul Auger's Obllviion. Express - nnmn . and Ul ),l 1 ....1 '-':',:..,. Brenda PattersOB provide 9:30 fhy. Set. i:o Riawtaa " "Wtf M tonight's television concert. ,1:2 liHtil 4 ., fe!,W''...'iiV 11:40 Hum. 4:10 Sesame St. I ST r a h 17:30 I ni tr ( I n a. on S9ulu sjtvje . lv?Kd4 .-.ft e. r . ' .. ..utMlZf: --. ' ' ft .fat the safe easy was to pay all bills. Your 'iflfl BSB Bliilea cancelled check is prool positive that have ,8B HiiiwH BLbl- . ' I '- ? .paid your bill. You can open a regular or pjKmF ' -; ' special account, depending on your needs-' bjbHI with minimum balance. WM Wf injoy full Service Banking Cherking & Savings Accounts Auto loans Mortgage Loans Home Improvement Loans Bank-by-Mail Safe Deposit j Mechanics & Farmers Bank : WW BAtHcaff Saturday Highlights 6:30 a.m - SUNRISE THEATRE Basil Rath bone Stars in "Planet of Blood." WRAL 1 p.m. - CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL - A young boy's good deed for an in jured dog reaps a lifesaving bonus in "Lone Wolf." WTVD, WFMY 3:30 p.m. - CAR AND TRACK Off-road racing and recreational vehicles are considered. WFMY 7 p.m. - HEE HAW -Johnny Rodriguez, Connie Van Duke and Cathy McKin non perform WTVD, WFMY 8:30 p.m. - MOVIE Mia Farrow stars in the thriller, "Rosemary's Baby," a tale of wor ship. WRAL .8:30 p.m. - MASH -Hawkeye and Trapper John adopt the guise of two Nn glish soldiers of fortune as they await the oucome of their daily pool. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. MARY TYLER MOORE Mary becomes involved with a man seven years her junior, much to the chagrin of her friends. WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. - MOVIE Paul Newman stars in a story of a convict's attempt to es cape from a chain gang in "Cool Hand Luke." WRDU 9:30 p.m. BOB NEWHART - A . trip to Peoria to see the television broadcast of a blacked-out football game turns into one long embarrassment for Bob. WTVD. WFMY 10 p.m CAROL BUR NETT Tim Conway and Petula Clark join Carol. WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m MOVIE -The author of a book on fish ing is forced by his boss to enter a tournament, al though he has never fished in his life in "Man's Fa vorite Sport," with Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss. WFMY 1 a.m. MOVIE Paul Newman and Barbara Rush star in "The Young Phila delphian," WRAL SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1973 WTVD, CHANNEL 11, DURHAM 4:00 Across Fence 6:30 Summer Semester 7:00 GIIHaon 7:30 Mc Hales Nevy. 8:00 Flintttones 8:30 Bailey's Comets 9:00 Scooby Doo 1C.00 Mertlen 10:30 Speed Buggy 11:30 Pussycats 12:00 Archie 12:30 Fat Albert 1 :00 Sam Ragen 1:30 PYI 1:00 Kaleidoscope . 3:30 Soul Treln 3:30 Daniel Boone 4:30 Dragnet 5:00 Bobby Gotdsboro 5:30 Nashville Musk: 6:00 Block Unlimited 6:30 CBS Newt 7:00 Hee Haw 8:00 All In Family 1:30 MASH 9:00 Mary Tyler Moore 9:30 Bob Newhert 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:00 Newt 1:30 Movie 1:30 Kaleidoscope WRDU-TV. CHANNEL 88, DURHAM 8:00 Lldsville 8:30 Private Eye 9:00 Adams Femlly 9:30 Emergency 10:00 Butch Cessldy 10:30 Ster Trek 11:00 Sea Monsters 11:30 Pink Panther 12:00 Jetsons 12:30 Go 1:00 Laule 1:30 Spts profile 1:00 Baseball 5:00 Bowling 5:30 Wrestling 6:30 NBC Near 7:00 Untamed World 7:30 Stand Up and Chi 8.00 Emergency 9:00 Movie WFMY-TV, CHANNEL 8, GREENSBORO 7:30 Hair Bear 8:00 Fllntstonet 1:30 Bailey's Comets 9:00 Scooby-Doo 10:00Fevorlte Martians 10:30 Jeennle 11:00 Speed Buggy 11:30 Pussycat 12:00 Archie 12:10 Fet Albert 1:00 Children's Film 2:00 Melnpolnt 2:30 Roller Derby 3:30 fai1 and Track 4:00 Daniel Boone 5:00 Survival 5:30 Newsmeker 6:00 News 4:30 CBS Newe 7.00 Hee Haw 8:00 All In Family 8:30 MASH 9:00 Mary Tyler Moore 9:30 Bob Newhart 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:00 Newt 11:30 Movie WRAL-TV, CHANNEL S, RALEIGH 6:30 Sunrise Theater 8:30 Yogi's Gang 9:00 Super Friends 10:00 Lassie 10:30 Goober 11:00 Bredy Kids 11:30 Mission Magic 12:00 Explorers 12:30 Frolics 1:00 Am. Bandstand 1:30 NCAA Football 5:00 Spts. World 6:30 Al-thur Smith 7:00 Arthur Smith 7:00 Lawrence Welk, 8:00 Partridge Family 8:30 Movie 11:15 Football 11:30 Newt 12:00 Wrestling 1:00 Movie 1 nj 1 PASSBOOK SAVINGS Flexible Any-Time, Anv-Amount No withdrawal notice re quired. Current Passbook savers will automatically earn this new rate. Per Year Mutual Savings & I 1 12 West Parrish Street Association Durham, N. C. 7:55 Devotions iissfpisr" 9:30 Merv Griffin ji::8lt 12:30 Search T'row 1:00 Todays Woman 1:30 As World Tu 1:30 Edoe of 1 3:00 New Price 3:30 Match Gem 4:00 Secret Srorrn 4:30 Gomer Pvle 5:00 Andy Griffith 5:10 Dragnet 6:oo Newe t:li CBS Newe 7:00 Beat Clack 7:30 I've Gat Secret 1:00 Caiuccl 8:10 Movie 11:30 New 12:00 Movie WRAL-TV. CHANNEL S. 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C, SATURDAY, SEPT 29, 1973 Learn hem the mUtokes of others You can't liyet long enough So moke them oil yourself GOVERNOR H0LSH0USER nts P IS HIG HFR EDUCATION 1 Sj33p pjiaBisffit- i8 stf$l8& mmmmmmmmmm&mmmmmmmmmmmmm Ww mmlmKmm rj'kjfcii, teiia aijjiialT 'jiy ;fS ress Smi if 2ir-, - :i4K-'i6.;flFlt i i.''..-i,v iC.'fC'TnkmmWamW-. t ML it A gal nut BRENDA PARKER VOLUNTEER FROM ROCKY MOUNT As Birthday Present To Herself She Applied To The Peace Corps On November 12, 1971, her 22nd birthday, Brenda Parker of Rocky Mount, N. C. decided that she very much wanted to join the Peace Corps. So, as a special present to herself she mailed in an application form. As a result, right after graduating from Bennett College in Greensboro the following June, she was on her way to teach school in The Gambia, West Africa as one of ACTION'S Peace Corps volunteers. The Peace Corps is the overseas volunteer branch of ACTION. There are about 7,600 Peace Corps volunteers serving in 61 developing countries. Brenda, daughter Of Mr. and Mrs. Lemond Park of 1560 Springbrook Drive, Rocky Mount, says that being accepted into the Peace Corps and going to teach in Africa was fulfilling a dream she had had for a long time. For her first assignment she was sent to Pakalindmg, a village of 800 in the upper region of the Gambia River. There she worked as a science teacher at the Pakalinding Junior Secondary School. In addition, she was the physical education teacher for girls and a guidance counselor. Females were an obvious minority at the school Out of 160 students only 17 were girls. Brenda was the only femal on the staff, which brought up a special problem: "Whenever we had snacks at school," she recalled, "since I was a woman I was expected to cook all the food in addition to doing my regular schoolwork. I voiced my opinion that it should be a shared responsibility since I, too was a full-time teacher. Only after many discussions of the matter did the men reluctantly settle for a rompijmise," But, on the whole, Brenda did not encounter many problems or have to deal to a great extent with cultural shock. "There was no real cultural shock because during Peace Corps training I was close to the Gambian support staff. I visited their families and got oriented to the Gambian society before I ever went up-river. When I arrived there was very little adjusting I had to do to my new environment" Chief Executive Hakes Speech At Dinner Meet nuAOci un r r Pusnla who know the history of hicher education, for blacks in North Carolina, and know the storv of Esther and Mor as it is recorded in the B r that the stand Governor James E. Holshouser topM the meeting of educators and trustees here, as he addiffl dinner-meeting, Sept. 21, faK reason to believe that the.ojffB executive came to the kingdom for such a day like this. There were those in the audience who did not have to read black history to know that Dr. James Shepard, founder of North Carolina Central University, was threatened to have his meagre budget pared because he refused to take off his hat, while riding in an elevator with white legislators. There were those who remembered that when one of the five test tubes used in the. laboratory of Fayettevilie State Normal, in the late teens broke, that the student, who was using the test tube wan frustrated. DJjhvJ&V Smith, the pWeaent, had to (See HOLSHOUSER Page 7A) sf-JSi. I ert i ii I ffi mWi li mmm sxt mmm m i li slllli eaaaaaaafcsaPl gBBaBaBaaaaaa WMM l ,sj(3jilia mm ':JbW -'ejBBa! 8H8HJ : .. I BHSmSHJb nBjfpjBJBaaaBBBBaK Jr 'HBHI '''' ' - '' : : '' ''H I Wm fl BaaW 1 "" '" BM fSSiB BawWslaaaaal - mm BB BBar BBB BBjt 891 BbVLbS;;$:BpJ BBB ' MMt BBBU BB BBB a. X BJBMgRaBB JBBJ mmm NAACP mmm . mm- mmm J my ''; Mis. Group b Seeking $3.5 Million in Suit THE NAVY'S HIGHEST CIVILIAN AWARD - The Distinguished Public Service Medal is pinned on former Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) James B. Johnson by his wife Juanita as Secretary of the Navy John W. Warner and Johnson's daughter Vernea look on. The ceremony took place at the Pentagon recently to recognize Johnson's "distinguished teaoSrstilu and outstanding public service to the Navy from June 1971 to August 1973." The award praised Johnson for his personal devotion to improving the Navy's programs in such areas as equal opportunity, race relations, drug abuse, and the All Volunteer Force. Atlanta, Go. To Provide Notion's Barnes Named Top Enlisted Air Force Man Chief Master Sergeant Thomas N. Barnes, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force designate, is Senior Airman Advisor, Air Training Command, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. Sergeant Barnes was born in Chester, PA, November 16, 1930, and attended elementary and secondary schools in Chester. In April 1949, Sergeant Barnes entered the United States Air Force, receiving his basic training at Lackland AFB, Texas. He later attended Aircraft and Engine School, and Hydraulic Specialist School at Chanute Technical Training Center, Illinois. Following technical school, he was assigned to the 4th Troop Carrier Squadron, 62nd Troop Carrier Group at McChord AFB, Wash. In (See BARNES Page 7A) ATLANTA, Georgia - With 56 black candidates running for public office in the October 3, 1973 elections, Atlanta, Georgia will provide the nation's highlight of minority political activity for the fall, says the nonpartisan Voter Education Project, Inc. (VEP). More than half of the candidates for public office, 56 out of a total of 105, are black. The field of black candidates is the largest ever to participate in Atlanta municipal elections. PsififsVsil mAmm UlVllSliftllt "l munic Bfs in Atlanta eontjWM 61.3 percent of the total population while whites make up 46.4 percent. However, in terms of voter registration, white registered voters number 105,263 or 50.4 percent with black voters, as of August 6, 1973, listed as 103,472 or 49.5 percent The research deparment of the Voter Education Project indicated that 52 black candidates had sought public office in the last Atlanta Prince Hall Masons to Meet in Greensboro; Jordan is Keynoter (By It Irving Boone) With major emphasis on Charity, Brotherhood, Education, Economics, Law and Order with Justice, and First Class Citizenship, the Prince Hall Grand Lodge, Free and Accepted Masons, headed by Grand Master Clark S. Brown, distinguished business and civic leader of Winston-Salem, will convene in its 10 3rd Annual Communication, Oct. 1-3, in Greensboro, with headquarters at the Hilton Inn, and general sessions at the Shiloh Baptist Church. Thousands of members of the Craft from all sections of the State, along with numerous masonic dignitaries from other jurisdictions, will converge upon the Gate City for this historic event. HONORABLE VERNON JORDAN IS FEATURED SPEAKER A special highlight of this (See MASONS Page 7A) elections in 1969. Nine Of the black candidates seeking office in 1973 are incumbents, including the vice mayor four city council members and four school board members. Two blacks, incumbent vice mayor Maynard Jackson and state senator Leroy Johnson, and nine whites are seeking the post of Mayor. Under a new city charter, the vice mayor's position is abolished with the new responsibility going to the president of the city council Two blacks, civil rights activist Hosea Williams and Episcopal clergyman Bob Hunter, are vying for that post ss are four whites. Thirty-one blacks and only 16 whites are seeking city council seats from districts. The new council system replaces the former aldermanic ward system. Nine blacks and nine whites are seeking at -large council seats. Black candidates are assured of victory in seven council races in which no whites are running. Twelve of the 22 candidates for the Atlanta School Board, to be chosen as district (See ATLANTA Page 7A) JACKSON. MISS. - The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People lias been engaged in a lengthy trial of a law suit an which a group of local merchants in Port Gibson, Miss., are seeking S45 millionloss they are alleged to have suffered as a result of a locally led boycott in 1966. The trial began last June 12 after efforts to get the csjst info the United States District Court were unsuccessful. The 23 merchants who are suing the Association, a group of local residents anti-poverty agency, that the persons leading the boycott were conspiring to ruin their businesses The boycott involved picketing and was led by the local NAACF branch, which was flrjntlng to gain equal employment opportunities and better treatment for Mack employees. The NAACP has denied the and8 has responded thatT'wZ' exercising its constitutional Wm "during ,Tn' cteirw nitrations. -Vi NAACP Backs Rights of Jews To Quit USSR ' NEW YORK - The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has voted to cal upon "the United States Congress to deny 'favored nation status (to the USSR) in world trad relations until the Russian nation ceases and desists from (its) 'ransom demand' . practices." This position was formulated in a resolution passed by delegates to the Association's 64th Annual Convention in Indianapolis. Jury 2-6, 1973, and was ratified by the Board of Directors at its quavtecty meeting on Sept 10. The full text of the resolution follows: , In keeping with our historic concern for the plight of disadvantaged minorities everywhere, we call attention (See JEWS Page 2 A) JVVWISVWs; fWVtev-- 7 . f w I- . . jf . mmmWk Human Relations Director Blasts Durham's Apatity Says President's Housing Jordan Message Dismal Ksappointment The Presidents housing message is a dismal disappointment to low income and minority families, Vemon E. Jordan, Jr., Executive Director, National Urban League, said today. Mr. Jordan's complete statement follows: "The Administration had an opportunity to give the nation a badly needed comprehensive housing program. Instead, it produced a watered down non-program. The Congress is now our last resort. Although the Administration is partially lifting the moratorium on Section 286 it is on a severly limited basis, for less than enough to meet demand. The Administration talks about a urogram of direct cash assistance but It's not to be instituted until 1975. "In addition, it is not clear that the Administration will insist upon counseling as an adjunct to the program and, without consoling, it is doomed to failure. Worst of all, we have enough experience with housing programs generally to know that speculators will find some way to 'rip off direct cash assistance just as they have, 'ripped off other programs. "In the final analysis, since the proposal effectively scuttles our national goal of 26 million new units and six million subsidized units over a ton year period, low income families will receive less than previously contemplated if the Administration's housing formula Is implemented. (See PRESIDENT Page 7 A) The Durham Committee on the Affairs of Black People will sponsor a mass meeting at the Mt Vernon Baptist Church Sunday, September 30 at 5:00 p.m. The meeting wfll be BtaBRfflB mmmmmmW PejHKKSHp bbbbV bH Isjak BJBafl BaBBBBBirai B: REV. LYNCH opened with invocation by the Reverend. Percy L High, host pastor. The meeting- will feature the three black candidates for the Durham City Council and the Reverend Lorenzo Lynch, candidate for Mayor, with John H Wheeler, committee chairman, presiding. Black candidates, Ralph Hunt, unopposed candidate for the third ward seat vacated by RUFF IN John S. Stewart who did not seek re-election; Benjamin S. Ruffin and Mrs. Josephine Turner, candidates at-large. Each of the can presented to the assembly and invited to speak briefly concerning his or hei candidacy. Remarks concerning the issues involved in the election, 'v ajH bbRS Mmt mMmmLmrnXvA MRS. TURNER beginning with the October 9 primary and then the November election, will be made by the Reverend Phillip R Cousin, chairman of the Political Committee. Joseph W. Becton Delivers Hard Hitting Address at Branch Meet - .. "i52L tek, aVtA-fcl. . . i m a.. t a.? jJ..V"E:--i. HUNT In a hard tutting speech. delivered at the September meeting of the Durham Branch, NAACP, September 23, Joseph W. Becton, Director, Durham Human Relations Commission, took the organization to task for an out moded program; the media for printing half truths; Durham citizens, of both races, about an apparent apathy that could wipe out the few gams, made in human rights, and restore the city to the depths of racism that it was to before the civil rights legislation, to the fifties and sixties. He chided the NAACP for not training younger persons to replace the present leaders, so that when they passed off of the scene, the program would mot suffer, for the lack of experience. He called for all out support of the onjaatoation and said that it was the torn by whtok mmWlmW-W for the doldrams 4Jf ineptness and platitudes. He attacked media for its failure to teU the wtwto truth about the FWigrew Hl situation. It was iwKtoo's thinking that the bad atari (ftff affairs on tettigrew Street lad long since been matitoMMmm city offtctoto Heattrftifswdtho failure to do much about it to the fact that Durham citizens have become too co replacement. He lso pointed out that the conditions in the Pilot Stiajejt BjjMSa w5JsT IJaasaaSJai Collet, were becoming should be done about that MIUU1U IJW leWlSBBjI w w va (See BECTON Page2A)

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