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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, September 29, 1973, Section B, Page 8B, Image 16

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v CAROLINA TIMES SMfUfL mt s I OR I I e I e I e I 1 i . - mm WS:::'J ;vt':.-'.vJ mm FLORI 1 KAIEIGH 1 . Nev, 13 Dec. 4, 1973 Includes: Round trip oir t o nporiotion (Roleigh rSrft don hotel occommodotionj Sightseeing G'Oto.t1( U.S. Deporture lax , ' Plus txtro :. A COST: s472 III h rfaiiJt Iffl lepSrlaft H BERMUDA VETERAN'S DAY WEEKEND Oct. 11-22, 17J 5 doys-4 nights Round trip oir transportation via Eastern Airlines, or an other IATA orATCeOrrief Round Trip Transfer i Deluxe accommodations a Sonesta Beach Hotel Breakfast and dinner doily Alt taxes and services JeJJ ONLY per pets, both JwMt occupancy ALOHA HAWAII 43980 PER PERSON, BASIS DOUBLE OCCUPANCY' One Week From Raleigh departing Every Sunday Two weeks starring fromSJIO 80 i.10 lex & sarvicot per person. Bon double occupancy! Includes Air Fore, Hotel, Transfers, Tan and ether extras. ; - . -. - rweiriji&m&iJK Outliem-2MtirtCkepIHiHSt,-el?-S47t CheptlHHII2JW.rreekll$l.-2-m Rnlcigh 4509 Creedmeo. Road 717-492 1 i Reseor'ch Triangle Perk-INT ark Drive (soon te open) Thursday Highlights THURSDAYSEPTEMBER 27, 1973 WTVD, CHANNEL li. DURHAM ft am. - SUNRISE SE MESTER - The Near East in the sixth century is described by Prof. Francis Paten. WTVD f am. TODAY - A panel discusses high school football injuries. WRDU , 8:30 a.m. - MIKE DOUG LAS People's Lobby representatives Edwin and Joyce Koupal and the singing Sylvers are among today's guests. WRAL 9 30 a.m. - MERV GRIF FIN Big band leaden Xavier Ougat and Freddy Martin are Merv's guest performers. WFMY 4:30 p.m. MERV griffin Earlier show Is repeated. WTVD 4:30 p.m. MOVIE - Dick Powell plays an ex pilot who seeks the col laborator in bis wife's death during World War II in "Cornered." WRDU p.m. JOYCE CHEN Duck is on the menu a la Peking. WUNC 7 30 p m - MAKING THINGS GROW - Experi ments are done with light nd their effect on plant una 8 p.m. - ROCK AND ROLL YEARS - Dick Clark narrates a review of golden oldies. Accompanying him are the Platters, Dion, Chubby Checker, James Brown and WRAL 8 p.m. FLIP WILSON An hour of comedy and' music is provided by guests Sandy Duncan, William Wisdom, Monty Hall and the Pointer Sisters. WRDU . 9 P.m. - MOVIE - A group of soldiers penetrates enemy lines to heist a fortune from a French bank in part I of "Kelly's Heroes," With Clint Eastwood, Telly Savalas and Don Rickles. WTVD, WFMY fcSA - KUNG FU -Caine, sickened by poisoned water, is reluctantly given refuge by u ex-slave guarding a water supply. WRAL 10 p.m. NBC FOLLIES Milton Berle, Mickey Rooney, Sammy Davis Jr., Steve Lawrence and Sally Struthers provide the variety. WRDU 11:80 p.m. - JOHNNY Author Barbara Howar is guest WRDU COO Sunrise Semeier It:) Lew of Lite 4 30 Homer Brierhopper 12:00 VMM "' :00 CBS Newt 12:30 Search 1:00 CPt. Kangaroo V:M Divorce Court . 1190 erena rums i:00 Guiding Llort 1:30 Edge Ot Night 1:00 Price Is Right 3:30 Match Game :tb Peggy Mann ) secret 9-JO in. All lakar'a HIM 14:14 tlfcON Pyramid IhWOtmbtt 4. Ou Bftwlf chtjtj 4:30 Mer Orlffln 4rt0 CBSNtws 7:00 Mod Squad S:W Wilton 9:00 Movie sa WRQU-TV. CHANNEL 88. DURHAM loo NeSTzoo 9:30 Romoer Room 10:00 Olnetv Place 10:10 Baffle 1130 Hollywood Square 12:00 Jeopardy :12: Who Wkat Where 1:00 Dr. Joyce Brother 1:30 Three on Match 2:00 Days of Uvea : Doctor's 3:00 Another World 1:30 Peyton Place 4:00 somerset 4:30 Movie Refur 10: 11:00 11:30 4:30 Triangle Ni 7:00 NBC News 7:30 Jonathan Winters 1:00 Flip WHn tit) I 00 Flip Wilson I nbc Mttos GO NHrf WFMY-TV. CHANNEL 8, GREENSBORO :00Sooo Mornlna :00 Cept. t:00 Old Rebel 9:30 Merv Griffin 10:3011030 Pyramid 11:00 Gambit 11:30 Love ot Ufa 12:30 Young and Rest let 4:30 oomer rvie 5:00 Andy Griffith 12:30 Search 1:00 Today's Woman 1:30 A World Turns 2:00 Guiding Light 2:30 Edge of Night 3:00 Mew Price 3:30 Match Game 5:30 Dragnet . 4:00 Newt 4:30 CBS News 7:00 Beat Crack 7:30 OUta's Olrts 1:00 Wattons t:00 Movie : 11:01 Newt 11:30 I CHANNEL $. RALEIGH 1:00 DavbreaK 4:M Csmmentanr 7:00 Newt lis Make Wish 1:00 Uncle Paul iP 12:00 News 12:30 Mill 1:00 AH M 1:30 1 iiN 3:00 Gen. Hospital All My Children 2:30 Girl In Life . i 4:00 Tell the Truth 4:X Truth or SW l:S tocffartReh 10:00 Streets 11:30 Dick Cavett li:3o EnMrTwlniYt4ifw WtJNC-TV, CHANNEL 4, CHAPEL HILL 1:41 Meat Arts 9:15 RIPPH t:30Fllm 1:50 Film 2:30 Cultures 11:0) Cultun ires mmm, turn. 4:30 Seseme St. 4:00 Evening IdMM 4:30 Reading, ueasiii 0-4fMa0 A SUBSCRIPTION TO C r o ! THE CAROLINA TIMES WILL KEEP YOU INFORMED OF THE NEWS IN YOUR COMMUNITY. o I o A j STOP IN OR CALL 682-2913 Ot 6M-587 TODAY 1 rtos0'4Jan0'4aso Friday Highlights FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1973 WTVD. CHANNEL II, DURHAM Meaeew a m. - SUNRISE SE MESTER - Naturalism and social themes expressed : Zola's "Nana" are WTVD 7 a m - TODAY - Gene Shalit reviews movies, books and records. WRDU 8 30 a.m. - MIKE DOUG LAS Kenny Rogers and the Pint Edition and three members of Nader's Raiders ageewjyany co-host Ralph Nader. WRAL 9:88 a.m. - MERV GRIF FIN SporUc aster Howard Cttell talks about sports easting and some of the characteristics of out stoning sport figures Warn - DINAH SHORE Actress Diana Rigg gives her views 00 American women, marriage and sex. WRDU 4:19 p m. - MERV GRIF FIN Ann Harding. Oscar and waiter Huston "Mission to a biography of the a . of Joseph the United States to H4' (- . w Airing World War II. WRDU - Calucci s out to a foarth for an uneasy .temps Coco. Peffv Pope and Candy Azzara star triatiel WTVD, WFMY 8:30 p.m. - CASS ELLIOT - Dick Van Dyke and Joel Grey accompany Mama Cass in her own program. WTVD, WFMY ; 9:89 p.m. - MOVIE ' Clint Eastwood and Telly Savalas star In the second, pert of "Kelly's Heroes," a' World War II adventure tale. WTVD, WFMY 1130 p m. - MOVIE Elvis Presley- plays a winging singer with romantic problems in "Girl Happy," with Shelley Fabares and Mary Ann MoMey. WTVD, WFMY 11:30 p.m. - IN CONCERT - Uriah Heep, Canned Heat, Shawn Phillip!,, Mott the Hoople and Country Joe McDona provide the music. WRAL 11:30 pm. - JOHNNY CARSON - Wilt Chamber lain and Johnny Mathia are among today's guests. WRDU ':Cfl - MIDNIGHT. SPECIAL - Seals and Croft are hosts; T-Rex and Uriah Heep, folk artists Arlo Guthrie, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Lm Kottke and blues group Pad Butterf ield's Bettor Days are WRDU IP 12:00 VI ta.xs ni Young and Restless 4:0) Bewitched :3 tt Storm 10:30 110,000 Pyramid 11:00 Oemblt 11:30 Dove Ot Life 11:30 Search 1 :00 Divorce Court 1:30 As World Turns 2:00 Guiding La 2:10 Edge at 3:00 Right Price 1:10 Match Game 4:30 MtfV Griffin , 4:00 Newsheet .'4:30 CBS News 7:00 Mod Sciued 1:00 Calued's Dept. :J0 Movie 11:00 News ntsff WRDU-TV, CHANNEL 88, DURHAM 1 Now Zoo Rev, 0:00 Dinon v:; " : WW it 1:30 Ret. Pm. PH. 4MMevM WFMY-TV, CHANNEL 8, 12:30 Who, Whet, Wis. 4:30 Triangle Newa . P!..-.v 1:00 Senlord 4. Son 1:30 Girl With I 00 Needles and Pins t:30 Brian Keith 11:00 News . 11:10 Tonight MMM 1:00 Mil oo Ooool MtflltMt : :30 10:30 11:00 tills mar Merv oritrin Pyremld Gambit love of Life Young R Hitl Saarcti T'rew 1:00 Today's Woman lil 00 New Price 1:00 Celuccl 4iSaS ltsrni llwAnTormlTh 7:30 I've Got Secret 1:00 Celuccl ml Movie WRAL-TV, CHANNEL 8, RAleTKnl 4:00 Daybreak 4:11 ytewpesnt 7.30 Sullertnkle 11: J 11:10 Split Second ""Hi ' - WUNC-TV, CHANNEL 4, CHAPEL HILL s. Scl. MtBB 11:40 Hum. 8 -it His World :30 Electric Co. 4t5 SHOtneSt 4:00 evening SUM. 7M N.C. 1:00 Wash. t:M N.C This VI :00 Metterolece 10:00 Bve at Pope PAY BY CHECK U k the safe easy was to pay all bills. Your . cancelled check is proof positive that have paid your bill. You can open a regular or special account, depending on your needs with minimum balance. '' i v ountt rsj aril joy full Service Banking Checking & Savings Accounts AtHo Loans Mortgage loans Home Improvement Loans Bank-by-Mail Soft Deposit Mechanics & Farmers mm Saturday Highlights SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1973 6:80 run - SUNRISE THEATRE - William Campbell stars in "Portrait In Terror." WRAL ' t p.m. CHS CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL - A circus bear who has been pampered all his life as a star performer, becomes lost in the woods and has to learn to survive in a hostile environment fat "Gosha, the Circus Bear.'' WTVD, WFMY 4:89 p.m. CBS SPORTS SPECIAL The Woodward, a mile-and-a-quarter horse race, features Secretariat, winner of the Triple Crown. WFMY, . WTVD 5 p.m. WORLD OF SURVIVAL - John Forsythe narrates "A Wealth of Wildfowl." a look at Wemey Wash, site of , a Wildfowl Trust Refuge in England's midlands, and home to some of the most exotic wildfowl in the world - the black tern, the godwit, whooper swans, the Welney wigeon . and the ruff. WFMY 7 p.m. HEE HAW Guests Include Charlie Rich, Susan Raye and the Nashville Edition. WTVD. WFMY all-knowing Radar, always one step ahead of his commanding officer, wee his unusual powers of observation to prepare a (itaSod report of recent happenings in the unit WTVD, WFMY 9 p.m. - MARY TYLER MOORE - Rhoda and Mary fly to New York for the wedding of Rhode's younger sister. WTVD, WFMY . 9:80 p.m. BOB NEW HART - A Mexican vacation backfires when Rob throws his back out and ends up in bed. WTVD. WFMY 19 pm. - CAROL BURNETT SHOW Gloria SWanson, the legendary movie star, performs the famous Charlie Chaplin im personation she created 60 years ago in silent films, when she appears as special guest on the show. WTVD, wfmy-;: ' ; .. ; 11:80 pm. - MOVIE -Sean Garrison; Tippi Hedren and Diane Baker star in "Mamie," a tale of a woman who becomes a com pulsive thief. WFMY 13:41 a.m - MOVIE -James Garner and Natalie . wn&:4n k-.,,?;'JUUi'' McCalL" WRAL . ' WTVD. CHANNEL H. DURHAM 12:30 Pot Albert son im pYi eaa IBM -1o miI Tntn 4.M Tim.. e)hwMUM 4:30 Woodwerd Rece 0.W fOMHIWMSW lr " " " 4:00 Sleek Unlimited 2:30 4:20 CBS MOWS 7:00 Hoe H4 1.00 All In Family SiMMAtH :00 Mary Tyler Moor :30 Bob Newhart 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:00 News 1:30 MOVM Kaleidoscope WRDU-TV, CHANNEL SB. DURHAM l: LMsvllM. I Adams Family Casskfy i far Trek. 11:30 Pink mm l:0O Las 1:30 Sptt 2:00 Batebell 4:30 NBC News 7:00 s7iS 9:00 Wfirlrl WFMY.fV, CHANNEL t. GREENSBORO 7:30 Hair Bear loiooFevortieMertlani 11:00 Speed Sugoy 11:30 Pussycats 12:00 Archie 12:30 Pot Albert 1:04 Children's Film 2:00 Malnpolnt 1:30 Roller Derby . 3:30 Car and Track 4:00 High Speed Living 4:30 Horse Rece Special s:uu survival 8 4:30 CBS Newt i m Hoe Hew 1:00 All In Femlly 8:30 MASH . :M Mary Tyler Moor :30 Bob Newhart 10:00 Carol Burnett 11:04 Newa 11: WRAL-TV, CHANNEL 8. RALEIGH 4:34 Sunrise Theater tiep. 11 00 Brady Kids , 11:30 Mission Magic 8$ Mr :00 Partridge Family SKIMovhi 10:00 Frlff 11:00 Scoreboard 11:14 NawS 11:45 Wrestling 12:45 Movie R for your child's safety This column of questions and answers on federal tax matters is provided by the local office of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and is published as a public service to taxpayers. The column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayers. Q. My brother, sister, and I each help Hay for my mother's support. Can any or all of us claim her aa a dependent? A. If none of you contribute more than 50 percent , of your mother's support, one of you who individually contributes more than ten percent may claim the exemption. Each of the others must file a written statement that he or she will not claim the exemption for. that year and these statements must be filed with the income tax return of the person claim ing the exemption. Form 2120 may be obtained for this pur pose from your Internal Reve nue, office, v Of course, the person who claims your mother as a de pendent must meet all the other dependency tests and, to troth r nil of vou must have contributed more than half of your mothers total support. For more details, see IRS Pub lication 601, "Your Exemption and Exemptions ior uepenq ents." It's available free from your nearest IRS office. Q. I'm going to school under the G.I. Bill to take some courses I need for my Job. I know I can deduct my educa- .. , . 1 a. J uonai expenses, out uo i nsic to reduce my deduction by the . - r . .. n.,,.1.,1 4 tia V A nave a .ivj u ma ...1.. . . t".7-' mo for tuition ami lllMlks? A.. No. You are not required to reduce your deductible edu cation expenses by the amount of tax-exempt educational ben efits received from the VA. Q. I'm ready to settle on a new bouse, but I haven't been Mo tn a11 mv old home. I'm thinking of taking out a loan to settle on the new home ana pledging the proceeds of the sale of the old house as secu rity for the loan. Would this arrangement have any effect i !.i A v on wneuier or not i can usae advantage of the provisions of the tax law postponing tax on the profit from the sale of a residence? A. No. This loan arrangement would have no effect on your ability to postpone tax on the gain from the sale of your old house, if within one year be fore of one year after the tale you buy and occupy another residence whose cost equals or exceeds the "adjusted sales price" of the old residence. (In general, the "adjusted sales price" is your actual selling price minus selling expenses and fixing tip expenses.) For more information, see IRS Publication 523, "Tax Infor mation on Selling Your Home." It's available free from your nearest Internal Revenue office. Life preservers aren't al ways found aboard ships. 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Do UAlll NOUMtlleii ItM Lekeweod Ave, 2720 Hillsborouah Reed 688-1 383 286-4444 mm erim Kbh ' mjmLfffJM itAm wCiwhm esaw eV 87 M J Mm iff maai lustastt Tjuiu-1 b49H IJBB9 SfPfeNaTt OeRfnraeaj 9MJftlt Chrsj4t t t' - Ti-tt4nLkty. to. u e &.tpit riS' " 2 J9 .5tj NCOISCHO ot IF LA GOOD READING IN THIS PREGNANCY PLANNING DURHAM SOCIAL NOTES FROM BLACK WRITERS FORUM DAILY LIVING VOLUME 53 ' No. 41 By G. Riggsbco By Mrs. Syminor Daye By John Hudgins By George B. Russ By William Thorpe ft DURHAM, N. C. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 6, 1973 WORDS OF WISDOM 9 To get profit wifhovt risk, experience wifhou donoer, reward without work, "is a Jutpostible oi it is to live without being born. A P. GtPufrWf The will to succeed is often the difference be tween foilure ond success. Dovrd Sornoff PRICE: 20 FRANM RUFFIN TIMES-GREYHOUND MAN OF YEAR . . WomenJn'Action j IMPERIAL TREASURER DAUGHTERS OF ISIS HONORED "'Mn-mtf' li. PBmplin Imperial BfBmWw fiiughtefB of Isis and Past Illustrious Continandress of Zafa Court No. 41, Durham, North Carolina was reelected to the office of Imperial Treasurer for the seventh consecutive year. The Imperial Commandress, Daughter Lucille I. Boyd awarded Daughter Pampas the "Honorary Past Imperial Commandress Degree" for her outstanding and efficient service to the Imperial Court, Daughters of Isis during the 62nd session of the Imperial Court, held in Detroit, Michigan. Foundation Of Durham Set Up I .a I aa a It I I 8 tV:-;" 1 1 v ' i ' inrroouaion 10 De naoe to it Community Monday, October 8 On October 8, at the Durham Hotel, as part of the Fifth Anniversary celebration of Women In Action, The Women In Action Foundation of Durham, North Carolina, Inc., will be introduced to the community. The Foundation is an outgrowth of the desire of the Women In Action for the Prevention of Violence and Its Causes, Inc., to be able to solicit tax deductible contributions in order to carry on activities for the general good of the community. According to Mrs. Asa T. Spaulding, chairman of the Foundation, its objectives are to provide open forums for public interchange of ideas and philosophies, hopefully resulting in the lessening of prejudice, discrimination and community tensions which may lead to further misunderstandings in the community and possibly to violence; and to make funds available for the education and recreation of impoverished Snd disadvantaged children and adults. The Corporation, which was formed in July, 1973, has a Board of Trustees of Durham's most prestigious women who are interested in actively supporting goals which will result in tangible improvements (See WOMEN Page 2A) Dunham Business t Professional Chan ParfidMfes in HBl Confab A 14 member delegation from the Durham Business and Professional Chain participated in the 73rd Annual National Business League Convention on September 24-27, 1973 in Chicago, Illinois at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare. The delegates to this convention represented the largest gathering during the National Business League 73 year history. The primary focus was to discuss the numerous business and economic problems confronting the minority population. The theme of this year's convention was "NBL - Making It Happen." The president of .the National Business League, Burkeley G. Burrell was able to make it happen by fulfilling the objectives of each business session held. These objectives then became the purpose of the convention which inturn became the end results to making it happen for the minority entrepreneurs to enter into the mainstream of America's lucrative economy. As a result, the NBL was able to convey to convention participants the types of services and assistance available to all businessmen through the various agencies, including the Departments of Commerce, HUD, Labor, HEW and the Small Business Administration; was able to develop ways to (See CHAIN Page 2A) Epps New Assistant! Director Of UNC Undergrad Courses Richard Kims nresirient of 1972-73 Student Body at UNC Chapel Hill has been appointed assistant director of undergraduate admissions at UNC in Chapel Hill. ,v! .? Epps, a Wilmington native was graduated from the University in 1973. Since June he has served as an administrative assistant to Congressman Ronald Dellums of California. , As a student, Epps was elected to membership in three honorary c a m p u s organizations, The Order of the Golden Fleece, Order of the Grail, and served as president of the Order of the Old Well. A Dean's list student, he was also chairman of the Men's Honor Court. Epps, a North Carolina Fellow, interned one summer -With .;Arftejtican Civil Liberties Union, ' : Epps replaces H. Bentley Renwick who has been named assistant dean in the UNC College of Arts and Sciences. I 9 bHbVmkSbJ 11 BjrLr Tana T mm WAmkmmw m mm - bB xHFA 9 BH NAACP Late Fall Tour to East Africa Scheduled for Hovember mWm Bs&Stt :;Sk '::vHH bboiK:,:' BOS gS Avj BOULWARE RUFFIN BaBsstaaBssBlS Mm HuB wKtm 4BotafaBaBBBaB Hi! L Multi-Racial, Muti-f tftmc Students Klake Up FaBfnroWmenf of NCCU A multi-racial and multi-ethnic enrollment of 301 students make up the 1973 Fall enrollment of NCCU's School of Law. This figure represents an increase of 39 more than the fall of 1972 enrollment which was 262. The 1 972 , enrollment included 42 part-time students. Only seven students were reported carrying a partial load in the report released Thursday by Dean LeMarquis DeJarmon. Black American account for 60.47 per cent of the enrollment with 182 students. There are 118 white students, Black Warrenton Affy. Tapped For Youth Board by Governor EPPS Governor James E. Holshouser, Jr. has named a Hack Warrenton attorney to serve a six-year term on the State Board of Youth Development. He is 42-year old Theaoseus T. Clayton, a resident of Warren County. Mr. Clayton joins a growing number of Black appointees being selected by the Holshouser administration to serve on the State's Boards and C o m in issions. The appointments mark the fulfillment of the Governor's campaign promise to bring NEW YORK A trip to Kenya and Egypt, departing from New York on November 10, is being offered by the NAACP Department of Tours according to James H. Tarter, director of the NAACP travel program Using Nairobi as its base, the tour group will visit several parts of Kenya including the National Park where many species of wild animals roam free. Optional side trips can be arranged to Serengetti, Ngorongoro, Amboseli, and the world famous Treetops. The four-day visit to Egypt includes excursions to the Giza pyramids, the Sphinx and various ancient temples. An optional tour to Luxor is available. Dpi EGATES- from toft, front row - Ralph A. Hunt, Ms. Doretha Harris, R. Kelly Bryant, Mrs. Carolyn H. Men, Reginald Gray. Second Row left, N. B. White, F. V. Allison and David Harrison. more Blacks into meaningful positions in State Government. Attorney Clayton graduated with an A. B. Degree from Charlotte's Johnson C. Smith University in 1958, receiving his J. D. Degree in 1961 at North Carolina Central University in Durham. He is Senior Partner of Clayton and Ballance Law (See LAWYER Page 2A) remainder of the enrollment includes two American Indians, two African natives (both from Sierra Leone), one Chinese student, and one West Indian student. Enrolled are 49 women, 16.3 per cent of the student TheK are 136 first-year students, 92 second year students, and 66 third year students. The seven part-time students are not listed by class. Although 18 states are represented in the student body, in addition to the District of Columbia, the West Indies, China, and Sierra Leone, North Carolina is the home state for 230 students, 76 per cent. Students received undergraduate training at 113 colleges and universities. North Carolina Central was the alma mater of 73 of the students. Other North Carolina (Sec CENTRAL Page 2A) la. Djii.Iii-. vi. duuiwoic And J. H. Bell Are Runnersup Black males and black fathers in particular were urged to continue to stand tall and walk tall as Frederick K. Ruff in. father of three, and king time resident of Durham was chosen as the "Father of the Year" at a Luncheon sponsored by the (Jreyhound Corp. and Carolina Times Newspaper. The F'ather of the Year Luncheon was held at the Downtowner Motor inn on September 28 at 12:00 noon and was attended by many outstanding men of the city. The honor accorded to Ruffin as well as the first and second runnerups. Joseph 11. Bell and Dr. C. E. Boulware represented the cooperative efforts of many persons to spotlight the strengths of black families and the roles played by black males and black tScc Rl I I IN Pace 2.Vi James Mebane Promoted to IVIfir mgr. Dy rlDotl First Citizens Bank and Trust Company announces the promotion of James L. Mebane as Manager of its Greensboro Bessemer Avenue Branch. Mr. Mebane joined First Citizens Bank as a trainee in the banks management program last September. He has served as supervisor in Operation and Assistant Branch Manager prior to his promotion to manager. Mebane began his banking career as a teller at the Mechanics and Farmers Bank in Durham. He is a graduate of Durham Business College now known as Durham College. NEWS BRIEFS- NEW YORK-SAMMY GIVES $500 TO DEMOS Sammv Davis. Jr.. who "shocked" a lot of Blacks when he was seen hugging President Nixon, contributed $500 to the recent Democrat telethon, according to Steve Allen, who announced it on the air. NAMED DELEGATES TO UN Mrs. Margaret R Young, widow of Urban League Director Whitney Young and Rep. Robert Nix(D.,Pa.) were among the six non-diplomats named by the White House to the American delegation to the new UN General Assembly session. ON BEAME-F OR MAYOR TASK FORCE Former president of the NYC Board of Elections David Dinkins, former Federal Housing Administrator Robert C. Weaver, and former Welfare Commisioner James Dumpson are among the participants on the Beame-for-Mayor Task Forcsioheaded by Manhattan Borough President Percy E. Sutton. . ON 20-DAY TRIP TO LONDON Ex-State Senator Basil Paterson, now vice-chairman of the Democratic National Committee is one of 10 members of the Temporary State Charter Revision Commission for the City of New York who are on a 20-day trip to study the decentralization programs in London, Stockholm and Belgrade. , $50,000 A YEAR FOR MAYS At his retirement press conference Willie Mays remarked that he might "cry tomorrow or the next day" over his goodby after 22 years in the spotlight. He shouldn't cry too long. Mays has a contract for $50,000-a-year for the next eight years after his active playing days end. r . "LIVING IN A FISH BOWL" Television personality Billye Williams, who will become the bride of Hank Aaron in November says she now has a "strange feeling of living in a fish bowl". She co-hosts an Atlanta television show. lif' 44th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY NAACP's Roy Wilkins and his wife recently rounded out 44 years of wedded life in early September. 311--- BBaBK.1 LLLLLLLaaf(LL si1aaBaMi&ifc:':: jH BBmBBtBBBVBH 9b1 BW BBHf , r yj." . ?8PP ttgkjP LT jgtBMIBgtfS afjV btbI mm LfMw tmrnt I Mjm I SBI BaBoW BlT MbKTJ Htalft mm Hi HbI ELU I M i SSB mWt WM H HHPrixo85-- Mm mm mm BBoisk:: . "'SJR4R BK mm I I mm MUST WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR - Henry Aaron's 1973 chase of Babe Ruth's baseball i run recorded ended Sunday with the Atlanta slugger still one short of Ruth s 714 tot Aaron had three singles in four at bats as Atlanta lost to the Houston Astros 5 to 3 in the flBsat game of the season. He finished with 40 home runs for the season and 7 13 for bis career. "Well, it's over with", said the 39-year old slugger. "1 was determined to hit home run, twjt didn't work out that way. I am disappointed, but I've got att year and all winter to go home an489P UP- Aaron has said that next year will be his last season playing baeebau. Aaron got a long ovation from the crowd each time he came to the plate. After hk final awtBtfjlBW, last chance to catch Ruth this year, Aaron got a three-minute standing ovation from the crowd a took his position in left field Even teammates in the Breves' bullpen ftptpfr slugger tipped his hat to the crowd Aaron's final 1973 homer came Saturday night ,iP m m i 11:00 ! i sign ( I OR

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