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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, February 07, 1976, Image 1

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Duke University LiLrary Newspaper. Department r f., ' Durhsm, W' C. '27706; 11-25 THIS PAPER CONTAINS rC W "ii -Jannf in ft DUPLEX NATIONAL BLACK RECORD DISTRIBUTORS NATIONAL BLACK RECORD POOL To most peopla nothing- is more troublesome than the effort of thinking. Jtmts Btjct WEEKLY NEWSPAPER!, STATISTICS SHOW, ARE BEINQ READ TODAY BY MORE PEOPLE THAN EVER BEFORE. VOLUME 54 NUMBER 6 DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA- SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7 1976 ?RCE: 20 CENTS ACRSO Ml xl Jusf Be Honest And Soy Busing Has failed" - Tl " r - Li MLJ MM S 4; t V 'u:;s Ml i mm mm 111 :v::W::: JACKSON Lane Brown Seeks State Treas. Post RALEIGH - State Representative Lane Brown (D-Stanly) announced here Monday that he is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for state treasurer. The 35,year old Albemarle attorney said he Is resJgnirig hisT seat in the General Assembly to devote full time to the campaign. "North Carolina," said Brown, "faces unprecedented demands on her resources. We will require an active and agressive policy of fiscally conservative, responsible leadership." "Fiscal responsibility has been the hallmark of my career,' he added, "if the people vote approval of my candidacy, I expect to provide that responsible leadership." In an nouncing his candidacy, Brown paid tribute to Edwin Gill, present State Treasurer, who announced January 15 that he will not seek reelection. He noted that :all of us in (See LANE BROWN, Page 1 0) UGANDA MARKS ANNIVERSARY OF REPUBLIC KAMPALA, (Hsinhua) - A grand rally and parade were held here, Sunday, Jan. 25 to mark the 5 th Anniversary of the Second Republic of Uganda. Ugandan President Idi Amin reviewed the parade made up of workers, peasants, students, soldiers, and provincial representatives. Addressing the rally, President Amin reaffirmed Uganda's strict adherence to the policy of non-alignment. He called on the people to redouble their efforts to ensure that Uganda would continue to follow the progressive policy in mastering her own destiny. Uganda must further pursue the policy of self-reliance in the management of industries and other affairs, he stressed. Zairian President Mobutu Sese Seko, President Jean-Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic, and Liberian President William R. Tolbert attended the rally on invitation. Chinese Ambassador Ko Pu-Hai and Diplomatic Envoys of other countries accredited here were also present on the occasion. President Amin, distinguished guests and a cross section of Ugandan people watched a grand mass calisthenics show and an Air Force display. By Ray Jenkins At a press conference held in Raleigh, on , Monday, Senator Henry Jackson defended his stand against forced busing. "I must be honest and say that busing has failed. As president, ! would provide for magnet schools .where busing would be optional," he said. Jackson said that the real solution would be to require the courts to make a finding which, whether through busing or otherwise, would result in ii i t g i g i i u ii a ii u II U I Man fVu.nla.. AmS..,. VU.. Dr..iA.n. l a B. r A I .-I J - J re-segregation. He also said that ' " ' ..., wmuu un he authored a bill which resulted "Jhnson Wax Mary McLeod Bethune Award" to Mrs. Marion H. Jackson, outstanding civic, business, in a quarter billion dollars in and social leader of Washington, D. C. Looking on from the left is Mist Dorothy Height, President of fa theninictfw the Nationar Council of Negro Women, the organization which choose the Johnson Wax recipient pipe-line and that he has a 100 wno be,t X9mP'fi the life and work of the late Mre. Bethune. Mrfc Mabie Keaton Staupers of New voting record on civil rights Haven, Connecticut, was the first recipient of the award. Both women also received $500 cash awards issues. Jackson noted that in the which were promptly donated to their favorite organization, NCNW. District of Columbia there the ; schools are 96 black that, "It was only Scoop who had his kids in the public integrated schools." He said the imbalance was a disgrace because most of the whites are fleeing to the suburbs. liiPpiilPiiiiiipp Dr. Vivian IV. Henderson, S3, Clcrh College President Buried In Tennessee Saturday ISLAM MINISTER IN CITY THURS. AS SPEAKER By Ray Jenkins Minister Abdul Haleem Farrakan, the interational spokesman for the Nation of Islam and its leader, Wallace Muhammad, spoke to a Durham audience last Thursday at the Civic Center. He spoke for over two hours before entertaining several questions from the audience. Farrakan began by talking about some of the misconceptions which k VTVIAN W. HENDERSON Mayor Charles f vers Says lie Wants To Replace Roy Mans As NAACP fxec. On the question of more taxes, the Senator said, I think the tax on the employee and the employer has reached the saturation point." Jackson teels that the same money which is used for . unemployment and welfare could go into federally financed A"nrocfiof6fTicho61s';'' sewer ' systems and a host of other programs with the goal of affording every able bodied person a job which he described as "the number one civil right of all "I believe I'm in the progressive center of the political spectrum," the Senator said. In a taped broadcast, Fayette, Mississippi, Mayor Charles Evers said that he wants to replace Roy Wilkins as the executive director of the NAACP. Evers was last Saturday's guest on National Black Network's Black ........ ,ll'c,ut"L "Mavor Evers said he is still at um0 nu f v " T Wr -odd! with the association's be Charles Evers, as far as tha kadershi addin the goes.. . but he would never get 'c tha tjAArp never it... its no way they would elect ted' my way of doing didn't die when Elijah vJLT S more. for th? things, and my whole pet thing Muhammad died, instead he gave NAACP than all of them put them was j had a beef birth t0 a nation in his passing-a lugvuivi.. .i. fu-m tor tne wav tnev iiv Ik. irAnrii : . . . " " ""UU'I limn u.v. uic v&ais 4,..tarl K Krnthpr I'll nPVPr ATLANTA, GA. - Dr. Vivian many Wilson Henderson. 53. resident attribute to the Nation of Islam, 0f dark College in Atlanta, was blijah ana Wallace Muhammad, buried Saturday in his Many of the social scientists birthplace, Bristol, Tenn., after said when Elijah Muhammad funeral services at 12 noon at goes, so will the nation of Islam Atlanta's Warren Memorial ... and the world waited with United Methodist Church, baited breath when he died," said Farrakan . ' Many Muslims coudn't accept the fact that the evil accident of time could take so great a man.'' "But the Nation of Islam Dr. Henderson was the brother of J. J. Henderson of Durham. He was a graduate of North Carolina College, now North Carolina Central University, and held the master of arts and doctor of philosophy degrees from the University of Iowa. He had taught economics at Prairie View (Texas) A&M College, NCCU, and Fisk University and was for two years a visiting professor at North Carolina State University. He became president of Clark College in 1965. He contributed to a number of books on economics, and was co-author of "Human Resources in the South," "Principles of Economics,' and "Public Finance." The family requested that memorial donations in lieu of flowers be made to the Vivian Wilson Henderson Scholarship Fund at Clark College. labor Dept. Files Cose In Behalf Of Domestics Issues and the Black Press. In response to the question ot who recounting me years treated by should be take over " wheri when his late brotherJ4edgar, fpriet Wilkin? steps ' down Into' his headed the Mississippi or&nchJ,: WASHINGTON - The first THE POINT By Ray Jenkins "CLEANING HOUSE" To add wood to the fire,. we now discover that Radio South Africa reports that the South African government sent troops into Angola only at the expressed request of the United States government. And they had no better sense than to sit like a dog hoping to deserve a bone till the U. S. snapped her fingers and the obedient subject jumped into it. Why, one might ask, would they bark only when the U.S. says "oark!" Like the dog, could the possibility exist that they are merely responding to their master's call? Oh, perhaps this a most grotesque thought and we might tend to YAOUNDE, (Hsinhua) - close our eyes to whats going on Cameroon and Zaire in a joint here. But let us consider who communique demanded the benefits most by the present withdrawal of all foreign troops construction of the South from Angola. African government. Was it not The communique published the United States who voted in Douala, Cameroon, was signed against the apartheid racist by the delegations of the government on extremely Cameroonian National Assembly shallow grounds? Is not and the Zairian National Polaroid, Exxon, ITT and a host DEMAND WITHDRAWAL OF ALL TOOPS FROM ANGOLA the person, or persons are totally unaware that they lie to themselves. Then too, we must also consider that there is such a thing as amnesia also. (p. s. which one of these is Kissinger's problem). So, while the world waited wit by the U. S. Department of for us to fall apart, they did not "0r ,n Dena 01 a aomesuc know that the Honorable Elijah worker under the. Fair-- Labor Muhammad was indeed a master Standards Act (FLSA) has been teacher. He has made us lovers filed in the U. S. District Court, of wisdon (not power). There Raleigh. some mumbline and "c uwB. ..... In the past, there were but a few who saw the fallacies in these double answers and even fewer who were bold enough to call it what it was in public goes, baby. That bathwater must be examined to find out why its so dirty. Then there are those who see their very comfortable oppressive states of being waning in the dusk. They refuse to kita ;n ...,oii... u was . ' . . onimhlini? hut that's a lone wav defendant, Mrs. Connie Deaton, more and more are awakening. Sfumoang, out mai s a long way This is not to sav that so the from cutting and shooting, of Ra'e'gh. employed Mrs. Jessie lnis is not to say that so the 6 Mae Wooten from Aug. 20 bathwater goes, so must the """b ana cussin . ns in oraer, . oaoy; you just got to get as a yourself together.'1 domestic in her household. It Farrakan called for an further alleges that the re-evaluation of the former chief minister who died last year in Chicago. Referring to those who thought they knew what W..U 1 ..... .11 .U.. Ua acknowledge the chanee so thev murw ,,mi,u Wtf5 "u "uuul uc ma Iaueu . .tiit l.- ij used the word respect to make records of wages f -. a i .him i r r iM u inrr xxriirr iiiii knowing lull well that they . . . " " his point would be labeled as ' lunatics, "communist pinko fags,' assorted freaks,'" "hot-headed militants," and a whole assortment of other names. In addition, they have traditionally been hung from the highest trees in the flesh or in spirit. They have been sadistically disemboweled all in the name of blind nationalism. As Minister Abdul Farrakan says, 'Vanily can make you blind to how rotten you really are. public that it is communism that they must curtail while racism, sexism, and other horrible forms of oppression, which are a lot closer to home base, run rampant. We must remember it was not the communists who tried and successfully disenfranchised the black vote; those were racists who did that. It is racists in Boston who are "cuttin up and actin' the fool," not communists. Moving it further to the point, we must if 'spect' means 'see' and 're' means 'again', then 'respect' means to look again." He said that Elijah Muhammad could not come out with everything-otherwise he would not have gotten across to the masses of black people because they were in the dark and needed a temporary buffer before coming into total brightness.' That's why the dawn comes before the high noon sun," he said. "How are defendant failed and refused to pay Mrs. Wooten the $1.90 an hour minimum wage applicable to domestic workers at that time and failed to keep the required hours and other conditions of employment. The defendant allegedly refused to pay the back wages after the Labor Department sought to obtain voluntary compliance with the law. Minimum wage and overtime pay provisions were extended to domestic workers for the first time under FLSA amendments effective in May, 1974. The suit seeks a judgment enjoining the violations alleged and restraining the defendant from withholding $177.50 aUegedly due Mrs. Wooten in back wages, and an additional equal amount as liquidated damage. Different Ballgane . . . Different Tactics Mrs. Margaret Bush Wilson, the national chairwoman of the NAACP told a group of law students at Duke University on Tuesday that the tactics used in the civil rights struggle must be changed from the earlier ones. Citing that the trend on racism has shifted from overt to institutional, she said, "its a different ball game. . .so we must have different tactics. Mrs. Wilson also backed up (See DIFFERENT, Page 3) look at who benefits most from yu ?oi"8 .t0te11 mem t0 ,ove But, fortunately, times do the status of blacks in South. cve,ry . y . U get them Africa and a host of other Legislative Council. of other very rich folks swelling It says, ' The two sides hope their pockets with the direct change sometimes for the overall to see the end of the war in results of the most .obscene and better and sometimes for the Angola and the withdrawal of all repulsive government on the face overall worst. In many cases the foreign troops that have been of this planet, South Africa? blessings of time are mixed. So introduced there so as to permit today there are many who now the confronting national Let us compare this situation see the fallacy of the always movements to organize together t0 the person who thinks he's 100 right America. It was and independently the political B01 a BnP on " awareness oi orougni on oy tne tireless ertorts however, it would be pure life of their country." himself, yet his actions always of those who clung to that giant foolishness to say that because The communique also tel1 8 different story from the mirror and kept telling America expresses the hope for closer one ne ta,ks about. Its similar to to look into it and maybe it friendly relations between the a serious case of schizophrenia would see the real America for two countries. wnere the possibility exists that the first time. For many, it was a oppressive states. This is not necessarily saying that the United States has the most dirt underneath her fingers in its oppressive treatment of some of the people here and abroad, you smell worse than me, I'm clean." In reality, we've all got some cleaning to do, and America is no exception. to love themselves." According to Farrakan, Muhammad knew that the United States would never give into his demands for ten states for an exclusively black state. ' He wanted to show you that your're getting nothing for your labors and suffering here," the minister continued." He wanted to show you, black man, that you don't have to go around (See FARRAHAN, Page 4) The State of Blach America it WASHINGTON, D. C. -"Many qf the gains blacks made over the past decade were either wiped out or badly eroded in 1975 and the portents for the future are not encouraging," the National Urban League declared here Wednesday, January 28, as it issued a report, ' The State of Black America." Noting that no mention of black citizens had been made in either the President's ' State of the Union" message or in the Democratic response from Senator Muskie, Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Executive Director of the National Urban League, called on all the Presidential candidates during this election year ' to discuss openly and honestly with the American people" the problems of blacks and the poor as outlined in the League's report. - The League warned that the absence of overt discontent in the cities did not mean that the problems did not continue to exist and that the future of the nation is ' bound-up in how it deals with these problems." Included among the recommendations, offered .by the League were a full employment policy that assures decent jobs for all; an income maintenance system that alleviates economic hardship and replaces the present welfare system; and housing, health and education programs "that go beyond rhetoric to bring our nation closer to a prosperity that includes all of its citizens.' Among the indicators citied by the League to show that blacks lost ground in 1975 were the following: There was a further decline in middle income families, continuing a trend that between 1973-74 saw these families decrease from one-fourth of the total of black families to one-fifth - Black family income is only 58 per cent of white family income, representing a drop from which represents a decline to, 61 percent in 1969. The official black employment rate for blacks remained virtually unchanged at 14.1 per cent for the first three quarters of 1975, while the unofficial rate - which includes people not counted in the official figures - was a constant 26 per cent. Thus, from the beginning of the year, one out of every (See BLACK AMERICA, Page 1 1 THE NATION'S YOUNGEST biffcity mayor, ATUnti mayor Maynard Jackson, at 35 it planning and mapping to Mk re-election in a city in which whites have become the minority h recent years, but which hat avoided much of the downtown blight which ha affected other cities. Jackson, the first bJack to heed major Southern City feels the city It a dynamo, referring to the three huge new hotels which have altered Atlanta t iky tin In recent months. (UPIK MVAa. 4 K

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