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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, January 15, 1977, Image 1

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y Thq DIcch Press Our FrczCzzi BcrcndG 4 a . People feel lonely on the job because they often build wall around themselves instead of bridges.. - - Anonymous VOLUME 55 NUMBER 3 j 'READ BY OVER 30,000 DURHAMITES" DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA - SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 1977 TELEPHONE (919) 6S3-C537 PRICE: 29 CENTS DlinilAf.Vf.lAH SAYS m ) J ) ( ( ) J li -ill ' -.W ; . -r AmhiJ i , i , i -i iiin mTr fc '"T ' ' .:. ' ... T - . . .. , . h it i i' . , ,'J i "TV 1 1 !." v , i . William "Bill" Quill," 63, of Durham tells a . frightening account of "bad luck" and ex-; ploitation he has suffered since he arrived in Ehifham on Trail - ways Bus September 5th. In a short month, between his arri- val and October 11th, he was mugged, ripped off of his' en - tire earnings, recruited into a slave labor camp and kept in fear of bis life. .. "I was walkina down Petti- grew Street from the bus . stations, looking for a room for ; ; the night, when somebody - mugged me and took all my money," the articulate gum explains. ' 4 - -He had lived in Durham during the early 1950's and 60's at 2708 Hay Street, but had lived since then in Ne wark, N. J., where he operated a smaD appliance shop., t 't Quill , said he was return ing from Newark where he had Ton , RALEIGH (CCNS) -Anne Shepard-Turner has been paroled from her 7-10 year sen tence for f conspiracy to burn WHEELER PUBLIC WORSHIP TO IIOnOR DR. K1IIG Martin Luther King; His Dream Is Today's Perspective Tomorrow's Hope. This will be the theme of a public wor ship service honoring and .celebrating his life. The service will be Monday, January 17, 7:30 pm at First Presby terian . Church, on the corner of Roxboro and Main Sts. in Durham. v The Rev. William Easley, pastor of St. Joseph's AME Church, will deliver the sermon. Choirs from St. Joseph's AME and First Presbyterian Church will " sing. ; J,'A .4 V'r : The service wul be intenacial and ecumenical, following , the . example of King's ministry. " : ' " ' . ' f C f J iflfi V ay fQtoolmn Jirci. If IhoiT Oivn Comrado ' (CCNS) - Several highway patrolmen fired at their. Vir- ginia comrade, Trooper Gar- land Fisher, because they were mistakenly informed that the f "drier of the car was' alleged kidnapper Reuben Sonny V Conley, a black escaped men tal patient, -i- j, ; Major Jack Cabe read the ., transcrint4 nf cnmmunicatinnii ' between. North Carolina and' Virginia command stations and v the North Carolina command and several otticers while they . deliberated about how to . ' rescue Fisher from his captor without unnecessarily : endan , geringFisher'slife.' C. G. Benfield.aN.C. ; l-W.- . -.M ..... i 1 .1 l Hignway rairoi leiecoimiiuiuT J cator in Raleigh Answered a ' phohe cafl at 1 2:02. a.m.' the moming of November IS. On TheUne was Sgt. Shoal of the-. been, imprisoned nine months for defending , himself in - a ' night intrusion in his radio and ,, television . shop. , Quill 5 - tabbed the man and, was put to jail for seven months Jbr murder. " Charges against him dropped, his business ; "gone , to pot, he decided to come back, to Durham, partially to ;getftwayntH.Newark'i;iFlo" lence and live on his disability check.:! - i? .. a lump on ms neaa irom his : Pettigrew Street mugging, no relatives, and after nearly twenty years, no friends to take him in, he slept on win- vestea sweet, rotatoes on a down sills of abandoned build- farm 10 miles north- of Ben mes xn Pettigrew Street. Qufll !n. Hie bed ;that. he slept' in then heard eood newsVa farm in Johnston County that em ployed farm hands to pick sweet potatoes for seventy v cents" ; per bushel, f which provided living quarters and good food, needed help.. Mike's Grocery in Wilmington in . 19716 convictidn of the nine other defendants with her , has beomce .known as the Wheeler Honored 'Durham business and civic leader John H. Wheeler recent ly received added honors in V Uie field of finance this month as he was teleded 'iiithe re- , raw niuiuu nvmviviiuun " . The announcement was made in the January issue of the black business maga zine published by Earl, G. Graves Publishing Co. :, Citing his many civic and Citing some of his many civic and business interests, the article .said the award was made for his "distin- guihed contributions to field of finance." the Virginia State "Police inform- ing him that Fisher had been. kidnapped by a black mental patient and had been shot. He said that the kidnapper had r ordered the trooper to drive toy Atlanta and that he did not want to - see any patrol cars . or he would kill the trooper. v When Benfield asked who was operating ; the vehicle Ddffonfaff sioai repueo, - inis reuow . . Coniey according to offi that kidnapped Fhher is ccrs at the Kene wal cr0Uched operating the vehicle; however, lJn floof on passengor we do have a car behind him jj. Ar k. wwd -vMrh th ,him.w i ' y- 1 ' 4 v One , hour late a faked wreck had been staged in Granville County on Inter state , 85 and. more than a dbzen ' patrolmen were . ready to ambush the driver of the vehicle and : rescue the kid rapped rider, Garland Fisher. ' The evening of September 8th Quill was on his way to' the good times ahead in , a brown and gray . ford Econo-; line van not alone but. with , several ouers worn uurnam to becepme unknowingly, a part of the U.:; S. east coast, mi grant streanv',";'i; "When we got there I was shocked. The mattresses , were fifty .. no g'css in the win-"i dows . . .. no heat at nieht. ana me rooa was lemoie, Jaid Quill as he described the conditions thah he lived -for nearly five weeks as he har at night was urine stained worn mattress on a cold floor, and no sheets. . Work began at five thirty every morning and . continued until often ten thirty at. night Wilmington 10 case;; now con sidered internationally as an example of "the gross miscarriage of justice matted' out to civil rights tighten. Ms. Turner is expected to return to her famjly this week. Since her conviction she has married Lewis Turner who is, very active in prison reforrq in North Carolina. f! ',,;.;. Ji.i J . ri.i.. v. white anti-poverty worker re ceived the lightest of the sen tences in the Wilmington 10 trial.; The other ( Black defen dants' , "received sentences ranging from 24 years to 34 years, and will have to : serve one-fourth . of their sentences before they are eligible for parole'. , ' . , ; Ms. Turner's parole came at the first review of her case by the N. C. Parole Commission. Louis Powell, Superintendent ;$ at the North ' Carolina Correctional v Center for; Women where Ms. jurner, was mcarceraiea, as an nonor inmate witn pnvueges of weekend leaves, said that she was "a very good inmate." She is also enrolled at Wake Technical . ; Institute where she, travels daily to study. Governor Hunt has been called on by the National Wilmington , A 10 Defense Committee i to - arrange bafl for the other Wilmington 10 but the Governor has not yet responded. Before the in- ; auguration Hunt said that he wduld study .the.' Wilmington , 10 situation immediately after taking office." xw'""- , But only" moments be-. fore the showdown at the road- block the Virginia Sgt. Shoal called back and said that Fisher. was driving the ; car ; rather ; the down the ; rHver's side of the ; ! unmarked , patrol car was torn apart by-" a volley, of bullets that began as the car attempted to go around the road block. Fisher was kutd with 14 slugs ta H, body medical examiner says ' could have been the direction from which the' fatal bullets came. An' autopsy report indi cates that the bullets that were fatal to Fisher were slanted upward 'from the flor of the car. Conley, his kidnapp er, is charged with his death. irelod MlainUdParUcinaiel !j j " J iff r. v'f i fr v . . N v. . jl .Hi K I I- . i ' mm i mi nminn " T ... ...J U ... - WmhIimm W4 ,-.. .. HOWARD LEE VGiriiiioif frQuDfrn-i? MlQ& 1 uQUQlSQ . rr ar The Wilmington Ten De fense Committee announced the delivering of a plea to the Governor of North Carolina on his inauguration asking for his participation in resolving the case of theWiimingtc n Ten who are incarcerated in North Carolina "prisons as political prisoners. Immediate executive action is being called for as The Reverend Ben Chais and his nine condefendants (The Wil mington Ten) . have been uniustlv imprisoned since , Feburary 2nd ot i!rt year (1976). The message to Governor Jants Hunt was accompanied by additional petition signa tures from residents across the country imcluding several from students it St. Augustine's College in Raleigh. The plea to Governor Hunt said, "you too have a major responsibility m resolv l ing the issue of political pri Congressman Parren J. Mitchell (D-7th Maryland) will address the Annual Awards Banquet of the Durham College Alumni Association on Friday, January 14, at 7 p.m. The Banquet, to be held at the Durham Civic Center, will be highlighted with a keynote address by the Chairman ot the Congressional ' Black Caucus, Representative Mit chell and an address by, Con gressman Eke F. Andrews (D N.C.) Congressman Mitchell will speak to the "Issues of the 95th Congress as They Relate to Black America." Employ ment, skill development, hous ing and minority business en terprise have been the major focuses ' of the Maryland Congressman in his tenure in the United States Congress. As , Chairman of the House Budget Committee's Human Resources Task Force, Mitchell introduc ed amendments that provided .'-. " , , GOV. JAMES HUNT AND WIFE WDUIiiiillig'jV'Jfai m SDners who languish ir the pri sons of North Carolina." "May v.e remind you of the rece;it North Carolina major newspapers which have gone on record in r-upport of a new trial for the Wilmington 10, the many thousands uf letters and petition signatures from citizens of North Carolina and the States front coast to coast, members f the U. S. Congress ond the growing international show of support from Amnesty Intra, ational and other world bodies. Yes, the entire world is now vatching to see whether your administratYin will in fact right the wrongs of the past. The entire world is watching to see if there is any humanity in the socalled "new south" or whether you too will allow innocent people to waste away in prison because of then' i'forts to bring about positive change in North Carolina Address Bqem one million summer youth em ployment jobs for economi cally disadvantaged teenagers; allocated an additional 125, !T! .j; -(5. v. J V . PAREN MITCHELL through peaceful means f We would like to suggest that you have a mandate not only from the citizens of North Carolina, but also from the citizens throughout this country to take .Executive, Action immediately and clean the blemished slate of North f Carolina by granting releases ' and exoneration to Reverend Ben Chavis, his 9 co-defendants (The Wilmington 10), Dr.. James Grant, his 2 co-defendants (The Charlotte Three) , and the many other political prisoners across the state. Their release should be a ' priority' in your new office. Finally, may we wish pro-; gress and prosperity for the. Stnie of North Carolina under your leaderslup; as Governor ' making it as beautiful as the landscape after the political prisoners course." are released,, of gv 000 jobs under the Compre hensive Employment - and Training Act for the victims of the current! depression recession that has permeated the economic core of America; increased housing programs for low and moderate income families ; " allocated, more; funds for instiutional assistance in higher education-for programs as University . . Community Services, Trio-Special Programs for the Disadvantaged, Work Study and U University Community ; Services. 4 He cornmented''There4;exists ah; efficiency argent Vlm , lor eon 3Znt v- effective , mi SSn kuded Maryland Congressman Uluded L rafmbS ConS B?ack X!r& Offffkieil T , RALEIGH (CCNS) Blacks participated in the in sugurationof Governor James . Hunt in numbers unpreceden fcd by previous administra tions,1 Democratic or Repubji can. Beginning; with -the inau- . gural , party on Friday even ing at ' Reynolds Coliseum, Black bankers, businessmen, educators, lawyers,, precinct workers, and observers dotted the ' marathon of ceremonies that finally ended Monday morning with the swearing in of the Council of State. , r INAUGURAL BALL v The affair was sponsored ' by the Junior League of Raleigh and the North Caro lina Symphony Orchestra. Those seated on the main floor or- toe coliseum naa purchased tickets of $25 and $50i Proceeds for the evening win go to cnany. i Not many of the blacks interviewed' j expressed a for Master of Andy Griffith and Beverly great Ceremonies "Mayberry" 0 - ; INVITED Texas prison inmrta Mary Bradix, B5, proudly holds an- invittionncaived inviting har to the prtsidentlat inauguration of Jimmy Carter on Jan, 20. Mary wrote letter, about two rmmhs' before the altction supporting Cartar, say ing "I can't vote but I can pray for you. She received a .note from Carter thanking bar and then January 13 she ra cevied the imitation. (UPI). are elected to represent all of our constituents.. In doing so we have placed, as top priority ; the issue of. employment and attacking the racial disparities that have long forced Black America to be victims of an insensitive economy. ;': The Caucus Chairman continued, -w. t. k- r-.n t a.w of Black which is 4 25 million black pebple, to inaease the po tential to contribute to the economy." : . ,f a $&2tttfS Banking Currency and Housing duction -was quite honored to , Jf" ; , . College Awards Ban- , He expressed. reverence f. the founder, Dr. L. HarrisMd the principle, upon duration k Hills, with his southern, hill billy humor. Jokes that drew laughter from the thousands that attended often poked light humor at women. Q Square dancing, symphony music, .ballet dancing and a medley of songs accompanied Griffith's humor. Governor and Mrs. Hunt and the .Council of State and their wives marched down the aisle in tails and gowns to a long table before the floor where the entertainers performed. '$ Several prominent blacks were scattered throughout the Coliseum. Some of those in attendance were: Secretary of Natural and Economic Re sources Howard Lee and wife Lillian; Senator and Mrs. John Winters, Sr.; Vice President of Mechanics and Farmers Bank, J. J. Sansom and his wife, Vivian; a Shaw University professor; Fayette viQe State University President Dr. ' and Mrs. Charles Lyons; Dr. and Mr sr. Sidney Barn- Continued On Page 14 ? which? the cefved. College was con- - '' Others to appear on the program are: Dr. John R. Larkins, Special Assistant to the, Governor of North Carolina, Mayor Wade L. Cavia of Durha, Harold Webb recent h ( appointed Director of Personnel for the State of North Carolina, John IL Wheeler; Chairman Durham Committee on Black Affairs, and Dr. L. M. Harris, Founder and President Emeritus, and Dr J. Wt Hill, President of the College. In addition to the awards presented to outstandir.3 tlumni at the banquet, the annual U M. Harris Teache of the Year Award wia b Harris Teacher presented to an outstanding faculty member. Reservations ;&ncugC College's Development Ofuce. ; A " I ' e

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