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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, April 02, 1977, Page 5, Image 5

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vm w ' -T Sr r I G 7 i r , DISPLEASED BY GRIFFIN BELL'S PROGRESS ,,;'. Tjhe National Wilmington 10 Defense Committee wishes to state our displeasure at the statements released March 23 byr the Justice Department with regard to their investigation into the Wilmington 10 case. ' nf.-,-. .. :-y Although the Justice Department announced that they will ; release to both the defense counsel and the State Attorney General transcripts of the federal grand jury investigation and the FBI reports on request, this essentially implies that the Jus-., tice Department itself is not willing to make any moves against Jay Stroud and the other public officials who have committed federal crimes in North Carolina by railroading our defendants to jail. We will have access to the federal reports but that only means that both sides will use the. rnaterial in addition to exist ing material in the . slow moving appeals process. We must also , point out that presently we simply do not know exactly what: the reports say and whether or not they will help or hinder the defense. ' . .;, ,, .-, I can speculate, however, that the federal; report can't be tremendously supportive for us because sources close to this investigation have said that the mere , willingness "of the Justice Department to release the entire report would tend to indi cate that no criminal action is forthcoming against the North Carolina officials. If criminal proceedings were being con sidered it is Unlikely that the department would disclose all their, reports and evidence. .... s. That same source seemed to feel that the Justice Depart ment does not feel that it can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the guilt of the conspiracy led by Jay Stroud. We find this statement quite unbelievable. Given that. the public has now heard from two of the' state's former witnesses that they were coerced by Mr. Stroud to lie at the 1972 trial and has also heard from a third witness that he was bribed for his testimony, it seems to us that there is more than enough evidence to prove beyond a doubt that Stroud used illegal tactics to gain a conviction of the Wilmington 1.0. Most everyone across this country can recall cases where in dividuals have been convicted for various crimes on a lot less evidence that that. In our opinion this sounds like a very weak excuse. Although they say that they are continuing the investi gation, they have failed to make a final decision on where they'll go from there. I personally feel that the public should be outraged that the Justice Department after several weeks of intensive investigation and such obvious public knowledge of the facts cannot announce strongly its intentions to launch an indictment against the guilty North Carolina officials. Just how long will this investigator drag out? When will they make a decision? It appears to Us that Mr. Bell has done as the federal courts have done already to us and that is to make the defense continue to fight thircase out in the lengthy appeals process through the maze of stateuand federal courts. This pro cess could take five or six years to' complete. Meanwhile, inno cent people are in jail. We are disappointed at this lack of positive action on the part of Mr. Bell at this point. We were hoping that he and Mr. Canter would be concerned about clearing this case up quickly in light of the growing criticism in world circles about the pre sence of political prisoners here in this country. PejdupsrThere is information that Mr. Bell is not telling us right now; I hope he does have some positive surprises in store for us soon. Or, perhaps his earlier critiques were correct. In light of this hazy announcement and position by the Jus tice Department, we are urging all citizens of conscience to write or visit Mr. Bell to take a more positive stand and communicate to North Carolina's Governor James Hunt to take some immediate executive action and stop this ridiculous waste of the taxpayer's money: As far as we are concerned, the con stitution of this country is a farce as long as the Wilmington 10 remain in jafl. For further information contact: Ms. Imani Kazana, National , .Coordinator, National Wilmington 10 Defense Committee.,., u. -,;., ' Grand Jury Indicts S.C. Officer An Horry County, South Carolina, police officer was in dicged by a federal grand jury Thursday, March 17 on a charge of beating a man arrested for failure to pay child support. Attorney General Griffin B. Bell said the indictment was returned in U. S. District Court in Columbia,' South Carolina, against' Aubrey L. Winburn. 7? The indictment said Win burn beat Robert J. Grimm on Aprfl 30, 1976, violating his 1 : . - - IS Black & White v V f l V ' I Sizes 1214. 8 ' I X v Soft& h I C V Black I . ' ylther wJSt - " Corrrtritt!rilJiS?ecls3tf ; I. . .:. ... .T"' ..... yttrntuj iiiunini 1 uiiaifw t mnwi v 1 G.a constitutional right not to be deprived of liberty without due process of law. The incident occured when Winburn served an arrest warrant on Grimm at a food store in Conway, South Caro lina. Grimm required several stitches to close a cut above his right eye. The 'maximum penalty upon conviction of deprivation of rights (Title 18 U. S, Code Section 242) is one year in pri son and a $ 1 ,000 fine. Z. tM Reports , A .. .. ... 1I..4....I ..' . ," . North Carolina ; Mutual Life ;., , Insurance ' Company s , assets increased , $63 million ( durinR 1976; insurance in force ; figure . increased .. by $486 million; and" its gain from operarions (after Federal In- come Taxes) amounted to.$K7 million: .' s . v ' , r 1 hese were some muita- spite. of . these circumstances, tions. of the progress the com-; North Carolina Mutual has con pany made1 in 1976, W. J. tinued to make progress in all Kennedy,'. Ill,; NCM president areas of its operations during and chief executive officer told 1976," he said . , ' " policyholders Wednesday at The . NCM president cited the companyV 78th annual the success of the company's policyholdersi meeting. group reinsurance- program, , "At the end of 1976, the which added an additional economy of the country was $438. million of insurance to pulling but ' of the ' deepest the company's books during . recession since 'World War II, 1976. He said that additional although ; problems of infla- group reinsurance contracts NCAE Convention Hoots More than 3,000 educators will meet in Asheville 'next week to determine next year's policy for the 50,000 member North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE), according to Dr. A. C. Dawson, NCAE executive secretary .: The delegates will begin attending special interest meetings on Thursday,- March 31. They will convene to con duct NCAE business at 9 ajn. Friday, April I, and complete their -.debate- on Saturday, April 2. Miss Alma Teeple, a junior high school teacher from Dur- Menthol llp"IIBll o)(lJl! (Si lju(i(ojg(i - " ' " 1. i'.i. 11111. 111 to . . ..!..,. ...J' f, m.; '.1 ,. s .. ,.i:iftai. .i.'f,f 1 VA V.V,A " 1 I . ; 18 mg. "tar; 1 Q 1113. nicotine av. per tion and unemployment have not been solved satisfactorily," Kennedy tol the policyholders. , "Enerev problems dam-; pened the robust recovery anti - cipated by many during the. latter part of 1976 and present- reai problem's for 'the new - national . administration. In . ham County and NCAE presi dent, will preside '.over the Seventh Annual Convention of the merged association. Dele gates will include teachers, principals, supervisors, superin tendents and others .from school systems, technical insti tues, community colleges, and universities all across North Carolina. Eight divisions of NCAE will hold, annual meetings dur ing the day on Thursday at various locations around Asheville. A number of them will follow their business sessions with dinners Thurs and Regular cigarette. FTC Report Dec. 76. aoijs - M ISfcRelaybt&s.G j' 'i "ivix ' l. . . t .. mm imiimii hi" m ': V -! made in 1976, but which will not; be put in force. until this, year would amount to an addi tional $450 million, thus plac- ing the company's total insur ance in force to more than $3.2 billion: ; rl , ''"NCM will then become : the nation's first predominate black-managed life insurance , company to exceed the $3 billion mark," Kennedy said. 'Insurance in force is one of the means by which an insurance ' company is measured on an industry-wide basis. At the end of 1976, NCM had assets of $ i 5 2 .2 million, compared to $145.6 million at the end of 1975; premium in come was $44.4 million, com pared to $41.3 million during In Ashcvillo day evening. Roberta Flack and Freddy Cole Trio will perform a bene fit concert Thursday evening for the largest NCAE division, the Association . of Classroom Teachers (ACT). Miss Flack is a native of Asheville and a former teacher. Any proceeds from the concert will go to ACT. The concert will be at 8:30 p.m. in the Asheville Civic Center. . Thirty-three new resolu tions and 24 constitiutional amendments are set for de bate on Friday and Satur- FOLLOWING NORTH CAROLINA MUTUAL'S 78th annual policyholders rmet ing, NCM president and chief executive officer, W. J. Kennedy, III, discusses tht company's corporate group reinsurance program with executive vice presidents M. A. Sloan (center) and W. A. Clement NCM acquired $38 million of group lift insurance in 1976 and with contractual commitments that become effective in early 1977, NCM will exceed the $3 billion mark in insurance in force. 1975; insurance in force was $2,742 billion,- compared to $2,256 billion at the end of 1975; and the surplus at the end of the year was $18.5 million, or 1 2.2 per cent of the. company's total assets. In addition, Kennedy said the company during 1976, paid U SAT., APRIL 2, 1377 " ' I " t I ' " ' - - .'V':-pii;l: ' f 'I more than $25 million to policyholders and their bene ficiaries, bringing the total cash payments since the com pany's organization to $2895 million. Kennedy told the policy holders that the company's new planning system, Warnina: The Surgeon That Cigarette Smoking Is 3-C - j developed with the guidance of McKinsey & Company, the management consulting firm should result in the greatest controlled growth in the com pany's history. The entire com pany is now operating under plans developed for each home office and field unit. General Has Determined '. Dangerous to Your Health. THS CA-C! 1lu.iI.J,.iait'i.i. .illV..ii.ilJ' l n'.fc.jfe... r

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