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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, April 02, 1977, Page 8, Image 8

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8 - THE CAROLINA TIMES M?ha lappa Alpha Sorority Chapters Enjoy fontest On Doie U. Compos The continuing efforts to the local undergraduate chapters of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority to know their Alumna members were much in evi dence on Saturday, March 26, when Iota Mu, Duke University undergraduate chapter and Theta Pi, UNC-Chapel Hill un dergrads joined in a funfest and fellowship for members of Alpha Zeta Omega chapter, their Alumna sponsors. The affair was held in the Trinity Room on the Duke campus at 2 p.m. Greek organizations are much aware of the increase of Greek groups on most campuses and for them it also means an accountability for their presence on the many campuses across the nation. They seek to stress positive images for their existence by reaching out and helping all mankind as they seek to carry out their program and 4 GREAT GAMES Kj 1ffS ifJ 4 id W Each of these advertised items is required to y j jli'l YL r b available for sale at or below the ' Jil ilitflll Ha dvertised price in each A&P Store, except J . iaU-pM.3i,ir as specifically noted in this ad. PRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SAT, APRIL 2 AT MP IN V IT DURHAM ITEMS OFFERED FOR SALE NOT AVAILABLE TO OTHER RETAIL DEALERS "O- OR WHOLESALERS PRIZES OF $5, $20, $100, & $1000. PLUS $1 AND $2 INSTANT WINNERS! 48 WAYS TO WIN CASH AT YOUR A&P! ITEMS OFFERED FOR SALE NOT POTATOES- U.S. 1 BAKING I TASTY RAfllHF I WI IIWI I II IVflVI (3 j i m in . l M 1 1 I W ar , I. 1 I V "''-. II .- -ml N. ' .... WASHINGTON STATE D'ANJOU r i C' - MORTON'S FROZEN 1 oessEPrrTOPPwo I GW FROZEN PEPPERONI f HAMBURGER SAUSAGE 11V OZ. . PKG. JANE PARKER BROWN N 6ERVE 7i;::irxiis JANE PARKER PITTA ;f I r a II f.::::irccDCAiiorGzv mwamh'm' '"wrwi z rt vvwrvwu pay only 13c OFF SAT APRIL 2, 1977 By Eha P. DeJarmon reach positive goals. The Alumna members can help through their already many positive experiences and pro grams that have been ren dered throughout the years. Such activities can be "shared with the undergrads who actually are the "lifeline"' for continuing their existence. Miss Lisa Cooper serves as president of Iota Mu, lo cated on Duke University campus and Miss Sherri Parks County School Hocus April 4 - 8: Monday, April 4: Pizza, Shredded Lettucedressing, Buttered Corn, Cookie and milk; Tuesday, April 5: Fish Sandwich, French Fries, Cole Slaw, Pudding and Milk; Wednesday, April 6: Spaghetti wMeat-Cheese Sauce and Shredded Lettuce French TO PLAY! CASH ODDS UPDATED AS OF MARCH 21, 1977 UNRE- ODDS ODDS ODDS Dee mc o 1 13 m OAMEt PHIZES VISIT . VISITS VISITS nan n m im.27 i m io.ut 1 m am 1W III 1 In 1I.TM I In m IM 401 IM IM 1 In Nil A IN Ml 1 In MM Mm i m ms t in in m aai n tw itis tw fi i m at .( I W Its 1 W tl 1 In , I TelelNtNNear ei mm ttm t in in I in tp m iimt Super Cash Bingo Game available to 93 Eaetern North Carolina Great Atlantic A Pacific Tea Company 8tores This promotion it scheduled to and on May 13. 1077 Super Cash Bmgo wW olH Ciaily ana. however, whan all gama tickets are diavibuiad, : AVAILABLE TO OTHER RETAIL DEALERS OR WHOLESALERS jJ - GOLDEN YELLOW DOLE ? M -T". TXrTTZ 1 1 1 HAl IFflRMIA nRDUfM I IDftC CI7C " 1 . f t 51? OJCADOS 2 CREAMY WHITE -SQ5 P.ftlll IFI ni'FRRc ILV 0m Wl IWMMI hWIIMintALII V LBS. mil 4 ? AAP 1 i-f . lcwanV. WIW PLEASE 12 OZ. CANS rm-'"rx ,BEEF 1. 8V CHICKEN 'l ITL-Jfe TURKEY 8EALTEST ICE CREAM L "VE 7 Vi GAL V I i . A4P kmei ii glazed rmr JELLY 6CT V PKG 312Cr. r-AA ii oz LvJ PKGS. R. - REVLON OILY. YotrPAr ONLY U5 -I-2V colopov;li LABEL serves as president of Theta Pi, located on UNC-Chapel Hill campus. Miss Parks has the distinction or honor of serving as the Miss UNC-Chapel Hill. She hails from Ashe-, veille. Ms. Vivian Crump serves as president of lota Mu and Ms. Linda Woodruff serves as advisor to Theta Pi. Mrs. DeLois Washington serves as president of Alpha Zeta Omega chapter. . Dressing; . Buttered Cookie and French Milk; Corn, Bread, Thursday, April 7: Turkey Supreme wGravy, Cranberry Sauce, Early June Peas, Fruit Cup, Bread and Milk; Friday, April 8: Ham, Potato Salad, Green Beans, Hot Rolls, Coconut Cake and Milk. I i r in A4P A&P QUALITY . 88 WASHINGTON CARE ojio;; IKES AIM r-..s-i. ANN PAGE 32 OZ, BTL. Xf n f t- '111111 i t nw , mini -IVr'-lriiiiiifiiii i) rnriiiiiiiriiiiirtrnorf A&P QUALITY HEAVY WESTERN GRAIN FED BEEF f ' I S jd(l A. S JMjXS I 0 1 s------ nn. ' I hi 11 IffCW 1 f i I f I I r 8 0Z PKGS. Jq MEL-O-BIT AMERICAN CC:2BS2 SLICES do::uts GLAZED pkg NORMAL DRY BLEACHED TINTED r:.!w PLUS 6 8 0Z, BTL ; 15c OFF LABEL YOU n . w fc, i w l t9 Ui.. FAYG7TEVILLE -HAPPENCJGS. ". The handbells were 'en-.-, joyed by many at Methodist . College Friday past at a Hand---,- bell Workshop . and Festival.,? The wives of the minis ters in the North ' Carolina Conference ? of the United Methodist Church held their spring Potpourri at Metho dist College. Mrs. Ralph Mahoney ' of ; Chattanooga spoke on "A New You" at 3 p.m. " , Bennie G. Hodges celebra ted his birthday Sunday at the home of his mother. He re ceived cards and gifts. His children along with all of his ..sisters and brothers and their families sang Happy Birthday. The table was covered' with a greenish lace table cloth and centered with arrangements of spring flowers. Happy birthday to Miss -Donna Fields, Walter Faison, Bennie Hpdges, Sammy Price po.7Tcr.:::un stems lb i QUALtTY HEAVY WESTERN GRAIN FEO BEEF cs:: j MuaLis I J o r HCKORY SMOKED HWSSSS fiVtit U.S.O.A. INSPECTED FRESH nicss 2s Spssa DsekIs Fashionable and different, a piece of jawelery you'll enjoy wearing, UNtlUA I a J EACH mJ 1 DEXOLA PURE UEOADIE0I1 (PvP 38 OZ. BTL. LIMIT ONE WITH 7.50 ADDITIONAL, ORDER LEMON YELLOW : WHITE e DEVIL'S FOOD WAFFLE AND ANN PAGE APPLE JUICE 32 OZ. BTL. 6 0Z. PKG. 5& iia- x x ix xvzx By Mrs. T. H. Kinney and Nathan Whaley. . ' . ... Dr. M. B. Hayes was the 11 th hour speaker ' at . Evans Metropolitan AME Zion Church, Sunday past.. . Mrs. W. Simmons had a safe return from her Read ing Conference. FT1 will host a High School Press Workshop April 22-23. It is sponsored by the North Carolina Scholastic Press Bridge Results Winners in the Thursday evening game of the College View Duplicate Bridge Club are as follows: First Place: Mrs. Hedy Echard and Doug Kemnitz; Second Place: Mr. and Mrs". Curtis H. Norris; Third Place: Mrs. Connie Patillo and Mrs'. Mary Pinson; Fourth Place: Mrs. Ruth Betts and Mrs. Virgie Davis. "l r!Tponiu!e!!'T!!!T!?T,""B i I I A4P QUALITY HEAVY WESTFRN rca.m k mmg mutm m MP QUALITY HEAVY WESTERN GRAIN FED BEEF SIIUCII Tl? ROAST 1591 LB. ! I SMBIW STEAKS. rllj YfEXCEPT SLt BEEF-VJ i&riiMI ANDMEATLOAF(nlrQr EJTRIlS2Vi aaiM ALL mil STtCIIS3S?0 BOOTH BREADED ROUND OR FANTAIL AAA SSIIHL1P Wa A&P PLAIN AND SELF-RISING NAaWaW.eWarNNai-SAVE' S' rmrmnr". LIMIT ONE J WITH COUPON AND ADDITIONAL I 7.50 ORDER I iinri wniitatwviii arwwi $ WITH COUPON V M ADDITIONAL ORDER. 4 HULL 1 i a Din a. ii C SAVE I 4. ' CHCKENOF-THE-SEA II VM tdaV CHUNK , LIGHT PACIFC BRAND SMALL ' EARLY JUNE DEL MONTE - ANN PAGE SALAD c3esse::s Advisors Association. - ' . , -. - An adult driver education course uvill be held Monday at 7 pjn. at Maxlon High School The Cumberland County Community Action Program and Faycttcville Technical In- stit ute are co-sponsoring u program for adults. Funeral services were held for Samuel Melvin at 4 p.m. Saturday past at Cedar Creek Baptist Giurch. Sympathy is extended to his wife, Mrs. Erma Melvin. his six sisters and four brothers. Moses L. Best, 1824 Broa den" Drive has been appointed to serve as National Aide-decamp for recruiting by the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Best was appointed by R. D. Smith of Atlanta, Ga., the national commander. Members of the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority held the State Meeting in Raleigh the week- AP QUALETY CORN FI ;;s 0(2) y lb xjsJ r , I 139 LB. B PCHK ROAST VARIETIES COUPON 30c JJl mMMaSgjl BAG j 668 I .WIT ONE COUPON, GOOD THRU SAT. APRIL 2 AT A&P I 'A&P COUPON-' CHARMIN I run i tiii i ;1 :. 1 I IV iatlaa' mm mLbh mm m - i . 6ttOZ, CANS 00 16'2 0Z. CANS J3 32 OZ. BTL. QUART JAR n u 669 4 end past All attended reported an interesting and meaningful . gathering. ,- :' Jolin William Hodges, 82,, i of Warsaw died at Duke Medk., cal Center,' Durham., Funeral . : services , were fiefcf at Great Six Run Baptist Church' "in : Turkey (NC) on Saturday at " 2 pan. Sympathy is extended to his wife, Mrs. Annie Faison 1 Hodges.' his daughter, Mrs. Wijlie - Hodges Waller of Raleigh, a son, Silas Richard of Yonkcrs, NY, two step daugh ters; Mrs. Annie Hall of White Plains, NY; and Mrs. Florine Brinsbn; one stepson, ' Preston Morrisey of Irving ton, NJ; two broters, Charlie Hodges of Warsaw and Fred Hodges of Dover (NC); 'one sister, Mrs. Ida Mae Jamison of East Orange, NJ. Hodges was the uncle of Mrs. Theo dore Kinney. Miss Willa Catherine Cromedy, daughrer of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cromedy, be came the bride of Tony Edward Munn of Autryville (NC) Saturday past. He is the son of William Munn of Wade and the late Mrs. Berline Munn. Rev. Henry Melvin officiated, with music provided by Mrs. Pricilla Godwin, pianist and Sylvia Faye Alford, soloist. Williams Henry Jr., was the best man. Maid of honor was Martha Lynette Hajgler. Patents of the bride entertain ed the guests with a reception at Golden Eagle Motel. The couple wUl reside in Autry ville. The bride attends Fayetteville State University. The bridegroom is employed at KeUy-Springfield Tire Com pany. Mrs. Rosa Tarrey, a home economics teacher at - E.'-'E.. Smith Senior High School, was selected recently as the 1977;i 78 North Carolina Home Economics Teacher of the Year. We congratulate her and wish for her much success during the incoming school year when she will compete for the national title. Happy birthday to Tracy McNeill, Nathan Whaley, Angie Murphy and Mrs. Kimberly. Congratulations are in order for Ike Walker, 46. He has been selected the Divi sion 1 1 1 4-A boys high school coach of the year. He is the E. E. Smith High School Golden Bulls coach. Dr. William Chafe, history professor from Duke Univer-. sity is scheduled to speak at 1 INFOGRAniS By Mary J. Vhitmore, Home Economist EASTER DINNER - PLAN AHEAD TO SERVE IT SAFELY It's spring, and Easter Sunday is a special day in many homes, when families and relatives gather. This holiday may mean preparing a large family meal. Food safety precautions will help ensure a pleasant occasion. Ham, like all meats, contains some bacteria. These are found in the air we breathe, on our skin, everywhere. Under cer tain conditions, bacteria can multiply. This is what we want to avoid. , ' Hams labeled "cured" or "cured and smoked" must be cooked before you eat them. Cook to an internal temperature of 160 degrees F. "Fully cooked" hams are cooked thoroughly in processing and are readv to Mt Never leave uncooked or cooked ham at room temperature for more than two hours. Keep it COLD (below 40 F) or HOT (above 140 F.). People with colds and infections, or sores or cuts on their hands, should not handly foods, especially perishable foods such as ham. This may spread bacteria. Refrigerate whole hams no longer than 7 days; cured half hanis, cured ham slices or fresh ham, no more than three days Once open, any canned ham should be refrigerated. Check labels to see if it needs refrigeration before opening. Use it within seven days. Creamed onions are perishable items, too. Serve imme diately. Do not allow them to stand at room temperature more than two hours. Use some method of keeping them hot (above 40 F.). Cream-filled desserts such as cream puffs are extremely perishable. Make them shortly before serving; keep them re frigerated; and don't keep leftovers, even though they" are refrigerated more than a day. ' Easter eggs are decorative and fun for youngsters to make. But if you. intend to eat the eggs, keep them refrigera ted. Use them as a table centerpiece once for no longer' than two hours. Then, they can still be eaten. Otherwise, just use the eggs as decorations and don't plan to eat them. , ' Your family may enjoy meals every day without problems ' but on holidays when large groups get together, the types and larger quantities of foods present different problems. You nfav not have enough refrigeratbr space. -I Bacteria can cause food poisoning. All they need to grow is ihe right . combination of time,' temperature and moisture ji . Foodborne illness can cause diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps, and other unpleasant symptoms which can last for several hours or even days With young children and elderly' pe6ple,. the results can be more severe. Often, people mistake foodborne Illness for a simple "bug" or virus. The real cause may be food that was hot properly handled, prepared, or served This can be prevented. v How many people can you safely serve? And, how much time will it Jake to prepare the food? Don't try to feed more people than you can handle. Consider the size and quantity of the cooking equipment you have, your supply of eating utensils and dishes. Figure our how much refrigerator space you'll need to store foods. ; . ; ' . Holiday meals are fun, but need careful planning to make them safe. ! " ' the National Organization for Women's Roles and Identity? Workshop on Saturdays at St. James Inn. U Delta Gamma Sigma Chap ter' of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.. presented , its ooeninc pageant at Washing-; ton Drive Jr.. High School Saturday past at 8 pjn. T - " Dr. Moses E. Akpan, chair man of the Department of Political Science of -Orangeburg, S.'C. State College held a lecture and two seminars the past eck on South Africa and the ; African states at FSU. Dr. Akpan is a native of Nigeria. The students of Terry Sanford Senior High School presented "Hello Dolly" last. Thursday through Saturday. It was under the direction of Mrs, Laura Hill,' English v and drama teacher at the school Pine Forest s presenting "Lil Abner" through April 2, at 8 p.m. 1 .. Reid Ross is presenting "Sugar" Thursday and Fri day at 8 pjn. E. E. Smith at 7 pjn. on April 2 "Roar of the Grease paint." A soul and rock music, festival is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. on April 3 at the Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium. Ten groups from North and South Carolina will perform. Tickets are available now. . Mr. and Mrs. Van Q. Mathis announce the May 14 wedding engagement of their daughter, Vickie C. Blount, to John Lamond Mc Kethan, son of Mr. and Mrs. John G. McKethan.She is a senior nursing student at N. C. A&T State University. He1 is stationed in the Phillipine Islands. Funeral services were held for Mrs. Eloise W. McDonald, 56, 421 Van Story St., last Thursday at 1 p.m. Sym pathy is extended to her son, Willie A. Adams, two brothers, Azzie Colin Williams and Ross Purdie Williams; a sister, Mrs. Ruth Watson and their families. Funeral arrangements for Rev. A. G. Boone and Fred Burns . are" tacbrmMete' at this writing. v 1 :v -mui .

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