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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, August 06, 1977, Page 4, Image 4

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f A ' Sr. i "J 4 - THE CAROLINA TIMES SAT., AUGUST 6. 1977 D!r.:rilyDcslr.:ss Pcrticfcllch Guaranteed In Public Ucrb Tlie $4 billion Local Public Works BiU (LPW) re cently passed is now avail-;, able v to qualified local , communities. At least ten per cent participation in this program is assured through contracts and subcontracts to minority" vendors and con tractors by the U, S. Depart ment of Commerce. The LPW program will be discussed at a public meet ing sponsored by the Econo mic Development Adminis tration (EDA), the Office of Minority Business Enterprise (OMBE), the Durham Busi ness and Professional Chain, Inc., and the North Carolina State Office of Minority Business Enterprise. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 pjn. in the Boyer Building Auditorium on St. Augustine's College campus on Thursday , August 11. Construction and pro fessional firms, and other ser vice related businesses will have the opportunity to have their questions answered re garding work availability and qualification requirements by representatives from EDA and OMBE. Additional information is available by calling the North Carolina Office of Minority Business Enterprise at 919733-2712. MURDER Continued From Page 1 from a car occupied by five white men struck him and s several other murders. Al though there were massive organizing efforts in the black communities through out the : state to convict the alleged murderers, no charges were brought. ( Johnson, once chairper- , son of the Youth Organizers for Black Unity (YOBU), wa , a leader at the Greensboro student protest where Willie Grimes was killed ". when (. National Guardsmen - fired into a crowd of students. "What props him (Joe Judge) up?" Johnson asked the crowd, "The sheriff props ' him up . . . the courts props him up . . capitalism and imperialism prop him up He ' continued, saying U. S. instk tuions including the courts are controlled by, "The people who own the land and factories," and that, "working class people have a right to control the land and factories." Recounting the . experiences of blacks during slavery. Reconstruction and 'Jim CrowY; Johnson said, "Now is the time for bur people - to rise up , and . struggle for self-determina-' Hon." r - . . , Waverlean' ' Mangum, spokesperson for the Durham ts ; County African Liberation ' Support Committee, express ed support for the boycott and the peoples court. Call- , ing for better housing, food, jobs and. work' benefits (which probably will be issues at . capitalism's '" trial), Ms. Mangum said it is time for justice to be done. "The way this system holds up and let Joe Judge get away with killing Charlie Lee is the same way the system will hold up and kt him get away with : killing one of. our family she continued. During the rally, three young young women ' from Whitakers performed a skit.. Dianne, Shirley and .Shirell, Webb dramatized the fears and. hope , !of the, community. - '' Charlie Lee's widow, Mrs. Leola Lee, also spoke briefly to the gathering. Re cognizing that her interest in the case is personal, she said, "I have a personal de- , sire to see justice done be cause "'what h appened to ' me and my three children, could have . happened, to anyone". Gary Smith, acting chair-. ; person of the People's Coali- ' t on for Justice saia uie j. boycott would begin Cg, immediately.! ;'.-jV' Vf1' ' I V'uu K vtW.Ti hviYi ha l'xi lVrf7..Vfa y shop vjifiiMjiHiE, ' ' N I J I III II I :,; ,,1 I I : " ..v. : . 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( DRAND U& CHOICE REEFi EONOESS R13 EYE i - llll. .1 i I T59 ID. Ll -A llllrzrm I , ' i H KnvflMMIMT GBADIDn ) f IS IT? m ' JL "J JS " hi i . ,1-1111 A(V1LMV.3 ' 111 1 - FIRST INDUSTRY li ' iS, fc I'f" In- . . , MTA I I I l Iff..-' ., M ' " kx J PAPcR rLAILOoF 100tC I I m A S , - ri!!PI- 1 i. '.. I I'- . . II 1 0 $1 .00 , mmim ;L 29-OZ. , I I II ,!-----,' . , ' . Q k. Q9Q - WffH $70 Oa MOE CPSt (UMIT 3 OF YOU3 CHOict) ' CANS I I tl iimni . . II I I - . 'i. ''jr. i. 1iu . 1 r ' ' i i. . . ' mmm 1. ,, . -h m xr f f If l . , l I I li cm Jifcvx li ) . . ,fcU. . ill X .1 v u- J C3AKP ttT3Ha)uA.cioics c: ... n (if .4 i . ( com:less r v rir-N 6 STEAKS $1 49 P ROASTS $1.39 (ojiCHOjCE l U.LSW U.S. CHOICE COMiLESS. sf!29 ID. 1MB. CTN. 22-OZ. $17.95 $1.79 toiiacs FAMILY i o STEAKS sa $1 2.9S o STEAKS . - 1 mi (g) MAND UA CHOICE KEF (194MM U. AVO.) VlflHIOLE IRANO UA CHOICE KEF (160-170 IBS. 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