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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, December 20, 1980, Image 3

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r I. V I , '.Ik. r-.( Wrapping Gifts Members of Alpha Gamma Chapter, Tau Gamma Delta Sorority, take time out of their studies for final examinations to spread cheer to the elderly at Hillhaven Convalescent home, as one of their service projects for this school year. Sorors present for the wrapping of gifts were Patrina Tollison, Dean of Pledgees; Rochelle Peterson, Anti-Basileus; Vivian Samuel, advisor and founder of the undergrad chapter at NCCU, Annette Peterson, Antl-Grammatus; and Debra Btackwell, Assistant Dean of Pledgees. Not pictured were Sorors Beryl Quick, Andrea Long and Donna Windham. WHITE HOUSE MINI-CONFERENCES White House Mini-Conferences on Aging and the Black Elderly are taking place now through January, 1981, in Detroit, Atlanta and Los Angeles. These meetings will focus national attention on special aging issues, especially those facing the Black elderly. This will be the first White House Conference on Aging to initiate a structured process through which to examine and heighten the visibility of those problems of the Black elderly which are different from those of the "majority" community. Recommendations developed at the Mini-Conferences will be sent to the technical committees of the conference, all of the delegates and finally to the National Conference. We would appreciate your using this coupon to suggest matters for discussion at the Mini Conferences or to suggest issues that the National Caucus and Center should take action on. The National Caucus and Center on Black Aged, Inc. 1424 K Street, N.W. Suite 500 Washington, D.C. 20005 Please mail your suggestion to: :Tiiiftviraiii(j?nS ttm,r1twt.vjA. Name Address City State Zip Check if you want more information about NCCBA. This space provided as a public service by cooking A hints i The official estimate of auto thefts in the United States for 1979 shows an alarming total of 1,100,688. That's an increase- of about 11 percent over 1978 and some 100,000 more than the previous record number of thefts in 1975, according to the National Automobile Theft Bureau's annual report recently issued. , The newly reported in creases go hand-in hand with the growing ,,' theft by mir , i . Federal Euivat; tion reports thai the rots '' r rate has dropped from 9 re of 10 stolen in '1967 to 6 of 10 in 1V78 - an prcieifiionals ?i v l the can. . recovers. Auto theft's complexion has changed from one of primarily teen-agers who steal cars to ioyride for a few hours to a "business" run by professionals. Amateurs have no trouble finding cars unlocked with keys in the ignition. Of course, the pro fessionals do not overlook such easy pickings either. But the master car thief can make off with even a locked car in less than a minute. Every bodv ' ;" n vulrs"' - ROSALIE SCOTT, STAFF ASSISTANT ft & 9 Auto Thefts The Professions Mm In "Eve.-vrsi., d' en by inwtii1 -?r Decerwr, these thefu U;ro& iw-Vr' than t ay time m .i ivi rutor- -4 UtViion not; fctr-t. tut tiesinnin with the 1980 CM tf Foi priced 'on' tptcM t&wAI thzA e?not be wwA Tn wrm prof? the UUt in the n'goroa ant-thft efforts of forcmnt aencie, fapsl ions, the insurance industry and 4nto manufacturer. But if the crime of auto theft to be gnifintly def rred, rr.otorisU also must help to protect themselves and their car? afsintt criminals. 7 . tiywe? siaiw' , e fn l ,; ; eerfi siewf- rjutJosr, are Ufcen. Tle most important is: never kef in an unattended ne f sold. "This 'chop-shop' operation is being taken over by organ ized crime," FBI Directo- William H. Webttcr mi re cently. "If H remains a I cr tive busim-ss. these groups will attempt to ewi liih even snor-: 'ni - '.' Webster sniJ 'h- 'vp. shops" fire viciour., rwy re petitive businesses. Ami H gangland siyie killing ir. i'Ki c"'" r.i " fv' "''f,vv' v ..Hit. -" hr vehicle identification numbers (VIN) to deter "chop-shop" opera tions and control the illegal trafficking of stolen parts Auto insurance companies, triti NATB and tie U.S. Jus tice Department will assist in tracking the results. A coTssparabl marking pro gram -iih Cfciliac i! and EidoraOcs was rnouncfd o lana,ir , 1980 by Gen?al Motors. It is expected i,Hn a iiCm, and theft r.ngs undc. ' law enforce- . ipftJ iuve oeesa o unlocked cars with the keys in the ignition. "Lock it and pocket the key ' is a valuable slogan o remember. It has been usd successfully in anti theft campaiirns in many states, frost r ier:l being in 197S in Missouv and Oklahoma and in similar program in 19S0 in Southern Nevada. CowmrrriaHy frown unbaked appie, cherry or peach - mairin good "igh the nome freezer. from CARNATION FOOD SERVICE CENTER r Oven Fresh Toast simplifies the preparation of this . . i -n i j. j :n - J J iLa breakiast lavonte. Jaggs ana evapuraum muK uu uw nnflnrial cavincr nnwer of nrotein. Ern'ov Dart of this uuMivAviMA owjw'o (- ' r j j i treat when it is made, then freeze the rest. They reheat ... . i i in the toaster tor an extra quick DreaKiasi. $ i -TOTVt -tfifa.ii.ii Tr-i lWl.y 5HUEC OVEN FRENCH TOAi cup butter 12 slices day old white bread Butter Syrup '4 egg 1 tablespoon sugar 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup undiluted CARNATION Evaporated Milk Beat eggs well in 8-inch round layer cake pan. Mix sugar and cinnamon together. Stir into eggs along with evapo rated milk. Melt V3 cup butter in 15xl0x 1-inch jelly roll pan. Coat both sides of 6bread slices with egg batter. Place on jelly roll pan, turning to coat both sides with but ter. Bake in hot oven (400 F. ) 10 to 12 minutes or until lightly browned. Turn; bake additional 6 to 8 minutes until golden brown and slightly crisp. Melt remaining cup butter on jelly roll pan. 15 it ''mill 8S64i-ya Effective December 31. 1980 "400 minimum balance. 5 rer month if mininram balance not maintained. imlk HOME SAVINGS AND LOAN A Sister Tee's Now Shop 2S01 Fayetteville St. 919682-4629 Across From New St. Joseph's Church Repair Leather Goods & Jewelry Purses, Bags, Wallets, Coats Jewelry Necklaces, -1 ... Rings, Earrings, Bangles Clothing ,ackefs A Hats, Sweatsuits Artifacts African MaskS , n " Art, Sculpture, Incense Cards, Posters. Greeting Cards, Posters, African Art Layaway Now! Hours 10-6 Monday-Saturday Get Your Jewelry Cleaned Cheaply! SALES UNTIL XMAS Aunt Jemima saves you 20$ on your Newlfear's Good Luck Dinner. p Black-eyed peas and t:; 1! corn bread on New W. i k mean good luck. And s zh' M lucky for you, you lMM W! LOC now save Aunt Jemima Corn TSSDBln Meal Mix. SSZ!!! Af ' 3911 Save 20$ on any 5-lb.bag of Aunt Jemima Corn Meal or Com Meal Mix or Self-Rising Corn Meat GROCER; Aout am n mm aeon nm in. trail omom HI.UIUIMI II IiimiiI ill itn wr-tfiiln t 1-t f tim. Can. m w nn ooupoi i pnoWad. ai komii amend. o taara paohikjjrf b, b Oiaj UJ datinf houm aand B Tl Quafcai 0ai Cam. V.O. tmiXOk. O TERMS OF OIHR: IUdatnk onfcr on dw pmcW 1 ( cnduRto). Am othn aaa aw comntult kauO. umii vns V hR PACKAGE. 20 I LLRC OOUFON EXFWES: JUNE 30, 1981. 20c

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