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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, May 29, 1982, Page 11, Image 11

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- " ' ' " " " ' i " ,, r- ' , ' ' ' ' ' furT ' .UIIjJ ipHfTB" 1-fl1"HriILlIII T"T If - - " 11 --5'V 'i Vy -u--rtj? )'! -G : L , , , : - : , .. ..' - . "",:-"".T 1 ' "-'' , p- ) )Each of ttiM adariitd itain ts rqwrd ! b avisbi r MM at a below ttt wlvortisod pnca in oach AAP Stor. cap4 m apccifccaNy wxod - 1 , fRICES EFFECTIVE THRU SAT.. I!AY rt AT df H CLT.:f7 -L " ' ' . J " ' ITEMS OFFERED FOR SALE NOT AVAILABLE TO OTKwt WX OR WHOLESALERS 320 Urtiycrsi Dr.; ;C21 Bread Street ZETAS PLANNING FOR SEPTEMBER Little Miss Blue Revue are: (l-r) Mses. Martha Tilley, Viola Lawrence, Barbara Shearin, Carrie Matthews 1 and Dian Russell. " .' Clubs & Socials A dinner was served at the home of their daughter, Mrs. Roosevelt Poole, and co-hosted by, their granddaughter, Ms. Phyllis W. Oliphant. Guests included Mrs. Clara Bowling, Mrs. Bertha . rcv. uuw tnuiuas y I Sellars, Mrs. Ella Jackson, Mrs. Litnia Brewer, hostess to a recent meeting of the Triangle Com- M Irene Jo Mrs Beatrice Smith Ms. Janice mnnitv Tircle. Mrs. Jame Garrett, vice Dresident, ai c,;u tnn.u Rev. Thomas Hostess To Triangle Circle Rev. Odessa Thomas of 903 Price Avenue, was munity Circle. Mrs. Janie Garrett, vice president, presided. "... . A new member, Ms. Louvenia Crawford, joined .the group. . . Other members present were Mesdames Ann Butler, Lottie Campbell; Flossie Ewing, Pearl , Hunter, Rosa Heron, Ruby McNeil, Doris Stalk, ; Tereatha Williams, Earnestine Young. The. closing summer celebration will be in the home of Mrs. Fannie Harris, 4016 Booker St., June 19 at 5 p.m. Members will bring a Covered dish, !. - friends and family; Hayestown Seniors , Mn VnVwrta Allen, the nresident. Mrs. Odessa ITtl 04 - j j I . Flake sang. , - . . v Mrs. Annie Mae Webb reported on the visits to ' rest homes and also on the flavoring sold. Mrs.! Rosa Holloway, a guest, gave some very interesting I highlights of the doings of the different citizens '"dubs. 1 '.,' Members present were Mmes. Roberta Allen, Delia Hubbard, Annie v Alien, Alice Carrick, Georgia Williams, Annie Mae Webb, Odessa Flake, r:: Louise Lee; Messers. Henry Hubbard, Jesse Ferrell and Rhuba Allen. -; . : Junior Club Participates La Petite Junior Garden Club participated in the annual flower show at Henderson Towers on May 2, along with the West Durham Blossom Garden : Club juniors and the Lyon Park Rose Club juniors, - Garden Club Meets On Tuesday evening, May 18, Mrs. Beulah Coley ; ' Edwards hosted the West Durham Blossom Garden Club at her home at 5 19 Mam street, i ne nome was Florida A&M Journalism Department Receives Accreditation 1 The florida; A&M i , University Department of Journalism . nasi' become the first at an( historically black college, in America to be ac-j credited. , " The announcement was made by Dr. WAIter L. Smith. FAMU presi dent, at a journalism 4 department ' year-end banquet April 30. The accreditation, by the Accrediting Council 'UlliAUAIUJ HVUflUVili , . . . C TVii 7 TYiQfialA Oiantr nrrwtiiat m the Oil Education in JOUf- ideals of scholarshio. finer womanhood and service nalism and Mass Com- M s R ne Reviie. suo- year, nenou. i nc n.,c- port for young girls in educational enrichment pro- grams (summer camp), scholarships to students in ; institutions of higher education, United Negro Col- i lege Fund, and breast cancer detection clinics. ANAXfP UUCXVEC7 !t"A 2lVPc. Snriir tow ttmrnfmcx Hi, mm NJi WVJ- vjAl 'i . i From the Hig Hand Floral Collection. I ( AAP COUPON A G2EAT VALUE AT A Cl7 r?! , SAVE 50 THIS WEEK'S VVNVA FEATURE ITEM ( 0 3! VWhMVmPitrclMMA : 5.SI ' ' ""TV : Ms. Of2 SEE STORE DISPLAY FOR ODMPfJETE DETAILS. ' VBOSSSiSSZj ' - ' - - With Each KITING 0C( SVVilt OOLBS.ANOUP) Butterball Turkeys 2 Dixon; Messers. Alsee Smith and Roosevelt Lipscomb. Zetas Plan Revue ' Eta Phi Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., presents young girls yearly and supports: enrichment activities for young girls (8-12 years of I age) finalizing with the Little Miss Blue Revue. The ' Blue Revue provides opportunities for these young girls to display talent and participate in various. community activities. A&P QUALITY HEAVY WEStCHN CONN FED BEEF Bone-In - ; .. - 'YW Yahama Social Club JMC is comprised of 22 professional , media related nd academic organizations, "The accreditation means that the depart ment's administration . The Yahama Social Club's monthly mneeting ; and all three mstruc washeldatthehomeofMrs;PearlieM.Haskinion t'0"3!. sequencer have Sunday evening, May 23.,, TtWlJ Following the opening, officers for 1982-84 were standards .on budget, installed in a brief candlelight ceremony conducted curf'cu,a'- U faculty, by Mrs. GwendeUa Qemons. Mrs. Marie Moize . fac,l,t,e - A -equipment , was named "Member of the Year",- v J , brary hold.ngs and stu Summer activities planned include a July 4 dent services, according cookout and a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey, Ju-, Robert M- Ruggles, ly 26-29 .'department chairman. Following the meeting, the hostess served a meal ;; Jhe sequences are print Richard and Rosalyn Cole, Robert and Rosa Ed wards, Lauretta Hayes, James and Marjorie Johnson, Bill Moize, Elizabeth Pretty, Clementine Self, Octavious Tate, Edna and Velton Thompson, and Pauline inrocxmorton. ' ' ' "I'l i . I J Jl" U.S.D.A. INSPECTCD FHCCil WHOLE p vx""-; I f. -i . ii. k m k m m m h 25 i.v2)J j7 ' RIPE SWEET & TASTY melon M public decorated with spring flowers from members' The next meeting will be ion June 27 at the homne . r . w "Tnf Mrc T After, tne opening oi me uarucn vhhc vy uic ii president, a business session was held. Toby Bost, specialist in garaemng irom Agncuiiurai eaicumuu, nv enmc verv helnful general eardeninn hints. . . . n., in arranimnmti . were made DV . ; - Mrs. Mary Allison, Mrs. Doris Reddnck, Mrs. .Z7i Mary Love and Mrs. Gertrude Gibson. The coor ' ; dinators of the junior gardeners reported on their progress and May birthday presentations were - ! made to Mrs. Naomi Parker and Mrs. Anna Duke. ' r Mrs. Edwards served a delicious buffet dinner to I. : : the following members and friends: Mesdames Margaret "Allen, Mary : Allison, Anna Duke, fjst Margarci ruuer, unuuw uwu - Mary jarmon, muy xwc, rarKer, uons Reaanc, wmtua iui Tiaav Ruth and Mary Louise Stephens and guests Mrs. Mary Cobb Morrison of Washington and Mrs. Alina Randall. - . r ' The June 22 meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Cornetta Williams. Mrs. Williams thanked the hostess for an en joyable evening. ElkMeeting 7 The Ella Outlaw Past State Presidents Club, Daughters of Elk, met at the home of Mrs. Sumaga Salmon recently. Committee reports and reports on '.-' Oak Grove Floral Board l The Oak Grove Free Will Baptist Church Floral Board met Sunday, May 23, at the home of Mrs. Blueford Myles. The agenda included a, talk on jade plants by Mrs. Jessie McCray and the board's anniversary celebration scheduled for Sunday, July 25. Queens " are Mrs. Theressa Hall, Mrs. Beatrice Lassiter and: Mrs. Susie Griffin.. ' - . ' " - . : A repast was prepared by the hostesses, Mrs. Myles and Mrs. Maude McCollum and served by Mrs. Myles' daughter, Miss Mary Lyons. Mrs. Leoner Longly thanked the hostesses. Visiting were Mrs. Delia ; Foster, her son,, Chuckie, and Miss Shirley Woods. Members atten ding were: Mmes. Willier McKeithan, Susie Grif fins, Maude McCullum, Jessie S. McCray, Janie Watson, Leoner W. Longly, Mary Cates, Bluford Myles, Virginia StonerLouise Smith, Ovella Lum pkin, Beatrice Lassiter, Carrie McRae, Josanne Fryar. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. Roberta t Jones on Corona Street. journalism,' and relations. ,5, In his letter notifying Smith of the accredita ' tion, Don E. Carter, vice vpresidentnews of Knight-Ridder's . city group newspapers and president of ACEJMC, ' wrote: VI can tell you thai I. have, talked with members of the evalua tion team that visited your campus, and all f have emphasized theii .pleasure at the high quality of your students, your faculty, and the ad ministrati vc support th Department has reccivci from your a administra tion." Noting thai the ACE JMC hopes other ' jour nalisrrt programs at ai historically black : col leges will ' soon be ac credited. Carter wrote. 'Ccainly ihosc whicl" come along later wil! find an admirable exam ple in the Department ol Journalism at. Florida A&M." The FAMU program was begun in 1974 and has 115 majors. FLORIDA GROWN FRESH ; YgIIovjCgih Untrlmnwd . I -n UA1 EASTEHN GROWN Dirit.Fclatses I IN QUARTERS V '-?. f ',f -. ' ' la : : 1F3 ' ".. I : I J Ai JL?: I -: ' . rtJ3jrittb!i ksttln . '. M' . " ' k 1 ' r . " L. . ' - I ' ' V '"m . I SAVE $1.00 ON THE PUHCHAC2 CF r.'.pTT :l H ( 1 1 W ' I , I I - "V . (wKhout coupon 9.83) 6331 SAVE S1.00OM THE PUnClAS5C?5V;T- r ' TPT i Munr AkiB Mimi rm tanai umfUAcm 4 fwtthoutcoi !7.'t')T LIMIT ONE WtTM COUPON AND 7 JO ORSCS I KflOl&LJ OOOO THRU SAT. MAY 2 AT AAP I ! VANCAKP I mi tUPfRAVC9COweai T . . .... ' Crusader Club Meeting: The rmsader Club met Mav 22 at the home of summer plans were discussed. A new member, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Alston, Sr. After devotion, Virginia Byrd, was welcomed. Jed by Mrs. Geneva Allison, Mrs. Patricia Pointer Grand Daughter Ruler Hattie B. Singleton in- ' and Wilbert Richmond, the president, Mrs. Stella f stalled the following officers: Ms. Sumaga Salmon, Alston, presided over the business session. Reports oresident: Ms. Edna Taylor, first vice president; were made from various committees. Ms. Dorothy Harris, second vice president; Ms. : The club will charter a bus trip to Williamsburg. n ; .k.. . m Fthi Hnnirin. tinfln- va.. on aueusi zs. Mcmocrs sanii nappy ouuiuav . , m v VioleT Stallsworth, recording secretary; Ms. Mrs. Alston, assisted by her sister and guest of ( I h UlJ Li til Li2, . Virginia Byrd, Conductress. tne ciup, Mrs. wnei rerry, servea a rcpasi. - ! XieillOrmillUttJ 7r,.T N .Mmrr,kyrm . . . Sher members present for the meeting were: Members present .were: Ms Afej; . fi jCSO SSOTu SSBSSTf ' Mses. Addie Walton, Marion Culberth, Elizabeth Mesdames M?ft?.Richn!?nd,S.nevVAJu,.H! ! A lSSUeS FHrnhHh 1 a wrence. Julia Moore. Dora Milter, oteua AlSlOn, ; .... i i . .f :: mpuu, nus . Bessie AlUson. Minnie Jones. Sally Williamson. , causea oy innammauon . ThS hostess wa, thanked for the dinner byMrs. Julia Fairington, Lenora -r... .... v Napoleon. roimer; Messers, juc lbw.b.W tti prompti temporary relief foi I ' . ' WiUie Edwards, Lee Horton, Roland Alston, Sr., fiours from bain and bumini ! HZCULAR OR D5E Mr Mrc HOnrV llnnnC . - t and Wi1hrt RirhmnnH. ' itch in hemorrhoidal tissues, ther . iril., irii t i. f iwiii r www, . . uww . 1 13 C2. I 34! lien in nemorrnoiani uhik.uiwi .,. - - , Honored on 55th. Anniversary . SSIffiCWiSSSSffiS 1 H hi nrT T 4, 1'r'". I Sedaefield vacation will be held June 26 at 7:30 p.m., at the prescription is needed. Prepa , r J ' 'p ) twrtntwfga' r f IV.. ' Mr and Mn Henrv Woods Of 1213 Sedsefield vasauuu wm uciiciu juireuai i.j;.ui.i pmcnpuon unnocg. rreps , . T J , Mr. ana Mrs. Henry !B jp ' home of Mr. 'and Mrs. Willie Edwards. 2804 Fkyct- e mtion H. Ointment and tup (7X7?' LrflTowswrrHCfHiK! Street were honored May 20 on the occasion of .H1t!2L..",1U.IW, ' ' 'positories. Use only directed "Wis. ooooThHUSAr.KArMArAi ,55th wedding anniversary. , ,tcvUlc.:reet ." . ; 2 i:::r t'J. si I I 1; 1? - i (I it ..."if

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