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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, September 18, 1982, Page 11, Image 11

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SATURDAY. SEPTEM8EA If. 1982-THl CAROLINA TIMES-11 o PRICES GOOU ii1""" i a i St' WlnrvObda'i "Fair Dear SAVE UP TO 33 On Admission and Ride Tickets for the K NORTH CAROLINA Discount Mail Order Coupons Available FREE at all North Carolina Winn-Dixie Stores! Hurry! Mall Orders Mutt be Postmarked No later Than Oct. 9H Odds For Odds For Odds For 52 5S;fI One Store Store Store M" Prize Visit Visits Visits HOOO.OO HQ I0909ITPI g39t1PI 4t9bT&( 10000 BOP I5Q0P1&I MgTtH CTTTPI WOOO HSQ KMSSTPI 0Ofol 401 TP I 5000 gjti(ital. BOQ QZglTPI 70 Tgl gHl 2500 nOO 70S9TPI 541&K 27TPl 10.00 ttOQ CUT tOt 401T0t zQfTPt 5.00 4tXf) gfeOQTPI g?ITPr fOPTPt 200 13000 QflSTPt SfeTPi 100 IbSEflP 7TW feTPl STPi Total llftOAOl frSTPl I STPI 1 tffto I 'O f 1 .-Vi All Ncv; Prizes, Card: and Tlclccfo! Must be 1 8 to pkjy. No purchase necessary to participate. This game PICK Up YOlir J WINN-DIXIE Stores located In. eastern North Carolina and Virginia. scneauiea lerminanon qare: uecemgw j ivoz. tmptoyees or participating stores (and members of the immediate larnfly), trie'' sponsor, Its advertising agencies, and game suppliers are not eligible to win any prizes. Beef People is a trademark of WINN-DIXIE Stores, Inc. FREE Ticket Today! WITH $7.50 OR MORE ORDER (LIMIT 1) 12-QZ. CANS REGULAR OR LIGHT OLD MILWAUKEE DEER 4-LITER BTLS. CARLO ROSSI WINES eCHABLIS fir AG e RHINE 'EA.-- VINROSE ; . BURGUNDY Mulox Cw"' Jjyi ' W-D BRAND U-S CHOICE " Myyjy V WITH $7.50 OR MORE ORDER lC WITH $75 OR M0RE 0RDER TBBsT SSJSHLSSF1!- TST (LIMIT 1) ( ONDCHUCKa1 "" """V fi fvW-O BRAND UA CHOIX cola v 4 inmyi CTN.OF12 I ill ClN.uro w Vi -SI $139 (IS UJMtfN J V AUACHOICEhB . I Kr fJJ PLUS DEPOSIT IIIN' , DhSi -m iiiuAtiiisiM 1V-AX. Ti W 111 IE III I mMTwnnMidc iKnrw ----- - .- .1111 I IW.-rv "w. C III I t 09 H U.S.DA. INSPECTED U JOOTIS WTUm(EY WINGS I III MM I I If f X Villi I I A W I I I I I 1 11 -1 11 vi iiiii 1 1 1 vrir -'s t 1 r gin ibc 11 11 -w r y ii 1 ' it ff . , , . .n yiCSAU LOArYC I l V t l W-DGRADE "VBROADBREASTED Jil I W PTURWYS i. . U.79C y ftlDJ 0 H,l,sburV ' SLICED BEEF fl fSfrl 18VW)Z.B0XPILISBURYS'5 UVER CAKE MIXES -v,v 1 1 . Vi-GAL. ON. SUPERBRAND SHERBET OR I ICE CRZAM 1 1 5 : 24)Z. BTL. TWIN PAK SCOPE MOUTHWASH . . . $4" K Tl IDC SM AATC ACI rD DCAI II AD TOOTHPASTE H M? 1?V 100-CT. BTL ANACIN TABLETS ...... ...2 Aa- ANACIN PAIN FJORMULA TABLETS ..I . 1VV 260Z. BTL. REGULAR H '-y8 MAALOX . ..... $4W 6-OZ. BTL. LISTERMINT .... 98c GOURMET QUALITY TURKEY BREAST SLICED TO ORDER HARVEST FRESH BARTLETT PEARS FOR HARVEST FRESH SWEET POTATOES. . . .5 HARVEST FRESH CA02A6E n 19c HARVEST FRESH CUCUMBERS OR GREEN PEPPERS .... 5 po.99c 2-LB. SIZE FREEZER QUEEN SUPPERS : TAILGATE SPECIALI 12-PC. 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Chooso from six chcSi styles VOLUMES 2 - 24 kry s OF KNOWLEDGE Volumes 2-24 only $2.99 each! M ontv Met J 1&OZ. CANS CONTADINA TOMATO SAUCE .... 2 fo. 79c 10K-OZ. CANS CAMPBELL'S TOMATO COUP .5 FO.H 16-OZ. BOX CRACKIN' GOOD QAL. 2ALTIII23 . . . . . . . 59C 16-Ol CANS THRIFTY MAID SLICED OR HALVES PEACHES . . . . . 2 kwM SUPERBRAND Sktir.1 r.:iLit OQQO IN DURHAM AMD , CHAiLHIUTOREtON.V COUNTRY PRIDE GRADE "A" , 12-OZ. PKG. SWIFT PREMIUM FRYER THIGHS u09c FRAIIICS H,f COUNTRY PRIDE GRADE "A" FRYER 141. PKG. OSCAR MAYER SUCED Dsu:.:3Tiacs . 99c caco:j ...... . AA WF KOZEN HLLO Of 6-LB. BOX CAGUS 1-LB. PKG. JAMESTOWN SLICED f 12-OZ. PKG. JESSE JONES SAUSAGE OR BACON . . . . . . . . M FHAfllCS . , . .... ; Hw Croasdails Shopping Center 3600 N. Duke Mall Avondale Drive Shannon Plaza 810 Liberty St. 3700 Chapel Hill Rd. Summer Heat . Returns To Durham tfy Ebofli Armstrong. Jr. . Summer may be in its dy ing stages according to ' the calendar but - for Durhamites on Sunday, .'. September 12, and for touch of this week, sum mer returned in all of its hot splendor. ' On the 12th, the temperature in ddowntown Durham scampered up lo 98 degrees at 3:17 p.m., following an early morn ing low of 62 degrees. The 8-degree reading , was the hottest September day in 1 Durham in two years. 1 While the temperature . waS rising, the humidity f! on '"Sunday remained , low,v therefore the day ;was more delight tul than 1 'uncomfortable. ' : ' Pedestrians and drivers in downtown . Durham, shortly after 3 p.m. on Sunday, were treated to a display by a large dust Devil (whirl wind). The fair weather, mild mannered cousin of the tornado sprang up on Pcabody Street near the Durham County Mental Health Building. It whirled slowly across the street, picking up large pieces of paper and other small debris and sent them skyward in large circles. The whirlwind only lasted a few second, traveling about 50 yards. Dust Devils such as this are common sights on hot days. The heating of the earth causes the warm air over heated spots to rise. As cooler air rushes in to displace the rising column of warm air, a miniature vortex forms and gathers dust and other particles that we see as a "dust devil". Despite what many people think, a Dust Devil is not a baby tor nado, but they both are members of the cyclone or low pressure family. The summer heal came on the heels of the first collegiate football weekend of the year in the Triangle. Saturday had been warm with a high of 84 in Raleigh Durham. The heat wa brought into the area bv a large high pressure system in the Atlantic Ocean that stretchtv from off the Non' Carolina Coast not thward to the nm . , , Atlantic states. Around Durham many took the holiday t ' full advantage. Som 1 college students at Duk . played pick-up games o soccer shirtless on tli main quad; man residents took Sunda drives: while still other strolled through Fn River State Park. Weather records sho' that hot September da arc not unusual i. Durham. In 1941. and again ii 1954. the Bull City baketi in 105 degree heal: ir. 1973, it reached 101 degrees in late Septembei here. September days can b as hot as those of Jub but humidity readings are usually lower, thu days don't feel as hot as those of mid-summer. Since the sun is now making its southward trek back toward the southern hemisphere where spring is ap proaching, the North Carolina sun isni as strong as in June. July and August, plus the days are getting shorter. Therefore nighttime readings, even on the hottest days, arc now dropping into the low 60's or as low as the mid-50V This .September has been very dry in Durham and area lawns are begin ning to reflect this by turning brown. On Monday, the j 3th, after a mild tow of 64 degrees, which was ac companied by some thick early morning fog. the skies cleared and a 92 degree high was recorded as puffy ; fair weather clouds dotted the after noon Durham skies. 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