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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, September 18, 1982, Page 4, Image 4

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4-THE CAROLINA TIMESSATURDAY, SEPTEMBER IS. 1982 SSDemos Back Republican, Ask Blacks To Stay (Continued " before th Committee in ,to make t difference in the campaign. . There are some who believe the Committee's Mnon-decision,, decision Loyal By Joseph E. Green politicians who have run Mrs. Becky Heron, a Durham Countv for ... ... t r. - kills the write-in. When aiminuiuve woman wnoj.' decades. But there are questioned about a wort a spot in tfje. -some who think that if! imutiaiii uuuiaiy iui specific definition of "an appropriate time, one iCommittee member said: -"Maybe January." ' The general elections are in November. , But there are others who don't see the Com mittee's vote as that significant. - "Our position hasn't changed," said Frank W. Ballance, a Warren ton attorney and chair man of thedistrict-wide caucus that is spearheading the write-in . effort. "We have said all along that t-i's is not a decision that Mickey Michaux is r aking, but the peopl ; ot the Second District." Ballance said he; doesn't view the Durham Committee's delay as crippling the write-in ef-; fort. "I would think) there's a lot of sentiment out there (in the 2nd i District) for the write-in ; and that's something Mickey will have to take yinto consideration." Dr. James P. Green, who heads the Caucus's fundraising committee, takes a pragmatic view of the situation. the Durham - County Commission, is about to upset somebody's apple cart. Or so the story goes' in the county office ' building and in ' most political conversations these days. Mrs. Heron at about 5 feet, 3 inches tall, and 120 pounds, does not ap-' pear to be an imposing threat to the "good old boy, cigar smoking" she is elected to the Com-! mission in November; and joins a five-member! body with two, black members, - things will never be the same again. at. a time . when thej, heavyweights are trying. to cqprince black; not to ': -endorse a write-irr effort " t on behalf, of H.M. ', ' "Mickey"., Michaux, who was defeated by Nashville attorney 1, i.T. Valentine for the l? Democratic bid fnr Cnn. i So. some of the eood I1: .' ;tne Second old boys, who have been ? Dlf Democrats air their lives, : "W:-are teI,ng us as is Mrs. Heron, have not support the write decideekto support the I and saying that we. Republican candidate,". must be v ; : loyal Paul Nance, over Mrs. Democrats, while they arc attempting to Dull .... "- ed that Raleigh is calling the shots, and that Ruf fin has been calling longtime Durham Com mittee members lobbying party against ine wrue-in ei-fort. Ruffin charges, against because against it. And so it appears that in this political hard ball game, sc-md blacks need to shuck the politics and play, hard ball. Heron. Two black and a female Democrits runn-t ing the county would be', too much to swallow, so the thinking goes. And oops, it is very embarrassing for the regulars to have this happen especially Mjuicming iiice ints in Durham with trie com mission," said one black politician: 'D6 they think we are a bunch of fools?" . . .Well, it appears that .1; I I' . . . it v l " - .... r -? e . "" "" V -jl . t 1 - PHILADELPHIA: Principal Frederick Donatucci of the C.W, Henry School in ,C9fltim6d on Page 8) and Ms. Jacqueline Williams as teachers return to' schools here to prepare for the start of school. This was the first time in three years that schools opened in Philadelphia without a teachers strike. in. denies the but says he's! the write-in Michaux is Sexual Harassment (Continued from Front) j Dr. Lavonia Allison, who favors the write-in, may be able to throw enough weight to have the political committee, ufiirh clip fViuirc rnm& "I think this move (the. hark with annth nrn. n...u r'm,:-io. 7" ' k-" LUlIiaill V-UlllllllllVV 3 action) saves Michaux some money," Dr. Green said. "But we still can't sell the black com munity down the tube for dollars." The money refers to Michaux's campaign debt. At the Durham Com mittee meeting, Michaux gave an off-the-cuff financial report. He said that of his total cam paign expense of just over $200,000, about 40 came from, labor groups and political ac tion committees. He said he loaned the campaign about $80,000 personal ly, and the rest of about $65,000 came from in dividual contributions. According to Michaux's reckoning, this works out to about $6500 per county in the ten-county 2nd District, about 45 per cent of which came from black contributors. The implication was clear: during the cam paign, black folks didn't match their enthusiasm with money. So now that the Michaux campaign has an outstanding debt to pay off, there are those who say that Gov. Hunt's promise to buy 250 tickets to a fun .draiser scheduled for later this month has had serious significance on Michaux's write-in views. The tickets are $50 each, so if Hunt buys 250, it means $12,500 toward paying off the ' debt. But if Michaux will get the money from Hunt, what will Hunt get? . The write-in effort is seen fas divisive to the Democratic Party, and it is generally understood that Hunt needs a united ' party if he is to have a chance r in a : projected U.S. Senate race against incumbent Jesse Helms. Sources say that Hunt has dispatched his senior advisor, Ben Ruffin, into the fray to make sure that the write-in loses steam. .., Ruffin became iden tified with the write-in opposition ; when Gov. Hunt, speaking recently before the N.C. Associa tion of Black Elected Of ficials, urged . 2nd District blacks to get behind I.T. "Tim" Valentine. Hunt's state ment came one week after the 2nd District Black Caucus launched the write-in effort. And that's why many blacks are simply mad. They say white Democrats are only con cerned about party unity when a white Democrat is running against another white candidate But when a black person wants to represent the Democratic Party, many Wacks say . party unity becomes a secondary issue to race. Now. back to Ruffin. Some blacks have charg- write-m recommenda tion, but it appears to be an uphill battle. There are other in fluential blacks who could deliver, but may back down at Michaux's urging or Ruffin's. woman who had been arrested on drunken driving charges. According to the DA's charges, the two men promised to "fix" the charges for the woman, and later went to her home where both were; intimate with her. This case is still pending. But for all practical purposes, of ficials are treating this as an isolated incident rather than as an indication of a, possible pattern, despite a number of other charges by women. OveY the summer, a young coed, arrested following a misunderstan ding between ner and a police officer in the county courthouse, charged that she was propositioned by an of ficer while he talked with her in an in terrogation room. Several weeks ago, a number of in Durham women who had been charged with prostitution, told The Carolina Times that they routinely have to field requests for sexual tavors trom some police officers exchange for not being arrested. A- But still, elected officials are un willing to pull rank on the internal af fairs system. City Councilman Maceo Sloan, for example, said;. "There is a possibility for problems because, a lot is left to the discretion of the higher ranking officers. But y the safety valve in the process is the city manager, who receives periodic reports on police activities..-. It is not clear how often these' reports are filed, or how detailed they are. Another, city council member, Ms. , Jane Davis, said: "I don't know how many complaints there are, but we have been assured that they're handl ed appropriately. But if citizens think they aren't, they can talk to their council representative. And ultimate ly, they can initiate a lawsuit against the officer." But in light of the current system, these options are of questionable value, since the council appears to be unwilling to grant the complaints suf ficient substance to warrant an in dependent investigation, and it would be difficult to mount a successful lawsuit without access to information that the police argue no citizen should have. Del Castilho also says a citizen review board is not a workable alter native because many citizens cannot understand the operations of the police department, And even ifuch a board existed, he believes it would come to be viewed by many people as legitimizing police misconduct. "The main thing I want people to understand," asserted the city manager, "is that we the city manager, the council and the public safety director x want a clean department that's viewed as being clean . And if it takes removing an of- ; ficer from the force to achieve that, that's what will be done." Del Castilho's assertion not- : withstanding, that view appears to be . a long way off for many citizens. Dr. Cleveland Hammonds, Superintendent Mr. Albert Huey, Director Mr. Slmm Long, Coordinator DURHAM CITY COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM P.O. BOX 2246 Durham, N.C. 27702 (919)682-5786 16 HB3IB 1 tot (Cjilltiljt DJSE YQJJ0 PODEHLO S0CH1O(DIL! BEFORE SCHOOL CHILD CARE I chM cot programs ttlofldihctlMra McaM. All parents mterwted In this program ircorrndinMlnttwrK)liklrmTlM program wM run torn 6:30 am. to 8:00 am Fas: $1 .00 par hour, parchM. AFTER SCHOOL CHILD CARE Altar school child cars programs am avaHabls from 2& pj& to Stt piii at al alanNntary scho anart sufficient mad is indicated. The tea to M program wHba $1.00 par how par cMd.ActhM tab md crafts, supervised study tour, honmseestons, sports art a and drams, urlon School a sLKania School W. a Peraon School Club Blvd. School HoOotfay St School I. ILPosm School Ukawood School , - Morahaad School C&SpaukBM School FaqrttovlUeSt8chool v George Walla School AFTER SCHOOL CHILD CARE PROGRAMS ' CO-SPONSORED BY THE DURHAM RECREATION DEPARTMENT JHTf!n? lnc,u nifr takeMoftt dance; Progjrsrraareavailabtoatfta.fofcN YJL 8mWi Elementary School Eaot End ElernoiKlaty School ? - fohrirffintor . BASKETBALL LEAGUES The Durham Recreation Departnwrtsrjonsorsyoumandadtalbad vlnlarrnontrittoto(lo . - "... Club Blvd. School HoHowaySL School BrogMUdto School OeoroeWett. School VSmNh School i Pxge-HefTMkldte FayettevUle St School HoHonMbMto School . School E. K. Powe School ' Carr Bldg. (Durham High) v '; The W o schools rieeded lor baskets tie Durham Recreation Department tor rurtrerlntormstlon.68W354 RECERTIFICATION WORKSHOPS Recenllliion wortodwps tor toach rtortrlntonw, please cad 688-2381.ext 2m or - . ENRICHMENT PROGRAM V The Trapp-Brown Health-Education Center, Inc. wi co-sponsor a CornrnunHy Enrichmsnt workshop errvhath onOiagnosti MLaweon St, Durham, N.C. 23707, and win begin at 5:30 pjn. every Monday and Tuesday. For turther Intormallon, cal Mr. Albert Huey at 682-smorMrs.CUwnelBrownat68361,extm TUTORIAL WORKSHOPS ur1i00 noon, at St Joseph AME Church. 2521 Fayette St. rJurham,N.& The rogMtocw on hnprowd performance on starnlardized lestir The Diag M P-TpSAT, 8AT tesTrMUrttw UtomSm, pkcaU Mr. Albert Huey at 682-5788 or Mfi.ClarxBr h RENTALS S( facilities are avanatM to rAib Wonnatlon. cal Mr. Glenn Vowed at trC)nwfKirE(hxaw office, 682-5788. ' FOLLOW THROUGH PROGRAM - The Folow Through Program at Hoikwwy St School offers Wning to parents to help fhem to leem molhoofhelptogiheir the Edgemont Cornmunity Center. For more Information, cal Mrs. Joan Burton at 682-88M or tie Conv munlty Education office at 682-5788. ..... V DURHAM CITY COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM ADULT EVENING CLASSES FALL QUARTER, 1982 Registration Information: Registration for all programs will be taken at the Carr Jr. High Bldg. (Community Education Office) from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or you may register by phone by calling 682-5780 during the same hours through the sec ond week of class. Contact persons are Glenn Vowell. Slmm Long. Albert Huey. y RsgMer By Mall: You may also register by mall by completing the registration form and mailing H to Durham City Community Education Program. P.O. Box 2248, Durham, N.C. 27702. The Community Education1 Program will establish any new class tor which there is sufficient interest If a class tor which you would like tcnroH is not listed, please list it on tr registration form and mail It In. Course Title Dates Time Days Sponaor Adult High School 8-21 to 7:00- T&Th Hillside High DTI DiptomaGED 12-2 0:00 AutoMechanica ;9-23to 7:00- Th Durham High DTI 12-2 10:00 Adult Basic Education 9-20 to 7:00- M&W Hillside High DTI 11-24 9:00 Bask: Electricity 9-22 to 7:00- W Hillside High DTI ' 11-24 10:00 Bookkeeping 9-21 to 7:00- T Durham High DTI Accounting 11-23 10:00 Brick Maaonry 9-22 to 7:00- W Hillside High DTI 11-24 10:00 Career Planning 9-23 to 7:00- Th Hillside High DTI Resume WrttJng 12-2 10:00 Cheat Starting 6:45 T Durham High DCC ; ; ; 9-21-82 to (Yr. Round) 9:45 Communication Skills 9-21 to 7:00- T Durham High DTI ; 11-23 10:00 Data Processing 9-21 to 7:00- T.Th HlllsideNCCU DTI 12-2 10:00 Fundamental House 9-23 to 7:00- Th Hillside High DTI Painting 12-2 10:00 ' Graphic Arts 9-22 to 7:00- W Durham High DTI , 11-24 10:00 Home Repair 9-22 to 7:00- W Hillside High DTI Basic Carpentry 11-24 10:00 Introduction to 9-23 to 7:00- Th Hillside High DTI Journalism 12-2 10:00 Modern Dance 9-23 tp 7:00- Th To Be Announced DTI 11-24 10:00 Motorcycle Repair 9-20 to 7:00- M Durham High DTI 11- 22 10:00 Photography 9-23 to 7:00- Th Hoflon Middle DTI 12- 2 10:00 School . REGISTRATION FORM Your payment reserves your place In class. Mail this form with your check payable to: COMMUNITY EDUCATION PROGRAM, Durham City Schools, " . P.O. Box 2246. Durham, N.C. 27702 Albert Huey, Director Slmm lng, Coordinator Call: 682-5788 9:00 a.m.-5:30p.m. Dally Sewing (begin.) .- Sewing ' (Intermediate) Sewing (Advanced) Small Engine Repair Typing ; . Office Mgt , Typing S Office Mgt 9-22 to 7:00-11-24 10:00 9-22 to 7:00-11-24 10:00 9-20 to 6:30-11-22 9:30 9-20 to 7:00-11-22 10:00 9-20 to 7:00-11-22 10:00 9-21 to 7:00-11-23 10:00 W W M M M Durham High Durham High W.D.HIII : Rec. Center Durham High DTI DTI DTI DTI , NAME OF CHILDi .. . i. . . ' CITY . STATE . - ZIP PARENT8 NAME1 " TELE. ' ""'v " " - H r- ' - ' -.. SCHOOL ' COURSE TITLE 1 LOCATION OR itp ' m ' ' Upholstery , . 9-22 to 7:00 t , 11-24 10:00 Auto Paint Reflnlshlng 9-21 to 7:00 f. : 11-23. 10:00 AN IQUAL OPPOTUMITY proos am. No Mrion sholl, on ttw tntit of ran, crao color, wMmmI orteki or m. be xchidtd. otnM or tublKttd lo dltcrlmlnatlon , SPRCIAL HOTICI. in o couth o minimum ot (10) oortlcloonti will bo MMcetlonforhlrlneanlflorrwclM'. BLWISILITT BaaUiaiMaNTI. Evtnrono It ollslMo lo oortlclMlt not mot ell oortldpanft In DTIMnrod , dam murt bo ol att II voort of ow. Full-Tlmo hleh Khool IURinrtMandl7yoonooeooroollelMolporllclpONi. BBFUNO POLICir. RofunO oollcv will bo bntd on mo Mlowlflo condllkra: Ckw aon not moot mimmum tnmimont rooulromofil. or H boo mot maximum onroHmont orlor to rocolvlne your too. If on omoreoncv orrlvof whore you connot takottMclai,yaumuttfKHifyinonorbolnHrttclaHmotlno, ,. ' v . . ... -(1 ( Amateur Radio . Clogging (Beg.Adv.) r k 9-22 to 6:30-11-24 9:30 9- 21 to 7:00- 10- 19 9:00 W W Hillside High DTI $14 Durham High DTI $14 Durham High' DTI , $15 AlBrunson's Shop ' Durham High To Be Announced DTI Fee Course DoocrtotJon Free rVcrarwried materials are used for corn retkxiofrecrernentsforAHSOandQEO $18 Basics of auto repair and engine tune-up Free For adurtswiahlng to improve skilia in reading, writing, English, . artmmetJc, basic acience, aooiai atudies & consumer education. $18 Fundamentals of electrical circuits, safety. $15 Learning basic fundamentala of bookkeeping and accounting. $18 Fuhoamentala of building with brick. $13 Learning to enhance your career opportunities. Free The Durham Chess Club invitee you to come to play and learn the ROYAL GAME. For run-players, beginners and experts. - . $13 Review of basic parts of speech, word usage, tips dn correct spelling sentence and paragraph wnstaictlon. $15 Learning basic principles in key punch and COBOL $18 Fundamental elements and . techniques of house painting.' $15 A basic course In the fundamental tech niques used in the printing industry. $18 Learning simple repairs around the home and fundamentals of building. $1 5 Gathering, writing, editing and marketing techniques. $15 Learn the techniques of Modern Dance for fun, exercise, and esthetic appreciation. . $1 8 Minor engine repair, operation and motorcycle safety. $1 8 Operation of 35mm camera, flash, I . composition, Introduction to ' darkroom, film development equip ment, set-up, enlargements. $17 Learn to do basic stitching. $1 7 Learn techniques of fitting and , . pattern selection, ., 117 Advanced technique of stitching, fit ting pattern selection and tailoring. -$18 Learning to do minor repairs on lawn mowers and other small anginas. Business correspondence, tabulations, manuscripts and learning techniques ot efficient office rrumaoment Business wxrespondence, tabulations, ' manuscripts and learning , techniques of efficient office ' ' management ( Learn how to repair or re furbish furnishings in your home. $18 Learn to do-it-yourself and save money or do it for others and earn money. $10 Learn to be a "Ham" radio ' operator. This course leads :' directly to a Novice class license. Step up from "CB" to real radio. . $10 Appalachian style doggln and Big Circle Mountain dancing. Course Includes . ; basic clogging steps, single, double, chug, left, buck 4 wing. . ., , -; Senior Citizens: Ask about our discount policy.

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