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The Carolina times. (Durham, N.C.) 1919-current, December 18, 1982, Page 7, Image 7

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N.C. 2000: The Future Saturday, c:c::::n is, i::z-tj:2 ca::li::at:"::-7 just don't tnow how you get more blacks involved. I've tried to encourage people to come to the meetings. I!ve tried to make sure that they're informed of what's going on. But in the final ; 1 that among : other things ' established the following: The Commission on the Future of North Carolina, com posed, of members of the State Goals and Policy Board, five analysis, people must want to be. ,s members each from the Senate! involved. They must want Jo change their Uvesratherthan j waiting for someone else to change them." , ' The question, though, is in- i olvement in what? . The N.C. 2000 project started! June 1, 1981, when Gov, Jim,: Hunt signed an executive orderr and House of Representatives and citizens. Commission members are appointed by the governor. . " That the Department of Ad ministration provide staff and budgetary support for the N.C. 2000 project. That the state boards, com-. (Continued from Page 6 - missions and other similar bodies . established under North Carolina's laws., .assist the Com mission in... its workj. ' , The basic work of the Commit " sion is described in six areas They are:. V;:: ; ' ' To carry out a futures pro gram to Jbe known as North Carolina 2000. . - To build an awareness of and, concern for North Carolina's future among citizens of this, state- To identify the future oppor tunities and' constraints which Carolina' People, the major areas of concern were safe work ing environments, healthy life styles, adequate health care, ade auate safe, sanitary, and decent i may affect the quality of life for North Carolinians by the year 2000. 1 v v -l-'JJ - To develop alternatives for achieving the best possible future for North Carolina. . . To offer citizens the oppor tunity to voice their views, sug ' gestions and ideas on future altcr . natives. ... 1 To prepare "and present recommendations to the Gover nor and General Assembly for public and private actions which the community, would enhance North Carolina's more cultural and when she said: "The people have asked the questions, tried to find the answers and done all this work. Then if nothing happens with the report, it will be rnostly housins. aDoroonate academic tne unit or the people." and 0 3A3 cow Writer Calls Cost Shift 'Daft' A Chicago-based writer recently criticized the Federal government for paying hopitals less than a fair share for Medicare patients. "Hospitals have responded (to reductions in Federal monies) by what is called cost shif ting," said Chicago Tribune reporter Jon Seasons Greetings from . Charles L. Smith Automobile Consultant Uzzle Cadillac-Olds. Inc. Bus. 4819-3331 3737 Chapel Hill Blvd. Chapel Hill 929-0393 Durham, N.C. 27707 Home 493-3984 100 E. Main MmS pumam 1982 Camera Sport Coupe V-6. 4 spwwi, AU. AMFM stereo, sport wheels, low milea. one IQQQjv owner, red... w w w 1M1 Plymouth Reflent K Wagon 4 cyl.. AT, PS, SCQQ C PB. air, stereo, low miles.- w 9 IMIPentleoTraneAm SQAQC "Bandit", loaded, T-top. black. JJwJ 1IS1 Cemaro Beritnetta V-8. AT, PS, PB. air. I77QC . AMFM. tow miles - I f 5W 1N1Chevotte4cyl.. MQQ AT. 2 dr., AC. oas saver...... 45Hfy 1M1 Chev Chevette 2 and 4 doori'4 speed, one m qc owner, tow miles............... W5,? 1tt1 Olds Cutlass Supremo AT, PS, PB, AC, $7QQC vmyt top, sport wheels mi Chev. Menlt Carle AT, PS. PB. AC. $70QC AMFM. sport wheel covers, dk. brown, metallic., ;f 093 u . . . i tfftJ ta AT DO DO lv AAJhAH. ism um, mum wanw vo. r, r. VKUUK AMFM. tow miles, sunroof.................................. Vwvw jma u f-UUJ' AT DO DO Af. WMM lf MW. mvtnm votiw Ikuuili AMFM cassette, maroon, 47,000 miles . , J99Jv. '1171 Ode Delta M Diesel. . SA"flffC', imChev.Cenrlee4door.V-8.AT.PS,PB.air. AMFM..... a w ' 1171 Camare tport Coupe V-8, AT, PS, PB, air, $OQQC hewpeinL... .. a9V 1X7IChM.lmpeia2dr.,V-. S1QQC at. ps. PB, ak ;;;;;;' c;:cui c?:ciiL t?zi - m m W. 1 UimAmtA Mreu Iwm VHP. MVinyv Wvn tymoi, tvww. yiaj. -nat-1SV4spd..S0tmes.lMMw.M.MM 6995 .1S7SCtM.8s Cube Van V-6. , . MQC utomssc VJlf y lrSFordCuetoM , V)MitL oortbed, V-e, witoiwdfe---.---.- 'r"" ' Igt Pei WM TlW0h4ricf VeV Xt. PB,' r, 'tQQg : .f '-"'i;'. eiiMkDaHAfk 1tT4lteaM4drtunsgood....,., ,;. , 1S74 Butek Regal VS, AT. runt good, .1 295 iJJOoCo4c.4e)d;AMVWij . 1T4 Port Mustang 4 sod.. AMFM tapeX ; ;l1 rn wire wheel covTS-.x. jla , r--;-";" '; ; n . van. "inai is, they charge their paying pa tients, mostly the insured private patients, more to make up for the money they now lose on the Federal patients. A "Daft Idea , "This is daft," he con tinued. "When you, buy a fleet of trucks if General Motors says it is tacking 30 per cent onto the price to cover the loss it took last month selling scooters to the Post Of fice, would you go ahead and pay, or would you check to see what Ford or Toyota could offer you?" HEALTH INFORMATION 80 Formulas and Home Remedies. Includes1" health information. Write or call: James Jones, 521 Roosevelt St., Durham, NC 27707 for information. 688-4142. ' . . EMPLOYEE TO PERFORM CLERICAL TASKS, operate computer terminal, receive and disburse & cash. Re-, quires graduation from high school, ability to type, and some cashierteller ex perience. Experience in maintaining ledgers . and cash journals desirable. $9906-$13,273. Excellent benefits.- apply Orange Water and Sewer Authority, 406 Jones Ferry Road.Car rboro, N.C. Applications accepted through 5 p.m. December 22, 1982. E0E future. - ' To carry out this work, Com mission members', about twelve of whom are black, first asked County Commissions in each of the state's 100 counties to ap point county chairmen to con vene meetings designed to get local input into the process. There are 68 members of the Commission . and, according to Commission Member Carolyn Coleman, regional director of the NAACP, all of the county chairmen are white, fn addition, the Commission developed a questionnaire that was later published free of charge in many of the state's newspapers, seekingvadditional citizen input on North Carolina's future. y ' According to Bill Friday, more than 113,000 North Carolinians answered and returned the ques tionnaires. In addition, Friday explained, the state budget office conducted a phone survey to get even more information. "As the information came in," said Ms. Nancy Davis, a Com mission member and elementary school principal in Charlotte, "we were surprised to find out how similar the views were. In almost every instance, commis sion members, persons meeting on the county level, people who returned questionnaires and peo ple who responded to the phone survey identified the same con cerns, the same problems and the same opportunities." Overall, the problems and op portunities fell into the following categories: On the subject of and career based education the reduction of poverty. ' ' On the subject of the state's; Community, the major concerns centered around protecting the' ' man-made environment, insuring that new developments enhance encouraging recreational 4 activities, and to enhance secure communities by improving the ability, to prevent crime. On the subject of the state's Economy, the major concerns were how to maintain a favorable, business climate in the state, how to improve capital access, especially for small business, in-; dustry and agriculture, to en courage and support new technological development, to improve the capacity of training institutions to retrain and upgrade the workforce, among' other concerns- v - On the subject of Natural Resources, major concerns boiled down to how to protect the en vironment, guard health against the effects of industrial toxic wastes and insure adequate public water and wastewater systems. An finally, after two days of discussing, debating and haggling over major and minor issues, the Raleigh conference boiled down to "where do we go from here?" No one knew for sure, but there were quite a number of ideas. Said one participant: "Wex should have a regular process of monitoring and updating the final report so we can be sure this work isn't in vain." Hunt said: "It is my hope that every candidate for public office, from the governor on down to the county commissions and city councils, will make the work of this group, the suggestions of the final report, a part of their political agenda." But Mrs. Edna Davis of North , Raleigh added the final analysis Legal Help Wanted ELKINS USED CARS 78 MALIBU Landau 2 Dr., AT, AC $4495 69 CHRYSLER Or., AT. AC. ... NEWPORT 4 $895 73 DODGE POLARA 4 Dr.. AT, AC .,. $1495 75 DODGE MONACO 4 Dr., AT, AC ....... !....;.. $1495 75F0R0 GRANADA 2 Dr.. AT. AC $1995 80 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREME 2 Dr., AT. AC. ....... $6350 79 HORIZON TC3 2 Dr.. AT. '.. $3995 . 78 FORD FAIRMONT STA TI0NWAG0N AC ..... $2995 80 GMC TRUCK AT... $5495 Expressway At MahguniSt.. Phono 688-5511 Pharmaceutical Technician Completion of high school course work with six mon ths of experience In hospital related workpluMhe completion of a six-month Pharmaceutical technical Training course; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Primary responsibilities include out-patient dispensing area, working knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs, formulas, methods and techniques. Position hours are flexible. Day shift schedule, Monday through Friday with occa sional Saturday morning required. Salary Range: $10,092 - $14,916. For an application please, contact the Employment Division, 111 Pettigrew Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. 962-2991. EQUAL 0PP0RTUNITYAFFIR MATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER, Computer Operator I (2 opening's) Completion of high school course work and one year of experience in computer operation; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. One position requires the ability to lift boxes averaging 60 lbs. and involves rotating shifts. Experience with . 3rd generation computers in a time sharing environ ment preferred. One position Involves operation of a remote HASP ter minal. Experience is preferred. Prior electronics background desirable. Hours 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Salary Range: $11,004 -$16,320. Consideration given only to persons submitting a com pleted APPLICATION FOR STAFF EMPLOYMENT with THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at CHAPEL HILL. Resumes unaccompanied by an application will be returned. For an application please contact the Employment Division, 111 Pettigrew Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. 962-2991. EQUAL 0PP0R TUNTIYAFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER. Evoked Potential Specialist Legal Notices NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed proposals -wllf be received by the Raleigh-Durham Airport . Authority in the office of the Airport Director at the Raleigh-Durham Air port unitl 2:00 P.M., January 6, 1983 and immediately thereafter . publicly opened and read for the furnishing of labor, material and equipment entering into the construction of: WATER SUPPLY IM PROVEMENTS - PHASE I - RELOCATION OF DURHAM WATER SUPPLY MAIN consisting of the following principal items: 1. . 8" Water Main 2. 6" Water Main 3. 16" Steel Casing 4. Meter Vault 5. Valves & Accessories 2,500 LF 635 LF 795 LF 1 Ea As Required Prior independent work experience Potential studies preferred. with Evoked Complete plans, specifications and contract documents will be open for inspection in the office of the Associated General Contractors, Carolinas Branch in Raleigh, Greensboro, and Charlotte, North Carolina, in the offices of the F. W. Dodge Corporation in Raleigh, North Carolina and in the office of Tate Lanning & Associates, Consulting Engineers. Such plans and specifications and CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be obtained by those qualified and by those who will make a bid, upon deposit of fifty dollars ($50.00) In cash or certified check. . The deposit will be returned to those submitting a bona fide proposal, provided plans and specifications are returned to the Engineer in good condition within five days after the date set for receiv ing proposals. All contractors are hereby notified that they must have proper licenses under the State law for their trades. General contractors are notified that Chapter 87, Article 1. General Statutes of North Carolina will be observed in receiving and awarding general contracts. Each proposal shall be accompanied by a cash deposit or a certified check drawn on a bank or trust company insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in an amount equal to not less than 5 of the Proposal, or a bid bond in the form set out In documents of 5 of the Proposal or bid bond of 5 of the Proposal executed as set forth in Article 5 of the General Conditions by a surety company licensed under the laws of North Carolina to execute such bonds., The deposits' shall be made payable to the Owner and shall be retained by the Owner as li quidated damages in the event the successful bidder fails to properly execute the contract within ten (10) days after the award and to give satisfactory surety as required by law. By submitting a Proposal the contractor certifies that he has under his direct control or at his disposal the men, equipment, and materials required to execute this work as specified. Lack of such control or availability of men. equip ment and materials shall constitute failure to properly execute the con tract. Performance and Labor and Material Payment Bonds will be re quired for 100 of the contract price. NOTICE TO BIDDERS No Proposal may be withdrawn after the schedule closing time for receipt of Proposals for a period of 60 days. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals and to waive informalities. Completion of high school course work, completion of six months 1 year of training In an accredited pro gram of electroencephalographic technology, one year of experience in hospital-related work (lab, clerical or nursing care), one year of experience as an EEG Technician or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Salary Range: $11,004 $16,320. Consideration given only to persons submitting a com pleted APPLICATION FOR STAFF EMPLOYMENT with THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA at CHAPEL HILL. Resumes unaccompanied by an application will be returned.: For an application please contact the Employment Division, 111 Pettigrew Hall, UNC, Chapel Hill, NC 27514. 962-2991. EQUAL 0PPOR TUNTIYAFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER. Department Secretary Immediate opening for an individual to be responsible for providing complete secretarial support services. High school graduate with 1 to 2 years training in - Secretarial Science desired. 2-4 years secretarial ex perience preferred. 70 wpm typing required. Apply at Durham Housing Authority, 330 East Main Street, Durham, North Carolina 27702. Deadline for apply ing is December 23, 1982. An Equal Opportunity Employer. NON-DISCRIMINATION CLAUSE w) The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, in accordance with Title VI ol . me Civil Rights ACt Of 1964, 78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. 2000D-4 and Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations, Department of Transportation, Subtitle A, Office of the Secretary, Part 21, Nondiscrimination in Federally assisted Programs of the Department of Transportation issued pur suant to that Act. hereby notifies all bidders that It wilt affirmatively en sure that in any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, minority business enterprises will be afforded full opportunity to submit Proposals in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award. Women will be offered equal opportunity all areas of employment. However, the employment of women shall not diminish the standards or requirements for the employment of minorities. MINORITY BUSINESS ENTERPRISE (MBE) POLICY: It is the policy of the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority that minority business enterprises as defined in 49 CFR Part 23 shall have the maximum opportunity to participate In the performance ol contracts and subcontracts financed m whole or in part with federal funds. MBE OBLIGATION: The contractor agrees to ensure that minority business enterprises as defined in 49 CFR Part 23 have the maximum opportunity to participate In the performance of the work included In this contract. In this regard, all contractors shall take an necessary and reasonable steps In accordance with 49 CFR Part 23 to ensure that " minority business enterprises have th maximum opportunity to compete - tor and perform contracts. Contractors shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex. , ' EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER RALEIGH-DURHAM AIRPORT AUTHORITY A. C. ELKINS. CHAIRMAN RALEIGH-DURHAM AIRPORT AUTHORITY ROUTE 1 BOX 500 M0RRISVILLE. NORTH CAROLINA 27560 Date: December 16, 1982 J0HNC. BRANTLEY AIRPORT DIRECTOR Notice NORTH CAROtlNA DURHAM COUNTY FILE NO. 82 SP 987 NOTICE Of SALE UNDER AND BY VIRTUE Ol n power of sate contained hi a cer tain Deed ol Trust executed by i. L: W. Investment Company. Inc.. dated May 31. 1977. and recorded in Mortgage Book 942. at page 48 in tne office of the Register of Deeds of Durham County. North CaroHna. and because el default having been made tot the payment of the .indebtedness thereby secured 3hd said Deed of Trust be ing t the terms thereof subject to foreclosure, and by Order of the Clerk of Superior Court of Durham County hi 82 SP 987, the under signed wtt offer for sale at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash, at the door of the Durham County Judicial Building in Durham, North Carolina, at 12:00 o'clock NOON, on the 4thlay of January. 1983, the property con veyed In said Deed of Trust, the same lying and being in the Coun ty of Durham, State of North Carolina, in City Township, and more particularly described as follows: The property set out herein, and in accordance with the terms hereof, is more fuRyand, completely described and set forth on EXHIBIT "A" annex . ed and attached hereto, made a part hereof end Incorporated herein by reference as fully and to the same extent as n said property were described herein verbatim in words and figures. EXHIBIT" TRACT I: BEGINNING at an . iron stake on the East side of Beechwood Drive, said stake . being South 6 03' West 143.00 feet from the south side of Wiltowdale Drive, if ex tended, and running thence South 81 46' East 150.00 feet to a concrete monument; x thence North 75 39' East 81.10 feet to an iron stake; ijience South 81 46' East 120.00 feet to a concrete monument on the west side of Kanewpod Drive at the beginn ing of a curve; thence with said curve in a southwesterly direction as it curves in a clockwise direction with a radius of 20.00 feet for a distance of 22.56 feet to a con crete monument, the beginn ing of another curve; thence with said curce a It curves In a couterclockwise direction with a radius of 50.00 feet for a distance of 213.47 feet to a concrete monument on the east side of Kanewood Drive; thence with the east side of Kanewood Drive North 8 14' East 25.00 feet to arTlfon stake; thence South 81' 46' mm iau.f itjoi iu a ujiiubib monument; thence South 8 14' West 183.48 feet to a con crete monument; thence North 8601' West 548.87 feet to a concrete monument on the east side of Beechwood Drive;thence with the east side of Beechwood Drive North 60 13' East 231.50 feet to an iron stake, the point of BEGINNING and BEING LOTS 5. 6, 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. and 12 hi BLOCK E of SECTION II "ELLISW00D', as - per plat and survey thereof by Credle Engineering Company, dated May, 1967, and now on file'in the office of the Register -of Deeds in Durham County in Plat Book , at page , to which reference is hereby made for a more particular description. TRACT II: BEGINNING at a stake in the north side of Cook Road at Minnie Williams Southwest corner and running thence along and win the -north side of said Cook Road South 46 48' West 309.6 feet to a stake; thence North 18 49' West 239.55 feet to a stake; thence 3 37' East 1.003.02 feet to a stake; thence South 85 39' East 314.92 feet to a stake: thence South 4 15 West 995 8 feet to a stake, the place of BEGIN NING, CONTAINING 7.88 ACRES, and being the Proper ty of Minnie Foster, as per plat and survey thereof on file in the Office of the Register of Deeds for Durham County in Plat Book 41. at page 179. to which reference is hereby made for a more particular description of same. The record owners of the above described real property as reflected on the records of the Durham County Register of Deeds not more than ten (10) days prior to the posting of this Notice is J. L. W. Investment Company, Inc. Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 45-21. 10(b). and the Deed of Trust, any successful bidder may be required to deposit with the Trustee Immediately upon conclusion of the sale a cash deposit of ten per cent (10) of the bid up to amT including, SI .000 00 plus five per cent (5) of any excess over S1.000.0O. Any successful bidder shall be re quired to tender the ful balance purchase price so bid in cash or certified check at the time the Trustee tenders to him a deed for the property or attempts to tender such deed, and should said suc cessful bidder fall to pay the tuD balance purchases price so bid at . the time, he shall remain liable on his bid as provided for In North unwni osnora auiua wt (d) and (e). THIS PROPERTY wil be sold subject to il prior tneumbrtnees and taxes and al 1983 ad valorem taxes and assessments. This sale wilt remain open for ten (10) days to receive Increased bids, is required by law. Dated this 8th day of December, 1982. J.J. HENDERSON. TRUSTEE WILLIAM A. MARSH. Jr.. ATTORNEY PUBLICATION DATES: THE CAROLINA TIMES December 18 and 25. 1982 "

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