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Hertford County herald. (Ahoskie, N.C.) 1910-1957, March 07, 1919, ONE SECTION, Image 1

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Hertford County (Herald HERTFORD COUNTY'S ONLY NEWSPAPER A PAPER W6RTH WHILE NOT A BALKER, BUT A PUSHER VOLUME IX. (EIGHT PAGES) AHOSKI^^^^H^^^^INA^RIDAY^MA^H 7, 191?. ^|]^|L_^NE^E^ON^__ NUMBER 47. THE CORPORATE LIMITS OF AHOSK1E HAVE BEEN EXTENDED BY ASSEMBLY Extension Bill A* Passed By Both_ Brafhw of the N. C. General A^embly. PROVIDES EQUALIZATION OF THE TAX VALUES IE*?' No Structure To Be Placed In the Line of Any Street* That F* May Be Extended. Th^JoJiowing extension act, pro psred'for aaost part by the Ahoskie Tows Coancil, has successfully pass ed both branches of the North Caro lina Geaeral Assembly. This act^will be in fore* from date of rattflca1- on, which will probably be this or neat week. A Bill t* be entitled "Aa set to Amend chapter 16? private laws of 1903, relatiag to the corporate limits ?f the town of Ahoskie la Hertford couaty." The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact: Sec. 1. That aection two of the Private Laws of one thousand nine hundred and throe, chapter one hun dred and fifty-eight be stricken out and the following be inserted 'n .'?< u thereof: "Sec. 2. That the corporate lim its of the town ahall be aa follows, to-wit: Beginning at a stob on the Atlantic! Coast Line railroad, 870 feet south of Church street; thence North SO decrees and 25 minutes west 2073.4 feet; thence north 8 degrees and ten minutee west 1063 feet; thence North 30 degrees and 35 min utes East 2200 feet; thence South 71 degrees and 9 minutes East 1710 feet; thence South 50 degrees and 25 minutes East 2248 feet; thence South 1 degree and 40 minutes East 3670 feet; thence South 39 degrees and 35 minutee West 750 feet; thence North 50 degreea and 25 minutee Weat 8417.5 feet to the first sta tion." Sec. I. ltiat section twenty-iour of aaid chapter on* hundred end fifty-eight, private laws of nineteen hundred and three be atricken out and the following inserted in lieu thereof: "Sec. 24. That the commissioners shall have the power not oftener than once a year to impose, levy and collect a tax upon all real and per sonal property within the corporate limits of the town and upon all polls and other subjects of taxation taxed by the General Assembly for public purposes, not exceeding ilfty cents on the one hundred dollars valuation of property and one dollar and fifty cents on each poll, the constitutional equation between property and poll being always observed." Sec. 3. That the board of town commissioners shall have the power to appoint a board of appraisers and assessors who shall have the power to fix a tax value on aU taxable pro perty in the town, real and personal, and to raise and lower the value so as to equalize the tax value on pro perty, and for such purposes, said board shall meet at the mayor** office or some other place designated by them, from ten o'clock a. m. to and until foBr o'clock p. m., on the first Monday in June of each year, begin V King the first Monday in June, nine teen hundred and nineteen, and re J vise said tax list and hear all com plaints of tax payers, or their agents, as to the over value of property, the reduction or remission of taxes or any ftther complain*- pertaining to the leVy and collection of taxes, and to take such action aa they may deem proper and just. The sitting* of the said appraisers and assessors may be continued by them from day to day until the aaid tax list has been completed and revised, which when done the clerk of their board shall , have two copies thereof perparod and shall deliver same to the aaid board of commissioners at their regular meet ing oa the first Monday night ih July ?f each year. Sec. 4. That is shall be unlawful for any person, Arm or corpormtion to erect any structure which would be in the tine Of any street of sai^ town if extended, and any person, Arm or corporation violating or at tempting to violate the provision of this mit '?hall be guilty of a misde meanor and upon conviction shall be fined Within the discretion bf the court, and further, the aaid board of town oommiaaioners shall ha?e the power to remove said obstruction at the expense of the owner, unless he consents to remove same within 30 dare from tha time notified by said board of commissioners. See. 6. . That all laws and clauses ot, law* heretofore constituting the efcN^er of th^ town of Ahoakia and affecting tha government thereof are continued ill fall force and effect, unless hi direct conflict with tha pro vWona of thia act. J See. 6. That thia a?t shall be inl force ffrom and after Mi ratifieatlan. ] COLE RAIN NEWS/ Mrs. J. S. Dean* left tor Baltimore last Tuesday where ah* will purchase her tprifig and summer millinery. We are sorry to not* the illness 'of Mrs. Stella Deans, bat am glad to re port she is improving. Mrs. C. L Henry left Wednesday for her home in Corapoake, where she will visit her mother. Miss Willie Forehapd left last Tuesday for Baltimore, whore she will accept a position to go out as a milliner. ~? ' Mrs. Willie Jones and children from Sebrol, Va., are now visiting her mother Mrs. Margaret Evans who has been ilL Dr. L. A. Nowell has purchased a ?ew Chevrolet. lMr. and Mrs. Ed. Callis of Harrstlv ville were visiting in our to mi febn day. Mrs J. J. Beaaley and daughter, Garnette left fojr Baltimore last Thursday where Mrs. Beaaley will buy her spring stock, of millinery. Professor J. M. Andrew*, Messrs. Carl Sessoms and Kenneth Raynor were visitors in Windsor Sunday. What is the attraction? Mr. and Mrs. D. R. Britton and daughter Luctte spent Sunday in Winton. Mr. J. S. Deans left Sunday for Baltimore. Mr. Joe Sessoms of Ahoakie was visiting in our town Friday and Saturday. Mr. L. D. Perry has gone to Balti more, where he will buy hi* spring goods. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wilson spent Sunday in town at the home of Mrs, 1 J. D. Evans. Messrs. K. R. Israel, and Lawrence, of Tunis, were visitors to Ahoskie last Friday. They paid this offiie a visit while here, and left with us the 1919 subscription. DEMONSTRATION RALLY AT WINTON To B? Held in Town Hall ia Win ton on Friday, March 14th; Musical Program. On Friday, March 14, at the Win ton town hall, the following pro gram will be executed. All are inviu edto be present at this rally and hear what others have to say about work of the Home Economics Club, A special committee has been appoin ted to arrange a suitable musical pro-' gram for this rally. The following gpeakeWhave been secured fer ten minute speeches: "Conservation, A Religious Duty," Rev. B. N. Lackey; "The Relation ship at Home Economics to the School's of Hertford county," Prof fessor N. W. BrtttOTrj-ilRegults of our Conservation Overseas," W. D. Boone; "Health Side of the Com munity," Miss Georgie Piland; "Beautifying the Community," Miss Louise Vannj "Organisation," E. W. Gaither. DAftS&D FROM THEIR NATIVE SHORE ] ?.!' Ilritiih oir srrvl<c. hut Americana by birth, have | b/v-M "'Nun Ut?rii? on tUetr native ehore by a peculiar ruling. Ueut. Aiiyii. Meut. R. 11. Knapp of Brooklyn and Lleat W. L| Hiil'jlit ?( I'ir ? f i .iWivwI litwtuu ?? the tranxpnrt MWtta. Bacna* of ? l -- '''Mk? ? '? u,l! WiumUw Auierlciin troop* from lauding, the Hm ) A i .v.* -ii t" fln-lr starting point nt Hrest. ' , HAWAHAN CONCERT PLEASES LARGE AUDIENCE THIS CITY ON LAST FRIDA Y NIGHT 28TH Bet* Number On the Local Lyceum Course Given in This City La at Friday Wight Several Hundred People Pre sent?-Delightful Dance Follow* Concert. MUSIC FURNISHED BY THREE OF THE HAWAIIAN! The concer? given by the Waikild Hawaiian Quintette on laat Friday I night, in the Ahoakie high school auditorium waa by far the beat num ber on the Lyceum Course being giv en undgr the Suapices of local guar- ' an tors. Every aingle number render ed by thif band of Hawalians waa J enjoyed a *4 encore atfer encore was ( given afutr aach selection. At leaat ( three huntead people attended the , concert, awd among them were many j visitors fra? other towns of the county and neighboring counties. Mrs. Joms, the lady member of the tro^My^ although rather stingy with her aMortmant of vocal selec tions, nevertheless won tha whole house by beautiful singing, ac com panied by music furnished by ot her members of tha quintette. It would be Mthar difficult to choose the bea( ?? the man in producing vocal music, aa they ware all good. But, it is an aaay matter to diatin guiah tha leading man with the in- i Zfnent; net by name, but by "nick e." It waa the "soldier boy" who I manipulated the steal guitar, an in strument immortalized by the Raw- I aii&na. The several selections given by j him on thia instrument brought forth j roaring applause from all corners of tha house; and encores leapt him busy for several minutes. His rendi tion of "The Rosary" which was giv en by request was one of tha beet of th* dumber* : > Thi*^aame soldier boy gave the audience ? a fair sample of the I "YSfigsy Dooley," "Hickey Dooley", dance. You have all seen something akin tt it in the. "side shows" of tire circus. He kept the house up roar during the entire time, a?A waa several times persuaded to dupleate the (fat by tha applause that follow ed each performance. The concert closed with this exhibition. Oaie of the members of the con cart, speaking in behalf of the troupe, gava a short concise history fit \he Hawaiian Islands, formerly known aa "The Sandwich Islands." He told of the response they had made in the war with Germany. He also ez pressed himself as being pure than pleaied at the fact that "Uncle 3am" bad gone down to tha islands Hi 1898 and swallawwd up the sand Flalfcwnig the concert tha Hame Economics -Chi bof the Ahotirfe Bet terAant Association nerved cream ?n which they realised /The Lyceum guaran af Friday night's large Tebabfy make good ?ve been gtowiag tor grer with each former performance. Following the concert and after the young people had partaken at the cream and cake, three of the Hawaiian! gave * concert in the lobby ?f the Manhattan Hotel for about an lour. At eleven o'clock they retired m the dining room of the hotel, fol owed by several young people, who injoyed a very delightful daace for in hoar and ? halt. In addition to many local dancers, several young ladiea from other town* participated in the dance. OAK DALE NEWS. The first of March begins to look like the spring. Makes' the fkrmers feel like planting corn. The farmers are still holding their peanuta and cotton for a better price. Hope they will be able to get it. We are glad to'say Mrs. M. C. Mizell, who haa been on the sick list for several months is somewhat Im proving. We are glad to see +ier out Mrs. Bottle Matthews, Mrs. G. B. Talbot, and Mrs. J. C. Taylor war* the guests of Mrs. M. C. Mizell Wed., nesday. Mr. J. It Wilder is somewhat ill. We hope him a speedy recovery. Mrs. Rufus UsiiMr who has boon very sick for some time was taken to Sarah Leigh hospital Friday. We hope Mrs. Lassiter will get along well and come back to her loved ones ?t home. Messrs. Henry Ptielpe and Linton Russell, of Suffolk,' were gnestt of Mrs. P. L. Pratt Sunday. We were glad to <have Henry Phelps back to his old home again. Little Hubert Lee Misell, who haa been visiting his grand mother near Powellsville returned to his home near Harrollsville Sunday. Oak Dale Sunday School Is improv ing all the time. We were thinking it was dead when our boys began leav ing for camps, but it keeps improv ing all the time. We hope we shall soon have our boys back again. We are longing to see the day when we can shake their hands at Oak Dale. Again, we are sorry to report the illness of llttla Lizzie PHand. Mr. and Mm. J. C. Taylor were visitors near Oak Dale Sunday. Miss Mattie Taylor who haa) boon visiting her daughter in Rocky Mt., returned to her old home near Har. rellsville Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. *. L. Phelps, Ahoskie, wore visitors at Mrs. Hill's Saturday end Sunday. Miss Sallie MUeH wo sthe guest of Mrs. J. C. Taylor Saturday evening. "BBOWN EY*S." * MUX NECK NEWS. Msasrs. R. P. Haggard and J. W. launders, of Norfolk, were oat Sor a ?w day* the past we*. Thoy catnc hrough the country of? a Ford which ?. S. Hoggard has purchased Mr*. N. T., Hurdle left for her tome lajkPrfday. t ; > Mr. a[ W. rjaitn 'r "d Mr. Hunn rave a demonstratioir on Mowing *p itumpa oa J. L. Blyche's farm one lay tha past w?*h. , We had a wary, big rain last night uid that ~iW that' the jammers will lo vary little toward* ffrming for hanMttfeW day. The tattnfan are doing very well k> far ia latching mamtkrii of the busy tribe. We are ^tad to say that little Wil lie Ma* Nawsoma, who has been very ill with pnenmtafc. i* improving now. Mr. and Iba. Jim Daniel vifited the home of Mr. and Mrs. N. S Hag <ard Saturday night and Sunday. Mia* Willie Btott accompanied Mr. uid Mrs. Daniel, to see her state,-, Miss J?*?ie Brett. The yonng people turned oat Saturday night to give them a-goad time. Mr. T. W. Winborne and Maater Lather and Sidney Wic borne left for Raleigh Sumjay to spend a few days Mr. P. D. Paele went to Norfolk Sunday to^aee his brother who is very sick with the influenza, which has lately- developed into pneumonia We hape he "will And his brother bettor. a I Those on the *ick liat are: W. A. Burch, and Maadamea J. T. Coleeon, and G. M Hoggard, We hope they will soon be able'to be out again. If yon are "g*ing a visiting" let the Herald kaaw itj or if you have a tors, see to -it that the Herald i get* it We fraqt to chronic!* the whole naws. , *? .',1 BRANDING MFG. CO. CLOSES DOWN MILL ? -? 1 Cloees for Time; Sud den Drop 'in Lumber Price* _ Principal Reason. The Branning manufacturing com pany have ordered their mill at Ahoskie to be cf?Md indefinitely. The sudden drop' la lumber prices, and labor conditions caused the clos ing order to be glteb. the manage ment asserts that it is a losing pro portion under prseent circumstance! and that it ia thetr intention, to sus pend operations at the local plant un til conditions materially improve. The (losing, 'down of thia mill throws mftny local people out of werk. V . ? v ' ' WOODftOW SCHOOL NEWS. ! The graded, noMtol is progressing Very nicely, with large attendance. The teachers and pupils spent last Thursday afternoon cleaning thq school ground, which wan quite an improvement. Mrs. J. E. Johaeon and children, of Portsmouth spent the week-end with her parenta Mr. and Mr*. J. L Storey. Miss AIHe Mae Cgrr was the guest of Miss Eva Parker Saturday even ing aad Sunday. Mw also attended services at Meherrian church Sun day. Mr. aad Mm. w. R. Bunn, Mis. T, T. Parker and Mr. O. B Storey ^pent Saturday in Fraakllp. Mr. Rufus Jtorey spent last week in Raleigh on twMasss. Mrs. Urn Parker w?a the guest-of Mr*. T. T. Parker ffoltflay Mrs. Peter Llverman spent Sun day with her (MugMer. Mr*. Raleigh Blows. , Mr*. Walter Forbes visited her sis ter. Mia. J. L. Storey1 Saturday even ing and Sunday. Snlissrlbe to tfce .Herald. |1J(. REVERED T. COLUNS WWERLY OPPOSED TO fEAGUE OF NATIONS Take* Occasion To CwmIwim League of Niiiau at Sunday ' Moraine Sarwico AMERICA FOR AMERICA, SAYS MR. COLLINS i ?' Would Lock The Door* Of Ira migration and Throw The Keys Away. ? - ? f jg|S| Rev. Fred T. Collins, the vigorous and able pastor of the Ahoekie Bap tist church, speaking from tin Ahoe lue Baptist church pulpit en last Sunday morning, announced that he was unalterably opposed to aay agree mnt which would draw America closer to the European Nations. The League of Nations, soon to be adop. ted by the Peace Conference at Paris, was condemned by the speaker. Be fore asserting boldly hie opposition to this proposition, h made it clear to his audieace that he felt little in measuring thoughts with the presi dent; but, further stated that the League of Nations, in his opinion, should never be entertained by Am- ; erican statesmen. His proposition, in its premises, held that this country was now fac ing a decision between the principles laid down by George Wsshington and those promulgated by our present Presidsht Wilson. "It is Washington or Wilson," said Mr. Collins. He Was convinced that this country should choose the advice and teachings of the former. He was not too kind to the modern statesman, who he pic. tared as a person "selling out" and subsequently disregarding the will of those who placed him in position to represent them in politics. He de- " cried the way the present day law maker disregarded the express wishes of a free born American citizenship. Politically spealdag. be said, this country was going at a pace now that was either destined to result in slav ery end bondage or it would develop into the sjpread of Bolshevism in the United States. Taxation. He said, waa becotning so busdensoms and the country waa being plunged a* headlong into ezcenire debts that ?lavery weald be the final outcome, or, the common people of this coun try would react to that extent that Bolshevism would nign here aa in i Russia today. Although, he said, "I hate the principles of Bolshevist)" yet he stated farther that it waa partly brought about by oppression akin to w)iat this country is destin ed to place upon its people if pre sent tendencies are an index to what the futur* will taring. ? His words indicated his stand for a "ejoeed America." He said "shut the faors of immigration, lock the dooVs, and throw tM? keys away." would have Americi settle her own ' affairs. He would have her keep away from Europe; have nothing to do with European polities. Scorn any agreement that would have the Ai?r v eric an army and navy Co across the waters to foreign lands to fight He stated that he did not believe Ameri ! can soldiers should be shipped serosa the sea to fight fqr foreign laafe They, hs said, aleuld never (NCfi this country. Their fighting. secordfng to Mr. Collins, dWuld ho done at hem* and In Homo defense. This part of his Sunday nmhf discourse was a preface to tho pre sentation of -the Million Dollar Cam paign for the Baptist Educational Schools hi North Carolina. Although the preface had to do for the most part with aolities. his appeal that followed^wg^* bya good reaps?se fekk v' *

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