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Hertford County herald. (Ahoskie, N.C.) 1910-1957, July 18, 1919, ONE SECTION, Image 1

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Hertford County Herald _j ? ????_ ?^H?^??? 1ERTFORD COUNTY'S ONLY NEWSPAPER A PAPER WORTH WHILE NOT A BALKER, BUT A PUSHER VOLUME X. (ONE SECTION) AHOSKIE, NORTH CAROLINA, FRIDAY, JULY 18, 1919. (EIGHT PAGES) No. 14 BERTIE COUNTY MISSION UNION UN ANNUAL MEET ?Miuionar Unions of Bertie County Hold Their An nual Meeting. ?MARS HILL CHURCH PLACE OF MEETING. I Good Program Was Carried ou> and Large Attendance Was on Hand. . (Special to the Herald.) ? Powellsville, July 10?It was an I ideal day?July 9, 1919. The Old Mars Hill Church was on "Dress pa rade." They were on hand in full force to greet and welcome the sis ters from the other societies of Ber tie County, all of whom were repre sented except one, namely, Aulander. And, in this connection, we will ny the brethren were also on the ground to welcome the visiting brethren, who had come along to bring the sisters. We will say further in this connection that arrangements had been madq for pastor Haight of Windsor to preach to the men in ' the new school building. His sermon was one of power and was a delight to the crowd that packed in to hear him. Mrs. W. G. White, President, was at her place and presided with her usual ease and dignity. The Secre tary, Mrs. R. B. Lineberry was also | present to keep the records straight, j Mrs. L. H. Freeman, of Powells ville, gave us a molt excelent paper , on Personal Service. Mrs. N. S. Godwin, of the Center Grove Society gave us a paper on Essentials to Suc cess in a W. M. S., which was both helpful and instructive. A Missionary Playlet by Mars Hill girls stirred the hearts of all who heard it. Little Miss Louise Ruffin DleaspH ? " " the audience very greatly with a beautiful recitation, which waa per fectly splendid in manner and deliv ery, aa did little Miss Vivian Wiggins with her sweet singing. Mrs. W. Mitchell, of Lewiston, gave us a very strong and well pre. pared paper on The Why and How of Young Peoples' Socieities. The congregation seemed profound ly impressed by the devotional servi ces both morning and afternoon, conducted by Miss Lanie Belle Lee ih the morning and Mrs. P. L. Raynor in the afternoon. We will just mention a few of the , special augers and you can judge how copiously and richly the program was enlivened and sweetened with music. Mrs. Shepherd was almost compel! ed to take charge of the organ, and she seemed tb be at her best, and those who have heard her play know what such a statement means. Mesdames I. M. Brown and W. J. Daniels, duet; Mr*. Effie Smith and Miss Lizzie Miller, Pastor Shep herd and J. H. Pearce ,mixed quar tette; male quartette by Hoggard, Pearce, Godwin and Godwin. To the delight of us all the Lasai: ter Brothers happened to b? present and they, with Messrs. Hoggard and Godwin, pleased us with several fine quartette. , The crowd yas variously estimated at seven hundred to a thousond, and notwithstanding* all that, the dinner was abundant, and the people car ried back home at least "twelve bas (Continued on page four) . ? WELFARE MAN APPOINTED FOR THIS COUNTY J. R. Vann, of Winton, Appoint ed Welfare Officer for Hertford County. ONLY ONE OTHER CAN DIDATE PRESENTED. Some Miiunder?tand>ng as to Method of Appointment Creates High Tension. The Hertford County Commission ers and the Board of Education of this County, in joint session, last Monday, elected Mr. J. R. Vann, of Winton, as Superintendent of Public Welfare for the County of Hertford, at an annual salary of eighteen hun dred dollars. At the time Mr. Vann was elected by the two boards, there was only one other name before the boards, that being Mr. AyG. Otwell of Woodland, and principal of the Onley High School at Menola. It is not known at this time if Mr. Vann will accept the position tendered htm. Before the columns of this paper are closed, however, a definite announce ment can probably be made. Mr. Vann is a highly esteemed young man and a man embracing many good and excelent qualities. He has only recently returned fr?m service with the United States Army overseas, having been assistant cash ier of the Merchants and Farmers Bank, of Winton, prior to his en- J trance into the service. Those fa miliar wiffi Mr. Vann, and knowing his admirable fitness for the position hope that he will accept the position which will mean so much to the wel fare of the entire county. gwuiv iioii?ML-w>-KOoanes?, genuine politics is wrapped up in the story of the sleection of this important officer for Hertford County; that is, politics played a large part in the way the election did NOT turn out Things that have happened in connec tion with the selection of a man to fill this place Chat have set the ton gues agog. For, the editor of this paper was politely informed as he alighted from an automobile in Win ton Monday that there would be ' "news a-plenty" to take back to Ahoslq^ On Monday, July 7, the Chairman of the County Board of Education and the Chairman of the Board c Commissioners, themselves in session, without the knowledge of the other members of the two boards, appoint ed to that position Mr.* L. C.' Will iams, an attorney of Ahoskie. How ever, the law creating the office of Welfare Officer states plainly that the two boards must meet in joint session before 15th of July, and ap point a Public Welfare Officer. It was this point of law that made this i appointment null sind void, necssital ting the joint session on last Mon day. Whether these respective chair men were ignorant of the true intent of the^ law is not known. In joint session Monday, the name -of Mr. Williams was first placed in nomination by the. Chairman of the County Board of Education, Dr. J. H. Mitchell, and uly seconded by Mr. H. H. Jones. No other names were at that time placed before the two boards. However, before the vote was taken, Dr. C. G. Powell of Ahos kie, addrsssqd the two boards In op position to the apointment of Mr. Williams. Followng his address be fare the board*, Mr .Williams' ap pointment wai rejected by the mem "bers of the boards, the vote being: two votes for Williams and Ave agai nst Williams., the members voting as follow*: for Williams, Dr. J. H, Mit chell and Jno. E. Vann; against Wil liams, H. H. Jones, C, E. Boyette, J. M. Eley, B. G. Williams and F. G. Tayloe. The names of J. R, Vann and A. G. Otwell were then placed before the boards, with the results as sta ted in the opening paragraph of this article. ? BUILDING THE OTAY DAM HEAR SAN DIEGO rii.^'w <: ?:n. ii-ar Sun HIcko. Cal., rialng on tbe site of the dam which wax washed oat In 19J6 with a loss of -?"> llM s uml n (iniperty l.x-t ((r Si,000,000, la being rushed to completion by the municipal engineers of San IX?go. When riu:!ji>etiMl tlx- <ln/n will !?? 4."?) feet above sea level and will have an estimated storage capacity of 16,000,000 gallons. I I FARMERS' MEETING AT STATE COLLEGE BOYS MEETING WILL ALSO TAKE PLACE. ThU Will Be A Good Opportun ity For Farmer* To Get The Club Short Courses, which will be held at Raleigh, August 20 22nd, will offer an excellent oppor tunity for some club boys of Hertford County to visit the A. A E. College and see some good things as well as to learn some things in connection with their club work that will be of great benefit to them throughout life. I Transportation will be paid by the boys themselves and other expenses will be announced later. Boys wish ing to attend the short courses will please send their names to~the coun ty agent as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made and in structions riven them as to the cost and othe details. It is hoped that the farmers of Hertford County will attend the Farmers' Convention In greater nil" ben than they have been doing in the past. There is much to be lear ned by the rubbing of shoulders with the other fellow who is in the same business that you are and this Con vention certainly offers a great op portunity to the farmers of the state to learn from each other. The greater number of lecturers given at this Convention will be far mers who have succeeded in their line and who will give their exper iences in the lectures. Aside from V- ? . .... this it will pay any farmer well to take the trip through the country to Raleigh and see what is being done by other fanners. The dates are August 27, 28, and 29th. E. W. Gaither, County Agent. GOVERNOR BICKETT i MAKES AN APPEAL APPEALS TO AVERAGE I CITIZEN ABOUT TAXES. Governor Asks That Every < Per?on Make A True Val ue on Property. My dear Mr. Average Citizen: An intimate acquaintance with you, exuding over a number of years, leads me to write you this in tensely personal letter. I know that you love the truth, that you despise injustice .that you are a robust cham pion of the square deal. The poss ession by you of thi 'cardinal virtues make North Carolina a truly great State. The most vital power of the State is the power to tax, and yo ubelieve thai this vital power should be exer cised with a full knowledge of the truth. You believe that from this full knowledge of the truth there will flow perfect equality in taxa tion. ] ? / For the first time in the history of the state you, Mr. Average Cit izen, have it in your power to write the full truth and perfect equality in the tax boolu of the state. You have never been called upon to do this befora. But now the General Assembly has enacted a law that places the matter entirely In your hands. The new tax law is written on correct principles. The machin- i cry for Its enforcement is adequate and appropriate. The law is so written that it will be easy for the citizen to do right and hard for him to do wrong. But you, Mr. Aver age Citizen, are responsible for deter mining whether or not the wise and just purpose of the law shall be car ried out. Now, Mr. Average Citizen, you will receive a questionairre and will be called upon to swear before God and to all your fellow citizens what is the fair market value of your property. When you come to take this solemn oath It will be helpful to you to put to your conscience this question: "If I did not own this property, but wanted to buy It, what will I be justified in paying for it?" and again: "If I wanted to sell this property, not a forced sale, but in the way and on the tfrms that property of this class is generally sold in this community,, what do I realy believe I could get for it?" The answer to these questions will point with reasonable accuracy/to ?- , the fair market value of your prop erty. This fair market value you muit write down on your questionair re, else you will aeaaa^o be Mr. Av erajfe Citizen and become Mr. Un. desirable Citizen. When you, Mr. Average Citizen, tell the truth about your property It *ill do no good for your neighbor Mr. Undesirable Citizen, to tell a lie ibout his property, because when the books show truly what the property of Mr. Average Citizen is worth, this evidence will clearly and con clusively show what the property of Mr. Undesirable Citizen is worth. The local and district supervisors, when they cone to Ax the value of property, will be governed by the sworn testimony of Mr. Average Citizen. And when you, Mr. Average Cit izen, tell the unvarnished truth about your property, that truth will wipe out every discrimination and every inequality in taxation in North Ca (Continued on page four) CAMERON MARRISON SPEAKS IN WINTON HE WILL SPEAK AT OLD SOLDIERS RE-UNION Good Speaker and Candidate in Conming Primary for State Governor. Hon. Cameron Morrison, candidate for Governor of North Carolina in 1920, will address the Old Soldier* at their Annual Re-Union at Winton August 14. This announcement is vouched by a letter that is in the pos session of this office, and written by Mr. Morrison to Jno. E. Vann, of (Vinton, who had charge of securing speaker for that oecasi" Mr. Morrison is one of the most successful speakers and lawyers in North Carolina, and always has bean cin great demand as a public apeak srer. Mr. Morrison is also a politician at no mean ability, and August 14 will be a good day for Hertford's vo ters to coma out and haar him speak thereby getting a line on his qual iflcationa as Governor, should he be successful in hia race for that office. Senator Simmons has recently come Dut in a public endorsement for Mr. Morrison for Governor, and aside from the fact that Morriaon is a forceful and entertaining apeaker, the fact of his candidacy should bring out an even larger crowd to hear him 'peak on August 14, at Winton. GIRLS AND BOYS ENCAMPMENT CH'AN COLEGE Boy* and Girl* of the Three Counties Will Hold an Encampment. WILL BE HELD IN MUR FREESBORO AT COLLEGE Announcement Ha* Been Mail ed Out to Boy* and Girl* of these Counties. * An encampment will be held at Chowan College, Hertford County, during the month of August for the Club boys and girls of Hertford .Ber tie and Northampton Counties. The following'letter has just been mailed out to the club members of the three counties and gives in detail the na ture of the work that will be done at this encampment. The letter is as foiows: "We are planning our annual en campment for boys an girls July 2$ to August 2 at Chowan College, Mur freesboro, N. C. This is the first Tri-County encampment for boys and girls ever held in the state and we are depending upon you to help make it a success. "We want 30 girls from North ampton, 30 from Bertie and 40 from Hertford. This makes 100 in all and will be all the college dormitory will accomodate. We want all the boys we can get in the club work to attend for they will live in tents. We are going to give the girls courses in millinery, basketry, cook, ing, canning, and sewing. The boys courses ih manual training, judging livestock and field crops. All will attend lectures, athletics music and singing. The Home Demonstration Agents will have charge of the girls and the County Agents will take care of the boys. We want you to talk the mat ter over with your parents and get ready for this 'big outing". Other letters of information will follow." The letter is signed by the Home Demonstration Agents and the Farm Demonstration agents of the three counties. In connection with the above an nouncement County Agent Gaither adds the following: "Hertford County has not yet made any provisions for the tents for the boys from this county. These tents will cost about $22 each and should be the permanent property of the club boys from each township. It is too much to expect the Coun ty Agent to furnish six of these tents for the boys and stand other expense attached to the encampment Therefore, he appeals t othe public spirited citizens of the county for contributions to the tent fund for housing the boys. Those wishing to make contributions to this fund will please send them either to the Ed itor of the HERTFORD COUNTY HERALD or to the County Agent. Boys who are not members of the clubs either this year or last and who want to attend the encampment may do so by contributing $4.00 to the tent fund and joining the club for the year 1920. These boys should send their names to the County Agent as soon aa possible so that instruc tions as to equipment, ate., may be sent them along with thoee for the regular members of the club." i tjii

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