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Asheboro courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1879-1906, March 01, 1906, Image 3

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CPS FLOWER NOVELTY. 4l(Biflent Harur Plant From H lain ol Tibet. Horticulture is greatly enriched by the introduction of this magnificent apoppywort, which, according to a cor respondent of Gardening, Is now estab lished In one of the English nurseries, -and plants of It In flower have received a first class certiiu-nte of the Royal Horticultural society and have been .acclaimed by experts far the most at tractive of all the hardy plants of re cent Introduction The enterprising sflrro who dispatched a collector all the MECONOPSI8 DJTEQRIFOLIA. way to the mountains of Tibet to ob tain this plant and the collector, E. H. Wilson, who found and got it safe ly home, are to be congratulated. The correspondent writes: "From Its behavior under cultivation M. Integrl folia Is a biennial, as indeed are all the meconopsls we grow, notwithstand ing the botanists' statement that they are perennial. The plants are from eighteen to twenty-four inches high, with a stout stem, surrounded by nu merous narrow, hairy leaves and bear ing large, drumstick-like buds and open flowers, which In size are as large as a man's fist, their color being the softest, most pleasing yellow. WINTER KILLING. XiBck of Moisture Believed to Be the Cause In Peach Tree. At the February and March meetings of our horticultural society we expect to hear that budded peaches are more or less winter killed, but natural fruit is all right. Wo hear this report near ly every year. The writer has held for years that winter killing is mainly caused by winter drying and that more moisture Is dried out of the tree or plant than Is supplied by the roots. It is well known that evaporation is going on all through the winter, even in the coldest weather. When green brush Is cut off and piled up early in the winter it is dry by spring. Wood seasons all winter. Corn In the crib dries all winter. All trees and plants would dry to death In the winter were it Dot that the roots are taking up moisture all the time. Whenever the supply of moisture Is cut off by any means the tree begins to dry. With a peach tree the fruit buds are more east ly killed than are the wood buds, and they perish first. The life of the tree or plant Is of more account than the fruit buds, and nature provides that It shall be the last to perish. When a peach tree grows in the nat oral way it Bends down a strong tap root to a great depth. The taproot of a one-year-old peach tree extends far ther below the surface of the ground than the branches do above. This en ables it to take up moisture from be low the frozen ground. Budding the tree has nothing to do with its hardi ness, but it is very different with the transplanting. The taproot is cut off perhaps eight inches below the surface and is rarely reproduced. The lateral roots extend In all directions, but never to any great depth. A few days of very cold weather, when the ground Is bare, will freeze it to a greater depth than the roots extend. In this case the supply of moisture is cut off while the branches are drying up. First the fruit buds will be killed, and if the process is continued long enough the tree will perish. M. Crawford in Ohio Farmer. MIKE WRITES PAT. Two Storr Flower Bed. There is no difficulty in arranging In one bed plants which grow tall and slender and beneath them a carpet of some low, close growing favorite which will cover the ground with blossoms. Thus the flower bed becomes of two stories, and double the amount of pleasure Is obtained from It A very pretty example of this style Is given in the popular book "Elizabeth and Her German Garden." She carpeted her rose bed with pansles, and others have followed her example with satis faction. A bed of roses is charming; so Is a bed of panties; a bed of them both Is a double delight. Floral Life. Grapea, 'Win and Ralalaa. The average annual production of wine in the United States during the past ten years has been 25,500,000 gal lons and of raisins 89,500,000 pounds. The average annual shipment of Cali fornia grown grapes to states farther east is placed at 25,150,000 pounds. About 50 per cent of the grape crop In California is made Into wine, 35 per cent into raisins and 15 per cent ship ped as fresh grapes. Greeiisburrow, N C, Feb 21, 1906. Deer Pat: Tbe last outrage on the Digger race was the mutterins of that old scaly-rinded nigger bishup Turner down at Macon Georgia, who says that the United btaits Has: is a dnrty and contempti ble rag, an "Hell is an improvement on the United otaits when the nig set is involved." Now, your broth er Mike does not object to any man's braggin about his own country, be he white or black, but I dont like for that old scaly-rinded, pitchy Ace of Spaids to be savin his country i an improvement on our Uncle Sam mr. If he thinks he's a tellin the truth he ought to go back home, an stay with his fokes. All the quiet, industrious niggers can hud profitable employment, an our fokes are triad to get their ser vices and pay em well for it; but, as far as that old alligater they call Turner, is concerned, he is thrice welcome to emigrate to his chosen country, and take advantage of the improvements he mentions, to his bark, black as the hinges of midnight, on its Stygian flood, while his old heart is made glad by ihe presence of his associates who pre ceeded him and his scaly, smutty, pitchy carcas add is fanned by sul phurous breezes which delight only demons of his caliber. Sumhow or other I kindly hope them niggers that were listenin to him when he made these vile, con temntible staitments will have more sence than to pay any attention to his ravins, an will not all try to toiler him when he desides to emi grate to his boasted improvements All the eeoerafies speak of that country down there as a mity dark abode, but if that old scaly-rided, perfiidious hater of white men, who tax theirselves to educate his race, ever darkens their dismal gates the inhabitants thereof will think that the endless night is jist beginnin to set in m earnest, an tue improved country of which he boasts will be made a hundred fold darker by his frowns. ihe industrious southern niggers are content with their environments, an they'd get along alright :f it were not that sich old eruptive mzers as old smutty, pitchy iiishup turner take an occasional spell of hidrofobia and bite em. What nig ger is it that the white people re spect? Not the old fool that thinks Greek an Lattin good for niggers, not the dingy dude that thinks say- in "heek, hike, hoke" suits his" hus ky voice better than "gee, .haw, Buck;" but the honest, truthful, in dustrious nigger that works six days of the week, and stays at home at home at night while the "heek, hike, hoke" niggers are out pillagin sum farmer's chicken roost, or robbin bis smoke house, or brakin in some store, an landin onto the chain-gang. What woman would not stand up for the faithful old black mammy who rocked her babies to sleep an with heart an voice sung tender lullabies to the little ones entrusted to her care.' W hat man would not ate for the faithful old darky who hitched hes horses, cut his fire-wood, done de turns without a murmur, an never forgot to be very polite to white fokes? No power on earth can blot from the memories of white people them good old darkies who were never spoilt with "eddication," who were never too lazy to "wuck." What about the modern nigger boy that wants to get an "eddica tion" so he can live without "wuck?" Its a plain case. He gets to walkin the streets of sum town with his britches rolled up at the bottom, his hat on one side of his head, a big high collar an a red tie around his sable neck, an a sigaret or segar stump in one corner of his big mouth. He tries to be a dude, an enckseeds mity well in makin the biggest fool in the whole ape family. That night he will visit sum far mer's chicken roost or smoke house, or corn crib, or some other place where he can steal sumthin; for then them that live in high style have got to manage sum way to keek up expenses. If they dont work you may expect to steal. Next thing you know he is caugnt witn tne stolen goods, then by the sheriff, an then he lands on the chain-gang. Or perhaps he steals without bein caught, an does worse than gettin on the chnia-gang by makin a ragin fool like old Bishup Turner. But people ought not to mistreat 'liggers that behave at. work an lay up sumthii g for a rainy day jist be cause sum old Dauuon wants io slander everything and everybody thats desent, an insult the national flag, an try to make fokes believe that his country is an improvement I on Uncle Sammy. The peaceable. ; quiet niggers cant help what sich upprobious scalawags say. an tne white fokes is a goin to stand by all the niggers that s worth anything to the world. It uster be in this stait that the niggers was made to believe they ought to be poloytishms an publics offisers, but since they desided to let the white people do the votin and take care of the polyticks the best or em is a doin fairly well. But sum of the old sore-backs tre awful mad because they can't de liver the more ignorant of their race to the polytishin who will yank out their price, as uste be the case, An industrial education will do good for most of the niggers, but when they get to tryin to warble off Greek and Lattin words all hope's gone, an it would bo better for sich niggers if a millstone were tied about their necks an they were cast into a alligater 8 mouth.. 1 tell you there s no hope for the average nig ger when he gets to mixin Greek an Lattin with his already cumber some brogue. Your brother, Mike. Ten Rules For Employes. 1. Take as much interest in your employer's business as if it were your own. 2. Do not expect to get all yo'i can and give nothing. Do a little more work than is demanded. 3. Be prompt. Show that you have an interest in your work above a desire for an exta half-hour in bed in the morning. You can't come down a half-hour late every morning and impress your employer with the idea that you are a wide-awake active man or woman with an interest in vour work. 4. Do your work well to-day, you Won't have to do any of it over again to-morrow. 5. Be cheerful and willing. A sul len countenance is not pleasant to look upon by either an employer or a customer. Remember your pull ing power with a customer is one of your assets. J he reverse, will be your loss. Be courteous. Do not thrust your own troubles ana in Har mony upon those around you. It is a poor investment. 6. Be conscientious. Don t take too much interest in ball games, theatres, parties, etc., or you may find that yrn have not much time left to give to your work. Don't have a relative die too often. Fun erals some times grow monotonous to an emp'oyer during the base ball season or on matinee afternoons. 7. Do not make the same mistake twice. 8. Do not let your thoughts al ways be wool-gathering if you ex pect to earn an increase of salary on pay day. 9. Do not shirk your worK ana be always thinking of the money side of the proposition. Give good value for the nioney you receive and yon will he sure to succeed. 10. Put yourself in your employ er's place and figure out what kind of an employee you would hire to get the most out of your business. Then set yourself to try to be that employee. There is no short, easy road to success, but it is well worth traveling. Something About An Egg. The everyday world is full of won derful thiugs, yet when you give a moment s thought to an egg well, a chemist would tell you it contains so much proteid, phosphoric acid and iron. But one should think of it as a Treasure Louse, whereiu lie Ijcked by angels' alchemy Milk and hair and blood and bone. An egg contains in concentrated form everything that is required to develop a chicken, and it can be cooked in so many ways that it is palatable as well as digestible. That is why eggs are chief among the foods allowed an invalid. Though chemists have tried for a hundred years to discover it, nothing in science or in all our wide variety of foods can be transformed into a substitute for egg. Of course one could if necessary, cook without them, only it would mean going without a Bcore of dishes we think of as everyday necessities, Buch as custards, cake, puddings, griddle cakes, to say nothing of the abun dant use of what we might call pure ly egg dishes. i?rom The Delinea tor for March. All old-time Cough Syrups bind tbe bowles. This is wrong. A new idea was advanced two year9 in Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar. This remedy acts on the mucous of the throat and lungs and loosen? the bowles at the same time. It ex pels all cold from the system. It clears the throat, strengthens the mucous membranes, relieves coughs. colds, croup, whooping cough, etc. Sold by Standard Drug (Jo and Asheboro Drug Co, Asheboro, N C. An Exceptional Short Story. Every now and then in the maga zine you come across a literary gem. "A Small Person" by Mary Talbot Campbell, in the March McClure's is one of these. It's very simple and very short but altogether too good to try to repeat it here even in synopsis. Don't deceive yourself. If you have indigestition take Kodol Dys pepsia Cure. It will relieve you. Rev W E Hocutt, South Mills, N C, says: "l was troubled with enronic ndigestion for several years; what ever I ate seemed to cause heart burn, sour stomach, fluttering of my heart, and general depression of mind and body. My druggist recommended Kodol, and it has relieved me. I can now eat anything and sleep soundly at night. Kodol Digests what you eat. A C MCALISTER & CO. Asheboro, N. C. Fire, Life and Accident Insur ance. The best companies represented. over the Bank of Randolph. Offices J. V. HUNTER. M. D Cornet of Worth an J aim Streets, Asheboro, N. O. Day calls answered from eithei Drug Store. Nicht calls from residence in front of Bunk Fox's residence. L. M. FOX, M. D. ASHEBORO, N. C. Oflera hi professional service to the citizens oflAsheboroJand surrounding oommuiiity. Offices: At Residence- Dr. S. A. HENLEY, Physician - and - Surfeon, ASHEBORO. N. C. Office over Spoon A Bedding's store near Standard Drug Co. An ers Give nature three helps, and nearly every case of con sumption will recover. Fresh air, most important of all. Cherry Pectoral Nourishing food comes next. Then, a medicine to control the cough and heal the lungs. Ask any good doctor. 1 first used A?er's Clierry Pectoral !W years ae. I liuvi' SHFM run of limit illi eaaea rin . il I'V It. I miii never without It.". A Lit Bui' U. Hamilton, Marietta. Ohio. 3c. ne or Back Pains, Swollen Joints, Itching, Burning Skin CURED THROUGH THE BLOOD BY B.B.B. Thra la Hopv-Tbe (bore pleturrt represent the before and after effect of Botanic Blood Baltn(B.B.B.) on a most levere caie of Rheumatism. It la DO fancy picture but a genuine case. It la llmrlv wonderful the effect B. B. B. hai on Rheumatlct. It lnvlcoratet the blood, making it pure and rich, and deatroying the active poison in the blood, which causes tho awful symptoms . neumatiam B. B. B. limbers the Writs, itratebtena nut trie bent back and makes a perfect) lasting cut after all guu sememe ran. I.adtitr Symptoms Bone paint, sciatica 0. JiooLIng paint up and down the leg; aching back e sViu' blades, s-voll -a Jilats or swollen muscles; dif Acuity in min ing ;rouni so you have to use crutches; blo-al thin or skin pjle; sk.a itches and burns; shifting pains; had heath; sciatica, lumbago, gout, etc. Botanic Blond Balm (H.B.B.) will remove every symptom, glT Mjt quick ic.ic. irum the first dose, and B. B. B. sends rich, tingling flood of warm, rich, pure blood direct to the paralysed nerves, bones and Joints, giving v.-urmth and rtriT.jrth Just where It Is needed, and In this wa? making a perfect, lasting cure of BheurruLUru la its ortrn. YTea!t, Inactive KidneysOne of nausea of Kh.iurr.j.lsm is due to Inactive kidneys ar.i bladder. B. B. B. s;rcr7thcru weak kidneys and bladder, draining off all diseased matter and all uric acid, so the urine flow freely and naturally. Itotanic Blood Vaim I B.B.B.) Is nleaasmt and safe to take. Thoroughly tented for 30 yra. Composed of l'ure Botanlo In frredlents. Strengthens Weak Stomachs, cures Uyapepsla. Price 1 per larsre bot tle. Take as directed. If not cured when Hsrht quantity taken, money refunded. Sample 8nt Free by writing: Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga. liescribe your.trouble, and special free medical advice to ait your ease, also sout la sealed tetter 2SC...W.. I.(W1. Consumption wentietb Century' w Urapbophone JWK T Absolutely 9 " A Principles Mim-jJ ! -, The , .... V S OUR OUARANTtr "It reproduces the bisman voice with aN the wlurne of the oriorui" 36 TIMES LOUDER THAU ALL OTHER TALKING MA CHI mCM The Most Marvetoos Tasking Machine Ever Constructed Wonderfal Sensational Epoch Making STYU PRfrtlER $IOO Patmntmd In mil CMIInd OounlHmm KWtOBlJCtS COLUMBIA AND ALL OTHER CYLINDER RECORDS NEW TWENTIETH CENTURY CYLINDER RECORDS Half Foot Lohq A Perfect ftobstitute for the Orchestra Must be heard to be appreciated tytendM for Dancing Parties Astonishing Results Tor ftale by Dealers Everywhere and at an the Mores of the Columbia Phonograph Company, oeoerai Creators of the Talk log Machine Industry Owners of the Fundamental Patents Largest Manufacturers In the World Git AND PRIZE, PARIS, IMO rOMI E ORAND PRIZE, ST. LOUIS, 1901 231 N.-Howard Street; BALTIMORE, MD. Health derv.ands daily action of the bowels. Aid nature with Avar's Pills Waverly Nurseries Growers of the Leading Varieties of Peaches, Plums, Apples, Pears, Grapes, Figs, Scup pernongs, Pomegranates and Other Fruits Adapted to the South. Also Shade, Ornamental and Nut Trees, Shrubbery and Roses. Write for prices on your wants. PAIL HOFFMAN, Prop. WAVERLY, ALABAMA My Work Pleases! When you wish an easy shave As good as barber ever gave, Just call on me at my saloon, At morning, eve or noon, 1 cut and dress the hair with grace, To suit the contour of the fuoe. My room is neat and towels clean, Scissors sharp and razors keen, And everything I think you'll find, To suit the face and please the mind. And all my art and skill can do, If you just call I'll do for you. TOM CARTER..! Next door to Poetoffice. 3 UUnTTaiS. anil rteslrp for work or play. Muke a clear brain, bright eyes aud sweet breath. MAKE LIFE WORTH WHILE GIVE VIGOR by magically correcting; liver, stomach and bowels. They induce tbe natural sleep and appetite of youth. GIVE VITALITY by cleansing all disorders from thevystem. They cure Constipation, Indigestion, Biliousness, Head ache, Nervousness. For Sale by all Draggistt I Oc and 25c a D OX ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES Also R. &.Q. Sciatic Plasters, and R. & Q. Derma-Lotion. DR. F. A. HENLEY. ASHEBORO. N. C. You Furnish the Bride We Furnish the Home. Just receivd nice line Parlor and Bed Room Suits, Couches, Upholstered Parlor Suits, Pic tures, Hall Racks, etc. We have an assortment permitting us to furnish the home in keep- ! ing with any purse. i We are also prepared to serve i th public as Funeral Directors in a careful and courteous man Offlces First Rooms Over the ner. Kitrous Oxi a 1 1 Oxygjn for painless Ex Iravtiniig Bank of Randolph. Kearns & Fox. All sizes built. Have the most accurate Set Works and beat Variable Feed Works, Saws. Bdgera, Trimmers, Swing-Saws, Lath and Shingle Ma chinery, Planers, Kesaws, Engines, etc. BaaaOMtiMa ky Writ, ste IM. Catalans SALEM IRON WORKS, Wlnston-Salam. N. a VEGETABLE SICILIAN HairRenewer Why not stop this falling of your hair? At this rate you will soon dc wunoui any nair' jusi rcmcmoer mai nan s nair ixenewer I stops falling hair, and makes hair grow. UrmK?!lTi!rXlG:TV1Mm To Cure a Cold in One Day Toko Laxative Bromo Quinine TMets. (J Seven MHBon boxes sold input 13 months. TWs Signature, "-r Cure Crip la Two Days. on every Ttrtssw DOS. a$C

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