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North Carolina Newspapers

Asheboro courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1879-1906, March 15, 1906, Image 2

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CALL FOR COURIER CLUB RAISERS. Enter Your Name On Our List at Once and Win One of the Premiums Offered. Hundreds of Dollars will be Distrib uted in Presents During the Next Few Weeks. In arranging this contest we have endeavored to offer a reward to workers sufficient to make them en thusiastic and at the same time make the work of securing subscribers easy, so they could not fail to win prizes Every one who pays one dol ar IN ADVANCE will get free with The Courier one of these papers one year, the Woman's Magazine, The Metropolitan and Rural Home, The Southern Agriculturist, or the Farm aud Fireside for one year. This contest begins NOW and will close July 1, 1!0C. The person who sends us the largest number of subscriptions during that time will receive as a prize a haiulsome Na tional Sewing Machine, which st lis for $C5.00. To the person who sends in the second largest list of subscribers we will give a Champion New Home Sewiug Machine, price SG5.00. To the person who obtains for us the third largest list of subscribers we will give one Carolina Cook Steve with "B" list with pipe, including full and complete cooking outtit which sells everywhere for $18.00. This stove is on exhibition at the Lewis & Winslow Hardware Com- pany. To the person sending us the fourth largest list we will give a genuine American movement ladies' vatch made by the New York Stan dard Watch Comnanv. fitted in a gold filled hunting case, warranted for 20 years. It is a steni-windei aud stem-setter, and in every way a reliable time keeper. Each case is handsomely engraved. To the worker who sends us the fifth largest list we will give a watch with movement like the foregoing description except a ten year guara::- teed case. To the person sending us the sixth largest list we will give a pair of Queen Quality Shoes worth $3.50. These shoes are on exhilition at Messrs Wood A -Mor-ing's Store. The person sending us the , seventh largest list will largest list will receive a pair of the celebrated White House I Patent Leather Blucher Ladies' Shoes worth 3.50. These shoes can I be seen at anytime at the Morris-! Scarboro-Motlitt Co's Store. j Thi tMrnn Bi'inlincr lis the "itrtli I largest list will receive a pair of the popular Woman's College ... ,, f 1 ,,. . .... - alking Shoes, worth J.oO. It can be seen at Mr W J Miller's store. The worker sending us the ninth j largest subscription list we will give I free a beautiful 52-piece porcelain j breaktast set. ! BEGIN WORK. Start now and To the person sending us the : keep it up, if you want one of the tenth largest subscriptions we will ; big prizes. We will send you sum give a haudsoaie water set worth j pie copies, if vou ask for them, but y"-)v- The persou sending us the eleventh largest list of subscribers will re- ceive a i-t-piece comuitiauou Ameri can Beauty Rose silver set, consist ing of 1 dozen Tea Spoons, Sugar Shell and Butter Knife to match, pure coin silver plated over nickel plate on hard metal base, packed in fancy box. Every dollar sent we count one subscription. It will take two fifty "WHY STAND VE IDLE" Agitation ol Good Roads In Th County-County Convention Wantod. The press is getting to the point. Good roads cost money, but not as much as bad roads cost. The writer was educated when young to avoid debt, but many a young man of merit, brains and industry has made a fortune on borrowed cap ital, The only possible way for Ran dolphto build McAdam roads is to issue bonds, say, $300,000. 30 years to commence with. This course has been pursued in Mecklenburg county which has and is improving rapidly in wealth and population. The writer formerly hankd cotton to Charlotte. Four bales was a big load for three horses; now ten bales can be drawn by two horses on the new roads, which with slight repairs will probably last as long as the rock ballast roads in Italy, which are still said to be good. And they were built by the Caesars before the ad vent of our Savior. The old adage " No one lives so far from market as he who has noth ing to sell" and no one is less able to meet the acute competition of the present day than he wboae wheat, corn, cotton, etc, costs ten to twenty- fiye per cent, extra to haul it to mar ket. : Guilford has been hauling rock out of this county for some time to use in their road building. Why not eo to usine it ourselves. Our roads are gradually getting worse almost so bad now that a young man can't carry bis best girl in a light cent subscribers to count one sub scription in the contest. Now here are the "sure things'' prizes those you KNOW you can get whether you win one of the oth er prizes or not. To every person sending us twelve subscribers at one time with twelve dollars, we will give a handsome water set the best made, or, if vou prefer, a set of genuine knives and forks, either of these sell anywhere for $5.00 to $0.00. Or to anv person, who will send us 18 sub - scriptions with $1S.00, we will send both these premiums. But that is not all, we make auother offer that every body can get and that is that every worker, who will send us six subscription at one time accompani ed bv Sli.OO, we will give a j fine porcelain, 30 piece breakfast j set or for live subscriptions we will ' .rive a handsome stereoscope and 48 colored scenes from all parts of of the world. This break last set ; never sold for less than $4.00 , i and it is worth 0.00 anywhere ' and the stereoscope and views ; are worth fully as much as the breakfast set, or if any worker will . send us 10 subscriptions acconi- ! i,..l be si 0. v will Sii il both f, - ;.' :,,,., 1 We know you will wonder how we can make such a remarkable offer. To be frank with vou we couldn't if we did not know from 'experience that three-fourths of the ;' new subscribers obtained in this wnv will be turned into regular subscribers at the end of the year, , We are paying you handsomely simply to get them started for us. The merit of the paper itself will do the rest and in the long run we will make a prolit and you will be doing your community a good turn by inducing the people to read a paper which teaches them how to make more money from their farms and in various occupation. To evervone who sends us as much $100.00 for subscriptions and job work together we will give a Chain- ! p;on New Home bewing Machine. Any young man who wants a pair of "Keiths Koniueror" shoes, or a pair of celebrated King Bee shoe, or a pair of Crossett's best shoes, each and every pair sells for $5.00 tbfi world nvor. nr if vnn n-iint frpp j the best railroad watch ever made you can learn how to get them free if .. , . .. " . , , ; by getting subscriptions or job work j for The Cockier. Xow the facts are all before you ! a,,a the contest is on. DON'T j WAIT L'N'TIL TO-MOltKOW TO l we do not furnish receipts and sub SCrintion blanks exceut direct to the subscribers upon recaipt of the list and amount enclosed. An ordinary peice of paper will do. Don't send stamps. Put the silver dimes in an envelope and fold it up and put in another envelope which bears the stamp and address and they will not be lost. Address all letters to The Courier, Asheboro, N C. buggy without endangering her life or at least soiling ber dress. Randolph is one of the best coun ties in the State, in size, citizenship, stock, etc, and as good as any in soil. Don't let's be left, but try to keep our young men from leaving and encourage immigrants by offer ing this advantage, so badly needed by every branch of industry. I suggest that the editor of Thi Couri ee and the editor of the Bul letin unite in calling a Good Boads Convention at Asheboro soon and appoint a committee to prepare plans to be presented to the Conven tion for approval or amendment, we all have a common interest in this matter and it would be a good idea to lynch any fellow who tries to in- ject politics into the matter. 1 Delieve our people are reaay 10 take action for better roads. W. Reduced Rates. The SEABOARD beas to announce that on account of the occasions mentioned below the rates and conditions named will apply. Chattanooga, Tenn: Southern Baptist Convention and Auxiliary Socicties.Mny 10th-15th,-190C. Rate, one first class fare plus 25o for the round trip, (minimum rate) 50 rents, tickets sold Slav 8th, 0th and 10th, final limit ten days in addition to date of sale. Tickets may be extended. Fer further information as to rates from any point or schedules apply to your nearest Agent or aaaress me unuersigneu. O H Oattis Traveling Passenger Agent, Raleigh, N C. What one goes into debt for, nine times out of ten, is a luxury. Gossips have no use for people who refuse to furnish material for them. Session Board County Commission! March 5th 100C Treseut: II T Caveness; Chairmen, II O Lnssiter and A N Bulla. BI!IIh;K FtiKi'E, June Peace, guard Gurney Jones, driver, J C Cox, work etc. J T Iiedding, work etc. W N Klder, work etc W (r Jones, peas, W J Moflilt, provisions ti W Owcus, provisions V S Unrdner; provisions W D Mollitt provisions J V Bingham, lumber J 1) I'eaeeass. stipt. J C Farlow guard $ 15.00 Ki.50 :'.-..00 3.00 4.00 1.50 1.00 30 ;u.i 3.75 7.19 20.00 15.00 l'l It! 10 1I0AI"-. : paniei Kivett lumber v ri Hughes lumber ! W C Cannon lumber lTS A(1,iHOI1 Branson lumlwr ! ii h Eider lumber 1 .us A I. P.'lk potatoes A W Fuller mdse Harvey Hunt work Thos N'i'U-liy mending shoes I lam- Williams feed Mi-Crary-Kedding Hdw Co mdse K A Farlow horse ,1 F Jarrell mdse lao.or 12.42 I r . v I l ol! T.. I! M Ward tud-e II II Kennedy supt X (' Cranford :tst supt .?20.11) 15.00 22.50 15.00 15.00 11 1. Uaddis g p f','1' ', .j. f 'X'rt'miUo ,. L raven mdse MeCrary-Hedding ll.Uv Co mdse V vitrJofot-.l oVieVkToedW Holler Mill mdse S Y. Kearns work ll II Kennedv feed et ' J ll Marlev board S K Kearns guard , Ben Hill guard MI.-i-El.lAN"Eiif.. Kliza Fields 1.00 ' A M Bulla supt health 12 50. Augustus X Houtli support 1.50 Edwards and brought on marriage record i reg otlioo 2 22 : Win Burns wood 10.50 . A .1 Woodell work C II 2.15; l!eg of Deeds issuing and recording, express l etc. - 10.00 E li Gray colli u for pauper 2 50 I A Sikes 1 day .Indue of election 1001 1.00 J II l'lesnell mag fee, Chas Jackson et al. 7.15 A S Barker, dpt fee. Chas Jackson etui 5.00 i J A liussell, shell fees C B P 85 .75 ' II ti Lassiter I day com and milage .'1.80 , O K Fox, lept fee's, Chas Jackson etal . 18.80 : w Xl Moflitt Judge and Co Election 1901 ,. , . , , ., -, 2.00 ; j" " :!on ! Eliza J Caveness eon M lfeitell to Co Home I 1 00 j x j FiSniuin'wwKicH -r 1 j u y"rlly jailor Feb" lis'iiil T I) M..1-I..I. .lm son! j Jlo liich 1 day janitor and cleaning C 11 l.5o i .V''0'1 issor',l,ra 1;;;J !ll 1 ( aveness 1 duv coin 2.00 j , v Horoilgi, i da'v ch-rk to board 2.00 I - Old Time Tobacco Legislation. (Ezra Sigliu.) It is 0112 of the notable features of old-time legislation, that the use of) tobacco in early colonial days was regarded by the magistrates aud elders as far more injurious, degrad ing and sinful than that of intoxi cating liquors. Both the use and the planting of the weed were for bidden; the cultivation of it being only permitted in small quantities for "mere necessity, for physic, for preservation of the health, and that the same be taken privately by an cient men." But the "creature call ed tobacco" seemed to have an in destructible life. Mrs Alice M Earle writes of these early restrictions about tobacco in stage-coach and tavern life: "Land lords were ordered not to suffer any tobacco to be taken into- their houses on penalty of a tine both to the tavern-keeper and the one who took the tobacco. The laws were constantly altered and enforced." And still tobacco was grown and smoked. No one could take it pub licly, nor in his own house-before strangers. Men were forbidden to smoke together. No one could smoke within two miles of the meet ing house on the Sabbath. There were wicked backsliders who were caught smoking around the corner of the meeting house, and others on the streets, and they were cned and set in stocks and put in cages. Un til within a few years, there were New England towns where tobacco smoking in the streets was forbidden, and innocent tobacco-loving travel ers were astonished on being re quested to cease from smoking. Mr Drake wrote in 1886, that he knew men then living who had to plead guilty or not guilty, in a Bos ton police court for smoking in the streets of Boston.. In Connecticut in early days, a great indulgence was granted to travelers a man could smoke once durinsr a iournev of ten miles. If church people were forbidden to use tobacco a few years ago, what about them to-day, when it is a common thing to see men professing to know God indulge in the filthy habit. .Luke v 46. Jesus says, "Ana why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?" God says, "Be ye clean that bear the yes sell of the Lord." 1.2.i The Cause of Many Sudden Deaths. Tlier is a disease prevailing in th's country most dangerous because so decep tive, iuaur suuura deaths are caused by it heart dis ease, pneumonia, heart failure or r apoplexy are often the result ot kid ney disease. If kidnev trouble is L allowed toadvauee tliekidney-poison-ed blood will at tack the vital organs, causing catarrh of the bladder, or the kidneys themselves break down and waste away cell by cell. Bladder troubles almost always result from a derangement of the kidneys and 8.82 I a cure is obtained quickest by a proper 8.13 i treatment of the kidneys. If you are feel- 11.40' iug badly you can make no mistake by 7.00 taking Dr." Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the 7.75 ! great kidney, liver and bladder remedy. ! It corrects inability to hold urine and scalding pain in passing it, and over 2 25 ' vomes that unpleasant necessity of being 3L45 1 compelled to go often through the day, X j; ! and to get up many times during the I tJO night. The mild and the extraordinary 5 00 effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized. 5;-, I It stands the highest for its wonderful cures ot the most distressing cases. ! Swamp-Uoot is pleasant to take and is ! sold by all druggists in fifty-cent aud ! one-doilar size Wiles. You may have u i sample bottle of this wonderful new dis covery and a book that tells all about it, both sent free by mail, address. Dr. Kil mer & Co., lUugliamton, N. V. When writing mention reading this generous .llT.-r in lliis miT. Don't make anv j -1" , mistake, but remember the name.Swainp '01 : Dr. Kilmer's Swuum-Root. and the address, I'.inghamlor, N. Y., on every bottle. By Way Of Comparison At the bottom is a picture of a farm 00 which our fertilizers were not used. Notiee the very poor prrowth ? At the top, thoro 18 a photograph of tho field of a planter who believes in the liberal use of only Virginia-Carolina Fertilizers. See tho (rood, oven stand, and tall, luxuriant plants? You can see many other interesting pictures of farms liko thoso ou which tho crops of poor and good yields aro compared, in our law, pretty almanac. Ask yourdealer for It, or eond us tie. In stamps to pay tho cost of wrapping and postage 'lucreaso youjr yields per aoro" by us ing Virginia-Carolina Fertilizers. Buy no other. Virginia Carolina Chemical Co. Richmond. V a. Norfolk. Va, Durham. N. C. Charleston, 8. 0. Baltimore, Md. Atlanta, Oft. Savannah, Cta. Montgomery, Ala. Memphis. Tenn. Shroveport, La. THE IMPLEMENT CO. RICHMOND, VA, ARE HEADQUARTERS FOR Fencing, Hoofing, Barb Wire, Poultry Nellind. Write for prices and catalogue. We carry one of the largest and best stocks of Farm Implements in the South, and can save you money on your purchases. What ever you need, get our prices be fore purchasing. Special bargains in Farm Wagons and Buggies. Best makes. Low Prices. The Implement Co., 1302 Kais SL, Richnmi, la. Undertakina Establishment. New and complete line of Coffins and Catketn, knd prices reasonable. New Heree, tieutla Stuck and curvful lrivera. A share ol your patronage Is rusiectfullT solicited. J. W. JOLLY, Store opposite Lewh-Winslow Hdw. Store, Ashe boro, N. J, UK D. K. LOOKHART, DENTIST, Asheboro, N. O. nrTTRH. f m to 1 pm HOUKS. tgpmtospm I am now In my office prepared to practice dentistry in tU various branches. Furs! Furs! Furs! My advice to all trap pers is to stop catching minks this season, if you see fit to send me furs I shall pay you mar ket price for same. J D Payne, Burlington, N C 203.71 Wlk, 10.08 i , 1 Jl t Pays Others; The roads will soon be in conition for driving either long or short distances. A buggy will soon be in demand. Why not secure the best? Rock Hill Buggies. Sold by McCraLry Redding Haurdwacre Company. Publishers and i We Manufacture the iType ' Brass Rule in Strips ; Brass Labor Saving Rule Brass Column Rules Brass Circles ! Brass Leaders ! Brass Round Corners j Brass Leads and Slugs Old Column Rules refaced and made as good as new at a small cost. Please remember that we are not in any Trust or Combination and are sure that we can make it greatly to your advantage to deal with ua. A copy of our Catalogue will be cheerfully furnished on application. I Philadephia Printers Sxipply Co. Manufacturers of Type a.rd High Grade Printing Material Proprietors 39North Ninth Screet PENN TYPE FOUNDRY PHILADELPHIA 1 Oapt J. W. Fry, Pres. E. Caldwell, Jr., Secy. The Greensboro Life Insurance Company. Organized 1905. (Legal Reserve) $100,000 Paid Capital. $25,000 Surplus. Writes all ordinary forms of contracts. Each policy is registered and secured by Treas. Dept of State. Lovers of should visit the stable3 of R R Ross at once and see the best horses and mules ever seen in Randolph. Every thing from the common plow horses and mules to the fancy combination stock. TL. ROSS, 4,uuu,uuu h fft n. Tennessee Wholesale Nurseries. No agents traveled, but sell direct to planters at wholesale prices. Absolutely free from dis ease and true to name. Write for catalogue and prices before placing your order elsewhere. We guarantee our stock to be true to name. Largest reacn Nursery in tne Jl J. C. HALE, Why Not You. Printers. Very Highest Grade of Brass Galleys Metal Borders L S Metal Furniture Leads and Slugs Metal Leaders Spaces and Quads 6 to 48 point Metal Quoins, etc. R. R. King, Vice. Pres. Good Stock Asheboro, N, C. r I T" reacn irees June Buds a Specialty. worm. Aaaress c Winchester. Tenn. X

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