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Asheboro courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1879-1906, October 04, 1906, Image 8

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.a .em CONDENSED FOR BUSY READERS. V :. ? -v- The Bnckborn Falls property was 'v sold at rittsboro Saturday, to the I : bondholders for $250,000. CbasTeabocfe: who. disappeared from SmithfielJ, Johnson county, )' on this day the grand jury returned tree bill against him for the mur der of Alouzo Jones, a merchant, was arrested- iu Norfold Saturday and is in Johnson county jail. Hon. J no. Sharp Williams, Demo cratic leader in Congress will speak at Gre.nsboro Monday afternoon, October loth. Mr- and .Mrs. George Roberts KenheV of '"Greensboro, announce the engagement of their sister, Miss Mary Hunter Kennett, to Mr. Wal ter E. Blair, the marriage to take place in October. Jim Walker, another negro gam bler, was shot between Salisbury and Spencer Friday afternoon. He received over a hundred shot from a gun in the hands of Chas. Kick! also colored, and who made his es cape. Mat Brown, a Salisbury uegivss, is in Stanley County jail charged with killing Jim Griffin at Whitney Tuesday and seriously injuring another. She used a shot gun and claims self-defense. John R. Coble has purchased the entire stock or venioles, Harness anu saddlery of the Petty-Reid Co., of Greensboro and will continue that : department -of the business. The Petty-Reid Co., will devote its en tire energy to. the implement busi- - -nest. r . y Miss Virginia Stover, daughter of Rev. J. T. -Stover, was married Tuesday to Mr. H. L. Coble, of Greensboro, at the M. . Church at Pleasant Garden, Guilford coun ty. The young people have many friends in Randolph. " whom the Courier joins in congratulations and best wishes. - Miss Marion, daughter of W. G. . .Newman, of the Gold Hill Copper Co., of Salisbury, died suddentjy at a Hospital at Richmond Monday morning. J. G. Goldstein, a Hebrew mer chant, of Winston-Salem, is arrest - ed for attempting to. barn a house in which he lived containing $700 worth o furnishings with $1,000 insurance, The resignation of President Pal ma was followed Saturday by Provisional Governor Taffc taking over the Cuban Government by or der of President Roosevjlt. The island will be in possession of 6,000 TJ. S. soldiers at once, and Gov. Taft vwill j remain in control until such time as an election can be held and a new president inaugurated. The aotioa of the JJiJjted States has had .a, tendency to quiet the Revolutionists.-' Frankllnvtlle Itrma. '.- llev. C. A. Wood preached at the M. E. church, and Rev. J. S. Bar ret the Baptist church, at this place Sunday. w - a G. Fi-: Leonard and family, of .Greensboro, were in town Saturday and Sunday, visiting their mother, Mrs. W. C. Craren, who has been ill for a few days. W. C. Jones made a business trip to Greensboro one day last week. J. C. Fox, of Raudleman, yisited his brother, Dr. F. I. Fox, list week. Mr. W. C. Russell has been .. . ,ttt-icL.litiox.a.JEaffi4lays,. Wal for Patterson, who bold PTSS I The public school opens next Mindaj,)4t: 8lh.I Prof. Weather-. jy 4iii8-lrWay"eftured his assistant ch'""laTg;5"school is ex JectedLH J Miss-M-aty SUwl, who has bueniTI for a few days is convalescent. The Order of Eastern Star, will meet iu regular,, session Saturday j ; night, Oct. 6th, ..and. it as expected that there will be work in all five of the degrees. West Kamacar. interna Pe&YPtiimznaabmAVio?jkwzPT tcr fiDcndinathreeJ weeks with her sister arJbKoTaTH--fP -Sanson, of Se "RUd hl'f Mulliei at UanaeT.1 Misa Flora A. Smith was mairied "fiOHLjhursday to Ed Wickrwf SanH fnrdTV Mr. and -Mrs. "Wicker are .Wing the ;brics . mfXheCrMr, T.tili r - . . v ii- J -T. Smiths RftOMeuA "Effin Jones gathered his Tirttrg crop of corn by rilpnoetSth. A little, eat)j)TWnj4.3C, A large number of the Ramseur i yt 3Tif4etiM4tWided the commencement ' -ti .OTtarotrctea meetings at l'leas-.tffl-V:.OUiN' I ?.. , -a-i. ant Grive Sunday. s - The protracted meet; rrg-at New it rc-',0e'; hvihdred - nd severity six Hopeoloaai -Yhura lav at teruoon.' Z ,K .nnri1hiivnr.ewtf trmimfledrthflol Misses Ora' a-id .Ida Jlenlej, of outf f Jfhwh tnlaroHtAandi iJ iht'y are t,v.uang. NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSO CIATION. (Continued from ILrst page.) lowed up in the foam and spray beneath. NIAGARA FALLS. Canada has a right perhaps to claim a larger share in the posess ion of Niagara Falls than the Unit ed States as it is over the Canadian or Horse Shoe Falls, that four fifths of the water falls. Goat Island with 1300 ft in width, parts the river just above the falls; on the left is the American Falls with its width of 1,060 feet; on the right is the Horse Shoe Falls with a curve 3,000 feet, making a total width of a mile. To watch that glorious body ofwater descend 160 feet over the falls, with its ceaseless roar makes one realize how insignificant he is and reduces him to silence, and to awe. The river thunders as it goes over the rocks, and thick mist rises. The sun paints all the shades ot the rainbow in the mist. The wat ers bnbble and seethe and foam in their bed below. Just here I am reminded that photographers, artists and writers have failed to describe Niagara Falls so, I will not attempt further Eveu Mr. Dooley says oue would hava to bankrupt the lish language. The return trip was down the Canadian Side, past the monument erected to Gen. Isaac Brock, who fell in the encounter with the Americans on Oct. 1SI2 and on down to Uueenstowu. where we were lerried oer to Lew iston, and returned to Toronto where we joined the balance of the party. "Tknpeepoot" Candidate" Speaking. The democratic candidates for the General Assembly and for the vari ous county offices will address the people on the political issues of the uay at the fallowing times ana places: Oak Grove Academy Tuesday night Oct. 16th. Piney Grove School House Wednesday night Oct. 17th. Pleasant Grove School Houne Thursday night Oct. 18th, Archdale Friday night Oct. IUth. Dunn e X Beads Scni ool House Monday night Oct. 22nd. Why Not Academy Tuesdav night Oct. 23rd. Trogdon's School House Wednesday .flight Oct 24th, Pleasant Grove School House Thursday Oct, 25th. - Shiloh AcademyJFriday night Oct. 26th. ,. . Asheboro Saturday night Oct. 27lh. Central Falla ilonday night Oct. 29th. Franklinville Tuesday night Oct 30. Staley Wednesday night Oct. 31st. Juliun School House Thursday night Nov. 1st Ivel Cross Friday night Nov. 2nd. Worthville Saturday night Nov. 3rd. Everybody is invited to attend and hear the discussion af the issues. W. J. SCAkBORO, Chm. Co. Dem. Executive Com. This Sept. 26, 1906. Ramseur Items. 'Prof. McCanless and his assist ants have almost 200 students en rolled and the students ars getting down to hard work. Mr. Eufus Finnison, one of our best young men, went to Greensboro last week to be treated for appendi citis. The Cresceut Furniture Co. is recei'ing some beautiful furniture aud pictures. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Patterson, of Liberty, "are" spending some time with their daughter, Mrs. T. A. Moffitt, who has an attack of fever. Mr. 0. T. Leonard, of Greens boro, spent several days in town the past week. Air. Max Getchner, a pjpulor drummer, spent Sunday in town. Rev. C. A. Wood filled his pul pit in' the M. E. Church Sunday TTrtght' prraehing-a nwet excellent frost soon. -Mrs. Houston King"and daughter visited in town Sunday. ' Mr. andrs. J. L Allen, of iQfajisiJed in town Jhe qast week. - Aconite Pcrafnala. " Several of the people of this com-muuiw--attended tie protracted meeting services at jRock . Springs Sunday. I Miss Lillie Bean, o Seagrove,- R. F; D. No, 1 wis tha guest of her cousin,' Miss Jewel .Mien last week. S. X. Allen and family are ac I tending the camp m ting at ..Love Mrs- J- &- Lewi3f Asneooro, grv, R F. T). No. fpanf. part of last wee a with their mother Mrs. Spencer., K unC'inuon, of. Jtdaho, and X . .... arent1 Mr. Nrtannrin. Xarl King, of Michtfelr). spent Thursday nirht with his- uncle' 8. V A lion ' i Miss Hattie Presnell, of MicbSeld, was the :Weit.(f-j.'Ui, VeHIs- Vun Asheborowe-tl Quests of Miss 1 Jewel Allen Wednesday jr:- BI6HPOINTi!c Marriage aud Dratha-Intereatlag Ls. oala and Personal Itaiirn. Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Welborn have lost another little child about a year old. They have our sympathy. Cliff Ring, the genial clerk at King's Drug store, ana Miss Mary Ellen English were married at the home of the bride on hroad btreet, last Tuesday night. They will re: side here. Fred Stafford has relumed from Kerner8ville. Mr. Early Kearns and Miss Lawrax Burns were married last Wednesday evening. The ceremony was performed by Rev. S. H. Hil liard. Early is a "Randolph hoy". Deputy Grand Uhancellor, U. U McLean, of Greensboro, lectured to the Knights of Pythias Lodge, no. 30, last Wednesday evening. - Mr. and Mrs. II. F. Morris had the misfortune to lose their little child. The burial took place" t Deutou last Wednesday. R. L. Loflin is confined to his room with sickness. II. A. Moffitt, a merchant . who began in a small way and has climb ed to the top, was born in "Old Ran dolph" Mr. Moflit has been here 8 years. The Daily Enterprise of Sept. 28th, gives a column write-up oi wis vaiueu citizen oi our city, g Hie Mechanic s Perpetual liuild- mg and liOau Association started their Second Series Oct. 1, 1906. Mayor Wrenu disposed of several eases iu the Police Court last week, which helped to till the treasury for 6,xeet work etc. The Daily Enterprise added 150 new subscribers to its list last week. One mechanic handed in 21 named at oue time. A mad dog bit uu unknown col ored man, A. H. Lindsay and the little child of Mr. John Wells last Saturday. The entire Police force was after the dog before they 6hot it. The dog bit several dogs as he passed them. A meeting of most unusual interest was held last Tuesday in the Manu facturer's Club rooms to consult with Inspector Ellsworth of the Post Office Department at Waning ton in regard to the site for our new Federal Building, ' I Hon. R. B. Lacy, State Treasurer, 8 poke to the voters of this city in the Opera House last Saturday evening, on ihe.issues ef the campaign.' The "City Band" furnished some food music ' on .the t streets and in he Opera House Saturday nigbt- H. Harris Bros, have bought' the store building on the corner of N. Main and Washington Streets from W.C.Jones. Miss Ida Lowe visited friends and relatives here this weekv'"- "Ink" Kenredv, of H6yle, is here and will accept a position here this winter. ' . Dr. De Reid Parker, of' Triiity, was here last week. ' , SURPRISE "POP CALL".- Party of Yonng Folks Surprise Mlu Kcaroi. Monday evening a number -of young people paid Miss - Blanche Kearns a surprise "Pop Call" in honor of her departure Tuesday morning for Durham for a thi'ee weeks visit. Though takeu by surprise Miss Kearns proved her self an admirable hostess- despite the impromptu action of her friends. The evening was most pleasantly spent. -v'"".-Those making up the party were: Messrs. Jesse Scarbore, ,. Herbert Slack, Leo Barker, Clarence; . Rush,". Geo. Ross, Misses Jessie Boroughs, Louise Slack, Bessie . Coffin, Lucy Crowson, Mamie RichardsoB, Jennie Davis and Nellie Slack; . ' 1 . Froiu Rilpb, ' " Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Rich, of Ashe boro, spent Sunday evening at K, L. Winuingham's. ' 'c,..- 0. M. Henry left ." Tuesday fojr Richmond, where he will: take a course in Massey Business--' College Mr. and Mrs. Will Spoon epehf Sunday with their sister, Mrsvj. n. Henley. - ' " "".'?; Mr. and Mrs. M. H. I6lBtt,ofJ l 1 a CI A ' - 'i'l Asneooro, spent ounaay eyeningat S. F, Lowdermilk's. -Am'ir a ' A laree crowd attended- the f an- eral of . James Free; at Brokers Chap el, Sunday. - . ;' 3f ;f - Messrs. Mary Bell, land :';M&tt!e Kivett, Ella Morris,- Kuth'Tgxan Farlie Spooii, - of, ' Ashebofpjpeait Sunday evening with Misses Eva and Kate Winninjfham. . ::ari, ..Miss Ora,and Ida "Henley. t spent last " Wednesday -night -wrt b- alias Jewe-ren7--Aeeite."., u.-ti J.;-. ' tn-'.' at' If an' article is .imitated, the ' oric-J wal 9 al,waysiDe8.t, lpmk it over.i tod wheyop goto buy afM fn.i. galwtdkiej'aTOund. tlie hu,. get DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salves v lts the original and thetiaoie48tawper: on evervi bjx''Good fftf eczM, tetter, 'boils,' crits,;aud; bruises,' and. esptcral.l f -'"nmmeiided i or pil.' Sold ' bv' 'f-tiiui'ari vDrux "C6. "atfdJ Abgoo-;jrflg''Co.! '' f : .Business Locals. Norloea Inserted under thla head at one cent word ach Irvaartlon. .. ;-( WANTED STAVES Highest cash pricea paid for all kinds of staves for Norfolk mar ket. Apply to E A Hammer, Ashelmro, K C. Some good stock will be available when Rom Ross returns fiom the West, where he is buying horsee and mules. WANTED; ByCiilcaaro wholesale and mall urdor house usisUint liiuimger (niau or womau) (or thin county and adjoinlnr tonitory. Salary and t'ir'ii80s puid weekly.; expend ntoney iiiivaiuvd. Work pleii.xant; position penuaneiit. No iHve'tinent or experlvnuo required. Spare time valuable. Write at once lor full particu lar and enclose Del f-add reused envelojx?. Ad dresH, . GtJJKKAL MaNAGKK, 184 K. Lake St., Chlcugo. 8-l-6t ' " WAXTED-Miooc! man of experience iu Trucking to take charge of my farm. East of ('ireeusboro. Call on or address. . . J"US J. PlIOESIX, ' Greensboro, N. C. FOR 3-VLE One lore bouse and lot .nxlCOaml one adjoining iot (1 Ix lt0 w '.tb IJ.ick smitli shop. Union Store Co. O-iO-fc. South Kavetteville St SALESMEN WANTED to. look p'ter m-r intprest in Himlnlnli and luli.mnnf rrmniir Salary or Commission. Address, ills iiAiir.v uu. jo., Cleveland, O. FOi: SALE-Duinpciirt ai'i I li jily to Rich Bros., Asheliorj. Ap WANTED: An industrious f-nner t-) cultivate ti nek farui two miles from High Point. Will rent, share f rop or pay : Address W. L. Mellichamj , High I'oint, S. C TEACHEH. WANTED: A lirst j.'i:ide teacher to teach puUic school at Level Cross, this county, dm pay A30.00 tliirty dollars) por month. Want tcachwr that can keep Rood order. Apply to G. Elivood Stanton, R. L. (.insey or W. L. Aihiuis. C-ommittee, Randlemau, N C. R. . D. o. 1 G. E.. Wtastox. Sec. FOR SALE ClIEAP--One new rubber tired top bugzy, easy runner, can lie seen at the Lewis-Winslow Hardware Companv, or Apply to HAL WORTH, AaheWo, X. C. Xi WANTED A goad loom fix-' erat $1.50 a day. Address Sam Bostick, overs e e r of weaving, Worth Manufacturing Co., Worthville, N. C. Democratic nominee for;. .lBiiBTyjil. -address - the citi iem. ,of . Randolph :- wim and SHILOH ACADEMY, Thursda at 2 p. nr. RAMSEUR,; Thursday, n LIBERTY; Riday Oct. 5, at 2 o'clock p. m. FRAN ; SMGROVE, Satunlay 'Oct; ;6, ,at 2, o'clock p. m. Everybody as invited to come but and hear Mr. Page. ' SUMMER - Offers you 8i4ejppi)bruiiities fergpotj, utyyng at,"r6ney-sa,7ing prices. tesV Styles, best quality," most desirable gobds at a sacrifice""' -nr . This is an- opppjifty.'ipo good to tri?6? a chance : to - buy the latest styled P SUMMER; iCtDTBJNG arid FURNISHINGS a grest,; reductlous. The reason is eimple S4Vmfrease-aiiWi(9 fbrtiiiS'to eleai''thte'bi'bken'! Iota',' that, reni'ain from early g-8iamm9r; Vk, pys us toclfjan up. iuhiaywic a year, -better thaa to carry them M dyerrr'Bear in hiihd thwe only sell high-iclass gOQds; "While some' lots are broken S5-'. .ina Tirtt Kona Jvii of.o'In rvor-rr' AfTVaWrliva 'winalii ) n.nt. r 3 .iW.Py ,.; .. ::r"'-;r:.''o (f.i:' V,o" v i,vn 1 ,:TU!tl ''" t at..UAl : J TIl8,T?lfefto wUl,hiclu4p jpur, enljre stock excepting furniture and shoes , ! T'a4 d: a1i. Sii! 1 1 t ?..): Up - T - a3 ' S'SSOa5SSS:SSI!3SS SSQStilL'SiSjSS'.SI !. r. 0:7 A .1 -' Va ; Masters Floyd and Wulker Cow ard, of Berkley, Va., have een vis iting their grand-father;- Mr. John Coward, and their uncle, W. II. Langston, this week. They returned home Tuesday morning. ' , ( Miss Moutie Jennings visited friends in Liberty Sunday.' ' : Mrs. Annie Mobley,' widow ot the late Peter Mobley, went , to Millboro Saturday. . Mr. Rufus Caveness' little child has been right sick. One of our best ladies has 4ied since last issue. Mrs. Tvson -,Timr, don was truly a good woman., and uc xniiiiijr auu me cummuniiy nave received a serious loss in her death 'School has been eusnendetL for. a week or two ou account of some of the boys' havino- to worW on thir farms. v , . . Miss "Annie Bradv and rier fjit.rAr are spending a few days with reJa- ' uu aiieuuiug meexing ac tne Grove" this week. , ,.""'. week. ''.":' An in tt resting and able series of meetings has just' closed' at-the; M. P. Church here. Mifcs Kuhns, an M. P. missionary fr6m Japan, gave an inte'rasting lec ture Fiiday night on conditions in "The Flowery Kingdom". Some of her pictures of the situation are not so "flowery", however, and a right good collection was made to im prove the present conditions. VLItlug In Old Randolph. Mrs. Ida Ineold-Mastenl of Franks fort, Indiana, is vieitinir relatives and friends - in this and adjoining counties. Mondav and Tuesdav she was a guest of her brother. Mr. John Iugold in Asheboro. She was accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Marian ingold, of Urant township, with whom she hurl anenr apvprnl c'tvs at the old home. Mrs. Masten remembered the Courier while here giving us a pleasant call. Our readers win Know Mrs. Masten from her excellent contributions to the Courier columns, the last! being the scory oi tne ; toolaier s Home near he- western home. The several vears of life in the West has not altered her love for Randolph scenes ana people, ine Uouner appreci ates the assurance that it is in- eluded. :. , ;.' . l'. AN lU. ',. , .1 :I'B qtwrttott of profltr - x ;y ,!, ! . in'! off ; ; :c.j::-.. CLEAR Gt i - t Dai& - Clotluers and Furnishers. ,,t - r.iAGM i ii e Li Lii Aa Aatoaallt Teailo. p9' Machine, mk- nu a. (rood a ittu-h u JjfMJ . It,nt feed .n UUp regul.tor, make. the aaiue aeir-Mttlng i; A ttikka ttant on the moat a. f''''marMf,nd la made ot (he heat material, beautifully daoorated. For th family aewlnc Jon and moat marvel. . cn,n" ever glTanawaTforaeiiing WI ot ab , Ing blue at 10c. Pr package. t Don't Bend any . money we trust f oB, but order he forty park aaor Waab. I Bine to. We will aalaai aaa in. m.i i"" (.' Blue you the WhenaoW en,4 Bavarmn.M.ooand, ewllahU'yoii your sewing macnine, nearly tome reet S4 Inches ) nf,,h at lUuRratad and de4fibed, at oaoa, complete, teated COJuated. tUre aded, realty for One. Alto lnatructloni how a opemie. If v cm are unable to aell all our aoodi. wa take them back and air jou a premium for t&oae fold 'imrvBT BiitaLanat wtlKI !. 7 Af Cl , Mew York City ' lteuit Proin Neiv llnet, .The hum of the saw mill is in our midst, for no les . than four whistles cu be heard at whistle time. Three candidates for baptism were immersed last Friday at the close of Oravel Hil protracted meeting. . ilr.J Jesse Kearns is very sick. H is case is very critical. : .New Hope Sunday School started last Sunday, and will run all winter. Part of the New Hope Orchestra will furnish music in the church ou all occasions the coming winter and spring. Prayer meeting List night w 8 well attended. Elder Henry Sheets will lecture on. his recent visit to New York City on Saturday night, Oct. 27, at New Hope Academy, for the benefit of the students. The public is cor dially invited. The dormitory is now complete aud is fi lie I, to its utmost capacity, but arrangements have been made to accomodate most all incoming students at 'nearby : houses. A few of the boarders who have a' ready arrived; Cleveland Bean, P'sgnh; Lindsay Russell, Pinson; Walser Hendetson, Eldorado; Charlie Stri ker and Willie Strider, Troy; Misse Ottie Hughes and Dora Koppel meyer. '.' " ::,r- "V. '.',;; g ; SA LE g We don't lobk for that . 'A ! i tr. r.Ml. null

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