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Asheboro courier. (Asheboro, N.C.) 1879-1906, November 29, 1906, Image 3

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CONDENSED FOR BUSY READERS. JJThe fund for the Mcler monu ment is now more than $5,000, The Pennsylvania Railroad Co. has placed an order for 550 steel cars, at a total cost of $6,000,000. The North German Lloyd Line steanie Kaiser Wilhelm collided witb the royal mail steamer, Orinoco, of! the coast of France last Thursday. Nine members of the crews were killed. J. B. Martin, proprietor of th Cafe Martin, in New Yon, hai ca bled Count Boni de Castellaue, of fering him $10,000 a year to act as msjordromo, to take charge of the waiteis and manage the restaurant. Surveyors havtj Wen at work for the past week on the railroad from Thomaeville t Denton, planning for the work of rebuilding and straightening the line. The new company, winch bought the road from Capt. .Touea will arply for n charter in J&nnury. The strik-e of mill operatives of Fall Hives:, Massachusetts, who demanded au increase ot 10 per cent, on wsges, has been averted by the operators grauting a 10 per cent, increase. Three boys who were "hoboing1" from thtnr homes at Kemersville to Winstiwt-Salem last, week were caught in a freight wreck near Cd fax. One was killed. Vice President f.iii banks was a guest -df the Florida Fair Assooia tion at Tampa lastwek. Bishop John 8. Tigerr, of the Methodist Episeoj) tl Church, South, died at Lulsa, liH. ler., last week. His nome was in Leu'sville. Ky. Col. L Banks Holt is rapidlv recovering from the injuries received from the murderous assault of Hesry Walker, colored, on Nevem ber iGtb. Judge Holt, rf the U. S. Circuit couct at New 5rk, last week lined the New York Central and Hudson Riv-er Ry. Con$L08,000 foi abating freight to the American &ogr Ke finiog Co. ln Mtemoriam. Died at CumLOck, Noveaher 6, 199C; Miss Flossie Stout, was born m FranklinviUe, September 20th, 18W3, she wns a dau:hter of Anno Stout. She joined Mooies Chapel Baptist church abatst the age cf thirteeu and hveu a con Bisteut member till her death. She was & regular attendant at Sunday School and always had good Jetton? and never gave her teacher any trouble. All of her life was spent in Franklinvi'lki except seven months. She leaves a father, mother and one brother to mourn their loss. Eight brothers and sisters having died before her. She was loved by all who knew her, and none had any cause to doubt her Christian character. She was very happy and continu ed to pruise the Lord for over a week before she died and continu ed so up to tha hour of her death. She n;iil, '-mother I am going home." IK r mother repljvd, "you are at hm ." Flossy fi-iil, "thi is" my e utoil b '-I a n gjm 'o my Heavenly hoim? iiiiuunia, make haste uii'l get muly to meet me in Heaven." A veiy ghurt while In foreshediel, in she san,"I willarite and go to Jesus". Why should we '.veep when the weary rest In the bosom of Jesus supreme, In the mansions of glory prepar ed for the blest. For death is no more than a dream. l. a. y. Will Keluud Kallruad Pare. Do your trading ill the live, np-to-date, growing city of Greensboro where there ate dozens of large stocks fiom which to make your selections Members of the Mer chant Association will refunl your rail-road fare one mile both way for every dollar spent with tbeui. Write to Chas. R. Brockmann, Sec retary, Greensboro, N. C, for fall particulars. In every clime its colors are unfur ed Its fame has spread from sea to sea; Be not surprised if in the other world, You hear of Rocky Mountain lea. Standard Drug Co. Fortunate is the man who knows how big a fool he can be without trying. Your stomach churns and digesis the food you eat nnd if foul, or torpid, or out of order, your whole system suffers from blood poison. Hollisrer's Rocky Mountain Tea keeps you well. 3 cents, Tea or Tablets. Standard Drug Co. NO FEED TO WINTER CATTLE. Never So Many Cattle For Sale In The Mountains As Xo-v. Never, so far as we cn recollect, have there been so many cattle for sale in the mountain counties as there is just now, and the price is but little consideration almost any old price takes them. Heavy fat cows have sold recently within the corporate limits of Boone for two cents gross, when ordinarily the same cattle would have brought from 3 to 3 1 2 cents, and milk cat tle are almost a dreg on the market. There is. of course, a reason for the drop in cattle not political either. The scarcity of feed is responsible for this great slump, and the people are bouud to sell every hoof they can spare. The lo6s of the fodder croft, to many of our small farmers, will mean a great deal in fact it renders Botiw of them unable to winter thtsir c.ittle. Exchange A HEAVY LOSS. Neu tdii Leonard Awoke To Find Rnrn And Contents Hiii-im!. NeT,ton L'Mmud a prosperous farmer of Guilford Co., losl bis barn and contents Wdives.liiy night. It burned sometime during the nisrht, nitd though mly o'(V') yards from his house, hi knew nothing t it until he emerge-.; from hi house Thursday morning & find imlv the Tnonldenng ruins left. It is tie lieved to haw been set on 'fiiv by enemies. In iTvlwrn u-eresix cows, thne h riies, till hs feed atd farm impk-iiie .tlti. Mi- Leonard had no int nranre. ImprwT-mcntK At THoii CuHrg-c. Many improvements that nvan much for Clou College, are now under way. A rew electric lighting plant to he owwd and op erated by the college 'for its ovn buildiwgs mid the town is aliust completed, aird the Hghts will be turned on in ts. few days. The new beating plant is already in oiws tion, and othi r impiovemeuts, m el tiding sewer, are Hearing comple tion. The splendid new dormitory has been io use for some time, and is in evtry way .a model 'building. 'For vears 1 -starved, then bought a .'50 cent 'bottle of Kodol 1 Uyseiia Cure, and what that Iwt tle tenefitted me all the gold in Georgia iou Id not buy. I kept on taking it anu in two months I went back to try work as machinist. In thi'ee mouths J uaj as well ami hearty s I ever wue. I still U6e a little occasionally as I find it a fine blood jwririer and a good tonic. Mav vim live long and prosper." C. W. Corneli, Ilodtng, Ga., Aug. 27, lflOG". Koaol is tild here by Stan dard Di ag Co. and Asheboro Drug Co. Pi e,dm' on ; r ers are L' cf the real love-s. AH SCHNAPPS. J v ffh ECKX'iT'FS ia like e. cup of fine Java coffee . : ;?''i,?;' ";V.3v.-.' i-jst eicuph to bru'jr oirt tta natorsl, sttntuatttiffq :i'!'A!f' '':'-;-SCHKAF'PS rleasss r.!l clarac of chewers: the riih lt:'f V?.'--' I causa they do net ;irM a tbnt really pleases them :r&!&t. S:?v-i i tl-!.-: peer, fo.-cm. sa it is n.ore economici V " :v?U;: ' ' the larrcr 10c. or 15 :. rUr t'J-y ctt their money's properly ciucd. Tote Laxative Bromo Quminc "Mets.c Seven Million boxes sold in pa.t 12 months. Thb Sign3tQTe( e' "DON'T AX ME." The Turkey's Thanksgiving Con nun drum. I "The kitchen shelves were loaded with pumpkin pies and mince; There tvn jelly in tho pantry and preserves of peacli aud quince. There were nuts and apples ready and the cukes were large and nice, And tho whole farm house was fragrant with the smell of cloves and spice. Farmer Jones went to the wood shed where the brand new ax was laid. Ho picked it up half siuilling as he felt the shining Made. Then a turkey trolled up so fat that he could hardly wobble; lie shook his old red l oad and cried out "Gobltlo gobble gobble," Said the fanner "Don't you know what tomorrow's going to be"? Aird the turkey gobbler, gobbled lowdly, "Don't ax inc." entertaining Colored Friend. A charming sketch of Southern life in The New Idea Womau's Mag azine for December describes the visit of an old black "auntie" and her grand daughter to the white f unity of whom the old woman bad been a f lave before I he war. The situation is impio and is handled with sympathy n n d humor b v the writer, S B. Hacklcv. The whites' fortunes have fallen and the Indies do their own work," An excellent under , iMandii.gofftiquette however, pre- vai.s,nd whi'v tbe Imlit-s wait on j Mien utm.n. guc&if ru uiu iiitie. tauie for two -n the kronen, '"Aunt Ma ria" and "LUfiie" appropriate the subsequent dish wnshing. The en tertainment consists in "Aunt Ma ria" hearing all the news of heT be loved "while folks" and of all their collateral brsnohet-; i t being shown the gala frocks mid ba's of ihe young ladies; aud finally in the af fectionate bestowal of manifold gifts, broadly hinted for by the guests, from packages of coffee to hats, belts and flannel skirts. The article, which ha the ring of truth more than of fiction, is an interest ing document at the present junc ture on the Southern question. T Core Cld in One Dav. Take LAXAT1TIVE BKUMO Quinine is. Di-uggisii. refund money if it fails c,le " UltOVEb signature is on encn itex. sue LAND SALE. By virtue of an order of the 8u)crior .oimrt of Kuudolph county in the spocinl proceeriinK en titled A. W. Cimyet nl VS. J. M. (iray et al., I will'tui the 24th 'lay of December 19(M ut 13 o'clock M . sell ut puljlic uuotion to the liiwlict bidder at the courthouse door In A heboro X. C. none-hulf undlvldc interest ill the following described trnct of html, to- wit : A truot Jcnowu as the Mus.-ey Polk place, bounded on the North by T. J. Steele: on the Kant by John Sellurs: on the South by Hub Fni zier, and on the WeH by Will Aduins, c itituiuini; SO iMiros mare 01 less. Terms ol Mile 1-4 cash :uid tho bnlnucc on a credit ol II months Title to be retained until ull itrne jiui'chiisc money in nild- li. M. KOHBINS, Commijoncr. There is real pleasure in chewing the best tobacco grown where the best tobacco grows in the famous Piedmont country N Only choice selections of thi3 well matured v.d thor oughly cured tobacco is used in matin; SCHNAPPL'. That's why SCHNAPPS and other of tr.e iisyr.ciJa brand3, as shown by the Interrd .t;v.V.;cs for a fiscal year, rr.a-'e the -wor.dcrful rjvovvt.1 ct and one-quarter region rourcls, cr a r..:t t;a;'r: o.r ftnft-th-rd of tha entire tux.d co.'3Utnrt:.on Evidently, I flavor end they cheer SCHNAPPS be- 0$M&MW&m ) cause SCHNAPPS cheers them more l;', : MU-'--'Kd flavor end cause SCHNAPPS cheers them more than eny other chew2 tobacco and every nan that chev3 SCHNAPPS passes goodthirKjalonr 01a chrwer m.-kes other chew until the fact is now established that many mere clu-v-i-a and pounds of tobacco chewed, to th: pepubtien, in those States SCIINAFPS tnb; ceo v.-nr. first sold than there the Statin vher- SCHKAf-'PS has not yet been to th ;ri-;.c. YOU ARE CHSW5KG snpnv, ctlTnAia .ir.B Haver co arreciaied ir.ii-.iti-jns ccpu.:n r.:uch no-e sweetcninj than They arc made t'.-.ct v:c.j to tide poer tobacco im For the m-5Ti v.'ho c-iv:j '.ibutco Dr tobacco'3 sake, like SCHNAPPS. Sold at 53c. r-er pound in Sc. cuts. Strictly :0c and P.. J. r.ZYXSLES T;1IavC3 CCPANY, Winston - To Cure a Cold in One The John H. Sparks Show. Will exhibit at Asheboro, Dec 4. Afternoon and nieht The excellent reputation left by ' the Sparks Shows on former visits to this section would alone insure liberal patronage this time, but the lusty growth and vast improve- j m en t s in the show since its last visit I will make it more attractive thau j ever. Sparks is a man of energy and enterprise, wide experience aud ; ample capital, and he has brought j all this to bear in making bis show j superior to all similar exhibitions. He has a bt and new train of mon-, ster railway cars built especially for him, all new gorgeous cages, dens, costly trappings, etc. He has en-; gaged the best talent big salaries ' can procure. He has expeuded over $40,000 in increased equipment. E'ery effort has beeu made regard h as of cost to make his show satis fying to his pride and ideas. That he has succeeded is amply proven by the way the newspapers speak of his exhibition wherever he has ap peared. It is the universal verdict that he has now the m"st splendid, complete and high-class exhibition of the kind in America. Everyone should come to town .n time to see the gorgeous ntreet pa rade at noon, and thin follow the rjrowd to the show grounds and wit ness the big free exhibition. ftjm . UM1 ... M- . MJ " "Ml to IHCII Hitf HidUS flJSSTaDie Df RlUliey 3!lfl Bladder Trouble. ' Kidney trouble preys upon the mind, discourages aud lessensambition; beauty, vigor ana clieertui ness soon disappear when the kidneys are out of order or dis eased. Kidney trouble haa become so prevalent that it is not uncom mon for a child to born afflicted with ealc kidnevs. If the thild urinates tooof ten, if the urine scalds the flesh, or if, when the child reaches ou age when it should be able to 'rol the passage, it is yet afflicted w ..-wetting, depend upon it, thecar xe diffi culty is kidney trouble, Uu. .lie first step should be towards the treatment of these important organs. This unpleasant trouble is due to a diseased condition of the kidneys and bladder and not to a habit as most people suppose. Women as well as men are m:ide miser, able with kidney and bladder trouble, and both need the same great remedy. The mild and the immediate effect of Swamp-Root is soon realized. It is sold by druggists, in Jifty cent and one-dollar size bottles. You may have a sample bottle by mail free, also a Homo of Swmp-Rooc. pamphlet telling all about Swamp-Root, including many of the thousands of testi monial letters received from sufferers cured. In writing Dr. Kilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. V., be sure and mention tins paper. Don't make any mistake, but remember the name, Swamp-Root, Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, and the ad dress, Binghamtou, N. V.. on every bo'l. the there where are in offered ABOUT f r-..:y-- ...f:.:,,,.:,, , sweetened uahtics. be- better ical than worth by tobacco there is no chew 15c. plugs. Salem, N. C. Day truss, "Cr on every box. 25c a i . v k tt . crrCV Ti! I 8Tlc, Mir. xtiM da ml mw k, aw u iAW. . . ,'."t.r' p i A Hair Dressing Nearly every one likes a fine hair dressing. Something to make the hair more manage able; to keep it from being too rough, or from splitting at the ends. Something, too, that will feed the hair at the same time, a regular hair-food. Well-fedhairwiIlbestrong,and will remain where it belongs on .he head, not on the comb! The bait kind of a testimonial "Sold lor over aixty yeara." A Mads by J. O. Aj Co., Lowell, Man. Alto DlDUHOIUriH K 9 sarsapakilla. yers CUEKRY PECT0SAL. CHARLOTTE . STEAM" LAUNDRY The Largest Best by Test Lstablished 1898. Makes a specialty of French Cleaning- and Dyeirg. It is a Process of dry cleaning;, the only way to clean ladies', children's and gentlemen's clothing, and household dra peries, without injury to the fabric- Cellar, cuff and shirt work unsurpassed. Packages re ceived up to Wednesday morn ing at (0 o'clock fcr Saturday morning delivery. W. A. COFFIN, Agent, Asheboro. At Wood & Moring's. THE ELLINGTON, THE WINTER PEACH. This peach has been kept in perfect condition until November 24th. I have the only stock of these trees in existence, and am offering a limit ed number at 50c. each, f. o. b- here. Order at Address JOHN A. v0UNG. Creenstcro Nurseries, Greensboro, N. C. Carolina Slock and Poultry Farm. Fine Pigs and Poultry for sale. Berkshire Pips ?f..C0 Ecch. Brown Leghorn Cockerel. Earred Plymouth Rocks. . U. :i;.in i v, G.-33.iiba-3, N. C. DO YOU WAN! THE BEST, J SAFEST, EFFIIENT FAMI- j LY MLD I1NES? Tick' Ullk Liver IMIIh, J5i-. tin perlor to Calomel fm- vhllil or dult. Vlck'a Yellow Pine Tar Congl! Syrup, ir. Curen woral rough auil prerenlK coiiHiinitlo. Vlrk's Turtle Oil Liniment, -4.-). Ilmt nnd lurgefit for iiiaii or lieaNt. Vlc'k'n KeMtorltlrr Tonic Wine ot Cflfl 1.1 ver till, SI. III). Itiim nnil lnlnlue llnlr .Vol hi utr. ihe L. tliCHARDSOU 'uT'G CMETJIST, I I H 1 m fur i!.- in :. Hn'iir PAtini th.v jCDDK STDVEl :tfM ft lf Guaranteed to give entire . Satisfaction in everyway. Tliis stove linn every iiiotlcm improvement incliiilinir Tlcnlinii inn kiiplf. hide shell. kicker, nickle towel rixl, nickle knolis, orua j mental liase. Kvcry Btove iiicly polialied. I If your uiercliaiit il'M not sell tlicse etovea, i write us ami we will quote specially low prices delivered at your rnilrciiid station. livery stove guaranteed. Winmfuctund by I G. T. GLASCOCK & SONS, Greensboro, N. C. . l or side by I.ewis & Window Ildw. Co., Asheboro, N". ('., The Wutkins-Lconard Co., Itaiusenr, X. C. Little Money, But Big IVlonny You will save money by paying cash for what you buy, and will avoid paying for goods you think you haven't bought.. So call on J. L. Norman and buy cheap, where you will not be .bothered with book account. Nice line Groceries, Notions, Overalls, Suspenders, ; Pants, Shirts, etc. Jones' Old Stand North side Depot street. Pure Food, Good Health. I have a complete line of groberies and general mer chandise. Furnish your table from our stock and you get the purest and best. I pay top market prices for produce. W. W. JONES ECZEMA and PILE CURE FREE Knowing what it was to suffer, I will give free of charge, to any afflicted a posi ive cure for Ec zema, Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Piles and Skin Diseases. Instant relief. Don't suffer longer, Write F. W. Williams, 400 Manhattan Ave-, New York. Enclose st amp. L. M. FOX, M. D. ASHEBORO, N. C. Oilers li is nfc-inal scrvire to the oitiztMis'of Ashelioro and Miirouiidlnff community, onjcyii At Kw.l(ifiu- Dr. J. V. HUNTER, PHYSICIAN - AND - SURGEON. Office -Asli'luiro Dniji Co. Residence -Curiitv of Main and Worth Streets. Asheboro, N. O. Dr. S. A. HENLEY, Physician - and - Surgeon. ASHEBORO. N. C. Office over Spoon lietMiiiK'R store near ' taiuiurd i 'nig Co. A C McALISTER & CO. Asheboro, N. C. Fire, Life and Accident Insur ance. The bt companies re presented. Office over the Bank of Randolph. N. P. COX, Jeweler and Photographer, Asheboro, N. C farm for Sale or Rent. 1 If you would like to rent or ; buy a two-horse farm in reach of Guilford College, Guilford county, N. C, write me at once. F. L. TOWNSAND, i ' Franklin, N. O.

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