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North Carolina Newspapers

Highland messenger. (Asheville, N.C.) 1840-184?, April 18, 1845, Image 1

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." PXA',k!, , i. bb:45iob .b ,7 rT ' o X 4 v.J .-- .A.JRR1 J. 185. ,, Y ! r. m n t(PTi UETOR EelGEXl : ' ' fat ' rWd Tin una. ,i . ' cd till forbid, and tl.:im i-r will be cLarcJ I '"iT . v ! , s The charge for announci jy the name f J ! ff.r r.ra.- ii f 2 3. in advance, or C3 C rtOr. -f , Uttcrt to the Editor mast come free 4 of rsL .-. to insure attention. fa, r X !";", .: ; .,;". -J ; From t'-eRcTicw. JACK LONG; - ; ! ; OBj mca-LXY D VENGEANCE, r. -'j Cont' b ! From this limo poor, Jack was m hot "wa ter. Shortly after a horse was stolen from a ilch' and powerful Planter in the neighbor hood of the town. " The animal was a fine oc?ond the' Planter was, greatly enmged ai tlti loss; for ho was 'one cf those who paiJ "Iblack mail" to the Regulators for protec lipnrom all such annoyances, immunity from't only by. themselves, but frokr other quarters. Ho now called upon t' -rn to hunt , dowD-, the thief, as they- were 'bound under tho contract to do, and return the horse. Hinch collected his bund with great parade, and proceeded to follow the trail, which was readily discoverable near the Plan-t-rVMrH, kate in the evening he return. . ITirrornwat afier tracing it with Vcat circuity iLrouJi many devious wind. .JStt;---al'y '"'coded ijvilc pursuit, he :-d u ! :t been led directly to the near vt- 'cinitv cf Jact Long's twt. f This created i.:u;h t rise, fir no one d suspected,' Jack cf tii ! TNHtiyi , and his vHlalns 1 fartaJ.wW? al circumstances C ' ' '"uJ,iQnmate h"V "Cr.making t things as itatorious as prtsaV.fe'l attract- Z a fjreat a degree of public curios'. as he cjuIJ lathe farther investigation, whicl professed to 1 3 carrying on for tho purpoeof tiling tho hunter's guilt beyond m' doubt, the I.rc .wu3 ur.npcctcdly founJ 't?d with a W. rhtf ta a tree in a denso boiwm 'near Jack's. This seemed to scttla the ? question of his Crimi. -nafjty, and therasa general outcry raised arc r, ! Mm on til wdes. For tliou-'h the ma jorhy cf tho:3 most-clamorous rigainst him were J. jrE3.thevcs themselves, yet, accord. to t!.3 doctrine cf 11 honor among thieves,1' .!J be no greater or more unpardon- 3 rr.iily comrritted than to steal among I ... ',' lie must be warned to quit the V . "'..".try,".'wss in the mouth of every body, ' 1 'i was versed. Jack with-great sim. ;ty gve them to understand that he was : rcvJy to ga :!.it when he was, ha thou!J ' ;:t 13 Lis-rc Lut tHarif his convenience s ... . ... .. jr j . , ,.. 1 ... i .J theirs oU na.ip'en to agree, they j.. hi t..ahc tho i .t cf it. ThU Lft t.j ul. I ... j l-tfjrc. ; c.::J r.:; rji:J!vi t3t-hc l! 2 r:r?r.-l rcrcr:i ll felt;lf cf a cch .1:1 c: -1 t Utho '.rr 0 (rrri-t h yet, ti j;.;:iry the cstrc tcnJ-J f J.hing I '.i :r-r t quitd ri;-, : !i : ! excitcrr.c: t r j -ay, conqucrh j tTiCo, . '' ' ir ir "trt :e to. hh all 1! 1- t even en r cirorg :-r. .:J to rr : t "' ; r- i v. -n- i '13 row begin cccur in v-rii:3 pirts :.".3 region 'arc..! At qu!:!; intervals, .h'.j horses a:.J were found tho. J close to the c' lings of the Planters, t seemed without the slightest provocation . jch unheard if cruelty, but merely in - revcrjs for c .13 fancied injury. Tho r on got out t'.at all these animals r.i:;'.t v.-:rved to bcLng to tlioe persons who ''- K'-st active in d:r.-un J.-;lc Long. Then was noticed the . j f-ct that all cf them were shot thrci-jh c . t This was ct orxe csccciatcd wi:! U...-.II; cf J. r-d hi3 odd hat ia firir ough a bullet hole, at the shooting match, is seer.-.: 1 to Lgnate him certainly as the '.ij tv.":i ; -J cj r:.!..vj after ar.iml con :J ta f !!, every cr.e of them slain in the 5 wry; r. perfect blaze of indignation lent! sides. Tho whob country x J,.c;:J the excitement became. uni. -ind inter.:3. In the. estimation of eve-"y,- hacisg, drawing and quarteringi , lynch'rg, any thing was too good for - easier." "All this was most indystri j :cr.cj by Hinch and his myrmidons, ;s had reached tho proper cr: j;s - unty meeting was got up, at whir.h A Planters presided, and resolutions J thct Jack Long, as a bsd ch!zcn, ,:ch"d and driven frcm theccunty Hinch, cf course, dictated. rc !il3 was to have the pleasure cf ' cfTcet. In the mean tirr.3 Jacl: loiself very little trouble about -of him. He had kept himself ;,-t from everybody that 11 j: was "." -rct ignorance of what wb go- 1 3 cr fell before h'13 unerring ri. flair. ' , m ,;nujvvcr. ins ocar rendered up his shaggy coat, ihepan:!;er Lhi tawrjey hide in a3 frequent trophies to the unique skill of the Hunter. ' -"- - 4' Ope evening he had returned laden down Z3' ujual with the sncib to L:3 I.-.:. It was a snu-little lodgein the wilderness, that home of Jack's. Itstood beneath the fihade of an island , grov, on a hill side, overlooking a thicket wfyfcb bordered a small stream. No lrelliedvines ran orcr it;' bor garden flowers nodded7 with gaudy crests about it. - But the gray?silver moss hung its matchless drapery ;n J5Dg fringes from the o!d;wide.armed oak "ind that mild but most pervading odor """"""" skilful to steal from the - - The pnent fecate wild Cow. ers fl't;d ti.e ; . -itntwnhere around. These vcr( the pcrru.'snJ'thc sights the coy ex acting jtaste of a bold rover of the solitudes must have. The fresh face of nature and her breathing, sweet as childhood's, could alone satisfy the senses and the soul cf cne grown thus ' In lovo with the freedom of th? wilder, ness, - Tho round; happy face cf- hi3 wife greeted him with smiles from the door C3 he approached, .while his little boy and girl, nut brown and ruddy, strove with emulous short itcpu pattering over tho thick grass, to m;et him firjt, and clinging to his fingers, prcttLJ! and shouted to tell their mother of his com. ingV lie entered, and the previous, rifle was carefully deposited on the accostcrr.ed hocks', of buck's horns nailed against .ho wall. - TI.3 smofking meal her tidy care had prepared was disjiljlchcd, and the hunting.adventurc3 cf the day told over. Then he threw hirr.eilf v. lili his great length along the bufTalo rob3 cn tho floor, to rest and have a romp with the chil dren. j While they we're climh!:.j ccrhhi large : body,1 and scrambling in rijlcus jjy about him, his wife spoke for some water for her domestic a flairs. ' It .was hard for the children to give up their fro!b, b-t "lolly's wish' was a' strong law , with Jack. . Bound ing up, he seized a vessel and started fcr the titrcs'm the lilt'.j c::es pu:;rg wWSJ.; cj theyrlooked cficr hip frcm th': S r. T! gmst Jack's religion to step cuts!.! i!. C :r WJyu l.i. cim . tjj ,hjs tjme J0Jy wa3 jn a hurry for tho Wmr, there was no "time to eet the gun, and it uns Ut u then .ay to the stream. Ho eprung gaily u'ong t'..3 r.riv. path down the hill and reached the brink. The water had boen dipped up and ho was re turning, at a rapid pace through thy thicket, when where it was very high and bordered clost) upon the path,' he suddenly felt some, thin tap him on cash shoulder, and lis pro. grcj impeded trar.ely. ' At thj izv.iz i stant a number cf men rushed frcm arr,h-. on each side cf him, several cf lh::.i Lo!J.':. ; the end cf th-j stout raw.hhb b.:o, v. hLh h. "j been thrown over him. lie ineptly jr:t frth all his tremendous strength in a convulsive efTjrt to get free; end so povcrf-l wcj I'.s f:T.r.;3 ihr.t 1.3 vl-JjI.-.vs z"zz?J .1, L : f , t!.3 j-.:rc ikill v,i;h which t!.3 hs:o hr L -1 t.. c . 2 r c :er ci- .j cLr ; to t!.3 reJ j : thj Js cf Hi:.::. 1 v.hh him! Dr:- !.! -.1 t1.- thr.t hateful seund a srrerr.atural activity p ;. . . .:J hh.i, LrJ i.rhhh.j . a quick sprirj t' . -' :Ji l.7 t' - , ' 1 r ' - - ' ' !" ' 1.3 h-J c!;r.r:t curcr: 1 in rrcch;- ' h:j cvn door, when a heavy b!jv frcm lehicd Li!ed him. Tho last objcct3 which met his eye 1:3 s'j::!; ireer :!1 were the tcr. ror.ilrickca and agonized ficcs cf his vifj ar.J tv;o children looking ct upon him. When hi aveko to cor.c;:.r:r.r:3, it .zz to find himself t;carly stripped an;l lashed to th3 oak uhich:' spread above his hut. Hinch, W ilk a look cf devclich exultation, stood L.'sro him, his v.ifj wailirg v. r'lecuj brr.c::.a. tions, clung about the monster's knees tho children, endeavoring to Mb their bees ia her tlr: sercuir.ed in effriht, whi!3 cu!:: ' 2 the r;rcvT eight or nir.3 r:n witli " their hanJj s'ood in a circle. Ti.:.t w-s a barful av.'ikc:.:: g to Juek L. j, L..1 . , f 3 c. tirtji! UU eye !".': ii t th3ccr.2. II: 1 cr.cmy rir: with vo!r..!i tnbn-pk, the "r ::rt," .1 it: long heavy bh cf hr.:'.'. ! re- nana. tie saw ir.o cruie spurn tic; from him with his foot, until she pitched hcav ily against the wretches artund ; and he heard them shout with laughter. A sharp tbctrb agonyj like tho riving of an oak, shivered along hhs nerves, passed out at his fingers and hi3foet,ond left him rigid as marble. The murderous thong fell upon his white skin, whelking it in blue ridges, while the dull bbek drops tpoutcd and rolled ciTto th.3 ground. But he regarded it no more than did the cak above him, which swayed its moss-wreathed arms and shook its green baves, c.3 cn any other day, in tho wind ; and v. hen his v.ib cs every harsh slashing sound LI1 upon her car, would shriek " mercy !" then shudder ; " Oh! r..zy ! v.hat has he donol" while she cover ed her eye 3 v.iih her hands, and cowered with her head cn the ground, he seemed no mere to hear her than did the dead block ca tv3 lbtb cf his deer. The maa seemed to be dcrr.J, oil except his eyes, and though Hinch, roused to frantic wrath by his unmoved air, rose on tiptoo and svung the lash" with redou bled fury, howling blasphemies at each blow, I'-JpK r."'' jT. I" ;;::";:""; j ' yet tIiDS2 eye:: . . jly , v.ii!i a cold tizrzh, glanced around i:.t e - bees cf the men. That regard wes ch-J. 1 and keen, as if the faintest linear:..:.: . h.tended to be remem bered in hell ! Th i 1 an's look was positively awful, and it dwell fixedly upon one after an other with an icy light that shot freezing an usdef ncd sense of fear into their sou!s, beast, alized n they were. The villians could not stand it, and began to shrink and shuflle be. hind cc.!. c.her to avoid it, but it was too lajte! Ib Lad them all! Ten men! They were re-g.k Urtd! 41 Kill him ! Kill him ! He's dangerous!" panted Hinch, as he labored yet more furiously with. the lash. We will drop aj curtain, over this scene.' It is enough to siy that they left him for dead, lying in his L!- J, his wife swooning on the ground with tho ch'hlrcn Weeping plaintively over her and silence and darkness fell around the desolate group, as the sun went down which had risen irj smiles upon ths innocent happier cf that simple family. ..-,- j Nothing -more was seen or heard cf Jack Long. His hut was deserted and his family disappeared, nor did any know or care v.hat had become of them. For a little while there were various rumors, but tho whole affair was ccca brgcltca arr.'bt th.3 frequent occur. r;nee cf similar scenes. ' ; It Vi z. o ukcLil fcur months ict thcc3 cccur rences, thut .hi a fibnd I v.'C3 tra;c:.g Wcctcra Te::r.:. Ve v.cro t:lh c:::.b"3 to familiarize c-rrlvca with ths tepegraphy cf the country, and to ccmhine, es much r.3 p es sibb, amu.enr:e: t with c::r rc:::.r:h :z i'" i' riaturol history. Aleut c-ual'y zzz. br scie: 2j and tha sports," we i.;:-3 it ca ;achii:g any dLtrbi .bk r:c-.:..J much lor either, to rr.aue sen.3 excuse lor stopping. - The modes of chase,'" and the ani L...3 principally abounding in ;the tlhbrent cou:.;..;, wrbd greatly, and were determined by tho characteristics cf the surbes, the pre dominance cf prairie cr thaler, .hh the scar city or cLunsansj ct . s ; cr feund to bo the ""3 in Z.: i:.3 cv"-i tneutien cfr1!. T U r, J ; ci ii- .V-,. (it f.,.f, 1 v-i-.h br-T L-.'..3 c;f.: tf:h wcrcdjttcJr.: 1:': : over the broad ground-work cf r.ov v 1 ting, now level prairie. Here wa3 diversity 1 . .. 'cieril to suit the nature of all 1..3 ccr.;.....-, . .. r cf .: -r: vcd, or plain; end, eeecrJ;ng!y, i.i .:.:.:,-.. s!:-rt d"..anc3 wj ch:rv. 1 ; rh so many ch. a rent that country seemed to ho a true r arachse cf hu.: ts: Tha pre.,. st cfr-roort, ia bl i.s r -'Ses, pi -1 teo ettras br cur 1 l..o in I J - r.. r ) t " n t- ' ' " ; - - i.l t I. ... . tJ A V. ... I :j r stive c: :nty . :kca .h.i hhn .T r" u f r , l : ! br'hi.a n ;j k-s 1 hio .hsre t :r, J i;.ik'. ; ! C- '! !!;-. 1 r ( ! m ... . U.i.-I S-..-.J1 l.ja. r.,r t - - - ' - . t:-, n-re:?, cn ; all tha ci cc':ra insuring csr c:byr.::nt t ; the fullest extent cf every .::..::-..! ' . ;.try chbrbJ. Wc were soca eclus! c.n.l entirely ah:orbedia a daily rcunJ cf exciting O.a day ssveral cf the neighbors .sre iravb e J t j.ia.u;, nr.'J all cf cur f.rcs; were mustered for a grand, " Dssr Drive." In this epert dogs arc L-sd, unJer tl o charge cf tha driver,' c.3 he ia ca'.!. J, th. j aro taken into the v0aJ3 for the purpose cf reusing and driving out the user, who have a habit r.lways passing cut frcm cne line of timber toanctLer ut or near the samo spct, end these places are cither known to the hunters from exporter eo :.Jj- L:rvatioa cf tke r.ature cf llie g j..-. At these " crossing places" the "C'.arb . ' are stationed with their rifb3 lo watch ir tha c:.::ing cut cf the t!:.r, v. ha are j.k-1 cj tby ly. O.: ge::!.'j to lb greerJ divbbd into "-rt::e, c:eh fl;i:k! the , fa? 1 c t p- c 'c' a hna cf timber, ever a mile i It " rostrate J ii the spert was use u"!!y g"aJ, till, wear:: v.ith slaughter, we returned ia the aftsrnss:: ts-..ardthe Plant er's has:?, ta j :r;ahe cf a lata dinner cf game v. ith him before the party should separate. ' It was near sua-do'.va whea we dismounted. Coca cr'sr wo wsro seated, it was need that dinner war reas'y. Wc r.ev discovered tho absence cf :..y f.l r.J, Ibnry,'ahJ cne cf every cne thev' '. : : ' I L 3 th : : J!:eet ly, and cur cpp::!.e3 pretty strongly, l!.st i: :z M be a.',y l .s:.teev3 cf ue to leave Ik. 'br.rrr cf cur 1' ta spell by waiting. Wc sat down, ani were doing ca doubted justice to the fare there is to appe tizer like lh3hea;bsgc:..h::..em cfth achate, out where the v :"-rne:3-wind3 blor? ' upea you when Hen v. ho was an impulsive, ve;u.3 seui.c j tt...:': mtoii.e rce.a. v.;;h 1.-1 T-, samethirg cf unusual f! :rr3' in h:3 manr. ,r, I s ginning to talk by tho time h.3 gat his head in to the deer 1 siy, C-:ire! what sart cf a country 13 this cf yours! Catamounts, Ibfbb', Horn. ed-Frogs, Centipedes, cr.e T:;s' !J !l :-' :e strange cre-:-.v r-vghfor a single country ; but, by George! rr: at - something to-day which lays them all in the shads. - What was it 1 j What was it like I Without noticing these questions, he con tinued addressing our Host in the same ct cited tone f Have you no cages for mad mco? do joa let, them rua wild through tha woods with rifle jn hand? or does your con founded Texas breed ghosts amongst other curious creatures !' -' "Not that I know of,' 6aid the Squire, smilingly interposing, as the fellow slopped to catch his breath, "but you look flurried enough to have seen a " ghost. What's hap. peced IM " Yes, what is : iV " Out. with it! "Have yoa seen the oid- Harry T Such exclamations as this, accompanied by laughter, ran' round the table, while ifenry drewa long breath, wiped his forehead, and threw himself into a chair... Ojr. cuiiosity Iras irresistably excited and as ' Henry ccm. msnced, the whole c panyleant forward c:-r:rly. - . . ' . ; ' : ' U ; . . 'rrrupt me I will 'tell you the v. c-ccurred. ' " No no; - " ' - , . Ycj kr. .1 we partcJ, that Cloner and ray; -If . 'a the right Hank cf llie timber. Cl ; to take me to tny stand and then pa -3 cn n his own, some miles furth cr . He accordingly kit r 3, -v.,y,b claimed it - -. n him since. ' By the aot here,' he ex--ound the room, said several, ..3 replied, in rath- '.Vell, I was pretty .!':." l:bre I heard th j i." . '-r-r-.f3 t;,3 bloc J, c b mo:r.::".h : . . . . I nrc-d. Ib : ' ; ' : ' ' " the s!:ct, :r.!i.,,h ' i ' ib:yh:t,....j..... . . . b-.::::; l.:s. A.. ; . -1 ' f y 1; ; " , : - 1 "" ' . 1 - ..-fa. : : '.r ta 1. ;.trj 1 i : . . 1 : ' a rr, J the 1- : sea W.LcL...! t.:i . . 1; . r..!f ' ' ' . -f IIV-:r;-t:- t. r: wh-totailc!: ' two bushes. I haJ c laths. t . . j 1 tramp cf a V.'atch:.: .: . Ii'-I--. u' z 1 t :- vrtry far in any or.a clruetioo, bt Lwahb,. . . . J . t preashir j. C'Jt : . :--.s; ii:. : ' ' b plicc Tho Squire rc . " r b..:t c , "a Trav':i : :,r v.! : i I ' ,' . : t' a r?m was c-" ivsly still. Ie . b'? w3' 1 '-Ti t- -1 sth. rg;n trail, v.Lb!f 1' ' 1 it h.lJ j r....h.J to' I:J to ti: .." :r, yet went to she .r that I c 3 in par- 1 ' very br from co:r.o habitation. I -3 foil ing it through a high, tanglid t!::sk.t which clse ca either LatJ ; an j ; over t t! 1 VP', .-'re: '.res 1: :- -grcunJ to l?ovct th'; trshc -.hea tha vblent :-hyi;:g cf t.v 1... isj is! j i..y eyes and by Ib ... cn; : !i to have '.static Jed' a i Cr. -;ocna. Just before me -on tl . hli cr.e bet advanced) as if it had r j ia t!.e net c! stepping acroc3 the read, ; .! e tall, ghastly, skelejon-jikc figure, drc 1 ia skir.3'i the hair cut a confound.. ' bsard and such eyes! It is impos.!' ' : . Lr.-g'r.a them. .TheydidV.t reeve r '1 hi the shaggy, hollow sockets, more thin if lb were frozen in them; and the p thst st:;ai::ed cut from them was so still cr. ". ing! It startled .my nerves so strar:"el T that I corns near dropping my gun, though L. just swinging a losg ihb down to ih ' ,J, bearing 0:1 me. "Why did't you f" :?" Ay ! why didnt I ? I did not think c . 1 r. ibbnce, but of those eyes. The r i.l j suspended but they, continued fairly to upon my features till I conceived I cot'1 I tl a ice-spoi3 curdle! beneath my skin . crept sle-ly along leach linear.:: :;:. ii, I caught my:e!f bhuddarir.g it ghastly! After regarding me i". a'erutlcnsr.eead'pl.j ' - t' a rhle wesslowly thre-,n ' ' dr, arb . ith un impel! : grimly beard with ils I ::. , .... . gb i-tri Jo which cam !!':-... : tl arc.J, he plunged into the b.h.s '..l.l. set a word. I started in vexation at my stupidity and shouted. He did r-.i turn h!a hesJ. I ,zs now enraged, an-! ;::rrsJ ray her- 2 into t' 3 thicket after him 33 bras we ceu!J penetrate, but lost sght cf h'.:i i : a rr:- ; '.. i bit 1.3 if I La I - a the II a t :s:h, r.J ac tually wsnt bask ti v here he steel to s;o if he had Lit any tr:ka 1 .I.Is.b1 bvsry body ch-ev a!;.-j bsath. "I '..arrant ycu found cm clove a , 1" fa-M ' cne." DUV.t yea smell sul . ti evcr rr. v. hit I -I found a very Leg track, cr I should have beca convinced that I lad seen seme thing supernatural. - I think he rt Le seme mar-be .ib man." Ib e s.trange ar.i mal any Low." " Singular a.7.:r," .s : huz z:d around the table. 1 " Hear me cat !" said Henry. " After this incident I c ued to follow tha cb-visuj ..:.-.'!: js c." thlj read, which t-: me I to t . ; a t : - .1 c - 'k cf th3 Car p .!r.'. ; hi the h; "I :.,ypallcnce was p.:. at , " , it vC3 net until after s ..a" lly ) : i me cat into a prairie, th- ; -:a cf which I thought I recognized. 1 ets.;, - ' I baked arcua.l for the purpas3 cf - ...... .... ,., saiLfyirg myself, when ' a I., r 3 bunst frcm the thicket behind : . , c r.Jwent tearing oil over l!;e plain wi:h csry indba. tioa of execs hj flight, saortbg f-rbu.b, his head lurneJ 1 ck, cr.i stirrups flying in the air." What sart cf aheres V Yhat color was hoi" scveial Irske in with breath bs3 impatience He v. a 3 teo far Isr t:e t j tell in the dusk more than ha was a da ik horse say about the color cf mine." 11 C:o ncr's horsa was ja dark brova!" icnr.3 cne said ia n bw voice, whib t!.3 party moved uneasily ia thcirj scats cad looked at each other. ! - . There was a pu:e. Tl:3 Cyaire got up and walked with fb'g:!y manner , tovard th.3 window lo loh out, an J turning v.hh a r ri ous bec toward Henry, remarked, " Thb b a very curious story of yours, and if I did net know yoa too well, I would suspect you were quizzing. Did yea hear a gua after you part, ed withthb brcshbc fellow yea describe!" 'I thought I di j cne?, t . t' tant,that I was too uccsi.-hi i:: l-bj a gun to risk 'getting lost again ia going to II" "Was it about a quarter of an hour by sea' (that is before sun-down) interrupted the Dri vcr. " Ycsk " Wc!!, 1 1 rd z : 1 : :t that time ca ycuibb, butt' :e j' : somscf yours-"! " It may L:, i'.'.z i. :J...aa, or whatever he is, l::scb: sr in hh.i," c:::. tinued the psira. "I can err '-in cl est the winding of that read .h!:!i p !:J yea S3. Itis a road I had cut to a cf heard- trees wo had ri. eJ ca t'. T.. ; a scaitcred about a good 1,1 t f tl . . far from any given p.:ca hire yea .c.!J strike the road, fo th-t yea were r.3 grs..: distanced any ti :a from where th!; rr.setbg occurred. We must turn cut end lock rp th!3 creature, boys." " I expects J to find t!.3 horse here he , - t'..:3 clreetiea," ' r;:re, " C:o. I.h car treat. I kro.; . '. : ."o ! .!.... :btu3 hna-. that hli Ith the rcir.3 ca its neck all rcs3 involuntarily at "1 blank white faces, lock. yc3. " Tho madman!" . 1 ,;.t b .1 f,.j ' fa l - 1 'ad ghost," aid d several, " tb- sent 0. ; ly heive 13 ki-n and Lbsdca gentlemen.". W this, and stss.l ing into c said ce h cf " I ar.sth.r. " Yes I t.llf : J..!, ever tlnce vca C, r L... j . ca tl. ; ; .! '!., a:. - ' Ib y : r. k: v.I'li y.. ! .ad cb ihsu-'.ltl.'tvea thire are r- 1 .1 cf g.nsrul r. bb:., s;h t! ilerg leak he tee': rt y:-rf , ! ercd the mi:tshe, end, after I:a;;s ; ; passJ over to the Lft a.. I L.ib, ing, end Lsj 1.. t kka. Ib :: r Regulators thougli, and uz vr; ' ' hound. I k!ia?l send for him to La! . morning with the boys, and lhy -lit up, if ho 13 tho devil ia earnest, c : I 1 freance before sua-dowa to-merro..'." ;d tl;3 most rc: 1 ... cf theiuexplicablo features cf the" z r" aa it wa3 too dark lo think cf aee: any thing to-ni0kt, wc Lad to cs.... : !.;e witlia l d ;!::p prepare'. by t'sa ca the is.srro.v. Ce-cn aher day.hreak wero awaken: d , , j t.. a c s un i ci I.; ....... j ; .. : s! e Leue. 1 bit ere l' tl'br"'LaT" i "arty, and ca bckir cut cf the V c 1. 1 . , 1 . 1 1 1 t t them dismounted anJ '-rou-ed about tl. 1 - ard. I recognized the vcic3 cT cur heal ia :' rp, decisive altercation, under cur winJcv, seme cne, whoso harsh, evades:! "g t,:..j convinced me that it must be Hi: I bu nxiously, and heard him svseirbg i.a round terms that Henry's story wa3 all gam. rnea, ca " eld woman's tab-," ihb L3 ckhb believe a word cf it ; but if Ctoner was me.; dered, Henry was the man who did it. I could only distinguish that the PI inter's tone was ac-rv and decide J, when thev reeved . . out of hearing. How he managed tof sbt him, I cannot conjecture, (Henry brtunate !y heard nothing cf it,) but when we job - J them, Hinch greeted U3 with a gru.T -riV ' civility. He was a thick-set, broad-thca' b r ed, ruibacly-bsking fellow, wearing the- t .1. pahb marks cf the dslauehee ia Lis b persea and red features. We were soon urber way. A rbb cf near !y half the day thrc-gh tha sec cf ys.t.r day's adventure elicited nath'rg, and we v. ere all.getting impatient, when fortunately . Ib 3. ry's search , l r. b ;.:. .1 at r.ay c a rr - - . e r'nz'.'. a :i '.""a "ec:fl ia ' . ' place where 1 a h . I! witnasaad the curia-. ; paritiea ci t.. even!.-; k..',r. f. , c" : . . crr.mat: -n t ; r . cevereJ, cr ! ..! k latcrs traced them far s ly, ia .3tt.:i; h.b, a f "It ef-j. -cf tera J3 r-?-a ty ihj - tracksv. ere dl. :f-1 Lhr'ftkaH-g:. ralmile, illi, final, j tke thick.:-, vj : a vhD !MU.i . :ke?, r- ' ?f which, v.hh L-sear:3andrs...r.3,v.erehar: bg crcurJ the ; bee. The I sr.. ; ! . j I risked so ch. t it wc-!J havj . a c-t cf tke r :aat!:.a ti ! ta i br.thy tha-ra, I : brtlaf :ti!.-t:;: ' - ; :. sr,' -.hbl. ckeervcJ that th:;e .; : a rs. . ! f. a 4. .....w.jjia 1..3 L-:. il I tit r;z3 tea ls; !. .:'. r a c t r : . e r '.. . ".'.!.:::!: i t' ' : t 1 taks them heme Id Lb f rr.'bkut bbrj . e l.. J . ., fa t , .y ; 1 J . ... i t:-::b I c . :ry cne. It v r : 2 :t r ' of a rbi ,brr. Nov there was hore3 ia Ckslly ce:: :y tkat were r! - j r .... ' v.::er2 r.a sten::, : a wc re l;. . s certainly tkare .-J t:et c:rr" panytkat had tkrr.i cn. Tl.i mu:i Lai' herse. cf the mu:d.rer! Cf cour.e Ib afr a f::mth: a cf : brutea. Tby behaved that this irr.:I cs. ' 1 Lac.!! bib.. J,crJ bits. ,era,b tl ih--Ids. sac ..ei'pea i:.:e r ' '. sat cfTwith great c ':r V"?", ir --'.' her-3 till nearly r.'gkt, v.k-r., b. . ' - " . tk-:r ingenuity, tl .yh.: it, a. : :.. c-.r-p:J r.sartki ;'se t"! : :: ' : ; I. c sis, -eu!J r.evcr fir 1 it." TI v up ia c ' r, 1... v.!.-.t:- V.itch. .. . .... Tiay'Ihr! Trs.-.h it.:: Uc.3, r '1 t'tr v'A l' 3 t - ; 1 . i fa r t ; , Trsv'br! Dfa-.s: . Vf'&tch: a 1 1 I t 1 1, j tl. . , . Tr: v :' r I ' : ! Lo! l. 2 . fa r ;.' c .-cb ti : .::. b..; 1 .-.I. ; rs . : r : ' ' -it: - V.h-f i!.- -rn 1 " , Li - bk.ll. .. ,-' 1 1 -a " c!J sel :!' IV"'yt r - : ' ' .s!:!h . ! A. :...k', , at it? ns. t : err. ' t to tiko . . . ' : 'I ' 1 to I, J .!:r t' Ik .ts U. V ficra s.rr.e i'r!, j tc'..::a; ; L: ;.:; ! fr into I'raLco will conl-ia i ' but. !.!i ccrtaia :;.trb:I be-a ' -II heir. ortaJ ia kl ;C srierab'.:',t! either t h .. , Lea; ;rtsd into a: i: k "Ira- - 'ns, 13 to I :.k-a.i..b.- IbrJeneb-Pr. C-ptaiaargter, c-.. I r au!t r-ea Iba. Z J . O. wc;.: a: b3a free J. cf c , ' : T'- o Lad I: a a cf- ey :

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