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North Carolina Newspapers

Highland messenger. (Asheville, N.C.) 1840-184?, August 03, 1848, Image 1

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- i "... I si- :;jral If ' ':r::y,jt 1 V CpifUi 1 i ft r f.r I r - - f. c . t, riMii.I;"w ;fts4 .at O ft; i J i.rrl .f ri' fY.F ITC C.tTS f r f i. ; 4 1 ''j l i iU d s t . r: i . : : r . r t - t v. f m-v I t c i . J I..! : Co:l Or! rt 1, aii'l'. '-;? t-.r.'sJ 'I ': Tdr c' .-! f .J .!jla fr o letter J tit' ,'-e, tr V.ry v. . '1 i post. :;. : " A-IIcancst.'-r.jrj J i . - J ;Far-'e(T in t!ie fare 1 diV 1 vs. Who boo iiive mi a .i "f r n? 1 tly sweep. e I'.t r j knows, 1 t !r j..!- - t.. . j i. , . i t ;(; Vt. i- : a ! . ,n m t-riUii ro9, And I'lop I wTif -'ii'il m Irsip. 1), lay lifar c .mio r.o )jtitaiq nil, j Cio-.c L.'t.J'i lis i.i ni:VKiig fill, Wl-re l.'uvy 1. t .1", a:d vic-cLii hill, K.i.i'1 eclii I il a i' pra til-fl call. There b-'A:h i!u wjtinj (Trai,-i-thall cu.n'y I.j t.i a'chiog bruaat, Whore t'n Ijv t'rw.i raiy niv;r pass,. To r i !-!j r.i' pA-afal nut. U jl lbs lim'i 7iw It en5 an play, Jls sportive wi:oi.Ji'!J my bad;.. Anil tli3 'u. ii.!; uu.f i;i eeirch of xej, S!nll u't;'i : jj uVr t; hi u.l. () i! do ri3t r ;i rrs? wc-p'nj fri-'ri I, ,To wet wild ttM. my raJ -b'Ji.'t ;rrtvj, I'.jt fpjirkljri 'lijwa a 1. 7 dsccai, Will tin re i.iy b-ij.ii lare Wlio lie bcn"ut!i,tv it d'wy o I;. Jor voiceof tumult brjk hd spfill. Till te!U llie Ut KjuJ truini of OsJ. iVi'.'t t'n Di? i -re S iir,fju'y S, - The Lic I iU 5Icsia:;c, ANOCXCINtt TO CO.Mj.:-;i THE KNO Oi'. THE . ; was Vim Ji:-:irco. . : ". 3y (V: S?;ii'i az'i.lh'iis tj , of pf ace, fxiti.iah'n, liuiita, anJ svlilemcni, lttevtt llie Uu kJ Siatc-sahJ ilio Mxio;in rt'pjk'ic, tlia r rafib ulm .of which were duly ciL'han-L-J at'ths city of Q-wrcliro, ia Mtfxkooa Jjy of Mi, 184. Tliu r in wh'.cli our 'country was rev Ijctanily iiivulvcd, in dnnrceuxty vioJi C4tiu of uVj nuioiiit f z'y- ai1 nj:1,r liiS b-.-tfnlhiwterm:nitcJ; anJ I coosraiuUte Corsrcs!, and oj ciin:Ti conittiuen'.s, j'n"ihrtst"raii-jn f an lunrible ysxee. ' Tlx? " fiiensire anJ vi!jb!o tanitories ccc'-jJ by Mvxi w to t! UmteJ Si-Uci con' v.iiuu niJfinuity for ha, anJ th brtl hint achii'vetnenia anJ hiail success .. ol ,.urarirt will ba a RUiranty of tsecirniy for f.ifun. hv ranvincin? alt naii03 tb'U. Prills must iHi rpe:iea, of ihowir wilh havfe The results j;iveii W ih Unin-i'l Sa!es a naiioiul characier ,abroid uhictiour country rver bof jre cnjycd Oar pjwc'r anJ rcourccjj tuv bcuma knwo, anJ axe respectea t;iru tout ilia ivtrU; and we shall probibly be savd from tba uecasbiiv otcraiiij in anoihof for- tign war. for along series of year. It s aJub".fCt of otiraiuUtiJu that. e hive pua throiiii a war uf mow ' than two jcar' deration, .with'.lhe busftiesi af Vie country unimerrupwJ, ith our resonrccs u;R'xb-usted, anJ mo paaiic crc-n paiicJ 1 l. ? I cj.ATiiinicale for lha infrmaiijn of Can '-e ihaacc-mpanying UocumenHand corrpanJcuco rcUtin,; to iho Cfsottalioft p;:J ra-.ifieaiion oj ih treaty. ' "Ucforvj tbstri-aijLCaa bo fVy exacutci atba pirtot vho UniieJ State, legislation ul Ijfcquirtfl, It will ba proper to mike ihs nrSMssry appropriation for ths piy-tii-jat of the iwelvtt uiilliins af dollars, sup. lil ited Ly the iwelfih article ta be paid to M.-xico in four t,al Bntiua- n4lalrasn,,s' Thraa tni!:i ma otdlUr wore appropna led by -iha 1 "l cf March 3J, 1847, and that v(.u was' pa: ' tJ ih Mexican GaVerumcnl :ipr the exc. -ot iho ratification of th lhc fifth artic: oftha. treaty pTOTiic. that "in arHer to ts-nato the boundary line with oue prrc-ioii upon. autUoritativa m?, nd to cata'. ih lha -ground U.J .iarRi which shalUhw th limiti af b,ii. rrpablic, as described in the present hwle, iha iwor Aeriimnti3lull each ap. ? int awmir. ner anJ a surveyor, who before the ef mm of on year from the data cl the ex .unje of wtiScjuona f lata :rc.iv..!n!l al the port of ban Deg., iaj run and mark iha said .bbun. Jut in i whole curse to the . awJth of tbo-llie Uravo dd Norte." U Will bt ncc csary that Pr." b.J mi J b :Lr .u .nlcimeul cf cpmmusioner and ' r. n .rt of the Umttd states, ,opi! ,i ih a commission aaj earv-vor r?Kd by Mexico, to e- ca:ln2 ihe s;:puUlir.a al tbis rlj- h i.i! b 1 proper al.e W profit's ' m.J VTrnrntnia h r the a :: PJ. IJI llv- 4i " . , . -I. c , I anjd. Cio upon ati Caimi f eur cm .;nj n-vAil the Mexican v, ih ireatv. have w Ktf'ih Ur.itedi States. New Mcvcn and Vfr Cxllotan t have v'... iju V;ri:3oths United fcates, ar.J rivvec-tivj-.ea part cf cur couairy-Erac"..- r.:arlv lt0 d.-rcef laiiijsJe, Jit- tV - It and ex!? r. 1 z f: m tM TaVifiC Oceun ta th?RiaGrv:ia,a t1 r i r.'3a 4.; ... j It v;.u -. Tf.rv diu;cu.l t.o r jssCiiloni to cjrsiivu'.i c for, n V 1 f . : ejdyVa1 3 t1. c-;.t7 ihts-ji-icJ I - rjrt t.:-..;. bnn:!i cf cunmircs it nat Un 'forty rr.'.'.iiof d.i'.lirv Th- cx:e!:j; hirb'jr cKJ; ( r CinTjrnii vi:lt uaj-r Va.- 'Hj, t."Ijr4 security ani rt?ose to our'' cymrier ciul irurictf; a:;J Atnanria msrcluudLsj WtA . -ih rei jy miinj orshf.i butl- want; J ia distant ssa. , ; "- . Iy tw3 acq jlii'u'on of thsss'epossssynns we ars broj:it inii iinmsiiatt proximity ith jh wist coast of America, frumfCapu Ujro l t!u Ilj-iiian po-sseiaha. uariu ot Oii'i; ;n; iib iK- is.aai of lhs , Pacific ocean; and bv direct voyaga in staamur. we wi'Ubs in IJ3 than thirty days' sailing of Cacion ani othir ptrts of C.iinii. , la t!iii vast resn, whod rich resotif cei ara soon to bt djvelopsi by Ararrtcaa eturjiy or.d'eatcrprtis? tire it mjst ba th ao-j'-nntatioh of our cummerce, ind with it, j new unJ profitabla 'demindi far nuclianic Ubor in alt it'3. branches, and new and vaN utblomirkets for ajr muiafactures and agricultural products. " ; I Whila lha war has been conducted ' with great humanity and forbearance; and 'witn complctt; sUi-dess on our part, toa peace hai bacn concluded on turmj trie iiiimn irnjjj to Mexico. ;,In her hnta, the, tern tones now codjd had remuned,' ani. it ii bjlicved,' would haya cuniir.&d ta xemv'm almost unjccupied, nnJ cfiitila value to iwrr dr lo any other nation; whilst as a'jiaK ofuur Union, lbey will bi proJuctiva of -nt bnefita to tbd Uu.ted Scales, t Iho ca.n.nsrcul wurld, and to the gcTieral in. terssiu cf minkind. .Tou unnu'diate cstablishmtnt of territON rial jotferHracuis, aud iho extcoion. of our la a 4 over these valuable possessions, -uru deemed to bii not only important,, but; ia JlspensiSlo to preserve order and jdda- ad ministration ot justice withta : thvir-'i limits, to aifjfd protection to the inhabitant's, and to facilitate the developient f tho vast rc sojreb and "wealth which their acquisition tns added To our couniTy. 'i' The war with Maxico having terminated, the power of the Executive- to establish or to conuuuo temporary civil governments- over these lerrliones, which'axisted under th laws of nations "whilt they werevre" gardtjd as canq.iared provinces in our mil itary occupation, has ceased. By their cessian to the United States, Mexico has no longer any power over them; and, until Congress slult act, the inhabitants will bu without any ormizd governmont. Should they b Ult in ihis condtiiori, confusiou and anarchy wilt, bj likely tp prevail. - lurign commerce ta coasiderablo a., m lunl it uo w carried on in the ports cfUp-. per California, which will req-iire . toQ bj regulated by oQr raws. As soon as our system shall b'a extended over ihis com: mercc, a revenuo of considerable ;.ami.unt will bo annually increased. Fur the!? ai:d other obvious reasons, 1 deem it to be my diitv earneiityJu recommund- the action of Congress on the subject at the present, aes In organizing governmcn!s over .these Territories. Irauhi with such vast advan tages u every poriion of our Union, I ip" voke that -spirit of concassioti, conciliation, and campVomiic in vour deliberations,' in which iha constitution was framed, in which it shuuld ba administered, and which is so indispensable to preserve and- perpeiu"iie the harmony and union t the States. , UVj should never forget thai ihis U'nioa of con. federated States was established .and ce mented bv kinoledOQjLjuii:by.commou toils', sufferings; dangers, andttiumphs ot all its parts,.and has been the ever aug- inooUt1k,'s,,urcc f oari nallanal - greainese and ot all our blessings.. . , - ' There his, perhaps, been no period since. ihd warning so impressively given to -4m. countrymen by Washington, to gaud a. cainst j?eographical crvisions ana swittonai parties, iTlitch- appeals with greater force than the'preieni, to iho pitriotic, eobar. mmded, and relicting ol an parries ana oi alt iectirfns of wr country. '.Who canrat. culate ihe yklue ot our gloriou Union! It is a model and example of ,tree gayer ft- infint'te Ihe-vorld, and is ihe star ot ,,nope anJ ihe'hjvm of rest lo tl)e 'oppressed ot very clipo; . By its preservation, we hate been rapily advancing as. a naimn iat a hehht of irength, power, and happiness. witaout a paranei iu mo. lllu,;.?i. world. As weextcna us. Qiesm-3 oci new regions, shall we be so uawtse as to endanger its geographical ;di- visions arj-4 dissetlsiocsl 1 With a vfcjvv to enoaracra lha early sel,- tlemeni f these distant possessions, I c ummend that liberal grants ol, the paoue lands be secured to alt our citirms j wno hiTO sUtled,or may in a limited period, settle wiihia iheir limits. . In execution of ihe provisions t tM irea. ly, orders have been issued to our military and naval forces to evacuate, without delay, the Mexic o proviceescitiss, towns,; and fjruued k ii-es in. c-Jf rcuiiary pecupa lioa and which are cot embraced! in; the territories wJc U.citeJ --7 -11 . 'j'jij.-aJe on its vav to ihs U Tt-t portion cf it, as well rc: LIS 5S.V 0,3 1 1 coa'TrnerU'i' ; . U.3 m tx::r. 1. . . 0.3 iv Ji r 1 L . frci to bj ; l rii tf p.'icj. , v u !,... in if.j !.r iii-jJ s;-.rcr . 7 .. auth jri-.i; anJ tLoij 1: i I. . . b2 Dcct-siary in th t anJ s!iou!d b:re"ia!v.i iu 'j.t. n'jmber f th? -nl'i'" 1 I djceJ, aj vaca:Ctr3 ocj jr fcv ot thu service, to wtut n av-j t.f.;j t'.. ' war. ' !. Whila tlia psaple of tl.;r cojntric3, wh-i live under forma of government Icsi free j ttiao our own, fu3 been lor t$ o;;)rs sed by iaiAtijU to support IjEo' suni:n at penodi of peace, our experience hi,shown that buch establtshmjuts. are urar:essiry in a republic Oar standing artiy is to bs found in thu b jom ol society. II ii composai af tree citizjna, who ar ev- cr reidy to tak up arms iii ibo service of thjir'caunsry, wbo'a msrg-ney requires it. ' Dor experience in the war jjsl closei, fully confirms the opinion, "that such an army may bj raised, up an a fow weeks' no tics, and thai our citizen soldifrs are equal to any troeps in the world, - No reason, therefore, perceived, why we should en larga uur land forces, and ihfreby subject the treasury loan annual increased charge: Sound policy rtqaires that. we. should a void tha creation ot a targo-sianiilng army in a period of peace. No public exigency requires it. Suh armies are not only ex peastve aod unnecessary, b.U my becoma dangerous la liberty. " Besides making the fieessary legislative provisions for tha execution of ihe treaty, a.nd the establishment wt ierritdriaUgovero- meats in, ihe cedtd country, we have, "upon the restoration, of pace other" imaertant duties to perform, Among lh:sef4 regtrd none us. more imp lrlam than the adoption of proper 'measures for iha speedy extin guishment of. the national debt. It. is a gainst sound pt;cy and ftic genius of our iustituiians, that a public debt, should be permitted lo exist u day longer thin the means of the treasury vtill euib'.o the gov ernment to pay it off. .. . We sh uld adhere to tha wise policy laid down by President Washington, of "aoi diog theaccumalation ot debt t. not only by siiunning occasions wf expense, but by vig orous e'xertioos in timauf peace lo (iisohirge the debts which unavoidable wars 11a ve oc casioned, not ungenerouy- throwing upon posterity ihe burden we oarselvee ought to boar." .." - At the commencemont of the present ad ministration, public debt amounted to 617,783,793 62; la consequence ot the war with Mexico, it has been necessarily increased, a,nd now amounts l $05,773r, 450 4l including ths stock 'and treasury notes which may yet Tie issued uuder the act of Mrch.3l,"lSie. :. In' edition to the amount of tha rfebt,S the treaty stipulates thai twelve million's ot dollars shall be paid to Mexico io. fou; eqml annual instalmnts of three millions each; th first of which wril fall dua-'oa jhe 30. h of. May IB19. "The treaty also stipulates that the United Suites shall "asSoma and pay'1 10 our ovyn citizens "ihe claims al ready liqaidaicd-'ati'd decided - against 'the Mexican repub'.ic,1" and "all claims out heretbfare'jjecidsd against: the 'Mexican government, to an a mount rrot e'xcVedmg thrre and one quarter -miliums of dollars.", Trie 'liquidated claim'? of citizens -of the United States, against Mexico,- as decided by the j-unt board of commissioner: uuder ihe-onvention between the UnitedStates aod 'Mexico, of ihe 11th of April,. 139, amounted to 2,026139 This- aorn was payable in twenty equal annual ihtal merils, . Three of them have boeh paid' to the'etaimmuby the Mexican govrmnent, and two bvAhc. United S.ates; leavtiiL to paidufVhe principal ol th Jjj3Uidatera- mount assumed by tha United States ihe sum of SI ,519,604 79, together, with the inttrest thereon. Tnese several amouots of liquidated1" and unt.'q'jidatfd claims as jl' 1 . .L it... to. . l: 1 um.u "j 1 m -t - T';, -Mt may be paid as ihey fan 4ue out of ihe e- currnr-rc-veiHse, wunoui titei issue j stock or tha creation cf any additional debt. , '. . public I cannet too strongly recommend to Con. gress l!ie importahoe of husbanding all oir nitlonal resources, of limiting; the public expenditures to necessary objects, and of applying all the surplus at auy time inthf treasury' to the redemption dfthe debt. I recommend that authority ba vested tin tha I3xecui:ve by law to; anticipate the period of reimbursement of such portion of iho debt as may cot bf now redeemable, and 10 purchase it at par, or at the premium .which it my command in the' market, in all cas?s in which lhat authority has pot already b?en granted. ! A premium has been obtained by iheaverximeni oa much the larger partion of the Jaan; and 'if, when 4 ihe governmeobecouTes a purchaser of its own stock, it s.iilt command' a premium in ihe ciarkel, it m al be sound policy lo pay it,. rather than 10 pay the semlannoitt inter est upon it Tha interest upon i ha deU, if tha eutstanirg treafjry cotes shall b funded,, from Ue tu J f the last fiscal year until it haU fall iu3 arid la redscniible, will bavcry hiarlr cail t; .t',3. F r.:a:!if the ;;.vt l- sir.. r y.ublict. t i iv. cf r.t -ri-prii:ijr. -,t al! r:i 1 - ;;rcs s:. t rdilurt ly in.--' ff Kr .v. t:,j wtio.e i.t.;;c c:.L,tcx .3 I'Viui war, thai ; i 3 C'jn:i;"i.n:.e?.- m.ivv b i tXi iuvr;us ; tl tix .ti.i en L.'iure it i.i viae. tiwa s'.iaJd j to a i'.j.:.: (,f p-jce.- huul J . h-i a vrdi M avoid ihs was botray M.t with ' ".rs af- '.Jintus . v.: 1 . , U j:.;"rt . . Gr.r ; ter . consirucii govarnmer much couiten i" 2. was burdened u Urge and in orr. j . and extr'iiv.iatu exi'. . , ized bCmgresi. T..- v. . lhat the payment oft'.;-; u... . for more tiun twenty - r f it was .only ucCoiri : ' I ano enhdfijing policy oi l- wao maiio ns"pynijat a of his administration, lie i tempts which-were made to y. ', : 1'.. lie fnmjy from -that great utj -ct, n;: J ply it in H-astafxiI and extrivdgar.t txp.' lure for other objects' soma of thi.:i . : more than doub'.ful "constituttdnal authority anJrspediency. II ihe government of the" U;titeJ Stnfs hall observe a proper, economy in its ex- oenditurs, and be cenfined in its actim to tha conduct of our foreign relations and tt the few general obj-tets of its care, en.-mm- erated in h:oaaiuatiin, leaving all muni cipal and locwl legislation totha States, our greaiuess as a nation in moral and ?hysi. cl . power, aiid i,n wealth and . resources, cannot be calculated. . s , By pursuing this policy, oppresiire mea. sures, operating unequally and uuj'iily uunsectiens and classes will bo avoided; and ihe people, hiving no'caus1? of com plaint, will pursue'their pwn inr,'ereU, un der the" blessings of equal laws and the pro tection of 0 jast and paternal government. By,tfbil3injng from the exercisa of all powers not clearly conferred, the cemt?nt of ur glorious Union, now. numbering 33 State,?, wilt be strengthened as we gruw in age and increase tu popalition, ' and our future' dcittin will be without a parallel -or ) example in the hi'slery ef nations. ' , ) Washington, July 0,13 13f Goii. Taylor uiiil tlie iVarlU Caro iitta Voluiileer. We ciU .ihe atteuion ot our. readers lo ihe following authorized 'siaiemiu in the Ne'w Orleans Bulleun: r . 'It.ia astonishing to see the.iriduswy anJ Reports respecting him. Oar readers niy probably recollect a dittKuity tint occur red in ihe Nwrth Carolina lwc-gnn?at.dur-ioUia operations on ihe line ofi'.he Rio Giahie, previous'to th return oC General Taylor to the United States.. Slneei this regiment his arrived io'Nsv Cleans, a 'rep m has ben actively cirQulatod in itj that Gtm, Tajlor had' asserted," that in consequence of the aJbr)ve" atlitr ajl the oH ricers should htva been htt, and ihe' regi ment ent home in disgrace.. f Both' Cob Bliss "an i Cel. ' iDragg,' at once gave a pointed, denial to the slander, but n u con tent with ihis, we mentioned it lo. Gotieral Taylor him-ielf, who deuic-d U in the most, emphuic mioner, and said ii was entire-' y depute oflhe least Foun-taiion in truth. In reply to our rr quest .for permission u cafiiradxl it n his nawt."o.s ud we could :d-o St if efcyt 'proper but thiit it "was hardly vrih' while, for sL4"ooji ,-as one flse -sMtemynt wi$ put down, aiioiher was set'atTjal, and that "he- had made up his rami Jo let nil these slanders pass with- out notice", and not permit them either; lo worry Ms mind- or occupy hts lime, as h , ... h f ',..- mr(.n era!, and his fellow Soldiers i.rr parncutari knew hu1i'tio wcl!,Je.giv them. credence, ur t al!ay them to .cruate any uAfavora ble impression on their fnm.lj. .W have, however thought it. bitter' to make this stvem nt, in order ti;remtve anvelrig on the a-abj-ct with the volunteers tsr.U Caro!iaat who are slid here and am-my j whom lae report we know has ben . most i industriously' circulated.- . ' 1 'The euemies of General Taylor , will find lhAl. ihis and simitar slanders wjjlou ly recoirupoo iheir own heads, 'without ac. comphaJung tha intended o-;ecl cf anur ia him:M A Cactios to Houses zzz its. -t-A fa m ily in Lancaster county, were, a few days since, rnada very ' ill by eating cf a caite, flivored'toa highly with 'p?jch wa. ter. We beg' our young hocst-k'-fpers to bewara ho th'y-use thissvery fl r -nbl i and common 'ad. Jstion tc pie, cc:.;'.t t qv-z ry, &je.,'as it is but a mi d furni of th deadiyj poison, Prusiz cciX . , Every tbir -bet aa'r--Ji njt always, g'oo J, malice that are disp!.iypu by the opponents of Gen. Taylof; in originating a'nd ctrcu latino lbs m rat unfounded fand m iliioua ! j t so j ' si- ! V. t z z i : " ' - , t, v s ! for (i t r'.irr-s: r.t: i 1'.. rn-- in? 1: potcl!dr'Cs - l!i4l h ton,' t'.i? I' u i!., i c :..: i t.: l..- l a-.,iji t3 1 n .- - ... c j j (Jnzi'a Cut-vaf, Don .D.'rndrJ Cuto,A:ii IM ! , ! i Slrl l. ' 1. ... j , r 1 1 n 1 r- . J t u' J, f.f'.cr a "re: -rscul tv-.: .1.; . Cit.o 1 w t". .r pt r::ve 1 : ; sts, Mi'.i i. r l..e pro cr,i.i-i of Aluv-i.ty G jJ, thy author ot praca, arrar.t-d, aj:rji.d Ujro, and nina t!.. lo I.iAi.ij 71 f al'j nf prase. t't :, l.-'i it, an i titilrtint bf-tw't.i l l,t "Cf. i .'fi Slin ( Ana ."ra 1 V-z Sir jc, can llfpxllie. 1 Articls I. ' Thrre sha' be f.mi arJ (afiTrral p.'-c ltvrecn lite Uotu4 Utc cf Amirics a'i4 the Mexican' re;iii".i', a.i'J 'L Aitn i;,.t'r rt-;- ctite couritr.i-s, trrrii""!--. citri. law..!, ani nj-H-u',' w:ttidt;V cx- ' ccpltoa of i!accs or rcr?:i:ii. ' ' Article 2. ' -ncd 4te!y'upo:i t-i ; jnitare of Ihis bVaty, v'tntiuQ thall be cnVerud 'iulo bttTvin a i"-i.nrr or coaimivioners unxiinled ty tbe -.CIiief of ihe forcta.of tua V. Sisttn, -nvbe aj')lntcd by l'.9 Mtxioaa ,t the end thai a proTiional ad. - lilies thaiftak? p!a-sc, au3 that pied by the naid frcc cn'.i. btf-rv-csiabilslicd, m rtaids ;J(litfftlve and it branch i stiatl bi pcraiitld by the cifcum ..uiry occupations Axticls 3, ' 'on tbe rat.fication ofthe-prea-1 jvenuiT' it of Ihe, U. State, ' -m":i i to the romiiianJtr of ! 1 1 fores,' rcoifln the Jattfr j f glmfl llien .bave buen ratified '.i; i t!jc Mexican npiillic, and - .1)' ly to dc !xic.'i ports and r-'-famj cortliiwn) to "'n-nt practicable, I States t;itfn Tfc t poll ts "mrnt,' at I :ri thirty -;or aball v; ' llie -tf t af, idarinj the r frtarch and ''i C,wd labitartli. sd to ths iktallporU 'en ro- the ! . .- '.ICO I v -J CV. T oii m t'..; i' that s!j t 1 L - : ii. "diatahea fruro" t;.-i s loajuet-; and s . "1 ru , be coufclcJ w.t'i !': ; Mexican govern n ' ford every fact.'iiy i sama cajiveni'.-l t ) ' ia their new p i fiderstantTn j b ' In Lke man'n' r, ' -jterorw in eliar- : 1 occupied by II. -j . . q:iirin; thcr.i (a.; ' r i tjliatcly to d.'tivjr p -persons aath'onz-'d by t ,j . lili receive tlit-m, to-I', r v iJtaccs fr it .' exportation n-t y.-t f,'. ful and exact acou::t tti t'l 1 J tbe tulire atn unt uf a I 1 - ejtporta herc i collected al s i be re in MtAlr-j"-- :. from and after l!:-1 1' -ty by the gover:-; : an ala nil acc ji '- 1 sucb entire a:n i i I, collection, diM b-, C. ernment, at the c.iy t! ' ' aftprtbe cxc!ian f m , Tiie evacuatiu-i cf t rppublic by tiio trn ; tf !' virtue of the above kti; j '.i'-.j m one month after the o: ' hlialt tiava been roci iv-i. - ; -' said troi,' or sj;..i.r .1' , Immcdialcly al-r t - of the present Irea'y, .. pfacps, and possets -or occupied by liie fi- -duiing lUe pi(tr.l vi Mtxicad rtpiiLI.Jr, :- l' the fiJIop-in,; art'f l to. iho eatd n-pub;", ? arms, apparatus " lie piuperty, v ! I 1 1 v. t . furls wlien captur--.!, '. tlier at the tun w.v.ii !'.-.-ratifi'.d by ibe govrrnr.i' 1:1 . be. To ili.s end, i .' of tbi Ircy.crTj s America a otl-icrs c'." - -fyrts, securtfiT; i")'t ' ofanyeucfi arUnviy, ujamii'jiis, or otL.r r - uf Mexic-', w.:'. t' . eurround.n'j the i:d c ', atjve 8t:o!at! ji3, r. . art'lry, aaru.tas of v. . , T'ie tl a ovacu itL Mexican republic, -l y l' " siiX't w cu:np!jUd 1:1 f -eyciiange of Tj'.S.'ia. j 1 . Mexican g-jvtrui.i!:'. i. rore'j.:! i:-..- -' for fac 1. ? ? conveijiL'.it tJ t.ii,' v 1 , libtanl-. ll', I.'-'.-T' r, (' j ' boU parties f '-. , ' I 1. 1 t , Iojt tat ..'iu')urcrtli n i.f . . 1 feiatJ. iJ'vi chih.c . 1 . of t!:e fr.-.Uty f "'.' Ciulf f.f, i raont ehdil be eut r -d t 1 l c'liC v t7tlJ!11 trj"!1 7 ' ceduij"'t:ir;v ! l-tlW-resKKflCa ol ::;? .1 !--:' j An 1 I- t-f In., i L iUi roeidnc j 01 tocxtriid Iron ti? 'i-.iX Ad p: icrs t f w ar i 1 C 1 . ' 1. 1 1 liable af'.er . iblalreaty.' It m at-o- I I'.-il ca:; :,J nw Ins I... 1 a r . ifc tr.L t unLii ll.o 1 , 1 1 i.i 1 : ft about lot m 'i 1 ' L-T -cic, tle-govcrnv .t rf t'-: f .l Wiiriexact,t;,e rc' 1-2 bf b j :'i cz thcj Ij Li t !.j tl...: t-. ' Ar:h::s3. ry lino, betvrcrti " a i.; f. c . ; tiii'it, rwtsa, ,i.i.... ...s. -.1 J ti.i ClJUtO (.1 Tlie 1 . hili t i t- - - ! ; 11. Gt.i fc INwru, or t if it e! wild tare cire t!i-.n o-", - t 1 n.v;r t. r- "t 1 - - t- - 1 1' - -; s t' i ' . ' ' ' . . t " '1 7 - t c f : ' - t i r .- r, '. I it " Kiw:Co! ffad. (nVoni I..- t r.-I h-..,rCV T';. .i1. r- ar j . . 1 1 b.;.i(. . -stf :;. ?:-r. - , aro t'i It i-f f tit I'.iiuJ i i rcf--:i', -i f '3 " arti J a ,i ti.i n.:,i t:-....i d ' 1 ' . ' f f - . ; f ri . t e it tf t t ff O " -' '"- ""-. O. w "i-. t i( a cpy U ai J. tdto i!,a I.-, atr, I .r..-;t:,3 . i'.l.-s 4-' efaU r,f ihi t;i l.r'nJ pb'ni;.j'?-.rsrt m. Ai i ia rjvr to rrtcIaUo atl c Hca!lv i trxi"rj -v om tba cr'i-iJ l'o l.nj t -praiinj Ut pi:r Iroio Ivcr Cii.'-r-; 1, it 14 rs-d tbat tl.e atij Lm.i 1 b!l caisiistof aati-aiht lms drjiwn fr a the ' middle of tha IliO G.!a, vbern it uitr wIOi tb , f .' Colors -", ti a pj-nl o-j 1 10 coj nf the t'c :1a ; o' -v.i d.afant o:; marina I saj-Ji kt. t'i cf tli ; . souihcrn'm .',t p -.t of tha p-rl of .S m L o, a1?. ' crdm t tha pfan of t'd port icaJs in tha year 17ci by D n Jain IVnt a-carid ailinr-mi. . tcr 6f lit S.-nvI-U fltt an J publ.kbcd l Madrid in lt3 y-ar 1H2 in tiui Al ia t- voya;a of tha-achooneia 4?.ir'i ao'f litica,t 1, ' w.ich - plan a copy i horcusta add-d,a:jned, and esiUj by the rsv-ciive plon'pa'enlijries. , la ord -r i r!cs'j-;i?? tha 'bjarsJary line vritU , doe precision, vpon a uthnntativa m'.psnd ta '' . establish upon Che ground fandmarhs which ahall allow the bmila of bolii reputt.c, described in ' lha pretnt' article, I'a twa goreramsat thall . eacb - appoint a com r!l'inpr and a aurvsjor, wfto, before tLa ezp-ration of pno year frona lh dato f Ibu exebans of rat;Scaliona of this . " treaty abU cie;t al tne pirt of lSn -iDIejo, and -proceed to run and mark the said boundary in itt " 1 whmte coe'rsa to the oi'iuth of tin tio Brara del " - Norte. - They ahaJl keep jurna!sahd irfirk eat 1 p'ans of iuir operation; and the result a;red upoa by tlicm hi!l l.a djfmded a pirl oftliia - . treaiy, and-shall hare the aacaa force if it.' " " wcru -in.ertcd" therein. The lvrt governrusnti . . will amjcaUy agree regarding what may bs nee.' c!,ury to these pernons rfnd alsaaa to liitir riS. ' pclive escorts, shoold tiich be necessary. . Tb boundary lino " erUbtiil-ej by this artictr ' - shall'barcligiouly refpected by eacli of the Iwo rep'jbhan. aid 'no ehnge sba'l . ever mad therein, except by thsexpi cis an.! f.-ca eonnt of " . both nations, Jw''u:fy'girc:o by ti genwal gir. errniiut of each, in ixmfjTruity Witb ita own coa. atilation. , v . '' . - ' , ' Article 6. - . . The vcsacla aad caizna of the Called Slata aball, in' all t.'ia", have afp'e ' ar.i uninierruptai pj-s-alc by the (Jtilf cf Califoj'nu, aid by the rir. . er Colorado b-.-low it i'h- iha G.ta.' . t toandfrtm their p tKSitonarituated north or tha boundary Lna dtf-.iei tn lh jreciijing article; it beinj tin Jerloo i that thV ij?ge lo ta ty " - navigating1 f!ie Golf cf California and tiie river Colorado, and wot by land, without the exprem -consent of ihcMeiiean government ! ' If, by the exaai'natlirHi which rnav ba midc, it - ' ehould be as.-crtalrmi to be racticalla and ad- rantagcons to construct a road, canal, or railway, ' X which fhould, in whole or in part, run up tho rir. v er Gila, or ttpJO ita right or tta left bank, within f the apace of one marine league from either mrjin. cf the river, ihe govcrnm-'nT or both republic wilt form anagreemcnt regarding' it construction' in order lhat it. may serve ccjually for tho uaa and . dvantge of both cotmlrfca. . 1 Aancte t , t - , Tlic river Cih, and1 the 'pirt cf the' Rio Draro del Norte lying beloW the soul hern" boundary of ' New .Mexico, being agrtJflaDlylo llie fifth article, divid'-.d in tha middle between the two republic, ' e navigation of the G.l and of the Bravo be.. said bo'Jiidjtry shall be free and common to :he vessels and citizens of both- countries; and neither shall, without the consent. of tha other, , -onstrucf any work ibat may iuterrupt, in-whole -or iii part, tho exercise of this right; nolevta fat; the pu-sc of favoring ner -methods of narigsv tiat. is'or shall any taz or conlnbotion,- trhSar -' any uenomination or title, be levied upon' vessels. ji pcrsjns navigating th-j scKii'e, or utKn .mrch andsse or ffT.-c's tran)-jrled' thereon except m . the case of landing ep-i one of their shores. If,-. iot the parposc of making ihe said rivers nayii' gable, or for maintaining them in such state, it- -ftiould bf nec?5--iryor advitagus testatl,th . ttay tax or centi ibution, U-.ia" shall net ba dse- wit'i.l Uie ecmwnt bf bntb governmentc. " ' Tho si mulations the prctentartiol shall not impair the terriional rights cf either re. public wrthin fts established limits. Article 8," , ; 'I'-Xkcans row et ULIi-jbed in ' -territoriea frsTi-. o'jsly belonging o Mexico, and which tcmair.a for the.fatuire within .tha limit of tliar U. States, , as dT..l-ied by lli'J prevent irealy, shall be free t. r. jit'iiiw wh'jrc they cm reside, or to rem ova at ' any li.!ne to the Moiican republic, rcta;nin j'" ' the property winch 1'ney possess in llo said , tsrri- ' '- irifs, or dt-posihg thereof, and rem mug the pro- ' ' da wherever they please, without their being; ' j -ctcJ, on this account, ". to ary eon lion, '' -. or charga whatever. - . -. r. - Those who. ei;all prefer to remain in the exid .-.rrtUirics, in-iy eilher retin the title and rights, cf Jh'exiran citiZrfna, or acquire tl.oso tf cit'zir.s of Ihe United States. D it they sball be - tmdar t'i-; obligation, "to maketlieir election -within one-. ' r!Oin U:c da,tejof the exchange bf ratificationa . treaty; and tS: -3 t.Ij J shall, rein m in tha , cfitifnes after the erplrit-on of that ycar, .t having declared their irtenlirjn t(' retain, iraetcr f "jxican. slvtll be considfl . to, -ij't'.d to become c.tiz-jns- of tha "Uaitsd" 'iid tcrri'o'-rt, pro;i.-rty ct every .i-iti, ' -giog ta .tfvziciru nit I'ab'.bhi.d lhe-f, ' tyo:ably rcpiCi';J, Ti.a p.-Ltint own. -s.tfhi.--e, ar. J ail .Vjii-;ar:s i.j rpay -nre id pr- rfy ty Ci itr.-t. ihi'A p-'-ct la tt .'.ardf-' e'nUy a-rpl?," . j btlbrjud lo cit .cs o tha Unaai . 1 ' . - AancLE 0. - : " - - ' . t , vf-e, w the Urritor-es 8r.;rt-iildf's!-.all '' 1 cl-aractpr.fjf tt e cl'.i; cftha -conformity wrl'i what is aUp. an icle, shall, ba incorp.. i cf lit Un.itl. States,. and ta V;ri!r-.Ujii of ty' - Un t;i -'.-,'...), tn iSa e-jjy., so. 01 tse Umtei tL-j inut ,,!:if the eonsli. ' ' ?-.'-jn tii.-J5 thill ba ir.i:r.lainf,4 ' -t'.a c.-jiyiotcf .tLs-.r !.!:-rty ; . 1' I F"c-j'-?d in iho f:a eT'rcic' 1 a . ..-A'ia-l." ' ' ' Ar.TlcLEC ' 1 - .- - r Ji-tricLen o-aL) , AxTirtsll.' j , " a grtatpirtcf t!:e terrlt'-rlaa , , - tr-!y jri tJ Lo e-'ii; rtliea. ' . . -ri.ia Uait: : jet , " ""'" l-i-ea, Wta . i 7 '. : V , ; yTX--rv': t "I- 1 .Is " t :-""f:.'vt trv !:rA cai'J'i l j'"

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