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Catawba journal. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1824-1828, March 06, 1827, Image 1

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atoluliii VOJ„ III.] CILIRLOTTE, X. C. TimsiMY, M.IRCII 6, 18S7. [NO. 121 ri BLlSHEn WEEKLY r»v I.KMUEL BINGHAIM, Three Dollura a ymr^ paid in advance. No paper’will be discontinued, unless at tlie ’iscrc‘tion of the editor, until all arrearages are priid. AdvcTliscmentj will be inserted at the usual Tates. Fersbus sending' in advertisements, arc ri’(jiu'sted to note on tlie marg-in tlu* number of insertions, or they will be continued until forbid, and charged accordinglj*. Clerks of Ihe Superior Courts^ \N1) other gentlemen holding snhscriptinns to the Srw Map ok Nohth-Caholina, are requested to return the same by the 1st of Jan uary next. Tlicy will '>e so good as to present the in, in the mean time, to such persons as wiil be likely to patronize the work, who have not It:ul an opportunitv of doing so ah’eadv. The pricc to non-subscnbcrs will be $10. V’er\' few’, iiowevcr, more than those subscribed for, will be printed. 'I'o remove any objection that jTiay be urged against subscribing, tlie publish-, cr wishes it to l)e understood, that none of the .*;ubscril)c rs will be held bound, if the MAI’ is rot correctly drawn, finished in the best mun- Tu r, ;i:id of the best materials. I’rom tlie returns already received, the pub- Ii.sher is warranted in Ijclitving, that a subscrip tion ! f not less than one thousand names will be ol'tuincd in Norlh-('arolina, among whom ar(, llis I'vcellency tlie (iovernor, all the Ofii- eirs of the State Government residing at the iiu'tropolis, tlie Members of Iioth Mouses ol the I,e.::i '.l ture, a libe ral pioporlion of the Profes- «;oi. ! ‘.iitlemcn, a large inimber of that most res : .il>le cl:iss of citizens, the rurniers, and gi 111 i i.'ily the Meixhants and Traders of our To\v:>, *o whom a correct Map of tiie btate is purtier.'arly desirable. Tlic jnihlisher takes this opportunity to ac- kiiowUiigo his oi)ligations for the polite atten tion wliich has l)cen uniformly paid to his aj)- pliciitloivi for assistance in the prosecution of tlis work, and especially to t!)Os.e gentlemen who liase interested themselves' STEAM BOAT .YOfl77/-CJBOXrjVVJ. This boat has been purchased to ])ly be tween Cheraw and Georgetown; the boat is in complete order, having lately undergone a thorough repair—-fiie is well calculated for the navigation of the river, as she only draws annul three and a half feet water, with a cargo ecjual to four hundred bales of cotton—the agents at Cheraw pledge themselves, that evcrv attention shall be paid to shipments by this boat, and that all cottons intended to be siiipjied by her, shall be taken in charge and securely placed under good sheds or warehouses, fiee of storage, and for all goods received and put in store, a mode rate storage will be charged. From tlie cer tainty of this boat being able to run at all times and seasons, country merchants will find it to their interest to order their shipments and con signments through this place. Mr. Henry \V. Conner, of Charleston, will be agent for the boat at that place, an(l will take charge of any and all consignments to go by t! is bo.i^, (:^? it is probable she will sometimes go liirect to Charleston.) Mr Francis King, an exjierienced and well qualified agent at Georgetown, will at tend to all consignments, both from Cheraw and Charleston, and forward them to either place without delay. Our charges will be customary and reasonable, and we hope to merit jiublic patronage. The agents have large and com modious warehouses, and will secure every and any goods or cottons, forward the former and an} additional expense. In their c harges, they ship the latter, with every possible despatch, will be regulated by the vTicuhipian rules, dis- Money or goods advanced on cottons wished to i counting, however, t?5 per cent, in all jiajments Watcl\eB & JeANeWeu’j. THOMAS TROTTER CO. Takes this method to in form the pubhc, that they have opened a .shop in Ch.arlotte, in the house l.itely occupied by Doct. Samuel Heiiclcrson, on the north side of the Court-House, where they are well prepared to re pair all kinds of SBatcftfs ic rtorfe£i, at the shortest notice. They hope, by a con stant attention to business, to merit the public jiatrcjnage. They have on hand and for sale, the following articles :— ♦ lentlemen’s gold patent lever Watches; l.adies’ do. do. do. Silver lever and pLiin do. Chains, Seals and Keys, Slides and Kings; Hreast Fins, Finger Hings, and Ear Rings ; Silver Table and Tea Spoons ; Soup Ladles and Sugar Tongs; Silver Spectacles, green and white, to suit all ages; Military liuttons, Lace and Epauletts; Ladies’ Work Hoxes and Reticules ; iiatrs and Clasiis ; Thimbles, £ic. SiC. &,c. 17* nocTORS A. \V. Alexander & J. C. Ruflisill Have associated themselves in the practice of nediciiie. .\s far as uossible, their iittoition shall ineot the demands of every casi' committed to tlieir caiv. In cas:*s of difticiilly, con- RuUatioiis will not be attendee! with be shipped. J. & J. H. TOWNES Cheraw, Jan. 24, 1827.—4t20 dock and atcli made before the enil of each } ear. Even those who c innot make paynients, will find ittoth' ir advantage to call early and make scttlemeiits. January 23, 1827.—It20' (Xj’ In consequence of the above arrange- the sun CVS of the several cnuntics. Any in Ibnnatioii calculated to bcnciitlhe work will be thankfully received. .10FIN MAC UAK. F(!yilUvilh\ Ike. 18, l.'^^fi.— Static ot* Nortli-Carolina. 11T»( OLN COTiNXy. David IJlalock, ^ vs. S Peiilion for Divorce. Nancy ISKalock. 3 IT ajipearing to tlie s.atisfartinn of the Court, th;it Nancy lihilock, the defendant, is not an inh'il)it;nit of this St ite: Jt is then fore order ed I'V court, that publication be made three inoiilhs ui *he Catawba Journal, giving notice ill procuring . subscriber continues to carry on the a-. , ■ ■ • ' X bove business, and has made such arrange-' subscriber wishe* to close his books ments, that his customers may rely on punctu- date~he also wishes his cus- ’ . ... .t •- turners to know he has immediate need of money. A. W, ALEXANbEU. alify and despatch. He has for sale, Tiold and Silver WatchcS; (iold chains, Seals and Keys, Ear and Finger liiiigs, •Breast Fins, Lockets, Taidc, Desert, nnd Tea Spoons, Mustard and Salt do. Sugar 'I’ongs, Soup Ladles, Silver Spectacles, Do. do. with extra Glass, Do. do. concave for near sight.*?, EivauWiles, And a variety of other articles in the fancy to her, she make her personal appearance , vvay, all of which will be sold at the most re before the Judge of our Superior Court of Law, ' duced prices JOHN M’KEE. Chesterville, S. C. Jan. 6, 1827.—6t20p together with a great quantity of household and kitchen furniture,and other articles not necessa ry to enumerate. The above mentioned sale will continue from day to »hi\ , unlil all shall be sold. A reasona ble credit will be given. All persons indebted to said est.-ite, will please come forward and settle l>y cash, otherwise give their bonds with good securities; and those having individual bonds in the hands of the administrator, will also avad themselvi s of the jiresent opportunity of roncwingtheir notes Witni ss, Lawfon Ihndrrson, Clerk of said ^l^AKES this method of informing those who j hy comjilying w ith the a!)ov* terms; and those Court, at Lincolnton, the 4th Mondav after the disposed to honor him with their who do not, may expect to rimi their accounts 4th Ntonday of September, A. D. 1826, and in ' patronage, that he has removed to the late resi-' >n the hands of an officer for collection. Also at the next court to be held for the said county ' of Lincoln, at the Court-House in I.incolnton, #»n the 4th Monday after the ‘1th Monday of March next, then and there to answer or de mur to the said petition; otherwise it will be taken pro confesso, and heard ex jiartc, and ad- i judged accordingly. ' DR. JOHN M. HAPrOLDT WII.L be sold on Thursday, the 8th day of March next, at the late dvv elling house oi Ozwald Alexander, deceased, 10 or 15 likely Negroes, 16 or 18 bales oi'Cotton, the 51st year of our Independence. LAWSON HENDERSON, .'im’t ’20.—pr. adv. J4. dence of Mr. Abner Houston, where he may be j those having ilemanets against said estate, will found and consulted at any time, except when ' please to present them according to law. engaged in his professional avocations abroad. IS A.VC CAMFBELL, Administrator. , 1 ^ rv^ He would also return his thanks to the inhabi- Feb. 15, 1827.—3t21. POS I-Or 1C K, (. IIARLO1 1E, > . tants ot Frovidence and its vicinity, for their n. jj. I shall attend on Friday and Saturday, Januart/ 1827. $ | hberal patronage dunng the past year; he fur-, the yth and 10th of March, on the premises Those indebted to this Ofiice, either foj solicits a continuance of the same, ; for the purjiose of giving every ])erson an >p- I.etter or Newspaptj; Fostage,are recpiest- endeavor, by Ins assiduity and attention ' portunity of settling and paying or renewing cd to all, without delay, and settle their res-I ' their accounts, as it is nij determination to act peetive dues. Such as do not attend to this no- the scarcity ot money, and the pres- according to law', as near as my abilities will ad- tice, must not expect .nv farther credit. In no ! promises that his charges rnit. 1. (j. «’as(', heroaftcr, will a letter be delivered until shall tie very moder.ite. • rruviaenci\ Meckltnfjnrg county, A.C. } February 1, 1827.—18tf 5 N. B. Family Mcdicines kept on hand for sale. the po.stage is paid,'exept to such as have re gular aecoinits ; and accounts will be kept w ith tliose only who live within a conveni«‘iit dis- tanee, are known to be punctual, and whose postages are sulliciently large to warrant the trouble. I hose who roceive newspapers through this Ofliei, and ncgleet to call and pay the postage due on them, must expect to have their papers retained hereafter, unless tlie postage is paid quarterly in advance, in respect to such, the Hilijoined instruction from the General l ost-Of- iice will be strictly adhered to :— “ K)fcperiencc has proved how inattentive Ti'iaiiy people are to the payment of such small 1ei)ts as arise from trusting the postages of iH'wsii.ipers; y ou are therefore not to' give redit. To save in future any trouble or incon- ''cnience, it will be propc r for you to require the subscriber.s \\!»o receive, papers through } our oilice, at the commencement of every quarter, to pay the amount of one quarter’s t^uhscrijttion in advance, and without such p'ly- Juent in advance, not to deliver them any news- T.ipers, e ven though they tender you the mo ot 19 D\sso\\\lv">n. The partnership heretofore existing under a stage Hcmse, at the sign-of the Eagle, he hrm of Spencer & Merre , is tins day A in Charlotte, North-. :aroIina, by ’ I dissolved by mutual consent. I hey take the ! liberty to inform their customers, that they will llovjtse, of lal36 -MKcki.kmu’ik; COIN TV. , Fall Tcnn, 1826. uprr:or i'ourl of Lau ?Eam!)!c Alexander^ -ro-.iah Al'e';andcr f»r distribution. and otlu rs. J g I .ippcarlng to tiie satisfaction of t!io court, A that |{ol)( rt (;. Morrison and Frudeiice his V'ite, defendants in this cas(', reside bevoiul the liinifs ot till' state : llis therefore oniered by • he court, that publication l>c made for six ^ ee.>s, in tlie O.itawba Journal, i'or tiie defond- snts a. aforesaid, to appear and defend tlie a- rires.ii I suit. J. M. HUTCHISON, c. s. c. i.. 't:i.::-p,..j„K-, 1. I'^r taJ . at '.Ixis HDHi-irr WATSON. V*ubUc their accounts.—All persons indebted to them by note or book account, must call and settle jnPHE subscriber niforms his frieiuls and the 1 public, tliat he has purchased that well known establishment, lately owned and ocenpi- ed by Dr. Heiulerson, ancl is now prepare d to j entertain travellers and others, who may please I to call on him ; and no exertions will be spared to render them eonirortai)le, and tlu ir sta\ a- greeable. His table w ill be furnished w ithCv w ithout delay. Feb. 14, 1827. ISAAC SFENCEH, THEODOUE MEKHELL. -3t21. Having appointed Mr .loseph Baker, my i v.-iric-ty which the country affords; his bar agent, all persons indebted to me by note j ^),e ijquovs; and his stables \uth , . , , - , - liqur or otherwise, are requested to make payment I p,c„ty of provender, :.nU careful servants will be in constant attenclance UOIIEU 1 Itonr.RT DONALDSON. Fai/(ffcville, Jan. 31, 18^7.—3t20 . VU'uV, LAIMiE and convenient bouse and lot Charlotte, hand- Charlotte, April 20, 1826. I. DINKINS. *8U VVVVulu, beware of the Swind/cr. ^^NE Thomas Hadley, (and, I am ashamed to soiiuly situated, togi:(lu r witii sev- _ ral other convenient t>ulldings.— I acknowledge, a kinsman of my own) came 1 or U rn.s, apply to George Hampton, or to the j ^y^house in Noveintj* v last,^ and'was treuled subscritier. ’ ' ' 3t21 ISAAC S. HENDEIfSON. 'I'he with kimlness and ivsjiect. A!>out the iniddl of Decemix r he bargained with me fora valua ble stud-horse, at the price of Sl5i>; said he t!ien \vWiiVuCl*^H creature, the owner of whicli J i.i’iM i«i-111 .I*-, - ,1 4 .*1 • r one mile from Concord ; borrowed Apo,o.v f„r .i,c of r, ','; z Keinarsk on | returned. Said Ha.Ik) is .-d.ont 23 year, old, m.ddle sii;e. sandy compi. xion, and a down !look: the man is hiuck, a winie fare, tour 1 , ». . 1-1. 1 r. - I white legs, and is branded i iiii W. H. Anv by John M. \\ iLso.N, pastor of Kocky Uiver and rr ., r i,'l-I, I .1, I I peisou wnowill gi\e me iniorinaiiun of sanl I rascul, ami dirccl to Ihc post-fitiici.* iu C.oncfjrci, j (ja!)arrus couiitv, N. shall he generonsi\ re- V\ .\I. HAUIO'S. February 17, 1827.—3t21p Cj' The Courier, Augusta, (Vi. will insert the a!)0Vi- tlirce tunes, and furward his t'- L'uncoi’d, Ci'burrus cQU'ity, JS' c. McMaster.’ To wliich are added a book, [by Alexander (lordonj entitled cU sii,''!! and use of the 15o(jk of I’sainis.’ Hkmiv Ki nM.n, A. M. W ith an Appendix, . \\ iLso.N, pastor of IJocky Ipi. Fiiitry Takers’ Warrants, For sale, at tliis Ofiictf. t\Uuv\\UiCi\ls ivuvl VjuuAs Fwr at tjig Oliice of Uiij-Ju'jj-Imi. 49oUtical« ‘‘COMBINATIONS.’* The following comments on Mr. Floyd’s k'tters lo Gen. Smyth, copicd from the Richtnond (Va.) Whig, of the 16th inst. deserve the serious considera tion of the American People. Kvidencc is at length furnished of the existence of Combinations formed to take the elec tion of President of the United States from the people, who.are to* have no o- ther participation in it, than an accom plishment of the machinations of thi CoMmvATiox may render necessary. The fact of the existence of such combinations, extraordinary as it is, and mortifying a« it must be to the independent electors of the country, is acknowledged by a mem- i)er of the House of Representatives, who is desirous of remaining in Congress, not for the purpose of performing his consti- utional dutir.s a.5 a legibiator for the Un ion, but to assist in completing “ the Combniations for eirecting ‘.he elevation of Genera! Jackson, which are nearly complete IJ. Jour. [From the llichniond Whig, Feb. 16.] (ien. Floyd's Letters.—The late hour at which wo rcc»-ivfd iheextracisfrom Gen. Floyd’s letters, road to the House of Del- eguies by Gen. Sinyih, precluded us in t)ur iast paper from noticing these pre cious specimens »»!’ epistolary merit as fully as we wished. We then look no tice that (ien. Sniylh had garbled the ex tracts read in t!>e House—one particular passage, in wliicb Gen. Floyd asserts the upper part ol' \'irginia to be the great theatre of the intrigues of the Adminis tration, was not tu be found in the extracts collated for the [iress, though we well re member its being read in the House— and though Dr. i'loyd too, may perhaps have occasion to remember it. Upon what ])rinci])le was this passage of Dr. Floyd’s )et;ei- suppuv^si d by (itn. Smyth? If worthy lo influence the deliberations of tlie House of Delegates, was it not wurtiiy lo be seen and read by the peo ple jf V'a. If it be true tliat the ujiper part of Virginia is the great theatre of Admiiiistrutiofi intugue, ought not the .'00(1 people of thai jiart of the common wealth to b( apprised of it, that they may right to elect Jackson by conil)inations a- mong the Members of Congress, without at all cons ling the people. It was i>ar- gain, sale and corruption in day. to votes as his District wished him, and as his State was willing ho should vote, but it is perfectly fair, nay, highly meritorious and patriotic in Dr. Floyd and his asso ciates, exercising their opportunities and influence as IMemliers of Congress, to eombinc to elect Jackson. That Mr. Clay should be reconciled to Mr. Adaois, with whom he had only differed but on the subject of the Mississippi and the fisher-* ies, politically, and never perscnaii), was irrefragable evidence of their corruption, of bargain and sale—but when Mr. Cal houn and Mr. Randolph, Gtn. Jackson and Col. Kenton, Mr. Calhouti and Dr, F!o\d, are reconciled—men whose long^ and rancorous mutual liatred is notorious —and when a close intimacy succeeds for the purpose of effecting a common end, all this is complimented as a mag nanimous proceeding. It is time that the people were looking^ to their rights. The avowal is made that combinations are on foot among the njen whom they have sent to attend to their business at \Vashington, to elect the President themselves. It is plain that the people are to be cheated. The avowal is made by a man who brags of his influence among his associates, and is in all their secrets. Will they sul)mit to this dictation of their servants ? Will they submit to have a President crammed down their throats by a combination oC members of ('ongress ? Already the in fluence of the people in the election of a President is nominal—already a caucus at Richmond kindly takes off their hands all but the name of the election—now we are to have a combination of members of Congress, to take from the people the little agency they have remaining in the choice of a President. This combination of members of Congrcbs is going to do the very thing which they imputed to Mr. Clay—they mean to lake the elec* lion of President in their own hand.s, and cheat the people with a nominal i;»stru« mentality. And who are the men who arc the men v. ho composc this combina tion } Men who are seeking office : one is to be Secretary of State—another of War—another of the Navy—another of the Treasury—This one is to go Minister to England, and- one to France. Tins ex pectation of oirice—this liope of prefer ment frorn General Jackson, fljitered by his coTifideniial friends—this is the a,,,.. w. ...a. t .. ay cemcnt which binds together the heiero- I... put on the mics calM lh= 0|,|,...ilion. and I. a.,d...;.tnc„.s of pow.-r, anu l.icy ,e tl,o« “ may know how lo estimate properly, Dr. rio\d’s inugnanimity in reliiKjuishing the honor of being Governor of Virginia, for lions which are nearly completed, to e- lect (ien. Jackson.” This is al the bot tom of all the sentimental patriotism so .lu- pu.-|...,c- ol s ay.nt; al Wa.l.n.|;iun to wutc 1, tl,nu and tlu; (.overniiKul f Or Wo hope the- .eader has nuT thrown a- Smyth afraid ol that our la., paper containinB tl.c «- passage to the delioerale scrutiny of the public, liiough he was willing lo use it, when time and opportunity did not ad mit of its refu ation ? But ihis is not all. There was anoth er passage supj>ressed still more impor tant. There was atiother passage sup pressed still more euriotts Gen. Floyd informs his friend and correspondent, that “the combinniions for effecting the elevation of Cien. Jackson were nearly complete, and that he wished to remain in Congress unlil they were com)>lete.” ('onihinn/ions—OLnd among whom ? The People ? No—but the Members of Con gress ! Take notice, gentle reader, that these are no combinations between Adams and Clay—they are combinations a- tiiong those pure and immaculate genlle- iiun w ho have denounced all combina tions, as cheating the people—who call the serving of .Mr. Clay under Mr. Adams, the coalitMjn ii lite i)uriian and the black leg—and who, jjremniini'a. combinulion between them for the purpose of eh'cting tlu. laiK r President of the United Stales, liavo applietl to this jihantotn every term of moral and poIitK al reprobation. We lirid that these same pure Sc immaculate gentlemen—these virtuous [latriots who were lin fi with :o holy an indignation al I his at/jjjioscd fraud upon the popular will, are, ov the roiil'essions of so important a nu'iiiher of their parly as Dr. Floyd, coinbiiiing, and for the same purpose, of inuking a President. “ The combinations lor electing (General Jackson are nearly complete !’' So the /yt.y//e, notwithstari'I- ing the s(dicitude for their rights, and the deniincialions a|.';aiiisl Messrs. Adams and Clay for ilieir alleged disrespect of tlu ir will, by Dr. Floyd and his associ ates, aie, after all, lo have nothiug lo do ith the election I 'i'hat is lo be sellled l)y cnniltiiialions among the Members oj Congi-ess—and this is avowed by so dis- tinguislicila persotiage as D.”. I'loyd—he whose presence is necessary al Wasliing- lon, to save *hc nation : It was infa mous in Mr. ^^ay, to exercise his consii- utional fli'.rretio?! in vo'i'ig ft)r Adams in prelerence to Jackson, alter the people trad i’:;ii- (I 'o •..•■uL'' ;i'iioIf:i;-=1jir. it is all tracts of Dr. Floyd’s letters and otiiers, read to the House of Delegates. We wish him to preserve ihose letiers as e- pisiolary modek. We invite the utien- tionofthe people of Upper Virgind to the assertion made by Dr. F'lo\d, liiat part of the State is the “great iheaireoi’ the intrigues of the Adnjinistraiion,”and that he desires to remain in Congress to look afier them. The survey of their country, for the purposes of Internal Im provement, is evidence of the conupt views of the Administration and Dr. Floyd must remain in Washington to take care that the people are not intrigu ed with effectually. His fears that they will be corrupted are of course very- strong, when, to prevent it, he sacrifices the honor of being Governor of Vii ginia. “The upper part of V’irginia is the great theatre of the intrigues of the a»!nunis- tration,” and he, Dr. Floyd, must remain in Washington, to prevent the peopl^' there from being corrupted by ihe in trigues of the Administration. Very co/nplimentai y to tlu; people of Upper Vir ginia, and lo the Doctor’s own Disirict, ii must be acknowledged ! High confi*- dence he must have in the integrity of the people of V'lrginia, when he insinuates that the mere survey of iheir country (we suppose he meant this) by order of the (government, and at the suggestion of iheir own Hepre.seiilatives, is to buj’ them over to the Administration, and seducR them from their allegiance to (Jen. Jack son ! Still higher confidence must he possess in /timse/f^ when his presence is ne cessary at Washington, to prevent the people of Upper \'a. .‘'rom being corrupt ed by the Adminisiraiioii! Wo hope the peoj)le of IJolelourt, Rockbridge, (jiles St Montgomery, will not forget to reward the Doctor’s great palrioti:,m, and res pect to them, at the next election. .'Imerican UooL—Yesterday were rc- coiv(d Ml this cily, in a long train oi‘ sleds, about 20iOou lbs. of W'ool, consign ed to Messrs. Livermore and Dnnn. This wool, is from Sheep kept iii the town of Orrville, V'ermoni—where, it is estima ted,. KiOjOOQlb^.of-Woo! were sheared Jasi

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