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North Carolina Newspapers

Catawba journal. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1824-1828, March 11, 1828, Image 4

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fn.ui I III lltirriii, ( fi / J Star. IliF IMilS'IKK'S LoVK. Vr lo\t Id M l tlic rose ill utl l’^ !■ (In s* ; I li,\f Ti) lu .u- our fi ll pls disclose T In- tii.oiH'its ()1 ihi‘ l)rt ast. Wr l«v tf) scf sliip nrrivf, \\ II liitU 'i, 10 OUT slioff ; ■\Vi Idv. t(, « oul 111iglil)ors thrive. Ami love to bli vs ill. (ioor. Vf N)v.' Ui-SfO ;i (!o W nil nil 111* ntii.l. V . IdVl * s. I- M )•"! Not J)l> KS ll Wltl (‘tic life .ip.igf.ys. )c t above not •W’, l,^^•alltl>lsl• .\ll '.li.a \\ \t r >ul, y\t lo'c wliat l\i r\ I’KINTKH LOVES, To h;«\t Sill Mn-ij»,l;oiis FIJM, 1{ AI, HYMN.- Hi/ H-ffiop H> her Tlf'u art uom- to llic giuvt ! l)Ut .>il' «h plon till I, Ti.oogh sorrows ami darkness t ncompahs the Thy'savum^jltefcsea through its portal hc- tort- , Ami thr l;.m|. of Ills love i.- th) gH‘Jf liu ijlooni ! Thou art {fonc-- to thi- grave ! we no loiig'tr be- iiold tlu c, Nor tread the rough paths of the world by 1 y side ; Hut the \vu!f arms of Mercy are spread to on- folci thee, And sinners ni;iy die, for the atnlesn has died . Thou art pone to the grave ! and, its mansion forsil-.ntr. . I Percliunce thy weak spirit in tear hngered loi.j' ; But the ini 111 rays of Taradise beamed on tliy vv.ikin^r, Aiul the suun.’. which thou heardst was the Seraphim’s ;>on{j ! 'i’liou urt ifone to the grave ! hut we will not iKplort thee, "VVhos Hod was Thy ransom, 'I hy fjuurdian and gMiue ; M tli.c, lie took thee, and lie Will re store I hie, And deiitl, las no sting, for the Saviour has dull ! He JJ V tin* r if.-' J b.’ ( t J ti.' nSuX MEETl^'^a /A 1 lit.I)ELL. 2lM III ti> .(isl. a 1.. i',r tin 11 z 11\ lu the t It I ~t)ti ll) ' h(' 111 X' I lie C'>tii-' 11 1- ,t t 'u.l I ; I 'li es 1 lu>U>|jSi>l tint It c, 1 \\ on .\i mii' ct l.i!)h (|i'l I ( (jij’l! \ . ii ll I I (itn- ^Inilriv' I’u s’.di'rii \, lii use III bla t vtilr n.tvidso.' w .I'i ealled \i,'ei F laUls^'i'. K (] jtul i Nil' (,oinj>i)tll, Wile aipi)iiiu‘1 aecrii..- ri* s. - Ttf nweiit.K belt.}? lli'is ofvf.i. iz. .I. S ur.iel Kinvs K'fl- e\l)> Uiu-il Hi. -dij" off H inefliiiij, in :i lrnl> pla.n vet .i.i liaiiKia-iruddri ss, wl.ii it ud.icd iiiu( (he diK^iiy and im|u3rlunc(: ol’ tii .saiislaciiott lo a>. to mee’tniv. -'inl K^vc tin- assi''i>f)ly. t)n .iio'i )ti III J ihn Mushat, L'-fi- a coil.iiiitt^’e* was iipi.oiiiK (1 lo pn piU'c atid prcbctit all addt'css and resolulioiis, cx- pt(s^iv^.'0^ ttic v^ls!1ls uf liif im-tlitii^;. The rull(>N>.;’iU pfisotis were tiicn iiomi- liulcil tind jj)|.oiiiled to ctjinposc said comtnini'.', \ : John Musliut, Esq. Saniiu i (. ol, A. !'• Culdwcil, James Tl.uniii'ui'. I'.stj. C:aptaiii Milion Canjp!)!'!!, 'i .O'-.. Kc!!, Joseph \N . Mtil - df.rk, I'-q. PiiiUncy t';ddvvt,‘ll, Jus. 1>1- William V. Cowan, Capt. Andiew King, ji/lui Feimslet, and set,. All-r having 111!', ihf coiuniiM't* I't ■ I.i I I'.e I olio wing’ ad- I'.'iLliol.’.-- NuMoi: J Im Moor.', Es() Si t; It‘i Cl .1 -.rO' i> r • fil I’of s>,i . VI am. III. I. li i7VNS : 7iit i ll,,' I v.s iiii' *>'!y at (1 al IJ • xnidliK'd and ' l) 'i enlis iie ■/.' x\ ll' } tetri' .'I ll' i 1.1' I'I*' 'I he design of (>ni 1)1 ell made ki'ow n, Ii is iilipur . II . tilt Icellti^v unil e\ huleitid at.d caiKlid al- etid (.!' his coitiiii y. I’os- S(’s» d I I I'l*' 111'.! niL;(‘i‘i.e incthSiiiy lo a CoiT'-'. all. ti)?;'. fi! '. untltM'S'Ji d ii}^' ol th-11 [ aipj liy vt!p litsiui y id the fri A'('11* * i.iai lia\t‘ l.ei !i, tl-e JtJ' iifieiifi.: wvilhoiJi reitioi.slranci the ( I'i I K icmiietiis upon lltetr pn\li.liif Aiii' Htiiii people, .vilh a vit*'! i-ifi*'•' IIfj'i I- ti!; laiic. 1.1 blt' hut pecu11ur tij 111. n>s*i'I ■, lu.M‘ fj.pns^d ihf a'sunr'p- licn.iiid ixeit:tse .,1 ( n»\er whttli iiitnh’ violate tl’ii cot)>iitu oi impair tiK ii iiln rties. Wbil.' ti.;s \ i^'iKiiu i i xists. the inrxivato!’ui'iiti then i U',*>t!>» ‘d liuii;.';ii ailfuli't'Cl I'iJi'iH.^/, ii'Usl hi litisui I' Sb IVil ; and i.ean t>niv !>i m.ilei the it'flu- eitc't of 'I '■ hope ill I ihis viiMl.iiHf ha* berfHiie i.-frUltl oi XtHnl, ihaL he will b iMilurid i()Ct>Mi. IJI or miew his laci- i(.i s .■MUM j) ilt'. lltllK It. ^rO\l I i.ttii iils I where ?h» Ii.ive losi iht'ir t I'^'his. at'd t'lTii )' );ijl; h» (i It w |-i lei ef.tu ss and alnxeiv, th* ll- 111" . tiii'iJi;h ir n,..n> ( u- fit s f a|):d. IS l)t' I' ^eiii I ally 11 ec « d hv dii'cees. I'l^ii' M-; h'Si ine iraiisitiun 11'* W' tiii fl [)i IV ill gt ■, j,,i^|,i ,M- l» loi. S' tltieti I.I itM. irreai, the flu. Ill ■ I til' I be r 111 s 'I n 1 a ll k I tid 11 ll > s ,11 iiiiiK ( rii.f e.ilt (i Ills titibal- (!i-u'S. f'f eiide..\('i ed M tiimin jci, t hi- ii' ['III Uiiif I id' 'tiK i i^l'’ be a'-- Sailed. sij( h means havi tialions S* ei lulled inl> " ii';liil«'ss seeirtii\, noi Mi-- pcrt ific; da'^,'t I ot'fl fpp'fss'tin’s yok prof I'aiii'e.i to ■prc)\ ( (I t' «mi ielit ]'l -a'** biiioiiuiJ, (it l » I S w bat 'I t \ tell, anti ru in u be mt’' nable. 'I'ln si I I>li( s b(j).» kI'" > i*' d It !i( 1 r wisdom, and f!;unrd us a{**tinst the in- lyiit eoirii|)'ioti td iTieri who, amid' e hi>; |.ietenMtiHS of palr‘u>tisii . .1* sat l ifn intr then cminiiy's libtM'ii' I lie jIui ofif'e niost unhuly anibilit't, feilow-ci tzt ll'', ib there no daiiK' r surh e\ils, anionj; ourselves? Troi It* ttiiprrfi riii.n and deptaviiy of hutii:'' luiuie, fietdm fioin clai.fjer of this ktii' lui^hl not to be t xi»* fietl : and tf expect- d by any, such expeitaiions must been lertuintd in opposition to farts. '1 \ iscloni of out falhgt s, who Iratn* d fof n*- oiibtitulion or bond of union, loresav\ tiijit such evils wotiUl sptitij*- up ainon^, IIS ; and, with a ptecan ion uniquallefi ly earthly le^^islators, made prtivisions iilier to prevent thetr takinp: root, or tt i.heck tlu’ir growth and exieiminate them before they arrived at niatiirit\ I lius far tliese piovisions ha^e been ei leciual ; and while the same viiitie acm dies and (governs the Amt riean people iiac has appeared so tonsptcuous in ttine.s that are past, unhallowed ambition will only adtl to liie displace arid ij^no- ininy of its wretched subjects. '1 be peo ple posses.s tlte ph)!iical power, atul in governments like our’s, have the right of electing tin ir rulers. IJeiiig ibus sov ereign, although the veil ol dt lusioti may for a time ovei spread their triincls atitl cause them to lose sight ol their privile ges, yet if inieiligent, they w ill rise in their majesiy, rend asunder the vi-il, and asset t ihtii rights; hr ti«, arid not the least of liic . xcellencies of otjr go\etnmenl is, that ihe l^nler is de[)tndatit upon ami accountal>le to the people for iiis conduct. While, therefore, ptdiiical virtue predominates, and intelligence, the I'ouiidation ol that virtue. IS promoted, we have liltle to fear, liui the iiiOment the people, thrtjugh av arice, luxury, or pt.liiici.l corruption, be- lome ignorant of tht ir rights, and lor- j^ft thetr interests tlieiewiih connected, ,iie rh/ud «)l" niiti !>egins to gatiu'f. 1 he .ohie ( xerlii.t.s of,, few who still statid biiween me “liviiig atid the dead,” may !oi a lime stay its galhering and avt i t •s atigry aspect : yet il will a>;ain i t)l- »•( I, and the short caliTi will oely ren ier the shock of Us burst tr.ore ti rri!)le. We asseml)ie, tl.ei , iiot to Calumniate lur delraf I Irom atiy uietil tt) wliich the Uulers t.,f oui' goveiniiu iil ate justly ei.- Mitd; but to give and teiive infornu- lon ti s|)i-ctiiig the!!', and the mea.'Uli'- ney puiiiu* and iiflvocate ; to txpress .iir o|'iiii'ns r. Mb candor, and feui !t sslv, n a sul'ject o/ the htg e>i ma.LiiHude, ,,d at iliis tinie exciiing an iinetesi not w't' surp.isseil b_v 'ha' wliiih t xis t 1 I'li !,. hrs t leciioti ol Ji th rson to the t.fii' i ,r PresiiletU. In lln da)fc of that s;,g. nd pairiot, w ha! was the |.(.liiirai satid naile and the course lolhnM ci b\ out .ii'sei)! chit f iMag Pirate ? Wi find hiii. o ppositig, with asjdeciesut veh'n. tire always ii.dicutive td a cau-t, neasures which expttieiue (whose ev i- lietice is irrt sistibh) has proved to be ihe crt'ect of that wisdom and iVre^-ighi which, with proplu’tic glam e, penett ated ihe veil of I’uturu}, atul saw with a light distinct and enr.ipiu'ing, whai would ad vance the glory atul prornote the iiuei esi:> of a naticyii i!esiiri',d lu move i;nii>i.g oiheis as one of ihv iiisi poiiiical impor- lanco. Il was ix.t thetel'oie to be ex- pet.ted, that a party whose understand mgs were eillier ttjo limi'.ed to lorese* Un-se iiilut e glories anil mien sis of i.ui i.ontii I y. or w hose minds wtrt. sostron).*i\ warped by prejudice as to denounce ihe measui'cs caicuLied to ativatce and iiid- moie them, v.oulil lot.g statu' ijelort ■'Uci superior wisdom and caiuhn 'I .ines wei.’ t«i he thaii^ed ; and did >.ur jji'cseir cnii I Hiller belli ve, tli„i in ut ilri still to II >')'oil i!.t oi'hui.ii curreiit, he inns c.i..i;,;e \viih li.ciii I 'i'iu'change fd ins | (lOiim al co'u' >f was indit'd sudtlen ; but a;, wedo noi pieu nd to know the heart, welti: !)cai to i ondetnn tlu' niotives in- I ijcii.g tiiereiij; \ei we conlidenllv usseri, tha', tf» il possil)le, upon the oti.nioti and estal)iisl ed principles ol the pnilosordi) of the hutnan rtund, foi ^.ri itidiv idiial ihi'ongli sincere and up- 1 ii'lil iKoiiM s, iji’.ilenly lo abandon a s)siem i/f ptdiiics, maiureil, conscien- Uoii>ly a.ii;;.u (1, and steadily pursued, for a tiumLii I i;l \i ar., is as absurd as to sup post, upon Uic jiiiticiples of Natural Philo2C|.hy, lh;.i tiie same individtiai could ere.lie a world. W'c might recall o yi'iir tCl (iilection the |ih dge of the Or fli' id the pjpsent adinitiisli ution, :ci lo tlu.' willingness of ur present cl 11 I :ite lo bai ter aw ay the inier- ‘ts ol the \\ (Stern ISiates, w' ii N inter t sisaie itiinii diaii ly and neci ssurily i i.n lefiiu wi;h tiie lut; n:n tg.i t ioti oi tltai miul !v s!:-eani ihe .MisMs'-ijji.i, whicl. '.»aison Its '.jnsoiii lo a read\ iiui'kt : Uie ! It ht vt pi o(! uc tu/tis c 1 I hi‘ n ost fe111n jiat t id' tlu C. Stall s. W e nil}.,d.l iti- dteil luiT ji i.r aiU niKi!) lo siems ui- roinput^ing ihe last I'lt sidt iitial elet tiot', itiui ask hi.w it came to |)ass that ’lit voK e olid of tlie people vefi disi e;.i;:ii (It d hy their 11 pr» sentali ves r Ilow it ( i.n.t to pass that the s rt tiU' Us advofati I'.r ihe i i;cht of insiiuc ton si’ -tiddieU li.i.ngid his n]iinli,T., nr at least i.\ his Cl i.i'.iM ( denii (1 tne I ight he oni t .» t d r O; Iwjw tt c ame to pass ll ai lit pi I'M tit Set ri tai y (as the even’ proMd} .. Uitl g ve his lii. iKis lo under si.-nd, | n vn)iis lo tlie eleclion, that hi' elev_^iion lo the i fii e he now iioltls de- 1.1 t f ti U)-i r. Cl v\ .lild ho rtndi red cfi- nrcTpIo li e catulld trc cf Ct rrespondfncc-, rr^nhun;; lime and place of meeting sa'^1 and all other business therewith connect- intfrropatorlfs V ill . .(I impartial it r truth, th. .istence tif a con l.maUon disgrjrelul n t rnlers, and dangerous to the rights o' Tree people. Unpleasant and evilly ominous in rela '.;n to the correctness .*nd purity of the resent adniitiist I a'ion, are the fact'- vhich were disclosed by the appointm. n- ■f Ministers to the British gtjvcrnmeni. It cannot be denied, that a man so dt- I repid by disease and the infirmities ol ')ld age, as to be rendered unable t«* servt .-.s Senator of the United S ates, was thi first aj)pointed. What did the event prove r It proved that the appointment was al least injudicious, ft>r he >vas ob liged to return without efiVcting the bus iness upon which he had been sent. Who was his successor." A man who had sal in the councils of the seditious, aiding and abetling their treasonable pro jects." To give you an example of tolly and extravagance in the present admin istration of the government, which the wise and sober-minded ol our own and all succeeding ages do and will consider as the “miserable abortion” ot political fanaticism, we need only name the Pana ma Congress: concerning which however, our surprise might be expected to be somewhat diminished, by attending to the bold, unprecedented, and unconstitu tional language empoyed by our present Chief Huler, when in his first Message to Congress he expressed his sentiments on ibis subject. I'ellow-riiizens : are not the limes out of joint? Is there not st>mething rotten in the administration of our government r Is there no need of reform, when the con fidence of ibe people in their ntlers^ is shaken, if not entirely destroyed r Yea. is there not danger, that unless a remedy l)e applied to our political maladies, the whole body will sotjn be aflected, when, alas ! a cure wiil be impossible ! W e are aware lhat the cry >\'faction, will be rais ed by our political opponenis. e only, in a friendly manner, express a hope that ihey will first eutU’avor to understand the term correctly. W’e disavow all secret machinations against those who dif?ei Irotn us m opinion ; and without arro- ^^atice, we deny that we are actuated by iiusy and turbulent spirits, for the pur- j.ose «>f‘ promoting selfish ends. W speak jur sentit7ietits w ith the frankriess and intiepidi'> of tVe. men. Our great I bj Cl is the good and prosper ity ol -r lomrtion coun ry, whose lilieities our lathers puichased wiih their blood and ueasure, and have handed thrm down to ns. ;hal we might transmit them to our • uccessors, unsullied in their lustre, and ni,din.,nished in iheir power to bless, (luidi d by such vievvs, we believe il to ii( (.f ihe uiniosl importance that the Hidividual clothed with the highest ofiice in ou: government, otignl to he incor- lupiihlein Ins integritv, inn.xible in his iii.M lotisfi), economical in his views of ed. be in- JiesolvefL That said delegates sii iicted tf) gi'f their voles to no one as an Klector, unless perfectly satisfied that if elected, he will give his vote for Gen. A Jackson as President, and John C. Calhoun as Vice President. Jlcsolved, rh'.t .Fnhn Mushat, Esq. Vranklin Duvid.son. Ksq. Will. L. I)-vidson, Capt An- iln VI King, Klihu K 'ig, S. Glascock, sen. Hor ace Uedmaii, F.sq. .los. M. Ht)gh» «lohn Feim ter. John Mcl-elland, henry M. Smith, Norton, Cap‘. M. Campbell, Wm. A. Shepherd, \\ . C. Worke, Hichard Suhivan, Sami. Welch, II. Rustle, Ja.s. (iuy, W. Scott, Sami. Tomhn- son, Woht. Vonn)^, Neil M’Kay, Jacob lipps, Alexander Lackey, Kdwanl Journey, Capt. T. Tucker, Thus. James, James James, Mm. Cal- ahan, Wm. Hutler, Percival Camiibell, F.sq. T. M. Campbell, (.etirge W. Cook, James McLel- lant!, Ksq. Otho (iillespie, W . M’Kwen, sen.W. M’F.wen, jr. Wm. H. Jones, Hugh Jones, Geo. Thompson, Wilev Gaither, John Young, jr. I numpMjii, -07 - Daviil Houston, N. Tomlinson, F.zra Shariie, L. H. White, Milas I’otts. Wm. M’I.elland, Da vid Waddii, Uavid Stephenson, W. Stephen son, .sen. Win. Stephenson, J. Stepenson, sen. Col. John M’Kee, Daniel Mathcson, Capt. S. Olbv, John W oods, Capt. W. Mears, Col. Thos, Crawford, John Miller, Henj. Henhne, Capt. Wm. Feimster, (iet rge Hohinson, Henjamin nrevard, Joseph Sharpe, and D. Ueece, he ap pointed a Committee of Correspondence on the part of this meeting, to promote its object. Iicsolvcdy That copies of these procee* ding be transmittetl to eacn Militia com pany, through their Captain, for their appi'obation. All which is respectfully submitted, by your committee. (S-nned) JoH.v .Vii’sii.vT, L'hairman. The question was ihen pui : Are the foregoing address, propositions and res- (.lutions, expressive of the sense of ihi^ meeting. ? W hich was catried unani mously in the affirmative, and with a live liness and spirit of animation, whit;h be spoke ll’.e earnestness and sincerity of ihe vote. Ordered, lhat copies of tliese proceed ings be signed by the chairman, and at- tesud hy the secretaries, and sent to the r.diiors of the Western Carolinian, Ral eigh Star, and Catavv ba Journal, for pub- licalioi'. L. DAVIDSON, Chr'n. the dead wrrc seen. On rach side of ihc bier, stood large waxen candles, and round were ««tanding hundreds of friends, f-ach bearing a lighted taper in his harid. Half an hour or more, the priests al er- nately recited the funerjil service, and at short intervals numbers recited a sacred song. The scriptures were f>pen, ai,d from the ancient Greek read, the hour ig coming, in the v hich all \hat are in their graves shall hear his voice, artd come forth. An aged priest, with a long hairy head, standing by the side of the dead, in their own native dialect, then addressed the people. He stood theie, he said, to speak for her who could no longer speal; for herself, and for her to forgive any, who might ever have injured her. If she had herself injured any, he hopeii ihey would freely forgive her. The as sembly with united voices, responded, “ we forgive, and may she also be for given of her God,” crossing themselvej and bowed. The crowd ihei) parted,ana ihe relatives stood near. The eye of ihe husband was now, for the last time, fixed on the object of his aflections. Thnc? he crossed himself, then bowed and kiss ed the cheek now cold in f^eath ; and so feeling, so afll'ectionate was the last fart- well, that no one could pronounce ii ce remony merely. The deceased was thei^ borne to the depository of the dead, and when laid in the tomb, the priest poured oil on her head, repeating one of the Psalms of David, the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof i the worlds and Ihqi that dwell therein. A. F C\i.nwF.i.L. 1 JaMK' '1 HCMrSO.N, I Mll.lON C AMIM’.KI.I.. J Secretaries. I,,', r t siTtI'i d It il . tui I. .It I'V, ti. (Icc’Ki the present t liiei live on ruQvU lu ijivc u!siv;iit>uui» I f A htiUilul atiowcv lo national policy, and 'inii.niunced by sel- fisii motives in the txeiciseof the pt;uer given to him by me coristiiut'of.. (iivi to us a man disin t_;iusiied h\ qu-i'iHc;- lions like those, (rail him Mtiitar'/ C'li'J /fl/n, or by an> other name you pleas. } and ihete is a hope that the admiiiisira- iion fif out gtn friitneiit vvill be restored lo its pri'-'.ini |uii ily. Where shall such an one be found r On lliis sulitc , with a large and respec* i.tij'ie |ii.'r.'ii ll of iht j • ople (if this Sl4te of ih U. S..ite‘. we believe lhat in (lei,. A.NDR1.W J.vcKsos these qualifica tions iXi-t Ml all I iniiient degree. His ii.;t'i,iiiv and (lairn-rsrii are above sus- pifio! ; ills economical views of national ,oli(y, ai’d his (lisintereslednesb, ar.c Uiif.vvii and a> know led ged. Your commitiec, then, believe, 1st. I hui the piesctii administration of the national gov( rnmenl is extravagant and piodigal, hellish and unwise ; and ought lliei efore fo bo reformed. — If additional evidenceof the truth of ihis jiroposiiion be demanded, we refer the inquirer to the conduct of the members of ihe Cabinet, visiting different stales, and various places, for the purpose cf promoting electioneering purposes; conduct noi only unprecedented, but uneciiiall’d in disgrac in the annals ofour country. U'l. 'l hat a reform cannot be eflecled, Of eflt'Cted with that speeil and facility which the exigencies of our couniry re- (luire, while the f)reseni Chief .Magisiraie htdds the ofiice of President. 3d. Th.ii the best interests of our coun try tlo therefore loudly call for a change of persons, to w hom hv the constituuoti 1 he admimsiration of ihe governmenl is ntrusli'd. •t.'i’hat il istl'.e duty of all those whowish -o pieserveour Hepuldican institutions it. saftiy, and tt anbiidl them to posteiity 111 ir.eir purity, to use all honorable and i.iwlul means lo eflecl such a change. I’ht relore. lusolml, that we will unite with our li'lhiw-i llizens ibrou^;houi the U. Siales, in sup[)oi 'ing (ieii. jJndreiv Jackson foi the luxr Piesi lei.t ; at.d that, as we have lull contidi nee in the ability, the integrity ai d pail It.tisnt of/(>//« L'. Calhoun, sve will siipixiri him lot V ice f’tesiiient. Ji'etiolied, 1 hat (len. (ieoi ge L. David son. ^aii.iiei King, Ksq. James Thoni[) son. i'.sq. John ;^loore, Esq. and Col. A. I . ^auiwi ll, he Appointed as Delegates, lo 11 i»-t with cithers from the counties t iiil>risitiK ihe|tlisirict, to choose an K- '■'ur til !»,• plaiSed un the general ticket ; I and ihui Sviid f;|c composc tlie Cominit- From the .\ugusta Chroniclc. Leap I'tiir. —This being ihe year in vvhiii! Ladies are privileged lo do their own courting, we, the su!)scribers, three Bacheh)i s, now silting in conclave, have determiried to give public notice, that we will, until the first of May next, receivt sealed proposals from such as are de- sii uus of entering into the married state. We are men ol good standing iti Society, agrd 2-, 26 and 28 years ; 5 feet (> inches, 5 feel 7 inches and 5 feel II inches high; ltderably good looking, to say the least, and possess every rtquisite for making reasonable women happy-. W’e are not particular about the size or height of ihe applicants ; they mtisi be not less than lo nor more ihan 21 years of age. They must be of fair complexion, and be able to give good references. Secrecy on our pari will be strictly observed. Direct to ti.e undersigned, through the Post Of fice. P- M- H- \V- -S- II- Januarv 29. 1828. Jvimal L.tely nt Watertown, Nivv-York, a bti\ ot 14 yeyrs of age, while herd iig cattle on the f. rni of Keidlev’s, was at- tackefl 1 y il ‘ nil, witlu iit the least provrcation. lie VIas repeatrdly ki.nekcd !oun and tnmi pled iipt'ii for a h nj;th of tin.e, so as to be very sevi rely I rnisid in al! p:irts of the body. ,\o person beiitji-ni ar, his cm s um nt.t lit arl ; anti latal eonsequt iices voiili! have very soon ensiiid, had he not been nlei.sid in a siir til'r manner Uhile the jurious w'ls gt ttinp more cnragetl, hi was attacked by the rest of tlu cattlc (osen)in s(» di tern incd a rnaniur, that in ordir ti di ft ml h’tnsi'If, he left the hoy, who was fortnnati ly t.till a' le to remove, aiul w ho was thus enablt tl to escape. Such an example of Ihe txertion of a th groe ol intellect in cattle, led to an enquiry f the hoy re>;anhng the circumstances of the case. The boy informed the writer of this article, that only one of the cattle came first to his n sciic, and attacked the hull, and in a little time the others came, ;is if to the assistar.ce of the first. This gr:itehil and gi-nerous animal had hi en, during the Iasi winter, in rather slcklv condi tion, during which time the boy had’ iiaid it consiJtrable attention, giving It hansdhill of corn, and otherwise aihiiinistering to its roin- foriH, which attention it basso noblv repaid, by rescuing its btnctactor froia a violent and shocking death. A recent traveller, gives the following account of a (ireek funeral:—“A low bier standing near the centre of the church floor, bore the cor pse, the remains of a female. On her head was a white turban, in which was gracefully entwined a large braid of hair. She was dressed in along brown silk matitle, wiih edges trimmed wiihsal»lt‘. Her head was resting on a pillow of yellow silk, beauiifully figured with gold, and a srr.all coverlet of the same spread over the lower part of the l)(^y, and hung down f'-om ihe fool of the bier. She seemed like a person wht had thrown hersidf on a couch, lo rest from thj^faiigue ol .i jiiiirney. Nocofl’in. no bhroud,nuuc of wunicd habiliments Influence of the Female Character. Compare the condition and pursuits cC the mass of men with those of w'omen, and lell me on w hich side lies the inferiority. While ihe greater part of our sex arc engaged in turning up the clods of thr^ earth, fashioning the materials whicli are to supply the physical wants of cur race, exchanging the products of indus try of difTerent countries, (oiling amidst the perils of war and the tumults of poli tics—lo you is committed the nobler task of moulding the infant mind ; it IS for you to give their character lo sue cceding ages ; it is ytiurs to control ihc stot ni; passions of man, to insjiire him with those sentiments which subdue hi', ferocity, and make his heart gentle atul soft J it is yours to open to him ihe truest and puiest sources of happiness, and pt onij)t him to the love of virtue and re- ‘ ligion. A u?/r, a mother ! How sacred and venerable ihese names ! Whai no bler objects can the most aspiring ambi tion propose to itself than to fulfil thedu- ties which these relations imply ! Instead of murmuring that your field of influence is so narrow, my friends, should you net rather tremble al the magnitude and sa credness of your responsibility ? W’hen you demand of man a higher educaiion than has hitherto been given you, and claim to drink from the fcame wells of knowledge as himself, should it not be that you may be thus enabled, not to rush into lhat sphere which nature has mark ed for him, but to move more worthily and gracefully wilhin your own. Thatcher's Scnv,07i. Dr. Ilowe has in his possession the helmet of Lord Byron. Il is surmount ed with a crest and plume ; and on a plate in front, the arms of the Byrons arc aiiachad in embossed silver. It was giv en by livron just before his dealh to a young Greek, who was in his family- 1 he latter perished in an expedition. The sword belonging formerly to Lm'i Hyron, is also in Dr. Howe's custi fiy. .Mr. .Miller, to whom li now belongs, pur- I based 11 at auction. Mr. Sluyvesau' .i'‘I Dr. Howe have brought w iih iheni t'tn Ciretk boys, in iheir native cosiun.o. 'Ihey are very lively and intelligent. Their mothers gave them to the getnlc" men above mcnlioned. N. V. Com Mv. Subjects for the Pulpit. — “The preach* I r of evei lasting iruJ), has certanly ti c tioblest subjects that ever elevated ani' , I tikindled the soul of man. Not the iH' I trigues of a Philip, not the plots of a Cal- aline ; but the rebellion of angels, thfi . I reation of a world, the incarnation I death of the Son of Ciod, the resurrt c- , lion of man, the dissolution of na'urc, the general judgment and the fin.'tl con firmation of countless millions of | and angels in happiness or misery. N" subjeis are so siiblinie ; none are so in teresting to the feelings of a reflecimi’ ati(!ience. No orator was himself ever so (li'eply interested in hi.ssnbjecf, as a godly minister is in the truths which he presses upon his hearers. If on any* lopic he can become impassioned, and be carried beyond himself, it is on th^- theme of immortal love, and the evcrlas ting destinies of men. ” O yc orators and philosophers, , make the civivilization of the spof'^'^ your dream ! look to Christian Mission aries, if you want to see the men who re alize it. You may deck the iheme vv>i» t!ie praises of your unsubstantial quence : but these are the men who are to accomplish the business ! They ai"® now risking every earthly comfort of '^' istence in the cause : while you si' i” en securi’v, and pour u jon their holy un dei'lii.king the ^r'telty c srorn.

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