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North Carolina Newspapers

Catawba journal. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1824-1828, April 22, 1828, Image 3

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CHARI.OTTE;: Ti r.yUAV, AIMUL 22, 1^28. * Some scvfve spurring has taken pluce in the ilo'isc of U.‘;i:'Cbent;Ui.vc3 between Mr. I>urj;es, „t U. 1. Cliairnuin ot tlie Ciimmiltec cl'V\‘:t}s und Means. 'Hie report Qt t!ie latter i;entlcTnan on tlic I'liianccs, liau bc.n rnlHt r rouc^lily handled by Mr. liuvpres, vho 'I)h' .;e.l the aullior with a frross plapa- .•,..11 n t'.ie famous lloston ret;ort,—ai.d from , ‘..Mii'-J ajipears to the contrary, the i ii /c was well founded tliis roused thfi ire ;i Mr. McDuflie, and he came down upon his ;,ssaih:it with great severity. Mr. lUirjres pro- cccded tu reply, in terms equally severe and -.ifciistlc, wlien the Speaker stopped him, and tiirected him to take his seat. ' 1* appears, from the admission of Mr. McHuf* f;,. ;is well as from tlie statements of otiicrgen- • li nu II. th;\t tin- re port, as it is callcc!, of tlie Ccinniilhe '-f NV:‘ys and Means, on llie Tiiian- ces, v;.s prepared by the (Jh:«irni;in v.ithout con-.iilt;>tion, and th;.t not one oi'lhe three mi in- btrs c'iniposing the riiiiioritv oftl>e conimittec, rvei w^tr tl“-' report until it was i>reS( nted to the lltMihf, nor did they even know thut sucii ;t r po’t w-*» '» contLinpiation. 'I'his is eer- a h.i.gular prort ethn.S'-; but it i^» acceutited i'or. ll.icl the rt juirt iuen submit- tali', yn(i dih'ub.'i d in full c'.ii.mitter, the nimonty ■'ould h:«ve prepare d a proti st to ac ton.puny it, e.\pt,i-;i.g i’s ..bsuriiiiifs and f.tlse ji.,v I thus (I'l bi.t'.e .uid tlie unl ditft woiiid TiUchtiuii ihf jU'.j^ry, f.r.a I'iO rjUi’l- ITii? ihii*, r • Js fitul tejoicc. ills of lie ii'.secL beijin lo he studiecf. 'I’his is ilu* M'ubon lor l'|\c yellow ;i!c ihe \;ilualde, 'i’hcy hutch once u year, buttiie Iari;t:sl l>a!ls. 'I’hc uhi'e iiatc li iwice bui s;>iii less. Kuch urtller clrposils about 4C0 How {oimi, ii lit will il be, w bejiev i r i be “drowsy fit is on >e,” to l».ke \oiir her! out of your jx.rkei, blow it tij>, uiid take a nap on youi .vrial v.c'iich, niose soil liuf' cider tlowu. Wlien ilic (>f iiupu'vc- mcnls will te’a».e, we cannot tleiMmni*. ef^j's. The prire is siupence a thousatu] ! l)''t may soon expect lu ti e a pipe «»l for the e.u:K'> J i'll" x'ornis produced 1'V itic i ciidpicd I'oriahic as well as j,'ola!>lv. tct’.pf, UiC wuarr.c ccrrupilun ptvrcr* red t^;ainsl the I'rcbidciil and Seeretarv ofSiatc. 'riie tisUmouy »f such a man, is worth whole volumes jf a» [^uincnt, and wci^jlis dovvtJ ihe clanjonr of ten thousand such as Krcmcr, Inj^ham,ar.(! ('o. March 2J, l&:3. Sir : I pcrccivc in you:’ paper of to day a quciation from liie Marylander, tif. .. ... rertain exprejsiona aj.cribeii' to me re- of i!uO w ini^ecl in&tcts w ill 1 ^’oon v. e niHV consider it no noT( l spjec- spt-ciin^j the jMjndinj' election for the {iO [jouiuls of silk. 1000 w orn;s will | tacle to see a traveller tan yin;; his bed I’rtsidtncy of the United States, whicli j ' pound of silk, and consume in j posts i.i aside pocket, as a curpeir.ii I think itniyi’uiy to disavow. Jluldins^!*'• 1 ‘nmlberr) leaves. ; docs liis >(,U3ic aiul coinjiasses—a l>ed m the situation I do under the [^ovcrninetit I oi’ ;!ie yellow woi iivs ba!!r; ■ coal tail, iiiul a bolster and pillows ic ot the United !‘' ites, I have ihoujjlu it 1 yj‘'’ds Ij lbs. of'-.:!!;—one ball nieasurinj^ [ lits w:.icl> fob. rii^ht to abstaii'i i uin any fiiibiic declara- lions on the clcciiuii ; atid w»;re it otlicr- "'isc, 1 s’jould abbtairi ftom a conviction that my opinions would lia\e no wei'jhi. 1 adnr>it havinj; said in privale tiuit, liiouj;Ii I had not voted i^iiice the estaii lislmient of Ibe general ticket svstem, atid had believed tiuii I tu ver should voi' durinp^ its coutinuarice, I rni;,^hl piol)ali!\ depart fioiii iny resolti iun in tliis instance, from the stronj' ^eT'se I iVli of the in justice of tiie cluu jre of coi I ui.tioii a- ‘'dinst the President ami S i iciary (d Stale ; I n.'Aer did use tiie other expres sions 11‘jc 1 ibed to me. I K (jiies: you las.iy tiiat you are au ib.iri'-erl to decLre hi-t the Mar) lander lias been misit'f«>i iii d. \’ef} re.sper.iiulU , \f(Uroh’f. J M MlhllALL. John II. Pi.r.ASANTj, Ivq, ti>. 1. )(> i!i utter ruin of the hoiiorablt Chair- ij, ui^ pr jccts. c7/, T’r-f/.s.—'this is .-leant ph:irse of t'i. ,!m k'.’i. t (i and spi aki rs, and is ;i)>p’i- fu'n til f'ricnds ot tbr Adiiiinistr timi on all (I- f'l-' ; I'Ut no par\y tMr ni; de more u^e (’f U? .'iCiv Kilrucl oj n ht!cr from a vunilcr of Con ill U (/slii/ii;l(!/h lo /ihsJncnd in t/,in })hici\ (Inled JljiJi il 4th. i bii'^s dull) look !)» tter as to the luin pn still'd to till peoj)le at the SHiliC j (j(i,stj(jn ; New-York IS at loSl alive lo liie subject, unembarrassed by any other entan^len>eiits, ard my decidt (1 ronviciion is that all ttu* votes of the Stiite wiil be for Mr. Adams vx- rcpt ihe ti’iee chosen !)y the City and nrio iliMiict adjoininj; the (-ity. This is the uron'j;' |\u!d of Mr. \’un huten and lu.s I’uniiDa'.jy boys. Keii- '.-.ince tluir rausi., tlian die ; ,ut ky is''uf. , and PeniisyUatiia sets a r;,Vy/( iiK^oiisi the pivs. iit Admmistrjt,(iit. I licy j s'.roti|» ( »ji reiK in our favor. ]\'e r.JutH ir rks (or nll cireum«tahces ai.d for every \^aih u g/onuus l;:UiHf h, rthj on il.—i’c;. ot iii’i I A li duyssii ci, ue ic,. ill on p;>"> «i'lt a wortl.y old j^, — l u^ \» li , it u ' u I s. en’, li.ii; more a’.t'.n- *.ion to bis i.irni tiim to noblivs,—and as the C11.V'r:-af.f»n luvi t'I on the l'r siuential I'.'i c- :ii n, wt si'i'ii 1'fc.s eri.’d that !iev.: s a warm r.'Iv')iMie ter .la ks^ii—because, In- iui'l idujtt ihi Jirit fh. On iiiipiirlng wliat a haniag--- lie ex'ieeti. d !(» },'iii'h> tl c'it>j!^ .I:u Ic'-c.n, lie rc • phi. ’., \'- ^hah l.i\e b« ltertinAS. Ilow so ^ \\!,v, A'llln^ IS op|)oscd to roiitiuiiX:, aiid von't 'eta single buirel of nur t’.i.ur in s- iit to Krglai 'l, \\hich is the only nution tii.t p' r- c’i >''0 .t ' Wc told him, that insteiui (jf tliis be ll.g the lact, it m as direct'y till rcvuse —that »r. .\danis, even bad he tlie im lin tif)n, had j not tlie power to ib stroy rf)innu i— siid tli.a | U) liom his pri.ventinr the ( Xjic;t .tion of j lii’iir to iiid, bill- would iiot pv ru it a bar rel to eiitir lu r ports fur s de, tinle'^ iu r peo- j jde \\ ere l)Oulerii g on >t!iiA : tom. .\t tin- lie was not u ii'^le surj'.risid, but com lii'Ud by euvmj; he w:is ivld in, and he tbougiit it was tni( ! 'I b.K is but on'“ nun g a thousand of the im- :isunng when spun out, ir.jO feet. 'I’he aie of a li^^htish siatr or yellow colo'..r. 'i Ik* latter are r.t'ely unpioductive. A blt..N! J/V. liuic : At a uiusti.r f.'f Cai/. Sr.niu- ( I V\'atvo:'.’*. ('o:;,p;;py ih Ivo! i.suti Cotiri- tv. N. ('. r. f-'v; (iavs sine , a vote was taken on ti.c Pre^idi iili.d ijue'^tior*, u iiirb rtsiilt'fi in ;ivitr," foi Mr. Adams ..tul T) for (leu. Jackson. Jjjj>'il7, IbCS. rayvileviUe Observer. PM-.n H AL SQl lF?. I’lie folbiv, mm;; !'roiT> ?. e.ori e.ij ondrpf nf liie N’. Y. 1,'aily Adv-.ttiter at W'asli- in}>ton, is a fair lii:. We have a notio-i ue Cull see in the nunil’s eyf,” .i I'dei aiib'uf I urjte delineation of tlie loni^ fares ti at weie e:;hibitcd in ('on;^rehs vi'ber. the l)i;i!_‘>;et IVotn Xew-Hampshiie was opened. II t!!i/iiui:lon, March IS.—The Jjckson s!(u I; iiud Mnu HIM siiK t »!unk b low par, .'iid was sii!1 i;iadually d*.cliniii!L;. but \ esierdav il sutlcienly fell to a n' vjlue, ^!id there v.ere tieithi r bii\eis 'or The ladiu's of Boston havp co^lccfcd a yum o!'money, e.\ceediiij,' two tbousaiid I doihrs, for tiie benefit of the (Iretks. One ti^o'jnnd i;;;iriiienfs have l)oen rc- • m ~ rie\cd at New York from Norwic'.i, | At Washint,r,nn, latelv, two berH*-''' Conn. a I’onalion Irom the ladas of that ! bo\s were observed riKliin',r. ()*> i'Ui-nr- id.,ce lo be forwarded to the sufTeruij^ i mj.; the cause, one of tlieo. said “ ib, (irceks. j other had stolen his stor\ — .>i.d ob:a;ne , » j charily by iclaiiiig the >ery same tale ol A rop]>er Mit.e has recently been j‘li^jlrebs.” discoNt red in Cbatbam County, ihe ore —-«> op;ai,,.-.l,„ vvl„(hyi,Ms'uui.t,d a iKiif y,V;„,.SV.7y/,W/y._T>vo vomit; o n.s to ,lH. P'.u.iil. ^ ,|„ i, . J,, * ■ in l.'ndon ai t be ommeni enient ol oui //7/^///.;r^//fw«~ibelmpro^errentof!,..,^. ,vur ^^,,h Kt (;lan!. Some montbs Kit.' Ml piinutn; pr.'^ses has ne\ei 'Ven e-| „iat event, ih-v learnt that'ion (jn,.l..'d. Mr. is-.pter, ibein-enious m-| „ ,,s to be made in ibellouse of Lords u n.oroltbe press on which ib.e D-i!y Uvhich would p. obably elicit a debate „n A.Ivertis- rand Amcncan are now print-| ;i,e prosecution of hosiili!ies with Ame- ■ d. w t lies to us Irom London per last ar- j ,jca. Th. v deiermined lo att( nd, and,~“ about to mnke '" o I i^.„orant th'ai any iniioriuction uas n.- tuw m:, throne lor neu^ -ndtl.e other for fine hook work. Th, i •ormer at irs maximum speed, ill, I ; Iv i^ot on the f.-H,r wi. houi an; inter- xp' ct. p.'-int ai tiie rate r l six Ihovsund ,,.piion. The> lo-ked around «iih-reai conipo'-'tirc i’or a >^ood place,and at len^Mb Rriilin^ oi,e to nu ir minds, sealed liiem^ ' elves \i i'boui i; 11 tiiony. J\'oi lofi^^ af ter, the I^ ers bei.![.in to assemble, and ali eyes were suadih diiei tcd to ihe )ounj; str.ii’pciH. I setil ly u ve* y resi'.er lalib b.'ikit'i; persi.iiiiiu , (Lord 11. ,laud,) ap- pt OocI't d tl.m, ;,i,d. inijuin d if. Iv,» 11 not foiciiirers : 1 h» y repln d they w i n.ei !!'• il'.tn inioi iinl ihefi !iat 110 sj t c’a ui s \M i-e admi'.U ti on liie ii./or, 1 oi ( \ I n II* ■ he j;,,ll'i \ w'lhout an order lioni a I'ler, arid iliai he |.!esiim • dthey utre nol a«;.M ilud t!ir\ Ikm; li'i’ii sPtiti}; on ibe ihtoi.v, III kindly lo' k il’.( 1), inio iiif b I i)\ ill!'' j,M\e tb« Il an (.1 .l.-r id'adini'si(.ii mio >h !;allei\, t i li > pI . veiltiiijj a s( al j|i li.e t l,i (jni' 11 om l)eiiii; lo Ihen, v.l,.,’ li biis lieeti to maii\ >tbers, a very un oii.bit iai)le M'uation. UA\ AWAY ti c Mit .s( ril't r, Timi g in the county of .1 M-ci. li'id.urg, \'ii},ira, tw o r ilfs south of bo.tiH ki, and j II iles btlow ll^rkin’s fery, a >oiiiif; n gro man, about 24 years old, 5 feet iu (>•• i J I'lv hes high, and (pnt« blurk, by tb. iiiiini «)f.y/'/,W/. He Mhsconded on Sunday “'Kl't. till .‘'o’ii of March l.«sf ; ;on! bad on, at til*- liii'f, a !("UM‘;d)ouf of duiibh-we>e cotton elolb, ;ii:il a j nrpl eoioiir ;—panta- looiis of Ihe Sullii V, ; is*c«i5t of till Siill.h I loth, net dy* (! II ,> j->| . ( ted tliiit he \v ill take the io;.d l«-;tiiinr (t.\f.,ni, by llill.iboro, (.ri eiis- I'xro nd S:dis!.iiry. t.i .‘^outb-Ca. orilia* i.m 11! |i!ir!?uit ot Ills vite, \.lu. was c:.iti d, i-in- inontbs since, fiom this iieif,iiborb(iod tr» tlif- SI uti'( rn eour.try. /.fVica h;.s oc'osioiially a sligi t st;oiiuKr in fpeaking, e-t>eoia!lv v ht!» . iid.hrrassed. UM. MAKSIIALI,. .•iprii A, iaj3.—r,t8: v. p r hour from one fiom, four persons supply mi:; |,iil)er, two turninp;, and two receiv ill'!;.'' 'I be bitter is a Hat surfac machine, aud will piint loijo oi' 800 per hour, on holh '(b's, fr>n> t w o forms, oiio l>oyfeedm^. ' tie nveivitnf, and iv\o men tuininjj.”—A’. J'. Enquirer. A pci-snn liviti!;; in J'yror, Genesee COUtit\, N. Y. blis !aM l\ disioM ird lli.t! the persons COI.cfH!f d m tbt nuciflxi'ji of our Saviour w r ft (I’manous ! oiii I’^itii that he cat> prove the fact ; a*id fui’bei ■ more ofi« rii'j^; to mal-»'lo the state ment! Tbe Same ; Cl son ii'.limait s ibai an unli irK'd.nic bioh- is about to l e i.ub lisbed, in wbi( I) the n;;mes So'uutou, ;;iid all tliove considered ris ibe j;atroi.s ol fi cenuisourv, will l>e oinii'ed. Notice. \I.I, prr.qon.s irat bted to tl.c Tstatr of Mila» • iili-s, dceeased, aiv rooiu steil to r.taku im- Um diaU' incnt ; ard tbon.. iiaking* claims, lo prt St ill tbim in 'he time pit ill (d !,y la\*, or tliiH notice will be jib ad in I'.ir i>f tbeir ri cov* ‘>7- ItoliKin' IIIM TU J.jt'lor. April 19, 18. S.—.ItStb .irs'r HKl KlVKi), And for t:l vn/ Kt.loljhc'ifiti ',1 Xiirlu of the Couit (mother vf Ik* sV, V .1 good shl/std>'lc far ardiht fpiriia.—A commit!! e of ib. Piul (' Ipbi.. hoen v I'jr ib.e ProiTioii'ifi i.f 1 ' mp'-i at ( e m a' char^’ef' with an i i n-.p' tins!; ilitvlcs [ov ardfiit '-pni's. 1 ik bisi iha« til V . eci'itiim liUefj iii tlu ii Ui port is S'lc II is (I e z il w Uich tIJ'/nc — It is very plc.isanl to obsiMM* low dinereiitir inodcru u rileis ami the iiisjiired author of the b(iok o( Proverbs, do'et ilie a line \vo- n an. 'I'lio foniier coiifiiic tlieir praist, , jebi.idv lo peisoiial ebarii'S .timI orna- atiim iit s 1 lie I . • I ' ,. , , , , I.a'iiev ,.| Nev-York. in b. . a I of the 1^ flic laller cel- (H-.l;-.. b I eontiilmiion^ uei. viiao,' in i’‘’“'-V virtues ol a valuable . j>o,lia„ oi peurl-si.ei t, m a sii },..- da\. j ‘d a l.itnily, ol a -iselu! menilicr ol II I i( iiat,(liz.. lo Ibe -.iiiiouM oi 'i, i;.u. j • 'I'f "•» i'' j'*'' leelly neiju.iint- —led willi all tlio la'-iiiopaldt' laiip;iJ:i^;es ol Old Bdi'f! II it— (frota (I L/Ji’ijfi'.i JSntr J'liioj.e ; Ibe oliui o|icns her iiioulli —.\ II.all irud fill siealii f; .i paii ;u illi \\ i-.('oiii, anti isp rleetl\ acquaiiil- r bouts fiom a shop door in iiidl>oi n. 1 cil w ill, .ill tl o ijs(- the licciitc, the jirrncii cii.u Ki:nfi; I have also rceei\ed, a supjily oi’well asiortcO rSiEKKi t’AKEirS. togrtlu r with S\v('tt \]jilauf!i (Iraj)cs, llaisins, LciiiOiis, L( ill' Siiv;;u\ Heal W hiski\ j ('(Klfjsli, Smoked Herrin,u:«t, Pn kkd Iri.slj licrrinu;.s, i.\:c. clr. I b;i\r ;dvii bn nirli! up frein ('barb ston, ;t few' I'Miij I I'-i of IKISII 1*)'| A'I'()KS, \\ hii li I pur-' ( b:i- d on bo;ird t!ie |li nr\ Dawson, direet freii* 111 Hast- I will I,ell a few to persons wisiuiti; tg> fduiit and renew tlieirsecd. wsi. niTMr.i:. April 1.), ISJH.—2t N olicr. ri^IIFi siibseribi i's having been nppoinU'd Kr- K * nt('i';> ol tli( last will Mill It stiiini n> ol' \ndrew M( \r:y, d,r nsri', ii'ititr to :dl pt T'ons iiidi bt(. (i io bi*. fv i;iit, t(> etiine iorw aril and ii al. ( |. yineiit, :.iu! to tbi.-c b.ivii gcbi in» agi^iiisl li.s s'ati to pri S( lit tin ni as tin l;,wr lirret>., ir ibis lU/tiei- will lie ph ad in bar ufr I heir reco\ ery . I!. II. MOKlilSOV, / . .inilN r. MeNr.Ll.V. S Ai>ril 10, 1 «.y.~ iuSJ. end frtd liave the assurance to tal! J'irc President. — It will seen from l!ie b. b rt Ii'i; I n’lt lal I.otif/C at ion, that the lion Jluhard Hush h;'** been lUsif^uatei! 'b'- C.itolid.ii*' for Vice-i’resu!'ni, l'» b iiiM Mil K (• Adniii'iMration Tiek' t ie till' S lie. s br.\e a!."t ad y niuilv ibesiioe nom i iKiI ioll. i!i I le\ itic; Ve f!o, ihal MU'- d i si I n i''iu (I j^-eutlema’' is ( IIIii.eniIv (pia. lied fjrtl.e i/fii( e, ve tiik j ieusjre IM , ti'dishuu' tiie ol \ or )i-(',it id: Mil, () t bere I (;in OH ikI .11 ion ol her sisier S'.it.s L‘i‘^l-;h.r. II. ■\ruii. H, 18-S. At a tiM'eti* u; 'd li ( ( (fiiiul Cymnii:- tee mT \ ii,lii'i.e .fiid Com 1 sputMbr ( e. ajpu’it'O In tl)' (. 1.1 \ t nui.o III Ifl III I 111 C . \, I11 11 I Ji) il id l)t ( eml)' I 1,1 St. Ki. t! . rpose ol b-imiiii!^ iii l’n(t'’r.i. 'J . U't 1,1 \ (It 1 Ive ' (» I! ( I e ( b ( I il III O' .lOilN (-^. ,\ 1) A MS, as Pit bUient ol liie t’ fii 'i'(, ,''lati ^ — ( ) I iiw'l lofi, Ju.^ti t'fd. T'lat the nar"tr of positions pni' tiM i’ upon t!ie hoiu st and unsus- , , peeling portion of ib. comnnimty . .nd yet the ! i„.|,,.v,.(l b\ all p.oliiical t)ai;i;ers, Hiat the iri ii wlio r« sort to such n.erHis to att;iiu tln ir : Amcrieaii ca[>italisis would have {^M'li oi I'vUtii-ul away tbeir interest in this stock, if there bad been forei;,tiers ’iio'ij;h to taki it. It WuS k'iU\'n the c'lmbination bad vt sl ed coiisidi’rable in New-I Ian p'.inre, aiM! althonirb lb' v knew the irude woubi not nett t'cm any tbinj.'; in that tiuarii r evi n- •II.ill), ilit'ir broker iiad induiei! them to bi !.i ve tliat be co-uld lorce into tiie mat ket so ii.iich oftlieir pa()'^T, as to nuke a b-:id.'Miiie di\idend iu tlie fiisl in ‘'.ance : ar.'l a!:i iiiii/i tiiey iiiiirlii !>f olj- 'i;;i d lo wi'ibdi\tv\ ai! iln ir I'utiUs !)e'(,>i( , iiiuinrt, tiny v.e;'e i'; d’ lit iti;..;' a'.d HI . !ve ;.ctivity to tbeir inveslnients jiUe'-ouiii. and ptttlculaih to hoa; it. 1 Noiiii CaicliTK:. ae.d Rriitui k\. j III atil!''ipii’i'>n oi lie M oi’ i jVoiabb ' ews yeslerday iicm tbe Norll', il is s;m(| I i’K'ti P'!e\10U>lv eii.;a;;t'd. \\Kh rtiavsof hoi>-es, i j carry tlciii'.g:i oi l,( firsi d.\.■.'■lids made in New liamp- -.'.iiri' ■') iiu' Soinh. All I he I'vv y ere watcliliif,' on ex , bat't'e ;l b n.i'ii'e \. tJf.lil tlie M'a’.I i inv'd, a' iO 'I’elock, and f;rou|’bi |.i i,«'w s I b J' !'i I r :)i' ker i, t)i; M nut • eb tork in N' ii r!!;.>iii;'e ai par : ai:'! tiuM ill- 11. ,I ri '’,d.;iv; *1 It awa\ !o pe; il(n V i.i I, :!.e ti’ti'oM d I, p'jiiP- d ('i-.s.'-i ti;j' II ri cr‘'Vjib i. r j,o: :eii ’ b,;t I'e Ni ’v 11 irr, jj*-!)! r; is I'elei uiui' (I lo di'-puse (d in- if i e ran f.iid ;.:i\ one lo lake i lir oiiiCtor’sj j/'.illii;^ Ij pi 1 I 11'.ds \vilb it art! that !lie d . ■ u ^ Oi k '^ill ( ;eio',i ,;e in- l!l. I". I. l . -ir I'.b .1 CO. Ill' b:iS tMo- ) deal in tbe ; :; :dea .l Not ! i. ,u 111.I lie I i' )i iind a j.., rs'iu in I'.al s:.iie*\W.o Will ?;ive a l)artei o’ ,1 r.‘ piii> or ? i: ri ( i 11tie, or t boe^und lei Iii j ,i’e ;dat,k. oi a' oi sbi'r'-ie'-, oi i'\('li aeii' k*'! lai.'i;) i'jbi' k li'i’ail tb'*,Jai k iiti s.u.U lie jyO'-'-es ( s. In fa t tir iode (if llie sl,i.;e bave aii'icipalid tir . epreci.inoi . and liav>', iij a t;rtal exieiu. '.. uardcd aguiiibi tl.c pre>-'. ’ c. Jjoiiju Courier. n\i i\ \\{\) IM Sir l.r II (Mil ii'( tided I'l 'i.i 1 pi oidi‘ (/I Nortb 1 nine i I: 1 I 1 'mi., as a suii.ibb' Caiidi( ate loi He i 1 'irec: V . f. -I’ll Mdeficy, at till • next Presiiietuia * 1 idere Ki ■ ' o-n. on his /iV.'-o/zW, ’l'! tiie ( iref^oin^ nomin.' . rn:. ; tine 1 iiist 1 11(1 in tbe l{..leii> Il K' j; i" te;, i 1 ( lor and I • alt b(' !>d it (It'S oi ot her p. p( rs 1,. r. I- ((', vor.:i ii\ dispi.ised, b'l' rtfiuested lo cop\ ,.ll‘.((l th*' s ,1 me. i C.irob \Mtb V'. h'ch be ran awav. — .lud^e, to w iltiess V. bo bad pursued aiid se z-d the priKHn r—W bat did he suy \'>u caugiit him Witness—My 1.,- rr!, be -aid ! iiat he lor>k the bools in jok«.!udi.p' — ‘.Arid pray how f,jr did be cariy tbe joker’—Wiiiic.'-^ — 'About forty yards, please your Lordsbi jj. ’ support mom'lit bjtt'.er.’ Q'laker, |)resent. " se lo S'coiid Ihe moiujn which the C!i t;^ytiian iiad tbu'; pu;, at.d said, I am ,'i (,^11, .ttid if Ijlbotudil tbal the i’dde Soeiely v.oidd cnfi:!!i^e” (^ii;il'. i isto, wli\ ilien 1 would not ijc a (^iii.k''r one momeiil longer. JjOndon /injjcr. J. CALI.S.‘,7*V. T. P. Di.vrin'irx, •''Ve'y. IIK H«OkI> Wl'ffJ I O'.e \\. s di.iwn FIUtM Till The foilin' iii^’ Jiidt;e .M.i'’--bid'. ' Iruni llie ’ S li diiy. — 11 w li C I ! JII lee d “ ' r bt ''liould ' oil- i(!e' ’-• J.M'ks' " ■'.s_a. \ i: I n,i The Union,” be likewise ti y • b«' ariM !'• d•I, Ml ibe !'. s • sC i:. ms I' ' the I frrni i \t I al I ( (' Wllig ol v\ lb 11, I ■ II a I } . eb r ;(.r; ' o'i)‘ i( i' Wl'.i; eiji,- yi'k JVrym.'-.— I'u- : ; ' • ir;?r an oIi;jcl '''iuntii,,) ,r ''i ( i VCJy IKl'ai di'l I:, and Ibe loi rn ; ibe l)ii>incss ol oi,c is ple:i>iii I ; Ibc pleasure (tl ibf >lbei IS l)ll>•!t( ^'; ibeol'i* Is adiiiiicd :i|)io.T(l, tbe oil (I ;il boll ( . 11 ( I (Il I Id rcii rise up aiid (iui her blessid, anil bi r biis- li.ii'd aiso pr.sisfili Ik r. 'I'l.eie is no n.iui'.'ii) tl I v.oild (fjtial to this, nor is l!icri‘a lioic in liiiisic so delipbll'ul PuJpdhlc nil—,\t a meetliit; of a Dilile i •'' '!'*' Ji'jiftlul !:iii^ii;i|rc ji!) v.bieb .\sso iation in tbe Noith of l',ni.‘land. ; t!' crt;il iul s(hi oi daufil tc-r jk i i.ctuiiU s ■A (’Icrgyman assit;tirt! as his reason for j t be meiiioi y of a seiibiljlc and allec- sujiportini^ tbe liilde Stx lety, his helii I i liouate iiKdber. tiiat it was not enc!ani;erinf; the Cbuich : j for. said lie, ifl tbouj^ht it danj^erous . ; tbe clinrch, I w.iiild tiot support it a lepotied (f Ponaparte that hi alw ays tr:j\ellr-rl w itb wri'it'j> ap[:aratus in his carria^'e—but (ii neral J.ii kson lias iniproved on tii» Kmper(ji’s plan—hi IS said to if.kew'itb iiim not only a wrii- tn blit a writing tnnn. 'I'he iailer is s: id \i) l)t‘ a (^reat convei.ieriee to tbe r " • ■?,! ,• I (b nei'jil as be u ilnis ena!)led lo issui i^ti,::'U'rrt..rji(fJit.(/nofrf’y.Tl,(r.Jtifinlir.— ' ■\s.) ].!oor of tl,;’ .riut i.i.ri.y w itn , i'nsvver a rid r ss.-s, 5r. v. i. hoii' ubicb news is cii cub.ti d at ti.e preseni \'f‘/tin^ l/,t /lait.'jfif his ln/nl liii' tr tut lUonyJtl.'^ ■ i.i;., we may instance ibe lolloMin^r; of h}.s irnnd. — ViA. l.\nu.iui‘r i be Amerie in Presitb’til’i spee( b, de livered al W’asliirii^lo'i, bit Nev.-York i'l I In; ['.acki I !:'liip Si! .s P i I;.. i d oi: Hit ;l!b ol ! )e( r’Pi!>ei, .jiri •. ed in Liverpoo’ j’i .MoiiiLy tlic ."Isi, i.s (!es|)i;t( bed, In t xpress, t ,» Lorduii at tliiee o’ lor.k liie -d.iy ; \\ as priid'd jii'.! pnldisiit (I b\ ,'Ve the ' vl'i.e t veviiii;-;. In a coori idi- iion f,i'tlie “ Siju’’ I iiiii;;' )*.ipi r, f.rcn p\ii’^'' rw:-]]\- Ji I (• rolti nil,!>\ (.lost ly prinU(.. ifid b fl J.'it:i., .11 ib.ii i.!i;bl, !>y ibe mails ! lip,lit, Miivid aistir, in Livei pool oi \v'edrn'sdity at smiti, c'j.Mcs of wbicb well iie\i day (or" .iri!ed to Ncw-Vork. \vli!;b i' won’'' :..iiba!dv H'uc’i in al)Out birty duv^, t'i'.ii J,:i. ill ojjioi liJTii'V il ]i( rUi,in:: bis (jwii '.licerb in tbe S.i ii p.i|icr, .'‘I'ler havinii > ' b d ;■( ! (.•' I !"■ ! ,,in'ie :i* d !> •( !; ar’iin, . c'.s'.utu.e !.il'r,''"'/0 miies, ! I in ubnui ftii - •y-uj;.il d.ys : ! : iVohre. r|'^HOSI' who purelue-ed |iropcr1\ al tbe tr\i9t.‘ 1 Side ol tin- lati' .'.i'-o!i .bdin, lit i i .ised, are hendiy ni.lii'iial tlial llair nolos imw diic’ thi^ sitnatioii ol the est:;tc will nol v,.ir- rant me in J^ivbij; 'ongt r indidivi-nee. W M. M. no.s'l WM.K, IWu 1^"^IM)M the .subsrii!)er on the Tith inst. Nc* gro boy S A M, !-eloiigin),Mo Ibe estate oi III. i ees, deeeai-ei!, suj j)o rd be lii'Sgone tu Il dt II, as Ilf w as raisf d in t liat eoiin'\. SA.Vf IS at.iii:ill ,u II built ! ellow, lo'd-vci \ [dea .aiit, bad on :i blue SMilMit c.oat and fur b,it. Any piTstm eoiilining him ni any _j:id i.r r .urning’ iiin to mi Ml ili..t I g' I him again, sb.ill be itu- soiiably reH.irdcd. JONAS C. UUDI.SII.L. ;)t80. Lisr OF ij/rri:f?s, Keinainiiig UI tin- Post Ofrnc at l,iiicolntcn, 1st Ajird, lij'.;'3. No ire. B'» \ j’tiH (^,1 a i' M t r in in ibo f'o'ivt f,f’P.- 'I'.ity ,it l.i-.1 Si,\ . 1(1,1. I irdi s. il ibr ( i-ur' lioiiM- III liailot'.t, on ' of our ni x' -I peiiori oiii iui \l.i', ,:it I'nldii vueliMn, liii II.Is. (! Ill tin- low I, I 1 ( iiai iolt,', on t ',1 ,\ol 1 il ,si.!"■ 111 'I i I,ji I r ( I, :ii,( I. Ill.w II on t!:r tov. II iibd ! y .N./\, . , , I .1 . ..; IVoMl, i.nd ■1!,; ; luid 'I , l,:ii k b)i I'M ii!-. rl \ In ,(i:n^ i ;>• In ' rt'W mid 'liortp; im.t! oj \', in. |;, rrxlnil ;.od .lot.iis ( bn-k, lii'e ib( p i\iiu 1:1 (it ;t (.1 1/1 ill llie NfV, ' i n ilai k. S..k'i b. •. v. i re It.i'nicr- l> sold Ii; a dt ( rn , ,n,d boi,;.'! ' b\ ui 1 \\ m. I’li'i i vl ,11, \' b'l has :id( d to '-(jii ;i'v wiiii tin fi.i.dilioii - Ol I Ilf .-.tie ; il t b', ;i !oi e dvcn it', Pr siiient .-Vdanislresnl.l on ntndi' i.i 'in' iIuIivm til' piu'( iiitscr j.i\in!>- liiif'd w.tb siiili ! siirri'x. ,,.i\a!,b- .1*. tl.f .N* v.jcrn,. I'* ‘ ’ ‘ " ' i*l \ I n;i I ( I)j, 1.1., il, w i' Il ii.’i I'f-.t i: oni t Iu- d:'^ 'init'isii.l '!i r:j. I (/niply V. itii toiin^r eon ibticii:/ bi-lolc ;!ie i!.(\ I)t'»-.l.-. lir. Mir. ! '1' 82 H, u. IJl .M AP, c. TU. c. Shi'ii."—.‘\ patent has been ra’ ' d !i i. land l ^r a rewlv invenuo hnU or' 7/it,ilress. 'I'lie tii kuu' of it is lined (d (oiioii t lijtb, wiih a loalins; j ^ ! ;i; eii.ii. f’ '.’Um i lasiic, and arr outci 1 ib , • I . ’ A. gi'oig iidi rn,at.(.n, M) t.. . ) > e'ni'r ' si;k. il IS so portable tba r™ , r* t i, . ' ii i i i p 1 • I 1 ! I I il I gt !i'. r aguin, will be bknusom'v rrw.iro- may oe C a-l-n'd m ibe poi.ket, I.ti'i n'.-.i;- ; tti for tl • iv Ironbb . ,J'!I\ >\ KKl,'i. v‘i\ till- vu!)seri!ier. on tl ■ J.>Mi ,M ,rr b a k eray f- ' . \w u y 1 ars (.Id tins sj ,\i v (illi'J and emp'.ieii at pli.-nsure. 1, A. ilbain .Abriims, l.ailbii .-Mli'i), .laeoo A I' right, I iirm r Abi rnatbv, Sii an M . \!)(. rualbv, 15. NVil iiMii Hides, I'r.ini is Ml iity, W ilbaiii It} nuin, Diivid ib-dilLlI, Alight lUat k, Most s liarr, '2 .l iim s Itridj^fS, M,.r llnkler, I’riib Itriidsbaw, le.vid lir.iiido’i, I lio.,, !!!alu .y, C. 11( nry f'liiif, 2 Siiiiiiiel ('ollins, dli.iiii (:oy ii(.ll, ! .I.if-eb ( (».ii. r, , I’, tl r ( risMrr, I’bdip ( r.if;, .lobh Cub!). (it oige CiiiiH'i-tter, I). ell sbi 1);, ( r, 1 r:oi' Is l»avii, K. ‘•\’l!i i;t 1 r,;;il!, \\ I,bam Ivl'.iaiii?, I . .1 ini' s b'^^r^juson, lolin I alb, .!(ibn I'rv 1‘iiibp i 1 \ c, lobn (ii;v:son, v\' dbam (liit risen, il. lo!in I be!, iienry Ib.rtTicn, !-,'iae llerny, I Imnias Meury, d-jor Hull, lleniy Homer, I l.inu I ib Mo\ I, ,l(dlll lb ibtl'll^', K .liiw'i's Kincaid, Driii-v Kimbal, riihi.-n Kfcr, .Ii/hii bin/, Jucub iveinier. I.. Idf bmewl 1.1 wi!?, .lobn riett, ,M, b’aelifl MrMiuc, Daiiii 1 'Id, .r, l.oii/i, pi. .Mil'arver, .l(.lii' 'ti ircb, I bi.ii,a. ,\ .Mcra, ■Mu'i.Ii nil .Nbiiiiu v, Mary M..r^b:il, l!i rd '.b VIcl’hcrson. .I Ueiii. Mdb :l'ri.dr Abjscs-, I jl’eter >.cv. ton, .bdiii OiniH, (i. .Micli.'u I (^ii-flJ, I.’. |l»a id Rin.vey, j.I.'ii ob 'idisf i, jliit b.i.v! Uoeket, I loliii Hop. 1-, j'behiiel Ubync, i.I'din lln iisfl, .pidath IMiiib. Mieliai 1 Sp( agle, 3 K'i.:» s,uniniit, (forgf .Mr. lit, lolin Strti K, Mitebael Suiiwiirf, Martw fll Spam, I’l ti r Suni'.. I y, l.tmu*,I Self,;-e Seiiglo, Mr. Stene. T. (:..*li;nne 'I'i.yloi:^ ('iii'.rad 1 ipp-, ,1 iih. 'l ay lor, jN'ichobis I’lirkcr A . Jacol) \'ii’'0!i. W . IVekel Wdsoi’, .Ml \aii(bT \f.U(.', .'•rtncy N‘, dliums, .lames ru\ , Isaae AVt Ib, _ • JoflAV.lls, • Jolin \N olbiti-r, .lobn >\ 1 er. Y. Daiu I Vount'. D. I{t;L\HAl{Wr. F.

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