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North Carolina Newspapers

The western Democrat. (Charlotte, N.C.) 1852-1870, August 12, 1856, Image 4

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:!i '(? I Hi 1) :t uiii.i''us t'j a::Ci ilaia wliC'totr tlit- ,■ '.vii-i ]uiu* clonr (if tii«-ni, I (-.\aiiiiin ulit; 1, Til.- i'. I I liiid liiiil ii (i',*'Vii ubout liull I ji'.i L''jr and jM-rci.ivi'd thdt it "a-j c'Vt*n (] I inyriu‘!5 uf luinutf C' ckrtiuches tiV.i ut ' the of a fi* a. I tijL-rt allowed tl.e p 1 t'» lie liil in'-rnino’. fu.d Jroui tliHt ii-‘ l i t'Ut li' * ci ■' it l Takk Caki: or \ >i:k Faces, Ladies, i is fuitl tliut Tmh t>ne night | A biiAUT Buv.—TJie liurliugtuu (Miss.) I won'’" 1 I wliilo ^t(>Dl>iu^r at an inn in Scotland, was StH»idRnl t»'lls the folluwinff: "The Rev. Wbt u a Tenuessee girl is slyly kissed she frowus and fays: “Put that article rigl’.t back, sir, wht>re you stole it fix)in.”— i.- €■• in the ?-uii tl.tin black, o..iii^' tht. priiiCii'li.' uf rudiatii'i); but whilv? the whiti KUIT5- rifh’ t!. ii- • ■UVC!' HI !1 ,t i:; J l.MVf ?i'-’t H c'H'-kroach in t!;p . It i- a very old buildiii_ : ojid I tua c rt :in thut tiie ab>>v*’ rrti.cdy oTily ri q'i:;> - !■ >: •'fN end ii: f-r ihni-orf^’ '■ t . '■ iiij-h rciy e! !"’Ic.ile t':.--(.M’t '.ui-.-.- il hlj'.uld bi> iVi-'h eaciuii*MT j' «-l evi ry h*." 'J 1).-gn'i :i I. avc!. cf t',;; .hi (-r I ll) U d. : ;1 d\ i ;' 'Jil- U'K')!’, Ut '.viii and k;.i ru:..*;!.' ■’ by tht.'U- Mii.d.'. -lyf-j (](■-troy cock- to .'tr«-w t’.i*? rout- d ■ il tl;' X. \t !,;■ ' i! l. VU-t (jUiUili- ,.i , i.-i' lull I*' I \\ l.' ii • "y ^et . r CUlJ 1 I' hau Ut ill! V under if our young ladies who wear iat an inn in Scotland, was Standard tells the following; white vcil> and bninets are aware that tii*^y ! continually troubled by the landlady with Mr. G-, a clergyman of a neighboring to\vn, iir. uiakiuf? fri ckle? for their beaut V. White ! reque-t that he should writ--her epitaph, being recently absent from home on bUfei- Accordiugly at night he gave impromptu as his little son, a youth of four years, f >llav^ >: I calmly folded hirf hand> and asked the bless- - iiuet. veil, div^^.or i.ut, dimiiiislies. to the ' ‘ Good Susan Elak^^.in royal state, ing u-ually Vrommntfed ^ liii'futher ut the heat of the ’’.in by refit ction it generally in- i Arr*-v«-dat ia.'it at heaven a g’ate. i morning meul. At uoon, being fltlrt-d to week you spalpeen crea-es it- light, and Itisthi- tiiat plays tl.e ; and stopped, promising to fini-h in the mnrn- pronounce the blessing, he replied with a ing. 1 he good Ladv was in transport nt grave face. *Xo, I do.n’t like the looks of this inscription, and treated Mr. M.mrt.-with them tati-rs.'” In the morninr A:.')ther ■ilic’i i.' i' inl.'ciii' f witi; the fair 'kin Uid pretty iuOi-s. .'r I. \'ouiighidit‘.'bi '.vare. It you have b’. au- ty we .'carc'ly need ti'Il vt i. n^ft to df';>«- ■t. It is Tiiore ll.ii’.i I ncliantmeiiiI aiid it is an fVCM’in.i'c i 1-r i>liilo.'Ophy. > licit' in-tr'..' tive (tduilr-itio.i, and tiiunip without iin eii’ort. We would like to kiss Teuuessee girls slyly all the tiufje. '*Pat, you Lave dated your letter a week ahead. It is not so late in the month Trolh, boy indade un its jist mesilf what is wanting >wate Kathleeu to get it ill ad- VHxcc of ti e mail. £3^ Why was St. Paul UkTTh^il^^^T^ cau.e he hned Timothy. J. & E. B. STUWjt It lui'i: ■ t. a.i ^t :!:o tak >11.- .n will.'- IHi/- A HEART T-^IAT 13 THUE. t. Il’’, ... ■ ■ i. ; An i i' ; -U ■' • y ! Ali 1 C” 1 11 ' ■ ■ . ij i:d t’ ar~, 'I-;... ' 1 ei.u o’l r, ~ lilt’- ■ ' .*■ : i ■ 1. :-ii j.' ...' • ' . I ;j aU'l • . ! .\.n..,. 1 i; 'I' V ! > •!'.• n or t n,. ■■ j « ■ in ■ I !, t til i' trie-. .1 Ml I [ ' ; re- ; ' ■ >: h ■-•1 iir.'y I:.- ,\ ■ . •il * L" ..’i II h: ■ 'Ml, i;i;t I V ' i: ill' ‘ M: il -i,'.. I.i;-- ^ : :H.d, . I; 11'! ! ■ -. ' 11 1 .'!?• 1 e], ■ it til'' ton ;;erti:y , A 1. ■ luW iii;- - i: II ti. tio'v r. ’. A !-: if \*. il I ■■■ on; pi 'U' e-'t 111 in i : !. »;i. th 11 ‘n O' '.'Il i'lle hi •■ur, • :‘i wiil : Oil, . •* iU‘* i I h :i] :i ti. at is true. , T:..- p: (>r \ve,-ii: }, a w ■ ’ d '■ ‘ 1 T. ’ ■. ' li' ; h .:. - il . 1 e ;i;t. ; ; And 1. ;!y :i’. 1 .' ■> ■]. r. X’ .1 irri ■ ?i. ir j y inip.r t: W 1 ' 11 . I I-.tlt le VC aiilid . Ulish i:i'' ::ll '1 ti'tU"', , U W !. e 11 Wo 1 1.- ■ lom nil p ■ ri ; hu H ’’ M ' Cdi, i\ ;ii'- hi (ai'i iitiil .11 y ' -ai s, : t 1. : ^ iii, t' \' ■ ! i 1 • : I ie vr il: i' r; n . THE PROPOSAL. j “Wr.t thou V- m'.ii •: ’ th’-Imv or f’skeu, A.-; !)i nil.I t: on ii!' I.i” s: ]{' r Ijund wiiiiai 1.;^ o>\ n lit- rlii.-pr-d, “Ij.-mini'! Oii! w> n't vijii, pii-a*‘■ " 'I'ii’- iij-.i.ii' n biH' it •!; i.'l t '>u' uhi-i h'-ad, Ji.-r f-. lit.' ^ As will, a I’lin lii jr ^ .'hf .^a!d, “/ trnn't //, >inth',i;r ht!' —Faiva. 2=^ IFi. r Q- AND SI GOODS AT TP. '\PSJ’n NO. 1, GIIANITS ROW. ■t A; " i t- V l;t I't' l.i-!:!>::al.I'" i>.-.r.'.i- }-!i .'i,s. (iiii,::'iiaiii.', -■ . I'J.I; VlU'. Ai.-'I J;i wii.-, Lilli n, A lai'fr*' a.'sr.ri- t.-vcTV ]'o~>ih!e attiMition. he wn-; about leaving, when the liuly remind ed him he had not fini-hed the epitaph; ‘■ That is so,” tuid he, and immediately ad ded— ‘•But Pi-ter mot hf’r with a club, And kuocki d her buck to BjIz bub.” It i said that Mr. Moore's horses w’ore uiidi r motion ju>t as he had finished the hi't line. A Fast ^Ian—The Louisville (Ky.) Courier says the 'vile of the wfll known drayman in Covington, died one day last w«.ek. The next duV the bereavtd man mariied a new wite. and took her with him to the dead wife's funeral. A filoiiies!>tead lor 7^ O J. ii.«L MIj, Iy CONSEQUENCE ol having' lost by the tire wUicli oecurn d in this p.ace, on the luoruing of the :Li7lh ol last, vuiious Notes and claims a;ainst numerous persons iu this aud adjoining counti-s>—which notes and ciainis', be- iiij; the propt-ny ot E. C. STElil.E, A. liEi'H* L':Te A: Co., ami others, which w»-iv placed in my hands for collection; All persons, then foie, agrmst whom anv of such claims are still standing un- OF STOWtSVLLE. GASTON COUNTY. N. C Having op. ned a House foi the'saL , thfir gooj.^ lu Charlottf, d.siie to!.n it ution ot M. rchams to tht ir Hi us.- t, goods an- known, and a call tioui buv, r=r. tully solicittd. Th. y also k.. n a pood of Groceries, and wJi endi uvov to in,nt 1 JAJSI'EE RTO^r''*^- E. 15. STOWE‘ Charlotte, N. C., April 1. IsCO.—tf CIIAIMJITTK HOTEL, •«.31U,0UU of Farms and Building settl. d, aiV duly notified, that unless th^ T apptar imnn diatt ly and close up iht* siuue, by ' ' note or cash, I shall be comp*lied to file, tor’h- ■with, Bills in Etjuity, iht n by snbj. ctiug such l.Y .1* 15. KI:KII, I*r«2trielor. eSi UK I. !i'- >11 ;; ll'^- UU’i .'^’1 . .ii^' II!' ii^'.l'i '.’■••s, 'i -'''I’ f'. -''•il . H;.r - d • :• I'.i-., d I’riir^ iiuiii '-.i to ;oni It', ('iiDibiii->, > .s. ’ a-".’ I airi 1 u J )’>mI' -!! i'"’ EVEKV .'h:c • miiiiiiialion atiorded till' j.awoiis I t lii'- C IIAL'LOTTL HOTEL. • lii'ti i i.-i k' I’T ‘hi- Stap-c Officf i'or Bland iV B txri-r\daily liu’- o: st.i"'s tVi.iii (..’hai lutti- ^ ia L.iii-olnion, !^ln*i!iv arid Kiilh>-ifurdtun to Ashe- vii;.-. X. (;.' A 1m-'. for till' lir.e of Ti i-wrt Kly Siagi s from (.'havioit.- via Momoe. N. C. and Lancusn r.S C. to fe'iiiid’ n. H. C. r.i!!i'ii‘-of till-- Chftrlotte n ii'om l!i- d- pi.its flue of cliavgi-. J. B. KERil. —:‘.ni IN till- Gold R' gion ot Virginia. (Culpeper Co.) to bedivid’ d amongst IO,'.;UO subaciibers, on thii JTih ot S pt; iiiber, I'.'ti, for the b. netii of Port Koval Eeinale Ai-adi-iny. Siibricrijtiions OM.V ri.N DoLL.Aits EACH ; one halt down, the rest on tile delivery ot tin* Deed. Ewrysub- bciiber will gi t a liuildinr Lot or a laiui. lang- in" in Mdue tVoin 5iUio:5.;- ,UUU. TlieseFaims and Lots are so.d so cheap to induce si ttleiu. nts, a sutiicit nt number b ing leservi d, the iu the va.ue ol ^^ il■cll wiii compei).sate tor the ap parent low price now asked. The most ample Bi curits will he given iui the taithlnl pi'rlbrmance uf coniracts and j»iomise«;. i ir More ag’ nt. are wanted to obtain subscri- ! bi-r.s, to whom the most liberal iiiduci meuts will 1 conveycd to and i be ^iven, iSome A^jents write that th y aremak- ing per month. Advertising wili be done for every A"- iit where possible. Fur lull parti culars. biibscrmtiuns. Aireucies, Ac.. ar'ld\’ to W. II. RHAILSl^uiilT CO.n.1ll$>!!>IOX MERt llVv, AN 1) At; I N r Fn|> DALTIMORE AND PHILADELPtiu PACKr CHAULE:T()X^ in- iit ■ •: r iliir-. ew''- II W 15.)M A i-e-. fill". ; 11 iian Jill' V’ ,'t- i - i ^ J to ot*, ! I -li .liUi.'ll .’tu.;'. A C. • ier, .if M:m; ill;-' llom i'is ali’l l;.'.':oij'. • 11..lit' a:; 1 F^hoi-s, i:nftr>’- find -. ('..’til (; .'el... .1 7.J. Al^o,C^-ng^eed (; ’it T'. au'l >,iera 'i'. s. A :i-''o:Ini 'li: I 11.;’'. (.Siiirts, ('rav: .1.1,^' ;■ e iv. d ~tb l-ex;-.s olV i' VeVy •Ms 1; .111 li.-tnd, a.iid jr.^t reo iviii}; C a.S'oit. d IJ/aii’i:. Ca,'h i’uy. ' :is I am a y I S' ;1 i'!;i ai>. r.Ti|X. .'otT -ri'd low.) T.. '. J weiiy. iVC. ;’.:=s-’,\’are, »v,;.vli 1 .'.irs, V.-OuUl lio Well to pive Hie a e:.]!, t.ii'i ii;i:st a;;d wi.l nil' A;; I L;i1::: i iv is a it i' A ’ri:-»5ri.l, a \\ hide S'e.l: 3-0^0 rt \srr: Mav -tf. N N\ . AJIBF-N'r^. 'i'. TiUiter vV .S'jn. Jo,; II; irns wa- tVlio'.v. a’.iii ver\’ f’Uid (li a r'i: -s. many \ i.'itiiig an old une! 'I tts, wl’.oin h'-liiiil not 111’ i-r it\ii!'r iii Xe'.v ()rleiuis i’i>r ! cau;>- to (he cr.ncl'i'.ion oi' | tiw.iy up ill Mns.-aehii- ■ 11'lir mauv ve.'irs. ■ f ■ - add h t tlie.M T' 1- - I . and 1 a kctlle id . . : b”t- ■ e; ; ti.- 1.1 ’-r. i.tid ^ r.\ ..ui.e;'- iV'. sh : iu th: i > j.ri i‘ 1 ;.e iVuiL I .\ it’ll ca;‘t ; N'o'.v there i' a di.i’ei••nee iic:\v i^n Xeu (»r- leaiiT and .M;i'.-aehii.'.-e(t' in regard t> the n-e ^of ;;:-dciit spirits iind nhen Joe :u'i'i\(d tl.ere, !i!’ t’’>.i.:d a'li t';e p--op!e l uii mad a- boul teinperunee. he t’elt bal. thinking with tlji' old 'Oil-, that ‘■'i’iiL' the spirit up by :!;e vpirit uo-.v i,” w.-is i-m' o!’ tiie s to 111. ■ Iv I ■ t ■: 11 e ! ei! (I’.’.l hi’ n ;; I iriii:..;' ar;e;' his a i)eiii r ti'o>;i> out I i:iil I- liiiii Ill’ll .■•(»!.1 : 1" e;i li' ii 4 in ,!ie S.oi'li. ami no in the Iialdt of taki;i;r somethin I'ourin;, bes: waV' it’d imle ■ 11 t ,:e III’ and i.i.s and i ..■,.1-! t| to 1 a p.. iliit ■rival. t'iU* old nia^ to work, !ii' aunt ••.J’-r’, von liiive doubt are ' to drink 1)1. •I '.1 d ’lie *.il thi'i ’•'hen ip.i le I. h \V( il the lur ill a (ea- ; iiake thi'i.i !i ert iim aiid .1. - J. C .. At I'Ul 111 ■■ 11 to ‘ „d- V ,.J -r I a tlio ::.llv. about eleven o\do(dc. Now 1 kee{» some for •ii; d-e il purpo'fs, icit U‘l iji' oi>(’ know it •!'11 ]i i>l>and wants toin’ a j^ood e.'.ample.’' - I’;-’ nii'e.,1. and tiiinkin r that lie wouh! ■ et no more that d.iv, too];, as ln> e.\pre>s- fd it. a "biKt-r.-’ After he had walked (h:. t' t’.ie stab’;' ». h > should meet him i>ut his uiiLie. "W el!, .^oe," ,'ai’l he ••] i-.\]>eet t'.at yoa are itc iistonied to driuking sotnotliing in New >'rle;u)>. but you iiiid us all t‘mper- ate lu re, ttr.d lor tln-'.-iki’ (d’mv ,-o!i'> I don't let thr'm know tha.t I have a:;\’orandv alioiit liiit 1 ja.'f a little for my rheumatism. \\ ill ycnt ti'.Iie s;uni- ' ,loe hi^^-n.lieil his rcaiiiiK’ss. and tonic an- i.thcr big li’TU. '1 hen eontiniiiiig his w,';lk ^ he cou’.e t » here the b>»vs wort* mauling rails. After eonver.-ing awhile, one of hi.s ((•usins ^aid : “,I’ie, I (’xpect you Avould ■ like to hav(’ a dram, and as t’.io f.ilks are j '-'own on liiiU’ir, we have .-nine out here to ! help us on wl’h the work.” Out camo the bottle, aii'l down they .oat, and as ho sav'^, by the time that I'.e went to dinner, ho was I 11' titr’rt a' he ceiid in'. »iyini«ini' »iiii|if I'lin ■ f At Sluiplo Word A .\I) V 1 ,T, si ni|)!*^ as it is, \ ou hear a urea ry iiiade over i L0 I’.:1N«! Vou take U|) tin* p.ip-'is .111.1 aliiiast tlie lirst word yue see is t l.« >'S'3 I I l-i ! \ o:i stro 1 over ttn* •■.'y, uad you will •SeOSMvI.L s.ia;iile« of oxj0^j?j£3:xrrc3r in A litlle lier , a iittlc : .lei c, Aii'i !!o a>;Oitiiiei t atiywi.cre ; r !;til you ^i-t to Az vors, Wliere every one mitis to ^ct C3rOOca. CriotlxixiLs:! ■Aiiil wiiv do they run there? JMinply he. i .tuse titey '’an ;;et t lo. hi 1,^ he ter ii aile, more I s I'jiiahl*", .1 inl at !i‘«s |iiu es than at anv House in Noi th (, aro!ii;a. \‘»’e tnake a holi ness of it — uiariiifacilire p:ir own (ioods, and evi-i y article soiil by us is U A IvU A X IT:.!', oi money retinned. Ainl we are honnd To keep The Largest and most Fashion able sStock of Clothing iu the State. We have i lull 'toi-i of ( iu.dreiis% Yoiuhs’ Jiiid Ho J s' (d..() !' i 11 \ , J at h) V prices. A1 lO GEaS’ FU.lf>i!3';iNG GOODS, TU {'. I '£i .S’, If \ sf •. i Si fg:'i■ l’A(i.', 1 MliKl.U. \S. t'A^I'.S, idiei i’oclicl I£S. ’‘.'x L^'TTo IIATK, TOOTH, AM) :.'AIL c. all ot which will lie !-!;own and prices j^iveu. at t .e Lmporiuni oi r'a-ihion, By FULLINGS ^ CO. Charlotte, N. C., Nov. 2J, 15,11. .'JKCKLKMil llG IKH'SK, 0" r. ^pi ctfuily invite ih ’ at- -f^Wra S t- ntiiin ol liie j’ublic to niy House. ^ wn'.eli is Bi'.uaied J doois north- ast ut Ki'i^ o no- ; tel, w hitdi 1-' now opt n ler ii jjuhir and transient . boaidi IS. l’;!;iicuiai atleiiiion paid tu leeding ! hui>’s ut eiih’ 1 ol \ny fctabh s. All kinds of ibu- veis w ill lind anqjle acconmiodatiun at my House. 1 la\ in;;'.^am. lo;.', slud stahii s and jiji my ul wa- I (er. AiSo, .'lil i^anls ol suiiihin^ done, hoisi'sho''- ■ injr, buir.ii'v or cairiage v pairing, or n> w uue.s : ina'le nui aii'l out to Old' r, as good as can b'- ' m.i'le in I'iiario’.te, on the ji! .s. And I s.iy I to ‘lie tiavi hiiij:' public, thht any ihiiigiu tiie w;i\- ■ I.; . Very coii'i Miiiee, can be liad lioni a saddle up lo a ci'aeii and lour, at ihe shortest no- t'.C'-. Any on- calling mi us in either bianch oi i oi.r bii'iu' .'S, nu ]iains will be sp.ired to give sat j i. facta n. S. IL L’l'..\, Proprietor, 1 F. ^L KLA, Auuut. ' May-iO, 1~'G—!f Uf A / ?ubscripliuns, Agencies, Ac.. a['pl.'’ i i;. BACDHR. Fort Koval, Caroline county, Va, .Julv L —iS.siU .., - V(l t) 7\7 sX li i V x\ n t \77 n n xj u TEoE*j;^.*iiaioii, S, C. fB^lILS new Hotel is now opened for the r’ C' iitiuu of r.guiar and liaii • i'-nt B’lauleis and the tiaveliiiifr public. ’ Heedful ar:angei!ieiit ha.s been made- to I promote tl’..' comloil who may stop with ; me. My r.iuins are l.Uir-’, w-eil ventilated ;ind ' b’ tier Uuni^heii liiau any Hotel in Nonli Carolhia. L i‘- inv ii;tei;’;cui to make this a ITiJ^iT CLASS • lloTLI,. 3’ly .''i;d);e.» ,in‘ large aii'J well-.snppiied with pT’ix . K'h r. ail i I a:u pn p:ired at ;i iiinnieiit’..; no- I tiee to supply my eu.'=oiiier.s wiiii Hmses ;ind I v‘(fUvi'vaiiCts t’j any part i>1 ihe surioi:nuinc cuuu- t!_'. S. ]>KO\\ N, i’loprieiur. .Ian'' -J 1, 1 '.'"I—;;iu i Z ] il’ .''ra r" Oiiici' for tlie Tri-AVeeklv I^ine i of'; iM .Saiisbury and Ashevide, is kejit at tiie Walli’ii I loiise. CAinKiI.L liiiSL HOUSE. € liolcr, i'. fS"TIIlS large .iTi'l sjdeiidid three-story build- 9. in:;, on the east .side of Ch. ster D. pot, i.' iiiiw up u lor tiie accoiionodation of peisuu.' tra- \elliii;.x oy the cars or othenvi-ie. 'I'he Froprietoris weUawan- that nothing .5hori of ;i \t 4'i II**!!***' w ill induce a cus- loiii to iliis, so recently gutten np j and althouijh ve,y soiicitoii.s uf patiuna;ie, he refiains fi'nm ilio.'f thousand*;md-onc jiiemi.^es which iiave li. ■ 11 iiKide uuiy to be biukeu by liiany uf his iiinstiious pled, cessur-^. He eoulidi ntly ho]»i .s ti.a; he will't.du'-d, and upon trial give such atisfaction and acceimuudation as will send him on his wav r' iui'jincr. J. L. CAFKOLL. Cliester, S’ C., Feb. Ots l.roG.—tf u- V ■ li rm -O'.v ,MI end I- ‘or. FI’LKW'l'K )N Will h ’ iTiad” at th’-Next i I'liua.y Ci’U:' I'^r tii;-eoiiii'y, t.j i-'taMi-ii eleet.on pv c ''•■'t at M.ivrow's Tnrn-Om, iu C’eillty. iiii.’ x; 1. % ■ , T A _ e 3. ■ ■ -.V’ ;*n .1 0 :ir^ io-e V>- e.!. oi t-’ - :■ X- V ... I • * t •* ' \ i" i I ** ■ 1' \ .\ OS' ^ ' dO. I’LI iri' ‘\ w. i il ■ ji ' s-i;!"d ti- the n xt L itnie ..(h (' iri’oii.i a^ tor - or aui. iidinej!^, to the Aet coii- i;' C'”p ii'i'.vtrs on ill- t.iwir i.f ('h;ir- ,h;iv i:;.'.i.,—tf ■ .1 ..J ,vl r. t:.i 531 fiir.K "torg, i: ' ' 'he N -es aO’i Aei of 5>il SJi«-5. .’.le tV.MI'.S- -o Mr I u It 1 ii:ert:^'e.. t! e\te;it \ on ; p, tjn> ‘ ty will !,.> in- wdl pro- ana .N i; ’ ;i! the V. ^’:Mid. : f’.,- iir y i 11 mi'l '1 . ih” i, .'f.el'.. . 1-'" ”f ,T • >"r the b u ;it of the r. -1^ -r^ely. .•Mul fha V P for ii"-,i-- _ ■ -'i'-'/ :.e en..rit ' *'» Pff'i! .\LT.TsOX K I'VML!. 1 nUK Tax t h;iiid',] 1 -. i[U’ ai. I' ■!' whiell Ii-av r.ei h .. AllV-ise. J '.> J, (, i;,-t. ;■ iUt\ ■ C. ;i;e I V .\prd I’ly e.r in p-d.l I' ; ; \ ei oi'i:!L > :u my u INS'otioo* \I.L pt r.'oiis to H' -.iro v. r"e(' (I IV lip liiliiie: 1 .!■ ly, I.r t.i.'y w:;/ li: Uu if .N’.'.is i:iiil Aeci. ...ts III t .hill, no; • me :r :,.r c . t > nyclliie oi.imsa “I ■ ■ >: ^'-leei:;-. , ||,,l . ^ 1 : ^ ■ I I’, iiii 1,1. is H’ •, 11 -w 1.' .1 i' . i. L. vV, J, L,»M:i;(;.\.N. J .) u No\. niVier 6, I'.t.' nr ’ St - SU-'i i 11' ■ h\i\ pr. ■■r t.;nn iis';;u t-* le ; V'drrt .’f ’•e ;h - 1 ly AV/;' '-'kr.-.-.clii s, so • not be “y - :■ d iu ,\ tl’Uli --'-Ut lOUi til ox ! rht. tho ;ii;.d H' 'lit I cVul n'‘t (li^OCVCT 3NT ot:ico. Lr. p'TS'i' s ii-df-toed to !h tirm of IR. V\ IN. HLttGlXS C o.. wi 1 f»r.J K Irwiu or r. D.’f-'piP al.'.,vs ready a 1 happy to sef e. A t uunr'» .jiui Xores not set. t:ed by JaiMiary l oi.if wiii be touhii m t..e liauds ol an olticer for colii-cti n. ,L F. L;UIN. T. D. (ilLLL."PlF.. Oct. 23. l3-tt KOIIEKT P. WiRL\0, Alltu-iif) ill (OiBce in Sprin;r'' b:!ck buildinsr, 4 door.** soutji ft' t;.K' Charlotte Bank.) Charlotte, N. C. 'hy i-s it .lenkins Taylor ppII Stoves so cliea|> ? H.'cause tiiey buy f om the Mamifiotiirer.'i. JENKINS & TAYLOR \\ () I L I) res pi' t |iii ly n nno'inri' to t he i nhabi- ' taiit^ of > harlottf and vieinit , that th y ' have removed loin tiieir Old Stand, >o i ne i door W e^^t ot i Jn.s Sprat s (Grocery Store, ' V, liere they l.ave i r-.v ou e.xhibitiori. just re- , coived irom the North, uii» ot tiie most i EXTt.NSIV: ASS3.!tTMEH73 C.'^ ' .*s “X* o ■^7":e3 s F.ver offered m Nortn rarolimi. amoiij; which will be found the celei,rated Iron Witch Cooking Stove I i Which h s c;ai,.ed Fvioh a amous reputation III the Simthern I oiuHi y lor the last eijihtt,'. n ii.oiitlis. 1 h;s S;ove v\ ,■ w .u r iit siip-'iior t;> any ( ookiiig >:dvo i 'v.v in use. it i.s simp e in It*; arrai.i;eriient‘=. crr.iiiMies less In i, and (h)ps more work ii a ji v-n tune, ihtin auv other Stov. ill ue. We will put on'i hesid any other Stove ut t..e name siz.' in the [. iiited ate-. ;,;i.'. ii tt (!oes m>t do riioie work in any iiiven time, we wi I Joif |t the price of me Sto\e, and cja t iiii.g and go ..ui death lor the be ter one. All Kinds oi' Parlour and Box £5 *17 Q> "V" JI3 £3. We have, and constautly keep an e.xtensive and vaiied stock of Tiv. /•-.«?, end li'-'-r’. //'•*' ; Af V.v, fJ"on Iied- Strad^, Ji lt li ■/'•'. ( ' ■nd''-!. ,Y'-.. All of w hii !i V ill iie '■-oi’i W a ..cS't’e and h'e- tail. chei'.per :.n has e\ rr been be;ore u - I'Te.i itl ttds v;.-;; ;Ty e W’.u!') re i;rv o;;r t: ank* to our friends ar:d IIS O'lierc ;.ir tr.e v ry I.!.era, patrun.ige t: ry ! he,’, -Ve i upo Us. and • ey rnay re't as'U e,'. ::.,j wesi.a'l ei,.:--av'.’r. uy c!.'*' u* e • (>:; t-,-! to ‘-f 1 witii det^r- leu.a'iop, to piea-:*; to merit a coii'iiMiare.’-j '.e sa ■ e Gur *viotlo 1.S “Ouicix Sales and La.iie'ai’d .e’’T, •,■11 n ar partioularly in- VIt fl to -a I aiul exaiiiii.e oiir Stock. altj kinds of jo a work A-Te; lied fow-.'ri di'spatch. -N' 13. — W. w i;, tel y I why \vp !i ai o ;r a.ivertisem-nf ••r F'R the W^rjoN,” it IS hecause we have Taree wajjons const.i. tiy j tijveJ th o’j^h tiie coil tiy w tii >tiives. I -A I oriiiira v\i 1 uC tu. hfuby auJ piom''-^- ty attend- ;1 to ' ■ .aiio.te, .-'ppt. "o.'-'f ii 1J L-li 01 ■£) M t 1L, cHLs i ku, s. r. By J. R. NICHOLSON. suii>iTihi r re.'pi ctCully in(orm> ^gjj^flhis iriceds and tl.e puhiit: generally, ioit his house, kiio.m as the “ILul H’)ld,” uppu'lle ihc i he.sltr l)e()ot, j.' >'ill open tor ihe rcce|il;oti of rt’irnlar and tr.iiiMelil huiirders iiiid the Iravellin;^ piddic ; .md he is iiialUnjr cverv cxi rlinii to dc- si rve and sd uru a contiiiii nice of the t^ind and p .lrHiller*, which ha« hilhei'ifore heeii cxtcndi (i (o hi.II. He ll itter.'* himse.'j'th it I very needed ;irrau^eno iit has heen niai'e tu them I I'roii'ote tlie coinfiirt nf a II wiiu st(,p with him: I iii? rooius are airy a>id \vi ll-luriiishcd. hi.' ^cr V,lilts arc atteiitivu and iibediLiif, and Ids tabh ^4 j Iaili:ta nt 1 y Uj>i>I icd u ith tiie hesi ot the s»,’;iM)iij so that hi-; neiids will ii,,t want ar.y altcnllun iiecessa ry ' lo uiaUe Uoir s.ij.iurii pleas.i nl an'. airi-eea ble. His Stitiles arc furiMshcrl with eoixl hustlers and an .i'iiinda iic! .it pruvoiider, am! he is [ircjiartd at a inomciil’s notice In >ap|i!y liis cu't’Oiicrs wilh jiriv iic c uivi yauees ot I Vi ry surt, to any part ot the surfoundiii^: eo;i.! I r . He L'esiri s ff) ret nrn hi.s .nckiiowledirnienis to Ihe |ii.hlic tor pist ll.vor'-, and solicits f.u the :u!urc ail equally liberal sliare ol p.itroii- a je. All- 20, 1 &.'>!. 5.ff Soiiielhiii;; tlial was never olfereci helbre I The best Plantation in Meck lenburg County: Also, the lest Uin-lluuse in S. Carolina. HE Flantatiun contains 500 in i the Pru\ ideiice .settlem. nt, lying on the wa ters of Flat I»ranch, T4 inih s .south uf Charlotte- rn>ons widiinu to puicliasf, wuulddu well tu call ai.dsee lor ilniiiselvcs. Il this tiact be not si.lii c.eia, C)lHLli I IJAt'T.S ut {ioi d la..d, inai at liano, cai: he puichasid iipoii air ic:ins. I theie l)e di'ise « ho vMsli lo piiichase a small tiact, ihey can als..» b ■ accuiniinjd ltd m tl.e same ueii^liho ho’d. Also loi .-ale, a Flanianoii with t?40 Acr«‘»i, With a 11 o(111 SAW .M 1 LIj ai.d a (■( H. I) 11'... •yiill' o:i ihe v\aiels ol .Mllc Ui.’i.CII, 6 imiis tii’iii ('hailiitte, wril tiiiibi i»d. I’usse^siuii lo ' e Kiv» u ou the 25di day ol D’.cenibei ii-.-.xt. JOHN* S. rOKTER. I’rovidencp, May -0, 18;)f>—(im Iniporkr, Wholesale and Kelail DEALEIl IN’ AMKltlC.VX AND IMPORTED C3^xa.l.a.S» jF2L±flOS t^^OWLlNU and Fi.'hing Tackle, T.ible and Foclvct Cutlery, Walking ('au; s, DjIIs and Foil ^loule.s, F’-rcu.'Siau daps, Uuu-Fowuer, lit tfhiit and liails, Fowd'-i Fiasiis, Flinches and Bolts, Bird Bags, N:ppli s and W'ri uclie.s, \% .i-'liing Kods and Ticklers, I).ig t’hain.'- and 'oI;.ns, «iuu-Maki 1’s Mati rials. Sec. & c. Volcanic Heptatiiig- Fire .4riiis. IS 11'!.-!>, * tieisiAo & fiKi- loadmg from (J t-' '.'-t balls, and ?au be dischalg. d with f^reater rapidity aud ceitiiiiity than any otlr r Fi.>tol or Kill.-. Thirty charges c;m b'‘ load’d and djscharged in tifiy si comls.— No cap, no jirnuing, mj recoil, no lateral ili.s- clnuge. Tue ball is a pateut loaded ball, ou the Muiie principle, and is p. rf-ct!y water-proof, and goes always >1 UE aud s.vrE. Also, 8hai[)’s> t’(‘h*brate(l Throwiii}.f a u.ill with p rfcct accuracy eiffht hnn- dii d yards. Also, li volvers and Five .Shoott r.-», at M.iniducturei 's pric- s, tii tiie trade. **. »«*r ( iii:cei. A nn, So‘ 132, MLiinSireeLopposiit Ej trie Sqnnrf’, SlUhmaml., f'« A DTPr.OMA.of the Fi«!i C'lass, was awaded hy tlu- Vir^onia .M chanics’ I:l^l.lele, the | ru' iiioi.oii 1)1 th'’ .Meehan.c Alls tu .''aiinie! Snihc ■ land, ol li chuviiid, .or a ("isc ot iui.s, I’isiols, and IMles, t.\lil)iiid ai the L.\h biiion ut aitichs ul Ani(;iicaii .Maniitactnie, hi Id in die cily ol li;cli- iiiond, on the Uah hiv ol Nmr inbi i, |K;'i4. .1. A. BLLVIX, IWt. J. W. Lewf.i.i.f.n, Scc’y. [May'JC. Is.’.ij.— !m] MGLjTFWimYr R 11: feii lao 'S 1>, Vi 4A, Canj iytrett, bein-ecn Pearl ly 1.3//; LStreets, .M \NLT AC rCI.’ LS Locomotive Tesa- It.i I i> It «>;i «l A N’l) all d .'cripliiiiis ut l».iilru..d .\Lichi- nery. Slati mary Liij^iucs ot any rtcpured P'lWer; alsi., (lurt.i Idc I'hig. in'!, wit h adcided improvi ineiii uver an}’nllu rs hcieloforc iii.ide, (troiii 4 to 4i) liorsi jowcr,) mi v\ heels, .i iid so Well aii.iptcil t.) firndiiiT purposes, "'elliiijr lumber, t^c., u i I) improve I ( 'ireiil ir porl-ihle Siw iVi.lls att.iclicd, ut and 3d cbiS’i. Aliniiiir ,\I i him ry, (j'ri't Ac, .S i\v \HH M iclii- chiiicry, Fortin^rs ami 'I’.ih.icco F ictory Fix lures ul every klod; also, Brass and Iron I’astiiigs- made to order. P. RAIIM. b’iehiiH n 1. Mnr-h L«, IP.'iP,.—Gm iVoticc. AWAY from tin; Subscriber about © ^ Two Years aero, a ne^ro buv nam ;d persons to additional and iinnec ssaiy costs. ^ S. W. DAVIS. Charlotte, June 10, IS.^O.—tf And a valuable Town Lot, with a fine Brick Dwelling, TO BE SOLl> AT I'L'liLlC 6\l.V.. By virtue of a dei d of trust to me executed by William L.. Mclv..e, dee d, during his liie time, 1 .sh.ill, C)n Muinlay of the August Court fur Buiko County, lieiiigtlie Ibtli d;iy ut’the mouth, At tile douTu; n.e C’uu. t-lli>usc iu iVl irjr.uiioi, tXpu.'e tu public sale, lo llie liiglust bidder. A valuable Lot in the town ot* .Tloi'^aiitoii, One Pfiuare Wi («t ol the I 'uui I• H lUse, fronti!!" oil .Main and Coll. ge strc ts, where Hr. .Mc- lUe fl sidec,—coulaiuiiijj lour or more acns. on which Ihi i e is A very fine Brick D»el!i«g^. ll«, Nearly coinpb t, i, with four^'C rooms he- low stuiisuiid ti.iir ubijVe, wilh a nice’c j j ahoveaiid hi low; and vviiuh cO:-l ahuut th et- j I thiUsand dollars. Acjuiiiiuj; Ihe in.iiii liiiild-| inii IS II fine om-stoi y brick liU Idini: with two! roums and in tVonl—ailh ail the oe ] C'•^sa^y out hiiii.-es ami sia.lies, in jr.iml reji.iir. ; Immedi.itely uii tlie Curner ol main slriet is a ; h-ie im« -story lirick buihiiu;^, runjli-e.ial uiid i co\ered'with tin, with u l iix'e ami convenient j well fnted up. ant two o;lii r eon. j \ en it nt rooms at t--. ehei;—i id a y;i i d la .'ti f u II v , d curated wiih i vcrgreeiis fl-nvir.-*, uiid a I tine srardi II. j 'I'.he .'itu tion «>f tin's pr'^perty beiii" central j and coiiveiiii ut, any p'. rsoii desirous ot ou - ; ehasinir a beautiful, healthy, and desif ihle ri - sideiice, would do well to atli iid the sale. The \\'cslern rail road will be litre in less ih n three years, and [iropi’rty will no di uht double in v.'ilue. Slioiibt ihis oppi riiinity to secure a summer or a pern.aueiit r« sid. nee, unsurpass ed h\ any /u this or any otiier luwii in Nortli ( arolina. be hist, 1 here is no pruii • biiily uf iii - 1 ni; i II IT within tl.e enr pura te 1 i m il.* oi’t he lo .v n a re'ddcnct- so dcsir i Ikc. 'I’erii s adi. E. J. Eli Wl.N,'I’rustec. July 8, 185G —t rVesfroes for Sale. rSn.\Lr.,as I'lxi ciitor■Xif Ihe la.'t will arif) tes ameiil i f Dr. Win. L. Mi.F’ee. d.c'd. on the same d .v ;ind at the same pi ice of tiie sa le ut'i he a hove properly, expose to public sale \ tu the hifjlie-t hidder, Eleven likely and valuable Ne groes, Com-i-ting of mii, ii, ntid children.—- I erii.s mudo kimwii I'li the day uf s le. i:. J, JJK WFN, L.v’ur .TIIIv 8, IS.'it).—— LIBFIvATi advances mad riiOuce to my ai Sept. 11, ls5j. oil e , priiOuce to mv addiess toi such. ■!y. ('. J()lli\S(h\. " FORirjRDlMi and y 3MCIE5 Irt. CU H u9l I\r T SOUTH ATLANTIC WiuRf Aug. 1 K'55. ^ ..V ca. joii.\ w. ^'ii factor^ ’ (lieiieial C’oiiiiuis>ion’ Mirdiauf, Receiving Forwarding Agent t S. STKICT ATTFNTIOX wdl b. giVen to the sale ofC'ut- ton. Corn, V>'h’ at, Flour, and other p.oduce consigned tu m-. . I for salt;. Also, to thtf receivui}^ ^ and forwarding of Goods. WUi make libtrnlrc. vauces on i'roduce shippt d to me, to b" soldhtV or to be shij-p. d to any of the Noiiljein, iSuutL. or Foreign Forts. ’ " t.'harleston, S. C., Feb. 10, G. l\ AN'DLItSOX. 'V. I). K:;vNoit„s. A*iT»i:i;sox X Uicv.\0Li>.s Q-X1.003H2^S AM) COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ^*0. 1(1, l:OA^'C»KE .‘r^QCAKF, r^'i>!*£blu, I’trii'fiaia, Fay active ;:tti ntion to the .oale ol Flour aid oth' r kinds uf Fioduce, iivo.ding,ii,m' (diargi'S and rendering j^ioinpt retiuns. May 18.'ti—ly I’iiorKssdii SrjS ra^HF M. i:o, trv siili'cr.b rs hav.ii" tiirnied th 'mseives li funiiiany, jesp cH'uily t uder their ' th ’ p I'ple oi • ii.irlolte ari'.l the conn ^3. pray cni; ^PHAT all th • ^ ]>erfec!ly to orgiiial pri.w ih, -o lar i,.s th-ir locks .111' coiict I III d, lilies I,III ndiiiil ul ji d u Li; !■,. f-idi s It will erne I'M ry pog-iMo d si ,i'e m ij}f .m':i i, w lietlier di m |o|',i d .'is d o dri 1), i ( hii i.', oi iii il.t sliapj- (jf ciitaiu oii ■! emiH'o. e—. v« a S'.aiil.l.c ai d in -lo p.iss hie case wili u Id ! o( c. . liy matrie, neiv.n.s or |k-i r.ii.riil lunlncl.e, it.d.'" Wilmington, Charlotte &Kutii- I '* ‘ « pt t •‘'01 . L' I Ji(* , a i;(i h»» p t tit Iki II tu'111 laiui g, tunny imaginable a. e. l'« fid iii ri u d.e L i^antport. Ja , Jnvf LTD. .Mrssis. (>. ,L Wui.n .V ( ■>.: (■I'Wrs:—\Ont.- ot ihe i3ih croni'd ly in !.n'd I'.iielusi d, jilease ti.,d ihii ly liilii del n'^, it Lk I Ilf-a oi”ii I I lui llni l.'i Mu'ai. \ c. ] l,!i\i f’ Il M '■’'h * * It yon ch'iose. yi'M may Kid i t d.'Zen h..;i!es 1 la,i lisu'HMM: 1 ih-i k I «n 1 :t. Jt !;ri' worki d m r.Tc’- ,■ m ih:.*: jiliiei. 1 ^ mnn s..\ 01 ha:‘i“, iha; ua- f a!d, ii %■ it Ic ii.oi 111 -V inn '(III ali o,-. I h.f |;c:'d. ^ ' s, uspi Cl!' Il> , .M. r. (.1,11)1 J.V. eriordton E ail Road. Pll I'M II ant to a liirA to an order oi the „ Boaid of I>i- re c t o r s of_ the Wilininjrton, Char otto and i utheifurd- toii l.’ail I’oad (,'ompany, looks are a^ain op'm for subscrip: ions lo the apital ^^tock of said I oail, at the Rock island .Stoie, and th offices ot Wm. .luhns on, C. .1. I'oX- aiol S. VV. Davis. AI who tee] iiitere = ti“ in tl.e honor and pro>perilv of the obi N rth .'-ta e. are solicited to come forward and ant m this tlieat work, th o ly real jinhlic enterpri'ie that has ever sprunj: upon our peoplp. ( IlAi.J.KS I. I' t ,X, b. . DA Vis, \V.\I. .lOHX^ TON, JNO A. Yt>U.\'t;, JOHN v\ALKF.K, l.LKOY SP IN(iS, B. 11. DAVIDS N, C.'omfT’ission"rs. Oct, IS.^5., 23. UALi:IGII & (iASTON UAIL-ROAO. RalcigU a Gaston ff. (fHhf. } RALKHiii, Ft b. 8, lis.jv. VS TITE NORTH CAKOLIXA RAIL ROAD is now completed to Charkttv, no tice is hereby given, that Cj»oo(N aiiil Prodncc Brought down that Road, iutendi-d for trnr.spor- tation over the RaU-ifrh «.V Ga.ston Rail-Road, wil! be lec’ ived bv this Company at the Xorth-Caro- lina Rail-Road D pot in iialeirrb (owm d jointiv by the two Comjianies) and wdl be transport-*d thence without d lay or extra charge; and }rood> designed for the Westeru M.TchHuts and other.' along that Road, will liki. w ise be delivered at the .name point. All dues for freight be paid at Petersburg or Portsmouth, excep* on -.vay freijrht, which must 'oe paid in advance or ca deliver}' of the good.s. AT.very fflTort will hf* in»de by the OflRecrs aud r 111 F 1 . i'-vt*rv f'TTnrr wjii r>f* infiUt* hv' Thf* Omror:i c.n fonr.erly b longing to John IL Gner, of M’ ck- pe„ts of 11 U ) mpany to give sat^7act[L i 1* n uiig (:ount\. ^m'h C aro^ma, and sold to he t .ansportation of Goods and Produce uer-iily ill their line, of busin. s.®. Th-y an pi'epar'd to tiiniisli Monum ■nts.Oiavestones,i\Lm- tle 1 lei' rurn.tiir.’ ^Luble, 1 .dd''.S.abs,^laible •T t') any par..-ru cm tVom M:iible, p:)i;.ved taste and styli-s. atid iijion to li tjie '.rii.i*;: .e'e'.ijiiiinilarin" t"rms ever otf p d lu'the .''"Uthern counrry. Th. y will keep con.'tantly o;i na-.i'l ;h iv 'lescrintion of Ejrvntiaii, Italian and Am M.,ible. All ord' rs. tor anj-article, addn ssf d to thesub- scr'.b' rs, will ui -et with prompt attention, and will be p;ick tl ;;iid ibrwarued with the utmost care and d’Sparfi:. Tt- • va;d is sitnatrd on the north-west corncr 01 th'- I !;aV;0'*.- I).'put Yard. ‘ WM. TIDDY S0\. .Tan, McL.ntick of X w Orleans, aud reci ntly sold to the subsciib’ r. .Said boy is about or 4U years . ! old, of ctrpp r e.>lor, ab.»ut feet lU inches hio-h. quick «pok -n. Any p rson lodgingsuid ntgro in jail, or d'-livering him to me so I can get liiin, I will pay such p -rson >!»*■ II iiiid la IV i>. SFTTFX. Fineville, Meckl’g Co., X. C.—Ap'l l.j—3ni. Stop the ISiiiiaway! | KAX away from the sub«!criber, ri-sidinfr in ' Ch-bt-rtield Di.strict, bomh Cturolina on ^ ^ 2;f.i ot J uly, a i.c- ’ j gro buy bv tiie name ol SANDV Said insportation of Goods and Produce. Owners and shippers of Goods are requfs*ej to have them distinctly marked, so that their aesti- nation may be known. A. HAMILTOX, I*resident. [Feb, 19.—tf] Office of Charlotte and S. Car- / olina Railroad Company, [ JuN-K 26, 18oG. ) Ai:\v rjiiiE (■ \ • ;-II d. Ca-^h Paid ibr Siidr^. '’I'’HE h:ghi -^r rT;e s w". be paid t'.r ILdfe -L ■ .". M lli.)U ELL. 3 do.irs S'lUth :t the .^liiusi‘>n Hole Charlotte, Oct. 30, 6m Ill Charlotte. h ■:'5 h.ive > s'aVii.'hd a Ma;bie en :'ae secoad «iuare .'..v.uL ’f the . ■■U’l re'=n“cr:'nl!y u;f r their .services '-y :• d’.'au'e any ti'..i’C" in :h. ir I ne ot ■■■ Th -ywii'- ki" p on liand the b‘-.'* and ; ' • ' k I. of Fon-ign and Ani'-rcan Mar 0.' . in'i ■ - _. par dat all times t’j furnish .Tlonunientw, j»ravc Stones, in'.cL Places, Furn-ture ^larbU, Tahifi .'luhs. Marble i^-c. To any panern, according to the- most approvpd ':yi- s, and up >u t. rm.s as iow as at any Mai’bie t-t- 'iubli.shmellt iii tJle South. Ail o.^d rs for Marble work, address- d to the ‘•ub'cr.ber', wii; meet with prompt att- ntiou,and will be p.icki d with care and forwarded with dis patch. Ta-- pubiic’s patronaere is resp* cttuilv so- “L-t'd. GLEX & McCOY , Charlotte Feb. 19, 1S56.—]y ' Fi-e^h Fluid and Caniphesie. VT FRITCILVRD S Drug Store, you w-iil gft th >. articles pure. Fluid at tk-i- gai.on—T'-mnphiae ceoto. rcgh. April A-5(1 iieyro Ks .’ih'iut :iU or £'l year.' ol :i^e, fiiC let t si.t or nifht inches high, ahonl a quirter mnlitto. has r-ither thick lip', aiKj I i)i ir- \t has a small i-car t n hi., upper bp— has vry si'ii 11 .ars t.;r a lo^jroboy, is very li!?i ly, h;;> h ii.iir vvlien eumbi-d f>ut, and lo. cm: r,..!y ^vorn i* plaited ui.d tud with a s;r;ii- ‘jehimj’-n work ii v« . 1 h tve re ..'•,n tu tjtdieve th it Saiidy tni been c ”iiv. VI il ■ wa V hy surno pcrMuii; and I v^ill fiv. 25 Dotlai-% fur his deli very to me, I r t’ur hi8 d. livery in j.iil, ^u t|,,,t 1 rec’iver him. .M v repiiience is a sliurt di-. tan. e sou!i. ul ,M. n--oi, X. C.. ai.d .,Lo .i sh. r* dist’fice Ol C l vi. rfield Tuiirt House S Carolina. JkHN P. GA'IlIlXC.s! July 1 S* 6 5. * HIT I lie feuutlierfi Christian Advocnte, of li.irleKtfin, wiil pif .TSf copy one month, and forward aecu-it to M . C., Ldut’t. Cn ek P.O.. Cnior; co’jiity, N’. C. Boots and Sliot*«. JMILE.S & J'OX’S Boots • and Shoes ju?t received and for sale V>v BREM & STEELE. .Turro 24. Ic5>0~4w T.4SIKF0F Till{«il(;i! FltKKiH'i Between Charleston and Charlotte. n Firt Class, Hog'heads, Bajit is. Do. Half barrels Do. Sacks Do. Do. Blacksmiths \ I f Measurement, per c. ft., do : Fish, do. ; Flour, do. iiOU lbs do. ](jij lbs. Salt, Bel- I'r ‘ 1 t': '- H V' Ol D-- DI'.AK .''Hi: lakr |,ir,T^nie m 1-f nnrr v ■ ly tl ^Imluny lo liie t Ae-i|, roe (;l \ni.i 1 r,i; l.o- t’lia’.ve. Tliur inoMiis n-e. Il \ 1.J.1: v:^ u ■ er.'iy. 1 [ I' ii.,w ;i dai k iiruwn, ( he ut ii 'iiaj r. , SUM nil ni.u '(he ueU a;.| l.fii’i.-i 1 , m.'iih lu r, h. en the II,->| h', s:..;j,iim’t, . jiC hv'J winch, fvum the iisidi m my uwi, lasi. I can iiios; cu diallv ircumniei d to o'i), ;t, Uesjn Cl!i.,i:v ^ yul.n ni>A ,\ia) woi.coTT Vnic- PT'i .f, In., Jure ?], ]tl2. rror. J. WooD;—A' yun .-.i. n., : '.) '"•i: ‘:l:ie(ule il i (i Veld y..l HCil.lly il .w .. ■ il 11.111 K f-lo. 1111VI-, 1 t-;a;e. loi w'.iii.s i-.’- ' may fCi.rern, ihal i Inivt- i:s. d ii.aiil U,.. wii ii'i.- e s tu Us«- II—iliai I i.ave, 1.’i s-ev»'.*i m lef-, I • ■ III lb’’ b ill t ut I H.iij oihi r I lair fi p t,..,. j.i ' il r,| I li d yoii's v.n-l'y «-' [(i,ui i., : ’i,i i.M I k iiinv 11 eni III ly ( l( a I M i; i I.e; d i I fi.ii n'l 1. and wnh Ol e'3 p’u]), r i m’, wiln .m. ;»• : iiorMiiiV hair t.i ihe yui,i|iii,! me' f '' cxinie, i?ivii i> 11 a hiabhy suli ri.d u aiic(-; ai d all ihir, wnji'ii t dscnlfnii tj da i'- ' iliat ajiply ii, ui ihi d'cs on v\hicli iiil’'*^ 1 w. mid, (heret-H (», i« c tniiK-i’d its in- lo i \ i:' '' desiI uns o ha\ nit^ a fi,;e t oloi nI d o MI !r 1*'s-;'cctlidly, yoiiip, W lL>J}» Ivl.^'> St. Louis, Jiivc C'', Ifi'- i nOl'. ^^00^;—.\s you a:i atii'i,: iii|r'; '' ni.d vei.d yonr leccntly oven d tin - Rif ‘ in' '• ai,d a^ yun iiqni si my fiiiM.uii ol b, I wiil liiii my h'Tir was, a lew muu'hs ii;'e, m'v t ».'i aitd ahtr ut'inj; uvu bo iU.^- ut voii lio ihi*:' '* iiv«'. It !e-’^;m d iih oiii.Mi ftl ci-’ioi; III d libcei!uii, nil dod'ill has dfispjiflud ii'ri’n'' head, and I have la »n trouh'cd wiili i ■ d ^n^' ‘^5 h!e nchi!i» of ihe sculp. 1 am saiistnd. d’fl' who use II, 'vVili i.,,i li ^iei il, gs it t'lve^ li*^ ' 01.c«- ut muin;; l:een lei-fiiily u;'.td 1 foii, 1, lh tl !oip. So n coniniM d it;, i.i-t* le i desiiuiig ut t’.fivmi.' a t>eaiiiili.l h art ei ii*’'. I am, sir, yours, etc. ii. L. &Tb'\-^R* PROF.f\SS0R WOOF—' Jl«-ar Sir. .My hai'-, f^r «sfv''ra! yc'''*'. t> omniu pi« rii.'i11.1 !yf ji’ny,| i’r ' ^ * haiBhiK es which'.fd the c-’i '-a*' :if ’ *■' ot u;t i,ef; .>-;fa ■ V 111 d e.-sniii it. Whi !• 1 ' ' ' ' 'd iisinii yoiii llan IJt ^'uiur.vf', ^ a20, It was m liia' coi.d.iiun; ai d II’t'' ’ ’ ■ us use t;l! w:ih n th* last tbr. ( w»« Fs ' '' ioitsii;aiiiialcl'ir. Bid nr.-iii(d n h sfri eirat'y to he pre'encd to i!i. “t j-od ’ ■ the a;)])beaiion uf ^,’|8 ,r anv -ihcr f. piJ* ’ , have c--er iir-i d. I reL'ai-d it as nii -i.u “ nriicle for every I .-Jy’tf toii. i, u j.e hf r t.’!f roc * ifrir fJ*storflfIvi*^ ot iat ihp Hinipl# nii'p"'**' ** iui.' or henuiPyint; ih- hair. Yon h»'' I ''' to reier to me at) whu eeter a „ bi V cl- ' ' lierformmi/ all tb l is cla nud lor ii. ' .MRS. C. SVMONFS Ci.'-.cinnati, O., Feb. 10,1851. J !■! Till ‘d *' lows, all sizes, \ Buckets, per dozen, Corn, per bushel, Wh'at, do. (ojffee, per 100 lbs Citndles, do. C'lieese, do. $2 Wutfrtown, yiaiff y M'ty ‘ ' I'^^OF O. .1 VV()OD:_Mluw lee Ii. S "'*' .■> In I poweis ol yolir flair Fb'■ * 1 . - f rnonih.j tiirice, b mg evccd.;!^.' ► i ^"‘'^^'hasf fi. a. d sfum cunim(->c«d'u >■> td llr'fj; and li 80>ii i>»-i'ai lo tell, m resifit': 'I” ^ hu luci\s tu iheir narjve colu' a. d tiifc h» hefote d y aid barrh aid alhi ^ off i " bU ai d udos-y, and it et at;* d 'aihri’; dn d;-apri( a id. ai d ihe sraic lu$i all iIp d 2 50 j itchmj, B’l aimoymt' l«-toie, and now, I ® I Through Articl.-s enuuj-rated. All others wiJl be charged at the present Lr>cal Rate* ri 1 ^ SCMXER, G-neral .Superintendent. look, but ftel yoiinir nfBin. RetjiirCtfnily, yoDrp. etc. (■fL\f{LES WFIITN^'^' iKr’Sold at 111 Maiket 9ii-*-e>,St l-o' f n. 31fi fbondway, X» w Voik.nid bv .''can “ J (.harhdie, N. f * , and hy Drujri/ists eveiy'^^^^*^ .-\il kmd« ol family paieiii ni»dicin»s the best p '*!Sibl»^ u rmp. at Frofiyxnr Wood liehmem, 114 Market Btreti, Si. Louie. J'dy 8, 3^5C—3m Saws, A\ July 22, 1856—It H Raff« %%'aiit**d. UGGIXS & HARTY, at rheir Storf oa the corner of Mam and Trade , j I-ft" Ul ailii * * f f jt CIRCULAR SAWS from 12 to 60 inches for 1 cott m Rags, and give the a'.a at BREM & STEEUi’i ) market price. I 'Charlotte, Mercfa 4, J856/—ly I A'. ie- h .’^ll ’p Wi. I 'l.-llll ••oi w b- d- Tur il (! P P il ir f' f'-i si* J h. Ill;: H • 111 w in;( at p.tie with J!.a: ■ ( .1 iff yj T' i- .i .ir;. r ■f l.::l •■’b • III fixW I Fiisb All of Liii - ti, f'h M Mil * hi be IS >i.»k bra II cl for.‘,.,l On a n b‘L\i;i mo-t a *o whi 11 is e^t «tre.^rH f*’iend! ('hn

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